Another good woman fights back at vagina auditors and the war on women. Every sperm is sacred!

h/t myiq.
This is Hilarious! You know, between the zealots at  Komen and  the Let- Us- Mind- Your- Business One Million Moms vs. Ellen this week, the busybodies are 0 for 2. It’s been a good week. It’s about time the vast majority of Americans started exercising their power against meddling Theocrats who are obsessed with women’s body parts.  I mean we fight theocracies in the middle east while we have one trying to take hold right here in the USA.

Hands off boys!

Oklahoma’s proposed anti-abortion Senate Bill 1433 states a fetus “at every stage of development (has) all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this state.

”In response, pro-choice Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson introduced an amendment to the bill that read: “However, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.”

Way to go, Senator Johnson!  Every sperm is sacred!  A special note for all those ‘christian’ members of the OK senate and the US Congress: God killed Onan for spilling his seed upon the ground. So surely you will all agree with this amendment. It’s God’s Will!

Saw what you did!

I imagine the boyz sitting in that chambers with you are more than a little perturbed that you would attack them in such a personal way!  I’ll bet there were a few head explosions. Why, what they do privately in their own homes, their cars, the State Senate bathrooms, behind their desks and anywhere else they can get away with it is…….is just none of your business! And besides, it’s all legal too! Your amendment, why….it’s a…a…a Violation! That’s Personal!  I mean it’s not like you are talking about yucky women’s body parts! That’s okay!  But sperm is sacred! Their sperm is only watchable when it comes in contact with one of you wimminz.  When that happens, you should be arrested!  The rest of the time is……well…….mind your own business. It’s not your business what they do with their bodies and there is no irony here at all, is there? Really, the only thing left to do is laugh at these freaks for going where what used to be personal and very uncomforable territory–and still is. And you’ve done a fine job of it, Senator! We women are so sick and tired of listening to people discuss our personal body parts like they belong to them. Let them see how THEY like it.

Readers, you can email OK Senator Constance Johnson and tell her you appreciate her willingness to fight stupidity and the war on women. Then email Nancy and ask her if she is still napping. But don’t waste your time emailing Harry. He will probably be one of the first guys arrested.

While we are at it,  I continue to  believe we should  make vasectomies  illegal and start picketing at vasectomy clinics. We should also force men to have spiritual counseling before buying condoms.  Or Viagra. They should pay for this themselves and bring a certificate to the pharmacy.

Once again, I offer an earlier post on vasectomy as a working document for the legislation. Women in Congress! Stop simpering and stroking (scuse the pun) the Patriarchy and write this up! We can no longer allow men in the USA or the Vatican to kill all those potential babies!  Tell them to Remember Onan!

Baby Killing Vasectomies Must Be Made Illegal Immediately!

What a shock. The Republicans are talking about meddling into women’s lives again. I know I know. It such a surprise. This legal procedure really galls them, unless of course their daughters or mistresses need the service. But hey, at least they know how to prioritize. After all, a crumbling infrastructure, high unemployment rate, increase in poverty rate and an economy in quicksand can’t hold a candle to keeping those wimminz down on the farm and picking on gays and lesbians.

So, I’ve been thinking. I have a counter-proposal, one that goes hand in hand with the importance of Life even before it’s Life.

Boyz, I say let’s make vasectomies illegal.


Don't kill me!

Vasectomies kill potential children.

Every sperm on this earth is a potential baby maker and anybody who gets a vasectomy clearly hates babies and is not doing what he is meant to do: populate, populate, populate!

If God didn’t want your sperm to make babies, he wouldn’t have given you your tool or invented Viagra! That’s why, even as we speak, some health insurers cover Viagra but not birth control. It’s only fair, right?

With vasectomies, all those innocent sperms never ever get the opportunity to make it to where they are supposed to go: inside the woman you are dumping and leaving to fend for herself once she tells you she is pregnant. Instead, they die, lonely and dejected, never having the opportunity to do what they were meant to do.

Vasectomies are also immoral. They stop reproduction. And while we realize that some of you really, really should not reproduce yourselves (we’ve dated some of you), might I suggest abstinence instead?

Happy, fulfilled spermatozoa, sans vasectomy

Perhaps we can send you wayward fellows to some faith-based program to explain to you that your little tools were put there so that they might make babies, lots of babies. Lots and lots of babies. If you aren’t going to use it for its intended purpose then you should practice abstinence instead of killing off all those potential children. Perhaps we could picket your clinics as you walk by to get the snip-snip done.

Vasectomies also promote indiscriminate, immoral behavior. This means you are going to burn in hell if you have a vasectomy.

This must stop. Call your congress critter today!


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  1. Whodathunk legislation could turn into X-rated. I am beginning to think that probing vaginas and other body parts in legislation is their sex life, and now everybody gets to respond in like and kind. Does any of you remember a time when news had to be screened before you let your kids see it? To make matters worse, our entire economy is being flushed, and here’s congress minding everybody’s bedroom. Well not everybody’s. Just women and homosexuals. White Men get a pass, even though some of them are in the closet doing the very things they are railing against. THey have started all this crap and they stand out like a bunch of turds in a punchbowl.They want life to be Leave It To Beaver, and then they sit there and dissect private body parts from what was once a respectable body of legislation. They’ve got all the states joining in on their perverse hobby now too. These freaks are just plain gross. The only thing LEFT to do is laugh at them.

    We ought to throw the whole lot of the house and senate out of office. The Democrats are just as stupid, only they pick different stupidity. We should close down Congress for spring cleaning and change the locks on all the doors and start over.

  2. I just want to point out that some sperm spillage is entirely involuntary. Many teenage boys wake up hot, sweaty and spilled.

    BTW – I got my vasectomy at Planned Parenthood. They were having a 50% off special.

  3. Thanks for the biology lesson, my, but overall I would say it’s TMI. I think we all kind of know that. The Senator is being satirical to show their perverse stupidity. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if some perverse knucklehead brings it up before the vote. They enjoy the thrill.

  4. Congress should be on the Playboy Channel. Bunch of perverts.

  5. Funny how those boys get all squirmy when you talk about them like they talk about us. Now maybe they will see how it feels and what a VIOLATION it is.

  6. You want to see squirmy check out a bunch of guys watching a training movie on emergency child birth with an unedited close-up view of a real delivery.

  7. Hell myiq, I’m surprised they haven’t played that video in Congress yet. Let’s face it, these people are obsessed with sex.

  8. I thought I had posted a video. Did MKBill take offense at it? 😕

  9. No Monster, I did. I always avoid that video because it’s way over the top and if I were still a catholic I would be highly offended. Not to mention the use of filthy words.

  10. Late night cleanup has become a ritual around here. I almost expect to wince when I wakeup.

  11. Apologies to UW.

    I thought about the possibility of violating house rules, and looked for such rules, but could find none.

  12. We use the rule of common sense, Monster. We don’t post rules. Everybody seems to know around here what’s acceptable by having watched my past head explosions.

  13. For example, it’s common knowledge that if you bash hillary in here you are on your way out the door. If you call women C*nts or use words that generally belong in porn movies, you are out the door. If you forget that teenagers are also readers of this blog, you’re in trouble. If you threaten or even imply that someone else should do anything violent to an elected official or anybody on this board, you’re sailing out the window. If you attack someone here personally without provocation, you ain’t gonna last. I probably missed a few. It’s early and I haven’t had coffee.

  14. *sigh* I wish one could buy this mysterious commodity called “common sense”. 😦

    Oh well, I’ve lived nearly 49 years now without it. 🙂

  15. I didn’t see your last post until after I made my last post.

    Thanx. That should help me some. 🙂

  16. Yeah well it’s not that I have never lost some of my common sense either.

    The thing is, most people here have been with me for over three years. It’s kind of unfair to expect people who haven’t been here to understand by osmosis. Consider UW as my great room in my home. It’s my house and so if soomebody flies through here and insults the whole lot of us, they are going to be asked to leave and never be invited back. Also, we don’t want our blog to become an adult only blog, so we bear that in mind. most everybody here is accustomed to UW’s late night cleanup and occassional trash of a post and they just shrug. They know it’s not personal but that we do have young people who seem to enjoy our blog. Then too, blogs are not really democracies, they are the handiwork of the owner, who does the work and takes responsibility for what’s written. So that gives them more than one vote. lolol. Also Obama worshippers never make it to the forum, unless it’s because their comment in spam is so stupid it’s worthy of sharing for a laugh.

  17. Hahah it just occurred to me that if I kept everybody on this blog that I banned, I would have twice the comment traffic and be 100 times more miserable. Especially if i kept all the passive-resistants.

  18. I guess the real point is, if I remove a comment don’t take it personally. Just shrug. I’m trying to protect my own blog.

  19. I didn’t take it personally. 🙂

    Now, I must go get some sleep before I go off to mine more salt this evening. Sayonara. :mrgreen:

  20. Now that the Stock Act has passed, our theives in Congress can’t use this theme song any longer. At least for now, till they find the loopholes.

  21. Wicked! I am seriously considering printing the whole thing up and carrying it to hand out to the right wingers. First up would be to mail a copy to ricky righty!
    After aall, Lent is right around the corner and I can make up for it lol!

  22. Bravo, Uppity. As a life-long member of Greenpeace I salute you for your efforts to Save The Sperm Whales.

    They didn’t call them “Physeter macrocephalus” for nothing, ahem, you know when “enormous phalus” is their name it is extra important to save them. Giant phalus’ (is it phalusi, phaluses perhaps?) must be saved.

    Thank you, Uppity!!!!!!!!

    What? What’s that you say? I’m a little hard of hearing…

    Oh, Never mind.

  23. What a hoot, Uppity! Men never give up trying to control women. If only more women would support “women,” a change would begin. Senator Constance Johnson is spot on!

  24. Giant phalus’ (is it phalusi, phaluses perhaps?) must be saved.

    That’s speeled “fallacy”

  25. It’s spelled that way too.

  26. Oh gosh! Now I keep hearing “How ya gonna keep them down on the farm.”

  27. Well, since we are not covered by the 14th amendment according to Justice Scalia–we are not “persons,” unlike a fetus and GE. So it stands to reason that they think it is perfectly acceptable to stick their noses into some woman’s business.

    Really, UW, you should give some thought to starting your own church–the Church of the Fetus. You could espouse all sorts of bizzare philosophies, be smug and self-righeous, attempt to control others lives under the guise of faith, abuse people that you considered inferior, wear really expensive and wacky outfits, and even better, be tax exempt. See, the possiblilties are endless! (Maybe you could even incorporate some contraceptive devices into the clerical garb to show people what they shoud not have access to—like a IUD necklace or something.)

    Really, give it some thought. And speaking of wacky relgious people-seen this….

    Why can’t someone put this people out of business–like Morris Dees did with a KKK chapter? Bigots masquerading as a church.

  28. mail a copy to ricky righty!


    Great double entendre.

  29. Yeah, but Sanitarium would have no problem with is dying here. Would he? Women are in combat every day of their lives.

  30. Fallacy, indeed. 🙂

    Nevermind – to quote one of uppity’s favorite wonderful ladies. And yes, it is cephalus and they are big headed whales.

    microsperm for microphalus men who are obsessed with abortions.

    At least whales live and let live…

  31. MuIQ. That POS is a whimpy little whiner. I’d like to see some emotional Female Marines kick his ass back for that bullshit.

    We wimmenz are just concerned about how our hair looks and it won’t do us any good to be in a musty old fox hole with out our shampoo. We just might cry and get all menopausal and have to have a big strong man save us. Cue – Dudly do right.

    Sanitarium sounds just like obama. I guess he’s a feminist, too.

    Notice the wimmenz in the vid smiling and fixing their hair. I want to scream at them to WAKE UP and tell them how he is going to cripple them and steal their few rights if they keep supporting him and he is (God Forbid) elected.

    UPPS might have been drastic saying she’d vote for obama over sanitarium but I have to agree with her. (going to take a shower now and wash out my brain of that image)

  32. I wish I could like this post 1000 times! And Senator Johnson, YOU GO GIRL! I just told everyone at TW to come here and say a big thank-you to her.

    No worries about Sanctum Sanctorum. He’s the Huckabee of 2012. Not a chance in hell he’ll be the nominee. The big corporate boyz have all lined up behind the Mittster, and you know they won’t give one thin dime to Rick.

  33. Wussy Obama caves on the BC thing with the church.

    Seriously though, it’s okay for them, but they have no businesses blocking BC for everybody who isn’t one of their flock. Pure and simple. If he’s only caving for churches, that’s dandy. Just a reminder why I don’t belong to any of them.

    It’s just that obama is such a wuss. He caves in on simply everyhing. He’s a major coward. And he uses women as bargaining chips constantly and it shows. It shows BIG time. Asshole. He comes on all tough and bluster and he’s just a freaking wimp.

  34. Glad you like the post madamab. It was an odd experience, writing it. A combo of winces and amusement.

  35. Uppity, could I add the following ammendment to the vasectomy prohibition?

    “Some exceptions may be made if male seeking vasectomy wife or significant other gives HER permission along with 12 other WOMEN, a jury of peers selected at large and, of course, with the consent of the pope.”

    We must be mindful of the fact that WOMEN may be the beneficiary of such a snipping in some cases.

  36. Hey AnnE, if we aren’t covered by the constitution, then neither are female fetuses, are they?

    I feel the earth moving a little folks. I think the Komen thing broke something loose. I think these beasts are about to meet their response from women in a big big way. Hope I’m right, but all of this has finally gone too far. They are about to get that “You’re our property” and “not covered by the constitution” bullshit shoved up their asses. Nothing 50,000 women on the capital steps won’t cure.

  37. Ok Twandx, I’m in.

  38. Santorum. Gingrich. These are the kinds of caveman assholes the Republicans run for the leader of the free world, and they wonder how they lose to con men like Obama? The Republican party is positively prehistoric. SOmetimes I think the only reason they fight Islam is because they are competition and in the way of THEIR plans. They sure as hell don’t give a crap what happens to women in the middle east, except to use them for sympathy to some cause of theirs.

    While teaching his history course at Reinhardt College in Georgia a couple of weeks ago, Ms. Schroeder noted, Mr. Gingrich had expressed some thoughts on the subject.

    If combat means being in a ditch, he told his class, “females have biological problems staying in a ditch for 30 days because they get infections, and they don’t have upper body strength.”

    Men, he said, “are basically little piglets; you drop them in the ditch, they roll around in it.”

    And yet, he went on, if being in combat “means being on an Aegis class cruiser managing the computer controls for 12 ships and their rockets, a female again may be dramatically better than a male who gets very, very frustrated sitting in a chair all the time because males are biologically driven to go out and hunt giraffes.”

    That was Newt in 1995. And this asshole was speaker?

  39. UW: Way off topic but I recall some conversations about evil versions of Firefox–which version of Firefox do you recommend installing?

  40. Nevermind…seems that only 10 is available for download

  41. Uppity Woman, on February 10, 2012 at 6:55 AM said:

    We use the rule of common sense, Monster. We don’t post rules. Everybody seems to know around here what’s acceptable by having watched my past head explosions
    this is one thing I avoid at all costs. 🙂

  42. Hmph. Here’s a thought for you. Watch the RC Bishops line up behind the brave Senator’s amendment. After all- the “church” already considers masturbation to be sin in a huge way.

  43. LOL Foxy! They are few but powerful.

  44. Sophie, in Firefox, any version won’t ruin your life or stop you from using addons you badly want. Avoid 4, although they will try to foist it upon you, there are ways to shut their nagging off. 4 is disgusting and drove plenty of people away. It does not give you a secure feeling since most of the addons don’t work with it, it is spartan, fugly and a mimic of that horrid Chrome for idiots. If people wanted Chrome they would have used Chrome. It puts things in odd places, such as the url line and tabs and it is just plain terrible. I have no idea how many versions of it they have updated or even if there’s a 5. I shut them out when I saw 4. What’s more, their ‘support’ message board was deliberately cryptic in answers when a BOATLOAD of people went there to complain and asked how to get rid of it. They claimed once you downloaded it you couldn’t go back, which was bullshit proven after a couple of us figured out how to go back.

    Go here. This is the version I have. It is no longer ‘supported’ but I guarantee you you won’t NEED any support.

  45. Incidentally, EVERYONE, I strongly urge you to download the optout for the Google Advertising Cookie here…

    And the Google analytics opt out

    Get Google the hell out of your life! THey are the closest thing to satan a corporation can be. And privacy groups are now freaked out over their “new” privacy” settings. Google has taken it upon themselves to harangue your computer everywhere you go that they own. Such as youtube and doubleclick.

    Get these people out of your life. If you are still using gmail, then I don’t know what to say to you. You obviously enjoy an automatice READING of your emails and your friends emails to you, so they can learn all about you while targeting your ass for ads up the ying yang.

    From firefox, you can also download googles sidebar remover, that annoying ‘local’ shit they foist upon you
    And you can download a plugin that blocks your PINPOINTED location which Google loves sending to every site you go to while they track where you go every minute of your day. Looking up a horrible illness? Google loves to know that. So will the insurance industry and future employers one day. Why not jsut ask them if they want to look in your underwear drawer, hey? You get the picture. Stop leaving your g’damned doors and windows open on your computer.

    Edit, I see firefox is up to version 11 now. lol. Thats how bad 4 sucked, took them a zillion Redos. If you want to try it, you’re on your own as I got so fed up with 4, I tuned their upgrades out.

  46. Uppity said,

    “SOmetimes I think the only reason they fight Islam is because they are competition and in the way of THEIR plans.”

    DING DING DING DING! And the only reason they support Israel is because they think Jeebus is going to come down and Rapture them once all the Jooz are safely ensconced there. So basically, they want all Jews dead or converted to Christianity. Their “respect” for us is only temporary.

    That’s why I could never align myself in any way, shape or form with these anti-Islam rightwingers. Take me as a woman or a Jew – they hate me either way.

  47. Well madamab, let me tell you why I support Israel.

    1. They are the only democracy in that whole godforsaken region and
    2. I remember history and it is QUITE clear that a bunch of goatfuckers want to repeat it with the blessings of the crazy far left psychos and their academic gods who have succeeded in burying that history. Amd once we let these assholes help the goatfuckers meet their goal, they will be coming for us…..which includes them.

  48. Personally, I would be delighted if the religious whacko right and the Sharia assholes get together in an amphitheater and wipe each other out. I’d buy a ticket.

  49. UW, I am sure that according to the twisted logic of a Sanitarium or a Lizard, a female fetus is considered a person while in utero. Its just when they emerge that they become a problem and a danger to society and need to be controlled.

    Still think you should start your own church. Satrical possibilties are endless.

  50. AnnE, I think the church of the flying spaghetti monster already has it covered with His Noodleness. I personally have had Sightings.

    But i admit your suggestion is intriquing. I wonder if I could get a flock. It would be fun to post about this.

    For starters, my church would be led by all women and men would only be allowed if they agree to be submissive and yield to our wishes. And we would have our own customizable bible, in a looseleaf notebook, so we can only include those things that suit us. Hey wait! That’s the New Christianity! Except the male-female thing is reversed!

  51. Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster. Meet the Pastafarians. There’s a hilarious ‘sightings’ section.

  52. Sheldon Adelson has dumped Gingrich. Guess he will just have to break his piggy bank for money.

  53. The FSM is my favorite Deity! Well, except for the Goddess, who can be either supernatural, or an awesome human woman. 😀

    Those are two good reasons to support Israel. I also support it because it’s a question of survival. No minority religion is ever truly “assimilated”. What happened in Germany happened in Bosnia, and it is happening now in Egypt to the Christians and Jews that live there as the religious extremists take more and more control of the country. Simply put, if we Jews don’t have our own country, we will be wiped from the face of the earth.

    It’s amazing how stupid so many lefties are about this simple statement of truth. They act like we are “paranoid” because of the Holocaust. Well, since Israel was formed, it’s been under constant attack from the surrounding countries and from the camps. And now Egypt’s new government may not keep the peace agreement that Mubarak had honored with Israel, because the Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to Al Qaeda, doesn’t want to (quelle surprise!). The Israeli embassy has been attacked and violence towards Egyptian Jews has escalated. Christians in Egypt are running for their lives, as well – so the radical Islamists are trying to get rid of anyone who isn’t Muslim.

    As they say, it’s not paranoia if they’re actually out to get you.

  54. Oh LOL Mom, Monster posted that video last night and I deleted it because I felt it would offend Catholics, including yourself. Guess I was wrong.

  55. You are so right. And the left is so dangerously stupid about this issue. Fortunately the majority of America isn’t that stupid and they do support Israel, whether the movey onys like it or not. Madamab, I see HORRIBLE remarks about Jews at youtube from Americans all the time. They really actually blame EVERYTHING on jews, while ironically, finding George Soros The Jew not a problem at all. There’s no irony there is there?

    And yes, just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…

  56. It will be so great when Santorum is commander-in-chief. He is concerned about having women in combat roles, not because he does not think women are up to the job, but because men soldiers are so nurturing to women soldiers that the men will compromise the missions in order to protect the women. Of course, he ignores the fact that the biggest problem the US military has had with women and men soldiers is the proclivity of the male soldiers to rape the women soldiers. I guess the men are raping the women because they feel the need to protect them from not having enough sex in war zones, or something like that.

  57. Oh yeah Honora, they protect them alright. Maybe he just means they use a rubber when they rape them? Oh no, wait, Santorum would never go for that. If you’re gonna rape a woman, don’t use a rubber, that’s against church rules.

  58. Oh! Mary’s in a tree! Why, I haven’t seen her since that leaky subway wall appearance, which was right after that boarded up window appearance. But there was a Christmas story of a guy who saw her in a piece of rock candy. Oh no, wait,that was Jesus. I covered that one too, I think. But a tree! Now that’s special.

    These people vote.

  59. It does seem that edibles are reserved for Jesus and decaying objects are reserved for Mary. Just like real life.

  60. Apparently the image was created by a reticulated woodpecker named Michaelangelo.

  61. So were Sanitarium and Ferdinand separated at birth or are they star crossed lovers?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  62. ROFL Uppity. Monty Python does not offend me at all. If other Catholics find it offensive, by all means delete it.
    As far as I am concerned, go forth and multiply should be interpreted on a scientific basis. Where we apply basic arithmetic.
    They want one man and one woman right?
    1 x 1 = 1.
    Haven’t gotten any kind of logical answer from any theologian on that one. lol. And yes indeed I am bold enough to have asked a priest or two how they figure one man times one woman equals 23.

  63. Excellent point UW, many of the theocratic nut-jobs in this country are as rabid and oppressive as those in the Middle East.

    On the bc issue – it think it would be an excellent time in our history to prohibit purchase of Viagra (and other limp dick meds) with Medicaid. I don’t know about other states, but, in mine, Medicaid will pay for 3 Viagra pills per month.

    I asked one of my legislators about hit and HE said “Well, we want the guys to have a little fun.” Yet, try to get an abortion. They’ve made obtaining a legal abortion from the one abortion clinic in the state extremely difficult, and have greatly curbed women’s reproductive rights.

  64. Then there is the “Churches” policy for the treatment of ectopic pregnancy. Best I can figure out is non-surgical treatment (methotrexate) is forbidden (abortion); OK to operate if the tube has ruptured and the woman is bleeding to death (the embryo died of natural causes), if the tube hasn’t ruptured then the surgeon can’t just remove the embryo (abortion) but removing the tube with the embryo is OK. (Punish the incubator for doing a bad job????)

    No one can tell me that those red beanies don’t cause brain damage and dementia in the Cardinals.

  65. It does seem that edibles are reserved for Jesus and decaying objects are reserved for Mary.

    Yeah, just like real life.

  66. That freaking Santorum. I know a lot of men who are more emotional than any of the women in my family. I’m not surprised barky caved but I think its ridiculous.

  67. Hey UW….you said I could post a video! 🙂

  68. “For example, it’s common knowledge that if you bash hillary in here you are on your way out the door. If you call women C*nts or use words that generally belong in porn movies, you are out the door. If you forget that teenagers are also readers of this blog, you’re in trouble. If you threaten or even imply that someone else should do anything violent to an elected official or anybody on this board, you’re sailing out the window. If you attack someone here personally without provocation, you ain’t gonna last. I probably missed a few. It’s early and I haven’t had coffee.”

    Hey Upps, this should be your rules for commenting!!

  69. Argggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Hillbilly wants to kill me!

  70. Okay girlz, here’s the deal. Whether or not you will have a baby will now be decided by your EMPLOYER and His/Her religious beliefs. And still, there are not 50,000 women with pitchforks and torches standing in front of the White House.

    What’s needed is a class action lawsuit by female employees of employers who have taken charge of their family planning for them.

    Here’s the deal. NO birth control for you. Get pregnant, get fired because you can’t do your job because you are pregnant and miss too much work. And still, there aren’t 50,000 women standing in front of the white house.

    You get what you ask for. This president has shit on women every single day since January 2011. Why? Because women let him. You get what you pay for.

  71. I think women who own businesses should refuse to insure Viagra.

  72. Okay Catholics, please tell me. Does that monty Python bother you or not? I want to know if I am wrong. So far Mom says No Problem. Maybe i was worried for nothing. Please speak up.

  73. They really actually blame EVERYTHING on jews, while ironically, finding George Soros The Jew not a problem at all. There’s no irony there is there?

    No, actually there isn’t any irony there. George Soros stated that the happiest time of his life was the time of Germany’s occupation of Hungary:

    according to the video description:

    “Soros worked with confiscating the land of the Jews in Hungary.”

  74. Yes indeed T.S. Soros helped to round up his own people. What a swell guy.

  75. I don’t get that tractor video. Does it get funny or something?

  76. God that Soros is one sick sob. I’ve never seen that clip before. Scary that he has so much money and so much power.

  77. That Monty Python video was hysterical!

  78. I watched about three minutes of the Monty Python video and I could not take any more. I do find it offensive. I ignored it earlier, but since you asked I watched it now. I will admit that as an Irish Catholic, I am sensitive to the history of English Protestants and their genocide of the Irish Catholics during the Famine. You asked and I answered honestly, despite what I figure will be ridicule on this page. I hate to have to defend Catholicism, which is my spiritual core, because the Catholic hierarchy is stupid and indefeasible. I am an Irish-American, Catholic, Feminist and I am uppity because of it, not in spite of it. (Indeed, Honora is not my name, it is the name of my great-grandmother, the one that was left in Ireland when six of her eight children left for New York. I can’t imagine the pain that must of caused her. So, symbolically, I try to be a voice for her, to honor what she lost in order for me to be an American.)

  79. Socalannie: You got that right! Soros is damaged goods and says himself he likes “playing God”. Ugh. Just like Hitler and every one of the Nazis.

    I know I am not a regular here, but on the subject of women’s health: A friend of mine has cancer and needs a drug called DOXIL, used in treating stage 4 ovarian cancer, immediately. You never find out about this kind of crap until it hits you personally, but due to drug shortages, DOXIL is no longer available in the US.

    Please sign this petition to bring it back & thank you:

    Here more info re drug shortages, if you’re interested:

  80. I understand Honora and it’s on its way to being removed. I has reservations about it several times when it was posted and, I figured if it made me uncomfortable, it might make others who are the target uncomfortable. I will take care of it and I know mom won’t mind at all.

  81. socal, re: tractor. No, socal, it’s just that hillbilly loves tractors. He is after all our blog redneck…

  82. kisses and hugs

  83. Back atcha, honora.

  84. T.S I’m sorry to hear that about your friend, and your friend has a good friend in you.

  85. TS, I lost a dear friend to ovarian cancer also, and you have my sympathy. Thank you for the drug shortage info, I had no idea. The drug companies are diabolical.

    honora, my son and I have been discussing the Catholic birth control controversy all week. Today, we spent six hours at our local food bank packing huge bags full of food and then we have to carry most of the bags to the (govt subsidized) apts of the recipients. In one complex, the food goes to disabled people, mostly vets in wheelchairs. In the other, its young Hispanic, and in all likelihood, Catholic families. The reason we have to carry the bags for these strong young women is becuz most of them are carrying one or two babies, and usually have a toddler or two. Some of these girls are my sons age or a year or two older. So he sees first hand the result of the Catholic Church’s ban on birth control. Sorry, but for most of us, its ridiculous.

    Also, sorry for you that you feel so strongly about the Catholic/Protestant conflict, but I think you causing yourself unnecessary stress over it. As you know, both sides did horrible things to each other in past centuries, in all countries. The Catholics certainly had their share in the atrocities; for instance, the Inquisition, or Louis XIV persecution of the protestants in the 1700’s in France. I’m sure we all must have ancestors who were persecuted or killed in past religious wars. I know I do on both sides, as recently as the 1920’s. I’m not anti religion, btw, was raised going to both Orthodox and a Protestant church, and in fact, had my life saved by a nun in a Catholic Hospital when I was little. You can still honor your religious past or core, while moving past their old teachings, many of which are foolish and bigoted. I think its a good idea anyway. I also have an Irish Honora in my fam tree btw. I always liked that name.

  86. I haven’t read the comments yet, so forgive if this has already been addressed…

    But I don’t “get” something…

    Obamacare (so far, anyway, Obama will probably cave) is mandating that all healthcare insurance companies provide contraception free of charge. The Catholic church is very upset, citing the need for freedom of religion, separation of church and state.

    BUT…. I’ve seen polls, most Catholics USE birth control. And those who don’t use it, can keep not using it, because the law only mandates that it be available free of charge, it doesn’t mandate you have to USE it.

    So, there may be a minority of Catholics who are upset about this, but most actual Catholics won’t be. So who is left? The insurance company? The insurance company isn’t a religion – it’s a company. And really, you could make the case that an organized religion is a type of business (they make big bucks, and can get away with not paying taxes, I think they even have lobbyists).

    So who is upset? The religion company and the insurance company?I’m not a legal or constitution expert, but it seems to me that PEOPLE are given the right to freedom of religion – it didn’t give it to corporations, did it? OR is this another ramification of corporations being people?

    People pick and choose what they want to follow in their religious books all the time. So people working for a Catholic corporation could just choose not to get the free contraception. (And many of those workers aren’t Catholic in the first place.)

    I just dont see the issue. The Catholic companies can have their healthcare carried out by contracted workers, and I doubt the insurance company gives a f*ck in the first place. People aren’t mandated to take it, it’s just available.

    Where is the big crisis here, the big sacrilegious problem?

    Churches and companies aren’t people. Do they really get the same rights as people to first amendment rights?

    – there is no mandate on the (Catholic/nonCatholic) individual to take the contraception
    -the only mandate is for an (no religion) insurance COMPANY (not a person) to provide free contraception

    So I just don’t see the big religious/constitutional crisis – can someone enlighten me? NES?

    No one is making anyone do anything they don’t want to – except the church doesn’t want women getting more control over their body, which will definitely happen when the contraceptives are FREE!

  87. Yes lorac, the VAST majority of Catholics use birth control and that is why the pope wants to punish them and whip them into submission. When they were doing the smoke stacks, I knew he would be the absolutely WORST choice and well……here he is! His history of writings about women told me instinctively that this was a bad bad man to put in charge of those damned troublesome women.

  88. Didja know me and Hillbilly are practic’ly neighbors? He just lives over yonder from here.

  89. He sure looks good in those jeans and tank. Woke ME up.

  90. Rednecks never went for baggy jeans and hoodies.

  91. Well I am an admitted crotch watcher myself so I like me those worn snug jeans on guys.

  92. lorac, I agree with what you’re saying. I don’t see why the 1st amendment is construed so broadly as to give so many protections to corporations owned by religions. I think they should be taxed like any other property and subject to the same laws. I’m fine with actual churches being tax free, but even the church properties themselves make money; I know, we rent rooms from various churches for our homeschool classes, year in and year out. They rent to all kinds of groups btw, so not sure how that property is “sacred”. In Los Angeles, some very expensive properties are owned by the Church of Scientology. No property taxes. The loss of revenue hurts everyone.

    I’m disappointed that barky caved. The choice was between human beings rights, and a church’s rights. In this country, I don’t think a church should come first, or be able to dictate what others can and cannot do.

  93. So since he has caved on the issue. So maybe now all the people who work for Catholic companies should file a class action lawsuit about their right to have free birth control as everyone gets, and that it’s not violating the Catholic church, since (1) it’s a company not a person and (2) the contraception is offered, not forced on women

  94. Obama says the compromise works for everyone – ha! It only works for the male church hierarchy. All the “little people” (the women) don’t get a working solution – they get stiffed!

  95. I admit I know very little about country music. We like Tricia Yearwood. One of hubbies work buddies made him promise to get him an autograph by someone named Leroy Parnell when we were at the NAMM show. I don’t know what he does in country music, but he was nice and played great guitar.

  96. I think it might be a bad precedent to do this opt out, though – letting a religion opt out of a national law – next other religions will start wanting to get out of other things – like Muslims not having to pay interest when they get loans….

  97. Well, barky came up with some kind of pretzel logic compromise. He said the women who work for Catholic companies can still get free contraception, and that insurance companies will pay for it, but it won’t be covered by the RCC actual insurance!?!?! whatever the hell that means.

  98. Great point about other religions wanting to opt out of everything.

  99. Laura Ingraham is a putz. A few minutes ago she was talking about the vitriolic republican primary – trying to say it will all work out – and she drew a parallel to 2008, the dems, and said, “I’m sure all the Hillary supporters at least felt they got a fair hearing”.


  100. Romney promises to defund Planned Parenthood:

    Just when I thought he could be fairly moderate and not run the country like his religion.

  101. grabbed in another comment section:

    Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
    Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
    Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1

    Kind of interesting, especially the last line….

    It would have been more informative if they had also listed for the primaries, number of caucus states won, and number of primaries won, and also listed the number of people who voted for a state (through a caucus) – it’s just a crime how so few people can determine the whole state’s choice. What I’m thinking of is, some of those low population counties, people may want to discount them, but why? There are more populated places using caucuses, that have even fewer people voting than the low population counties!

  102. I think Mittens is pandering. Tell you why. He increased funding to family planning when he was Govy. Gawd, these people are absolute whores.

  103. lorac re: Laura. Like I always say, the Rs will use Hillary to whatever advantage it gives them. There isn’t a whit of sincerity in their bones about Hillary.

  104. Gotta make lots of babies so the “pre-mortals” (the spirit children of God) have bodies to inhabit.

  105. Let me tell you this. The Vatican doesn’t get away with this shit in Europe or in any country that has a common medical plan. They would tell them to crap in their hats. It’s only in America that they are getting away with this pushy bossy, Let The Church rule bullshit, because they KNOW we have a COWARD and a CAVE IN for a President. They aren’t stupid. They know a lame-assed leader when they see one. They also know he’s about as feminist as sean Hannity.

  106. The rapidly swimming sperm live action figures are my favorite!

    Off topic!! — Is anyone here a web designer? I need to create a simple, classy website for my book sooner than later. If you know of anyone — or are gifted in this department…ahem… please let me know — and we can discuss what you would charge to do this….

  107. Lorac, it’s kind of hard to have a high murder rate when neigbhors (and voters!) live a mile away from each other and the law consists of a large mean dog and a shotgun. If you live in any city in the USA, a shitbag can drive right into town tonight and kill five people for their wallets before sunrise. If they try to drive into the town of Bumfuck, everybody will know he’s there before he finds the stoplight.

  108. lorac, muslims already have their own bank setups. They are way ahead of this.

  109. lorac when they say ‘it works for everyone” they always mean men. Women are secondary. It doesn’t have to work for them. In fact, guys like Rick Santorum like to TELL women what “fulfills them” without even asking. And it’s not just the Ricks of the world doing it. Barack has been lawing up on wimminz for going on four years without taking their wants or needs into consideration. He’s no different than they are. he just talks the talk.

    Barack Obama is the worst president on women’s rights EVER! He has succeeded in enabling the digression of woman’s rights by decades. He sucks.

  110. The Pope will NEVER stop catholic women from using birth control. It makes him crazy because he KNOWs it. I hope he goes insane soon so they can find a real pope again.

  111. Anita, I would do a Facebook page too, much as I hate facebook.

    Listen gang, she needs a web page designer for the promotion of her book. Can any of you help?

  112. Check out MKBill’s latest tweet.

  113. Huckabee at CPAC:

    “We are all Catholics now”.


  114. Yes — I am planning to do a facebook page as well and already have someone who is helping me with that part. I am a computer geek in many respects — but not that one!! Thanks Uppity!

  115. I just read the link in Bills tweets about dogs in Europe. God.

  116. What about FF? Doesn’t she make the headers with web design? And she is a terrific painter! Ani, ask FF to tell you off-blog the webpage address of her art business – she is really, really amazing! Lots of photos of her work there, and I bet she could transfer a painting into a web design!

  117. found this on another blog in the comments:

    A woman can get contraceptives at no cost if she wants them. The best contraceptive is almost free and likely in every household’s medicine cabinet, it is an aspirin. Just place it between your knees and hold it there…other inanimate objects would work just as well.

    And this was from a big Hillary supporter. What is HAPPENING to people? How can you go from being a Hillary supporter to what seems to be Santorum the 2nd?

  118. There’s a whole lot more to it than that, lorac.Like html. But I do know FF has a great .com so she does know how, but I don’t know if she does websites for others. She’ll say so if she does.

  119. Ani you just want a domain and a web page, right? Nothing else?

  120. Poor Poor Pervert Sandusky!

    Sandusky also said he felt people who had been welcomed in his home were now trying to keep him confined indoors.

    “I’ve associated with thousands of young people over the years,” said Sandusky, 68, the former Penn State defensive coordinator charged with 52 criminal counts involving 10 victims over 15 years. “And now, all of a sudden, because of allegations and perceptions that have been tried to be created of me, now I can’t take our dog on my deck and throw out biscuits to him.”


    Sandusky’s home borders an elementary school and its playground. After he sought permission to see relatives and friends and leave his home to help lawyers prepare his case, the attorney general’s office countered with a court filing that said neighbors expressed concern for the safety of children. A teacher and intern also reported that he had been watching children from his back deck.

    Prosecutors want an order that restricts Sandusky to the inside of his home, which a county probation officer said would be unusual for people under in-home detention

    Forget this home ‘detention’ shit. Let the bastard hang out and rot in jail.

  121. Sandusky’s wife revved her engine and tried to run over a reporter. I guess she’s a lowlife just like her husband.


  122. She does seem low-life-ish. Been defending her dear hubbie all along. That is creepy that they live next to an Elementary School.

  123. Yes, pretty much Uppity. I’d like to keep it simple at first — I can always expand it later if necessary. Just want a clearinghouse with links so people can get some more info and get to places to purchase either an Amazon or an ebook link/kindle, etc. Perhap I might even do a very video blog talking about the book…

  124. And thanks for the suggestions, Lorac 🙂

  125. Uppity said:

    And you can download a plugin that blocks your PINPOINTED location which Google loves sending to every site you go to while they track where you go every minute of your day

    Do you have the name of that plugin? I was searching on firefox’s website and couldn’t really find anything that does what you describe.

    Oh and check email when you can.

  126. Fredster, Private Browsing. You will note that people complain that they no longer could use it once they “updated” to FF 4. So the older versions are critical to most of the addons that are worth anything or mean anything to you.
    When I get a chance I will put all the addons I use over in the PC Help tab.

  127. {Honora} xoxoxo Sorry I offended you. I have a similar family history and am still RC. Just a modern version of RC- I dream and pray for a Church where the priests understand that THE PEOPLE of God ARE the Church and the priests are the servants of God and the people as they were meant to be, not the masters of the Universe.

  128. LOL Mom I figured if a Catholic posted it, I could just ask without getting into a scuffle with the poster. I was right. It’s kind of like what I do with Italians. I figure I can do that. I’m one of them. But I don’t know, I always winced at that one Monty clip. Maybe because it’s only true of creeps in the Vatican and morons like Santorum, but not true of the vast majority of Catholics who absolutely reject this Every Sperm is Sacred crap.

  129. Whatever “historical truths” might have played a role in planned parenthood, leave it to Malkin…

    Good grief! This woman needs to move to Iran and take her depraved “conservative” mentality and war on women – who don’t walk, talk, think like her – with her.

    Warning! What she is saying is as dangerous divisively for women in America as an Ayatoiletta trying to rule with Islamic “conservative values” over women in the ME:

    “To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit”

  130. “dangerously divisive”

  131. LOL WHy Not, no way I’m reading Malkin and ruining MY day. There isn’t anything anybody can do that she wouldn’t find fault with unless the person is a right wing crackpot. Sorry but it’s true. She’s a spinner of the highest order and I don’t read her shit. I just can’t stand somebody with so much power who can NEVER find any good in ANYTHING unless her brand is on it.

  132. Thanks Upps for the link for the private browsing thing. Have it added on now.

  133. lol, Uppity. Once in a great while she makes a good point. Hard to appreciate, coming from a fire breathing dragon lady, who sets her own thoughts on fire with a blow torch pen.

    Didn’t want to link to her sight, but no way to get around providing a link that’s gonna offer a buffet of “wtf?!” if they publish her stuff on their site.

  134. “her site”

  135. […] obama releases his budget; Violet Socks takes down obama’s Epic Fail on women’s civil rights; and I don’t care if you’re sick of me saying VOTE FOR WOMEN — here’s another righteous woman elected official who shows why I’m right […]

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