Open thread and What Are Friends For?


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  1. ROFL and 10 thumbs up.

  2. Chavez is back in cuba propping up his own corpse.

    The guy turned his country into such a shithole for the peons that even he doesn’t use his own medical system. Whatsa matta, Hugo, all the capable doctors fled your country, hey? You don’t even have the capabilities of saving your OWN ass there.

  3. Friends?

    Are you sure they ain’t brothers?

  4. Yup I’ve been saying that all along here. They kill all their ‘rescues’. They are the highest kill ‘shelter’ in the USA. They are despicable. They use ‘rescue’ to fool people into thinking they are saving animals. Given the choice, they would kill all our pets or turn them loose to die on their own with ‘nature’.

    And given the choice, they’d probably kill us pet owners too. What upsets me most is sincere people donate to these freaks.

  5. Cats and boxes – they love boxes.

  6. Talentless plagiarist whom Obama adored, of course, and whose ‘Hope’ poster using an AP photo, which Obama The Fraud used as a campaign signature in 2008, is officially declared a fraud. He’s pleaded guilty to contempt of court for lying to the court about what a fucking thief he really is.

    The street artist Shepard Fairey, whose “Hope” campaign poster of Barack Obama became an enduring symbol of his last presidential campaign, pleaded guilty Friday to a charge stemming from his misconduct in trying to bolster claims in a lawsuit over which photograph had been used as a basis for the poster.

    Mr. Fairey, 42, sued The Associated Press in 2009 after it contended he had infringed on the copyright of one of its photographs in creating the poster. Mr. Fairey had claimed in his suit that he had used a different photograph of Mr. Obama, but later admitted that he had been mistaken and had tried to conceal his mistake, by destroying documents and fabricating others…

    Mr. Fairey, of Los Angeles, pleaded to one count of criminal contempt and could face up to six months in prison.

    It does seem appropriate that the fraud Barack Obama would use as a campaign symbol a poster that was also a fraud.

  7. good sunny Sunday Upps and friends.
    love the video. 🙂

  8. Gotta have a dog video for Hillbilly. Think he’ll notice?

  9. A piece by Dowd today (recommended read) makes the point that the GOP Old Guard is also repulsed by the primary race and Sanctimonium’s ascendancy:

    “It makes the party look like it isn’t a modern party,” Rudy Giuliani told CNN’s Erin Burnett, fretting about the candidates’ Cotton Mather attitude about women and gays. “It doesn’t understand the modern world that we live in.”

    After a speech in Dallas on Thursday, Jeb Bush also recoiled: “I used to be a conservative, and I watch these debates and I’m wondering, I don’t think I’ve changed, but it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective.”

    Alan Simpson, the former Republican senator from Wyoming, recently called Santorum “rigid and homophobic.” Arlen Specter, who quit the Republicans to become a Democrat three years ago before Pennsylvania voters sent him home from the Senate, told MSNBC: “Where you have Senator Santorum’s views, so far to the right, with his attitude on women in the workplace and gays and the bestiality comments and birth control, I do not think it is realistic for Rick Santorum to represent America.” That from the man who accused Anita Hill of perjury.

  10. That shitbag sexist pig Alan Simpson should talk. Like father like son.

  11. Clarence “unsullied by partisan taint”? RRRRRRRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL That WHOLE court is in the pocket of one of two parties and every decision they make is tained, but for that split voter. If there were 10 supremes, half D and half R, nothing would EVER be settled in that court and that’s just about a total fact.

    But eh, it would be great to get his ass off the court.

  12. What the hell is “bear spray?”

  13. Oscar predictions anyone?

  14. “What the hell is “bear spray?””
    OC gas, “pepper spray”….. I used to carry a canister when I lived in WY and went mushrooming or fishing in bear country.

  15. OMG!! Two of those cats look just like my girls!! (The gray one and the tiger, not the white one.)

  16. NES: I haven’t had a chance to see most of the movies so my predictions are worthless. Still, I’ll watch it and hope that my favorite peeps make out well.

  17. Oscar predictions anyone?

    Nobel Peace Prize + Trophy for self esteem. Let’s give it to somebody who needs it. If they pass Meryl over again that’s what I think. The woman has been nominated 17 times. She won two. I think it’s pretty safe to say this is a great actor. She literally becomes her character.If she wins a third she will tie with that other Great….Katharine Hepburn.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She got TWO and I got None! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  18. Meryl Streep is a great actress but she has the annoying habit of being in movies I hated.

  19. You hated Julie/Julia? Mama Mia? I love those movies!!
    Go Meryl!!!

  20. Yeah but she also has the annoying habit of outstanding performance in her partd. she’s a method actor, she IS who she plays.

  21. Oh man you don’t ever want bear spray in your face. It’s heavy duty pepper spray in large quantity. The pepper spray you would carry to get the dog coming at you to whine a lot wouldn’t do a thing for a bear except maybe piss him off more. Personally if a bear is close enough for me to spray him, I’m probably going to die of a heart attack anyways. Overall, I’d rather empty a gun in him.

  22. {{{{Julie/Julia}}}

    Upps, are you live blogging the Oscars tonight?

  23. Yippee! I got an email from Donna Brazile:

    The GOP has done all it can to kill nearly every aspect of the president’s job plan and is intent on taking us back to their failed economic policies. But unlike GOP Inc., the DSCC relies on grassroots donors like you for 90% of its contributions. Without these early investments, Democrats will have to write off states.

    We can win North Dakota, Arizona and Nevada. We can preserve our all-important majority, and stop this ridiculous Republican legislation. We can keep President Obama in the White House. But not without key investments now.

    Here’s the deal: Your $5 today – early in the election cycle – will help us win in November. The longer we wait to fight back, the more it’s going to cost, and the less likely we’ll be able to stop them.

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to make a huge difference. Even $5 will help the DSCC hit this goal and stop Republicans cold. Can I count on your help?

    These recent Republican shenanigans have only strengthened my resolve to put them all out of jobs in November. If you feel the same way, please help the DSCC hit this crucial goal.

    Thank you so much.

    Donna Brazile

  24. They’ve been letting the hinkley nut out out furlough. They had him taking off for weeks at a time and the found he was starting to stalk Jodie Foster again so they stopped. Now they have started letting him out again to ‘visit’ his mother. When will they STOP letting these psychos out on the street? The doctors who approve this should be held accountable.

  25. Sophie, I’ll be happy to put up an open oscar thread if you want.


  27. Canadian father arrested, strip searched after child draws picture of toy gun

    Continue reading on Canadian father arrested, strip searched after child draws picture of toy gun – Spokane Conservative |

  28. Wow..fabulous photo of Ms. Streep!

  29. MyIQ: That article would have been better if the writer had left his right-wing agenda out of it.

    According to Joe Newby (the Spokane Conservative Examiner writer of the article):

    this incident illustrates what happens when liberal progressives are in power.

    Yeah Joe, contrast that with the conservative fascist post-9/11 method where they call you a terrorist so they can whisk you off to Guantanamo without the quaint old restrictions of Miranda? Either way, the state is overstepping its bounds. He should have just let the story stand on its own.

  30. SHV, hope you have 911 on speed dial.

    myiq, lol on the picture of a gun. What a bunch of loons.

  31. Okay, I’m going to blow the dust off the Tee Vee just for you guys.

  32. Nice show on elephant sanctuaries. Seems more fun.

  33. How cute, this elephant and little dog are best friends. The dog got hurt and they took the dog to the vet and the elephant wouldn’t leave the spot where the dog got hurt for two full days. When the dog came home, the elephant went wild. with joy. They are showing them running together right now. Vey cute! Screw the Awards.

  34. Aw shit, update, the dog died from coyote attack and the elephant carried the dog back to the barn. Damn, I thought i was enjoying this.

  35. Hey switch over to Amazing Animals. Very cool show.

  36. I’ll watch “The Walking Dead” on AMC. Is that the new name for the Republican Party?

  37. HAHAHAH Fredster.

  38. How cool. At the end of the video, you can click for another video of them in the snow. I didn’t think elephants could do snow.

    No Amazing Animals on any channel here…hmmm.

  39. Elephant vid was cute.

    I’m watching Lake Placid right now and they are getting ready to drop the cow from the helicopter down to the crocodile.

  40. What?????????????????????????????????????????/

  41. Sophie the dog died. Bummer. It’s NBC

  42. Speaking of helicopters, don’t use that cheap-ass gas in them. They don’t like it.

  43. Upps, you never saw that movie Lake Placid? Apparently someone sets a crocodile loose in there and the scientists are trying to catch it. Betty White is in it and as she says “I’m pulling for the crocodile”. 😆

  44. Well here’s one for you Fredster. They featured the most famous youtube of all time, the battle at kruger. Watch the good guys win.

  45. WOW! But I bet the poor baby buff didn’t live. It had too many lions chewing on it.

  46. ROTFL! I liked this from the Dowd piece that NES mentioned.

    The contenders in the Hester Prynne primaries are tripping over one another trying to be the most radical, unreasonable and insane candidate they can be. They pounce on any traces of sanity in the other candidates — be it humanity toward women, compassion toward immigrants or the willingness to make the rich pay a nickel more in taxes — and try to destroy them with it.

  47. Yes he did. He got up and went with the herd. As it turned out he was fine. I thought the gator did him in but he got up after the herd came and charged. Watch again.

  48. I was going to put this up in a post. GOP has mystery candidate.

  49. Yes he did. He got up and went with the herd.

    Oh I know at that point, but I meant I wonder if he survived long term (whatever that means) ?

  50. Upps: re the Onion: Could they do any worse? 😆

  51. Oh well, I’m off to fix some salad and soup.


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