Open thread: Academy Awards and whatever else

For those of you who are willing to stay up late enough to watch the stuff you have to wait hours for,

….And for those of you who can stand to watch all those egomaniacs and narcissists preen,

This is an open thread.

Of course, my girl Meryl is up for an award again. She’s been nominated 17 times, she has won two. I think it’s safe to say that this is a great actor, but that doesn’t mean much to these people. It’s kind of like when kids are in school and they get trophies and graded on a curve. The Best has to share their grade with the others so that their self-esteem isn’t harmed.

If Meryl wins her third oscar tonight, she will tie with the Late and Great Katharine Hepburn.

Here’s hoping it’s not run like the Nobel Peace Prize. Heh.


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  1. I don’t need Oscars for entertainment, Alison said that she is making dinner for me tonight. I thought something was up when she ask me last week, how to turn on the stove. :>)

  2. The red carpet part is happening but I’m not really into this part. That a-hole designer has a microphone so I have the volume off.

  3. Of course, my girl Meryl is up for an award again. She’s been nominated 17 times, she has won two.

    Ah, her and Susan Lucci, right? Just no damned respect.

  4. Here are my picks for the big 5:

    Best Picture

    “The Help”

    Best Actor

    Brad Pitt, “Moneyball”

    Best Actress

    Viola Davis, “The Help”
    Rooney Mara, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

    Best Supporting Actor

    Christopher Plummer, “Beginners”

    Best Supporting Actress

    Melissa McCarthy, “Bridesmaids”

    Best Director

    Woody Allen, “Midnight in Paris” (cuz Hollywood loves perverts)

  5. Obviously I lack basic math skills.

  6. MyIQ: Good picks.

    Does anyone do Oscar pools (like football)?

  7. Is Obama up for an Oscar? An O for an O?

  8. Is Obama up for an Oscar?

    He’s getting a Life-time Achievement Award.

  9. Pretend to be surprised: Hugo got Cinematography.

  10. Some of the technical awards are for things most of never notice.

  11. I think they all should get design & decoration – they’re all good. Ah, but only one can, and of course, Hugo.

  12. Ellen!!! In a JCP commercial!

  13. I love JeLo….

  14. Makeup goes to….The Iron Lady?? Huh?

  15. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Ellen! I bet all those million moms which are really 40,000 are all apoplectic. Screw them.

  16. He’s getting a Life-time Achievement Award.


    If he sings a couple of more times, they’ll give the turkey a Grammy.

  17. I like Bullock.

  18. Israel will never get an award from these Jew Haters.

  19. Oh Iran, there’s a winner.

  20. Knew it soon as I heard it. They give an oscar to goat fuckers.. Unless this movie was about how they torture and kill woman, it’s a travesty.

  21. How else could they shit on Israel but to give an award to Iran that wants to kill them all.

  22. Seriously, if communism were in vogue, these hollywood America haters would be members.

  23. So you think all those pretty boys and girls will give it to an overweight woman? Then I have a bridge for you.

  24. okay well she’s black so that cancels out. The other woman, NO CHANCE.

  25. Hooray!! Octacia Spencer- Best supporting actress!!

  26. Awwww she’s sweet.

  27. The Help was one of the few movies I saw this year and she really was good. They all were good in that film.

  28. Awwww I like her.

  29. That was funny.

  30. Wow, Tina looks like a princess.

  31. Nice place. First time here.
    Meryl should win but wont.
    Saw the Help and thought it was a decent movie but the entire time I was watching I felt like I’d seen it before.
    jeez though I wish all of these Hollywood types would stop protesting all of the wars and politicizing the whole thing.

  32. Film Editing goes to…Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  33. Sound to Hugo!

  34. And sound mixing…to Hugo

  35. More Ellen!!

  36. Sophie said: More Ellen!!

    I’ve been wondering where the commercials were. I’ve yet to see one.

  37. Fredster, are you watching the Oscars?

  38. Animation goes to Rango!

    I actually saw that one long ago it seems…I would have thought Puss N Boots, but, hey…

  39. No, was just reading the thread.

    I’m watching the zombies on AMC.

  40. Visual Effects goes to…Hugo

    I’m sorry–Harry Potter owns this! Just sayin’

  41. Fredster, LOL…Like the Lotto, ya gotta be in it to win it! Well, you have to watch the Oscars to see Ellen’s JCP commercials.

  42. And the Best Actor In a Supporting Role is….
    ….Christopher Plummer–his first Oscar win!

  43. Plummer gave a nice speech. So many of these speeches are so awkward! Love the Ellen commercials!

  44. Ellen!!!

  45. He certainly is enamoured with George Clooney.

  46. Plummer is just so cool. He did some great things in his lifetime.

  47. They’ll probably give it to their secret lover, Clooney.

  48. AWWWWWW poor George. Boo F’ing Hoo.

  49. Ooops. It was the picture not George. George will get his later.

  50. Boy does this thing drag on or what. It’s like High Mass. Twice.

  51. Jeremy Irons sure looks beat up.

  52. Eh they couldn’t give it to that other pervert Roman Polansky so they gave it to woodie.

  53. Wow—Woody!

  54. Yeah but, being a child taker aside, he DOES have great talent.

  55. Woody would have done many more great things and been beloved for his talent if he didn’t do that stupid blecky thing. It was really sleazy.

  56. I still love Woody Allen. I like his humor, I like his movies. And he’s not the first guy to go out with someone a few generations younger than himself.

  57. It was stupid, yes. But he is not her father nor was he even a father figure.

  58. Check it out–it’s the geek segment!

  59. WTF is this pig stuff.

  60. The award for the short film is longer than the film…

  61. I’m glad they won, the Pak film. Bless their hearts.

  62. Douglas looks good, considering what he went through.

  63. And the best director is….
    ….Michel Hazanavicius

  64. UW: what did he go through?

  65. Stage 4 throat cancer, Sophie. He looked near dead for awhile there.

  66. Dang mothy, I didn’t see you there in moderation all this time. I apologize and hope you’re still here to see this.

  67. Douglas was a woman abusing pig like his old man. Well, let’s just say his old man was a tough act to follow in the abuse department. Michael is a better actor than the old man though, hope it pissed the guy off daily.

  68. Ah Norman corman died. Loved his stuff. Ahead of his time.

    Didn’t know Gazzara died.

  69. Best Actor In a Leading Role goes to…
    …Jean Dujardin in The Artist.

  70. Pitt’s hair looks like greasy shit. Doesn’t he see what a scuzz he looks like?

    Am I here alone????

  71. Formidable! Merci beaucoup!

  72. Ellen!!!!!

  73. I just saw an Ellen commercial!! Apparently at the Forum in Rome?

    Are they just now starting to run her commercials with Penneys?

  74. Yeah she raises the bar. So let’s see if they give her the oscar.

  75. Jesus I can’t believe the bullshit Colin Firth is dishing out.

  76. Best Actress In a Leading Role…
    …Meryl Streep!!!

    Whooo Hoo!!!!


  78. MERYL WON!!!!

  79. I am cracking out the prosecco!

  80. Sandra Bullock! Cut back on the eye makeup!!

  81. Ewwww!!! T.C. ????

  82. I am cracking out the prosecco!

    Is that like Asti?

  83. Hardly, Fredster.

  84. And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to The Artist!

  85. The dog is there? How cute!

  86. AWWWW…little doggie there.

  87. Fredster, it’s a sparkling wine from Italy, but dry not sweet.

  88. Reminds me of that guy, what’s his name, who was on taxi, latka?

  89. The dog is on the stage!!

  90. Hardly, Fredster. Splain please then.

    Wow, that’s a little dude!

  91. Thanks Sophie. Sort of like a brut champagne?

  92. Wow Angie! She just **glides**.

  93. It’s a jack Russell. Little dogs who think they are way bigger.

  94. I’m so happy for Meryl.

  95. Incredibly smart dogs if they don’t tear your house apart first.

  96. Yeah she’s a second waver.

  97. Wow, that’s a little dude!

    I meant the producer or director of The Artist!! He was short.

    I thought once about getting a Jack Russell, but realized no way in hell did I have the stamina to own on of those.

  98. Yeah he reminded me of Latka.

  99. So, I still want to see several of them (the movies). This year sure flew by.

  100. Sophie or Upps, is the prosecco a type or a brand? If it’s a type, then what are some brands?

  101. I got 2 right. 33%

  102. Oh yeah Fredster, those dogs are not for the meek. Very high energy. Great at jumping and agility.

  103. Lots of french guys are small. Look at sarkozy. How he landed her is beyond me. He’s a toad next to her.

  104. Sophie: LOL! I haven’t seen *any* of them.

  105. Ever seen the tongue on a toad?

  106. How he landed her is beyond me. He’s a toad next to her.


  107. Ever seen the tongue on a toad?

    Ouuu la-LA!

  108. Actually I think Asti costs more. If you like apples. I’m not a sparkling wine or champagne person myself.

  109. First time I had Dom Perignon I was like, WTF do people see in this shit?

  110. I’m not really big on wine. Just curious.

  111. I love wine. I just don’t like the bubbly stuff.

  112. Could be because of all the cheap cold duck shit I drank in college.

  113. Lambrusco. Oh YUCK.

    And if it’s pink, it ain’t wine. If it’s Merlot, flush it. And they’ve got a lot of nerve calling that pink shit Zinfandel. Real zinfandel is dark and very very good.

  114. Eh, it’s just not biggie with me.

    Could be because of all the cheap cold duck shit I drank in college. Yeow! Headaches.

    Boones Farm here.

  115. Oh yeah Boones Farm Apple Wine. Man, we drank a lot of that at the football games. Real rot gut stuff.

  116. NES said she’d send me a case of wine if I give her my address. I wonder what wine she would pick. I know one thing, I would like it. A lot.

  117. It’s amazing the crap you will drink in college. Lancer’s Vin Rose was considered a step up. lol.

  118. Zinfandel goes great with Italian. Just letting you know. Not that fake pink. Real zinf. Berringer’s makes a decent zinf, they beat the pants off of Europe with a bunch of their wines in competition. Pissed them off. Calfornia wine beating out France and Italy. LOLOL Loved it.

  119. I think you grow to like what you grew up with at the dinner table. We never drank much beer. Always had wine with dinner. So I never really liked beer much unless it’s with a pastrami sandwich.

  120. It’s amazing the crap you will drink in college. Lancer’s Vin Rose was considered a step up. lol.

    Don’t forget Mateus.

  121. We never had beer at the table that much, unless dinner was boiled seafood…shrimp, crabs, crawfish, and then *everybody* had beer.

  122. Yes! Mateus!!!! A lot like lancers.

  123. Check “Todd*’s wine bottle.

  124. Hi guys, just back from an Oscar pahty. Happy to report I tied for the winning pool. So, drinks on me for everyone!
    The only one of the major categories I missed was Woody for best original screenplay; otherwise, I scored!
    So very thrilled about Meryl Streep.

  125. Strawberry Hill wine…..

    I’m so happy Meryl Streep won and the movie “Saving Face”. I just wish they would have spoke more about why they had to “save” the faces. Best part of show was the Cirque du Soleil performance at the beginning. Even Billy Crystal wasn’t that funny this year.

  126. NES said:

    So, drinks on me for everyone!
    The only one of the major categories I missed was Woody for best original screenplay; otherwise, I scored!

    Did you have any money on it?

  127. Here you can see all of Ellen’s commercials from the awards. five of them.!ellen

  128. Haha Todd and Lisa. Love it. Thanks Fredster!

  129. Hey NES how much did you score? Money, I mean…

  130. “Pitt’s hair looks like greasy shit. Doesn’t he see what a scuzz he looks like?

    Am I here alone????”
    He looks like a scuzz but Angelina looks terrible. Full blown anorexia or a stage 4 malignancy? Her face has lost all fat and her arms are like pencils. The sagging tattoo on her left arm reminded me of the old WWII vets at the VA hospital.

  131. Yeah SHV, she’s an advert for anorexia nervousa for sure. And TV adds weight.

    Pitt has the face of a young Robert Redford. He ought to clean up for chrissakes.

  132. Seeing him and then Angelina, my first thought was that there is some bad shit going on in that household.

  133. He looks like a scuzz but Angelina looks terrible. Full blown anorexia or a stage 4 malignancy? Her face has lost all fat and her arms are like pencils.


  134. Is she a vegan or is she in a bad marriage.

  135. I know I’m gonna get smacked but every vegan I have ever met looks cadverous.

  136. “I know I’m gonna get smacked but every vegan I have ever met looks cadverous.
    Except for my great niece who thinks that Coke and chips are the primary building blocks of of the vegan diet.

  137. LOL SHV. They all go thru the vegan phase, drive the family nuts and then one day they bury their face in a steak out of a clear blue sky.

  138. Fredster and Upps, I scored 40 smackeroos, half the winning pot.

  139. imust, here’s an interview with the (now Oscar winning) director of Saving Faces:
    Acid attacks on women by disgruntled men in their lives.

  140. I scored 40 smackeroos, half the winning pot

    Congrats! Since you’re buying I’ll have a sazerac..

    Pitt-Redford. First time I saw him I saw Redford.

    Oh yeah. When they made that spy movie together it was uncanny.

    I’m checking out the commercials now.

  141. Way to go, NES. Will you be buying me a present?

  142. I LOVE the commercials! Now what was so bad about those (not nearly)-million moms???

  143. Oy vegan is not synonymous with anorexic.

    Apparently becoming vegan is the new fad for some teenage anorexics. Being vegan doesn’t make them tiny – their mental disease makes them tiny. If you severely limit what you’re eating (or go bulemic and throw it up), it doesn’t really matter what you’re eating, you’re going to waste away. But most anorexics aren’t vegan anyway.

    Every vegan I’ve ever met looks very healthy – I’ve never met a cadaverous looking one – they’re actually all athletic. Perhaps it’s the cold weather out there, UW!

    And the food pyramid – you guys the other day were saying that they changed it for political reasons. But it was the old way because of political reasons – the meat and dairy lobbies. If you ever looked at the back or bottom of one of those food pyramid posters – you would have seen their label.

    I just don’t get it – vegans are probably the tiniest minority in the world – but it really shakes people up that someone doesn’t want to eat meat or dairy. Somehow we seem to be really threatening. I’m honestly starting to think that vegans and vegetarians make meat eaters feel guilty just by existing – because the meat eaters are always ridiculing vegetarians and vegans! Yeah, I just don’t get it. 😦

  144. Actually lorac, here’s how we feel about vegans. Oh around 2:35-2:40 will show the salient points.

  145. Upps: check email tomorrow.

  146. It’s in the mail, Upps!

  147. lorac, I think the pick on vegan/veggie thing is a payback for all the times they TRIED to make us feel guilty. We’ve all had one in our lives! Besides, thank PETA for the caracature of what a vegan looks and acts like. Making TV spots and having sites about Charlie the tuna and how fish live in family units and we break them up and that’s one of their better absurdities. And from a practical standpoint, if not eating meat is so great for you, how come so many vegetarians have to figure out vitamins and minerals and powders and other supplemental ways to get what their bodies need and could get naturally if they were eating like the ominivores they are. We ARE omnivores, you know. Just look at our teeth and you know it. And then there are the ones who torture their pets by trying to make THEM vegetarians. Great way to kill a cat. But besides…it’s FUN to pick on you.

    I think that young people grasp onto this because they are influenced to do it, in schools and other places. Thank heavens it’s a fad most times because scaring kids into a dietary lifesytle is not very nice..or very heatlhy in their formative years IMO. That PETA information “kit” has gone to more schools than anyone cares to admit. Next thing you know an impressionable kid comes home and won’t eat most of what’s on the table.

    You NEVER pick on us, but it’s still fun to pick on you! It’s kind of like the association thing, like being an Italian and having people attach all the stereotypes to you automatically. Or being Jewish. Or being a woman. Or maybe I need coffee.

  148. Fredster, the Not So Million Moms probably ‘boycotted’ the Awards. I’m sure it made a difference. Cough cough. Or maybe they watched and said they didn’t. Or maybe they held a cross and garlic up whenever they saw ellen.

  149. lorac, my sister takes me on vacation every year (she has money and I do not) and we eat memorable, fabulous meals. Our annual trip is coming up soon and I sent them a link of the fabulous restaurants near the resort we booked. They informed me they have become Vegan for the last few months and that they will be mostly preparing rabbit food in our hotel room kitchen.

    I will be gnawing on rib bones without them. I hike a lot. Cheese burgers give me the strength to keep going. Lettuce and tofu, oy.

  150. Love Angie when she struck her pose (it was so better than all that stupid banter between presenters!), but her arms do look too thin. I believe her right leg has it’s own website now. (LOL!) Brad’s long hair may have to do with a movie new he’s making. The BRIDESMAIDS were humorous on stage, but I thought the scene with Billy Crystal and Melissa McCarthy was crude. (I like them both, however.)

    In general, I can’t stand the acceptance speeches, especially when winners run down a tedious list of whom to thank. SO BORING!!! I give the winner about 3-5 seconds and if they start on that path I just change the channel.

  151. [i.e. “with a new movie….]

  152. The silent flick win was too artsy for my take. That Academy’s Heavy-On-The-Old-White-Guys mix picked “Crash” a few years back. Did ANYBODY see that? Moneyball was a great concept. The Help too depressing considering the premise about rearing white children…can these folk get off the race thing already? Streep nailed it when, as Thatcher, she drew the parallel between courage and gallantry

  153. I thought the ‘bridesmaids’ presentation banter was crude and completely inappropriate. Brad has had his scheevy hair like that for a long time. he just always looks like a scuzz to me.

  154. Meryl Streep – What self-actualized woman sounds like – in explaining her honoring of Don Grumble, her husband, at the beginning of her her Oscar acceptance speech.

    (FYI: She donated her entire salary for Iron Lady to the founding and building of a National Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C., which she is dedicating her time and energies to promoting these days.)

    – Clip from her after-awards press room interview – hope this embed works, if not you can see the video clip at: )

  155. The embed didn’t work, but the first link above will take you directly to the clip – here it is again: )

  156. trixta, you make a good point about most acceptance speeches. But, Meryl’s was definitely a class act in its graciousness and its paen to friendship.

  157. One more link – for more on Meryl Streep’s, Award-Winning Life Achievements as a “feminist” – self-actualized human being, unapologetic for her lady parts, development of her talents with vision and hard work – and her understanding of the wealth of contributions of women to society – all, par excellence:

    National Women’s History Museum

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