Naked Centerfold Senator co-sponsors Blunt Amendment

 Say! Remember this guy?

He’s the guy so many bamboozled Hillary supporters went gah-gah over, wiping out yet another woman to put his hot self into the Senate. The Republican’s vacuous answer to Barack Obama (Scott Brown For President This Month!).

Remember how so many Hillary supporters championed him while we played Pin The Free Pass On Scottie Brown?

If a stapled centerfold of a woman candidate ever showed up during a Senatorial election, do you think she would have become a Senator? Really?

I knew instinctively that this guy was not only a Pig, but  Pig in The Poke. He had no respect for women then, and he has none now. Please recall when he reminded the crowd after winning that he had daughters available. Daughters, I might add, who appear to have significantly more grey matter than he has. We lost members here at UW over this weasel. 

Remember his comment about Warren, thanking God SHE didn’t pose naked? How disgusting is this man? Well, disgusting enough to make cracks like that about a women who is clearly superior to him in every way, particularly in the brains department. Disgusting enough to co-sponsor Roy Blunt’s Travesty Amendment. I’m willing to wager Scottie still has 50 copies of his centerfold preserved in plastic. We lost yet one more chance to increase the paltry number of women in the senate to the guy whose vote was going to bring down that hack document called health care reform, cough…cough. I can’t wait to see Elizabeth Warren’s footprints all over Dumbo’s face (and his staple) in November. He has got to go.

You would think a guy who advertised his dangling objects in a stapled centerfold would be a bit more interested in birth control, since I’ll bet BC saved his ass more than a few times. But Nope. I guess he must have slowed down and joined the Viagra Express because he co-sponsored the sleazy amendment Roy Blunt stuck in the Transportation Bill in order to force it through. Any man who would support, much less Co-Sponsor, the Blunt Amendment is the bane of women everywhere.

What does the amendment say, you ask? Well, here’s the whole thing  for you to enjoy. It seems that Scott Brown, that sh!thead Ben Nelson (D, Vatican) think that EVERY employer in the USA should have the right to decide what health insurance coverage you get, particularly if you are one of those Lessers, a member of the Chattel Class known as Women. And don’t give Barack Obama any free passes like Scott Brown got to get elected. Obama has proven daily since 2008 that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about women except to use them as bargaining chips. You can bet he brought up the issue of mandatory birth control at this time to stir up some turds and secure women’s votes so he can shaft them for another four years. And of course, he calculated correctly that religious crackpots will ALWAYS overstep their boundaries, just like Roy Blunt is trying to do. He knew that, once the religious right nutcases got rolling and railing, he would suddenly look good to women voters.  Why exactly do you think Barack is dispatching his sycophants to cross over and vote for Santorum in Republican primaries in the dumb states that allow this to happen? Because he knows Rick Santorum disgusts women and he would love to run against him for an easy ride. Barack loves easy rides. After all, with Santorum as an opponent, women might just forget what a lousy president Obama has been to them–using them as nothing more than bargaining chips with  the most extreme of Congressional Republicans (and some Democrats as well). Barack gave you Stupak and if you can forget that, I have no idea where your head is at.

It’s really too bad that NOW  National abdicated its responsibilities long ago, or 50,000 women would be standing in front of Capitol Hill and the White House with figurative torches and pitchforks even as I write this. But hey, where would NOW find 50,000 Third Wavers who aren’t afraid to break a fingernail? This is what happens when people inherit rights they didn’t work for: Complacency. They think a Presidential candidate who tells women he’s not getting fresh with them, it’s just that his vibrating cell phone went off, or the President who tells a woman reporter he wants to know more about those BP tar balls she got in her bathing suit is What A Feminist Looks Like. They think a guy who drove every outstanding woman from his administration (Think Elizabeth Warren) with his buddy Larry Summers is What A Feminist Looks Like.  They think a jerk who avoids a question by calling a reporter “Sweetie” respects them. They think a pig who said his primary opponent had “Periodic” issues but is “Likeable Enough,” and who used “99 Problems And A Bitch Ain’t One Of Them” as a rally theme song is What A Feminist Looks Like.

Make no mistake, this Blunt Amendment is a residual product of Barack’s diabolical mind. Why else do you think ‘mandatory birth control coverage’ suddenly became “important” to him all this time after his Health Care No Reform was passed?  If you think he stirred these turds up because he cares about women, I honestly don’t know what to say to you. The Blunt Amendment is just one more Let’s Harness Those Bitches idea resulting from Obama’s Very Timely Election Year birth control announcement. Think of it as the Barack version of Harry Reid bringing up Equal Pay every time he’s due to be re-elected.  He’s a cad, ladies. You had best understand that. After his re-election, he would have no problem rescinding his ‘mandatory birth control coverage’ hoax.

Ah well, if  the vast majority of women don’t get it yet, then let them eat vibrating cell phones, because this isn’t about me. Trust me, I don’t need birth control. I had a tubal years ago, while it was legal and no one dared suggest that I needed employer approval for it. Better hurry!  So you see, none of this effects me, except that I Care. However, I don’t know about the rest of you,  but I am sick and tired of fighting for these silly fools while they don’t even notice their rights as humans are being removed steadily while they do pretty much nothing to stop it –unless you include flash mob dancing to ‘9 To 5″ in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Oh yeah. This works (I don’t know whether to laugh or cry). I give up on these Haul Video children too.  I already gave at the office for them all. If they want to end up starting all over again, it’s going to be their problem not mine.

Here are some highlights of the Roy Blunt (R, Complete Crackpot) Amendment just to remind you that Congress is a huge litter box that needs cleaning.

 (2) PURPOSES.—The purposes of this section
18 are—
19 (A) to ensure that health care stakeholders
20 retain the right to provide, purchase, or enroll
21 in health coverage that is consistent with their
22 religious beliefs and moral convictions, without
23 fear of being penalized or discriminated against
24 under PPACA; and

 (B) to ensure that no requirement in
2 PPACA creates new pressures to exclude those
3 exercising such conscientious objection from
4 health plans or other programs under PPACA.
6 (1) IN GENERAL.—Section 1302(b) of the Pa7
tient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public
8 Law 111–148; 42 U.S.C. 18022(b)) is amended by
9 adding at the end the following new paragraph:
12 ‘‘(A) FOR HEALTH PLANS.—A health plan
13 shall not be considered to have failed to provide
14 the essential health benefits package described
15 in subsection (a) (or preventive health services
16 described in section 2713 of the Public Health
17 Service Act), to fail to be a qualified health
18 plan, or to fail to fulfill any other requirement
19 under this title on the basis that it declines to
20 provide coverage of specific items or services be
21 cause—
22 ‘‘(i) providing coverage (or, in the
23 case of a sponsor of a group health plan,
24 paying for coverage) of such specific items
25 or services is contrary to the religious be
1 liefs or moral convictions of the sponsor,
2 issuer, or other entity offering the plan; or
3 ‘‘(ii) such coverage (in the case of in4
dividual coverage) is contrary to the reli
5gious beliefs or moral convictions of the
6 purchaser or beneficiary of the coverage.

There is also the mention of  “preventative services,” specifically, preventative services for wimminz, because why cover mammograms and pap smears if you and your dick don’t need them?

In other words, your employer will decide what is covered and what isn’t in  your insurance policy, and  it’s not just about the religion that is so backwards, it still performs exorcisms,only got around to admitting that Galileo was right sometime in the 1990s, and the vast majority of its flock ignores their woman-oppressing dogma. No sir.  This applies to All Employers in the USA and their special, precious personal ‘consciences’.  So if your employer is of  a particular crackpot religion that, say, objects to transfusions, do yourself a favor and don’t dare bleed too much. Isn’t that special? Or if you work for an employer who thinks most of the cesspool known as the Middle East has the right idea and women shouldn’t be touched by doctors, well Good Luck with that. And you can BET this is also about birth control and abortion, just like Barack intended. There is just no end to how lucky you will be if this Amendment passes.  Roy Blunt and Scottie won’t have to worry though. They are Their Own Employers. Trust me, their Viagra will flow and so will any coverage that has anything to do with dicks and  family jewels.

Oh, and one more thing: If you helped in some way to elect Scottie Hotttie Brown, good luck with that too.

This amendment will be voted on. Even if this latest assault fails miserably, do you not realize that something  has gone terribly wrong with a Constitutional Republic where Senators have the audacity to discuss laws which would harness and control the bodies and lives of an entire gender which constitutes more than half the population–while referring to them as if they are chattel — without facing a massive protest  so large that it brings traffic to a complete stop for an entire week? **

If this degrading insult of an amendment were to pass (envision  the faux-sorry Obama signing the Very Important Transportation Bill That Must Pass Now – and saying to his girlz in the USA, “What else could I Do?” Shrug Shrug Shrug.),  every employer who is a woman in the USA should immediately remove vasectomy, prostate screening, Low Testosterone treatment and Viagra from their insurance plan coverage – and then watch the piggies squeal. Then tell them to STFU because they are lucky to have a job.

**See also: Warning to Third Wave Feminists: These women might ruin their manicures!


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  1. Ha! Upps, I knew you would do a post on that horrible Blunt amendment. So nekkid, dumb, truck guy is the co sponsor. Asshole.

    laker was asking me earlier why are so many sanctimonious people popular now. Those shithead republican candidates, people in the sports world (Tim Tebow), music (Justin Beber) etc. Its crazy. You’d think after 8 years of Bush, people would have had enough of conservative values.

  2. Custom trumps in our laws, not gender, in the Constitution which began gender free. That means that because the equal rights ammendment never passed, there is still the overbaring bias that there is one gender – male. This affects our laws and even our speech. A few short reasons why women are not protected and the Blunts of the world can always have their way with us.

    “The Constitution only uses the gender neutral “people” or “person” and never specifically mentions either sex, male or female. The Constitution was thus phrased to apply equally to both women and men.

    “Contrary to common opinion, women were not denied the right to vote by the original Constitution–the individual states were left to determine their own requirements for voting. It was at the state level that women were unconstitutionally denied their right to vote. The states lost the power to exclude citizens from voting on the basis of sex with the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920.”

    Read more:

    “women did not have the right to vote in the Original Constitution

    Read more:

    “the constitution did not state anything about only a man could vote. It just wasn’t exactly normal for a Women to vote considering they were always the one doing the house work. Back in the late 1700’s, many of the men were the ones going to meetings, and voting on bills, etc..”

    Read more:

  3. Silly man has this in his amendment:

    ‘‘preventive services’’ (in
    cluding a distinct set of ‘‘preventive services for

    Yes-sir that’s right! Cuz menz don’t need to have any mammograms or pap smears. Got it? 🙄
    (Just like womenz don’t need to have a PSA test done) Geez!!

  4. I updated to include that. Thanks Fredster.

  5. Well gang, don’t let the fact that I was up all night writing this make you feel bad or anything…

  6. Guess who the woman in this video is:

  7. You would lose sleep for us??? Wow… I can’t wait to get to work so I can finish reading this.

    I’m only back one day and already causing a clean-up on aisle 6. You saw it coming, didn’t ya?

    Damn, I’ve missed this place.

  8. Scott Brown’s wife.

  9. Really?

    What a horrid song.

  10. Bet she had no problem at all availing herself of birth control.

  11. I wonder how many Catholics in Mass. don’t use birth control. Seven?

    I mean besides the Kennedys who reproduce like rabbits to perpetuate the dynasty.

  12. Apparently, this is a song about handjobs.

    Proving once again that you can have plenty of money and still be trash.

    I thought she looked a lot like she was wanking that tube of sunscreen. See “shot” at 1:03. Golly, what a classy couple.

    Hey, do you think his wife could have been senator with that video floating around???

  13. nearly 5400 signatures on the trotta petition.

  14. Ok, the hand stuff is weird, but she also murdered two guys in the video. However, knowing how men can be, they may well have deserved it. ; ) Just kidding.

  15. I also did stuff in 1982 that would make me shudder if it were flaunted today. I bet we all did.

    I get it that you don’t like Scott Brown, but trotting out a 30 year old video of his wife? Really??

  16. “nearly 5400 signatures on the trotta petition.”


  17. Anthony that video DOES show more than a little hypocrisy in a right righteous one’s own house. Pick on women who use birth control because sex is so immoral and all that. But go ahead and not bother judging your own. SOmething like that. Like BC didn’t help Scott get his own Digney Fignused plenty of times.

    The only thing that bothers me about that video is it’s been out there for a long time and I missed it. Heh.

  18. DAMN IT! This is all just so damn depressing and infuriating at the same time. Is it normal to weep for where our country is going?
    What the hell is wrong with this country? Can people not see this is just a way to put the chattel back in the barn?
    Why don’t these despicable creatures just move to Iran or something?
    And the RC red hats need to butt out. Take a look in the pews guys- how many families have 6, 7 or 12 children? Do they really think all those couples are practicing “natural family planning” otherwise known as biological Russian Roulette? Fat chance.

  19. I guess God and the Rhythm method helped scott just not have too many kids himself.

  20. Keystone Cops have 2 hour standoff with an empty car, during which time they destroy it.

    Imprisoned rapist and kidnapper dies of cancer in prison and had cruel and inhumane bed sores that should be investigated. Boo Freaking Hoo.

    Behold, Libya’s “Freedom Fighters” and their new Democracy.

  21. Take a look in the pews guys- how many families have 6, 7 or 12 children? Do they really think all those couples are practicing “natural family planning” otherwise known as biological Russian Roulette? Fat chance

    Most of my family on both sides, aunts uncles, they all went to church reliably and pictures of Jesus right there in their homes. And they all had two kids. lol.

    Including my parents. Although they didn’t go to church but they made me go every Sunday else I couldn’t have any fun that day. Soon as I was old enough not to be grounded, I stopped going. Eh. They tried!

  22. Here congress talk about your body and what they will allow you to do with it — live right now.

  23. First witness, a Bishop, second Lutheran minister, a male Professor of “moral philosophy” no kidding. It seems they do not allow women to testify about their own bodies, except for two, both anti birth control. Seems fair, right.

  24. First witness is a rabbi discussing eating pork. No kidding.

  25. The cops jacked that car up. If it turns out the guy they were looking for is innocent they’re gonna look stupid twice.

  26. BTW – that second link is the same as the first.

  27. “Pick on women who use birth control because sex is so immoral and all that. But go ahead and not bother judging your own.”

    I think you might be mistaking Scott Brown’s agenda with m own. I did in NO WAY pick on women who use birth control, and I did in NO WAY condone Brown’s ridiculous amendment.

    My point was that there’s enough to go after him without digging up a 30 year old video his (not yet then) wife made for a pop band. Sounds like a little much to me.

    I think you know by now that I’m not the kind of visitor who has ever shown any support for that kind of bullshit. But thanks for thinking of me anyway.

  28. Well gang, don’t let the fact that I was up all night writing this make you feel bad or anything…

    Your sleeplessness was not in vain. Nice piece!

  29. up all night just for us.the creative juices were flowing like a River.
    great post Upps. 🙂

  30. foxy thank you for your contribution to Bill’s habit of buying illegal catnip from Undocumented Migrant cats.

  31. Hell no Anthony, I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Scott and his hypocrisy. And I didn’t dig up the video,but I’m thrilled to see it, though.

  32. myiq, apparently the guy was on his way to see his parole officer, when he broke down. He called the parole officer to tell them he couldn’t make it because he broke down. He told them where his car was, so they descended upon it and assumed for two hours that he was actually in the car, for some reason. Took a dog to go take a look. So I imagine the guy isn’t what you might call an upstanding citizen or they wouldn’t have been afraid to go up to the car. Still, they destroyed the damned thing.

  33. I’m kinda digging the couple who got caught “playing” for V-Day…

  34. OOPs sorry my. Here’s the actual link to the rapist and kidnapper with the bed sores.

  35. Brown and Nelson are only making it legal. Dirty secret…it’s been going on for years. Most people don’t know it unless they have to deal with the industry. Usually, you find out how bad the screw is if you work for a company who uses a third party administrator. The secret screw yous are more readily spilled with self insured groups.

  36. We have the largest insured group in the village sit down once a year with the insurance administrator to discuss what they will and won’t offer. Keep in mind that the majority of this insured group are women. The employer (committee) and the insurance company have deemed breast reduction (a reconstruction procedure) off the table regardless of medical necessity.

    I worked for a year trying to find out how it was possible that the union that represents this group would allow something like this to fly considering that the group is almost 80% female? (The union is run by 90% females.) They sure don’t have a problem providing Viagra to the group.

    I have seen this day after day. The public has never really understoodbeen kept in the dark about what has been taking place behind the closed doors. The legislation only ensures that women will not be able to fight back in the courts.

    As for Blunt and Brown, well karma comes back in all sorts of horrible ways.

  37. I’m kinda digging the couple who got caught “playing” for V-Day

    You could always try out for a part in the movie

  38. Uppity, we come here because you are a genius. Seriously. Brava.

    *Tosses Roses to the author of the above rant*

    And —– WE LOVE YOU, too.


  39. I was never covered for birth control until I had Kaiser and by then I was figting early menopause (I found that they cover mammograms, pap smears and a lot of other items not covered elsewhere but you are restricted to the system and their pharmaceutical protocols for some conditions are limited).

    I recall many friends/neighbors/ being really angry that they got docs to sign off that birth control prescriptions were medically necessary but they still were not covered by their health plans. And most of them had supposedly top of the line coverage.

    mcnoman’s example would also come up in meetings about coverage options ,although the places I worked covered breast reconstruction, it was always a fight.

    As a side note, most plans (including Medicare/Medicare Supplementals) do not cover the shingles vaccine they have been pushing. And shingles does not hit woman at a disproportionate rate. Oh wait – OLD people are more susceptible. Barky does not need to con them on shingles. He uses the fear of losing SS instead.

  40. Karen:

    …….shoving hands in pockets, looking down, and shuffling my foot

  41. Bingo Mt Laurel. Scare the bejeezus out of them and heck he might just give a few an MI.

  42. Mt. Laurel. Barack Obama doesn’t care a whit if contraception is covered by insurance. He conjured up this entire mess for himself. What shocks me is how the Republicans 1)fell for it and 2) are showing by the minute how completely horrible they are as people.

  43. Fox News host Eric Bolling caused gasps around The Couch when he told Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to learn a lesson from Whitney Houston and “step away from the crack pipe” during Thursday morning’s edition of Fox and Friends.

    Bolling and co-host Steve Doocy bashed Waters for her comments during a speech last week in which she referred to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) as “demons” who are “destroying this country.”

    “Congresswoman, you saw what happened to Whitney Houston,” he said. “Step away from the crack pipe, step away from the Xanax, step away from the Lorazepam because it’s going to get you in trouble.”

    Doocy quickly addressed Bolling’s statement by muttering, “She’s not using drugs,” before the network cut to a commercial break.

  44. I think the only drug Maxine is on is HATE.and that is powerful stuff.

  45. That may be true, foxy. Except I don’t think TV anchors and network pundits should be saying personal shit like that to ANYBODY. Besides, she doesn’t move fast enough to be on that pipe.

  46. McNorman, I well be discussing tomorrow, but I had an ovarian cyst DECADES ago and the birth control pill they used to treat it was covered by my insurance.

  47. Sorry I was not clear. I was trying to say contraceptives have rarely been covered so all the fuss is just that. Fuss that will eventually lead nowhere and is just being used a a political prop.If it had been that important to any of the money changers, it would have been in BOs health care bonanza from the get go.

    At the same time, screening/prevention, even the heavily pushed shingle vaccine does not get the same treatment becuase Barky has bigger fear factors to use to bamboozle people. For the older crowd it is social security.

    As to the Republicans falling for it – I think without Santorum in the mix it might had died a premature death rather like the Occupy crowd. Just another stink bomb. Yet, it seems to have hit its mark – the women in my office building (99.9% BO fans) are thrilled that BoBo cares and are talking about him again.

    I still want to know just who is backing Santorum. Huffo Puff is fingering this guy.

    But something else is at work. I smell the puppet master.

  48. “As to the Republicans falling for it – I think without Santorum in the mix it might had died a premature death rather like the Occupy crowd. “

    Here’s a thought: Did you ever consider the GOP doesn’t want to win the White House (I mean really – would you want to clean up that mess??) I’ve heard it tossed around that a Senate/House majority is what they want, so The Changeling will be completely impotent for his second term.

    I don’t believe they’re going to nominate Sanitarium – they know the deal. I do believe that Romney will be the nominee, and that OWS was created specifically for him – they’ve been branding him as part of the “1%” since he threw his hat into the ring. That too would stop a GOP win in the general election.

    BTW – Romney’s getting my vote anyway. I hope I’m just one of millions who’ve already made up their mind and is just waiting patiently until November

  49. Here’s a thought: Did you ever consider the GOP doesn’t want to win the White House

    Yes, many times, almost every time I look at their candidates. Surely they must know they are toast. Then you see Congress acting batshit crazy and it’s not hard to imagine they do not want to win. It scares the crap out of me, but then, as you say, if they have the senate and house they can keep Obama in golf and vacation time and not much else.

    …except…it does seem that Heir Obama has no problem exercising his executive order pen. Like he did with Stupak. The man has no problem crapping on the constitution. Also, I do fear he will pick a goatfucker like Harold Koh for the Supreme court and then we will begin a years long fight against watching him implement International Law. Which means, homosexuals and women are dead meat. I guess this would be the time to be grateful for small favors from pigs like Scalia.

  50. foxy, re: maxine. I think she’s on the socialist train, card carrying.

  51. I agree on Romney. Both his history and my gut tells me he has little interest in social issues. At this time, he’s just trying to get some votes from what he regards himself as the crackpot base.

  52. Foster Friess? Where the F DO these conservatives get their goofy names? What’s that leader of the party’s name again. Rense Preebus or some such shit?

  53. Bwahaha. That video was so tacky it was funny. What a weird family. I thought those ads where scotty pretended to be a regular guy, driving around in his truck, were laughable. I can’t believe the people in Mass fell for that tripe. He seems like another dumbo, like GWB.

    I’ve been wondering about the GOP not wanting to win this time also. It seems likely. I think they care more about congress.

  54. McNorman and Mt. Laurel are correct this kind of thing has been going on forever…….employers deciding on coverage. This amendment just maintains the status quo, under the guise of “religious freedom”.

    UW you are 100% correct this is all kabuki theater, politics. Neither side gives a shit, but they sure enjoy the game.

  55. Socal, people absolutely fall for that crap. I know a politician now retired who was a multi-millionaire (shocking I know). Anyway he had an old 60’s vintage, beat up, pick up truck he only brought out during election season. Otherwise he was driving around in his benz, bmw and later Porsche.

    He kept that pick up in a warehouse his company owned, so it didn’t get too rusty. He would also make the rounds to all the chain restaurants and mingle with the “folks”. He always showed up dressed down in non-designer jeans. Outside of election season he wouldn’t grace the doors of such lowly restaurants…..he was after all a multi-millionaire. People never thought about the fact that they didn’t see him in those places except at election time…….people are gullible or maybe they’re just too busy with their lives to pay close attention. Bottom line those tactics work.

  56. Uppity, I am in awe. You rock.

    And I agree with you about why Obama chose to bring up the mandatory birth control now — this is all kabuki theatre manipulation and I think is exactly what accounts for the neanderthal Santorum’s sudden rise in the polls.

    The American people are once again being played like a cheap fiddle — and it is working. Women, as usual are being played, too. Tragic.

  57. The boyz at the hearing with Issa:

  58. *Tosses Roses to the author of the above rant*

    Amen, Karen for Clinton.

    I toss some to UW, too.

  59. UW: check email when you can.

  60. Damn fredster. there goes tomorrow’s post.

  61. Oh man I am so behind on mail I want to hang it up. I bet I have 75 unopened emails. I hope you guys know I love you, but mail just always gets the last place. So if you send me something IMPORTANT and timely, make sure the title looks like it’s not a joke and is a personal message.

  62. Great post, Uppity. So, how long did it take you to write it? Me thinks your fingers could not type fast enough.

  63. Upps-not necessarily. Two different p.o.v.’s or perspectives on it.

  64. WLM I am a seriously fast typer.

  65. First draft of anything I write gets done pretty fast. Then the other ‘ideas’ start popping into my head, one at a time, and I expand. I go back again. And again. And expand. And expand. That’s how I write.

  66. When I write a satire the process is a little bit different. I gauge how well it’s working by how much I make myself laugh while I’m writing. It’s not easy for me to impress me either. lol.

  67. Ani, how do you do your writing? Pretty much like I do?

  68. “foxy, re: maxine. I think she’s on the socialist train, card carrying.”
    The only train that Maxine rides is the pay to play, corruption route. She has made the CREW top 10 most corrupt in Congress for as long as I have read that list (a decade?). The other Dem who was a perennial favorite was Rep. Jefferson, until he got caught with $90 grand in his freezer.

  69. Like I said further up, not sure what you all mean, as I never had a problem with insurance till the HMOs and their stockholders started mucking up the works in the 90s. Before that I and my doctors did whatever needed to be done and I never rememember a single thing not being covered, including those BC pills for my ovarian cyst. I even got some cosmetic stuff off my insurance.

  70. Oh yeah SHV, ha ha. I forgot about the freezer caper.

  71. Really though, SHV, that’s how socialists operate anyways. They live high and they throw the peons a whole chicken now and then.

  72. That’s when companies started offering a ‘menu’ of options, costing less or more.

  73. Scott Brown got elected for one reason – Obamacare.

  74. Yeah myiq, and look how well his promise turned out.

  75. Okay I gotta do this. I was searching for something on the blog and I came across this post. I am sorry but I really think this post should have been in the 3rd anniversary Best Posts contest. It even cracked ME up.

  76. UW, yeah similar. I am always better if something is a burning notion and I get to the keyboard immediately. Otherwise it is draft and redraft/expand and clean up words to tighten. I tend to paw over my writing a bunch of times before it is done.

  77. Yes I paw over it too, just to refine or reword/rework. But always, I know when it’s “done”. You get that feeling. You know what I mean. Ditto on the ‘burning notion’. I call it Being Moved.

  78. Fabulous post, Uppity!!!

    socal said:

    laker was asking me earlier why are so many sanctimonious people popular now.

    My 10th grade history teacher said that when times get tough economically, the fashions and politics go conservative.

  79. Uppity, just reread the pets/global warming post. It is killer. You are right, it should be on the “bests” list and get voted on.

    Sophie, thanks for that. I showed it to him, and we both see that to be true. Sad, but true.

  80. “My 10th grade history teacher said that when times get tough economically, the fashions and politics go conservative.”
    I guess the teacher was 1/2 right. Between 1933 and 1942, “winning” politics were anything but conservative

  81. Oh yeah SHV, ha ha. I forgot about the freezer caper.

    And the s.o.b. is still out while his case is on appeal.

    But the thing is, the entire family was in the rackets business. Check Mose Jefferson and Betty Jefferson. They both had their up close and personal experience with the U.S. Attorney in New Orleans, Jim Leten.

  82. Great post Uppity! The double standard is so frustrating. Isn’t it great that Obama & Co. created a faux crisis on BC issue so they could display their faux outrage. It’s just so convenient!

  83. Too funny! Said history teacher left a comment on that ThinkProgress link! What a tiny, tiny world.

  84. Can’t believe that let that scheeve into the grammy’s. Hasn’t got a whit of remorse, the criminal.

  85. Fredster it’s been said that LA has the most corrupt politicians, they syphon money by the billions. But to be honest, I think Chicago took the crown away from them.

  86. LA is corrupt, but somehow they got people convinced they’re not.

    Especially the LAPD

  87. BTW – Romney’s getting my vote anyway. I hope I’m just one of millions who’ve already made up their mind and is just waiting patiently until November

    Yay Anthony. Me too.

  88. Hahaha. It’s Reinhold Reince Priebus. (Scary that I’d know that.)

  89. Ok I admit this is funny.

  90. My 10th grade history teacher said that when times get tough economically, the fashions and politics go conservative.

    SophieCT, your teacher was probably an old-line lez. Turns out that studies have consistently shown that women’s fashions become racier during an economic recession — shorts and skirts get shorter and heels higher.

  91. Toldja, Upps. Roseanne will keep us in laughs as we anesthesize ourselves against l’horreur of another 4 years of the Fraud.

  92. I hereby pledge that if Bammy is elected to a second term, I will let the hate (for him) go. It’ll be pointless — and, besides, hating is draining. Maybe I’ll take up poetry and only occasionally check on politics.

  93. NES: My Math teach is a Lez. However, my history teacher is a man, married and all that rot.

  94. Ha! Well, maybe he’s a closeted homosexical, SophieCT, which would account for his not noticing the shorter hemlines.

  95. To be honest, if this sexist nitwit gets another term, I really don’t want to blog about the dolt for four more years. I will probably keep blogging but change the subject. If he wins again I really don’t want to watch his train wreck and will remove myself from his existence. I am not going to waste 8 years of my life over a jerk. I wouldn’t spend 8 years with a jerk in real life.

  96. NES: I’m curious about those studies. Because he sure did rattle off a lot of facts in 1975-6 and up until then, it was true. Maybe we were just gullible. But he’s not gay. Trust me. I have near-perfect gaydar.

  97. Ignore me, Sophie, I was just blowing it outta my a** re “studies.” There’re varying views of the hemline in recessions — some say up, some say down.

  98. Who can blame you, Upps. All together, we’ll find another obsession.

  99. Can’t I just wear jeans and be safe?

  100. Sure, but it begs the question: low-riders or high-riders?

  101. I lived thru Carter and I can’t really remember where anybody’s hem lines were because everybody was practically suicidal just putting up with his depressing lectures and sweaters after spending a couple of hours sitting in a gas line and watching people faint and have heart attacks just waiting for their limited Odd or Even Day turn at the pump. Not to mention having to pay those 18% interest rates on car loans. Had Jimmy Carter gotten a second term, the suicide rate in America would have grown exponentially. It was that horrible. He wasn’t described using the word “Malaise” for nothing.

  102. Just remember, being heterosexual is not a choice.

  103. And nobody cared if he ‘lusted in his heart”.

  104. Uppity Woman, on February 16, 2012 at 9:20 AM said:
    Keystone Cops have 2 hour standoff with an empty car, during which time they destroy it

    Ha, that was HERE on Hwy 8. Always “nice” to have something like this during rush hour!

  105. The only president in history who claims he saw a UFO.

    Then there was the Killer Rabbit incident.

  106. Didn’t Dennis Kucinich also say that he saw a UFO?

  107. “lived thru Carter and I can’t really remember where anybody’s hem lines were because everybody was practically suicidal ….”
    The only hemlines that I remember were late 60s, early 70s….mini along with bra-less. Carter era is a fog except for my 18.1% home mortgage interest rate.

  108. Closeups (2) of Jimmy’s “Killer” rabbit swimming at him while he was fishing. Convinced it was attacking him, he
    battled the killer rabbit with his oar.

  109. imust, siwwy Wabbit, Dennis IS a UFO.

  110. SHV, bet you like you those hot pants.

  111. Wabbit Season….Duck Season…Wabbit Season….Duck Season….

  112. Funny, SHV, I don’t remember the sun ever shining during the carter years. America was on autopilot in a barren wasteland.

  113. Like we didn’t know unemployment was in the double digits:
    Bammy’s going to be crying into his pillow tonight. Buh-bye good approval nunmbers!

  114. The other statistic that’s bullshit is the inflation number. They have decided not to include the cost of food, gas and heating fuel in the calculation. Well those are the three things that people FEEL. So who the hell do they think they are bullshitting now? They are now calculating social security colas that way too. Fuzzy math from a Fuzzy administration.

  115. I loved this NES from the cbo thing:

    The numbers in the text and tables may not add up to totals because of rounding.

  116. The crotch bomber has been sentenced to life in prison. They will probably put him in that special prison with the rest of the goatfuckers just like him so they can sit around and talk about how they killed or tried to kill Americans for Allah. I hope he burned his balls off.

  117. And when are they going to disposition that POS nadil hassan or whatever the hell his name is.

  118. NES those numbers probably won’t be reported at MSNBO or CNN. Or NY Times. Or if it is, they will ‘prove’ it’s a lie.

  119. Did they disposition that goatfucker Fuzzy Shazam yet? Times Square dud?

  120. Inflation doesn’t include cost of food, gas and heating fuel??!! WTF kind of alternative reality are we living in? Try living without those costs.

  121. Yeah Obama will probably prosecute that surviving ICE officer for shooting at an illegal alien. Scuse me, that’s Undocumented Migrant.

  122. They probably killed those officers with a couple of Holder’s guns.

  123. Did they disposition that goatfucker Fuzzy Shazam yet? Times Square dud?

    The wheels of justice move slowly. 🙄

  124. The primary job of the president is national security. Scratch that one off as a joke.

  125. “The primary job of the president is national security.”
    The “most” primary job of the President is to Protect and Defend the Constitution. For Bush/Cheney and now worse, Obama, that is a sick joke.

  126. The wheels of justice move slowly.

    They aren’t even round.

    Justice used to be more streamlined. On February 15, 1933 a guy named Giuseppe Zangara tried to kill FDR and mortally wounded the Mayor of Chicago instead.

    The mayor died on March 6th. Zangara was executed on March 20th.

  127. A person who attempts to kill a president SHOULD be executed. Look at that nut who tried to kill Reagan. He’s bitching and moaning about freedoms and will probably be turned loose. He should NEVER be freed. You don’t deter these nuts when they get to see their mentors freed from prison. Ditto for that nutbag Sirhan Sirhan. He should be been executed. Instead, he was romanticized in the Marxist manifesto of that dirtbag Bill Ayers. And speaking of Bill Ayers. He shouldn’t be walking around “guilty as hell and free as a bird” either. We don’t treat these freaks to what they deserve, so others just like them are encouraged, knowing their punishment won’t be severe enough. They let that crazy bastard Hinkley out on unsupervised furloughs, for chrissakes, till they found out he was up to his old Jodie Foster stalking act again. Then they let him out loose again. Now he gets visits with Mom for TEN DAYS AT A TIME. How many times do we have to let nuts like this out and watch them kill somebody before we get the point? WTF is the matter with our system of justice? This beast should NEVER be loose for five minutes. If he was ‘not guilty by reason of insanity” then he’s insane and that’s that. If he’s not insane then he was guilty. Which is it, you POS? Now some shrink is trying to declare him ‘cured’. In that case, he should move into the shrink’s house and the shrink can be the test case. I think we should start holding these bleeding heart psychiatrists accountable when they effect the release of crazy bastards who end up doing something horrible. I’ll bet that would slow these doctors down.

  128. I stand corrected SHV. It’s just that I forgot we actually HAVE a constitution any longer.

  129. The wheels of justice move slowly

    Then throw the bastard under the wheels. His compadres are watching. We arrest them for trying to kill us and then they get a picnic for a decade before we do anything with them. We arrest pigs for killing their children for ‘honor” and beheading their wives and then we don’t even incarcerate their disgusting asses for Life. They should be executed.

    When I was a kid my grandfather shot a mole. I looked at the mole and said, Are we going to bury it? He said, No. We are going to leave it there as an example for the other moles. That’s what we should do with these bastards.

  130. correction. My grandfather not my brother.

  131. In jolly old England when an enemy of the state was executed his head was cut off and displayed on a spike out in front of the king’s castle.

    They rest of his body was hacked into four pieces (hence the “quartering” in drawing and quartering) and the pieces were taken to the four corners of the kingdom and displayed as a warning.

    Nowadays we perform the few executions that take place in secret and we make it almost pleasant. The condemned drifts off to sleep and then stops breathing.

    Executions should be made public and all juveniles on probation should be required to attend. Hang them in front of the local courthouse where the crime was committed. Have a medical team standing by to harvest any usable organs.

    (I may be a liberal but my heart doesn’t bleed)

  132. myiq said: On February 15, 1933 a guy named Giuseppe Zangara tried to kill FDR and mortally wounded the Mayor of Chicago instead. The mayor died on March 6th. Zangara was executed on March 20th.

    No appeal eh? I’ll be the first to agree that the rights of the accused (and convicted) sure seem to be taken care of much better than those of the victims.

  133. Drawing and quartering wasn’t quite like that, myiq. Not so sure about the drawing part (draining of blood?), but am certain the quartering had to do with tying each limb to a different horse and then riding them off in four different directions. You get the picture….

  134. Insanetorum fun quotes:

    “In Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday, Santorum compared contraception to deodorant and soap when making a point about why he believes birth control should not be covered by health insurers.

    “Let’s mandate that every insurance policy covers toothpaste. Deodorant. That might be a good idea, right? Have everyone cover deodorant, right? Soap. I mean, where do you stop?”

    What a dipshit.

  135. “Insanetorium” is good! Did you make that up, socal?

    Santorum is such a hypocrite. Has he said anything about insurance covering viagra yet? Can’t do that, of course, else he’d lose the male vote (and we know how well the effer is doing with women!!).

  136. NES- I believe “drawing” was the term used for disemboweling (drawing the entrails out of the body while the convict was still alive)
    Hanging, drawing and quartering- the sentence for crimes of high treason.

  137. Yes, you’re right, MOM! Give the woman a quarter Pengy!

  138. Geeze that drawn and quarter stuff sounds realllllllllly painful. I recommend all the recipients for our cockroach awards be sent for this treatment.

  139. Look what I missed after being off the web for a couple days. You are en fuego, Uppity! Wow.

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