Vagina Czar Darrell Issa figures out that he’s a Swine.

Vagina Czar.

Below is a video of Darrell Issa saying that his all-male hearings on what  he will allow wimminz to do with their own body parts wasn’t a “great success” on getting his “point across” “for the American people”.

Gee, Darrell, ya think?

When you speak of American People, you mean, American males, don’t you Darrell? Because women aren’t American and they aren’t People. Isn’t that right you swine? Thanks for reminding us that congress is overrun by complete morons. You won the Swine Award last week, Darrell. But don’t fret. Next week another condescending asshole just like you will make a fool of himself. However, I will say that telling a woman who uses birth control that she is not qualified to testify while inviting instead a rabbi, who likened my individual right to make my own sexual and reproductive decisions ( just like HE  can with his insurance-covered Viagra and/or vasectomy) to forcing him to sell pork at a deli ….. might just qualify you to hold onto the Swine Award for more than just one week, you arrogant, rude, condescending and odious son of a bitch.

Vagina panel.

Did you really imagine that women were going to sit down and shut up for your little pushy stunt? You might be able to push your wife around or your daughters if, God forbid, you have any. But the rest of us aren’t going to take your shit. Barack Obama must be secretly partying over what a nice job guys like you are doing to give him four more years. He knows that bringing up a woman’s right to make  her own decisions is all it takes for you Social Loonies to go wild, wave your arms, and jump up and down and scream. That’s why he uses us as hockey pucks to provoke the temper tantrum of you big women-hating babies.

You crazy bastards can’t even spit up a  borderline sane candidate for us to vote for– Because the preponderance of women are not going to vote for Pithecanthropus Erectus for President. So take your stone age, patronizing, patriarchal slap-women-down attitude and stick it up your skinny ass, you miserable woman-hating, vagina-probing bastard. You actually make Barack Obama look good. Do you have any idea how hard that would be for a normal man to do?  At this rate, he won’t even have to leave the house to win in November. Are you sure you toads aren’t on his side? I was wondering that, because, really, all that’s left for your party to do to women is try to tie a concrete block on each of our feet, throw us in a river, and see who floats, Darrell.  That other nut Bob Morris would love to test it out for you. He can be in charge of  Concrete Blocks For Girl Scouts.   But we won’t go willingly. Just so you know. It’s all so comforting to know that, while our economy is in the trash heap, You and Yours are minding my crotch for me.  That should fix everything. We wimminz  just love a party that focuses on what’s important, you know? One would almost have to move to the Middle East to enjoy your kind of twisted ‘leadership’.

Tell you what Darrell. Do you want to tell women what to do? Well, then you will have to be a woman for a little while. Here’s how: Take an automatic umbrella and shove it up your ass. Then hit the open button. Then I want you to pass it. Without an anesthetic or any pain killers. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Shouldn’t take you long, because you’re such a big A Hole.  When you report back as to how that feels, then you can tell the rest of us how many of your little Reruns we should spawn. But you’re not done being a woman, yet Darrell. No sir.  Next, you need to get your ass raped by a psycho on the way to your car and imagine giving birth to HIS umbrella. By then, you should have a whole new appreciation for birth control. God, there is just no end to your audacity, Darrell Issa. One might even say that you are an excellent argument for retroactive birth control.

The fact that you childish little boys actually enact laws is a shivering thought. You are an outstanding and repugnant example of what power does when it’s in the wrong hands for too long. Now don’t forget to go kick your dog, Darrell. Furthermore, I know every woman wants a guy who sells his Mercedes for cash and then reports it stolen telling us all what’s morally right.

Training video for  Republican Religious Zealots

h/t myiq.


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  1. Amazing how republicans don’t realize how much of a joke they are to those under 30 years of age, and to more and more women.

  2. Oh they’re a joke to those of us over 30 also.

  3. A post full of quotable quotes ,,, friendly reminder: all copyrighted.

  4. I’m wayyyyyyyyy over 30, and they aren’t just a joke to me — they’re the punch line at this point.

  5. Sorta makes all of Mark Twain’s snarky assesments of Congress seem entirely accurate…..

    So if the social conservatives (I want the government out of my life, but I have no problem raping your daughter with a foreign object crowd) have a Vagina Czar, doesn’t if follow that we will have Vagina Police?

    And, just to note–this tactic is not suprising since Scalia said the 14th amendment does not apply to women and discrimination. Why should the 4th amendment which limits unreasonable search and seizure by the government apply to women? Hence, the vaginal probes. Some sort of sicky psycho sexual thing with them I think, emphais on the psycho part.

  6. Moderator Kitteh ‏ @MKBill2
    I’m thinking of getting together a panel of all cats to decide what to do with dogs.

  7. Since both parties are anti-women, working for, or promoting one party over another seems pointless. I think our only hope is to focus on passing the ERA. Hold both parties feet to the fire and get it done.

  8. Previous thread Uppity said: “obama uses women as hockey pucks”

    Yeah, not to mention Israel as target practice for Islamists…

    I love this:

    Israel Probably Won’t Tell the U.S. If It’s Going to Attack Iran

    Israeli officials have reportedly let it be known that they won’t give their United States counterparts a heads up if the country decides to launch an airstrike against Iran. According to the Associated Press, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told this fact to every American official coming to Israeli hoping to talk them out of a pre-emptive strike of Iranian nuclear facilities.

  9. Love, love, love this Post, Uppity!

    Vagina Czar Darrell Issa figures out that he’s a Swine.

    Someone needs to take these pigs into a room and… I’m thinking “liquid plumber” their heads out of their…

  10. Interesting AnnE. The 4th amendment would be a great way to file suit against Virginia and Texas. Make them look like the foolish intruders they really are. Yes, I would definitely call that a forced Search.

  11. How far have women come?

    Isn’t it the same message except that now women’s roles and bodies are being Legislated?

    Sexism in 30 Vintage Ads:

  12. Oh, Imust I harbor NO delusions that the Democrats give a shit about women and humans. They only use them for lacky campaign work, campaign donations and hockey pucks and bargaining chips. They long ago proved they have no intention of ‘allowing’ women their equal rights or equal pay. Just Words. Bullshit at election time. As I usually say, the only difference between the D party and the R party is the R party doesn’t even bother pretending they care.

  13. I see where Sanatarium is helping democrats to cross over and vote for him in Michigan. That ability to temporarily change your registration to vote is simply criminal and should be outlawed in every single state. The Obots are all to happy to do this for Rick because they KNOW he has a better chance of seeing God, pun intended, than beating Bawack. Ironically, this same group of children have been royally fucked by Obama, yet they want four more years of his trashing of their future. Amazingly stupid lot, really. Just goes to show you how much the USA has dumbed down schools.

  14. Oooooooooooooooooo Why Not. I gotta use those ads in a post sometime soon. So what’s changed?

  15. I love a good rant.

  16. Yeah don’t you feel purged when you do one?

  17. FYI on Tacking issues:

    I installed Ghostery and DNT (“Do Not Track”) on another drive to compare performance.

    Ghostery picks up more, in my test.

    Thanks Uppity for the info and advice on the Google stuff, privacy and more. I’m using it and have it all working smoothly now.

  18. Uppity: Post on then and now – “So what’s changed?

    Interesting isn’t?

    “You’ve come a long way, Baby”

    …From Brainwashing to Legislation.

  19. I didn’t hear about that Mercedes bit till now. Hunting for it revealed lots of stories about his past that he would rather keep suppressed.

    People in glass houses should beware.

  20. Totally purged. Righteous rant!

  21. Why Not, I use Ghostery as well and you are correct. I also have all cookies set to ask. Once i decide if the site cookie can stay it doesn’t ask me again. If I only want the cookie to be used ‘during the session” I decide that too. In this way, they can’t put their tracking asses into your machine for use constantly.

  22. Obama pushed the dem for a day stunt in a speech on a factory room floor somewhere during the primaries. I forget where but it was early in the year and around the time the blowhards Rush was starting to push that idea too. They steal our vote and voice and attack liberty. A President with no moral compass, a big mouthed meddling shock jock, and a twit with his faux morality on his shirt sleeve – all think it is just peachy to rig votes. Sick bastards.

    Our founding fathers (and mothers) would puke.

  23. Karen, Issa has a very jaded history of lack of integrity. He fits in well in Congress. Always, these people declare they’ve done nothing wrong because they really believe they are above the law.

  24. Should have said: From BEING brainwashed to BEING Legislated.

    Damn the 1st and 2nd Waves for figuring it out and putting everything on the line to get out of jail!

    3rd Wave? Obama Worship, Making Haul Videos and Staying Clueless is, apparently, being “Fully engaged in Women’s Issues?

  25. I wonder what to do to prevent tracking on a Kindlefire? It doesn’t use firefix or IE, it uses Silk.

  26. As firefox addons I use

    Google sidebar remover
    Google analytics optout
    Toggle Private browsing
    Cookie Killer
    Adblock Plus
    Better Privacy
    Multiple Tab Handler

  27. Yes Uppity, I’m practicing those “cookies” adjustments too.

    Like here, your “stats counter” and “twitter button” tracking is okay with me because both show popularity of your site.

    I like having choices – and your knowledge and suggestions were right on, as usual.

  28. also google advertising cookie optout

  29. Uppity Woman, on February 28, 2012 at 11:38 AM said:

    Copied your full list to my Internet Privacy Tech File. Will check my Firefox addons to make sure I’m up with those.

    Thanks again for your time and efforts in posting on this issue.

  30. I ended my “google account” related email address and now just use one gmail for some things – without a “google account.”

    All other Google Opt-Out choices with that gmail address I do engage, especially after reading your posts about them in the past.

  31. Have a meeting. bbl.

  32. Yeah, UW, it might not be cost effective for governments to have to issue search warrants for millions of vaginas.

  33. You’re welcome, Why Not. It’s good to see someone taking advantage of precautions against the biggest internet spying agency ever.

  34. Why Not, I don’t put cookies here but it does show you what happens when you link to other sites like twitter and stat counter. The stat counter is pretty regular though, it’s how they count the site visits. But I never let twitter cookie me when I visit a site. Why should I?

  35. Yeah AnnE and the most pious ones among them would be the first to volunteer for the search.

  36. Will you take a look at the face on the freak who shot and killed kids in that Ohio high school?

    His lawyer says he’s a “good kid”. No kidding.

  37. UW: great POST!——Love it when you get angry

  38. Third Student just died, from the freak above—

    as much as I hate posting the NY tmes, it just came in

  39. LOL!
    File under: You’re so cute when you’re mad.

  40. Yeah well nevermind a third person died, M…..he’s a “good kid”.

  41. Pro Choice PAC started in Virginia, to defeat the supporters of the Vagina Probe law.

    The Women’s Strike Force will be raising money and actively recruiting candidates of all political parties who support women’s reproductive rights.

    Leslie Byrne, the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia, is one of the leaders of the PAC.

  42. He should leave the women’s issues alone and stick with bringing Holder to justice. He has been the strongest voice for justice on Fast & Furious, which, as we all can imagine, is not just responsible for wrongful deaths but also rapes and all kinds of atrocities. Thank you, DOJ!

    The democrats, we recall, refused to do anything about this weapons nightmare.

  43. A President with no moral compass, a big mouthed meddling shock jock, and a twit with his faux morality on his shirt sleeve – all think it is just peachy to rig votes. Sick bastards.

    karen — I love when you talk ‘dirty’ about O. More!

  44. T.S. Far as I can see Issa isn’t doing anything about F and F either, except blowing smoke out of his butt and his same old tired fake morality bluster. But then he’s really way too busy sticking his face in the vaginas of American women, which is way more important. Nothing will come of that killer Holder. Nothing every happens to ANY of these criminals in DC. They are all above the law.

    Listening to these congressional blowhards is a lot like elephant intercourse. A lot of loud noise and kicking up of dirt and nothing happens for two years. Even then, at least the elephants give you another elephant.

  45. What interesting descriptons are UPPITY’S are giving us today

    PS: go virginia, Leslie and the strike force—-Knock em’ dead

  46. Kick ass post Uppity. Good to hear about the new pac in VA.

  47. good for the strike force. 🙂

  48. Oooh, love the MKB tweet also. I need to sign up for that so I can follow Bill.

  49. socal be warned, Bill doesn’t follow anybody back unless he gets catnip. But not just any catnip. It has to come from illegal aliens Undcumented Migrants who hop the border with the Meowie Wowie stuff. He says that USA stuff is crap.

  50. If you think NES, who has all the privileges and rights of blog editors, should write a post for the blog, and that said post would be a knockout, raise your hand!

  51. {{{raises hand}}}

    Ha, Bill has good taste, of course. I remember Maui Wowie from the good old 70s & 80s. Also, the title of this post is perfecto, Vagina Czar. Should we send this to his office?

  52. He had BETTER be tried as an adult, the little shitbag.

  53. Detroit. Golly, what a shock. He shot her ten times. Nice kid. Let’s give him another chance.

  54. What? No sympathy for an orphan?

  55. If he shot her 10 times that means he had to stop and reload.


    Raises both hands… that’s “hands” NES, not legs, lol.

  57. he didn’t have to reload if he was using my glock.

  58. If you think NES, who has all the privileges and rights of blog editors, should write a post for the blog, and that said post would be a knockout, raise your hand!

    I think that would be a disaster. Thumbs down.

  59. his mother was a dialysis patient with lupus. They should kill that little bastard right now.

  60. Oh come on NES. It’s me. Uppity. I know you can write.

  61. not legs, lol.

    Very saucy, Why Not. lorac must have commandeered your keyboard.

  62. 12 gauge. Ten shots? Nothing left.

  63. Dear All: Please pray for Mittens to win Michigan today — if he doesn’t, he’ll be seriously damaged (altho’ he will pick up a proportionate share of delegates).

    Upps, do you agree with me that Mittens will be damaged if he loses Michigan, even by a hair?

  64. All I do for a living is write, write, and write, Upps. So, the last thing I want to do in my free time is write. But, I will at some point…never fear.

  65. NES, the high powered lawyer, afraid of rejection. Come on. Embrace your inner Salinger!

  66. that’s “hands” NES, not legs, lol.

    You almost had me reaching for an asprin there (h/t Foster Friess), WhyNot!!!

  67. Come on. Embrace your inner Salinger!

    As soon as I catch sumthin’ in the rye, Upps.

  68. Embrace your inner Salinger!

    Or your inner John Grisham.

  69. Absolutely, imust, we need to pass the ERA. Corporations are people. Zygotes are next up to become people. Maybe we can get in there and become people before frogs and rocks.

  70. Word around DC is that Boo Boo, Moo Moo and their masters want Sanatorium and that the underground (read acorns numerous seedlings and the guys in purple) has been “helping” get people to crossover to vote and play havoc with the results.

  71. Is anyone proposing that they take pictures of wieners for those asking for Viagra, Cialis and the like? You know to prove there is a real medical NEED for all those erections. After all, as so many have pointed out, sperm should not be abandon with such little regard for their existence.

  72. NES, the high powered lawyer, afraid of rejection. Come on. Embrace your inner Salinger!

    Just think of it as writing something a tad longer than a comment.
    Mentally dig up the Round Table group. LOL!

  73. is anyone going to watch the primary results tonight?

    I think I’ll be cutting my toenails and then take a nap.

  74. Word around DC is that Boo Boo, Moo Moo and their masters want Sanatorium and that the underground (read acorns numerous seedlings and the guys in purple) has been “helping” get people to crossover to vote and play havoc with the results.

    I have no doubt as they had practice at this shit during the caucuses in 2008. 👿

  75. Mt. Laurel, apparently several Dems have crossed (or will cross) over in Michigan to muck with the Reep primary by voting for Sanctimonium.

  76. “Legs,” “Aspirin,” “Foster Friess”…


    Mind and wit of the Queen of Uppity Woman.

    Now, NES. You can’t do poetry, wine selections or links to those crow recipes – WE WANT CLASSIC NES!

  77. Speaking of the Michigan primary, JenTheMichigander commented, at the neighbor’s place, that she went to vote (as “Uncommitted Dem.”) at lunch time, and there was only one other voter there. If one can reasonably extrapolate from her experience, turnout may be rather low in that state.

    Query: Does a low turnout in Mich. favor Mittens or SanitaryPad?

  78. P.S.: Polls close in Michigan in 40 mins. The suspense is killing me….

  79. Query: Does a low turnout in Mich. favor Mittens or SanitaryPad?

    Generally, low turnout, like bad weather, tends to favor the candidate whose supporters are the more enthusiastic..or crazy. They will go out to vote for their guy or gal.

  80. I never thought I’d be cheering for a Mormon elder. WTF.

  81. Toenails done…nap time.

  82. Toenails done…nap time.

    Stay up to paint them, slacker!

  83. I’m on my knees for Mittens – and then I’m going to commit myself – and tell them to send the bill to Donna Brazille, care of the Democratic Rules Committee..

  84. …and lorac will be so J.

  85. Any Michiganders on this board???? Report in please on the progress of The Pope vs. Brigham Young.

  86. Stay up to paint them, slacker!

    LOL! I consider myself lucky if I get them cut *evenly* and not gouged or anything.

  87. yeah, it is repubs for a day. The nightmare of 08 all over again. How does Rush like it on the other foot?

    NES when you are ready, write. NES Tuesday has a ring to it but wedNESday is already taken.

  88. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghh! With only a less than 30 mins. to closing, SanitaryPad is leading in Mich., 42-37! Pray that Detroit and suburbs haven’t reported yet (Mittens country).

  89. I’m on my knees for Mittens – and then I’m going to commit myself –

    ROFL, WhyNot. Pray harder…SanitaryPad is a-head (and a dick!).

  90. karen, I would sooner cut off my right hand than compete with LORAC WEDNESDAY!!

  91. With 6% reporting, it looks like this:
    WhyNot’s prayers may be working — Romney may be closing the gap.

  92. Praying for Romney is like… speaking in tongues. I’m going to need an exorcism after this election is over.

    But the thought of Nut Case? I’m now begging and groveling to the Most High.

  93. Be back in a bit, gotta find some beads!

  94. I pray that your prayers are not in vain, WyyNot. (You realize, however, that you’re competing with Il Papa Benedictus; right? Boy, oh boy, wouldn’t he love his butt-boy in the WH.)

  95. Seriously. I could easily live with Romney over the alternatives. I’d like to see it happen – for more reasons than OBLOW.

  96. Not bad on the prayers, WhyNot. Mittens is closing in. (And, it’s lovely to see Newtie scraping the barrel.)

    Michigan Primary
    6.4% precincts reporting

    Candidate Votes Pct. Del.

    Santorum 30,881 39.6%

    Romney 30,607 39.3%

    Paul 8,718 11.2%

    Gingrich 5,414 6.9%

    Others 2,299 3.0%

  97. I’d like to see it happen – for more reasons than OBLOW.

    Do tell….

  98. Things that make you go WTF!

    4:50 PM – Today
    Michigan Crossover Turnout Appears Higher Than Expected
    The New York Times’ Nate Silver reports:

    According to early-wave exit polls, 59 percent of voters in Michigan’s primary today identified as Republican, versus 41 percent who said they were independents or Democrats.

  99. The polls close at 8 and some at 9. With the time zone that means they aren’t closing now?

  100. karen, apparently both AZ and MI close at 9 pm EDT, ie, in 1 minute.

  101. yep, they were organized to steal the vote. again.

  102. thanks NES.

  103. the NYT gives AZ to Romney with O percent reporting. exit polls clear.

  104. With 18% reporting in Mich -Romney has a big lead.

    bites nails.

  105. Keeping the lead by nearly 10K votes above the obots for Santorum.

  106. Whoa baby, our Mormon star is ahead with appx. 20% reporting:

    Michigan Primary
    21.7% reporting

    Candidate Votes Pct. Del.
    Mitt Romney 116,226 41.2%
    Rick Santorum 106,988 37.9%
    Ron Paul 32,097 11.4%
    Newt Gingrich 18,703 6.6%
    Others 8,010 2.8%

  107. Excellent on AZ. That’s a winner-take-all primary, so Sanitarium gets bupkiss.

  108. If Romney wins MI, Upps will be out CRRRRRRRROOOOWWING again. And, deservedly so.

  109. 28%

    Romney still 10k + votes up.

  110. NES – as long as the crow isn’t on the menu.

  111. With 30% in now, he’s a little over 10K up. Go Mittens!

    Here’s an excerpt from an AP piece that shows that the GOP primary voters are not loonytunes, for the most part:

    The AP reports:

    Exit polling showed a plurality of Republican voters in both Michigan and Arizona saying the most important factor to them in the primaries was that a candidate be able to beat Obama in November. Romney won that group in Michigan, where it mattered most, and also prevailed among voters in the state who said experience was the quality that mattered most.
    [Rick] Santorum ran particularly well among voters who cited a desire for strong conservatism or strong moral character.

  112. NES – as long as the crow isn’t on the menu.

    NOT on my menu, karen. I was smart enough not to challenge her on her MI prediction.

  113. OK, with nearly 49% reporting, our Elder is 20K ahead.

  114. So which bullshit network are y’all watching? CNN or MSNBC?

  115. 23. The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

  116. Fredster, I was looking at Fox and Huffpo on-line tracking updates.

    Looks like Fox called Michigan for Mittens. Thank da lawd and Michiganders.

  117. Astonishing how many votes scumtorum has gotten. Did you guys see the clips where he goes after barky for saying he wished every American would continue their education after H.S.? “He’s a snob!!!” He’s nuts, just nuts. Scroll down on this link to see Jon Stewart take him on:

  118. NES, just saw on yahoo they are calling MI for Mittens.

    I’m going back to watch my fave hillbilly U.S. Marshal on Justified.

  119. Michigan Primary
    73.8% precincts reporting

    Candidate Votes Pct. Del.

    Romney 317,258 41.4% (called winner)
    Santorum 286,530 37.4%
    Paul 88,521 11.6%
    Gingrich 50,726 6.6%
    Others 22,524 2.9%

  120. I didn’t think I could loathe any politico more than snewt, but scumtorum is awful close, maybe even.

  121. And AZ acquitted itself well. Maybe the GOP flirtation with whackjobs is waning. Can’t happen soon enough. Bawaaak must be so sad (his numbers are underwater again, sunk by gas prices no doubt).

    Arizona Primary44.7% precincts reporting

    Candidate Votes Pct. Del.

    Romney 163,583 48.5% 29 Santorum 84,527 25.0% (winner)
    Gingrich 55,407 16.4%
    Paul 28,735 8.5%
    Others 5,216 1.5%

  122. When polled, the people of Michigan stated they wanted a president who appreciated that their trees were just the right height.

  123. Phew…now I can relax. Fredster, come do my nails, pretttttty pleeease.

  124. It’s a sad and serious situation with this latest school shooter, but I cant help it, this was funny!


    What? No sympathy for an orphan?

  125. NES, WRITE!!!!!!! It’s different than legal briefs, you can have fun with it. You are so funny naturally, c’mon, let it out!!!!

    Matter of fact, it will probably be good for your health to take a chance and write some non-work stuff!

    And I won’t be J of UW pulling you out of your Hussein hole, because I’ll be there with her!!!!

    p.s. if it seems too much right now, that’s okay…. so instead, write the way you usually do, and my suggestion would be, write impeachment papers for The Fraud!!!! 🙂

    I’ll start it for you with my best legalese:

    The party of the first part 52%, demand you immediately cease and desist your non-stop party!

  126. I agree, lorac — I had a good laugh at that too. Truth to tell, I’m so J at myiq’s quick and rapier wit.

  127. Fredster, come do my nails, pretttttty pleeease

    But I don’t do a particularly attractive job of it. I just hack ’em down to a decent length.

  128. I wonder how long before Gingrich drops out. He should stick around on the sidelines and be an attack dog. But once he drops out, I doubt he’ll continue “contributing” – a little too much of the O narcissism in that one.

  129. Upps, just want to say again how great this post is (just reread it). Thank you for going after Issa!

  130. Notice how when you say “Issa” it sounds like a snake hiss. How appropriate!

  131. I forgot those elections were today. I was just reading down the comments and started seeing everyone’s references, then the stats started coming, then I was going faster and faster reading down, I couldn’t wait to see what happened!

    Thank goodness Santorum didn’t win either. I really don’t understand when a party wants to run someone from the far, far side of their party, when most people in both parties don’t agree with someone like that.

    And poor G, getting .06 in Michigan. Some people are SO sure he can beat Obama. He couldn’t even beat Paul in one of today’s states. You’re pretty unpopular if you can’t beat Paul.

  132. socal, you’re so right!

  133. And poor G, getting .06 in Michigan. Some people are SO sure he can beat Obama. He couldn’t even beat Paul in one of today’s states. You’re pretty unpopular if you can’t beat Paul.

    Don’t forget lorac that there are a good number of Southern states that will be holding primaries and newtie may find life there once again.

  134. Maybe it’s just me…but I don’t think it’s appropriate for the President of the United States, even if he is in “campaign mode” (when isn’t he?) to make a statement like this:

    In a boisterous, excited tone, President Obama continued, criticizing Republicans who said “the workers made out like bandits in all of this; that saving the American auto industry was just about paying back unions. Really? I mean, even by the standards of this town, that’s a load of you-know-what.”

    It seems beneath the presidency, just saying.

  135. oilsoc, imust. takes one to know one.

  136. So, here’s a guy who “gets it” about Virginia’s attempt to legislate vaginal ultrasounds and eventually settling on “just” external ultrasounds if the woman doesn’t want the vaginal.

    The bill, as written, would have required many women to undergo a trans-vaginal procedure, the sort of coerced penetration that in other circumstances could be considered rape.

    But even someone who gets it, has an unfortunate, limited use of pronouns

    It’s an example of the government getting between a doctor and his patient….

  137. imust, it sure fits the standards of the presidential candidate who gave Hillary the finger, anyway!

  138. fredster – are they mostly before or after Super Tuesday, do you know?

    Megan Kelly was doing different stats on Fox, and today the voters for whom ousting Obama was most important, voted in higher numbers for Romney. Also, Catholics voted more for Romney the morman than they did for Santorum the Catholic snicker

  139. a Dr & HIS patient. Figures. I always choose women Drs, and so does hubbie and laker.

  140. Yes lorac, it’s true to form for him. You’d think he’d have grown some now that’s he’s been president for over 3 years. Nope, he’s just as rude and crude as he was as a candidate.

  141. @karen, oilsoc for sure!

  142. Rats! The Senate is about to lose a good woman: Olympia Snowe says she won’t seek reelection.

  143. Poor Poor Rick! God has forsaken him! Maybe God is pissed that Rick doesn’t understand the difference between God’s Work and God’s Job and prefers to do the latter.

    And yeah, like we all already know, just about EVERY catholic uses birth control these days and it doesn’t matter what an archaic pope says when it comes to that.

  144. It seems beneath the presidency, just saying.

    Obama. Behaving beneath the Presidency. Not rare.

  145. Vagina Czar?!! Yer killin’ me, Larry!!!

    Priceless, UW.

  146. Matter of fact, it will probably be good for your health to take a chance and write some non-work stuff!

    What she said.

  147. Actually Santorum’s remark about college is the only thing he’s said that I agree with. We have dumbed down ‘higher’ education for people who never belonged in college. Four year degrees are now a dime a dozen. And nobody can find a plumber. To me, that’s realism. College has become bullshit. And it’s not only no longer what it was, but the graduates think it is something really big. Well something EVERYBODY has is EASY to get and no longer valuable.

  148. The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

    Hilarious! Must use!

  149. ………..looking up that bet I made with NES. Cha ching! Crow! Yum!

  150. Well there’s also another explanation for democrats crossing over in Michigan…that Barack forgot about. There are a LOT of pissed of people from Michigan who had their votes stolen and their delegates given to Barack Obama without their permission. They crossed over too…and voted for Romney to help get rid of Obama.

  151. I’m going to need an exorcism after this election is over.

    I’m dying here!

  152. I never thought I’d be cheering for a Mormon elder. WTF.

    No kidding!

  153. Mt. Laurel, apparently several Dems have crossed (or will cross) over in Michigan to muck with the Reep primary by voting for Sanctimonium.

    Look how well that worked out for the little dirtbags. They forget that their counterpart Democrats, the ones who had their delegate STOLEN, did the same for Romney.

  154. Is anyone proposing that they take pictures of wieners for those asking for Viagra, Cialis and the like?

    Yes. We could call it a required Certificate Of Need and collect their names for pointing and laughing later.

  155. I read a comment on H44, someone from MI said that the Dem primary had something like 10% uncommitted, meaning they didn’t want The Won and Only.

  156. The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

    I always think the opposite when I think of boxing. Blows me away that its against the rules to punch below the belt, but bashing someone’s brains is encouraged! Misplaced priorities, IMO. They’re so enamoured of their own genitals, but it never occurs to them that they may not even be able to use those genitals after the brain damage…

  157. Uppity, did you watch the jon stewart link? barky said he hoped H.S. grads would commit to at least a year of continuing their education, whether it be a junior college, or trade school or regular college.

    I agree with you that college is dumbed down and not anything like it used to be, and that all colleges are filled with ninnies. Absolutely.

    However, I agree with bark-head that just because people aren’t university material, it doesn’t mean they should stop trying to educate themselves any way they can.

    I have some low-life, welfare queen cousins that got preggers in H.S. so they could collect welfare (this was in the 70s). I only saw them at an occasional wedding or funeral, but I remember them looking down their nose at ME cuz I was NOT saddled with kids (from multiple lowlife criminal fathers) and collecting welfare and food stamps. Unlike them, I was working, going to school, and traveling. When I saw that scumtorum “what a snob” clip, I thought of them. They thought that college was for snobs, and they were too good, too good- ol’-boy American for that.

  158. Dershowitz has his panties in a twist about Media Matters:
    Go Alan — make trouble for BO!

  159. socal, they wouldn’t need to go to college if our schools didn’t dump the trades classes. Now students have to go pay a trade school to learn what they could have learned in high school…or at least gotten a good start. Our educational system has forsaken these students with their stupid attitude that everyone should go to college and learn to do……..nothing.

  160. I can’t stand huffington post. They are spending all their time feeling sorry for the little beast who shot and killed high school students. I won’t even post their link, but no mention of the dead people in their video, just the poor poor good kid who killed them and had lowlife parents. I know plenty of people who came from difficult backgrounds. They didn’t go out and shoot a bunch of innocent kids.

  161. What’s so odd about the testicular guard “Cup” being used to protect their brain and the helmet to protect their penis???


  162. Most of them have their brain in their penis anyhow.

  163. Agree about that H.S. should not have dumped the trade classes. Hubbie took all of them, but then he still had to take classes after H.S. In fact, he has taken classes all though his adult life, for all the new stuff that keeps coming up in his field. He taught at a local JC at night for awhile, but it really didn’t pay enough. He enjoyed it though. I remember I would make up packets for the students, which was fun.

    Anyway, yes, education in this country has become completely bowdlerized. Horrible about that school shooting. I would kill myself if my kid did something like that.

  164. I still can’t believe santorum has won 4 of the primaries so far. What states are next?

  165. NES, I liked that comment by Romney that put up next door. It makes him seem normal and centered.

  166. When my mom was growing up, whole high schools schools were trade schools, not just some classes. Well, I’m sure they still had to take basics like English, math, etc, but most of the focus was the trade training. In her burough (or maybe just one area of it, I don’t know) there was a predominately Jewish high school, which is where the college bound kids went, and a trade school, and one other high school. I know kids could pick which one, because she said she had known since she was younger she wanted to go to the mainly Jewish school. And she stuck it out, even though the Jewish kids picked on her because she wasn’t Jewish lol

  167. Here’s that Romney comment you liked, socal.

    The Right punditocracy sees this another gaffe by Romney. But, it’s what makes him attractive to Indys:

    Mitt Romney was asked at a press conference in Michigan this morning about his inability to excite “the base” of the Republican party, and he replied:

    “You know, it’s very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments. We’ve seen throughout the campaign if you’re willing to say really outrageous things that are accusative, attacking of President Obama, that you’re going to jump up in the polls. I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support. I am who I am.

    I’m a person with extensive experience in the private sector, in the economy. I understand job creation from a personal standpoint and from a theoretical standpoint. I want to use those skills to help the country. And if I get selected, great, and if I don’t, I can live with that too. I’m putting myself out there because I think I can do a better job getting America back on track. I think this president has taken us in a very dangerous direction, and that we’ve got to get him out of the White House. But I’m not willing to say anything to get that nod.”


  168. WA this Sat. Then, a whole slew of states on Super Tuesday, including the key state of OH. I believe after that it’ll be the slew of Southern states.

  169. It’s one of the things I like about Romney also; It’s a job he believes his experience qualifies him for, not a divine appointment he was born to fulfill – in some battle between good and evil. It’s what makes him so “boring” in the political circus arena of extremes.

  170. Whoa!

    WhyNot and Romney
    Sitting in a tree
    Romney said to WhyNot,
    “Will you vote for me?”
    “Yes!” said WhyNot, “Certainly!”

    I’m with ya, WhyNot.

  171. When I went to high school, there were tracks. You were advanced, you were general, you were remedial. Somewhere along the line, some moron decided that was not nice. It was realistic. So instead, schools now pretend anybody can be a brain surgeon or some such shit. Anyways, the trade classes were there as well as the advanced and college bound classes. Today, all parents think their kids are potential Einsteins, even though teachers all the way back to their younger school days could see some of them are not. So the kids are pushed to pretend they are going to be Philadelphia lawyers or something. It’s become a ‘shame’ not to go to college. I think that’s bullshit. I know electricians who make wayyyyyyyy more money than teachers do. And most people are smart enough to know they aren’t smart enough to handle electricity without an expert. Where is the shame in that? The trades are getting lost and that’s ridiculous. Some kids just are not college material. In fact, lots of kids aren’t. Some kids would kill themselves if they were electricians. The point being, the assumption that college for everybody, suitably dumbed down, opens doors, is just raw bullshit and a joke. The only people making out are the mediocre colleges with their jacked up tuitions. FOr most of these kids, the only thing college will get them is a lifetime of loan debt. yet, barack thinks that’s a good idea. And this is why college is becoming a joke. FCS they have remedial English and Math classes in some of these colleges.

  172. Here’s the calendar:

  173. Here’s my take on ROmney and it has been my take all along. Beneath the fact that he is exceedingly boring, which I don’t care about, I have seen his past. Words are bullshit. I want to see what someone has DONe not what he SAYS he will do. I attach my opnion heavily to women’s rights, obviously. Now, he is posturing during the primaries to placate the nutcases. He has said things like he is going to kill title 10 and he’s going to defund family planning. I think it’s rhetoric and bullshit. Why do I say that? Well, because as governor he INCREASED funding for planned parenthood. It’s as simple as that. Furthermore he was pro choice before he was anti choice and running for president. His past tells me, campaign aside, he’s pro choice. He thinks the birth control bullshit going on in his party is ludicrous. HE says it ‘works’ and ‘leave it alone’. And finally, although his health care program in mass had some major kinks, do we not think he learned from that? As a candidate, he’s the best chance we have that health care reform won’t die, it will just have the kinks removed. smart people Learn and adapt. I say that’s exactly what he will do on this issue. The others just want to can the last chance this country has to fix a mess that is killing people. I wager he will demand that people can cross state lines for health inurance. On the day that happens, these insurers will no long have a grip on their ‘regions’ and their price fixing. It will change the scene immensely. I say he’s not perfect, but he is the best shot we have among the horrid field we have.

  174. lol!

    I admit I’m for Romney
    All the way
    It’s him or 4 more years of O and
    “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay
    Watchin’ the tide roll away
    Sittin’ on the dock of bay
    Wastin’ tiiiiiiiiiihiiiiimmmmme”

  175. I couldn’t agree more, Uppity. Romney is a hell of a lot more “centrist” than his own party can handle.

    If Santorium-Bachman-Incarnate, and Never Was and Never Will Be would all get out of the way, Romney could gain the momentum to beat WTF!? in the general, imho.

  176. On the other hand, the rest of the field is making Romney look damn good to a whole lot of fed-up voters – on all sides of the isle – it appears to me.

    I’ll take Romeny over any of them, especially over WTF!, at this point.

  177. Bed is calling.

  178. When I went to high school, there were tracks.

    Back then middle class kids got put in “college prep” track while the lower class women got trained to be housewives or secretaries and there was a “vocational” track for minority and white trash men.

    So instead of getting rid of the sexist/racist aspects of tracking they just got rid of the tracks completely.

    Vocational training fell victim to budget cuts. If you want to learn job skills nowadays you need to go to junior college.

  179. Back then middle class kids got put in “college prep” track while the lower class women got trained to be housewives or secretaries and there was a “vocational” track for minority and white trash men.

    Well I don’t know where you went to school but that wasn’t the case where I went to school. The kids were tracked according to their achievement, Period. However, it was true that it was a time when women weren’t encouraged to go to college by their parents OR their schools. I still went to college, and so did some pretty poor people I know who were so damned smart they got scholarships, which is where scholarships are SUPPOSED to go. We could argue that minority kids didn’t have the jump on things, or poor kids, etc, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t go to college if they achieved in high school. The number of minority people in college never matched up to the number of white people because the number of white people in my school were the majority — so obviously the numbers didn’t match up. But the truth was, a college didn’t even look at you if you didn’t have the grades. You could, however, attend night classes and acquire a good enough GPA to be accepted (matriculated). I know plenty of people who did that too. I am not a veterinarian today because vet schools weren’t all that interested in us broads. They were behind in that compared to, say, Law Schools. I didn’t even KNOW any female vets. You don’t see me pissing and whining about it. They wouldn’t have given a shit if I were poor so long as I had a dick. I was in a graduating class of over 400 and not that many women went to college, not because they didn’t have the grades but because they were told at home to get married and raise a family. So in that sense, I had a leg up, but not because of my school but because of my parents. Nobody in school ever suggested to ME that I should take home economics because I had the grades and they knew it.

  180. @Uppity who wrote: Even then, at least the elephants give you another elephant.

    Ha-ha & eww. Gives a whole new meaning to “elephant in the room”!

    People need to get louder about their anger at the DOJ, and there is LOTS to be very angry about. Holder must be OUT before the election! If congress won’t do it than the bloggers have to get louder and push the issue to the forefront.

    But if Issa were doing nothing, we would be hearing nothing about F&F right now. As much as I’d like all women to have “free” contraception, I put national security at the top of the issues right now. This country is in a very, very precarious state.

  181. Ha-ha & eww. Gives a whole new meaning to “elephant in the room”!

    Judging from some of the kabuki dancing we see in Congress and between Obama and COngress, more like two elephants. Mating with no results.

  182. Child abuse! We should invite the little boy to join the rank of Uppityites!

  183. T. This is a problem women have had for decades. They are told that their issues need to take a back seat to whatever else is going on. It’s constant and never ending. Meanwhile, in the background, women are being gutted. I for one will not fall for that any longer. Wherever women are no longer safe and no longer have rights, there IS no freedom and there IS no peace. I’m not buying their guilt trips any longer. It happens with every single issue, that guilt bullshit. DOn’t fall for it. If our government can’t do two things at the same time, then we have a useless government. Even a fool can multi-task. National security and keeping the hell out of women’s choices in life can happen at the same time. And it’s true that Issa is the one who put Holder on the back burner in order to get some more control over women. He asked for it. He got it.

  184. I also think that they wouldn’t have been so obviously anti woman if all those ‘sincere’ religious leaders had called for vasectomy and viagra to not be covered by insurance. But did that happen? WHy, no. This is CLEARLY a shot at women.

  185. Uppity, women will be gutted – er, rather beheaded – faster than we can imagine (esp since many of us don’t want to look at this issue) when the Muslim Bro’hood takes greater hold in this country. The sex traffiking, the Sharia, the nightmares…

    We already know that Islamic extremists are entering our country from the south. And our northern border? You can walk & boat across that one without having to worry about the heat.

    Women should FORGET the government and politicians when it comes to their health and set things up by ourselves, for ourselves like a Harriet Tubman railroad. Remember “Our Bodies, Our Selves”?

    We COULD do that if we’d have some decent organizing going on. What we (women citizens) can’t do alone is protect our borders, our country.

  186. Ouch! Rolling on the floor laughing.

  187. As a Catholic-type person & in defense of Issa, he’s NOT arguing that the governement shouldn’t fund birth control, but only do so in secular venues like Planned Parenthood clinics. The Catholic church isn’t trying to take over the entire US health care system & isn’t trying to tell Jewish, Lutheran, pagan doctors what to do. However, the separation of church & state goes both ways….the Catholic church doesn’t want the government to force religious groups to fund & perform operations that conflicts with their religious beliefs.

    re: “if all those ‘sincere’ religious leaders had called for vasectomy and viagra to not be covered” FYI, the Church is against both male & female birth control & male & female sterialization procedures. I’m not trying to convert people to Catholicism, but to the 1st Amendment protecting religious freedom.

    I expect that we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this topic, so peace.

  188. Well if the church is against viagra and vasectomy then why didn’t the testifying bishop complain about it? The argument here is why not one single woman was allowed to testify in favor of birth control.

    As a long time recovering catholic, you are right about not trying to convert me. Religious freedom does not include the right to tell the entire country what to do based on your religious beliefs and while you might argue that this applies only to religious organizations, the church runs many public businesses including hospitals, and personally, coming from a catholic family and a heavily catholic area (I’m a heretic), I just don’t know one single catholic who doesn’t defy the bith control rule. Even my elderly aunt laughed at that one. Let’s face it, if I am a good catholic who wants to follow everything the pope says, I have a right to do that and don’t need a law to make me do it. Just saying. I think that when the vatican starts making laws we need to tax them just like Italy is doing now. Furthermore, every time religious leaders start up on women, their republican sycophants try to make laws based on their idiocyncrasies. See Roy Blunt.

    Well I guess the bishop wasn’t as bad as the rabbi who compared our choices to selling pork in a deli.

  189. You know, what the Christian community doesn’t realize is, everytime they pull one of these stunts, the Sharia freaks are watching. And learning.

  190. I remember a post I did way back about this one church where the priest rang the bell every hour on the hour, destroying sleep patterns, in a community of heavily second and third shift workers. They sued and won to tell him to stop as he was driving them all mad. He swore he would appeal for his religious “right”. I thought, you fool. A mineret will be moving next door to you and see how you enjoy the call to prayer blaring at you a couple of times a day.

  191. A mineret will be moving next door to you and see how you enjoy the call to prayer blaring at you a couple of times a day.

    Uh…that would be FIVE times a day.

  192. Yeah, Issa says that gov’t should only fund birth control in secular venues, like Planned Parenthood? The same Planned Parenthood that the Thugs tried to DEFUND a short time ago???
    As for Romney, along with all Thugs, don’t believe anything they say. Bill Mahrer warned the other night about people will get suckered in by thinking that Romney REALLY DOESN’T believe what he’s saying.

    Christie and other Thugs didn’t mention any of the issues they are now infamous for when running for governerships. Christie looked friendly to teachers and then called them “drug mules” and has been heaping abuse on them ever since and pushing charter schools with his buddy Cerf. Scott Walker, Kasich, etc,…all made union busting their top concern…never a campaign issue.

    They are lying PIGSs

  193. T, I’m with you re: women taking care of themselves. Wasn’t there a Jane movement where women were taught to self-abort. I have tucked away a printout of the procedure for “menstrual extraction.”

    Frankly, it’s going to be pretty well impossible to turn back these shitty laws in the states with all the hurdles put in place …ultrasound, now attempts at state rape….NOW, and the rest, should stop thinking women will get mad enough and the legislators/perps will be voted out. Never will happen. The country has moved to the right without a peep from the Dems or the big women’s groups…..

    NOW should start a fund for either transporting women to safe states OR re-establishing JANE…

    This self-care is mandatory for the well-being of women in the future…sort of like storing food and water for when the shit hits the fan as our economic system collapses with the dollar…coming one of these days…

  194. insight, no offense, but the last person I want to listen to is the sexist pig Bill Maher. You want to vote for Barack Obama? Go for it. Me? I’ll find something I can live with instead or stay home. He’s not a supporter of women and we all know it. To him we are nothing but hockey pucks and bargaining chips, and that’s just fine with a guy like Bill Maher.

  195. Want the truth when we deal with RECORDS instead of words? The truth is, Romney has a better record with women than Obama. He expanded family planning funding. He left women alone and didn’t try to control them. He refuses to join in on this stupid caveman birth control issue. I see no record of him using them as hockey pucks for his own elections, and I am sick and tired of voting based on words when the record is raw bullshit. I will see if he shifts back to that after he’s got those far right animals off his back post-primary.

    As for Obama, he CREATED this birth control issue to divert attention from the HORRID president he is. Afte re-election he would throw women under the bus and cave in just LIKE HE HAS DONE FOR FOUR YEARS.

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