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Out here on the Left Coast, we were once again fortunate to host the President for another fundraising event as he continues to soak Hollywood for campaign contributions.  So important is it for him to increase his already bulging war chest that he thinks nothing of inconveniencing a city of millions for hours, creating gridlock wherever he goes — during rush hour, no less.  And in L.A., rush hour lasts for hours regardless.  Nothing like making it a lot worse to endear yourself to the voters.

Even friends of mine who supported and voted for him have tossed in the towel over this one.  As they say, the optics are not good.  It is harder and harder to carry on like a 99%-er and a man of the people when you host dinners with such high sticker shock.  The top price for a dinner ticket was $35,800.  

Ironic also is that an administration that touts conserving energy and taking public transportation ensured that many who regularly take the bus to and from work were unable to get home.  His entourage took precedence.    He has already been fundraising for a year and our fair city has hosted him a number of times.  As a big believer in attraction rather than promotion, I am confused as to why he would need so much cash when, unlike 2008, he now has a record to run on!  Comments welcome…

One would think having 90% of mainstream media riding shotgun for your message, along with the inherent boost of incumbency and the world’s biggest bully pulpit would be enough.  But no — more money is required to once again drown any opponent in an avalanche of campaign cash.  If it were me, I’d spend a little less time traipsing around on Air Force One and more time with my feet planted behind the desk…

President Obama is also embracing SuperPACs after publicly shaming the nine Supreme Court Justices at his SOTU address a year ago for their Citizens United decision.  So now we don’t mind that corporate interests with endlessly deep pockets have the power to influence the election?  Do as I say, not as I do.

As AP’s Ken Thomas reports, President Obama made some choice remarks to his wealthy donors during his latest fundraising swing:

At the posh home of aHollywoodsoap opera producer, the president urged Democrats to mobilize, telling supporters that the 2012 election “is not going to be easier this time. It’s going to be harder this time.”

 “People out there are hurting and they need us to do more,” Obama said on a star-studded night that included a performance by the Foo Fighters and appearances by actors Jack Black and Rashida Jones.

Obama later told donors at an intimate dinner – including actors George Clooney and Jim Belushi – that he understood that some of his supporters remain frustrated that the war inAfghanistanhas yet to end and theU.S. naval prison at Guantanamo Bay,Cuba, remains open. He reminded the guests that former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo often referred to campaigning in poetry and governing in prose.

“We’ve been slogging through prose for the last three years,” Obama said. “People, they like the poetry.”

Translation:  I know I have not accomplished much of anything that I promised when you gave me millions of dollars four years ago, but stick with me anyhow and I’ll offer up some more pretty sound bites and a smile to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.  Actually, Hillary pointed out that presidents govern “in prose” while she was campaigning in 2008.  Too many foolish people wanted to buy her opponent’s fluff, with no empirical evidence whatsoever that the half-baked souffle being offered wouldn’t fall.

For the record, I don’t much like poetry.  I like the laundry list.  What are you going to do.  How are you going to do it.  How are you going to pay for it.  Prose is all I ever wanted.  Reality.  Not fluff.  And you don’t need a billion dollars in your campaign war chest if you are selling reality.

The whole enterprise is plain depressing.  While Republicans arrange themselves into a circular firing squad giving the hypocritical sexist neathderthal Santorum a big boost, the rest of us brace for another year of Kabuki Theatre, with both sides jockeying for position out on the Senate floor and neither working up effective solutions to our economic problems.

Rant over.

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  2. Ani. Your blog title describes Obama to a tee. Talk, talk, talk. That’s all he does. He absolutely has no interest in the American people. His self importance exudes constantly. Oh, and about the inconvenience of folks when he swoops in, he thinks they should be enthralled that he has arrived in their fair city.

  3. Ah yes- there are times when it surely pays to live out here in bitter clinger land. He NEVER comes here. Ever. Thanks be to God! It was the same in 08. Hillary came to Erie in 08- I saw her twice- once Bill was with her (OH JOY! YAY!) And once Bill came to the next town over- small town America matters to the Clintons. No way could this area raise enough $ to make it worth the campaigner in chiefs time to plague us with his presence. For which, again, thanks be!
    The poor folks in Pittsburgh will probably get a visit- and of course the citizens of Ohio will be dealing with his bs. We are already getting ads pro and con Sanitary Pad (copyright NES) and Mittens- because we are so close to the Ohio border.
    Cable just went up again- maybe now is the time to throw the damn tv out the window and avoid all the hype and lies.

  4. Someone here posted this the other day which gave me the inspiration to check what he’s up to on ‘his’ day:

    White House Schedule – February 20, 2012 | The White House
    No public schedule.

  5. Remember the good old days when progressives were outraged at how little actual work Bush did?

  6. I wouldn’t cross the street to see Barack Obama.

  7. Good rant Ani. But face it, if Crazy Rick is the nominee–the President will be doing cartwheels because the election will be over. BO won’t need a bulging war chest if RS is the nominee. I know a lot of independents that would vote for Romney (holding their noses), that wouldn’t vote for Rick cause he is just too damn crazy

  8. AnnE, maybe that’s the idea. Let’s face it, these guys are all one big happy family.

  9. Yes, his Lordship graces us with his presence often. The peeps who shelled out over $35k to have an audience with him got to bask in his greatness for a total of 10 minutes. Yes he speechified for 10 minutes at each event. Time is money people. PMM I remember back in ’08 when he visited your neck of the woods. It was a holiday weekend and he was told that many people would be out of town for the event. Obama replied, “We don’t need the people, we just need the checks.” Here’s an ‘012 slogan:
    Putting People Last

  10. It’s Presidents’ day. Do you remember when all those crazy bastards tried to push for a Barack Obama Day five seconds after he got elected?

  11. It’s pretty safe to say there will never be a Barack Obama day or Barack on Mt. Rushmore. lolol. Maybe on a three dollar bill…

  12. UW,

    Women’s Party! Yeah!

    And as far as the VA ultra sound thing goes–let’s see, penetration with a foreign object–rape by the state, 4th amendment violation —unreasonable search and seizure–oh except we are not “persons” and wouldn’t the insertion of such an object potentially cause a “spontaneous abortion?” Oh, I guess that would be OK since the woman is not chosing to have the “abortion,” it is just happening to her. And all good women are passive.


  14. It’s a safe bet that banks and schools will be open on Barack’s birthday.

  15. I keep watching the lame assed women’s efforts via twitter. Petitions, “action alerts,” facebook pages, blah blah blah. All a waste. You would think they would see that this is not working and get off their asses and march on DC. No kidding. To make matters worse, every one of them gets derailed with other issues. This is not about the environment, it’s not about OWS, but they let other interests co-opt them and this is just one more reason nobody feels in the least bit worried about them.

  16. Imust- That list is very sad. No wonder his narcissim has grown. People are such sheeple.

  17. Talk, talk, talk.and what is worse he talks at us not to us. :roll:

  18. . . . they let other interests co-opt them and this is just one more reason nobody feels in the least bit worried about them.

    Failure was the plan

  19. You know why Komen went down? They went down because women took real action. They didn’t just sit on twitter and complain. They didn’t “request” anything. They demanded it and they opened their wallets, and PP made 4 million in one day. They told Komen we aren’t walking for you, we are going to demonstrate at your walks. We aren’t going to buy anything Pink. That’s why Komen went down.

    You don’t “ask” men to “Let you have” rights you have from the day you are born. You SEIZE them. You don’t write permissions ‘requesting’ a damned thing. You should up and say, we’re here. We’re in your face and we are VERY pissed.

  20. Talk, talk, talk.and what is worse he talks at us not to us.

    I quit listening a long time ago.

  21. There should be a “Women’s Strike Day”. Women stop all work for a day. The world would come to a screeching halt.

  22. You don’t “ask” men to “Let you have” rights you have from the day you are born. You SEIZE them. You don’t write permissions ‘requesting’ a damned thing. You should up and say, we’re here. We’re in your face and we are VERY pissed.

    You should frame that and hang it up on the wall at NOW

  23. Today in 1985 – Ireland allows sale of contraceptives

  24. Ani, great post. It’s disgusting how most Californians swoon for him. Almost makes one want to live in a red state! (Ok, not quite….)

  25. The Central Valley is a red zone. Living here is like living in Oklahoma.

  26. Ani and Upps — Curious about what you think of

  27. I’ll take a look NES, but I will wager it’s conservative, since it says “Americans” or “Patriot” in the site name. lol

  28. LOVE the video.

    Too bad it’s not legal. You can only pick your president from the two candidates the two parties pick. And they call this democracy.

  29. Funny how no women are on the list of choices, and Hillary is missing but Jon Stewart is there.

    Check, please.

  30. Of course, they will eventually be forced to add Hillary, right after all their favorites have a 20,000 vote jump on her. I take it back. This is definitely a bunch of left cliffers.

  31. Ah I found here. only took me, what, ten minutes? Let’s see. Barack has 10k supporters and hillary has 22. all righty then.

    This must be the “99%”. wink wink.

  32. AnnE — Believe me, I have written a number of rants about Rick Santorum. As I have said before, I considered it a personal victory when he lost his Senate seat in 2006. If he is the nominee, Pr. Obama will win in a landslide. As UW said upthread, and I agree, they are all one big happy family. There are no parties any more — just demagoguery designed to scare us and keep the pendulum swinging back left to right and vice versa — when in reality the only agenda is crony capitalism.

  33. NES,

    I went to take a look at the AmericanElect website. I love the animated video that does a great job explaining our ridiculous nominating process, which always leads to the lesser of two evils (or the greater depeding on your perspective) come election day.

    It’s a nice idea but at this point would probably only end up helping Obama to get re-elected. And why isn’t Hillary’s name on the top of their list? :)

  34. Last week, taxpayers spent $100 million on Congress.

  35. I tweeted your strike idea Your Pieness.

  36. You should be tweeting your pearls.

  37. Ani,

    Exactly right. Corporations do own this country. Just not able to figure which CEO each party anwers to since they are both wholely owned subsidiaries.

    Gotta love globalization, all it has brought us is the decimation of the middle class, bed bugs and dehumanization of women. Now we are all on the same level.

  38. Let’s see. Barack has 10k supporters and hillary has 22. all righty then.

    Really?! Chit! I missed that. I thought Lynn de Rothschild was one of the founders; am I wrong?

  39. Lynn’s on their advisory board.

  40. Want something badly enough, and you will readily cough up the $35 G to ask Obama for it while “shaking hands” with him at his fundraiser. Gibbs or Axlerod will pass you off to an aid with a notebook who will give you his card and suggest you call in a day or two. Once your check clears, you go BINGO! and your wish gets written into the next House Bill. It’s networking. As Bush was fond of noting, while he mixed with the Texans at the ranch: My base is the Haves and the Have Mores.

  41. Happy President’s Day to everyone! A Happy Birthday to our first president, George Washington: :)

  42. I think Americanselect is a great idea. I am not sure where the numbers on Obama vs. Hillary are coming from. Currently, Obama has 6083 ‘trackers’ and 775 ‘supporters’ to Hillary’s 701 ‘trackers’ vs 156 ‘supporters’. Those are pitiful but not as bad as presented. Ron Paul is the real winner with 9984 ‘trackers’ to 2384 ‘supporters’. The system can be manipulated by mobilizing people to join, but they are pretty careful with letting you register as a ‘delegate’. You have to be a real, registered voter. I was kinda weirder out when I registered. You put in your name and zip code and they start asking you questions about previous voting addresses etc. They obviously have access to current and historic voter roles. It is multiple choice and will have four addresses and you have to verify which matches you. (( I am not suggesting that people couldn’t register for others, but I am sure that the reason Obama is not walking away with it is that they would have to get real people to register to vote for him. No cheating like they did with the caucuses. There are only so many people that work for the DNC.))

    I am sure that Paul will win because his supporters are the craziest.

    But I think it could be a start to eliminating the power of the RNC and the DNC. The internet is a game changer in so many arenas, I think this could work (even if not in this election). Some millionaire is financing it. They also have lots of money to give to the ‘winner’ and it is there goal to be on the ballot in every state. (I think it is an ingenious idea, but then I love the National Popular vote movement as well. They are 1/2 way to circumventing the Electoral College.) There are so many Independents because a ‘majority’ of the voters are sick and tired of both of the disfunctional parties.

    You would think this is my blog the way I just posted this dissertation.

  43. How about we get a couple of thousand pissed off women to DC. Since they think we are all PMSing all the time, that outta put the fear of God in them; they’ll think the Mayan prophecy was correct. An October suprise would be nice…..

  44. Excellent post, Ani!

    Obama is also embracing SuperPACs after publicly shaming the nine Supreme Court Justices at his SOTU address a year ago for their Citizens United decision.

    Yeah, just like he really, really wanted to stick by his public financing promise in 2008. A man of principles. Yup…all talk.

    What–not subtle enough?

  45. AnnE, Let’s do it !!

  46. Nice rant, Ani. Well said.

    Honora, thanks for posting the info about Americans Elect. I had glanced at it, but didn’t get it.

  47. Hillary is in the Americans Elect twice.
    One as Secretary of State at 157 supporters and 702 trackers.
    Another as Presidential Cabinet Member 22 supporters and 11 trackers.

  48. We don’t live in L.A., but hubster works there and has been held up in the spoiled ones traffic messes several times. It really is ridiculous.

  49. I feel bad for anyone living where that dodo visits.
    Way back when I went to hear Bill Clinton give a campaign speech in Boston. Now for those who don’t know- Boston has the screwiest traffic patterns on the planet. And this was before the “Big Dig” (colossal waste of time and money that was btw)
    Anyway- I do not recall traffic being any more congested or time consuming than normal. Sure, when he was President a few roads got closed down- especially the tunnel coming to and from the airport- but nothing like these nightmares I hear about with the boob (tm Big Pink)
    I do remember the local tv stations and newspapers were very good about informing people of the time frame for which roads would be closed. Of course this was all pre 9/11 so maybe they are not allowed to do that anymore?
    If they promised me the winning powerball ticket for a couple million dollars tax free I would not go to see that fraud!
    I would pay money to see Hillary though! Or Bill. Funny, never cost me one penny to go to a rally for either one. I did not have to be pre-cleared to make sure they got the demographic for the phot ops. They both spent plenty of time actually TALKING to people – not just working the rope line. AND the hug from the Big Dawg was a bonus! and Free!

  50. There was a story about the Big Dawg holding up LAX while he got a haircut but that was just a lie.

  51. God help us:

    The next decade, however, will likely see some demographic bombs blowing up across the world as youth bulges push against weak or underperforming economies and unemployment and underemployment plague societies from Nigeria to Pakistan, from Egypt to large parts of India and sub-Saharan Africa, and in many European countries.

    While this environment will inflict damage on men and women alike, the effect on young men will prove to be more destabilising.

    The world over the next decade will be defined by the Angry Young Man, born amid this historic baby boom, and now entering the netherworld between youth and adulthood, unable to find a job, angry at his government, hyper-aware of the inequalities around him, frustrated by corruption, and connected to the outside world through social networking sites and satellite television. From Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis to Tahrir Square in Cairo, from Athens and Tehran to Delhi and Karachi, the angry young man, fist pumping the air, has become a feature of our world.

  52. Honora, it IS your blog. And you can post a dissertation any ole time you want to!

    I feel that ‘contest’ is essentially a waste of time since it has no bearing on reality and is not binding. I’m just one of those crotchety people who like to see a purpose to her labor and a result worth the effort. Laughing here.

  53. And are we to believe that in real life, Barack Obama has over 9000 fans to hillary’s 22, or do you kinda figure that whomever is in charge of that website has a favorite and decides who gets the front page and who gets buried so it takes you ten minutes to find….her.

  54. Holy Chit, NES! God help us indeed.

  55. George washington’s birthday is the 22nd right?

  56. My guess is with all the “angry young men” war will definitely be in our future.

  57. Yes, George on 22nd….Lincoln was the 12th.

  58. Ani – great job as always!

  59. Wonderful post Ani. Like everyone here, I’m sick of O’s word vomit.

    Question? Anyone know why the congress critters take an entire week off during President’s Day?

  60. I’m guessing this is one of NY’s right leaning papers. I think it’s a good article, though. Seems to basically be saying that occupy pointed out the inequalities in our economy, but that everyone already knew about the inequalities. Mostly what I like it that it said that occupy could point out problems, but could never come up with solutions (and even avoided them at times, almost saying in essence that nothing can really be done) – made me think of the one person for whom solutions are the big #1 – she LOVES solving problems (not that the article mentions her).

  61. mcnorman – isn’t it really “only” 3 days off? Don’t they have Mondays and Fridays off every week? (ostensibly to fly home to keep their finger on the pulse of their constituents – pffft)

  62. Here’s something I don’t understand – why are the republicans talking about a brokered convention, in case by August they can’t settle on one candidate?

    It’s February. I haven’t kept track of how many primaries/caucuses have been held, and how many delegates have been assigned through them so far, but most are yet to come, right?

    People are always complaining they don’t like the first contests to determine the winner. Now because one person hasn’t won all the contests, they’re worried that one person won’t have more delegates than another in six months….?

    Anyway, didn’t they learn from the democrats in 2008 that you don’t need a real convention (they’re just for greek columns) – all you have to do is steal delegates from the popular vote winner and give them to the party guy?

  63. I think the brokered convention talk is ridiculous at this point. I kind of figured it was to garner voter interest as in get out there and vote or we’ll make the decision for you……as if that isn’t the case for the most part anyway.

    Another complicating factor is that the republicans went with an apportioned system of delegates this time, similar to how the democrats do it. Prior to this the republicans operated on a winner take all for each state contest. It is much more likely with an apportioned system for there not to be a candidate with enough delegates for the nomination.

  64. Thanks, somebody – good points!

  65. Gas is $4.09 here today. Nice. I’m pretty sure when I filled up 2 weeks ago it was around $3.69.

  66. Lorac, The Lorax is opening soon!

  67. SophieCT – I saw that! Wonder if I’ll get a cut? lol

  68. Great post, Ani. And, UW, you are so right. We need to stop asking the men to grant us our rights. We need to demand. I’ve been saying for some time now that women will get nowhere until we are willing to get tough. We have got to get organized and take substantive, serious action. Wearing damn ribbons and holding luncheons won’t cut it.

    Even though women control most of this country’s wealth, and generally outlive men by 10-15 years, we are not taken seriously. As Uppity said – we can’t seem to focus on the problem. We have difficulty maintaining a strong coalition. Even in 2008, when we were all united behind the effort to get Hillary elected, there was some infighting, power grabbing, bickering, all of which exacerbated following her suspension of her campaign, creating serious divisions.

    In addition to the difficulty maintaining unity among those who are fighting for women’s rights, including reproductive rights, as we are all painfully aware, there is a sizable group of women in this country who do not believe women should have equal rights and status with men. There is another contingent who say they want equal rights – but are anti-choice. The teachings of the male dominated religious institutions in this country are a major contributing factor, obviously.

    Without a doubt, there are challenges – which is why it is absolutely necessary for us to get tough, serious, and to fight like hell to maintain the rights we have, and gain equal rights. It is time for us to put on our big girl panties, and get this done. We need to make sure that the men in power understand that they are not being given a choice – we will have our rights. And, we also need to let women know that if they are not with us – they’re against us, and we will not tolerate it.

    Apologies for the rant.

  69. Great rant, freespirit!

  70. Whoa, WTF! I can’t believe that not a single person here mentioned the two hour PBS special re WJC (part one) — An American Life — that played today. Wassup? I was sure I’d come here and people would be swooning to fainting in the aisles with excitement. (Part 2 is tomorrow at 8 pm, PDT.) So worth a watch.

  71. Ah, did not know about it, NES, or would have watched it. We don’t get tv guide and generally don’t know what will be on, unless someone tells us, or we stumble onto it. Laker is watching Amadeus right now.

  72. Oh dear, socal. I believe one can get a pod cast of it. Do tune in tomorrow.

  73. This might fall in the we’re-so-screwed category:

  74. NES, I’ll definitely catch it if we’re home. We were given free passes to see The Artist & tomorrow might be the last nite we can go. If not, hopefully can watch it online. That’s obscene about adelson. Think of the good one could do with that type of money. What an insane waste. I think most of the really wealthy are seriously cracked, that that kind of money and power would warp a person.

  75. I watched the Bill Clinton special. It ended last night when Newt Gingrich came on the scene….gag!!

  76. lorac, my bad…of course it’s only three days. Imagine if the entire country took off only three days, what would that be like? BTW, how many of the congress critters are on junkets out of the country? You know, feeling the pulse of the world?

  77. Imust, isn’t it amazing how unchanged Newtie is?

  78. Awsomely Great rant, freespirit!
    one if these days.the Sisterhood will finally stand together.
    and we will change the world. :) :)

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  80. I hate hypocrites! I respect anybody regardless of political views, who are consitant. Seems like such a small thing to ask of a person.

  81. Billy honey I don’t mean to pull your chain but I asked you about the VA ultrasound thing and my question was, forgetting personal or religious views, which should not even apply, you do agree that it is unconstitutional to force people to buy a product from the private sector that they do not want, such as Health insurance. Right? SO my quesion is, how come it’s okay to force a woman to undergo and pay for a medical test that she does not want and what exactly is the difference, if any?

  82. Sorry I am a slacker. She should not have to pay, and the federal government should not have anything to do with abortion. Roe vs Wade needs to be overturned, and I would be happy to make it a state’s issue.
    Ya still luv UW? :)

  83. btw UW; you are one of the few who have that thing called “carty blanchy” when it comes to pulling my chain!!!!!

  84. No but I do rest my case, Billy. I can’t force you to get a rectal exam either, much less make you pay for it just because I belong to the Church of Good Rectums.

  85. btw UW; you are one of the few who have that thing called “carty blanchy” when it comes to pulling my chain!!!!!

    Yeah I know. I have that affect on people. It’s called Getting Away With Murder. Blanch was my aunt. :)

    Also Roe wade can never be a state issue because it’s a constitutional issue.

  86. I tweeted Romney and told him how boring he is and if he doesn’t step it up we might end up with Rick Santorum burning all the witches.

  87. “Church of Good Rectums”? Geez, I sure would hate to sit in the Church of Bad Rectums, pew!

  88. UW, I like the fact that Santorum has stayed consistant to his views. With Mitt, he is wishy washy. Either way, I just want to live in my camper, poop in the woods, drink beer, and scratch puppy bellies when I feel blue!

  89. Thing about Roe Vs Wade, it was not a solid legal ruling. But it is the law of the land and until it is overturned, voters should focus on the problems we face right now.

  90. Hillbilly you may think roe wade is not a solid ruling because you don’t like it. I think it’s a solid ruling. and yes it IS the law of the land. and voters don’t get to overrule the supreme court. They have to do that themselves. If we all could overturn every law we didn’t like, there would not only be a revolving door but there would be absolute chaos and anarchy. And I DO agree we are not focusing on what REALLY needs to be done, especially not our government.

  91. UW, I like the fact that Santorum has stayed consistant to his views

    Yes sweetie, he is a consistent asshole.

  92. UW, I like the fact that we agree on somethings. Now if I could only get you to agree that NASCAR,country music, and canned beer are the way to go, all the world’s problems would be solved. :)

  93. , pew!

    Yes Dear John, that’s why they call them PEWS!

  94. That is your take my bestest buddy, and I have to disagree.

  95. Sorry, I love the puns UW! I wonder what would be placed in the collection plate?

  96. Sorry, I love the puns UW! I wonder what would be placed in the collection plate?


  97. UW, I like the fact that we agree on somethings. Now if I could only get you to agree that NASCAR,country music, and canned beer are the way to go

    You might have a better chance of seeing me go for outlawing birth control.

  98. Why don’t you two just get a room?

  99. Why don’t you two just get a room?

    We can’t. He will book Motel 6 and I want Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park.

  100. I think we’re going to have the states do trans-penile ultrasounds (TPUs) on men, Hill Billy. Want to go first? (P.S.: You won’t have to pay for the procedure.)

  101. VA Governor backs off of transvaginal probing bill. See what 1000 people with pitchforks can achieve?

  102. UW, I like the fact that Santorum has stayed consistant to his views.

    But, Hill Billy, what if it were Santorum’s view that all men had to have trans-penile ultrasounds once a year, and he “stayed consistent” with that view, would you “like that fact”? Extra credit for a logically consistent and honest answer.

  103. But, Hill Billy, what if it were Santorum’s view that all men had to have trans-penile ultrasounds once a year, and he “stayed consistent” with that view, would you “like that fact”?

    Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Just one more reason you’re the blog attorney.

  104. What I can say is that men’s junk are not a human baby, though we treat them that way at times. I want the feds out of our business all together, and I have no problem with women doing what they want with their bodies, but a baby is a seperate body, that can’t protect itself. This is the best I can do, since I believe all life comes from God.

  105. but a baby is a seperate body, that can’t protect itself

    Hill Billy, I admire your courage in coming into this den of wimminz to make such regressive statements.
    But, tell me, what does the baby’s “separate body” have to do with trans-vaginal ultrasound requirements for the mother?

  106. and I have no problem with women doing what they want with their bodies,

    Unless, of course, if the woman gets pregnant. Then, Hill Billy, she should be held down and the baby extracted out of her if she doesn’t want to give birth to it, right? Is that the role of the government in your schema?

  107. Riddle: What is the difference between Hill Billy’s view of women and that of the male antagonists in “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

  108. I think men should be barred, on pain of criminal penalty, from having any thoughts or opinions on abortion whatsoever (pro- or con-). Now, there’s a law we could grow to love.

  109. This is the best I can do, since I believe all life comes from God.

    That’s a cheap dodge, Hill Billy. Sorry, that won’t do. If all life comes from God, then stop doing the following:

    — Eating meat;
    — Wearing leather;
    — Supporting wars;
    — Supporting capital punishment.

    It’s just hypocritical nonsense to say you protect the ‘unborn’ because God said to do it. God has sanctioned wars against his enemies; God ordered Abraham to kill (sacrifice on an alter) his son; and other god-sanctioned killing events. You musn’t bother us with fanciful interpretations of what your male god wants (conveniently tailored to coincide with what you and your pals want).

    End of rant.

  110. Ouch! We had a fight! Kiss and makeup! Go to your corners! Sputter!!!

    Hillbilly, I submit that if men could get pregnant abortion would not be a problem, it would be a sacrament! And for sure, Rick Warren or Jerry Falwell’s ghost, or somebody else with that fake greasy smile would bend a bible passage to interpret that makes it okay!

  111. Kiss and makeup! Go to your corners!

    I will do so, Aunt Upps, if Hill Billy will set my gender free.

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