Your open thread and two smart sick puppies


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  1. It’s a dog’s life.

  2. God sure knew that animals would give great joy to the lives of humans. This is such a neat story.

  3. Interesting artilce, My. Guess I can’t blame my cats for my odd behavior because they are indoor cats.

  4. WLM I read one account of this where they told some other stories too, like the huge sick turtle that showed up at the door of a Vet’s office, and a mother cat that harangued a rescue group member to follow her to her sick kittens. Sometimes I just wonder…just how smart animals really are without us realizing it…

  5. My cats are indoor cats too WLM. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve seen way too much. The neat thing about cats is, if they aren’t happy, they will leave when you open the door. So the highest compliment is opening the door wide and watching your cat say, I ain’t going out THERE again! Unless of course you have an impish one like the one I lost last year. He could go out there and laugh his ass off at me. He wouldn’t leave the deck but he took great joy in seeing me panic. Then he would just come in. Gratefully, he stopped doing that after awhile. If having a couple of indoor cats makes you odd, then I’m odd too.

    I will tell you this, I love when men love their cat. It’s just so endearing to watch. I had a tenant once whom I really didn’t like. Till one day I stopped by and there he was with the cat, holding it upside down and cooing at it like a baby. His wife told me he liked the cat better than her. lol. It changed my mind about him instantly.

  6. how people treat their pets is a great judge of carector 🙂

  7. Agree, foxy. It gives you a world of information.

  8. Mr. U says when he dies, he wants to come back as one of my pets.

  9. I imagine that Mr. U wouldn’t have it any other way.

  10. The neat thing about cats is, if they aren’t happy, they will leave when you open the door.
    My damn cats eat better than I do, but the lure of the great outdoors is too much for the 10 mo male. He has the routine down where he will stay back, look disinterested until the front door opens, then it a gray blur into the woods.

  11. What a sweet story on the puppies.

  12. SHV that’s not uncommon at his age, particularly if he was living on the streets. He’s still young and foolish. It will iron out. Trust me, I know this.

  13. I think it is SO COOL they are naming a ship after Gabby Giffords. The Gabrielle! I bet Barack is so J! That kind of stuff drives narcissists like him crazy. Especially since it’s a wimmin. Barack, you can bet nobody’s going to name a ship after your ass. Except maybe in China in thanks. Or if the Egyptian Brotherhood has a ship, they’ll name it after you.

  14. His mom had a hard life and has little interest in going out; she knows that she has hit the cat life jackpot. He, on the other hand, only knows a life of luxury. The few times that mom has gone out for extended time, I had to send the male out to get her. She follows hm home, I think that he has Cat-dar.

  15. “Foxyladi14, on February 11, 2012 at 11:38 AM said:

    how people treat their pets is a great judge of carector”

    Foxy, I agree totally. I have a realtor friend who once told me that if she saw a potential client being unkind to their pet, she would not continue doing business with them.

  16. Cute story about the dogs, although I thought they didn’t like being kept in separate cages at the human society. I hope they get adopted together also.

    We have a very large black cat with white slippers that roams our hill everyday. I think he must belong to someone because he is so fat. laker says he looks like a bear cub. I hope he scares the ground squirrels away.

  17. They already named a ship after Obama….it was called “The Titanic”.

  18. Upps said.
    Especially since it’s a wimmin. Barack, you can bet nobody’s going to name a ship after your ass. Except maybe in China in thanks. Or if the Egyptian Brotherhood has a ship, they’ll name it after you.
    baraksasss.oh yeah they would love that one!! 😆 😆

  19. imust, so true – the Titanic!

  20. Hahahah Titanic. Perfect.

  21. SHV, it’s usually the cats that never had it hard on the streets that want to venture out. The ones who had it awful don’t want to go back.

  22. socal, I felt the same thing when i saw they put the two sibling pups in separate cages. I thought that was stupid of them.

  23. Well, I need advice about my two girls. I feed them side by side. I have to add Miralax to Shadow’s bowl. It is like a ping pong match to keep them at their respective bowls. And, it is inconsistent, too. Pepper surely does not need Miralax. Any suggestions?

  24. Romney won CPAC straw poll.

    Who can figure out these social meddling loonies? I would have thought sanitarypad would have taken all the votes, what with his craziness. These people are really strange. I expect one day their heads will all do a 360 on their shoulders.

    Mittens 38%
    Sanatarium 31%
    Pillsbury Doughboy 15%
    Tin Foil Paul 12%

    3408 certifiable nuts voted.

  25. WLM suggest it’s time to separate them at bowl time. I do it because Joe is a big hog. They know the routine and it didn’t take long to get them to live with it.

  26. I followed the Malkin link someone posted in the comments near the end of the last thread and that led me to a link at Townhall about breitbart speaking at that conservative convention saying he has video of obamas college days that nobody has seen. He said he won’t be unvetted anymore!

    I will do the happy dance if it makes him crap his pants and squirm.

    I don’t want to put a link to it knowing how Upps feels about the source. If he has the “whitey tape” we will all have a laughing fit!!!

  27. Upps at 5:36

    ROFL at the names.

  28. Yeah I heard about the video they have. Love to see it. Here’s how it will roll…

    “Youthful transgression”. Like W’s days. Can’t hold it against him and blah blah blah. Won’t do a thing unless it’s a video of him chasing a young boy down the street or having sex with an aardvark.

  29. And remember, in October, SONY’s movie is coinkydinkily scheduled for release. YOu know, the move about how the brave warrior Barack practically killed Osama Bin Laden with his bare hands. he will be portrayed as everything he is not. Stable. Decisive. Amicable. Lover of America. Concerned. Empathetic. You name it.

  30. Damn it’s cold!!! All winter we’ve had no winter. Two days ago I was wearing shorts outside and now it’s 34 with a wind chill of 23 and supposed to drop to 19! 😯

  31. Ups, thanks for your recommendation about my cats. What’s odd is that they never swapped bowls until I had to add the Miralax. Then, of course, they decided to play the tricks on me.

    Regarding any info on Obama, it would be a miracle if anything is uprooted about this man. Seems like most of the details of his life have just been erased.

  32. Well this is entertaining. hard to decide which side is more disgusting.

  33. Wonder what set Bret off to this high pitch?

  34. WLM said: Wonder what set Bret off to this high pitch?

    Wonder if he was drunk? OTOH, for him any publicity is good publicity.

  35. Mittens takes Maine caucuses.

  36. WLM don’t know what got into him but he sure looked like The Biggest Asshole.

  37. Yes WLM, Obama’s life has been sealed. All you have is what he deliberately wrote in that work of fictional biography. Nobody else even seems to know him. I mean we all grow up with friends. Where the H are his? Who do we know, other than a person on the witness protection program, who has his life completely sealed. And worse, what kind of person NEEDs to do that.

  38. I thought everybody moved out of Maine because of the vampires?

  39. That video of Breitbart looked staged. He’s a jerk, no doubt, but he seemed to want to taunt the crowd, why? Who knows?

  40. I hope some day we’ll find out the details of barks life. There must be some pretty interesting tidbits in there for such a complete hush job to have taken place.

    That big black cat came into my backyard. I went to get him food, but he took off before I could get out there. Also, we have a smaller tuxie hanging around now, looks like a relative of MKB.

  41. Wonder what will be in Obama’s presidential library.

  42. You know, the movie about how the brave warrior Barack practically killed Osama Bin Laden with his bare hands.


    Barky kill some one with his bare hands?? Never. He would ruin his manicure.

    He let’s other people do the hard/dirty work while he has a photo op and then they disappear or worse.

    and then Barky can use the tragedy for a photo op

    and of course, the aforementioned movie. I am surprised he is not playing himself so he could then make lots of speeches at awards shows for being given even more hollow prizes.

  43. RIP. A voice that was a beautiful gift. It truly is a travesty what one man and drugs drugs drugs did to your voice and your life.

  44. I love that song. What a loss.

  45. RIP Whitney Houston. She had such a beautiful voice.

  46. Wonder what will be in Obama’s presidential library.

    Maybe they’ll seal it. lolol.

    More likely they will make some more shit up.

  47. socal black cats and tuxies are good luck. You better treat them well.

  48. RIP.

  49. They should put Tingles leg and Brazilnuts mama in his library. And Oprah and Caroline’s big mouths deserve a room there too. In the msnbo wing there should be a giant keithy statue surrounded by obots at his feet paying rapt attention. The RBC and DNC get a whole floor to display their works and machinations.

    Of course it will be in Chicago, so Rezko and Blago can visit after they are pardoned.

  50. Terrible about Whitney. What a gift she had. I loved her songs back in the 80s.

  51. RIP, Whitney.

  52. Poor Whitney, I hope she is at peace now. I hope it wasn’t drugs that did it. However, I’m sure they did major damage to her body when she was on them. 😦

  53. SHV @ 12:52 pm wrote= “then it a gray blur into the woods.”

    Yep, same with our young tom named Billy years ago. He’d shoot out the patio door, take a flying leap off the deck and race into the woods. Each time we called “Billy! Billlly!!”,,,, he would race back and forth, letting us know he was having a blast, as in “Nyah, nyah, nyah…you can’t catch me!”.(HAD to be related to MKBill.)

    To the person who emailed me over the loss of a twin tabby today, thank you for your kind words…the twin left behind is having a hard time. Last night, she sat upright at the foot of our bed, facing the garage where her brother disappeared Friday on the way to the vet as we tried to save him..

  54. Too bad…she had the voice of angel..I would have been happy to hear her sing the ingredients off a ceral box…She could nail any note.

  55. Whitney: Her voice was so incredible and demise so unnecessary. Saw an interview with Booby Brown two weeks ago – he’s ‘getting remarried soon and is a changed man’.

    I hate drugs. Hadn’t met an addict yet that gives a damn about who they take along with them for that ride through hell.

  56. Here is Whitneys first MTV vid in ’85, this song made her a star. She was so beautiful and happy. She had it all, beauty, talent, and all the connections (her godmother Aretha has a brief cameo). RIP.

  57. I saw youtubes of her last ‘comeback’ concerts. It was way past pathetic. Damn her handlers for even putting her out there to humiliate herself. Fans were booing her. People were demanding their money back. And they were cruel. They were also right in that she couldn’t even carry a tune any longer. Her voice was frogging and trailing. To say she had no range would be an understatement. She couldn’t hit a note with a shotgun. In fact, she couldn’t sing at all. It was like a Gong Show. Most all of us could sing better than that. It was awful. Simply awful. This is what marrying a shitbag with a continuous stash did to her. SHe was 48 FCS!. I hope bobby brown dies a horrible death with great pain and complete loss of dignity. Slowly. For what he did to a real talent unlike himself who has none.

  58. Hotel staff found her dead on the floor. It’s not hard to guess what happened.

    Hollywood fame is a horrible thing. It turns talented people into horrible people and caricatures. The music industry, the movie industry. It’s all the same. It’s an unnatural existence. It’s what happens when ordinary people with a specific skill begin to be worshipped. It makes them mean, or sick or dead. Not one is untouched by it. It strips reality away and the character thinks that’s who he or she is in real life. It’s all an act and they can’t separate themselves from it any longer. It’s a sick existence. Only those who shun the public life and treat it as a job survive somewhat normally (Think Martin Sheen vs. his psycho son). There is no real love or real friends in these industries. No wonder Natalie Merchant dropped out. She was smart. This is exactly what My Skin is about. A heart wrenching tale which the Humane Society has made us now all hate. We run when we hear it because we know we will be upset. It’s like what the Religion Industry did to You Light Up My Life. But the underlying beauty of that song is Natalie Merchant’s struggle in the industry vs her need to be just a human being. She could not be One of Them. She could not become the bullshit that her fans projected upon her, unlike, say, Alec Baldwin, who, fat, aging and becoming quite ugly now, believes the bullshit about himself. Or Mel Gibson, who is just plain crass and stupid, someone who, if he weren’t famous, nobody would want to hang out with. Or even these silly flash in the pan rappers and their flambouyant bullcrap, as if they are music or anything anybody will remember two generations from now, beyond, “What were they thinking??”. Natalie just couldn’t be one of them., yet she had more talent than most of them You could tell she was never comfortable in concert or with the worship. Being rich does not suck. Being rich and famous TRULY sucks. It’s just not natural and it can’t possibly be healthy. Some of them spend their lives longing for love that you and I can get much more easily, and they become targets of opportunists and get their lives ruined by somebody not good enough for them. And that is Whitney Houston.

  59. Violet Socks said it best:

    Whitney Houston had the most astonishing voice I’ve ever heard. I wasn’t normally a fan of the kind of light pop music she specialized in, but her voice won me over. It was exhilarating. I spent countless hours of my 80s youth dancing to and singing along with her stuff on the radio. My favorite track was always “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” The sheer power and suppleness of that woman’s voice was absolutely thrilling.

    Then she smoked a billion crack pipes and blew it all to hell.

  60. Here you go, Uppity… you are so right…

    The Ever True Purist Artist: Natalie Merchant, now (2010)

  61. Yeah WHY NOT. Awesome! Wonder when or if we will see her again.

  62. Upps, well said and so true. I saw the clips from Whitneys last concert, it was terrible. Yes, fame, fortune and drugs destroyed her. That’s why my parents protected us and wouldn’t let us get into show biz, (actually they let me be on one tv show with a friend…my mom hated the idea of being one of those nutty stage moms and I found it boring, so we didn’t do it again) but we grew up surrounded by all that. A lot of our school and neighborhood friends got into acting, most ended up on drugs and alcoholics. One in particular, an A list TV actress that grew up down the street from us and was my brothers gf in school, we are all sad about now becuz she has been in the news lately with her addiction problems. She was always a sweet, kind person with lovely manners, but she’s had a hard time finding happiness, especially a loving relationship, her 2 famous husbands both ditched her.

    We had a couple of offers to sign up laker with an agent when he was little and said no thanks. There are a few young actors in the homeschool group, and in general we’ve had a lot of talented kids in our group, several won scholarships for singing/music, 2 to Julliard and 1 to another famous NY school, can’t remember the name. There are also parents that have various careers in the industry, film editors, etc. As a matter of fact, socalhubbie worked for 2 diff studios when he was young, but hated it…the hours, the traveling, the rules, the drugs that were everywhere. Rock stars and other musicians also, there are tons in our area. You guys would not believe some of the rock stars we’ve hung out with over the years. Now laker is in a fledgling band and one of the kids is the son of the lead guitarist for a very famous band. The kid is super talented musically, doesn’t sing, but plays two instruments and is a natural, gifted musician. His dad is nice, but a burn out from all the drugs he did when he was young. Oh, the kid’s grandparents on his mom’s side was a famous actor & actress.

    Still, our homeschool group is very normal, old fashioned even, focused on providing all kinds of educational experiences for the kids. Strict rules, and kids of celebs do not get special treatment, like they do everywhere else.

  63. Uppity, I debated on responding to your comments in response to Whitney Houston’s death. You are so right on many levels about the entertainment industry, esp the music industry.

    On a personal note, I was privileged to be an intimate part of the 35th Annual Grammy Awards (the year Clapton swept for his “Unplugged” album – and “Tears in Heaven”).

    I met so many “mega stars,” spending time both in the spotlight and on a personal basis at gatherings where daily lives – fears, love of their craft(s) and all of its struggles were discussed at a very personal level.

    It’s what happens when ordinary people with a specific skill begin to be worshipped. It makes them mean, or sick or dead. Not one is untouched by it. It strips reality away and the character thinks that’s who he or she is in real life.

    It’s the “business” side of the industry(s) that turns “ordinary people with a specific skill” into being worshiped.

    In my opinion, you would be hard-pressed to find a more humble, caring and hardworking “field of workers” most artists. The ones I have met and been around on a more personal level are completely human in their passion for doing what they love so much. They have a very real sense of loyalty – to a fault – to those who “admire” them for what they love to do (appreciate them thus allow them to do it).

    The enormity of work that goes into their craft is unimaginable by most – for those periodic two hours on the stage or few minutes in front of the press that the “Business Side” exploits for every inch of exposure and dollar in the bank that they can.

    I was privilege to have met her. I literally cried when I saw the below American Music Awards performance when it aired, remembering the moment long ago when I was struck by how innocent and naive she was and whether she could survive the enormity of her talent in the hands of “handlers” – as you call them – who were fixated on the prospect of how “profitable” she was.

    She nailed the following song on the 2009 album (in the studio) but “live” is always a more accurate gauge of whether the artist can make adjustments to their age and/or declining (as you noted) vocal ranges, etc. – for whatever reason.

    I am not surprised, but so deeply, deeply saddened that she condemned herself to an early demise.

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