One dimensional females wanted


I saw an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras a few months ago.  I felt such disgust and revulsion at  what I was watching.  Little girls – yes, toddlers – all dolled up by their moms to look like adult female MODELS.  These poor little kids should be out playing in the park, getting dirty, learning to develop competency in age-appropriate activities.  Instead they’re being taught that their (grown up, feminine) appearance is what defines them!  They’re praised for being “beautiful” – but what IS this beauty?

These mothers put fake eyelashes on their daughters; spray tans (a fake color); blush, eye liner, eye shadow (other forms of fake color); flippers (fake teeth!); and wigs (fake hair) – it’s all FAKE!  So these girls are not only learning that beauty is most important, but that they have to go to incredible lengths to ACHIEVE that beauty by making themselves into something they’re NOT.  These girls are learning that they have to jump through all kinds of hoops just to feel they are acceptable to the world – and maybe even to their moms.  And at their current ages, their moms are the most important person in their lives, and it’s that mom who is pushing this lifestyle and outlook on life.  So these girls are put in the position of having to decide – should they do what mom wants and as part of it buy into mom’s equating of beauty=fake, or should they assert some personal choice and risk mom’s acceptance and love?  I have indeed seen many instances of kids complaining they don’t want to do x or y in just two episodes of this show.



And while we’re talking about the moms on this show – OMG.  Ok, it’s not good to criticize women based on their looks – but this show is all ABOUT looks.  It’s so amazing how many of the mothers are quite homely.  But I digressed!  I actually wanted to comment on the personalities of some of these moms.  One of them was talking about she felt that “my daughter is me”, and she wasn’t talking about her daughter following in her own modeling footsteps – she really felt she and her little 2 or 3 year old were identical personalities and best friends.  Another one has taught her daughter (her real name is Carly) to identify her pageant self as “Darla”.  The little girl was throwing all kinds of fits, not wanting to compete that day, not wanting all that crap put on her face and body, and the mother kept encouraging “Darla” to “come out” – which she eventually did (only the last part is in this clip).  Wow, talk about screwing up a kid.



The worst I saw was a mom who had a daughter who had temper tantrums (as toddlers sometimes do), but who would swear at her mom and hit her.  The mom said she wasn’t worried, because the kid’s age made it still seem kind of cutesy.  Whoa, she needs America’s SuperNanny, because she is creating a monster with her terrible parenting skills.  And this particular mother daughter team was engaging in yet one more FAKE move to win a pageant – this kid when on stage was all SWEET – she put on a fake PERSONALITY to go with her fake tan, fake hair, fake teeth, fake eyelashes, etc.!



I just can’t believe what all is on the TV these days.  TV shows about bounty hunters, tattoo artists, hoarders, pawn shop owners, 600 pound people.  But this Toddlers and Tiaras show is the one that causes me a lot of grief.  What’s wrong with these mothers that they’re teaching their daughters a self-identity we fought so hard to escape?  When this country had a strong, competent leader like Hillary, many people focused only on criticizing her looks (I happen to think she is quite beautiful) and ignored all her other dimensions.  With other females, they’re focusing on trying to CREATE cardboard cutouts with only one dimension – their beauty – and a beauty that is based on being something they’re not, on top of it.  How could we have slipped so far backwards?



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  1. And from Toddlers and Tiaras they go directly to the Kardashians. I can not help but wonder if that mom with the “Darla Come out” bit is not creating a multiple personality illness in that child.
    Just got a notice a few days ago- the price of BASIC cable is going up to $60 a month here. And of course, being in the back of beyond, there is only one cable company. Forget satellite- we have friends who tried it and as soon as a storm rolls through the satellite goes out.
    I am seriously considering getting rid of the damn thing. I pay the cable company to supply access, they pay the various networks. And the advertisers pay the networks as well. And most of what is brought in to my home is advertisements. So the networks make out on both ends. And of course, the political ad season is gearing up- might be a very good time to just dump it.
    After all, I can get the news on line. And I understand there are services available on line where I can watch just about anything I want for free.

    I was flipping channels and saw a part of one of these baby model shows and there was a woman – gosh she looked like she had done some hard living- sooooooo much makeup and hair bigger than what I saw on the girls my son went to school with back in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Have NONE of those people ever heard of Jon Bennet Ramsey? (sp?)

  2. Very depressing trend. At what point does this become child pornography?

  3. The parents are horrible for allowing this. If parents had more sense and respect for their daughters instead of for the glory and the buck, none of this would be happening. Seriously, they should be freaking indicted for this exploiting of girls.

  4. What person among us would exploit our own daughters this way??????

  5. Thanks lorac for posting on T &T. I could not bring myself to writing about it when I first came upon the first episode preview.

    Is it any wonder that these young children will grow up to become young women who will become disillusioned with their bodies as they mature (body dysmorphia)? Genetics does eventually take over and no amount of makeup or anything else can help that.

    The environment is abusive. Remember the mom who was injecting the 8 year old with Botox? Or the other one who gave her 7 year old kid a plastic surgery procedure voucher as a birthday gift?

    I’ve been disturbed by all of this for a very long time. I remember beautiful Gelsey Kirkland of NYC Ballet asking her dentist to give her “buck teeth” so that she could win over George Balanchine’s eye and make her his next muse when she was in her teens. She eventually became the muse after his fallout with Suzanne Farrell. Being the crazed perfectionist, Gelsey couldn’t stop from getting silicone injected into her lips, lower calf muscles, and breasts. This was the seventies and I have only seen this behavior worsen with time.

    IMHO, this is in the realm of child abuse. Someone should study these kids for the next twenty years. I could be wrong, but I think that there will be some with very severe issues. BTW, there was a young boy who was also featured on T&T. He won ALL the time because very few males compete. Can someone explain to me how these families can afford to dish out the thousands in cash per competition in order to win $500 in cash?

  6. @ PMM

    I thought that Jon Bonet Ramsey’s story had opened everyone’s eyes about these so called “pageants.” Apparently not. If ever there was a gold mine field for child molesters, this is it. They only have to get their porn on cable or watch YouTube reruns for free.

  7. That stuff makes my skin crawl….I guess it’s equivalent to “fathers” living vicariously watching their young sons getting concussions playing football, hockey, etc.

    I know a man who push his son into car racing; built him a simulator and practice two hours a day. At age 13 , he was the youngest person to win an “open wheel” car race in the US. At age 14 went to Europe to race. After one race, when he came in second to a 22 year old. His father asked why he didn’t win, son: I was afraid I was going to hit a wall…father: If you are afraid to die then you are wasting your time.

  8. Yes SHV, it’s sick. These parents are determined to have their children define themselves by their own nuttiness.

  9. I’m watching CSPAN2, House is talking to corporate people on tax reform. Twice Rep Levin has babbled and I do mean babbled to them. This man is either DRUNK or he’s having a stroke right now. The man is an embarrassment beyond belief with his slurring.

  10. Boy you sure can tell that these congress thieves are in the bag with these corporations. They are talking to them all like they are their servants. Would that they would ‘invite’ middle class people to ask them what they can Do for them. This is nauseating. All that’s left to get are the knee pads.

  11. Ups, I wonder what percentage of these politicians started out as really good men and women and then got caught up in the web.

  12. The whole idea of beauty pagents for infants is creepy. Sorta of like eye candy for pedophiles.

  13. WLM, given the level of corruption, I am sorry to say that I do not think the percentage is very high.

  14. WLM, the truth is, most of congress got there through lower level political offices, each with increasing power and corruption potential. When you consider that, even at a local or state level, somebody who is TOO honest doesn’t last long (they will spend whatever they have to or set them up, if necessary to get rid of them), what is left moves on to the next level, onto State, Onto Congress. By then they are already seasoned dealmakers, influence peddlers and thieves. And they know how to play in the system. They wouldn’t get that far if they refused. Sorry, but it’s true. Strays from the flock are not often tolerated. A good example is spitzer. He was a wild horse, didn’t play well, but if you will note he had a very bad skeleton in his closet. That’s all it takes. Bruno who was so corrupted, you could see his face in the dictionary under the definition, “got” Spitzer. Then Bruno went down too. I think he’s still in jail. The truth is, the corruption is horrible and it’s not only in both parties, but cross-parties. The process is: If they can’t bribe you, they will threaten you, if they can’t threaten you they will set you up. If you are of the highest integrity and they know it, and they have no skeletons for you, they will instead spend countless money to defeat you. The process of getting elected is in itself horribly corrupted. And the longer you last in the system, the potential for you having ANY integrity left is very easily lost. This is one reason we really need mandatory retirement in congress. The snowball is huge for these people. They are so into the system, there is no hope for anything honest to happen any longer.

  15. upps asked?
    What person among us would exploit our own daughters this way??????
    none of us,cause we love out kids. 🙂

  16. Back to this post, yes I agree this show is a pedophile’s dream come true. And you would think parents would know that. And you would think the Ramsey story woud serve as a permanent warning. And SHV is right, it’s a vicarious thing. And a money thing, to be sure. I mean they are getting paid for this show. It all goes back to all the other slime with reality shows. And all the publicity you can get for being slime in the USA. Think OCtomom. So we have parents figuratively whoring out their babies to Tee Vee. It’s just digusting. There needs to be an intervention into these types of shows.I won’t even get into how bad this is the the image of women. They are not only treating them as sex objects via the 50s, but now they are treating them as sex objects as babies and children. Grooming them for their future….

  17. These women should be prosecuted.

  18. Oh and that “multiple personality” scene is downright frightening. This kid is already a sociopath.

  19. Upps, what’s with the Italian pols in the GOP? I mean, who can believe that Santorum and Pawlenty are Italian-Americans?! They’d be turfed out of Italy for impersonating Italians.

  20. Upps, what’s your view of why Bam picked this fight with the RCC over Obamacare. I mean, he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Was it just political boobery?
    Here’s Noonan’s view of it:

    The church is split on many things. But do Catholics in the pews want the government telling their church to contravene its beliefs? A president affronting the leadership of the church, and blithely threatening its great institutions? No, they don’t want that. They will unite against that.

    The smallest part of this story is political. There are 77.7 million Catholics in the United States. In 2008 they made up 27% of the electorate, about 35 million people. Mr. Obama carried the Catholic vote, 54% to 45%. They helped him win.

    They won’t this year. And guess where a lot of Catholics live? In the battleground states.

    There was no reason to pick this fight. It reflects political incompetence on a scale so great as to make Mitt Romney’s gaffes a little bitty thing.

    There was nothing for the president to gain, except, perhaps, the pleasure of making a great church bow to him.

    Enjoy it while you can. You have awakened a sleeping giant.

  21. UW, I just did a post that shows just how far we have de-volved with our tv programming. From Wally Cleaver to Snooky in just under 50 years!

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    UW, I just did a post that shows just how far we have de-volved with our tv programming. From Wally Cleaver to Snooky in just under 50 years!

  23. And all the publicity you can get for being slime in the USA


    I had a very dear friend (deceased) who became a beauty pageant winner (one of the big ones). Her family was completely dysfunctional (Mom was always passed out and dad was nowhere to be found, but they had boatloads of oil $$$). When she would come over to the house, she would eat a burrito (the only thing she had to eat in a day or two). Her only hope was to win the money and get on with an education. It never happened. This young woman was as sweet and naive as they come. Because everything was so very wrong at home, the users (pageant directors) sold her soul to the highest bidder. She never finished college, she died an “accidental” death in the middle of the oceean before she was thirty. It was my introduction to the ugly world of beauty pageants.

  24. “”I wonder what percentage of these politicians started out as really good men and women and then got caught up in the web…”
    Do power and position corrupt or is the prospect of power and position a Siren’s call for the corruptible? I suspect the latter.

  25. I’ve been screaming about the generfracation of girls for years. There’s an old song, “you have to be carefully taught” and this man’s country and much of the world is intent on training girls to function only as mindless creatures, second class in everyway to males. Then the male has no or little competition but always can find a dumb, stupid bitch to wait on him.

    I nearly chewed up the TV last night as a news item extolled the marketing of another of those “toys just for girls.” This time it was LEGGOs. All duded up in color with additives suitable for girls who have not the brain power to use tools or create structures or build or …etc. Creatures dumbed down to being overjoyed and delighted with shoes that cripple them and clothing they cannot run away from trouble in.

    While boys have always been brought up to be men; little girls are mostly brought up to be big girls [but not too big, except on the chest area]. Most of all they are taught to fail and constanly assured that it’s OK, their brain is so much smaller and not designed for competancy. Or if that does not work then the L word gets whispered around and the former friends just fade into the night or get tarred with the same brush.

    Yup, you hit a nerve, lorac. I have seen so many girls grow up strong and smart only to be crushed by our society until they force themselves into the mold prepared for them. If they do not, then then other little girls who drank all the feminin bull sh*t gang up to beat the hell out of them with harmful words and fists – then we read of another youngster who took her own life.

    Girls/women are human beings and more of them should be allowed to wake up to their potential.

  26. Do power and position corrupt or is the prospect of power and position a Siren’s call for the corruptible? I suspect the latter

    It’s really both SHV. Power is a very heady feeling. It’s kind of addictive too. It’s a rush, even if you use it well, or mean to use it well. Ever won an impressive award, and remembr that rush you got? It’s kind of like that every day when you have power, if you aren’t careful. You never know how anybody is going to handle power, and let’s face it, we aren’t too careful about who we give it to. Not everybody can remain grounded in that kind of rush. It’s downhill after that.

  27. NES, as a recovering catholic whose entire family and most of her circle are catholic, who lives in a heavily catholic area, I can honestly and truly tell you that the vast majority of catholics totally ignore the pope on birth control. Cowtowing to the pope on the subject of contraception is positively stupid. Only morons like Rick Santorum make babies every time they have sex. Obama cowtowing to that old nazi who isn’t even a shrinking shadow of his predecesor is downright folly. It might get him the cardinals’ votes, but then most of them don’t live here. As far as catholics are concerned, they aren’t giving up contraception for him or any other pope.

    Now, any church can believe what it wants and impose things on their own if their own are willing to take it, but that applies to their tax exempt churches. But when it comes to public businesses, they have no right to call business Religion. If you want to run a hospital or sell insurance, you have to live by the same regulations as every other hospital and insurance carrier, period. The business of health insurance or running a hospital is not a religious endeavor, nor is it tax exempt. If you are going to serve the public, then you have to live with the fact that the public is not necessarily one of your flock. If hospitals owned by churches, or any other business owned by churches want to run their business based on their religion, then they need to say so and let the general population know enough not to do business with them. Also, If the catholic church doesn’t like, for example, Planned Parenthood, they don’t have to patronize it, although I will tell you with a very straight face that I know plenty of catholics who have been to planned parenthood in their lifetimes. That’s what makes the pope so amusing. The days of Potter’s Fields are long gone. But because he doesn’t want the flock patronizing Planned Parenthood does NOT give him ANY right to stop others from utilizing any of their services so long as they are legal. He has no business imposing his doctrine on the entire USA. The responsible thing for any president would be to remind Mr. Pope of that.

  28. Re: “Italian pols”. NES, there are a lot of Italian men who are greaseballs. Look at Scalia. Naturally, they gravitate to politics if they can. Underneath their suits is a big gold chain over their hairy chests.

  29. Fair enough, Upps. But, why would BO choose to advance a principled stance in an election year (he’s not known to serve any interests but his own). I think he just miscalculated (or Sebelius did).

  30. Hillbilly, the problem here can easily be explained thru Wally Cleaver vs. Snooky. If society hadn’t forced the expectation that everybody should live like the cleavers, there wouldn’t have been a rebellion that led us to a Kim Kardashian world. From a woman’s standpoint, being dependent, subservient Mrs. Cleaver is boring and unrewarding and a complete waste of brains. And maybe women don’t want to live out the rest of their lives with a mr. cleaver either.So women rebelled. Being Wally is also a boring existence, so young people rebelled. I would say that the difference between Wally Cleaver and Snooky is…………..Wally cleaver is what the far right zealots want from everybody else and Snooky is what the far left zealots are trollilng for. These two comparisons are a good analogy of what’s wrong with these two completely HIJACKED parties. nobody wants to live at the far end of either extreme and all we get is two parties trying to force us to do one or the other.

  31. If only Sanitarypad and Polenta were “greaseballs” — at least then they’d be interesting, somewhat. They’re really pallid and boring…like Swedes Estonians, or something.

  32. “He has no business imposing his doctrine on the entire USA. The responsible thing for any president would be to remind Mr. Pope of that.”

    Obama is no JFK!

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  33. Mom, I haven’t paid a cable bill for teevee in many years. I didn’t miss a thing of importance. I have to see the boob tube now and then at work or in homes but it always repulses me. What utter garbage people watch today. Lorac shows one example but that is typical for the quality of society – reeality shows.

    How about those injury shows with laugh tracks? Ha ha he crashed a mmotorcycle into a brick wall. he he he. traction is funny. GOD.

    I still have cable Internet. My two TV sets are brand new despite being 8 years old. They are dust collectors since i don’t even subscribe to NETFLIX anymore.

  34. What Karen said about TV — signed!

  35. I just read a short bio of Mittens. I did not know his first name is really Willard and Mitt is his middle name. Everything else in his bio doesn’t come as news. He is one of those obvious people and a cleancut type preppie, Muffy sort. Pass the grey poupon.

    Socal, i think it was you who posted the Subaru dog ad. There is a whole cute series of those ads. The others came up at the end of the camping one. CUTE DOGS. That is teevee I enjoy! I wish I could afford a Subaru too.

  36. NES, yep, years ago TV was entertainment. I loved a few series in my time, but they were exceptional and worthy of many awards.

    Today are there any worthy shows? Not worth my time.

  37. @ NES

    Your thoughts on the nomination of Bradley Manning for a Nobel Peace prize.

    Seriously, is the Nobel Peace Prize the new beauty pageant for manchildren?

  38. I agree with you 100% Uppity Woman. That show is a disgrace and very demeaning. (I watched it once and was so disgusted – I never tuned in again….) The best part about being a kid is doing kid things – mudpies, fishing, swimming….shame on those moms.

  39. “It’s really both SHV. ”
    Of course, there is also the sad fact of politics at the state and national level that it usually takes a lot of money to be successful. The money comes with strings. Right there is a strong candidate selection filter; selecting those who will compromise what they thought that they had for principles, for cash. Obama is the prime example, except he never had principles to compromise but will do anything for the money to feed his narcissism.

    Perhaps it the very wealthy who have the potential to be “honest” office holder or perhaps it’s the true believer fundie wacho who can get money from other wackos and can’t be bought.

  40. Have you seen the recent episode of Toddlers in Tiaras? I used to be able to chuckle and shake my head at this show. My cousin was a pageant girl but she really liked it and my aunt wasn’t this crazy. As I really started to watch I started to get pretty disgusted. This last episode I saw was just…dark. The mother (she had a Russian accent kind of) was screaming the judges “hated” her daughter. I almost cried seeing the little girl have to hear this. It broke my heart and I don’t know if I can watch this show anymore.

  41. Back to the beauty pagent kids. Do any of you remember the show, Designing Women? Here we saw the satire of the polar opposites of Julia Sugarbaker and her sister, Suzanne Sugarbaker. Suzanne, the ex beauty queen, continously had the need to be viewed as beautiful and therefore worthy. Julia was able to be herself, as a strong Southern woman.

  42. Hey whitelady good to see you again. I see you’re hooked on writing. I know I mentioned before what a good writer you are, so don’t stop. And yeah, these parents should have these children removed from their homes. They are creating some real psychological problems for their daughters. I won’t even get into what a disappointment life is going to be for them when they get older and find out life is not a pageant at all.

  43. McNorman after handing the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, they can give it do Donald Duck if they want to. After all, they are not officially considered a joke to the rest of the world. The Nobel Peace Prize is done. Somebody put a fork in it. Just goes to show you though…whatever Barack touches turns to sh!t.

  44. So right, Roz!

  45. But, why would BO choose to advance a principled stance in an election year (he’s not known to serve any interests but his own). I think he just miscalculated (or Sebelius did).

    Wouldn’t be the first idiotic thing he did NES. But hey, it works for us!

  46. By the way, NES, Barack is facing off with the Pope because he has concluded that women can’t stand his guts and now he’s trying to impress them. He knows damned well he’s done nothing but screw women since January 20, 2009. No he wants to Make Nice so he do it again in his second term.

  47. Yes UW, it is a joke.

    BTW, what do you make of “pageant crack” and “go go juice” for these kids?

    This is not parenting. It’s pathological on the part of the mothers.

  48. And one more thing about Obama and the Pope. A president of the United States doesn’t have to explain anything to a pope. We are ruled by a Constitution and an electoral process, such as it is. We are not ruled by a guy with a crown and a bunch of guys in red. We have an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch. There is no papal branch. Popes don’t rule countries and definitely not our country. So he shouldn’t even care what the pope thinks and I am sure he doesn’t. It’s all kabuki as usual.

  49. The ironic thing is that even if Bradley Manning wins the Nobel Peace Prise, Obama would STILL be the most undeserving recipient.

    Obama is literally the only NPP recipient who didn’t do a darn thing to get it.

    Manning at least did something – stupid & treasonous and full of fail – but it was an action and had a (negative) impact on world diplomacy (all those leaked cables).

    Obama just got adulated into the WH and then boom – NPP.

  50. The ironic thing is that even if Bradley Manning wins the Nobel Peace Prise, Obama would STILL be the most undeserving recipient.

    Sh!t! I spit my coffee all over my screen.

  51. AHAHAHAHAHAAHA votermom. You are so right…Manning did do something.

  52. karen, reportedly, Mittens was apparently named Williard after the founder of the Marriott chain of hotels.

  53. Manning a Peace Prize nominee?!! Wow. I guess it’s now the official prize for anti-American actions. I understand that last year’s recipient went around the globe apologizing for America’s evil actions in the world. What a joke the prize has become.

  54. Didn’t Arafat get a NPP? Nuff said.

  55. Perhaps it the very wealthy who have the potential to be “honest” office holder….

    SHV, they did say that industry was particularly pee’owed about JFK because he was perceived to be above ‘being bought.’ Ditto, FDR. There is something to that.

  56. OMG on the “go go juice” story. ARREST THESE WOMEN NOW.

  57. All I see is problems in these kid’s futures. Lots and lots of them.

  58. And one more thing about Obama and the Pope. A president of the United States doesn’t have to explain anything to a pope.

    Upps, I don’t think it’s about the Pope or even about contraception. It’s about the Constitution/Bill of Rights. It’s a close call as to whether or not this particular Obamacare mandate violates the freedom-of-religion-related clauses of the First Amdmt. I think it does, but there’s a very strong argument to be made on the other side (and you made it well earlier in the thread, related to the non-Church-related activities (like running public hospitals)). What we can say, with certainty, is that this is the first time the so-called ‘Catholic Charities’ have faced a mandate to provide these contraception-related benefits to workers. It’s legal/constitutional issue that will, go to the Sup. Ct., I’m sure. The Obama administration’s last attempt to control the operations of a Catholic instit. (I believe it was a hiring or other employment decision by a Catholic school) by subjecting it to the strictures of employment discrimination laws failed, massively — the Supremes knocked down that administrative act, 9-0.

  59. Priceless indeed. Thanks for the laugh.

  60. Doesn’t TLC stand for the learning channel. I really don’t understand the mentality behind many of their shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, Extreme Coupooning and Sister Wives. This is just craziness saying narcissism
    /dysfunctional behavior is good for society.
    I will confess that I wikied the Kardashians after seeing their faces on mags and listening to my tutor students talking about them. I have more talent than all of them together without any unnatural enhancements like bobbies and botox.
    and NES – I’m Swedish to boot.
    Returning to my knitting with Il Divo on the stereo.

  61. TLC has been over the top for a long time. Remember “Sister Wives?
    Their series on that ratty polygamist and his bizarro wives” tryng to conjur up sympathy and acceptance for their bullsht?

  62. Simply reprehensible. These are mothers? Where’s SVU?

  63. NES to be honest, as I think about it, I really don’t think Catholic Charities falls into the category of my argument. As I think about it, it is pretty CLEAR that Catholic Charities IS a church-based institution that offers charitible services and grants. In this case, I think the Pope has a point. They are clearly labeling themselves so that the general public is aware that if you enter their doors, they are under the thumb of Catholic Doctrine. However, if they were a hospital or any public institution, or any public profit organization, then I stand by my argument.

    If you get hit by a bus you aren’t going to be rushed to Catholic Charities, but you might be rushed to St. Mary’s of the Prairies Hospital and that’s when doctrine being foisted upon you should be against the law.

  64. You are right about these psyco mothers, NES. They should all be arrested for child abuse. They are damaging their daughters daily.

  65. Hey Piper, I can make fun of dagos because I am one. But i gotta admit that Pawlenty doesn’t look like any dago I know. But if mentioning that he looks like a Swede got you to comment for the first time in a LOnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time, then hell, he looks like a Swede.

  66. OT….Gotta pay Brinker her $5,000,000 and meet the 60% overhead somehow:

    “In April 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, America’s largest breast cancer foundation, released “Promise Me,” a perfume that it describes as “a sophisticated floriental fragrance” whose “feminine heart evokes softness and beauty.” The perfume’s pink-beribboned bottle references the famous campaign, while its name alludes to Promise Me, the memoir of Komen founder Nancy Brinker, who promised her dying sister — Susan G. Komen — that she would “do her best to end the suffering caused by breast cancer.”

    A Surprising Secret Ingredient

    The perfume was designed and produced by TPR holdings, a consumer products company that manufactures a wide array of colognes and cosmetics. In return for Komen’s endorsement, TPR donates $1 million a year to the charity. The perfume does not list its ingredients on the label, so the advocacy group Breast Cancer Action sent a sample to the Petaluma, Calif.-based chemical laboratory Analytical Sciences. What they found was a surprise.

    Among other questionable ingredients, Promise Me contains galaxolide, a synthetic musk. A hormone disruptor, it accumulates in the body and has shown up in the fat, blood, and breast milk of women who wore perfumes that contained it. More disturbing, some studies have shown that it may be a contributing factor in the development of breast cancer.

  67. Yikes, PiperMN. Long live the Swedes. I meant to say…um…yeah…they’re like…Estonians..yeah, that’s it, Estonians. (No Estonians here, right?)

    Ok, Piper, if you’re Swedish, you probably live in Minn. (how’s that for stereotypes?)…and, wait, your screen-name indicates that you may live in MN. Now, can you please explain why MN went for Sanitarypad yesterday, and by such a huge margin!!

  68. SHV, OH. MY. GAWD! Komen has completely lost it.

    And if they think the microscope is hot now, they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  69. Estonia. ROFL!

  70. SHV: Holy Sh!t!

  71. What do you have against us Estonians!!!! We are tired of the persecution! Stop the descrimination!

  72. Apparently “Promise Me” is code for We Promise You Breast Cancer.

  73. Komen is into making boatloads of cash to keep up their image. It is unfortunate that they did this. Where was their medical director?

  74. McNorman, Komen is into making boatloads of cash to pay each other their huge salaries and benefits.

  75. WSJ: “SB Komen in ruins”

    What do you think?

  76. “Pageant crack”? “Go-go juice”?

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 👿

    Stick a fork in this country, turn it over, it’s done.

  77. I guess we didn’t get the brain-damaging lead out of the environment fast enough. 😦

  78. Komen really has become a money grubbing self serving machine.

  79. Yup, I think that WSJ has it right. They are toast.

  80. Ah look lorac…more stupid parenting stunts. 4 year old forced to run in snow in underwear.

    Filmed in New York on Chinese New Year’s Eve, the video shows a man identified only as ‘eagle daddy’ stripping his son Ho Yide to his underwear and forcing him to endure temperatures of -13 degrees Celsius (8 F).

    the kid keeps asking for a hug from dad, while the dad keeps telling the kid running and lay down on the snow. the mom tried to encourage the kid by saying “that’s alright, keep it up! you are the best!”

  81. Hahahahhahaha, I’m calling down BS on the “Illegal Estonian”. I see the paw of MKB in that false avatar!

  82. Female colleague at Miramonte Elementary School procured students for accused child-molesting teacher: Lawyer
    Two girls accuse woman of leading them to Mark Berndt’s classroom, where they were abused
    Comments (41)

    By Nancy Dillon / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

  83. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


  84. Love it. Couldn’t happen to a more racial person… (well, actually, that comedian George Lopez may actually be in first place… he’s ALL about commenting on people’s race…)

    A CNN anchor was benched after sending homophobic tweets during the Super Bowl.

    Roland Martin shocked viewers when he tweeted that any male fans of David Beckham’s underwear commercial for H&M were not “real bruhs.”

    “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl” he added.

    He also made fun of a New England Patriots player earlier in the day who arrived wearing a pink jump suit.

  85. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    So cool!

  86. Just deserts. I always thought ‘lil Roland was a closeted gayboy. He was one of Bam’s buttboys, as I recall.

  87. Inspired by Roland. David and Victoria Beckham:

  88. Really inspired by Roland:

  89. In case you think Beckham’s just a pretty face, look at this. Pure effing TALENT:

  90. Great post as usual lorac! I hate pageants, but the whoring of these small girls is obscene. Horrible sicko parents.

  91. Victoria is still looking Posh

  92. Thanx, folx, but “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” is not my invention. I forget where I first saw it. 😈


    *dons Wrap Cap* :mrgreen:

    @NES: I suspect that the “conflict” between the buccaneers of Wall Street and their faithful cabin boy Obummer is about as real as pro wrestling. Why would they want anyone else when he’s already serving them so well?

    The Dinocrats talk and act more and more like old-fashioned, moderately conservative Republicans–back when we still had Democrats and Republicans, rather than Dinocrats and Reptilians–and the Reptilians more and more must appease their tub-thumping crazies, in order to keep enough of the electorate to avoid going the way of the Federalists and the Whigs. Hence, I suspect a large portion, maybe even a majority, of the Malefactors Of Great Wealth [I know better than to use “the 1%” here 😉 ] have decided to make the Dinocrats their main party, since that way they get the same corrupt corporate conservatism they were getting from the Reptilians, without that disturbing wacky element.

  93. Yes NES,what Messina is doing with Wall Street is the same as that other sycophant did with Canada in 2008, as in “Donn’t believe what Barack says on TV” we won’t be bothering NAFTA. Which reminds me. Remember when Barack said he was going to have a sit-down with the “President” of Canada? And nobody ‘picked up’ on that in the media, you know, because it showed what an utter idiot he really is.

  94. Re: myiq’s video of the nose wiper. Coke will do that to you.

  95. And as for Roland Martin, I can’t stand that creep. I can pull up a piece where he once declared himself a dedicated “Clintonista”…until Obey Teh One came by. He was horrible to Hillary and I will never forgive or listen to anything he has to say ever again. And if he eats a few more hot meals, we will all need a bigger TV.

  96. They need to close Miramonte school and burn it down. They should stick Berndt and his assistants in the building first to check and see if it’s hot enough.

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