Life’s warning.

Here is how an obsessive-compulsive who is increasingly filled with wild, irrational and all-consuming rage commits inadvertent suicide.


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  1. Rage- very very destructive. I do feel for his wife and children- and hope that rage was never directed at them.

  2. Good point Mom, and I hope you are right.

  3. Sorry, Uppity, I can’t “like” this post.

    I have family members who died young and I couldn’t stand the tsking after from some people “oh if only they’d done this or that” etc.
    We all die. The best we can do is live like we mean it.

    It’s a real tragedy that he leaves 4 young kids behind.

    For the record I liked how Breitbart would go after the media, and talk about the rapes and assaults happening in OWS even as the media was extolling them as the new face of democracy or whatever. I didn’t have to agree with all of his politics to appreciate that.

  4. I understand votermom.

  5. I can’t please all the people all the time. If I did I would be essentially useless.

  6. MY GOD, this man commited suicide———-I know of his writings as stuff, and it was always biased—-it was interesting, but hard to believe
    at times

    Was he a Hillary supporter??

  7. UW: He always said he was some kind of washington “insider”–

    that is him right??

  8. OH< I hope you are feeling better this morning,

  9. Nah I don’t think so michelina. That was small pototoes for him I think. But hey I could be wrong. The writer for Insider is definitely not up to Breitbart snuff though. Definitely B string.

  10. No michelina, hardly a Hillary supporter in any way. Right wing conservative with several websites. Did the expose on ACORN, which was great. But I do think he got obsessive as time went by. biggovernment dot com. breitbart dot tv

  11. Omg that’s horrible. Did the dr lose his license at least?

  12. Wow, you never know, he does seem a tad out of control on the video

    I do feel for his family though,

  13. Michelina, I’m better thank you. Still sore and can’t eat. I had two hardboiled eggs this morning. That was gourmet next to what I ate yesterday. lol.

  14. UW: I find it odd—-nothing on the news, or TV about it——-

  15. Breitbart had many flaws. But, he also did a lot of good in the Age of Obama — he raged, mercilessly, against the MSM. That’s something.

    He was only 43 and full of fierce energy (concededly, largely negative energy, but still), so one may, legitimately, mourn his passing; I do.

  16. I heard, a whole lot of mashed potatoes went in you—make some Milk shakes, that should fill you up

  17. Yeah I thought of milkshakes. I will if I have to.

  18. Yes and you explained how he died perfectly, NES. That’s my real point.

  19. Yeah Michelina I ODd on mashed potatoes with gravy I had frozen from a chicken I roasted. I will probably eat more today, but by tomorrow, they won’t look so good to me. hahaha.

  20. I know, Upps. There’s always a center of pathos in every tough dame.

    I often think people like Breitbart play an important part in our human drama as they proceed on their chosen trajectory. Eg, I want to rage against the machine, but I lack the raging-capacity and the necessary dedication to do so. So, I take some vicarious pleasure in, eg, Breitbart doing it, and value his contribution. When he took down Acorn and stuck a finger in the eye of NPR, all Hillaryites cheered (if only in their hearts).

  21. EFF that doctor, Upps. He got what he deserved! Hope his insurer paid through the nose for what appears to have been massive malpractice.

  22. I’m taking my family death comments down. They looked kind of whiny on my part.

  23. His body is barely cold and already we’re “going after him”??????

    Does anyone have a link re the real cause of his death? Is it publicly known yet?

  24. Well considering this is my blog, with years of my own blood and sweat, I would kind of like to think I’m emtitled to my own opinion.

  25. T: no one is going after HIM, we are discussig HIM

    UW: you have every right to sound any way you want-you’re in Pain,
    unless of course you are taking the medicine–then you are feeling
    NO PAIN- (high)——-either way it’s OK——–you are no Whiner

  26. Nope I would imagine they will do an autopsy to make sure nobody harmed him. I would be willing to wager though that it’s that bane of Type A’s the world around, massive coronary. Or aneurism. Or a clot from all the air traveling like with Russert. A silent killer, that.

  27. Yes indeed he paid, NES. For the children and the widow. You wouldn’t doubt it considering I was the Executor.

  28. NES, I think there’s always a center of pathos in every tough person. Heart, however, is reserved for some and at least contained for others.

  29. Nope, Michelina, I’m not on the codeine, because, basically, it reduces me to comments the length of ‘yes,’ ‘no,” and ‘ugh’.

  30. Well put, NES.
    Uppity at least the dr got some kind of karma.

  31. If angry rants are bad for your health then I’m f**ked.

  32. I do agree that raging against a machine can be very honorable, but not when it seeks to replace it with another machine.

    What I am really pointing out here is out of control rage and obsession CAN and WILL kill you, especially coupled with things like high blood pressure.

  33. T — Upps can say what she wants – it’s her blog. Never mind that what she’s saying is, in fact, honest and insightful. It’s in the spirit of Breitbart: blunt and expository…he would’ve cheered. So, take a pill and stay and read on.

  34. Fox will do his funeral and MSNBO will give it a passing paragraph. CNN is probably on vacation again.

  35. feel better Ipps.hugsabunch 🙂

  36. Yeah Breitbart wouldn’t have been any gentler!

    give me the “old” days when a camera had a battery that lasted a long time and then you bought another one. You didn’t have to think about the battery between uses or wonder if it was ‘charged’ and all that other crap. You had a spare battery and the camera went dead only when the battery died. Once in many months–years if you didn’t use the thing a lot. Like me. Not so with this rechargeable bullcrap. I was just ready to take some great shots of my dog out in the snow herding snow piles, and the damned battery is ‘exhausted’. Why do people think fixing things that aren’t broken is a good idea. Now I will have to charge the damned thing till the snow is melted.

  37. If angry rants are bad for your health then I’m f**ked.

    In fact myiq, you’ve been expired for years!

  38. NES, I think there’s always a center of pathos in every tough person.

    Reminds me of an exchange in Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myths” series:

    Question: But aren’t many visionaries and even leaders and heroes close to the edge of neuroticism?

    Campbell: Yes they are.

    How do you explain that?

    Campbell: They’ve moved out of the society that would have protected them, and into the dark forest, into the world of fire, of original experience. Original experience has not been interpreted for you so you have to work out your life for yourself. Either you can take it or you can’t. Your don’t have to go far off the interpreted path to find yourself in very difficult situations. The courage to face the trials and to bring a whole new body of possibilities into the fields of interpreted experience for other people to experience – that is the hero’s deed.

    Hillary Clinton – paving new paths for women and girls all over the world.

    I do agree that raging against a machine can be very honorable, but not when it seeks to replace it with another machine.

    Obama, creating his own machine out of the current Political System for the pleasure of the king.

  39. Yup Why Not, which reminds us that we have been living with one horrid machine switching places with another horrid machine for far too long.

  40. Very few, if any, authors are without pathos. In fact, misery makes for the best prose. Except in the case of satire, which merely requires strong metaphoric and aggressive writing skills, along with a twisted razor humor. A detailed mind also helps.

  41. In fact myiq, you’ve been expired for years!


  42. @noEmptySuits who wrote: “It’s in the spirit of Breitbart: …”

    No it’s not. Breitbart was a decent man. He would not have posted a video about someone – intended to make them look like a loon who’s “lost it” – who had just died, even if he could’t stand that person or what that person stood for.

    Even the Huffpo posted eulogies that all recognized the value of Andrew Breitbart and the commenters have been decent as well.

    I will miss Breitbart tremendously. It’s tremendously important that we have people who are willing to speak out fearlessly and reach a wide audience with the truth. There are so few and their numbers are diminishing.

    “So, take a pill”… Ahhh yes…what else should anyone do whose opinion differs?

  43. All righty then. No sense of hanging out with an indecent blogger is there? I didn’t make the video. In fact, Breightbart made it. Didn’t look too decent to me. But nevermind.

  44. Tennessee principal tells gay students they are going to hell. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

  45. Oral Roberts U just followed me on twitter. I feel like i need a shower. How many are old enough to remember when it’s name sake, Oral the One, got caught up in a fraudulent faith healing scandal back when tee vee was black and white and he was pulling pieces of liver out of people during his ‘healings’.

    Then there was that day not long ago when Oral one said if he didn’t raise umpteen millions for a new hospital that didn’t happen, God will ‘take him’. And Oral Two stood in the little pool with his 3000 dollar suit pants rolled up, pulled out his wallet and asked the lord to fill it.

  46. And Breitbart also defended Hillary to Sean Hannity, btw…

    I may not have agreed with him on a number of things but I did appreciate that he was willing to call the Pravda media to task on a daily basis. He was not content with bread and circuses.

    Rest in peace.

  47. Hummm. Oral Roberts U following you on twitter is very interesting.

  48. And wouldn’t it have been wonderful if he had done it to both sides objectively?

  49. Oral U? Block them! QUICK! oh yuck- shower isn’t gonna do it- it’s gonna take a sauna and a full body mud pack!

  50. Votermom, I just want to give you a kudo hug for disagreeing with me like an adult without personally attacking me. xo.

  51. High 5, Uppity! 🙂

  52. lol Mom! Probably just trolling dem damn wimminz.

  53. Yes WLM maybe they want to save me.

  54. Hey voter, you can’t say I don’t know how to be provocative!

  55. So why do you think Oral’s ghost would want to follow little old me.

  56. Did you know Breitbart helped start up HuffBlow? That was back when Ariana was pretending to be a republican before she pretented to be a democrat.

  57. Upps, when I heard the news of AB’s death, the first thing that came to mind was his shocking behavior at that OWS rally. It made me smile when I clicked on your site and saw the vid up.

    He was a lot of things, some good and some not so good. Sadly, the lasting impression I will have of him is someone totally out of control and ranting like a lunatic. I wondered if he had a stroke or heart attack brought on by extreme anger and rage.

    I remember also him making the odd speech once he entered the Conservative convention (CPAC I guess on the day of the OWS rally) where he said he had information on obama that would come out soon. He said something similar to it will blow the roof off – cause obama massive trouble.

    Made me wonder if he had a stoke or if he was poisoned…


    Oh and there is a not-so-surprising news story about a Saul Alinsky medical group in Chicago getting a great big pay day. Something like 56 million of our tax payer dollars. Thanks obama, we knew you would have to pay them back with our money.

  58. My Uppity opinion? A waste, although I didn’t know much about the guy. We’ll always need people who battle the system, whether they’re right or wrong for doing so= keeps the powers that be on their toes.

    Uppity after dental work, I always ate egg custard. Just the name makes the mouth water. I heard suggestions yest like broth. Only thin broth, low sodium and at near room temperature. Like bananas? You’re a pasta-loving gal. I like plain pasta, no butter, after dental work. Hope you’re doing better….oh and scrambled eggs are good for you.

  59. Hey I forgot about that Obama announcement. I hope they do an autopsy on the guy. I don’t trust those Chicago thugs either. Still, I’m sure whateer he had is still out there.

  60. What’s a saul alinsky medical group and do they kill old and disabled people.

  61. UW – I saw that about Huff po and AB. Wild. Yep she was a piece of work and why so many lefties fell for that crap I will never figure out.

    Also, the priest not giving the lesbian communion at her mother’s funeral; the principle saying the gay kids are going to hell; the big mouthed operation chaos drug addicted hog (rush, spit) shows his absolute pure and consistent hatred of wimmenz again by calling the Issa female from Georgetown a SLUT.

    Thank you uppity for making a place that is SANE in this world.

    This site is no doubt the best refuge from the craziness going on.

  62. Yup Why Not, which reminds us that we have been living with one horrid machine switching places with another horrid machine for far too long.

    Yes. “Systems” are usually on a continuum, aren’t they?

    I do believe, as Campbell, that we are all influenced by the ancients – their architecture of “ethical systems” using mythological imagery for meaning in the development of “doctrines” for all cultures.

    Rights and rituals for belonging are designed for group-sync “societies” as well as for punishments of rejection, in degrees as deemed necessary.

    Creating and maintaining order in “community” makes for a delicate balance between expanding thought, possibility and encouraging individuation that facilitates self-sufficiency and that of demanding conforming to a system that is too powerful to confront.

    You do that well here as one of the best authors (and teacher) with admirable skills in the use of:

    satire, which merely requires strong metaphoric and aggressive writing skills, along with a twisted razor humor. A detailed mind also helps

    (I’m sucking up to not only compensate for my oftentimes neurotic rants – but for the sheer pleasure of knowing that to shit on your blog or bloggers in this community brings out a pathos in you that we can both admire and respect :smile:)

  63. Geeze, Karen, that fifty bucks I gave you to say nice things about me is really working out!

    Now stay out of my refrigerator.


    i think our universal health care (not) is working out great for obama’s corporate campaign donators and acorn style voter registration drives.

  65. Hey Hal, are you on the laptop or did you give up? I can’t pasta because I have to chew it and it will go over to the ‘other side’. Bummer. I’m losing weight here! I like scrambled eggs but not without bread. Anyways, I only have to do this for a couple of days and then I can eat what I want even if it hurts. lolol.

  66. Hal I’m always game to battle the system, but not enough to obsess and kill myself over it. And I guess my ‘problem’ is I think both sides have some very seriously degenerate and illegal things going on and to preclude one for the other is just not all that sincere and smacks of an agenda. Can’t help it. Who are we kidding. The right sucks as badly as the left and we are spending our lives watching one odious side change places with the other odious side.

  67. Hal- lol- out of all the food suggestions my broth one stuck in your mind- lol- always always low sodium when I make it. Chicken or turkey carcass, onions, celery, carrots, thyme, some garlic- and for Uppity- just a hint of tomato. A bay leaf is good too. Never ever salt a stock. Salt the end product in which you use the stock- but never the stock itself.

    AHEM- now then- as for Breitbart and his “committing suicide”- well then. It is akin to a smoker getting lung cancer, or a diabetic drinking a gallon of sweet tea, or those with high blood pressure dumping salt all over everything they eat. Unhealthy lifestyle has consequences. Rage is not good for you- leads to all kinds of unpleasant things- high blood pressure, ulcers, etc.
    I am not feeling well- so DO NOT diss the our hostess or my rage may get out of control.

  68. Well hey Karen, maybe Obama can get the health insurance industry to get out the vote for him since they are the only ones who benefited from this ‘law’.

  69. But not to fret, Karen, we will always have the Black Panthers to stand in front of the voting centers with billy clubs. If you recall, Holder told them to stay away from the polls……till 2012. Gawd, that guy is greasy.

  70. Heart conditions and some medications can sometimes intensify (or create) aggressive (or depressive) personalities.

    Breitbart had both. At such a young age, a heart condition often kills unless a drastic change in lifestyle occurs – even then…

    He WAS driven.

  71. A repeal of the IPAB part of the health care no reform bill is in the works with 226 bipartisan sponsors in the house.

    IPAB is the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will basically decide who lives or dies when you think about it. A ‘standard’ that can’t be deviated from in health care. We all know how foolish and dangerous THAT idea is.

    The IPAB will consist of a group of fifteen unelected bureaucrats who will decide what constitutes “necessary care,” and who will create a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to medical care. As a physician, I can tell you firsthand how troubling this mindset can be. In medicine, every case is unique and must be treated that way.

    As if ‘elected’ bureaucrats are any better. lol.

    Anyways, we’ll see. We all know how well ‘appointed’ people work out when they serve at the pleasure of a president and live in a revolving door between jobs in the industries they are supposed to monitor and jobs in the government monitoring agencies.


    In the Red team vs the Blue team there are no winners.

    one person voted against their Team. And she has one foot out the door.

  73. A baked potato – laddeled with onion soup – was my favorite when my
    jaws were wired shut (for 7 weeks) from surgery.

  74. Yep, upps, and at the end of that Alinsky article it mentions another group that got even more money to start up and they too got a clear payback for helping The Crook In Chief steal the election.

  75. yeah. that sounds good, Why Not. Anything else? I don’t want to blow this clot and end up with dry sockets, or mess up the stitches.

  76. WOW. Snowe voted Yea. You go girl. No wonder she can’t stand it there any longer. Women bashing left and right must make her sick. They probably already told her they will spend millions to get rid of her. That’s how it rolls with these parties. No Independence Allowed.

  77. But Wilson said some of the other groups awarded appear to have more experience in the field than the Wisconsin organization. He said his group would file a Freedom of Information Act request to the government to find out more about the process.

    Wilson described the transaction as a “huge wad of money in a swing state.”

    Republican Rep. Dave Camp’s office also complained that another group, the Freelancers Union, was awarded more than $340 million via federal loans in three states as part of the same program.

    In a statement, Camp questioned whether the group was even eligible, describing the loan as a “reward” for “political friends.”

    the above quote is from the Alinsky link. Shouldn’t we just work our little asses off some more to give our money straight to the freaking “freelance group” FCS.

    This guy needs to be investigated and put in an orange jumpsuit. It will suit him and pay back karma for all we had to put up with from his morons at his orange satan website.

  78. Oh man I just realized. You had your jaw wired shut for seven weeks? Jayyyyyyyyyysusssssss.

  79. You know karen, holder holds that voter IDs (that everybody has to have to do just about anything in this country) suppress voters, but he didn’t think threatening people with billy clubs at the polls was a problem at all.

  80. Karen, if the republicans do nothing about it like they did in 2008, it will be their own fault. It seems to me like they knew damned well how to thwart people back in 2000 and 2004 without blinking an eye. If thry spent less time with their noses in everybody’s crotch and more time on the process, they would be far better off. They are so hooked on social and religious issues they are being run over.

  81. Had 2 dry socket concerns to deal with at first also and internal stitches and screws the length of both jaws.

    Room temp was what I was allowed in liquids and foods with some substance that I could get through the tiny space in the wiring.

    The potato, liquified, with the onion broth was heaven – until I could graduate to the tiny pieces of onion as well..

    Strawberry jello, blended with banana.
    Vanilla yogurt, blended with kiwi
    Soft poached egg, on a small piece of wheat bread soften with the egg yoke and a little liquid from Salsa or a sprinkle of Parmesan.

    Little tastes of Boursin – dissolving slowly in my mouth was O… well almost…

    Proteins, calcium and vitamin rich “foods” for healing – in my case.

  82. Yeah Why Not, I’m terrified of dry socket, I don’t want aNYthING hitting that side. I did all right last time but this time it hurt way more, probably because of stitches. Okay some of that looks tasty enough for another day or so. I’m drinking lots of green tea because the tale is that it has healing properties. Could be BS but what the heck, worth a try and tastes good too.

  83. UW, I agree with you…he should have done the same to both sides. TBut the way I look at it is — we have 90% of the mainstream media bashing conservatives, so this was Breitbart’s effort at equal time.

  84. I could have had anything in larger portions as they loosened the wiring for limited movement – but potential for choking was the bigger threat the entire time.

    The initial dry socket issue was actually the biggest concern in the very beginning – as you are going through.

    The potato – flavored with onion soup and broth and the other things I mentioned were life savers. I could use a spoon to sup it in. I felt like I was eating a “meal” – rather than just sipping liquids through a straw – which I still recoil from using to this day. lol..

  85. Yeah but only ten people watch CNN now 🙂

  86. Why Not, it’s said you should not use straws because they promote bleeding and you lose the clot and can lead to dry socket. But if your jaw is wired, it’s got to be a straw.

  87. You know, the biggest culprit in causing “Dry Socket” is usually the tongue and/or that little sucking action both often done unconsciously to relieve the pain, soreness. and check the progress of the space left?

    That’s what mine told me to be aware of and avoid.

  88. Yup, I’m staying away from the spot like plague. I just took a look and it looks pretty good. No redness or bleeding, everything seems okay, as I compare it to the previous yank. I just started the salt water thing. So I think I’m fine but I am just being careful because it’s only been 24 hours. Oddly, I am wishing for mac and cheese. lol.

  89. Yep, sucking can definitely dislodge the clot. I had to create a new sucking technique – because the space was so damned small, the straw would go flat at the entry point. lol.

    My little grapefruit spoon was my best-dining-friend.

    The wires loosen a bit on their own from natural progression of movement. But, the Dr did make his own adjustments over the course – of my twice-weekly visits.

  90. Upps, my virus has gone away and I am feeling much better and my appetite is back and since you’re not eating your food anyway…

    in other news: i refreshed my memory of the Brietbart claim from his speech. He had a tape of obama in college as a radical – as if that’s a surprise. At the time I commented on this board that it would be a riot if it ends up being the whitey tape. 🙂

  91. Karen that bogus whitey tape thing was supposed to be MIchelle, though. But make no mistake, if there is a tape he had, it’s in someone else’s hands today. The thing is, they will just say it was a “youthful indescretion” like when Bush got drunk all the time. I OFTEN wonder what’s in his college records though, to cause him to seal them so quickly. Whatever it is, it’s damning.

  92. Well WhyNot, I guess dry socket starts on day two with some pretty intense pain, so I will know tomorrow I guess. But it really does LOOK okay. I don’t see any bone showing, so the clot is formed.

  93. I think I dreamed “What-A-Burger!” and Prime Rib on a fairly regular basis.

    By the time I was unleashed to eat whatever I wanted (about three months later, actually) I had lost 35 lbs and wasn’t hungry for squat.

  94. Obama a radical. There would be a shock. Not.

  95. Good Uppity, that it looks okay – but you’re right to watch it and be careful. I had a dry socket years and years ago with a wisdom tooth extraction and learned my lesson the hard way about them. Damned it hurt and wasn’t healing right so I had to have it reopened and repacked.

    It drove me to wanting to have them “Pull Em’ All Now!” – in my twenties – lol.

  96. Damn wisdom teeth. Aren’t worth chit and give you trouble sooner or later.

    I just had the freakiest thing happen. I’m sitting in the den, TV off (as usual) and suddenly I am hearing a cell phone conversation. I have no idea who it is but how the H did it come through my TV with the TV off? Cable is freaky anyways. They sometimes pop the TV on in the middle of the night and ‘update’. Talk about In Your Pants.

  97. (I still have them all – with the addition of a couple of crowns – and a few hidden screws in jaw bones. It all turned out well.)

  98. can’t be he is such a nice man. 😆

  99. I’ve had that “interception” happen a few times in the past. Heard the ass—- side of one conversation quite clearly, too. Male or female, I was rooting for the other side and ‘putting in my own two cents’ in response, as futile as it was – at least I don’t THINK he could hear ME. lol.

  100. When I heard Breitbart has passed away, my first thought was who did away with him. It jut popped into my head even though I know very little about him (although I did recall that he initially had something to do with Hufi Pufi as he has some comments for Ariana about her AOL deal).

    I certainly did not agree with Breitbart on many things but he did go after stories that everyone else seemed to want buried. Definitely full of rage on top of a very Type A personality. Obama and his gang really appeared to be the final straw that set AB off completely and a little over the edge.

    My condolences to his family.

  101. In answer to your question – I have no idea how it happens and the cable people couldn’t explain it either – supposedly.

  102. Poached eggs on toast, as mentioned by Why Not is always a good option for soft food that satisfies. Egglands best done this way just seem to give the eggs that old fashioned great egg taste.

    It’s easy to poach eggs in the microwave (cooking two at a time seems to work best). I just use a small finger/side bowl. Spray with Pam or coat bowl with just the tiniest amount of butter. In my 1200 watt microwave 30 – 35 seconds works well. Place the eggs on the toast and let them set a bit to soften.

    Also, for a slightly different taste for mashed potatoes. Overcook red potatoes until they turn soft. mash a bit with some milk and add garlic and/or onions and parsley (very finely chopped or dried flakes) that have been sauteed until very soft.

  103. Mt.Laurel, on March 1, 2012 at 3:12 PM said:

    Poached eggs on toast, as mentioned by Why Not is always a good option for soft food that satisfies.
    Yep, it is said by many that they actually stave off hunger pangs (“satisfies”) longer than most all other types of protein, which I can attest.

    It’s long been my favorite breakfast.

  104. Love Eggland’s best eggs. I ate three hardboiled today. Think I’m egged out for the day though. I’m thinking pancakes.

  105. Why Not, that stuff happens with digital I guess. Frequencies, channels, etc. Took years for them to perfect wireless phones so you didn’t hear somebody else’s conversation. I heard some pretty unsavory things. One of them was truly reportable. I would LOVE if they could hear me too. I would drive them nuts.

  106. Poached egg on a pancake is yummy, too! We’re shoving that protein at you left and right, aren’t we? Trying to get you back to that glass of wine a little faster? 😆

  107. It freaked me out too, Uppity, with the TV off and no other players on.

    I do know that there are batteries keeping minimal power on in most all electronics these days – to maintain their clocks and settings. That could be enough to pick up a signal, I suppose?

  108. On February 14, an anonymous person released online internal documents from the Heartland Institute. The memos showed oil companies and other corporate interests were behind the efforts to deny climate change and influence education. Several blogs, including Desmogblog, published the memos while a number of news organizations, including the New York Times and the Huffington Post, reported on the documents. Heartland released a statement saying that documents had been inappropriately leaked, although they claimed that at least one was a forgery.

    Bloggers who backed global warming science jumped on the news to raise questions about the motives of organizations like Heartland.

    “Heartland raised more than $2 million from insurance companies…another half million from tobacco producers…and raked in a $14 million donation from one anonymous individual,” described Squatlo-Rant. “Obviously, keeping doubt in the public’s mind about man-made climate change is in the best interests of those who currently profit from doing business as usual, regardless of the outcome for mankind or the planet itself.”

    “One can only hope that American teachers are able to put up a strong resistance to this well-funded propaganda machine,” added Lorne at Education and Its Discontents.

    Too bad the documents and the perpetrator, Big Global Warming Boy, Peter Gleick, turned out to be a fraud.

    Carry on.

  109. Yeah! Glass of wine would be nice! Cup of hot coffee too.

  110. Why Not, I’ve actually heard my TV click on in wee hours, by itself. There is no picture, but the screen is phospherescent. Then I see writing that says Updating, something or another. So the cable company CAN turn your TV on right there in your private home. Without your permission. First time it happened I was seriously freaked out.

  111. Oh my, must get off to some tasks for work.

    According to most all mythology regarding death; There is always a resurrection. I’ve realized some things today from this.

    And, Breitbart will live on through another, so it does seem.

  112. I canceled “cable” years ago and never looked back.

    However, I can attest to the fact that it also happens with the converter box – in the wee hours – with a black box area appearing on on the “phospherescent” screen, like you described, and some text commands scrolling inside the black box area – some including url addresses. wtf?

    It used to freak me out – but I know it’s not something that I have any control over now with the age of digital – all made possible by fiber optics and satellite transmission.

  113. BBB Uppity and all.

    Do continue to take care… and, just hanging out with us – post or no new post – is perfectly swell and always just as informative and entertaining, I think all would agree.

  114. By the time I was unleashed to eat whatever I wanted (about three months later, actually) I had lost 35 lbs and wasn’t hungry for squat.


  115. “BBB” = Be back, Bill. lol.


  116. ROFL. Grassley says the GOP race is “down to a person and a half”.

  117. I posted something late last night on the other thread about this. Nebraska is considering a bill to make the killing of a doctor about to perform abortion ‘justifiable homicide’. I tell you, these people are clinically insane.

  118. lol. Yeah, taking off those wires wasn’t the “event” that I had it all blown up to be.

    It took time to adjust to a completely different bite and, honestly, I still don’t quite view food consumption in the same light as before.

    Interesting what a prolonged sort of “fast” can do to one’s psyche, isn’t it? I can understand the anorexia phenom, to some degree.

  119. At the rate things are going, give them another 5 years and:

    “Witch-N-Bitch Burnings will be allowed on the First Sunday of Every Month at a Church near you!”


  120. But first they have to tie the block on your foot, throw you in the river and see if you float.

  121. Cats will be outlawed because they are Familiars. Oh wait..somebody just like these people tried that before. The result was called The Plague.

  122. Why not I just think you changed your eating habits and broke certain addictions by default. Kind of cold turkey. Basically, it’s the same theory of Weight Watchers except you aren’t starving like you probably were. By the time a few months goes by, french fries aren’t appealing any longer.

  123. I don’t mean to impose but I was wondering how it is you got stuck with a wired mouth. Was there an accident?

  124. Given that, Uppity, I have a suggestion for NES “upcoming” blog post, as a weekly of course, Sundays, would be an appropriate day, perhaps?

    “Sundays with NES: A Series on Latter-Day Woman”

  125. Yes we must keep pushing for NES post. We must be merciless and never stop.

  126. Our girl NES knows more about the Middle East than all of us put together, given she spent her youth there. But then again, she probably has no burning desire for a target on her head.

  127. Andrew’s last tweet, calling somebody a putz. Now that’s funny. His icon is his face on toast like the Ebay jesus.

  128. No, Uppity. not an accident, per se. I had Maxillofacial surgery to correct a jaw bone issue that would have only gotten worse as I got older. Have rarely had a headache since.

  129. We live in bizzaro world- these people are seriously scaring the crap out of me.
    As for insanitorum- him and his first amendment religious freedom bs- the man had better go check the other, older document. You know the one that says something about Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness? I place great store in that whole liberty concept. That means I get to make MY OWN decisions. Not some dried up old coot wearing red slippers in Rome, not some crazy guy in DC- hell, not even my husband! That ass insanitorum has no clue- religious freedom? Gee I am not a “constitutional scholar” or professor or lecturer- but I am pretty sure the dead white guys who wrote the thing said “Congress shall make no law ESTABLISHING a religion.”
    By all means correct me if I am wrong- but where does it say a religion gets to write law? Where does it say a religion can impose itself on every American? Where does it say religions can flout or ignore the law?
    He best be careful what he prays for- we could have all kinds of kooks setting their own rules. Human sacrifice could become a religion and dirtbags like that freak cannibal could claim religious freedom as a defense.

  130. Where does it say a religion can impose itself on every American?

    Afghanistan and Iran?

  131. Ouch Why Not. I admire your bravery.

  132. You want surreal? Republicans are pushing a bill that ‘avoids heavy hand of government” on the internet. On women’s lives, not so much.

  133. I was born with the problem, but the corrective surgery wasn’t as advanced as when I finally had it corrected in my mid 30’s. It wasn’t as visibly noticeable as it was physically painful, causing stress headaches I could only endure, for the most part.

    I did have some complications from the surgery, including some nerve damage that eventually came back to 90% over a long period of time. But glad I had it done then, rather than later.

  134. Yes they do that kind of surgery now quite a bit. I’m sure they have it perfected at this point. It has to do with jaw alignment doesn’t it?

  135. But then again, she probably has no burning desire for a target on her head.

    Or a life spent in a burkha and with bodyguards.

  136. Gilllibrand’s on Hardball discussing Roy Blunt’s brain fart.

  137. Or a life spent in a burkha and with bodyguards.

    Yeah well there’s that too. But alas, there are so many subjects you can write about…

  138. But you wouldn’t be an apostate anyways. You never were Muslim. See? All’s well.

  139. I’m running late on “being back later.” lol. I am exiting the board now.

  140. You may be excused. lol.

  141. I remember once giving this presentation to a bunch of guys. And after I was done they all just stayed in their seats. It was either because I was compelling or they thought they were talking to their teacher. So I said, You may all be excused. lolol.

  142. NES feel free to trash any comments.

  143. votermom @ 10:17 a.m. — Very well put thoughts about AB.

    Hoping you don’t mind, votermom, but I referenced your comment on another blog, as follows:

    Today, a commenter at Uppity’s put it thus, in response to speculation about how his rages/obsessions/conduct may have contributed to his untimely demise:
    “We all die. The best we can do is live like we mean it.”

    That puts it best, all judgments aside.

  144. Cute stroking of Upps, WhyNot!

    Wipe your nose.

  145. I liked your R.I.P. on Breibart, Ani.

    P.S.: You don’t happen to have a clip or a link to that Breitbart defense of Hill, do you?

  146. So why do you think Oral’s ghost would want to follow little old me.

    Wouldn’t worry about it. I mean, how bad could an Oral be…. Now, if it were Joseph Smith’s ghost, why then I’d advise you to clamp on your chastity belt.

  147. She did not, NES! She stroked Bill.

  148. Oral’s dead anyways. And little Oral is…well……little oral.

  149. This site is no doubt the best refuge from the craziness going on.

    CHEZ UPPITY’S — Our own private sanitarium. Come uncurl and unfurl. Find your inner pussy feline. Purge yourself of Obama-demons. Fantasize about a woman in the Oval. (Membership rights restricted.)

  150. I am not feeling well- so DO NOT diss the our hostess or my rage may get out of control.


  151. The VERY last time I saw hannity he was whining about how horrid everyone was treating SP and he said he had NEVER EVER seen such treatment. Oh really Sean? You skewered Hillary day and night for about ten years.

  152. They all loved defending Hillary when she was no longer a threat to them. But if she ever threw her hat in the ring, they would bring out the hillary nutcrackers.

  153. Pleeaaase haaaalt all that dental talk – my gums, teeth and tongue hurt like hell and my mouth is a sanguinous cavern.

  154. Rick is whining and says Romney rigged Michigan delegates. Gawd, what a big baby.

  155. But you wouldn’t be an apostate anyways. You never were Muslim. See? All’s well.

    But, Upps, they’ll get me on blasphemy instead. They have one coming and going.

  156. You may be excused. lol.

    Don’t forget your teeth and wires!

  157. Rick is whining and says Romney rigged Michigan delegates. Gawd, what a big baby.

    Hey Mrs. Rickie! Put a t*t in the baby’s maw.

  158. Love Gillibrand’s tweet

    If Congress were 51% women, wld we be debating access to contraception? No, we’d be talking about jobs

  159. Actually, I had an undersized mandibular – jaw. While it sounds awful and was quite visible when I was a toddler, being the resilient, vane children that we are, I learned to “correct it” with sheer force so that it wouldn’t be so noticeable and I could avoid the teasing.

    I lived with it quite well, except for my constantly holding my jaw in a more “natural” position caused a lot of skeletal stress – resulting in constant headaches – but a more attractive face, nonetheless. lol!

    Mine wasn’t “TMJ” in the exact sense, but probably falls in that category on some level for such surgical procedures,today, I would guess?

  160. As for the surgery? After crying “Get me my lipstick and a gun” and emptying the morphine pump every hour for the first 72 hours, the relief and results made it seem like a trip to Disneyland.

    Over and out.

  161. I don’t know about the TMJ thing Why Not. TMJ sounds like a day at the beach compared to what you went thru.

  162. You caught me, NES. I was stroking our Queen. She must have missed it.

    “Wipe your nose”?

    You’re not giving me enough credit, NES. I worked so hard on that one, I had to wash my hair!


  163. well if you were stroking me, in that case, I would like the strokes to be more obvious.

  164. NES they can’t get you on blasphemy. You don’t live there.

  165. NES you gotta take dental torture or you end up with your teeth being like the stars…..coming out every night.

  166. I suddenly have this craving for hot sausage.

  167. I am not feeling well- so DO NOT diss the our hostess or my rage may get out of control

    And you’ve seen what happens when Mom and I are in a bar room brawl.

  168. Well Why Not, I was born with cogenital fractiousness and refused the surgery.

  169. I worked so hard on that one, I had to wash my hair!


  170. o/t but of interest to all women (I’d think) (I got so pissed I couldn’t write anything about it):

  171. I suddenly have this craving for hot sausage.

    Is Mr. Upps not home?

  172. somehow I knew you would say that NES.

  173. well if you were stroking me, in that case, I would like the strokes to be more obvious.

    They were so obvious I felt them in Cali.

  174. somehow I knew you would say that NES.

    I want to be reliable, Upps.

  175. lol churl. I’ll bet rush knows a LOT about paying for sex.

    And you know what? He’s been married… it three or four times? No kids. Now either 1) he never had sex with his wives or 2) he was using birth control or 3) he’s shooting blanks.

  176. If Rush Limbaugh didn’t have money, women wouldn’t give him the time of day with his own watch. He’s a scheeve.

  177. Didn’t give up the laptop quite yet, Uppity= yeah, I’m on it…keeping the missus away. Ooooh, how mean! Esp at dinner time. Food’s getting ccccold.

  178. They were so obvious I felt them in Cali.

    You should talk.

  179. Hal I saw red rats when you told me you used the restoration disk.

  180. There are hot peppers in the fridge. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a dago to not eat hot peppers that are right in front of her?

  181. Hey Mom, are you all cured?

    Jaysus, it’s like an infirmary on this blog.

  182. I have a long snout resting on my lap harboring begging eyes. Time for a walk. See you later.

  183. Not better, at all. GRRR moving into the chest now- grrrrrr grrr grrr. Hubby said he thought I might have pneumonia- not- I’ve had that and this is not it. Sore throat now and moving down. EEERRRRGGGHHHH. I detest being sick. Makes me grouchy.

  184. Red rats are cute compared to my misuse of the restoration disk.

  185. Mom when you desribed the headache and symptoms I knew this was next. You have that which you have been vaccinated against.

  186. I want a refund if I have the flu damn it! But I suppose sooner or later it was bound to get me- we started getting the shot yearly when Mom was living with us- she has COPD and flu kills the elderly- then we just always kept getting them- husband’s company provides it- five bucks- at the plant- local nurse we all know-
    So been having the shot for prob 14 yrs now- not a bad track record I suppose- but man this sucks.

  187. Here’s a great protest poster:

    (I’m so J of folks who can embed images in their comments.)

  188. Bringing here from end of last thread:

    Why Not said:

    Forgive me, for having a really hard time standing on the whale fishing for minnows of hope and change for women – and “good guys” who compromise us, if it serves their own agendas.

    It just occured to me, I ended my post (see below) mentioning my belief that Juan is muzzling himSELF due to his racial and partisan identities, that he hasn’t been able to step outside of them as much as he may think he has. Why Not made me realize that I didn’t mention that his gender identity probably also influenced his willingness to not comment on the awful stuff done to Hillary in the name of getting the first half-black man into office who cares if he has no experience or principles politics. Thanks, that was a V-8 moment for me!

    I ended my post with:

    I don’t think Juan has become quite as freed from his proscribed partisan and racial identities as he thinks he has.

  189. Upps, I love your comment about Breibart above the video. I posted the vid at the next door neighbors and said you had posted it.

    Yay about the Blunt amendment being voted down:

  190. If the blunt amendment had passed, and truly, these people are clinically insane, but anyways, if it had passed, I would have looked forward to seeing fiesty women bosses blocking health care access to viagra, penile implants and vasectomy.

  191. Aww. I remember that kitteh pic from the sidebar years ago.

  192. Mom, sorry you have the flu. I had it all thru Dec & Jan. Actually, I’m just starting to finally feel over it. I’ve decided I’m getting a flu shot in Oct. Haven’t had one in over 20 years. Hopefully it will work.

  193. socal we’re all older now and so much wiser.

  194. Women’s History Month begins today!

  195. Eh whenever they assign a month, or a week, or a day to something, you can bet it’s something our government doesn’t really give a crap about. As witnessed in this case by the other 11 months.

  196. Sometimes Bernie makes me like him, resist though I may. This is one of those times. Thanks for posting this Soph. By the way we talked about you while you were gone late last night? Were your ears ringing? You can go to the previous thread to read it.

  197. You talked about me? Am I in trouble?

  198. Go read it.

    I’m putting that video up for the morning to be sure everyone sees it. with h/t to you of course.


    The “whitey tape” um, actually, the radical at Harvard tapes, will be aired next week on, wait for it, Hannity. ugh.

  200. Sweet. Does this mean I keep my Pengy? I did have a wintry mix brought in yesterday especially for her.

    Lorac, Are you playing with me or do you really not know of Stephen Colbert?

  201. SophieCT – there’s a couple of those “comedy guys” – I know their names and faces, but I don’t knjow which name goes with which face! I just see clips sometimes when people post them.

    They don’t let me out much lol


    So if AB had the tapes from before CPAC, which was nearly a month ago, and there are three people still going through them, then this is goingto be lots of footage.

    Do I smell popcorn?

  203. Yes yes of course you keep your pengy. I received some very positive feedback. We got some of that wintery mix ourselves….

  204. Oh no. Not Hannity. He will ruin it.

  205. Well Why Not, I was born with cogenital fractiousness and refused the surgery.


    Yeah but, SOMETHING tells me Uppity, it would have been unsuccessful. In your case, I believe it’s incurable, which is why I’m reserving my seat now for years to come.

    “Senior Moments” with UppityWoman is going to be a trip! heh.

  206. I worked so hard on that one, I had to wash my hair!


    NES. I hate to admit this, truly I do. But, you have overestimated me as being as salaciously clever as you. Honestly, I couldn’t do that again in a millions years. Seriously, I didn’t mean it THAT way! lol.

  207. Hey folks!

    had a doc’s visit today and some other running around, getting scripts and such. Then some other errands and catching the wx forecasts. We have this to deal with later today.

    Some of the school systems announced on late news that they will be releasing kids early tomorrow. Some of the numbers are already indicating it may be a very nasty day.

  208. NoEmptySuits, on March 1, 2012 at 5:29 PM said:
    votermom @ 10:17 a.m. — Very well put thoughts about AB.
    Hoping you don’t mind, votermom, but I referenced your comment on another blog, as follows:

    Why would I mind? I’m flattered. *blush* 🙂

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