Cockroach Of The Week Award is a No Contest: Meet cockroach, Mark Berndt

I hope you haven’t eaten anything too recently.

You see, Mark Berndt has really worked hard to become what might actually be Cockroach of the Year. And he likes cockroaches too. This Grammar School so-called teacher took bondage photos of his students, some as young as 6, and put cockroaches on their bodies. But listen, Mark gave them rewards for their trouble. He gave them a ‘spoonful of sugar’ –let’s just say it was liquid ‘sugar’.

This freak is truly among the most disgusting of cockroaches……..and of course, he was reported once before by students, because it seemed he was choking his chicken at his desk, but there just wasn’t “enough evidence”- Besides, you know how kids are, making up stories and all!. In fact, this filthy disgusting pig would have still been feeding children semen cookies if a photo processor didn’t notice something awful about his photos.

Congratulations, Mark, you revolting POS. You really do deserve the Cockroach Award. You are so disgusting that even verbose Uppity can’t find enough words to describe you. I personally cannot wait till your cellmate Bubba feeds you plenty of sugar daily. It’s just too bad that we let animals like you continue to live. Would love to be on that jury, Marky! Considering the way our justice system gives preference to scum like you instead of your victims, we hope that if you do ever get out of prison, it’s on a gurney.

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Little Beast

Incidentally, had the Mark freak not come along, here’s a little beast who would have  surely won the cockroach award this week. So many freaks, so few awards. Alyssa Bustamante shall just have to be our First Runner Up. In fact, she’s more like a tie:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A Missouri teenager who admitted stabbing, strangling and slitting the throat of a young neighbor girl wrote in her journal on the night of the killing that it was an “ahmazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience – then headed off to church with a laugh.

Considering she is only 18, I don’t suppose we can expect that this little demon won’t be trolling the streets again on parole sometime in the future. It’s the American Way. I think we should have a new law that states, if a psychiatrist and parole board decide a little freak like this is ‘no longer a threat to society’ and should be released, that psychiatrist and parole board  should be held responsible as an accessory to any crime she commits. Oh, and she should move next door to one of them and his/her kids. That should slow down the bad calls.

The words written by Alyssa Bustamante were read aloud in court Monday as part of a sentencing hearing to determine whether she should get life in prison or something less for the October 2009 murder of her neighbor, 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten, in a small town west of Jefferson City.


“I just f—— killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead. I don’t know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the “ohmygawd I can’t do this” feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now…lol.

See what I mean? Life or “something else”? Are these people kidding?

Alyssa,  aren’t you just a sweet thing! You’re not a monster or anything are you? Nahhhhhhh. Just misunderstood, right?

I hope you have some really “ahmazing” experiences in the slammer. You can bet it will be a “pretty enjoyable experience” for your prison mates.  For you, not so much.

By the way, don’t let that sweet, squeaky-clean courtroom photo of dear Alyssa fool you. Here’s another shot of her.

Want to see  more of  this sweet thang’s Facebook, Myspace and Youtube photos? Go here.

Bleck. I suddenly feel as though I need a shower just writing about these two walking defects.


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  1. First!!

    They are cleaning house at that school. Totally replacing the staff. It’s probably a little late now, but…

  2. Just awful! I hope his victims from the past will report him too. What a despicable man! And, the girl who killed the 9 year old – she was fifteen when she took that sweet life.

  3. where do you find all these walking turds?

  4. Does Josh Powell get at least honorable mention? Remember him, after killing his wife (the mother of his two young sons), Josh cold-bloodedly planned the murder of his 5 and 7 year old sons. He hit them on the back of the neck with an axe handle and burned them alive in a gas exploding house. Of course, he loved the boys soooo much that he could not bare the thought of losing custody of them and he did donate all their toys to Goodwill beforehand. Guess that makes him a tormented poor soul and not a candidate for this list. He also had the common decency to kill himself and save us the trouble of keeping him alive for 50-odd years.

  5. What the hell is wrong with this world? Are there more and more of these cockroaches hatching or is it just we are more aware of them?
    Please please please, they forget to take his belt away when they throw him in the cell. And let’s hope he make s good use of it.

  6. I just saw that Powell story on the news, and the daycare (though not the details). Twisted evil, disgusting.
    That kid-killer psycho teen is new to me. Imo there is no way she’s ever getting better. Give her life without parole.
    (Better than the death penalty – death penalty just means getting on death row and becoming a celebrity with hollywood drooling over you)

    Oh dear I just read the article and she got charged with 2nd degree murder . So wrong – should be 1st degree.

  7. Btw I voted for 1,2,4 in the poll.

  8. Oh boy- here we go again- the cockraoch in chief and his shady contributors

    Mexican fugitive, assassinations, Chicago, seeking pardon-
    yup- 2008 redux

  9. Hi Honora, was wondering where the heck you were and getting ready to come get you with the hook. You to votermom. By the by, has anybody seen Vivien???

    myiq, photo album. What a great idea. And maybe at the end of the year we can vote on the winner of the most disgusting cockroach award. It’s gonna be a hard one!

  10. Btw I voted for 1,2,4 in the poll.

    Just consider voting three times as practice for November.

  11. Uppity– I have been lurking, but I always seem to be here when no one else is. Don’t worry, you are still my homepage!

  12. Okayyyyyyyyyy honora, but I DO notice when somebody is missing. And then I get nervous. And then I start to fester. My dog bites her foot. Then I manufacture in my head everything that could possibly go wrong. Then I reduce the possibilities to the three worst things. So you gotta check in once in awhile or you will kill me.

  13. Honora. I read an article about the Powell deaths and it said that the boys had chop marks on the heads and necks. What a nightmare for these children!

  14. It has always been this way – it is only that news of all these horrilble acts goes widely public now. And not only words of these crimes but pictures.

    “Lizzie Borden took an Axe,

    She gave her mother forty wacks,

    When she seen what she had done,

    She gave her father forty one!”

    The heat rippled in waves across the small Massachusetts town of Fall River early in the afternoon of August 4th. As the police walked through the house at 92 Second Street, they set eyes upon its owner, Andrew Borden. He lay across the couch – looking rather sloppy as he apparently slept. As they stepped closer, the wounds from ten hatchet blows to his head became obvious. He was indeed in the deepest of sleep.

    They warily stepped through the parlor and continued up the stairs, and as they reached the top of the flight they could see through an open door directly ahead of them another body sprawled on the floor. They walked into the guest bedroom to find the corpse of Mr. Borden’s 2nd wife, Abbie Durfee Borden – her face a mockery. Deformed by 20 ferocious blows to the face and head.

    Even on this hot day in 1892, chills ran through the men.

    The stage had been set for one of America’s most famous criminal trials. A trial in which culture, status, and the vanity of prejudiced, puritan men would collide over the bloody bodies of two innocent human beings. Murdered, it was alleged, by a woman whose name would soon become infamous for all time – Lizzie Borden.

    The slaughter soon made headlines around the country. “Patricide!” they all cried – the most terrible of crimes. But did Lizzie Borden, the 33 year old “spinster” actually commit these heinous acts? The daughter of a wealthy, respectable family? In a small, respectable town? Could it be?

    The prosecution tried hard to convince the jury of 12 men that she had both the means – and the motive. They played up the notion of a deep and growing resentment towards her father and step-mother. Perhaps because he had re-married? And coupled with this was his fixation with calling her his “child” in a manner that perhaps bespoke of some closer, and darker, relationship with his daughter. Was all of this merely rumor? Innuendo?

    And wasn’t there resentment, anguish and on-going arguments behind the closed doors of the Borden residence?

    But why so many years after the marriage? Was Lizzie just waiting for the right moment as her resentment grew and festered? Was it her belief that her father’s will had been changed, leaving most of the money to Abbie? Or was she completely innocent – the terrible crimes instead committed by a passing stranger.

    But Lizzie’s statements were contradictory – and somewhat bizarre. She claimed that her step-mother received a note to attend to a sick friend, and therefore thought she was out of the house. There was never a note found, though agressively sought – and Mrs. Borden certainly was not in haste to visit a sick friend if there was – she was instead hanging curtains in the guest room at the time of her death.

    Lizzie repeatedly tried to coax young Brigette Sullivan, the servant, to leave the house just before the time of the murders. She even said she could remember nothing as a result of a fainting spell brought on by temporal lobe epilepsy, which only struck during her menstrual cycle.

    She also said she had been in the attic for a considerable period of time – the prosecution thought this highly unlikely in the incredible heat, and clothed as she was in the tight Victorian restraints and clothing of the day. There was also a layer of dust on the floorboards – clearly undisturbed for some time.

    The doors had been latched from the inside by Miss Sullivan. How could a passing stranger re-attach them after he had left the house?

    The day before the murders themselves her step-mother had called the doctor, claiming she and her husband, and even Brigette had been poisoned. The doctor dismissed the notion. But that very day, Lizzie was at the pharmacy trying to buy poison – prussic acid – but the chemist refused without a prescription. She was seen by customers who so testified. But the spinster kept changing her story. First she said she had gone out, but not to that specific pharmacy – then claimed she had never left the house at all that day.

    Lizzie confessed to a friend on August 3rd that she thought something terrible might happen to her father – but could offer no rational explaination for her “feelings” that someone might kill him!

    But because of a flawed legal system, and some very peculiar judgements, this testimony (from the grand jury) was deemed irrelevant and therefore inadmissible during the murder trial!

    Three days after the murders she was caught by a friend burning a dress she said had paint on it (I wonder what color it might have been?) – in fact it was this very act that got her charged with the murders. But what of the blood in the wash buckets? Menstrual blood it was claimed – and not brought up or even noted as evidence. And what of the broken handled axe? Was she trying to dispose of the murder weapon?

    Brigette claimed to have heard nothing at all that fateful day. Claimed there was never any tension in the household. All was rosy. She repeated this during the trial and soon after found the money necessary to head back to Ireland for a spell. A payoff for being quiet? Or the act of a generous benefactor sympathetic to the tragedy she had become attached to? Or both?

    With crucial, damning evidence withheld the jury returned a verdict of innocent in less than one hour. But even if it had been presented, would she have been convicted? The prosecution was sloppy – astonishingly so with such good, though circumstantial evidence at hand. But it seemed almost beyond belief that such a thing could happen. If it could happen to these people – affluent, honored – and by a dutiful daughter who taught Sunday school – then what might befall others? How could a “woman” commit such an act? Their perceptions of reality might have crumbled. After all this was the late 19th century – women had a finite, though definitive place in society. This was not the middle ages after all – or even 17th century Salem. Woman weren’t witches – but loving daughters, wives, mothers, sisters. Complacent. Domesticated. Proper. Anything else was too dangerous to contemplate. All was safe in America. It had to be.

    Lizzie and her sister Emma retired to a luxurious life, inheriting close to half a million dollars – an enormous sum in the closing days of the 19th century. They purchased a large house in a good (or better) part of town – and seemed content together – till Lizzie took to “entertaining” a young actress who caught her attention.

    Lizzie Borden finally died in 1927. Emma soon after. Brigette had returned from Ireland and settled in Montana, outliving them all, dying in 1948. There were claims of her near-death “almost” confession, but it came to nothing. Did Brigette do the killings? Unlikely. Did she help cover up the tragedy? Probably. But we will never know for sure.

    The house on Second Street is now a bed & breakfast, and the story of Lizzie has been presented (somewhat disguised) in the play 9 Pine Street, which had originally starred Lillian Gish. Miss Gish even tried to get the retired and despondent D.W. Griffith to direct a feature film version for Paramount Pictures in the 1940’s. Preston Sturges was to produce. The once great director, now bitter and resentful, destroyed this golden opportunity with his erratic behavior.

    A television film was made in the 1970’s starring Elizabeth Montgomery – it tried to maintain a middle of the road point of view, with depictions of what “might have happened” and is highly entertaining – as only a good murder mystery can be.

  15. Another one of my posts bit the dust – something in cyberspace is not likeing my ISP.

  16. PMM, I tweeted that refund story just now:

  17. That SOB Powell lived two years longer than he should have. He killed her and from what I am seeing, they were getting ready to haul his ass in. So instead of getting rid of his own vermin self, he had to spite his wife’s parents. Prick. If he did that to his kids, heaven only knows what he did to his wife. But they will find her eventually. If there is a hell, this guy’s fire is very hot. Like I said, so many freaks, so few awards.

  18. Votermom- lol on the exchange potus! retweeted your tweet lol!

  19. Thanks PMM, I saw that!

  20. That’s the sickest thing about Powell — why couldn’t he just off himself and leave his kids with the grandparents? No, he has to kill everything “connected” to him because it’s all about him.

  21. Komen official quits Planned Parenthood dispute

    An executive with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast-cancer charity has resigned after a dispute over funding for Planned Parenthood. The resignation came in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

    Karen Handel (HAN’-duhl) announced her resignation as vice president for public policy in a letter to Komen officials Tuesday.

    Handel said in her letter that she had supported cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood.

    Handel, a former Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, emphasized her opposition to abortion during her 2010 campaign.

  22. twandx, I have NO idea why the spam catcher keeps grabbing you. It’s a wonder you even keep coming here. I just fished you out.

  23. Upps always notices when somebody is missing.and she has the hook

  24. UP – Thanks for fishing me out. I keep coming because there are such great people here. Thanks again.

  25. Yeah but I just don’t get the spam thing twandx. Sooner or later everybody gets spammed for no reason, but it’s once and over. You don’t put too many links in so I don’t get it. Must solve just because I want to figure it out.

  26. It’s true foxy. I notice.

  27. On another topic, the One Million Moms organization has demanded that J. C. Penney fire Ellen Degeneres, who is the new spokesperson for the department store, because she is a homosexual. Good grief!

  28. What twandx said. We now have mass media to report these vicious things far and wide when they happen.

    I read somewhere that despite such nasty events as these, the per capita incidence of violent crime in the USA has actually dropped over the past several years.

    The article attributed this to the fact that we literally “got the lead out” of paint and gasoline, and have slowly but surely been removing the lead paint that was already on buildings–and the first lower-lead generation is reaching adulthood.

    Not only is lead neurotoxic in general, but it particularly harms the part of the brain responsible for impulse control. The explosion of crime in the 1960s and 1970s coincided with the first generation of youngsters who were heavily exposed to leaded gasoline fumes reaching adolescence and early adulthood–the “crime-prone years”.

    Haruhi willing, maybe someday we’ll figure out exactly what chemical reactions in the brain lead to criminal behavior, and how to block them.

  29. The Ninth Circuit struck down Prop H8

  30. For clarification, only a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit has spoken. The prop-8 proponents can ask for a decision by a full bench of the Ninth Circuit. I believe they’re going to do that. But, it’s still a great sign for where the Ninth Circuit will probabaly come down even after a full review.

  31. Hahaha. It’s been a good week, just not for the meddling zealots. Women won one. Gays and lesbians won one. It’s about time the real numbers showed up and fought back.

  32. There is more media attention these days so you do hear of more instances that maybe you wouldn’t have years ago. However I still think the level of violence perpetrated by very young people such as the runner up is much more prevalent than it used to be.

  33. Let em appeal, the meddling jihaders against anybody who doesn’t toe their zealot line that they are. They ought to make divorce among fake Christians illegal and see how they squawk. Serial marriage is a sport for these “godly” people.

  34. Hey NES, love how the court document lists “” as principals. Should that be Defense of Marriage Act should also be changed to Defense of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Act.

  35. Hilarious, Upps! And, very spot-on.

  36. If we really cared about people we wouldn’t let them get married at all.

  37. I am sure his union rep is trying to save his job!

  38. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    I am sure his union rep is trying to save his job!

  39. Congratulations California! Welcome to the fold: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the District of Columbia.

    You still ought to be embarrassed that Iowa beat you!

  40. I am sure his union rep is trying to save his job!


  41. I am sure his union rep is trying to save his job!

  42. God, what horrible stories. I think 3 teachers were fired from LAUSD for having sex with their students in the past couple of weeks. Pervs and sadists everywhere. Makes me feel better about staying home and protecting my kid anyway.

    Here is sanctimonious statement from Karen Handel about her resignation. She was obviously pulling this crap to win over repub voters. I saw the comment upthread about their stupid walk. Horrible charity. I’m glad I never gave them anything.

  43. NES, the 9th is liberal, right? So if they uphold the 3 judge decision, will the bigots take it to the Supreme Court?

  44. Cute story about Needlenose and kitty on last thread. I needed that after reading about the sickos in this post!

  45. I like this comment from the huffpo story I linked:

    “Wanna know what’s wrong with the corporate culture of entitlemen­t?

    A severance package was discussed for an executive leaving an entity after irreparabl­y damaging the brand she was highly compensate­d to nurture.

    Business Rewards Failure.”

    So true. Its not just unions that want to over-compensate their losers.

  46. TY Soup, it always is a pick me up to hear words like that and I do appreciate it.

    And socal you are sooooooooooo right. I was horrified when I saw they were trying to give that time bomb a severence package. They should have run her out of Komen on a rail.

  47. As for TM, she wasn’t real. Nobody real could be bought off and flip 180 in like 24 hours like she did. Seriously. What a bust.

  48. Socal speaking of needlenose and joe, I placed a cat this afternoon but it was touch and go, because joe was all over this woman and her daughter and they were entranced with him. Next thing I know they asked if they could ‘have him’. I was horrified. joe’s MY cat and no you can’t have him. The assumption here was because they were looking at two cats, they could have him. I was like, Jaysus, dude, why do you have to be so damned friendly when I’m trying to find a home for somebody else! The woman said, as the cat was winding around her and putting on his usual show, “but he likes me!”. So I fixed it when I said, Eh, he likes EVERYBODY.

  49. The Ninth is split, socal, between the liberal north and the more conservative south, as everything in Calif. is. But, yes, by and large, it’s liberal, and certainly so compared to, say, the Fifth Circuit (TX, LA, GA, etc.)
    Yes, the proponents of H will definitely take it to the Supremes, and Kennedy will be the deciding vote, effectively.

  50. NES do you mind me asking your opinion on how this will shake out?

  51. Not at all, Upps. With the caveat that I haven’t yet read the opinion (128 pages of print-out!), I’ll say this. I think the haters will ask for a full bench of the Ninth Circuit to review the decision; the court will decline. The haters will then appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit will be affirmed 5-4, with Justice Kenndy casting the deciding fifth vote. Kennedy will like the narrowness of the Ninth Circuit’s opinion which, reportedly, says that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional, not that any and all laws prohibiting gay marriage are unconstitutional. The left-wing of the Supremes will want all bans on gay marriage deemed unconstitutional, but (on the basis of half-a-loaf reasoning) will settle for Kennedy’s narrower-holding compromise. The end result: gay marriage will resume in California (and CA divorce lawyers will see their business boom), but the decision won’t be applicable in any other state. That’s all she wrote, for now.

  52. Thank you for that most interesting analysis NES. And as I mentioned to you while we were skyping and lorac was in a state of jealousy, that….

    it is really pathetic that we are forced to live with a supreme court where only one justice makes so many decisions because the others to his left and right are busy with their heads up the asses of the extreme wings of their parties. And this is a travesty we have been living with for far too long. Our supreme court is totally corrupted by politics to the point where the constitution hardly even comes into play unless it’s the target of a discussion where it is manipulated by one side or the other. WOuld that we could have a moderate court consisting of all ad hoc practical Independents who care more about the constitution than some crackpot political extreme. I can’t think of anything that disgusts me more than the condition of our supreme court. So I have no problem believing that Kennedy will decide this.

    I can’t remember who it was who said this, but every time we have a supreme court 5-4 decision, at least four people on that court are wrong, and it’s not necessarily the dessenting four or the prevailing four at any given time. And that is pathetic.

  53. Hey we just had a blogger “like” this post who has the COOLEST dog and cat(s)
    Check these two out.

  54. Here’s a typical conservative judge.
    Corrective rape for lesbians. Breitbart thought it was worthy of a guest editorial. But then he removed it post-outrage. That’s why God made screen shots.

  55. In fairness, here’s a typical left cliff crackpot judge. I have a post on this somewhere too. Crazy bastard. These are people making rulings in the USA. Between the guy in the comment above and this other crazy bastard, how can we possibly feel comfortable.

  56. As for TM, she wasn’t real.

    If I recall correctly, Taylor Marsh’s big claim was that she was “a Reagan Democrat.” That always puzzled — doesn’t that mean she voted for Reagan, twice? That would make her…oh, I don’t know…like a Republican. No wonder she fell for Obama — he promised to be like Reagan.

  57. That’s our fox-y Upps — fair and balanced, always.

  58. Wow, NES, what a spectacular analysis.

  59. Santorum is having a good night the best night of his life and Gingrich is beating Romney in CO and Paul is beating Romney in MN.

  60. Most welcome, Upps.
    The overwhelmingly large number of 5-4 decisions during the last few decades is pathetic, indeed. It represents the growing divide in our country. At the end of the day, our Sup. Ct. Justices are like other citizens, only more book-learned and practiced in a particlar area. But, by and large, it’s a great system — the common law system (originally inherited from England), made up of interpretations by thousands of judges over hundreds of years, is a system of decision-making by accretion. It moves slowly and deliberately because it was designed to do that. On the whole, it’s the best system of law on the planet.

  61. XX SophieCT.

  62. OMG, say it ain’t so — Mittens is unraveling??!!!!! Ugh. Here we go again.

  63. Hahahahaha!!!!

    In a Facebook status on Friday, the Louisiana Republican alerted his followers to The Onion’s May 18, 2011 article, “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex” and wrote “More on Planned Parenthood, abortion by the wholesale.”

  64. Phew, Romney’s pulled even in CO, and only 11 percent of precincts have reported.

  65. WTF is Polenta doing in MN –shouldn’t he have done a better job of delivering at least second place to Romney. There goes his cabinet post.

  66. Yahhhhh Woooooo!!!

    It’s official I have a full time job. 😀

    (goofsmom doing the snoopy dance)

    p.s. I only have a dial up connection right now, so I haven’t been on the net much. It’s sooooooo slooooooooooow!

  67. CNN called MN for Sanitarypad. Mitt came third…loser! Polenta sucks wind.

  68. MN for Sanitarypad


    MN and Missouri. Wow that’s some boatload of delegates. Not.

  69. Hey way to go Goofs! I mean it’s not as if I didn’t decree it.

    And you better pay attention to Goofs or there will be Punishments.

  70. Good on ya, goofs. Break out the champers.

  71. Whooo Hooo goofs! A toast to you!

  72. Perception is reality in politics, Upps. This perception worked against Hillary in the interim period between Super Tues. (in Feb. that year) and her wins in TX and OH. Mitt shoulda won at least 2 of the 3 — now he gets a lot of blowback. Looks bad. (Although, I agee your bet is safe.)

  73. NES, I don’t understand why you would expect much from Polenta after watching him and seeing that the man has the personality of a piece of plywood. He’s so low key that they probably have to hit him with a cattle prod to get him going. I really wonder where the hell hey found that guy. In most quarters he couldn’t even win a council seat much less a governorship. He must have run against a real moron.

  74. True that. Polenta sucks wind worse than I thought.

  75. OMG he fell for the onion thing. A person who doesn’t get satire has a low functioning brain. Sorry but it’s true. Your MA over CA times 100 has to be three digits to get satire. That’s not asking a lot.

  76. I just looked at Fleming. He looks dumb as a brick too.

  77. NES Hillary was blugeoned and a victim of a bullshit conjured up R word. She was ravaged by the savages, a desperate act of an opponent who was a loser unless he and his looms could conjur up something socially unacceptable and that is what they did. Santorum is not redeemable in the end and I would rather he took these states than Newt anyways. This primary has a long way to go and in the end, my prediction stands.

  78. The end result: gay marriage will resume in California (and CA divorce lawyers will see their business boom), but the decision won’t be applicable in any other state.

    I would love to see how much money the divorce lawyers have put into this battle. You are a hoot NES.

  79. Aww, they just had the cutest dog commercial. Dogs camping. It was for Subaru.

  80. Congrats Goofs! We’re so happy for you!

  81. Who’s polenta?

  82. You’re on to something with that rumination on divorce lawyers, mcnorman!

  83. socal, that’s Upps’ catchy name for Pawlenty.

  84. Chit, Sanitarypad has opened up a commanding lead in CO too. It’s gonna to be a triple-pad-trick for little Rickie. Eff…those evangos are strong in Colorado. Isn’t that where the Family Research Council is hq’ed?

  85. NES, I can’t blame them. It’s work and everyone needs work right now.

  86. Cheers to you goofs!

  87. Hey, I never blame lawyers.

  88. Neither do I NES. LOL

  89. Ricky takes Missouri. Hmm, second wind?

  90. I’m kidding…I don’t think Ricky will take the nomination. It will be Mittens.

  91. Thanks NES. I realized who it was as soon as I hit the post button. Thanks for explaining about the Supremes as well. It was excellent.

  92. De nada, socal. Como esta?

  93. I found the cute dog commercial:

  94. Thanks NES! We’re all doing pretty well. I’m starting in on spring cleaning my house and detoxing myself, so a little headachey, but feeling better.

  95. How nice that the 1st couple have so many entertaining things to do.

  96. myiq, loooved the bouncing babies! Yeehaw! Go babies go!

  97. As for TM, she wasn’t real. Nobody real could be bought off and flip 180 in like 24 hours like she did……

    Michelle Marshall, AKA TM, has done her best to get through life working as an opportunist.

  98. Above belongs with this:

    “As for TM, she wasn’t real. Nobody real could be bought off and flip 180 in like 24 hours like she did……”

  99. Haha! knew what you meant SHV! I posted a little on TM back then also.

  100. And as I mentioned to you while we were skyping and lorac was in a state of jealousy, that….

    Oh, THAT’s what I was sensing!

  101. Santorum won MN? Geez. That’s a nice state, nice people, very beautiful state. How did they go so wrong????

  102. Apparently Santorum is the flavor of the week among the Reptilian faithful. :mrgreen:

    Think about it… 😈


    In 2008, the Dinocratic rank and file had to suffer through a stage-managed farce masquerading as an actual nomination process. This year, it’s the Reptilians’ turn–and for all I know, maybe 2008 was a stage-managed farce for both corporate parties.

  103. lorac, I had the same thought!

    ROFL! “Apparently Santorum is the flavor of the week among the Reptilian faithful”

  104. But, lorac’ers, that’s what you say about Iowa, and they, too, gave us Santorum and Obama.

  105. I’ve never said that about Iowa. But I did think Minnesotans had more sense. Suppose all hell breaks loose in the ME and Prez Insantorum’s terminally ill child is on her death bed? Or there’s some other crisis with his 6 other young kids. wtf are people thinking?

  106. NES, what a memory! Here’s the connecting link: I love the midwest lol

    You move among them, and they are wonderful people, kindhearted, down to earth. You’d never suspect that many of them would favor someone like Santorum! Perhaps people in the midwest are being replaced by pod people!

  107. So Santorum swept 3 contests? Unbelievable.

    Maybe the voters are trying to copy Obama’s “spread the wealth”, and they’re “speading the wins” among the different candidates lol

  108. Unbelievable is right. The GOP is really leaving me waaaaaay behind. I just can’t do Sanitarypad however much I hate O. So, unless Mitt’s the nominee, I’ll have to vote for Roseanne Barr (she filed in CA); jokes aside.

  109. Obama and Santorum — You BASTARDS, you ruined and despoiled the Noble Midwest of lorac’s youth. A pox on your houses!

  110. That’s right, NES!

  111. Hey NES, if you think you’re upset about Sanitarium, imagine how Newt feels losing to that freak.

  112. @ NES

    Gigs up with those two. The independents have grown in numbers thanks to their “devil may care attitude” towards this country. As for Dennis the menace, I hope Norah made him cry.

    (Anytime I cut out, it’s because I have a situation at home or work that I must attend to. I rarely get the moment to even leave “brb.”)

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