Back To The Start is easy. All we have to do is get rid of Monsanto and Big Agra. Nevermind.

I’ve had this video link captured for months, planning to use it here. But you know how it is, so many links, so many stories, never enough time.  When I accidentally stumbled upon this video, I was very moved. You will see why.

Yesterday I just read an article about how Chipolte used this video during a Grammy commercial and it raised a huge stir. And well it should.  As a matter of fact, according to the article I read, McDonald’s themselves barked an order to its suppliers. Not that they meant it, but let’s just say they were in a bind.  Or should I say they were shamed? As it turns out, it was Chipolte that commissioned this video back in 2011. Now everyone will get to see it.

We all know what Big Agra and creepy-crawly conglomerates like Monsanto and ConAgra have done to our food supply and the living creatures that provide it to us. We see Monsanto forcing its seed upon everyone, looking for ways to  ruin farmers by suing them for large sums due to “Patent infringement” when they grow corn using their own seeds that Monsanto insists are “contaminated” with Monsanto seed “genes” — blown into the farmer’s field by the wind! We see Monsanto actually attempting to “Patent” corn(!) because it contains their genetically-modified “genes”. We see Monsanto blackmailing farmers who once used their Roundup, claiming Roundup contains their patented ‘genes’ and therefore the crops are now Monsanto crops that must be paid for. We also see  the  revoltingly cagey Monsanto forcing farmers to not only use their insecticide-infested seeds, but to sign contracts that shift all reponsibility for any effects of their frankenseeds to the same farmer’s they have hog-tied. We see Monsanto infliltrating every seed providor so that you have to scour to find honest heirloom seeds that have not been defiled by this vile, greedy company. We see ConAgra genetically modifying sweet potatoes so they fit into a french fry slicer. We are being inundated with a violation of all the good things nature has always provided us without the help of greedy Big Agra Corporations. Let us not forget that as we read this post, test-tube meat, also known as In-Vitro Wasted Muscle Tissue  is being “grown” for your plucking from the grocer’s meat section.

For so many of us who Remember, much of the food we enjoyed as children have the same names, but they no longer taste the same. Is the goal to sully everyone’s taste buds by inundating them with this horrid Almost-Food, so that nobody is the wiser when there is nobody left to Remember? Are they not labeling meat and other foods so that while we ingest chemicals, antibiotics and hormones that were pumped into tightly crated animals, What We Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Us?

We all know that our politicians are beholding to these defilers of nature for profit, else no one would be stupid enough to turn a blind eye to the crates and the antibiotics and the hormones and the genetic modifications made to nature’s bounty. China has put the brakes on genetically modified food until further study of its real effects. China, for Chrissakes. They have the worst human rights record on earth, they put melamine in baby food, yet even they have the good sense to know Something Is Wrong Here. The State of Hawaii is now seeking laws demanding that GM food say so on its labeling. Why is the entire USA not doing this? And the answer is…………….money.

I could go on, but what’s the sense? We are trapped and I have no idea how we can force this issue to the point of some REAL “Change”. But I do know that every day, more and more people are desperately seeking ways to return to Nature’s Way when it comes to their food supply, from meat to vegetables. And with good reason.

The name of this beautiful work is, “Back To The Start” . We all know it’s where we want to go and we also know that our government is standing in the way of that. A government is definitely standing in the way when they literally plant one of  Monsanto’s lackys smack dab into the  USDA. And that is EXACTLY what Barack Obama did.  Monsanto has forced you to ingest Roundup daily.  Monsanto’s corn is actually registered as an insectacide. No kidding. Our ‘leaders’ know this, yet…………Nevermind.

By the way, after you see this video, can you guess what order it was that McDonald’s barked in response to the reaction to this video? Also, please, if you haven’t already done so, See the film, The Future Of Food. You must. Please. Learn how 97% of the varieties of vegetables that were grown in the beginning of the 20th century are now no longer grown.Don’t live in the dark. It can kill you. If you do not see The Future of Food, you will also not see the laundry list of familiar names in important ruling slots (EPA for example, AND the Supreme Court) who are tied to Monsanto. It will make you shiver.

Now, onto Back To The Start.

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  1. Powerful presentation, Uppity. Another huge problem. Another day for tears to well in my eye. Like you said, not enough time.

    Here’s the same scenario from another side. WIth dietary issues that are best left unspoken, I tell you of a recent personal struggle to find a different source of protein. After many false starts, I wound up with the store brand Wegman’s organic ground beef. 93/7, grass fed cows. Product of URUGUAY. I’d neglected to read the entire label before purchase, but when I saw fresh chopped meat from South America I said no way in hell and relegated the unopened package to garbage.

    Then desperation set in and I gave in. I’ve had quite a few of those burgers … and they appear to be what I had as a child. So for the time being I am back to my normal.

    Sorry, not clever enough for the riddle. Will check back to get answer.

  2. Like banking….go local with finding food. Quit feeding the Mega-corporations.

  3. Tasty, tasty, In-Vitro Wasted Muscle Tissue.

  4. Loved back to the Start. There are a couple of Chipotles in my area. Also Sharkeys, another all natural Mexican food grill. They are great, and can feed vegans, vegetarians, pescadarians even, they have fresh wild caught fish. Upps, promise that i will watch the Future of Food manana, and will make hubs & laker watch it with me. Off to bed! Have a great morning right coasters!

  5. Uppity, thanks for posting “Back to the Start.” I had not seen it. Chipotle’s stock is doing very well. It has grown 68% since January 2011! This month I watched a Jim Cramer interview with Chiipotle CFO Jack Hartung and I was very impressed with that business. It was refreshing to listen to a CFO from a responsible company.

  6. I apologize…PROFUSELY…for the grammatical mess this post was in. I wrote it VERY late and did NOt proof read. 29th century? lolol. Sentence fragments dangling all over the place. Bleck, Uppity, Bleck.

  7. Sentence fragments are the least of our problems Uppity lol. Thanks for keeping this issue in the forefront!

  8. Please also note that if you watch Future of Food, there are long gaps of silence between segments. Do not think the film has completed. It is 1 hour and 28 minutes long. Seems like a long time but you will be riveted …and you will learn the horrid truth so that you can step up your own commitment to refuse to participate in this horrible experiment upon your body and the bodies of those you love, from your children to your pets.

  9. I know I harp on it, and you know I’m no far far left loonie. But the evidence is being collected from our BODIES. THis is the most aggressive body experiment in history and it is being done to us without our permission. We HAVE to eat and they know it.

  10. NES: LORAC: response from last thread–sorry UW, You guys are up so darn late all the time.

    Yes LORAC making NES sooooo J is a good thing, humbling—–

    NES: I am so pleased we have some Clout in our disaster of a dem party————–it’s such a good feeling to know that they aren’t all nuts, greedy, thieves, etc……………

    NES: I’ve got to think you article in Santorum burning down was ignored, I saw on the first link—-YUCK< YUCK YUCK—I cannot stand reading them, they are so sickening

  11. Agree about Politico, Michelin, especially Ben Smith. That place is so sullied with Obama love, it wreaks of his cologne. I rarely read them anymore. Nothing but a whore house of Obama stroking bullcrap.

  12. UW: no matter how you write (and I did notice the 29th century, it made us all giggle)—–you are the BEST of THE BESTEST

    oh, good morning (((((UPPITY”S))))

  13. TY Michelina and hey, at least I can laugh at myself. I literally wrote this post in the dark, using touch typing. Gotta work on that. Hahahaha.

  14. If anyone wants to follow my tweets you can do so at @uppitywomanblog and Bill at @mkbill2.
    I put a lot of remarks on twitter that you don’t see here and Bill tosses in unmatched cat wisdom now and then.

  15. FF and I sent some scathing crap to Santorum and enjoyed every second of it on twitter.

  16. myiq, that in vitro wasted muscle tissue post was fun to write, in a horrified way.

  17. jay I totally agree with you and have worked very hard to divest myself of monsanto and big agra hormones pesticides and antibiotics. Still, without labeling, you never know. It’s good to see some producers aggressively labeling what’s NOT in their product. They are smart, because more and more people are catching on and those that haven’t see a gallone of milk that says “Hormone Free” and they think………hey! Does this mean the OTHER guy has that crap in THEIR milk?

  18. Pamela, ironically, some products are best bought from another country now. While I avoided seafood from countries I will never visit in the past, ever since the BP coverup, I am buying them. I won’t buy seafood from anywher in the USA except Alaska and Maine. At least until the BP slush reaches them somehow too. I also REFUSE farm raised seafood. FOr starters it tastes like crap. And I have NO idea what they put in that water either. Until I see full disclosure on farm raised foods that belong in the wild, count me out.

  19. And to think Congress spends all its time on women’s body parts when we are being experimented upon in our food supply, and poisoned with bacteria besides.

  20. Everything tastes good with ketchup.

  21. Everything tastes good with ketchup.

    I’m also pretty convinced that if you deep fry anything and throw bbq sauce on it, Americans will eat it.

  22. Once again, I want to mention that if you cannot get to a local farmer for eggs, Eggland’s Best has never been involved in one of those filthy recalls. The EB eggs you see on your supermarket shelf come from local and regional farmers. They aren’t traveling half way around the country and they are the closet thing to fresh you can get without a farmer nearby.

    Ditto for meats. If you look hard enough, there’s a farmer nearby who is producing beef, pork chickens, etc. They might cost a little more but you are getting grass fed meat free of Big Agra. Seek out a butcher, a meat shop if you can’t get to a farmer. Many of them use local meat. As for produce, local when you can and that’s hard in winter for some of us, so try to adapt to what’s In Season instead of buying crap handled shipped cross country and produced and picked by God Knows Who. Also local dairies are just about everywhere in the country. Don’t buy national brand dairy when you can find a local brand.

  23. MYQ: not everything——-but my sister is like that, she puts ketchup on her salad, like it’s salad dressing—

    It is Horifying what they are doing to our food—even our dog food

    I caught that Years and Years ago with the dog food—my Meeka was so sensitive to the shit they used, I started reading ingredients Years and Years ago———it took me years to find one or two brands of food that didn’t have that SHIT YELLOW CORN IN IT—-her health was always fragile———————I know us humans have a better immunity to the CRAP they feed us than our beloved pets, but they are out of Control———I’ve always known it——and as you say UW—we have to eat—-as things stand all we have are the Labels and we have to make sure we READ them

  24. ketchup as dressing. OMG I could hurl.

  25. Michelina, we’ve had so many discussions here about crappy pet food and some that pimp themselves as expensive “premium” food when there are better foods to be had for far less cost.

    Of course, my Diva likes only certain foods and of course they are expensive. lol. But folks, the number one thing you need to look at on that pet food bag is the first four ingredients, with number one being “meal”. Not ‘animal meal,” a specific meal, chicken, beef, lamb, etc. When you see “real chicken” written on the bag, that doesn’t mean there’s much of it in the bag. And meal gives your pet more meat. The reason …chicken, for example, when listed as just “chicken” is weighed before it is processed, which means with the water in it. Meal is chicken with the water already removed, which means you get more chicken. Hope this makes sense to you. Watch those “glutens” because the vast majority of recalls on foods that killed pets had to do with glutens,usually imported from Shitland.

    Meat is especially important for cats as they are obligate/obligatory carnivores. This means Pure Carnivore so to speak. All those fillers do absolutely nothing for them nutritionally.

  26. Uppity, this is a fabulous post. Thanks for this.

  27. Try an experiment. Throw an ear of corn and a piece of hamburger into the yard and see which one your dog goes to first. lol.

  28. China has put the brakes on genetically modified food until further study of its real effects. China, for Chrissakes. They have the worst human rights record on earth, they put melamine in baby food, yet even they have the good sense to know Something Is Wrong Here.

    It’s probable that the primary reason they’re fighting it is financial. You can’t win if you have to buy seeds every season. Monsanto will sue your ass for stealing if you save the seeds. Also, the mad scientists of Monsanto don’t know enough about the climates and soil in the rest of the world so even the initial yields aren’t as advertised. After a few seasons, you have to practically drown your fields in Round-Up because the weeds have adapted. China may be learning from India.

  29. OMG– UW: I forgot about the chicken in the dog food, she could never ever eat it————–it always, and I mean always gave her diarreaha (sp.)————-I couldn’t eat chicken for the longest time myself, now I have no choice, it is the least expensive meat——-usually I boil it to some degree before I cook it————–

    My doggie would definitely do the burger———-DAVEY–not as bright as Meeka–she would go for the corn–a new chew toy LOL

  30. I love old-style butcher shops. You get better meat, better cuts of meat, and more options. Most supermarket meat departments (around here anyway) are filled with IBP (Iowa Beef Processors) which is boxed cuts of meat to be made into steaks, chops, roasts etc. It doesn’t matter which supermarket you go to, it’s all the same meat.

    I live near a major Foster Farms plant so we get relatively cheap poultry but you really don’t want to know where it comes from.

  31. Yes M, some dogs have trouble with chicken and turkey. Mine doesn’t. She likes the chicken based foods. But I do know some dogs do not do well on it.

    Conversely, if you threw a piece of hamburger and a corn cob out for your cats, they would devour the meat and look at the corn and say WTF is that shit? And walk away. My dog would eat both. lol.

  32. Lorac, the picture of Hillary in the rain was taken by Charles Dharapak of AP.

    (reposted from previous thread.)

  33. Upps and Michelina — I was going to point out that I thought my link was from buzzfeed, not politico. But, now I see there’s a Ben Smith link between the two. Blech, politico’s Obama-fluffing makes me sick too.

  34. Sophie, in the Future of Food, they talk about monsanto developing a “Suicide seed” that dies at the end of the season and cannot be reused. Now tell me that’s not about money and extortion.

  35. Michelin, ROFL — consider me humbled.

    By the way, how’re you doing after your recent tragedy?

  36. All those fillers do absolutely nothing for them nutritionally.

    Hopefully the fillers won’t harm them either.

    I’m lucky, my cats don’t mind the medium priced stuff. I won’t inflict the generic or house brands on them, but I can’t afford the really pricey stuff.

  37. Monsanto has used the excuse they are solving world hunger long enough. It’s bullshit. hunger has increased not decreased. THere’s also a segment in the movie about Mexicans who have private corn fields to avoid monsanto and how mansanto seed has blown in the wind to infiltrate. They said that they do not want their seed, most of which is bought from the USA because it’s cheaper. They also said that the Natural corn is consumed by Mexicans as a preference because it just plain TASTES LIKE CORN IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE.

  38. Uppity, it always makes me happy when you write about our food supply!
    It’s strange that most people do not realize they are what they eat. I was lucky to have spent my childhood in the thirties and early forties. The Great Depression and WW2 promoted home gardening, and living in a small town, we had plenty of space to do that. We all had to work in the garden, we all had to help with harvesting and canning and stocking the root cellar, but people living in cities could not do those things. They ate what we could raise to sell to them, and there were small farms all over the country. In other words, I have always been aware of the importance of eating healthfully.
    But when I went to college and later lived in cities, I found I had to make a huge choice: I had to weigh the high cost of eating only the best food I could get against the cost of entertainment, of smart clothes, better rentals, etc. and I made a hell of a major decision in favor of the best food. And I’ve stuck to it. Almost everything I eat is organically raised; I investigate pesticides, additives, integrity of growers, etc. Support local growers – yes, but I try to find out how much they really know about their soil and products they use. I have found some cheating.
    Result? I am almost 80 years old, but people say I look no older than sixty. I have had only about 3 major colds in the last 40 years (can’t remember before that) my teeth are very good, the last bone density test (about 5 years ago) the doctor said, “You have the bones of a 2 year old!” Cholesterol is a bit higher than it used to be (doc said due to aging) but still in “normal” range, etc. etc. etc
    I have a beer now and then and a martini now and then, and sometimes a little wine with dinner. I eat a banana, apple, orange or grapefruit, and salad and at least two veggies in large quantities every day. I eat eggs often, red meat once a week, fish twice a week, chicken twice a week, lots of home-made chicken soup, lots of brown rice, no packaged food, no white flour, very very little sugar, a dessert maybe once every couple of months.
    This is not posted to boast, but people always ask how it is I’m so healthy, so I thought I’d take the time and trouble to give a detailed answer. I really wish people could be healthier — and happier. Yep, that’s another benefit, I think – I’m happy, bouncy, busy. And I lovingly wish you all good health through better eating!

  39. You will see testimony from a farmer Monsanto ruined. They went on his land without his permission and tested for infiltration of their seed, they sued him and won! The court said it didn’t matter how the seed got there, it’s got monsantos ‘genes’ in it so it is owned by monsanto. How sick is that shit? Well I’ll tell you how sick it is. Clarence Thomas was Monsanto’s attorney. Nuff said.

  40. Obama appointed Monsanto’s lacky to the FDA Food Safety Czar position too. Lobbyist for M. So much for “No lobbyists” in his administration, the Liar.

  41. NES: I’m doing the best I can———-I miss her, always will, and I love my Davey, but she’s not her———–we only had each other alot of the years we were together——-she trusted me Explicitely

    thank you for asking———-

  42. “whose side is barack Obama on?? Read the appointees and what they are pimping. Tom Vilsac, biotec obsessed, Robert Beachy, long time Monsanto consort as head of newly formed “National Institute of food and Agriculture”…Rajiv Shah, plucked from the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation that has been helping Monsanto seend their frankenseed to Africa,…..Islam Siddiqui, currently the US Trade Representative’s Chief Agriculture Negotiator, was Vice President of CropLife America, the notorious lobbying group that represents pesticide and genetic engineering companies, including the six multinational corporations that control 75% of the global agrichemical market: Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Dow and DuPont……And read about Elena Kagan, taking sides with Monsanto AGAINST organic farmers. The list is endless. That makes TWO supremes who are in love with Monsanto.

    Note that what are really DRUG and CHEMICAL companies control 75% of the market.

  43. ISLANDER: good for you honey—–I wish everyone could afford such a great diet, I know my sacrifices have been dog food or Good Food (at times, using this as an example), of course, who do you think who WON?

    I do know what kind of cost your diet is, so your suggestions are wonderful—–even if we all can’t do it all the time,

  44. Bless your heart, Islander! When I grow up I want to be like you!

    I’m a scratch cooker, a veteran gardener and you won’t find much processed anything in my home. I am the child of depression babies, so you know why I do what i do. I learned. The food is to die for and the health holds out, thank God. Like you, i eat all the things these blowhards tell me I can’t eat. They don’t know squat and we both know it. They tipped that food pyramid upside down after pimping it for decades. They do what politics tells them to do. NOBODY knows better than nature. Nobody. You eat what nature gives you, you use moderation in everything. I can see why you are so healthy. Furturemore, as the economy gets worse, you know how to survive without all that overpriced processed crap. A person who can cook and grow is a survivor. And a healthy one at that. Period.

    Preach on, Islander. You are not boasting. You are just plain smarter than the suckers who believe the crap that’s handed to them. The world could use more doses of you.

  45. Ani I was waiting for you to show up and clarify. I felt you did the leg work and should be the one to ID that beautiful shot. The real beauty of that photo lies in the fact that it was a real candid. She was really standing there in the rain, defying it. That’s our girl.

  46. On to a more serious subject…any good pointers for bathing cats????

  47. If that doesn’t work, SHV, bring the cat to your groomer and let THEM worry about it.

  48. Isn’t HillBilly a NASCAR fan?

  49. Typical Italians. Family feud hung out to dry in obituary.

    “She is survived by her Son, ‘A.J.’, who loved and cared for her; Daughter ‘Ninfa’, who betrayed her trust, and Son ‘Peter’, who broke her heart.”

    If that isn’t enough, the whole family was more than willing to talk talk talk to the nosy reporter.

    Here’s poor Josie’s obit

  50. I thought they did it by themselves. 😆

  51. As long as I have been working with cats, there have been very few occasions when I needed to bathe a cat. Every one of those times, I used a groomer. I also have my soulcat, who was 21 when he needed baths and I used the groomer then too. I did once bathe a kitten myself, but that was easy. This is Not on the list of things I want to do. I have never personally bathed my dog either. that’s why God made groomers. lol.

  52. After you bathe a cat, how long do you leave them in the dryer?

  53. I thought maybe pre-bath catnip or a little weed would make it less traumatic. I guess I will do the routine that I used with may previous cat; heavy jeans, long sleeve shirt and “kitty” and I in the walk-in shower. It’s also easier if there is a “catcher” ready with a towel when the shower door opens but I don’t think that Al, (who feels sorry for traumatized rats) could tolerate the cat screams. It will be just me and the kittez and a few shots of Vodka.

  54. SHV does he really need a bath? Most cats, if you let them be for a few hours, they will clean themselves up and smell Spring Fresh besides.

  55. That would be funny if I didn’t know someone whose cat got into the dryer and died there.

  56. SHV does he really need a bath? Most cats, if you let them be for a few hours, they will clean themselves up and smell Spring Fresh besides.
    Both cats are pretty clean and don’t smell but their fur is getting stiff from a year or so of dried cat spit. It’s Feb. and Spring is here so the cats might as well get a little Spring cleaning along with the yard.

  57. Women protest long lines for ladies rooms and demand equality in China. Thank goodness for them Darrell Issa isn’t there.

  58. Dried cat spit? ROFL. I’ve never seen that. You sure it’s not the dog? Dog spit dries stiff on cats. Cats hate it.

  59. Well would you look see who is weighing in on the GOP race..

  60. Will you look at how sneaky that rotten huffpo is with their headlines? Yup, they’re AOL now. You think from the title that Jeb Bush is traveling with Santorum in Texas. Then read the article that leads you to WTF?

  61. Orzag double talk in response to the depiction of him in the book, The Escape Artists.

    In an interview with The Huffington Post, Orszag, who left the White House in July 2010, argued that the portrait is not complete. The book “misses an absolutely crucial distinction,” he said.
    “I am and was in favor of ‘coupled stimulus’ — that is, additional stimulus in the short run, coupled with delayed deficit reduction but that was enacted at the same time as the stimulus.”


  62. Two-headed trout in Idahoy waters. Nothing to be concerned about here, right?

  63. Thanks for the info. on the Hillary-in-the-rain pic, Ani.

    Dharapak must’ve been a Hillary supporter because, apparently, he emailed it to Susie Buell very shortly after it was taken. (Or maybe she purchased the use of it from him right away…..her PAC (WomenCount) certainly wasted no time in running those full-page ads using the photo.) I remember when I first saw that photo –I was slogging at my desk on the night of or shortly following Hillary’s Oregon rally, when suddenly this piece of (true-blue) hope popped up in my email box (I was on one of Buell’s email lists).

  64. SHV

    I sometimes have to bathe kitties after adoption events. Kids with sticky fingers holding them, dogs slobbering through the cage bars and the occasional accident from nerves in the carrier.

    I find damp paper towel works well and do more of a sponge bath. I use my bathroom sink lined with dry paper towel to catch the fur (I live in a condo so washer/dryer but no utility sink). You need to have everything set up before you start – but they tolerate it rather well. Easier than a full dunk in water.

  65. Will you look at how sneaky that rotten huffpo is with their headlines?

    Ayup! They’ll do anything to promote Sanctimonium; ditto the MSM, so desperate are they to have him face their demi-god.
    Happy to report that Sanctimonium is behind in MI.

    Attention Michiganders! Don’t be mean idiots — don’t saddle us with Santorum! Get a clue, please.

  66. I gave Damon a bath once. He was very young, small enough to be supported completely in two hands, Thought I’d get him used to the bathing process early on. During the rinse, I kept finding soap bubbles, so rinsed and rinsed. He fainted. I thought I’d drowned him.

    What I did do right with him was feed him in his carrier. The carrier was small. The dog was a Lab. If I placed Damon’s food all the way in, Jamie could not get to it. Damon never minded getting in that carrier.

    Jamie did contribute to Damon’s education. Taught him to run to the front door when the bell rang. Think I mentioned that quite some time ago.

    Damon turned out to be one of those unforgettable tuxes, passed a few years ago. He’s probably the reason I have such a crush on MK BIll.

  67. Can somebody please find out if it’s true that Jerry brown is signing a law today that limits to three days and euthanizes any pet brought in or abandoned in these hard times?

  68. It’s true. The bastard.

  69. UW: I SURE HOP IT ISN”T____who the F8ck is Jerry Brown anyways, he used to be something in CA–am I right

    We should Euthanize this TURD———let’s start a petition or tweet the bastard, (you guys will have to to the tweeting)

    UW——I have tried tweeting bill for the last two days, I SUCK

  70. WOW our CA’ers will be freaking oUT—-

  71. I wonder if it’s too late to get a refund on my Moonbeam Fan Club membership?

  72. NES: Big Pink has a great write up today, very funny, I know you like them

    I know at times they get real wordy, but I still luv them——-

    been with them from day ONE———-

  73. Pop Quiz: If beloved fantastical actor Meryl Streep wins again, what other deceased beloved fantastical actor will she tie with in number of oscars?

  74. I like 44 because the blogger writes with a prose machine gun. And you know that’s my kinda writing.

  75. Ohio files suit to stop Obama’s ‘attack on religious freedom”.

    Morons continue to set the stage for Isalamofascists and Sharia every single day. Shooting their own feet.

  76. Let’s see, what do you call a religious organization that controls the actions of their individual members. Let’s play charades. Four letters.

  77. Four letters.


  78. religious, myiq. religious.

  79. if you leave my blog, I won’t call you a heretic and tell you that you can’t be buried on hallowed ground and shit like that. And I’ll hold the door for you, not lock it. Now, come on. Guess.

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  81. SHV calls his kitty home for a bath:

  82. I luv this commercial!

  83. Uppity, I saw Future of Food a while back. Also saw Food, Inc. I recommend both to everyone. King Corn is interesting too.

    NES: Monsanto has a few types of GM seeds. Some are one generation only but most can be saved and planted, but then you are in violation of their patent and will be sued. Really. They have people going all over the place checking.

    Some of their seeds make their own pesticide/herbicide, so you’re eating that poison. Others have a resistance, like the Round-up Ready seeds so that you can drench the ground with poison (and yes you’re eating Round Up).

    For the record, the yields are not higher. Usually they are in the first couple of years, but after that they drop. There are sustainable and permaculture farmers who are getting better yields over time. Besides, their food is not poison and the earth is not ravaged.

    Oh, and there is no food shortage. There is more than enough food on the planet to fee all of the people on the planet. The problem is distribution–not because of logistics but because of politics.

    Cheers to you, Islander!! Way to go! I eat 85-90% local myself. It’s more expensive and it’s time-consuming because you’re making everything from scratch, but everything tastes better and I’m not afraid of any of my food.

  84. Racoons are nasty animals, cute but nasty. The house where I live for fifteen years was plagued with racoons and a occasional ‘possum. The neighbor was feeding them and the damn thing expected to be fed when they showed up at our place. Six to ten racoons of all ages would raise hell every night and then shit on the stairs as they left. Tried everything including live trapping and removal. The day that I moved out, they were still there on the back deck.

    After a decade and three thousand mile round trip, I am living about 1500 feet from my old house. Thank the gods, the racoons don’t know that I’m back.

  85. As for the revolving door between Monsanto execs and government administrators–we can’t blame this on any party or president. No matter who is in office, those Monsanto guys are there. Remember, our “elected” officials are temps, but these agencies are filled with lifers. And Monsanto, Cargill, Archer Daniels Mildland–all of them pay handsomely to get these appointments and deregulation.

  86. There’s a bill in CT right now to require labeling. Those folks won’t even allow labeling. They say it will confuse consumers. They say there’s no need for that confusion because there’s no difference between theirs and the normal stuff. I say if there is no difference, why the patents?

  87. Let’s see, what do you call a religious organization that controls the actions of their individual members. Let’s play charades. Four letters.


  88. Racoons and possums? Where’s my bbq?

  89. I’m sure Susie Buell licensed the Hillary photo for her ad Not So Fast. AP owns the image.

  90. New sculpture in front of Wasilla High School is covered up because it “looks like a vagina”.
    This country has gone out of its fucking mind.

  91. Yeah Hillbilly, if that raccoon walked into your house like that, he’d never get back out.

  92. Sophie wins the penguin!!!!

  93. There’s a bill in CT right now to require labeling. Those folks won’t even allow labeling. They say it will confuse consumers.

    Raw bullshit.

    They say there’s no need for that confusion because there’s no difference between theirs and the normal stuff. I say if there is no difference, why the patents?

    Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!

  94. . Six to ten racoons of all ages would raise hell every night and then shit on the stairs as they left. Tried everything including live trapping and removal. The day that I moved out, they were still there on the back deck.

    After a decade and three thousand mile round trip, I am living about 1500 feet from my old house. Thank the gods, the racoons don’t know that I’m back.

    I’m cracking up here!

  95. Sophie can you post links to those films?

  96. Periwinkle??!! Is that the newest word to describe a woman’s ummm, periwinkle?

  97. I win a pengy!!! Hooray!!! Lucky for me it snowed today!

  98. Fifteen years after the fact, it finally dawns on me of how I could have solved the raccoon problem. The “nice” neighbor lady who fed the creatures from hell, said that they loved hot-dogs. My “old” house had a gun range in the basement, I should have left a trail of hot-dogs to the target area and they could have met my friend Mr. 9mm. :>)

  99. Okay Uppity…be advised, these are full-length films.
    Here’s The Future of Food:

  100. Food, Inc.

  101. Thanks! Wow I didn’t know the future of food was on youtube.Thought it was too long and would be in pieces. Super!

  102. Ok…Food, Inc. isn’t going to happen from YouTube. Even though the description says full length or Part x of y, it isn’t true.

    I have the DVD and it was worth every penny. Wow, now you can get it for less than $10:

  103. Ah I don’t think I could shoot a raccoon SHV. I would feel bad. I once saw a car kill a racoon and he got out of the car all distressed, opened his trunk and got a trash bag and I looked over to the hill right there and there were two small raccons and another adult watching him collect up the dead raccoon. i felt differently about them ever since. My dog, however, doesn’t have much empahty for them.

  104. halp…I linked to amazon and the jaws of moderation snapped shut on my mouse finger.

  105. Yes a woman’s parts are now officially periwinkles. Expect a law to remove them from garden nurseries soon.

  106. America has gone out of its zealot mind. They are seeing vaginas everywhere.

  107. We break for some “Shit Italian mothers say”.

  108. Here’s the trailer for King Corn. It led the pack.

  109. Here’s the the whole full-length King Corn film with commercials over at Hulu.

  110. Ah I don’t think I could shoot a raccoon SHV.
    I don’t think I could either. I have a large pottery raccoon sitting on the bedroom mantle. I guess the raccoons were my equivalent to the “furnace” in A Christmas Story.

  111. Ok…Food, Inc. isn’t going to happen from YouTube. Even though many descriptions say full length or Part x of y, it isn’t true.

    I have the DVD and it was worth every penny. And now you can get it for less than $10 at Amazon.

    I won’t link to it because spammy likes it.

  112. They caught a 27 pound lobster in Maine! Yum. I hear it’s last words were, “Don’t tel Michelle”.

  113. Thanks for the links Sophie. I saw that youtube was just teasing. i’ll see if I can dredge up food inc. now that i know it’s there.

  114. Typical Italians. Family feud hung out to dry in obituary.

    Wow! That’s getting the last word in! Wonder if it was phrased like that in the will? 😆

  115. Fredster, it’s SO Italian. Grudges can move into several generations. lolol Nobody actually even remembers what the fight was over. Could be over a chicken wing, doesn’t matter.

  116. Uppity, I’ll have movie night at my house (yes, I have local pop corn) if you bring the ribs!

  117. This is one of the funniest clips ever:

  118. Could be over a chicken wing, doesn’t matter.

    Aw shit, now I have to clean the keyboard AND the screen of the laptop!

    I also emailed the aol/huff thingie and the Italian mom to two women I know…last names: Salande and Luparello!

  119. That’s brilliant, Upps!

  120. Grudges can move into several generations.

    WHOA!…like WE should talk. The tale of how Obama stole from our girl will be passed down through our family lines.

  121. Two good quotes re lawyers (apropos of nothing at all!):

    The houses of lawyers are roofed with the skins of litigants.
    ~Welsh Proverb

    A lawyer is a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it for himself.
    ~Lord Brougham

  122. Upps, in response to your rhetorical question re the two-headed trout:

    Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.
    ~Henry David Thoreau

  123. WHOA!…like WE should talk. The tale of how Obama stole from our girl will be passed down through our family lines.

    The matriarchal lines naturally!

  124. That King Corn thing is mindblowing.

  125. What’s brilliant, NES?

  126. Aw shit, now I have to clean the keyboard AND the screen of the laptop!

    What are friends for?

    I also emailed the aol/huff thingie and the Italian mom to two women I know

    I mailed it to all my cousins.

  127. I just called the one friend to tell her about them and she said “oh let’s see if they have *my* fave phrase for the kids: ‘Just go ahead and plunge the knife in my heart now!’ ” 😆

  128. Italian car pooling.

  129. Yeah. Movie night at Sophie’s pad.

  130. The matriarchal lines naturally!

    Bien sur!

  131. What’s brilliant, NES?

    The EyeTie mama vid.

  132. Yeah. Movie night at Sophie’s pad.

    Yay and yum.

  133. Yeah I loved when he has her calling the father a cafone.

  134. Socal: Interesting, eh? I can’t wait until Uppity sees it and does a rant!

  135. So, NES…I don’t know if you noticed, but I won a pengy!!!

    Yup…she’s outside in the snow right now. The cats are staring out the sliding glass door, tails whipping.

  136. Dang I can’t get Corn to play, I’ll have to fiddle with it. Probably my refusal to allow them to store data on my computer, flash player setting. Probably just as well tonight. I suspect it will make my head explode.

  137. Sophie I see you are taking good care of your pengy. I am very proud.

  138. Yeah I think that’s why I am so defiant with Issa, Santorum and other pigs. I come from a matriarchal family and these clowns would have been told to Ef off.

  139. Uppity, clearing a space in the freezer now, because the snow’s bound to melt. BTW, WTF? It was 53 here the other day and today, snow?!

    I had no problem getting Corn to play. I’m probably allowing way too much to go on with this PC. It’s a Win 7 box, so I thought it would ask if anything untoward was going on. I did install the UW recommended version of Firefox, though.

  140. A comment link left for me about Monsanto and the WH.

  141. No sophie, it’s just that I actually use the flash player settings most people don’t bother with. I have turned off a number of options taht allow sites to go where they don’t belong is all. Anyways, I kept getting asked for permission to store information on my computer, because I have it set to Ask.

  142. New sculpture in front of Wasilla High School is covered up because it “looks like a vagina”.

    Oh boy. We have so much work to do. Do you realize how many phallic objects there are out there? We better get right on this because that will be next – certainly they wouldn’t just be offended by things that make them think of women?!

    Gosh, the tops of some buildings, missiles, pens and pencils, hot dogs, bullets, there’s a million kinds of things! Get to work everyone!

  143. Ok, NES and Lorac: did you guys know what a “periwinkle” was? Because I didn’t and I’m afraid my Lesbionic credentials are at risk. C’mon, I know you know (ht: Meg Christian).

  144. WTF? It was 53 here the other day and today, snow?
    The weather is crazy. 82 two days ago, 47 today, 32 tonight. Daffodils in full bloom, flowering trees flowering and it still f*ing February.

  145. Uppity, I’ll have movie night at my house (yes, I have local pop corn) if you bring the ribs!

    SophieCT, I had no idea you were such a voyeur!

  146. Hey, Lorac, for you, I will even make a batch of popcorn with no butter…how’s that?

    (Personally, I think it would suck, but I’m willing to look out for the vegans.)

  147. SophieCT – (maybe you make your own, but) most of the boxed popcorn you put in the microwave, even if it implies extra butter, seems to actually have NO butter, but uses oil instead lol (from my cursory look at boxes of popcorn in the store). I actually don’t “butter” it – I spray Bragg’s amino acid on it, then sprinkle nutritional yeast flakes on it. Those names sound yukky, but they make delicious popcorn! But the most important thing is – thanks for being willing to make me popcorn just for me! 🙂

    About periwinkle – nah, never heard of it, apart from the flower. But we’re not required to know THEIR names for it! 🙂

  148. Lorac: You should know me better than that by now! My popcorn comes from a local farm, still on the cob. I have a gizmo to remove the dried kernels. While I do pop it in the microwave in a paper bag (without any oil), I also have stove top popper if you want to go retro. My butter, when not homemade, comes from a local farm, or worst case scenario, from the Vermont Butter and Cheese Company.

    I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who never heard of a periwinkle. Although, I think it’s a nice word and may adopt it going forward!

  149. But we’re not required to know THEIR names for it.

    Who is THEIR? FWIW, it doesn’t bear any resemblance to anything fr me, except a flower.

  150. My bad..anything *for* me…

  151. Lanny Davis comments on the recent Bill Clinton special:

  152. I love Lanny Davis. Talk about a breath of fresh air. We seriously need some fresh air people. Time for a reality check. Bill Clinton was a great president and Obama…..isn’t.

  153. I really, really hate to say this, but no one I know of gives a shit now, nor at the time about Bill Clinton’s blow-job. That was strictly between him and Hillary.

  154. Has Hillbilly been around today? I have a joke for him.

    Hillbilly Striptease

    Cletus & Billy Bob

    Cletus is passing by Billy Bob’s hay barn one day when, through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old John Deere tractor.

    Buttocks clenched, he performs a slow pirouette, and gently slides off first the right strap of his overalls, followed by the left. He then hunches his shoulders forward and in a classic striptease move, lets his overalls fall down to his hips, revealing a torn and frayed plaid shirt.

    Then, grabbing both sides of his shirt, he rips it apart to reveal his
    stained T-shirt underneath. With a final flourish, he tears the T-shirt from his body, and hurls his baseball cap onto a pile of hay.

    Having seen enough, Cletus rushes in and says, “What the world’re ya doing, Billy Bob?”

    “Good grief, Cletus, ya scared the bejeebers out of me,” says an obviously embarrassed Billy Bob.

    “But me ‘n the wife been havin trouble lately in the bedroom d’partment, and the therapist suggested I do something sexy to a tractor.”

    (Don’t make me come splain this to you! Read the last line again, slowly)

  155. Well…where is everyone tonight? I’m used to this place being where the nite-owls hang out.

  156. Been a really tough week. I miss hanging with you all.

  157. So, NES…I don’t know if you noticed, but I won a pengy!!!


    Congrats SophieCT.
    Maybe, just maybe, someday, sometime, somewhere, Upps will find me worthy of a feathered friend of my own…..

  158. Uh-huh…everyone sneaks back in after I leave.

  159. Hey, Lorac, for you, I will even make a batch of popcorn with no butter…how’s that?

    Wow! Take the plunge, lorac!

  160. but no one I know of gives a shit now, nor at the time about Bill Clinton’s blow-job

    I don’t know about that Fredster. I, for one, hope he got a good one.

  161. Hey Fredster!

    Thanks lorac, for the link to the Lanny article. My hubbie snagged one of the jobs created by Big Dawg and has been working happily at it ever since. Half his dept is getting laid off in June btw, but hubbie is told he is one of the ones that is being kept. The Clinton years were good for all of my family. I wish we could go back there.

  162. NES, bwahaha!

  163. What do you think of this issue:

  164. I don’t know about that Fredster. I, for one, hope he got a good one.

    Ah, you know what I meant. If that had been the worst of the shenanigans that probably happened in the W.H. I probably still would not have been concerned. As I said, I think that was between Bill and Hillary.

    Hey Socal!

  165. Regarding the apology and Newtie being upset. When isn’t he upset about something? 🙄 O probably did the minimum he could do in the situation.

    Newt: be concerned about your cholesterol and go buy Callista something at Tiffanys.

  166. (Yawn) I think I’m calling it a night.

  167. Lorac: great counterpoint by Lanny. Interesting that it’s on Fox’s Web site. Of course, being there, the comments are horrendous.

    Back in the early days of our exile as PUMAs, some folks at the Confluence had a blog radio talk show and Lanny actually came on as a guest.

  168. Wow that Newt is really a tantrum baby isn’t he? Imagine THAT having the power over the nuke code and red phone?

  169. As for obama’s apology, when I see him demand an apology for sending their goatfuckers over here to honor kill their wives and daughters on our soil, and when I see him demand apologies for cutting US citizen’s heads off on video and then broadcasting the videos…and……oh nevermind.

  170. Isn’t there a christian pastor somewhere over there right now who is doomed to execution because he converted and refuses to be a muslim? Throughout my life, I’ve seen where people have burned bibles left and right. Nobody gets their life threatened for that.

  171. As for bill, i often wondered how he had the time to get blow jobs and still be a president who presided over the best economy in my entire lifetime.

    But what he did was wrong and we all know it. And all those who were front and center trying to nail him were doing the same thing, including the serial spouse, Newt. Can you say HYPOCRITES??? He’s lucky Hillary was his wife. She got skewered for staying with him and she would have gotten skewered if she left him. They skewer her for simply being alive because she makes their peniises shrivel.

  172. OMG! At the risk of becoming an Aisle 6 clean-up casualty:

  173. And all those who were front and center trying to nail him were doing the same thing, including the serial spouse, Newt

    Exactly! Bob Livingston (R-asshole-Louisiana) almost became Speaker at that time, but Larry Flynt did one of his numbers and was about to release the dirty laundry on Livingston’s affairs. (Livingston had called for Clinton to resign). Well with the dirt about to come out Livingston was hoist on his own petard and he had to resign! Of course, then he went into ahem…private industry raking in the BIG bucks.

  174. Yeah Fredster, how about that dirtbag John edwards making cracks about Bill at the time. Doesn’t that one beat all.

  175. And Newt was admittedly having an affair at the time with his next wife.

    And then there was Hiker, Mark Sanford, as I recall he had some things to say too.

  176. Oh and let’s not forget Ensign.

  177. Oh Gawd, I just looked at the list of clients for Livingston:

    MersCorp, home of the robo-signers is one of the clients.. Jaysus!

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