Coming soon to a theatre near you: Blame the Victim Part Deux

Above is a somewhat shorter version of the interview, below is the whole transcript – the link will take you to the longer video (sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work here!)

Trotta, woman hater We have women once more, the feminists, going, wanting to be warriors and victims at the same time.  Just a few weeks ago, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, commented on a new Pentagon report on sexual abuse in the military.  I think they’ve actually discovered (laughing) there is a difference between men and women.  And the (laughing) sexual abuse report says that there’s been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults.  Now, what did they expect?  Ah, these people are in close contact.   The whole airing of this issue has never been done by congress.  It’s strictly been a question of, ah, pressure from the feminists.  And the feminists have also directed them, really, to spend a lot of money.  They have sexual counselors all over the place, victims’ advocates, sexual response coordinators.  So you have this whole bureaucracy upon bureaucracy being built up, with all kinds of levels of people, to support women in the military, who are now being raped too much.

Eric, decent man:  Well many would say that they need to be protected, and these sexual programs, or these programs, are necessary for…  (can’t hear) prosecutions….

Trotta,whining, interrupting Eric:  That’s funny, I thought, I thought, the uh, the uh, the mission of the army, and the navy, and the four services, was to defend and protect US, not the people who are fighting the war!

Eric, decent man:  We certainly want the people fighting the war to be protected from ANYthing that could be illegal.

Trotta, in her fantasy land:  (laughing) OH, look, but that’s, uh – Nice try, Eric.

I’m going to hit the high points that I noticed – and summarize. You all chime in with anything I’ve missed:

1. Always make sure to say the word “feminist” in such a way that it conveys how crazy, out in left field, and downright Anti-American these creatures are!  They are certainly not HUMAN!  And they certainly are not on the side of women!  No, they’re out to cause trouble for anyone they can!

2.  Women want to be warriors AND victims!  It’s a feminist (say it right!) plot to get attention, don’t you see?  These feminists (say it right!) are infiltrating all of our beautiful American institutions, only to get attention!  So you see, this is all their fault!  If women wouldn’t be working with men, there wouldn’t be rape!  The  result:  no attention for women, and no opportunity to waste the money that should be spent on our REAL soldiers!  This whole rape thing PROVES they don’t belong in the military.  Ok, I hear you in the peanut galley – don’t be giving me that, “but what about all the brave and hard jobs they are successfully fulfilling in the military?”  As Trotta would say, “Nice try, Eric!”  If women belonged in the military, we wouldn’t have a rape situation!  There IS a rape situation, therefore, women do not belong in the military.  See how that works?  Or are you a feminist (say it right!) and can’t think too straight?

3.  Our military is only meant to protect U.S. citizens, they aren’t meant to protect each other.  We want our soldiers to be as ruthless with each other as possible!  It makes them MEN!  We are at our strongest when our soldiers cannot trust each other, have to sleep with one eye open even in the green zone, and are not only raping whatever women get through because of feminists’ (say it right!) pushing, but also raping enemy civilian women, and it’s also good to have male soldiers raping EACH OTHER!  Chaos and distrust makes a unit strong!  So protecting each other is out of the question!

4.  Women are causing the military to waste so much money on women’s behalf.  And on top of that, now they’ve made “bureaucracy on top of bureaucracy”!!!!  Without those darn feminists (say it right!), the military would not waste ANY money, and would have NO bureaucracy!!!!!  Wasting money and bureaucracies are NOT the military way!

5.  You put women and men in close contact, and WHAT DO YOU EXPECT other than rape, rape, rape, all the live-long day?     Well, let’s think a moment…..!

a) I EXPECT highly trained military men to be able to control their penises as well as they can control guns, grenades, huge tanks, and weapons of mass destruction

b) I EXPECT military men trained to follow orders to the “T” to be able to use that self-discipline in ALL areas of their lives

c)  I EXPECT their superiors to make it VERY clear that rape is not tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

d) I EXPECT highly trained military men to have a very STRONG understanding of the difference between “friendly” and “enemy”

e) I EXPECT any man who has played team sports, as most military men surely must have, to understand the concept of TEAM

f) I EXPECT any man, military or not, to have learned in all of his formative years that YOU DO NOT RAPE OTHER PEOPLE!

Well, this exchange certainly reminds me of the days, not so long ago and not totally gone, when a woman was raped BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE WAS WEARING!  If you wear clothing, you are asking to be raped.  If you work with men, you are asking for rape.  Blame the Victim, all over again.  Boys will be boys – except it’s the women’s fault, of course!  So, yeah, let’s make sure not to blame the parents, the schools, the diminishing presence of character-shaping groups such as 4-H, boy scouts, etc., the culture in general, the culture of masculinity, the societal sexism and misogyny, the video rape games, the porn, the military training that is supposed to shape their characters, the lack of seriousness with which the military superiors may be addressing the rape issue., etc, etc, etc.  Let’s just blame the victim.  Again.  Eh, why not, it’s worked before.



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  1. Progress in women’s equality is just an illusion. The more society’s attitudes appear to change, the more they remain the same and more deadly. Why do we feed into this by letting them divide us?

    We are all women of infinite variety, not an archaic label, feminine, that men use to define us and keep us in our place as second class, just a short step above his other possessions.

  2. However, if you DO get raped, keep it quiet because it might ruin the OWS cause.

    This attitude is everywhere while the Third Wave continues to file their nails and get their hair done; their idea of a protest is dancing in front of the Lincoln Memorial to “9 to 5” for equal pay, while laughing it up and competing as to who can look sexier doing it. With this bunch, I would say our outrage on their behalf is akin to pissing up a rope.

    As for the military, one day, a brave woman soldier will shoot one of these rapists in the head and then the issue will get attention–and it will be handled in the PUBLIC forum, exposing these bastards who look the other way for the pigs they are.

  3. Twandx, you are so right about the illusion. Of course, we saw the boatload of sexism by men and women when Hillary ran for president. It was simply unbelieveable!

  4. Many of the laws were enforced because these bastards feared the backlash. There is no reason to Fear any longer as the Third Wave is in a coma, doing nothing and falling for candidates who act hot but can’t stand them except as a sex object. NOW has abducated their responsiblities and couldn’t organize a protest in a phone booth.

  5. This is not the first ridiculous thing I’ve heard coming out of her mouth – how did she ever win 3 emmys? I think they have a spot for her on The View.

    For these people who don’t think women or gays should serve in the military — fine, go take their place, or shut up.


  6. Jan, she won three emmys the same way Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    If the bar were any lower, there would be mud all over the media’s asses.

  7. Only FOX news would have such a ridiculous person doing ‘analysis’ of wimminz. They just figure since she doesn’t have a penis she can be as stupid as she wants and get away with it.

  8. Where the hell is the high five button when I need one? Excellent job Lorac!
    Just makes me want to slap that woman. If it were not for the “feminists” she would not even be on tv blathering.

    As for women on the front line- I guess they forgot to send my daughter in law the notice that she was not in a war zone on the front line in Afghanistan. Maybe that bomb that exploded INSIDE her base was not from a front line battle. Must have been from one of the local firefights between savages- they lobbed it the wrong way. Right?
    Oh and somebody tell that idiot there are FIVE services- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

  9. You’re damned right, Mom. If it weren’t for the feminists liz trotta wouldn’t have even gotten an interview, and if she did she would have been told she was too old, too fat and too fugly for the job. If she did get the job, she would have been expected to for coffee for the boys and service their tools. I hope Liz never gets raped because if she does, it’s her own damned fault.

  10. Hey maybe the Vatican wants to take a stance on women in the service next. After all, Barack is letting them run the country now.

  11. Oh yes. We do want the Vatican to take another stance on women’s issues.

  12. And this is FOX NEWS besides,

    A Fox News poll shows that 67 percent of women think that employers should be required to offer birth control, and 29 percent of women think they shouldn’t.

    When you break down the numbers, it’s clear why the issue wouldn’t hurt Santorum in a primary but could in a general election. Republicans disapprove of the administration’s position on contraceptives by 18 percent, while the independents, who usually decide general elections, favor it by 24 percent.

    Abortion is another flashpoint with women and independents. According to a Pew study released last year, 58 percent of all independents say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

    Go ahead you DUMBSHIT REPUBLICANS. Barack says keep going! Assholes!

  13. PMM – you might be surprised that so many of us who continue to work for women’s reproductive and human rights abhore the male invented and male controlled name, feminist, which seeks to force us into a mold of their contrivance. We are women and we are proud women of all nations, colors, shapes and creeds.

    Here are our words and below a link to Helen Reddy singing:

    I Am Woman

    -Words and Music by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton

    I am woman, hear me roar
    In numbers too big to ignore
    And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
    ’cause I’ve heard it all before
    And I’ve been down there on the floor
    No one’s ever gonna keep me down again

    Oh yes I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong (strong)
    I am invincible (invincible)
    I am woman

    You can bend but never break me
    ’cause it only serves to make me
    More determined to achieve my final goal
    And I come back even stronger
    Not a novice any longer
    ’cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul


    I am woman watch me grow
    See me standing toe to toe
    As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land
    But I’m still an embryo
    With a long long way to go
    Until I make my brother understand

    Oh yes I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to I can face anything
    I am strong (strong)
    I am invincible (invincible)
    I am woman
    Oh, I am woman
    I am invincible
    I am strong

    I am woman
    I am invincible
    I am strong
    I am woman

  14. Don’t kid yourselves. Barack polled before he made the birth control mandate. He couldn’t care less about women and he has shown it every day for going on FIVE years. Bargaining chips and tools for winning, they are nothing more to this sexist misogynist pig. And the Republicans are playing right into his hands.

  15. I had to watch the video twice to believe my ears. What a shitbag.

    This is a woman who says (without apology)

    “So you have this whole bureaucracy upon bureaucracy being built up, with all kinds of levels of people, to support women in the military, who are now being raped too much.

    Raped “too much”??? Perhaps Ms. Trotta can inform us as to the threshold of what constitutes “too much” and “just enough”. What an asshole…..

    At the end of the video is this link to a petition to Fox News to fire Liz Trotta.

    I signed.

    Now its your turn.

  16. Well done Anthony! Thank you!

  17. Perhaps Liz wants to do a demonstration on what being raped “not too much” is like.

  18. I strongly disagree with the idea that women need to be protected because men are just animals who can’t control their urges.

    That’s just another way of saying “boys will be boys.”

  19. I think Eric meant “protected” in the context of the rape rules, advocacy groups, etc, that the military has put in place. Trotta was complaining that the military has spent all this money when in her mind that military was ONLY meant to protect American civilians, but Eric was saying that he thought military members should also be protected from anything illegal….

  20. It’s called The Law. Rape is a criminal offense like any OTHER felony. Soldiers are not exempt from the law. What does she mean “SPECIAL”? Does she mean rape should be legal now? Does she want to volunteer?

    It’s call Court Martial. Like I said, One day a woman will get the best of one of these shitheads, take him out and it will be plastered all over the news and THEN they will get it.

  21. OTOH – If some men can’t control their urges we should eliminate the source of those urges.

    It works for house cats.

  22. Ouch!

    We’ll be civilized and give them anesthesia. Then afterwards we’ll teach them how to pee sitting down.

  23. I just hope we’re not throwing away the best part.

  24. Neutered male cats still have the urges and will mount a female. It does, however tend to keep them from spraying and roaming off. A lot depends on the age of the cat.

    In the human male, just removing the testes [neutering] will not stop his urge to rape if he has become sexually mature prior to the operation. He has learned the behavior and does not need the extra testosterone. Other glands take over.

  25. To continue – one must finish the job as in “bobbitize” him. Even then, if he has learned the behavior, he will still agressively attack women with anything handy.

  26. Hey myiq, some of us girls need those parts sometimes. I think there are like 10 or 12 heterosexual women left who just don’t know any better.

  27. We don’t want to harm men’s parts. We just want them to stop thinking our parts belong to them along with their cars and sound systems.

  28. Yes guys get to pee standing up. Big deal. We get to have mulitple orgasms. I’ll pass on the trade.

  29. Anthony said,

    Raped “too much”???

    Verklempt here. WTF does raped “too much” mean? Geez, drinking hard liquor should never begin this early.

  30. “Geez, drinking hard liquor should never begin this early.”

    Its always Happy Hour here…..

    “Raped too much” was Trotta’s dribble.

  31. Well apparently, Liz Trotta has concluded that there is such a thing as Raped Just Enough, as opposed to Raped Too Much and Raped Not Enough.

  32. So Liz, has worked in news rooms forever, mostly with men. So, how many times has she been raped? And isn’t it her fault?

    And if men are so superior, why can’t they excerise a superior measure of self-control, Liz?

    I’m not sure if her brand of Bronze Age thinking is more insulting to men or women.

  33. I signed the petition, and I am beginning to think FoX NEWS is fricken NUTS to put these shit bags on ———

    this woman (if that’s what you want to call her) is utterly despicable !!

    Great Post LORAC !!

  34. Whoever this woman is- and I had never heard of her before this morning in this post (thanks – can I go back to not knowing anything about her? ignorance gives me a headache)- she seems to have used a time machine to come from some other planet in some other age- is she related to that Shlafly woman?
    Agree Uppity- someday some female soldier is going to take one of Deh boyz OUT and it will go viral. Then we shall see.

  35. one rape is one too many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿

  36. oh and as always.
    Great Post LORAC !! 🙂

  37. Righteous rant, lorac’ers!

    (who the eff is Trotta anyway?)

  38. Turns out, she’s an inveterate spouter of nonsense:

  39. Where’s Vivien these days?

  40. NES: these repubs are the pitts, I hate to say it, but it looks
    better and better for Obama————-

    and the more I see of these GOP slime, I almost (mind you I said almost) could understand———-I could NEVER vote for him——but
    I don’t know which DEVIL is worse——–even Romney double talks
    on issues———-unbelievable

  41. LOL NES- glad I am not the only one who does not know who this woman is- sometimes I feel really dumb when I don’t know these people- and you would not believe how little I know about modern “culture”- I did not know who the Kardashians were- but kept seeing references to them on the blogs- so one day I finally asked. Wish I hadn’t- the less I know about them the better. More young women helping take other women back to the dark ages.

  42. Can Dems vote in any of the upcoming GOP primaries? If so, they just may vote for Santorum to help him get the nomination. I’m thinking of MI in particular — a loss by Mittens there would look terrible for him.

  43. NES: in NYS no, you have to be republican to vote in the GOP primaries—I don’t know if it’s state to state though——–

  44. NES- here in PA the primaries are closed- have to have a D or an R and that is the ballot you get.
    And I see Ohio has started their early voting. Oh joy- let the ACORN voters register and vote in as many precincts as they can cover in the early voting period. Gives new meaning to “vote early, vote often.”

  45. NES- on the gas prices I had two immediate thoughts- 1. Why in hell did he pick THAT campaign promise to keep (“Energy prices will skyrocket) and 2. Oh – so the economy is strengthening huh? Oh yes, yes I get it- his big backers the oil companies are making more money to pour into his campaign coffers. I get it now.

  46. Thanks for the lowdown on PA and NY primaries, Michelina and Mom.

    Looks like Romney’s also worried about Sanitarypad’s surge in Michigan.‘suck-it-up’

  47. I saw Liz Trotta the other day criticizing Laura Logan for the sexual attack that happened in Cairo. She said something about “being felt up” was what you could expect going into a crowd like that. The male anchor who was on seemed aghast. Liz Trotta reminds me of the queen bee syndrome we saw so much in Nancy Pilosi

  48. Even then, if he has learned the behavior, he will still agressively attack women with anything handy.

    We’ll just have to keep lopping off parts until they get the message. It will be cheaper than warehousing them for years at a time.

    Seriously, I have no sympathy for rapists. I would have no problem with a 1-strike law for rape and child molestation.

  49. In MA if you are registered as a (D) or an (R), you must take that ballot, but if you are “Unaffiliated”, you may choose either one. If Elizabeth Warren is in need of extra votes against her Democratic primary opponents (unlikely), unaffiliated voters who lean (D) may choose a (D) ballot, but otherwise there will probably be a surge in requests for (R) ballots. Romney isn’t very popular here so it’s anybody’s guess how that will play out.

  50. Foxy, thank you for your contribution to bill’s habit of securing illegal catnip from Undocumented Migrant Mexican Kittehs.

  51. We can just give the rapist to the victim for ten minutes –with any tools she wants to bring along into the soundproof room.

    Ditto for child molestors, give them to the parents. Unless the bastard IS a parent. Then, I volunteer my dog to be alone with him.

  52. ellies: I believe that is not the case in NY——-independents cannot pick and choose

    UW: would know better than I on this, I am unaffiliated, and I believe I cannot vote in either primary–what would stop you for voting in both———not that anyone would, but with these nut cases running our country and parties———GOD KNOWS what they would come up with

  53. Or we can chain them nekkid to the wall and send in a couple of feral cats. Cats love dangling objects.

  54. To vote in a NY primary you have to be registered in the party holding the primary. Your registration also has to be effective for a minumum period of time. You can’t just switch before a primary and vote in it.

  55. Foxy: thank you–XXXOOO right back at you——–

  56. UW: they have stricter rules for the Primaries, then the general elections

    how screwed up is that???

  57. Michelina, they do it to stop people from doing the smarmy shit that was done in other states during 2008.

  58. Republicans have NO business voting in a Democratic primary and Democrats have no business voting in a Republican primary. Whenever it is allowed, sinister reasons abound.

  59. michelina, that was heartbreaking to read in the last post about your baby. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Upps, I know I’ve been MIA, real life has been keeping me away. I miss this place, I’ve been by a few times, never long enough to visit. I have enjoyed many of your post, but haven’t had time to get into the threads. I hope all is well. Everything is fine with me, I’m just very busy.

    lorac, great post, as always. NES, thanks for asking, I’ve missed you.

  60. Upps, don’t hate me… I’m voting in the primary.

  61. Mom, I had no idea who Trotta was either. I saw Emmy and the View and assumed it was Bawba Walters, or one of her minions, spouting off again. (That is what I get for reading the comments first).

    Speaking of the view, if I recall that is where they gave a shout out to Polanski as a really great guy and an ARTIST. That whole thing with the under aged girls -does not count becuase it was just rape and not rape rape. I think that goes hand and hand with Trotta’s too much rape in terms of skewed logic.

    Sorry Jon Stewart generally gives Barky a total pass so I no longer bother.

  62. Vivien, Hate you??? Hell! I missed you!

  63. Obama’s Persistently Peculiar Habit
    And then he shakes lots of hands.

  64. Ok. just how much money is Barky sending under that table to support Sanatorium? Old Rick was past his expiration date eons ago – the cash has to be coming from somewhere.

    And then this came to mind: Santorum – Soetoro. Maybe they were separated at birth.

    Rick is good at fake lives too. He claimed a house in PA (to qualify for run for office) that was actually once his mother in laws and had been vacant for years.

  65. WordPress has new stuff…

    I missed you Upps.

  66. Hey vivien! Missed you too.

  67. I’ve been trying to stay out of trouble. That’s not always easy for me. You’re lookin’ good NES. A sight for sore eyes. I hope all goes well for you.

  68. Obama’s ‘habit’ — it’s what years of blow will do to one’s nasal passages.

  69. Obama’s ‘habit’ — it’s what years of blow will do to one’s nasal passages

    Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner.

    Who’s going to assess what its done to his mind?

  70. Glad you missed me Vivien, cause I was about to send the troops out with the hook. Without you here, the place was hardly trashed at all late at night.

  71. In Vermont, primaries are open. One just chooses which ballot to take. I chose the Repub AB this time just to mess around and there is no one running in the Dems that I would vote for.

    Bama’s nose problem may be caused by the constant itch as his nose grows longer with every lie.

  72. Fox has the strongest female anchors and comenters on all day. These accomplished women tear into males who deserve it. (Megyn Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoil)…I wouldn’t be surprised to hear O’Reilley calling Trotta a “Pinhead.” This “tough although I never had to live the “everywoman’s life” experience” is not unlike that of Maureen Dowd and Mika Brzynsky who stay in their comfort zones and revel in the glamorous life.

  73. You know Upps, I think I missed that the most. I’ll have to stop by and trash the place later… That’s a promise.

  74. HI VIV: thank you so much ————-

    we missed you————all of us—————-

    you must have known we’ve been talking about you the last couple of days

  75. My ears have been burning… I’ll have to go back and take a look. I really missed “ALL” of ya’ll.

    michelina, I hope you okay. I know how hard it is to lose your baby.

  76. Where’s my Pengy!!

  77. Statements by Roseanne:

    The Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are servants — bought and paid for by the 1 percent — who are not doing what’s in the best interest of the American people.

    I will barnstorm American living rooms,” she said in a candidate questionnaire submitted to the Green Party. “Mainstream media will be unable to ignore me, but more importantly they will be unable to overlook the needs of average Americans in the run-up to the 2012 election.

    Let the games begin. [Chit, this may be the first time I vote Green.]

  78. [Chit, this may be the first time I vote Green.]
    as long as you understand that is a vote for the big O. 😆

  79. Okay let’s at least hang onto a fraction of our senses here. Roseann Barr? Come on folks.

  80. Where’s my Pengy!!

    Hes packing for the warm weather in a pair of ban rays and loud shorts.

  81. You are right Anna. Compared to the other women on FOX, Trotta sticks out like…well…a turd in a punchbowl. She needs to go for this last horror. What a lowlife.

  82. Roseanne??? Come on… It was just a couple of months ago she was talking about bringing back the gulitine. I thought Ron Paul was crazy, she’s fcking nuts. It’s gonna take alot to get me to the polls.

  83. What’d I miss??? NES got a pengy?

  84. I don’t know about that, foxy. The Greens are likely to pull votes away from O, not the GOP nominee. Here’s the thing…I can’t vote for Sanitarypad if he’s the nominee. (If, as UW says, Romney’s it, I’ll definitely vote for him [while never entrusting any dog to him].)

  85. Roseanne ’tis, Upps, if Sanitarypad is the GOP nominee. Not like Roseanne’s going to win, but she’ll be entertaining. If I can’t have my candidate win, then I want ENTERTAINMENT as a consolation prize.

  86. vivien, c’est tragique. I’ve earned one at least half-a-dozen times, but never been awarded one. It’s like imust has a corner on them.

  87. I do not have a corner on the penguins….just the pies!

  88. Great post, Lorac!

    I’m also planning on voting for Roseanne. I can’t stomach voting for any in the field of Rs and none of them can beat the Big Zero. I’m certainly not voting for the Big Zero. I don’t care if Roseanne is batshit crazy–she still brings more integrity to my vote than any of the other choices.

  89. Whoa! I had to fish Her Pieness out of spam. Pissed MKB off lately????

  90. Well said, SophieCT.
    I want to hear Upps’ comeback though.

  91. Haha! Something happened to my gravatar….I think that’s why! Thanks for pulling me out of kitty prison!

  92. imust: I’m in moderation on the pie site!!

  93. Quick, get your regular gravatar back.

  94. Whoa, pie prison! That’s serious. Did you insult pies, SophieCT?

  95. NES: If Uppity has someone better than my CT-is-going-for-Obama-anyway vote, I’m listening.

  96. No, NES, I did not insult pies–I would never. What I did was answer you and it took me three links to do it!

  97. From my perspective, Roseanne is an ideal protest vote, especially for the likes of us trapped, as we are, in deep-blue-Obama states. She takes votes away from him more than the GOP, resulting in smaller margins (ego-bruising for him) in blue states and pro-GOP swings in red states. I’m guessing that most every vote that Roseanne gets will be one Obama needs but won’t get.

  98. You are free from Pie Prison Sophie! (although why anyone would want to leave pie prison is beyond me!)

  99. ooooo….I like it! Maybe we should start a Vote Roseanne campaign!

  100. Just a guess, but I’m thinking Roseanne likes pie.

  101. If she doesn’t, she’s not getting my vote!

  102. Totally. RB’s gotta to be a pie fiend.

  103. Agreed. Pie is a litmus test.

  104. NES,
    Sorry about not answering your question the other day about santan-o-ran – had a dog emergency.
    We currently don’t live in MN due to job transfer but have kin there who went to the caucus. Catholics are unhappy with obatman and his crazy policies so want ABO. Why satan-o-ran?? Sounds good? Romney is a flip flopper? Romneycare? Unhappiness with Gov. Dayton? Caucuses are small sample – 60 thousands attended while 2 million voted in mid-terms. Both satan-o-ran and obatman are extremists – different ends, however, both want to dictate to people because we are too dumb to take care of themselves.
    Can’t stand either one and refused to vote for either – wanted Hillary, donated and made phone calls – we were cheated big time and am an older woman who will never forget the injustices.
    End of rant and returning to dog care.

  105. Okay, I could stand to vote for Roseanne if she likes pie. I’m hoping that there’s a third party running for Virginia’s Senate, the choices suck.

    NES, you mean to tell me you’ve earned, but was never awarded. That say’s alot. imust had to have hers rescued for lack of ice. Who is it that has like four of them??? For some reason I’m thinkin’ karen is the one with all the pengys. NES, I’m dying to know why Upps won’t give ya one.

  106. Anyone seen the new PETA ad?

    Blame the victim takes on new meaning.

  107. I’m here Uppity and all… We are all doing fine, between the training and working off a dial up connection, I’ve gotten behind on the posts. I’ll catch up over the next day or two.

    Bill came after me with the hook so I came as soon as I got the DSL back.

    Missed ya all… 😉

  108. And the rumor mill continues. My pengy was not lacking ice. Freedom Fairy needed him for one of her headers. I don’t know, I guess the fame went to his head.

  109. Okay imust, I’m just going by what Upps says. I’ve heard your side too. Hey, do you know the deal with NES, and the pengys, or lack there of???

    imust, what happened to your beautiful pieness??

  110. Thanks PiperMN.

  111. How’s the new job, goofs?

  112. What a disgusting ad. And, yeah, like that dweeby boyfriend went all “tantric.” Gimme a break.

  113. Great NES, Tanks for asking. 😀

    It’s the same field of work I was in before, so the training is like riding a bike. Most of the training is learning the company’s computer system.

    The worst part of training has been the drive! For those that know So. CA, I live in the IE and I’m driving into Irvine for training. I left training at 4:50 PM and it took me till 6:45 to get home. So it took 1 hour and 55 mins to go exactly 28 miles in the rain. Sigh….

  114. “Can you wrap this up to go?”

  115. “And, yeah, like that dweeby boyfriend went all “tantric.” Gimme a break.”


    Oh, that was a riot NES.

    BTW – just got your mail and passed on the info. Thanks very much. I have doubts you will hear anything, but one never knows. It was nice of you to offer.



  116. OMG!

    It’s SO past my bedtime! LOL
    I haev been accepted into a real cool art class and I have become a drawing fool!

    Gotta go to bed!

    nite all

  117. I just now got around to perusing this thread. I signed the petition Anthony linked to. :mrgreen:

    Now if only that other Anthony would send all the rapists, and especially the rapists of children, to the cornfield.

    That’d be good; it’d be real good. 😈

  118. Are you people out of your minds? I’m not voting for that Scheeve Roseann. Has USA lost ALL of it’s dignity yet?

  119. Isn’t there another woman running? She cleans up better than roseann! And strog on woman’s rights? I think Madamab did a piece on her.

  120. Sure thing, FF.

  121. Are you people out of your minds? I’m not voting for that Scheeve Roseann. Has USA lost ALL of it’s dignity yet?


  122. Yeah, but she’s borrrrrring. If Bawaaaack is to have a second term, we want a CIRCUS for entertainment.

  123. Ugh. This is what I was afraid of — the Dems voting for Santorum in MI.

  124. NES – I’m afraid I didn’t understand that video! The boyfriend went vegan? Does that have something to do with the woman walking funny and having that neck brace? And what does tantric mean?

    I want to laugh, too! 😦

    And PS – yes yes yes I am J – FF doesn’t write to ME anymore! 😦

  125. NES – Michigan is in the MIDWEST! Here we go again! I’m beginning to think that all those nice people have been replaced with PODS! Otherwise, I just cannot compute!

  126. Yay, vivienne my protege is back! The protigal daughter has returned!

    Now where is the first Sophie?

  127. Chit! Roseanne truly is craaaaazy:

    Yippee! Let the games begin!

  128. That Roseanne site was a hoot. Did you see the Monsanto post? Let the roseanarchy begin!

    Great post lorac. I saw that horrible clip on John Stewart a couple of days ago. Unbelievable.

    goofs, glad you like your new job, so sorry about the commute. My poor hubbie has been commuting 1 1/2 hr each way the past few months. Now we’re thinking of moving later this year closer to this new area he’s in, since he is supposed to be there for 2 – 3 years. We can’t kick up a fuss about it becuz half his dept is getting laid off in June.

  129. Oh yeah, she will do sooooooooo much for the image of Women as Leaders. God knows we need Roseann’s help.

  130. And I see it’s time for Cleanup in Aisle 6.

  131. Ugh. This is what I was afraid of — the Dems voting for Santorum in MI.

    I rest my case. I knew this is exactly what they would do in states where it is allowed. This should NEVER be allowed. The Obies want Santorum to run. Why wouldn’t they?

  132. Bill came after me with the hook so I came as soon as I got the DSL back.

    NEVER mess with Bill.

  133. PETA is disgusting. I removed that ad. PETA is a bunch of perverts who can’t wait to kill animals they ‘rescue’. They are revolting. I wouldn’t trust my pet NEAR one of them.

  134. And the rumor mill continues. My pengy was not lacking ice. Freedom Fairy needed him for one of her headers. I don’t know, I guess the fame went to his head.

    Your pengy crawled to our door, dehydrated because you took all the ice for booze. He begging FF to contain him in a snow globe just so you couldn’t steal him back.

  135. I just saw that Jon Stewart video – I liked that, how he contrasted Santorum’s belief that men will forsake the mission in order to protect women – with the cold hard facts that military rape is up 64% since 2006.

    Geez – I can see a Monty Python style sketch – all these soldiers wandering around with their hands on their heads, contemplating a momentous decision – should I protect? Or should I rape? What should I do? What should I do? Gosh, the military mission will come to a standstill! Well, on second thought, the women can complete the mission, free from rape and “being protected” lol

  136. PETA is an abomination. There response to that ad was despicable. It’s all in fun according to their response.

    Making people laugh is a great way to open them up to receiving more somber information.

    We have found—and your message confirms—that people do pay more attention to our racier actions. Judging by the spike in visits to our websites generated by BWVAKTBOOM, this tactic is working, and more people than ever before are learning and thinking about going vegan.

    As an organization staffed largely by feminist women, we would not do something that we felt exacerbated the very serious problems that women face. We abhor domestic violence and work to educate the public about how animal abusers often move on to human victims

    However, BWVAKTBOOM is not about domestic violence—it’s a public service announcement–style, tongue-in-cheek “warning” about the side effects of vegans’ healthy sex lives! We believe that no topic is taboo—including the benefits one reaps with a vegan in the bedroom.

    Goes right along with the “I wanna let Chris Brown beat me” tweets from women, well they call themselves women. I call them immature dolts.

  137. Well PETA I wasn’t laughing.

  138. It didn’t make me want to go vegan at all. It made me wince and want to move even further away from the organization that ranks #1 in euthanizing animals.

  139. Neither was I. I’m more disgusted than ever.

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