Sometimes this guy just makes me like him.

I was thinking that, at best, if  crazy man Roy Blunt’s Health Care Roulette For Women Amendment passed, I could at least look forward to women bosses rejecting health insurance coverage for Viagra, Vasectomy, Testosterone patches and penile implants, so that these psycho boys could see how it feels.

It would be a small consolation, because, given some of the caveman activities of legislators in this country lately, all that would really be left would be for them to tie a concrete block on our feet, throw us in the water and see who floats. They could all wear those cute buckles to go with their special hats that suit them so well.  Then they could outlaw cats because they are Familiars. Oh wait…that was done once before too — the result was called “The Plague”.  Then swine like Roy Blunt and Darrell Issa could nominate themselves to be the Pied Piper.

In Nebraska, they are currently considering a law that would make a third-party killing of an abortion doctor “Justifiable Homicide”. Think about that for a minute, would you? I’ll wait….

I’m sorry folks, but these people are severely mentally ill. One would almost have to move to that godforsaken Middle East to see men act this crazy. They are concerned about intrusive government on the internet and can’t keep themselves out of our bedrooms. They are concerned about Religious Rights but not Human Rights. They find it illegal to force Americans to buy a health care product against their will,  but see no problem forcing American women to buy an ultrasound probe against their will. There’s no irony here, is there?

Can't wait to get the hell away from these maniacs.

Fortunately, Blunt’s amendment failed.  But the amazing part is that it was close. And we all owe thanks to disgusted Olympia Snowe, who was the only Republican to vote to kill this regressive pile of dung submitted by neanderthal Roy Blunt. No wonder Snowe is leaving. She probably feels like she needs  a shower just sitting in the same room with these women’s-crotch-obsessed freaks. Barack Obama almost looks good next to these creatures. From a woman’s standpoint, you’ve got to be pretty bad to pull that off. Surely, he is partying daily because his old standby habit of using women as hockey pucks  and bargaining chips worked so well on these cretins. Again.

Oh, and one more thing. Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, mainly because she is an actual user of birth control and  was guilty of the horrible crime of wanting to testify at the Boys’ Club, which, incidentally was deciding whether or not her birth control should be covered by health insurance, regardless of who she works for.  I found this ironic, or at least a little odd. Rush has been married 4 times,  beating out Newt Gingrich in the Marriage-Is-So-Sacred-I-Do-It-Often department. The thing is, Rush has no children. This means that Rush Limbaugh either:

1) Never had sex with his wives or 2) Used birth control and is a slut who killed millions of potential babies or  3) Shoots blanks.  Now I know these options are terribly personal and not my business. It is very rude and audacious of me to force myself into these personal issues. Almost as rude as probing my vagina against my will.  And….If I’ve left out an option, do let me know.

I can’t even believe I am forced to write about this insane crap in the year 2012.

……And here is why this guy just makes me like him sometimes.

h/t Sophie.

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  1. Uppity. Women must realize that they have to be active in their health and well being. It is unbelieveable how women think it is ok for men to determine what is best for their bodies. I wonder the percentage of women who thought this bill was just wonderful! And hurray for Snowe!!

    Uppity, on another note, i think my comment I sent in the last blog went to comment heaven. I never saw it.

  2. Democrats, who have been lying to women for 50 years and doing nothing they have promised at election times they would do, who have deliberately forsaken women at EVERY turn, have raised $1.1 million for their bullshit “war on wimminz” campaign, which they will fritter away and nothing will change, because, unlike the rotten woman-hating republican party, the democrats pretend they want women to be more than second class citizens. I can’t even BElieVE women donated one single penny to these lying pigs whose livelihoods depend on keeping women down. And I can’t even believe I have to write this SHIT in the USA in the year 2012.

    And Roy Blunt draws a line in the sand with his knuckles and says, “This is not over”. I’m sure Barack will bargain us away at his earliest convenience, too.

  3. WLM, methinks that comment jumped ship. I don’t see it.

  4. And by the way, the lSEVENTEEN YEAR OLD ittle psycho who killed three people in Ohio will be charged as a juvenile. This means he will be moving next door to you in a couple of years. Maybe the state will even pay for him to go to college and do it again.

  5. “And I can’t even believe I have to write this SHIT in the USA in the year 2012.”

    Uppity, that what keeps me amazed. I guess that is why I was and am so upset about what happened in 2008. I just was astounded that their were Democratic men and women who said the awful things about Hillary Clinton. I betcha Hillary was astounded too. It was sad.

    Oh, about my lost comment. I said that I thought you handled the comment blasting you “adult like.”

  6. Thank you, WLM. I am sick of wasting my time on people whose pattern is to come here and do nothing but be offended and stir up turds. If someone has to continuously feel offended or insult me or anyone here personally, then get the fuck off the blog and go someplace else. This blog is not a democracy and never was. This blog IS here for the peace and security of the people who like what I have to say. PERIOD. If you don’t like what I have to say, dandy! Just GO! OR…….you can be an adult and come back another time when you DO like what I have to say. Or disagree like an adult not a goddamned kid in the candy aisle. Or get your OWN damned blog and see how well it works out for you. Do the work, get the following, go bust your own ass. But don’t be coming here with your hands on your hips and your finger under our noses, shitting on me or anybody here. That is a fair warning I have given for four years. It’s not going to change. Blogs are not democracies. They are owned by the bloggers. It’s like going to dinner at their house and slapping them around, bitching about the food and telling them they suck. You aren’t going to be invited back. Ever. I know plenty of bloggers I respect who often handle topics in a way I disagree. You know what I do? I leave it alone and come back another time because I respect their RIGHT to blog whatever the heck they want to blog for THEIR audience, since they are the ones busting their asses. I DEMAND the same. This blog, first and foremost is here for the long and loyal followers it has garnered through these years. You drop out of the sky and snipe, then you get what you deserve from everybody. I am not a blogger who is shooting for any bodies I can get for traffic. Never was and never will be. I just don’t care. I and the writers here do the work. You want to sit in our living room? Then leave your passive aggressiveness home. There are people on this blog who live with 2008 PTSD. I will protect them at ALL costs. I will never shoot first but I will always shoot back.

    As the many Freedom Fairy headers always say, “DEAL WITH IT”.

    Addendum: One more thing. We’re Hillary supporters. We are also feminists here. I mean Feminists in the vein of when it meant something. We are NOT going to table women’s rights for the latest bullshit “cause”. That trick is dead and gone. You don’t like it? Eff off.

  7. March 6 is our 4th anniversary. MANY of you have been here for years. We’re here. If you don’t like it, we don’t care, and here’s the door.

    And here is the very first Uppity post.

    Alas, none of the videos show up because they didn’t transfer well from blogspot.

  8. Hah, I remember that first post, and guffawing particularly at this line:

    And A bag of chips!

  9. The first name of this blog was not just Uppity Woman — anyone remember what it was? This is a memory test. Pengys for the first two right answers!

  10. Sometimes that guy does get it. More and more often I wonder if the popular penis drugs are not contributing to this madness- too much testosterone floating around causing them all to revert to caveman mentality. Thinking with the little head so to speak. Just imagine how much of that testosterone is floating around up there in DC. Can’t be good.
    Maybe it is not swamp gas poisoning.

    Four years! Damn woman- you done good! Sorry I am just to ill to pull together an anniversary party this year.

  11. Yes MOM, that Testosterone patch has some very nasty side effects, not the least of which is downright nastiness.

  12. We don’t need a party, Mom. We ARE a party.

  13. We ARE a party

    HAHAHA! Hot toddys count right?

  14. Listen Mom, you’ve had a rough year and need to treat yourself better, pamper yourself and put yourself first. I decree it.

  15. I just ate a stack of pancakes in under five minutes. I starved myself long enough. Don’t know about my mouth, but my stomach feels better.

  16. And Roy Blunt draws a line in the sand with his knuckles…


  17. Morning NESmeister.

  18. Top o’ the Morning to you, Upps!

  19. Ups, I enjoyed reading the first ever post. I can’t remember when I found you, but I am pretty sure it was close to your “opening.” I was just a lurker. Now, I realize being a lurker was not exactly fair to you. I should have given you my verbal support all this time. But, can’t change the past, but can try to make up for my laziness. I am really impressed how you and your contributors can write and hit the nail on the head!

  20. WLM we’re just glad to have you and I’m thrilled you were here all along!

  21. We ARE a party.
    damned straight.

    PMM I’ve missed you; thought you were at your new job; now sending healing thoughts your way..

  22. Hey Pamela, you should probably delete that tweet on my first post because none of the videos transferred when I moved from horrific blogspot. So the post doesn’t make much sense at the end.

  23. Mom needs to go get a nice massage.

  24. Miss you too, Mom!

  25. I want 83 women senators.

  26. Yes, 83 Senators!

  27. Upps said.
    This blog IS here for the peace and security of the people who like what I have to say. PERIOD.

    that,s why I come here. :)

  28. that,s why I come here

    I know. The formula works and I’m not going to change it. Not for ANYBODY. NES and I had an exhange on this and the formula is the formula. Don’t like it? K THX BAI!

  29. “Rush has been married 4 times,”
    The same Rush who was found to have a bottle of Viagra, originally for 100 pills ( a bunch missing), when he was returning from “vacation” in the Dominican Republic. The DM was/is (?) a destination for men looking for sex with under aged boys and girls.

  30. Ewwwwwwwwwww SHV. I almost got sick reading that.

  31. Uppity Woman, on March 2, 2012 at 10:15 AM said:

    I just ate a stack of pancakes in under five minutes. I starved myself long enough. Don’t know about my mouth, but my stomach feels better.
    well the mouth is bound to follow that good feeling. :)

  32. Hey SHV, did you know that Rush found one of his wives on the internet during the Compuserve days? I think he should import one from Russia next.

  33. Mmm pancakes…

  34. I tossed some blueberries in those pancakes, votermom. I’m such a daredevil!

  35. Personally, I found this blog after facepalming one too many times at the Taylor Marsh site (I think I gave myself a concussion). I participated in the mini Hillary money bombs there, the first time I had ever donated to a political candidate. Anyhoo, I’ve been a long time lurker myself and I appreciate the site. I do admit though that I am mostly here for Bill and the penguins. I went into withdrawal when Bloom County stopped and your Bill filled the Bill hole. I keep waiting for the Bill/Trump lobotomy exchange. If Trump ever starts being deviously intelligent and addicted to catnip, I will know what happened.

  36. Gleep I’m cracking up here. Listen let me throw bill in a box and punch some holes and mail him to you. I could use the rest.

  37. I say let’s give Gleep a Penguin. Gleep will then have to report in on penguin progress.

  38. I also think NES should write a post as a 4th anniversary gift.

  39. Upps said:

    I also think NES LORAC or IMUST should write a post as a 4th anniversary gift.

  40. Yeah!!!!!! lorac or imust for the anniversary post!

  41. Upps, loved the rant today.

    Ps — Please email me that “exchange” we had (that you referred to unthread). XX

  42. I don’t know if I kept it NES. I will look to see if I cleaned out my emails after that.

  43. For those of you who don’t know who Bloom County’s Bill The Cat was.

    You could see where our Bill would fill the…um…Bill.

  44. Japan invents a speech jamming device that shuts people up. I bet Barack would like one of those for between now and NOvember. WOuld be nice to use on on Santorum too.

  45. UW, appreciate the thought (and I’m honored), but no can do. My two feline fuzzbutts are FIV rescues and my mission in life is to spoil them rotten until the great feline in the sky calls them home. But that aside, please post a picture of Bill wearing a pair of tighty whiteys. I would swoon.

  46. Oh what a good idea Upps- I am POSITIVE an NES anniversary post would make us both feel much much better!
    lol on the job thing- still waiting on the test results- I am surmising that one must wait until all applicants have tested- at which time I will be ranked- Veterans get an automatic extra ten points- which I actually do not mind at all- they deserve it. As long as they don’t give any points just for showing up and typing your name and ss number correctly.

  47. Red Light! Red Light! Surrepticious Attorney attempting to divert responsibility to others.

  48. Veterans getting ten points is nice so long as it isn’t stupid veterans.

  49. Hello (((UPPITY’S))))

    Really Like this POST UW:————-and the rant (you are so cute)

    UW: What does this mean: K THX BAI!

  50. Michelina, K THX BAI is texting for Okay, thank you, goodbye. Often used in icanhazcheeseburger as cat captions too, particularly BAI and HAI (which is Hi in cat-ese)

  51. PMM: take it easy—we are all sending you get well wishes

  52. ROFL Uppity- the rules on the vets getting the points are pretty strict- honorable discharge, excellent ratings from their commander upon leaving and a few others. If they are smart enough to get through a minimum of four years in the military- they are all good in my book! Hell, if they served in an active war zone I would give them extra! Fair is fair- if I get an interview- I get special treatment because I am a “schedule A” applicant- which is stupid bureaucratese for a person on disability wanting desperately to go back to work. Only vets get preference over schedule A.

  53. Ok Mom, I feel better now. Whew.

  54. I guess I saw too much of what gets extra points in industry thanks to laws. heh.

  55. Watch what you do in the privacy of your own property. Google is watching. And publishing.

    Funny, but think about it. French man sues over pubishing of street view shot of him urinating.

  56. I worried about it too Upps- especially in these days when the comrades and comradesses are giving all students, dumb or smart, equal grades. Self esteem and all that psychobabble bs. It was good to see there are still SOME standards left! And in a way I was pleased that somebody who had the guts to take a chance on death to serve their country gets a head start on some punk who just wants the bennies of govt work.

  57. If you run across internet slang or texts you don’t understand, try the Urban Dictionary:

  58. I stole that speech jamming gun link. It’s so star trek.

  59. Sanitarium says JFK’s speech about separation of church and state makes him want to throw up.

  60. If only more of the urban dictionary kids would respond when the drugs have worn off.

  61. Can’t wait to see you try it out, votermom.

  62. I started a post a long time ago about how the Japanese create robotic babies that respond to your expressions, to keep lonely people company.

  63. Can’t wait to see you try it out, votermom.

    I bet they will be selling a pink Mommy version for those whiny kid days, which will be quickly recalled after too many kids learn to grab it first as soon as Mom starts telling them to clean their room.

  64. Uncle Krautie, my favorite columnist, brings down the curtain on SanitaryPad:

    Then Santorum went ahead and lost it. Rather than sticking to his considerable working-class, Reagan-Democrat appeal, he kept wandering back to his austere social conservatism. Rather than placing himself in “Grandpa’s hands,” his moving tribute to his immigrant coal miner grandfather as representative of the America that Santorum pledges to restore, he insisted on launching himself into culture-war thickets: Kennedy, college and contraception.

    He averred that John Kennedy’s 1960 Houston speech on separation of church and state makes him “throw up.” Whatever the virtues of Santorum’s expansive view of the role of religion, the insulting tone toward Kennedy, who, living at a time of frank anti-Catholic bigotry, understandably offered a more attenuated view of religion in the public square, was jarring, intemperate and utterly unnecessary.

    As was his sneering at President Obama’s wanting to open college to all. Santorum called that snobbery and an attempt at liberal indoctrination. Sure, there’s a point to be made about ideological imbalance in higher education and about the dignity of manual labor. But to do so by disdaining the most important instrument of social mobility — one that millions of parents devoutly desire for their children — is simply bizarre.

    Finally, the less said about contraception the better, a lesson Santorum refused to learn. It’s a settled question. The country has no real desire for cringe-inducing admonitions from politicians about libertinism and procreative (vs. pleasurable) sex.

    The result of these unforced errors was Santorum’s Michigan slide. His post-trifecta lead vanished. He forfeited a victory that would have shattered the Romney candidacy.

  65. votermom, I could see someone’s cat learning how to press that device button.

  66. WH WH WHAT? They are replacing me with a robot?

  67. WH WH WHAT? They are replacing me with a robot?

    A robot with a WHIP-HAND, no less!

    (No one could replace our MOM!)

  68. Mom, are your kids still in Afghanistan? If so, you must be worried — I am for them. That place is becoming more dangerous for our soldiers every minute of every day. If they can’t trust the Afghani soldiers they bring on to the bases and turn their backs on in battle, how can they function? Bam needs to bring them home now — not later, after some bigger disaster occurs.

  69. Carly Fiorina breaks from GOP and publically denounces Rush Limbaugh’s Slut and Sex Tape remarks as “incendiary” and “insulting”

    Whoa Carly, you didn’t toe the line like a duck. You’re finished.

  70. Mom do you have a definite timeline on your DIL’s return?

  71. No robot could snap that lunge whip like Mom. Just ask her rooster.

  72. Yes DIL is still in Afghanistan- and prepping to come home- she is what they call “the mayor” of her base- in charge of smooth running ops ( beleive it when they tell you sergeants run the military) Her replacement has arrived and she is in the process of getting him settled in to the routine. Then this crap happens! How the hell does she get out of there in one piece? SHe is in a hell hole- the first 48 hours she was there there was a gun battle between the locals and shots were flying into her compound. In the first week she witnessed the gruesome death of a ten yr old local boy- caught in the local crossfire. Her compound has been subject to buildings being blown up, suicide bombers, etc etc,
    We will be grateful for all prayers for her safe escape from that god forsaken hell hole!

  73. Thank goodness she’s coming home, Mom.

  74. Ugh, Mom, that’s what I had feared. May she return soon. You have the prayers of the resident heathen. XO

  75. We’ve got it all NES. Resident heathen and resident heretic.

  76. saw your draft. Nearly had a stroke. See notes sucka.

  77. saw your draft. Nearly had a stroke

    That’s not for the anniversary.

  78. doesn’t matter. Think about what I wrote.

  79. Apparently barack is going to force himself upon our TVs today to dance around his little problem with the polls that say he’s half the blame for the oil price spike.

  80. Ok, Upps, I thought about it — yes, you may consider it to be your punishment.

  81. Mehlman dit: Je regrette toulemont.

  82. saw your draft. Nearly had a stroke.

    Wait,…is that good or bad?

  83. Take another look.

    Also visit the neighbor’s.

  84. I love my neighbors but I don’t follow them and don’t expect them to follow me. I don’t want to give legitimacy to an obvious setup. 1973 and nary a thought about this. And suddenly, it’s an ‘issue’ rabid people can grab onto. too convenient for my third eye.

  85. You found a way out of posting. There will be punishments.

  86. They will be severe. Very severe. I shall give it up to Bill.

  87. NeS I gave my opinion at my beloved smart’s place. let the chips fall.

  88. Olympia Snowe rips the two ‘dysfunctional’ parties a new one and explains why she is leaving.

  89. I saw that Upps. It’s a good argument. I’m not as sanguine as you that, if ignored, this will go away. I also don’t yet know whether the ‘scholars’ wrote this in pursuit of some agenda having to do with US politics. We shall see.

  90. Whenever you want to rail against Calif. trial lawyers (or any other trial lawyers, for that matter), remember this case.,0,1798285.story
    It’s a fine example of why trial lawyers who take egregious cases are necessary ‘evils.’ This woman’s rights wouldn’t have been vindicated if she couldn’t bring a contingency fee action. And, boy, did the punitives send a message to Mercy Hospital (ironically, a Catholic one) — chit, they even changed their name (hilarious choice!!).

  91. Hahaha to Mercy hospital, they were given no mercy.

  92. NES, I just want to say that it wasn’t my intent to be didactic or emphatic, or even close-minded in assessing that infanticide under the banner of abortion article. It’s just that it is my nature to assess the enemy by trying to think like they do, so that I might figure out their next move. It’s worked well for me and it’s a habit I will never be done with. In essence, THAT is my “Third Eye” you mention all the time. It’s hard work, but if it isn’t done, you lose. Every time.

  93. NES, I just want to say that it wasn’t my intent to be didactic or emphatic, or even close-minded in assessing that infanticide under the banner of abortion article.

    I know that well.

  94. NES I never said it would go away. I said I refuse to give it legitimacy and women should be shoring up in a MEANINGUL way, not facebook and flash mob dancing. They have to power to shut these assholes up.

  95. You found a way out of posting. There will be punishments.

    I know you’re in awe of this particular ploy. So, I expect the punishments to be substantially mitigated.

  96. Glad you posted this video. Bernie often shakes things up with the unspeakable truth about his colleagues’ epic failures on policies.

  97. Yes, Why Not. I must admit I always pooh poohed him, mainly because of the socialist/communist/whatever label, but every once in awhile I realize that this guy has a lot of sincerely good things to say, while his colleagues rarely have the balls.

  98. Can’t say exactly when she will be home- she can’t tell us- other than supposed to be home in time for my little leprechaun grandson’s birthday. It is nerve wracking- but I understand- troops movements, classified, blah blah blah. Once she is actually OUT of Afgoatistan she is free to let us know- til then- it is all approximates. And of course with the escalation- it is not over til she is OTG in the States.

  99. You all might want to hop over to John Smart’s place and see the debate on waht they are now calling the possibility of “abortion” after a child is born, or ‘abortion’ of old people, and if this isn’t a setup then I’m cleopatra. NES and I have both weighed in. These people are very very clever at their systematic approach to putting women back on the farm. I didn’t cover this ‘article’ because I refuse to give legitimacy to the obvious. See what you think:

  100. Oh, and the whole post is spot on. It’s all so exhausting. I don’t know how you keep it up, Uppity.

    Wish I had the kahoonas to put a dozen dolls in 12 little red wagons – tie them one to the other like railway cars, tie them to my waist and pull them all the way to Washington – carrying a sign that says:

    “2020: Remember when women used to have REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE?!”

  101. I don’t know how you keep it up, Uppity

    Me either. I’m serious, here.

  102. This is how the third wave thinks they will get their rights.

  103. No nails were broken during that dance. No laws were changed either.

  104. I think Mom might be on to something.

    PES. Perpetual Erection Syndrome.

    I can see them hiding their stashes in PEZ dispensers. They already have the Founding Fathers Collection (Bet Ferdinand is jealous he was not included)

    And remember, the USA sends LOTS of those little blue pills all around the world.

    Having been a kidney stone patient when this was initially released, I still recall arriving at the urologists to find it was basically a zoo.

    I have a friend on the little blue pill due to nerve damage from being hit head on i a car accident. Do not get him started on the unexpected side effects of little blue pills. Or on the fact that when he would go to the doctor the place was full of “hound dogs” that had to share all their conquest stories (or as he calls them – their not so tall tales). They now schedule his visits to coincide with the kidney stone patients whenever possible.

  105. Kidney stones. Shiver. Having a flashback…

  106. PES. Perpetual Erection Syndrome.

    Whoa! PES is too close to NES! I object!

    Wait, wait…is NES= No Erection Syndrome. If so, I’ll sell my screenname initials to the Viagra industry!

  107. Listen, most of those cadavers in Congress are way past Viagra working. That’s their problem. It’s like, and I ask forgiveness of my catholic friends and relatives, but it’s like St. Thomas Aquinas, who was a complete pig in his lifetime till he was too old and unable to keep up his fun. It was THEN that he began to write and chastise others not to do what he already had fun doing. He couldn’t do these things any longer so why should you? Well that’s what’s up…or not up..with these guys. They are bitter that they can’t hump anything they want to hump any longer, and the only thing left to do to ease their misery is hobble everybody else.

  108. Whoa! Just got back from the neighbor’s – per NES suggestion @ March 2, 2012 at 1:45 PM.

    The bottom line:

    “at what point do we stop giving legitimacy to a bunch of Don Quixotes whose only purpose in life is to hobble women and get them back down on the farm by ANY means possible?

    Summed up with:

    You don’t ‘reason’ with these crazy asses. You don’t “ask” for your rights. You TAKE them.

    The future of Women’s Rights is horridly bleak in America…

    …unless the tipping points that UW is so right-on about are reached – and women awaken to the consequences of their passivity over their RIGHTS AS WOMEN.

    This isn’t about denying choice to “some” women – it is about denying choice to all women.


  109. I have a hilarious viagra story. Too bad I can’t tell it here.

  110. TELL IT!

  111. Re: John Smart’s post. Chilling. indeed, Uppity.

    The people pushing this agenda are mad – as in rabidly non-discriminating in who and what they are willing to attack.

    Honestly, I cannot believe this is actually happening. It’s Third Reich insanity, imo. Truly chilling how they are trying to “normalize” this blatant effort to masquerade as advocates of Human Rights – yet denying a woman’s control over her own life and body – as if THAT should be the main consideration when it comes to the morally sound, social policies of a democracy – regarding women?

  112. You’re on target Why Not and the only way to put a stop to it is not flash dancing or facebook. It’s showing up IN YOUR FACE.

  113. I don’t know how you keep it up, Uppity

    Me either. I’m serious, here.

    I was too, Uppity. The question was without intended puffery.

    I feel guilty sometimes when thanking you for what you do, knowing the toll it takes on being immersed in the issues you tackle – not to mention the time it takes to write the posts, manage the blog and fully engage – interact – with the rest of us.

    I am fully aware – your passion and commitment, alone, speaks volumes of the toll.

  114. I am fully aware – your passion and commitment, alone, speaks volumes of the toll.


  115. No need to feel guilty. I do this voluntarily. And when I feel a passion for something, the toll would have to be insurmountable for me to stop before I am finished. I could tell you stories. So do not feel guilty. I am grateful that you appreciate my work. That’s a huge payment, and on some days, this is what keeps me going. :)

  116. Oh man! Twitter is going after Rush’s advertisers big time. Sleep Train Pulled their commercials. Select Comfort is ‘evaluating’. There’s a third that said they ran their ads by ‘accident’. Can’t remember the name. You can follow here.!/search/%23BoycottRush

  117. …forgot to mention that part about you showing up pretty much everyday, virtually around the clock?

    How you do THAT is remarkable in and of itself. Just saying – I know you must seriously question “How much longer?” given all that’s required and all that you are witness to being squandered – that you personally fought for.

    A reasonable and well-deserved question-assessment of a beyond the call of duty, job-well-done.

    So glad you have shared this part of WHO you are with us.

  118. Showing up is easy Why Not. Wireless goes anywhere! :)

  119. WhyNot is IN LOVE!
    Alert Mr. Uppity!

  120. Mr. U says he can’t handle me by himself any longer anyways.

  121. Issa blames democrats for tone of bc debate. Priceless.

  122. Fluke on Rush:

    ….this is historically the kind of language that is used to silence women

  123. Oh cheese and rice- that tornado thing is covering nine states! Destruction everywhere- and the latest map shows us in the yellow outer edge-
    Hope all our southern and midwestern Uppityites are paying close attention to the weather warnings! Stay safe!

  124. You’re welcome, Uppity.

    Gotta go…. did I ever tell you guys about my Appendectomy?

  125. Good luck with that appendectomy WhyNot! Gulp.

  126. Pie, by Angela Boggiano. Imust, a new book for you.

  127. Hahah it’s like an infirmary on this blog lately. lolol.

  128. I may not have a lot of follwers but my tweets are being retweeted to double digit thousands. It’s all good.

  129. Upps is our sunshine on a rainy day :)

  130. Hey that’s a song!

  131. See what mom told the obama campaign here

  132. Thanks Uppity! They just piss me off- so I ALWAYS reply with an earful for them. I like the mailed ones better- mark those return to sender – let them pay the return postage lol!

  133. Good one, Mom!

  134. I tried to leave you a comment Mom.

  135. I can’t even believe I am forced to write about this insane crap in the year 2012

    Believe it. Somehow, I think 2012 is going to bring out more crazy.

  136. Women’s rights are unraveling and National Now is tweeting Love Your Body ads. Seriously, this is unbelievable.!/NationalNOW

  137. latest NOW National tweet. If anybody sends a dime to these morons, they are brain dead.

    Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic. Rosalind Russell #LoveYourBody

  138. Uppity- I found your comment. In Spam. How the hell did that happen? Did Bill follow you over to my place? And more importantly- has he returned home?

  139. dont know Mom. But I had to sign in too, which was odd. The second time I tried, I was already recognized. It was odd because I have editor privileges. Might have just been a glitch.

  140. I am having a tourettes moment. I have all I can do to stop myself from Tweeting to Now National, “Who are you people and what have you done with NOW?”

  141. Do it (to NOW).

    Btw Upps, sounds like you’ve become a really dedicated Tweeter now. I follow you, right? I’m just very bad about chkg in on TweeterWorld.

  142. Yes NeS you should see all my tweets on your account.

  143. I became ‘dedicated’ to twitter as soon as i noticed I could get complete strangers who have 9000 followers to retweet something I said. To me, that’s an easy way to reach an awful lot of people with a 140 character buzz.

  144. yes you are right Mom. Bill probably was goofing on me. I honestly don’t know what to do with him every since he started getting his nip from those Undocumented Migrants.

  145. TWEET IT! DO IT!

  146. Stop encouraging my neurosis!

  147. I think 2012 is going to bring out more crazy.

    What’s wrong with crazy?

  148. We accept crazy from you myiq, but then we aren’t worried about you being president.

  149. We all go a little mad sometimes.

  150. yes myiq and some of us are permanently mad and running for president concurrently.

  151. And next thing you know, somebody ends up dead in the shower.

  152. Great post Uppity.

    I’m wondering if RC-paid health care EVER paid for treatment of an STD. Technically, theoretically, it should never be required and should never be covered.

  153. well sophie, obviously one of them never had an STD. snort.

    It’s just unfortunate some of these clowns mothers didn’t use birth control early and often. I would have gladly paid for it out of my taxes.

  154. Wouldn’t it be great to give them all a stroke and tell them fine, go ahead and make your daughters have oral sex instead.

  155. Then tell them women would rather have that than what they have to offer anyways. Poof! no more pregnancies.

  156. Ah to be in congress for just one week. I would have a blast.

  157. I would venture to say that guys like Santorum would only marry a virgin so that she wouldn’t ever know just how lousy he is in bed. Furthermore, most men are so stupid about women’s bodies, faking virginity would be a snap.

  158. Sorry. I’m cranky. lol.

  159. Hey UW, how about for an anniversary week celebration every front pager writes a retrospective of sorts: How I found this space and what it meant to me.

  160. Is that kinda like What I Did on My Summer Vacation?

  161. Last year we had testimonials. Wanna see?
    When I found Uppity’s blog and started reading her daily, my psoriasis disappeared!

    Since I became a regular at Uppity’s place, my cat has stopped spraying!

    I haven’t had a cavity in three years.

    Before I found Uppity’s blog, I was hooked on drugs. Now I’m hooked on Uppity’s blog.

    My doctor told me that if I returned to Uppity’s blog, my rash would go away.

    When my PC broke down I was so upset about not being able to visit Uppity’s blog, I deliberately got arrested so I could use the jail computer.

    Moderator Kitteh Bill discriminates against orange cats.

    I often drive around my neighborhood looking for open networks so I can tap in and read Uppity’s blog.

    It’s been three years since I cleaned my house because I spend all my time hanging out at Uppity’s blog. Also my ass has gotten a lot bigger.

    After being thrown off of seven other blogs, Uppity was my last stop and I fit right in.

    I’m surprised this crappy place has lived this long. [UW note: Damn! How did this one get out of spam?]

    Since I started hanging up at Uppity’s place, my husband left me and he was gone for three weeks before I noticed.

    Since I started hanging out at UW’s, my cat has gotten increasingly obnoxious.

    Uppity’s place is outstanding birth control.

    When my son acts up, I drop him off at Uppity’s place for reconditioning.

    Personally, I can’t stand Uppity. But I go there to see the headers.

    Once I joined UW’s place, black cats stopped crossing my path. Now they just follow me home.

    I visit Uppity’s pad every single day to see MK Bill. Uppity, not so much.

    Uppity has missed her calling. She should have gone into a profession where there would be no time for blogging.

    I asked Uppity for a date and she told me to iron her shirt.

    My cat forces me to go to Uppity’s blog. If I’m not home, he goes there himself. He’s donated to her paypal four times using my charge card. Can I get a refund?

    The Moderator Kitteh Union owes its success to MK Bill.

    Thanks to Uppity, my spouse lost 16 pounds. I don’t cook any longer.

    Yesterday Rasmussen polled me about Uppity’s blog. 53% of likely voters say they strongly approve. 26% strongly disapporove of Uppity’s blog but read it and wince anyways. The rest don’t know what they had for breakfast this morning.

    I missed my job interview yesterday because I got hooked on Uppity’s Blog. I could have gotten the job too. It required a master’s degree to flip burgers.

    This site is great because it keeps my cat away from the Live Nude Cats site.

    Since Moderator Kitteh Bill got hired, 4037 black, white and black & white kittens have been born.

    Uppity and her members are nuttier than squirrel poop.

    Before Uppity’s blog, I was depressed. Now I’m completely despondent.

    I feel right at home here at Uppity’s blog. The place is a complete mess.

  162. Wow! Okay, nevermind.


  164. Admittedly, I wrote them all. I can do that. It’s my blog.

  165. I like Uppity’s because I haven’t been thrown out yet.

  166. myiq, I keep you because I know this just has to be the end of the line for you.

  167. see all you people in those warm winter places? We had a little snow yesterday. The guy came and plowed and shoveled. No tornado warnings. No earthquakes. Just a little snow.

  168. Okay, there was just a little snow. And it was colder than a well digger’s ass.

  169. I might like a little snow. Unfortunately, we are in the midst of another dirt storm. sigh

  170. I couldn’t resist. Some dumbo commented on john’s blog that he didn’t like the rush bashing and didn’t want his tax dollars paying, by his calculation, $3000 for Fluke’s birth control. So I pointed out that this was cheaper than a penile implant and if he didn’t get it inserted properly, every time he presses his button, his neighbor’s garage door goes up.

  171. HAHHAHAHAHAAHHA only you could think of that implant UW.

  172. Take care Fredster. The winds on the west are not letting up which means that you are all for one nasty week of torment.

  173. Geeze I was kidding, I hope I didn’t upset sophie. I mean if she leaves me I will never live it down.

  174. So far so good with the severe wx here. Winds have been up and lots of rain but so far no tornado warnings around.

    Aw shit…wx radio just went off.


  175. Amazing how people don’t want their tax dollars paying for other people’s birth control, but they have no problem letting my tax dollars pay for their child’s birth and their child’s education.

  176. No kidding Sophie.

    You know, if they had said No birth control coverage, including vasectomy, tubal ligation and the like, then they would be fair and square. If they said, no vanity coverage, for viagra and penile implants and magical weight reduction etc etc, I would say we would have no argument against them. instead, they only slammed what a woman needs to keep from getting pregnant by viagra and those penile implants. this was clearly aimed at women.

  177. Sophie this is small time stuff. I was speaking to an insurance broker the other day. He told me that two things about Obamacare. First, it will effectively end all balance billing for medical services rendered and second they don’t have a clue about how to force anyone to pay for it.

  178. Let the rationing begin.

  179. McNorman, if I recall correctly the moronic law was to be monitored by the IRS. In other words, you have to show you have insurance via your employer. If not, you have to show you bought insurance. If you didn’t the IRS fines you, so the insurance guy you talked to isn’t very smart because if you were an insurance broker, you would take the time to know that. And of course, the IRS declared they will need a boatload more agents and ‘checkers’ cha ching.

  180. This guy was laughing hysterically. The IRS doesn’t have the manpower at present, but the funnier part was when he said that there just weren’t enough jail cells for all those who refuse.

  181. The jail thing will never be enforced, M. But the fine can and will be enforced. Too bad all of the money will go to hiring more IRS agents and not into the health care pot. When I say it will be enforced, it will, as anybody who has ever had the government trolling them for money knows, they never give up. They will spend 10 dollars to get 5.

  182. And exactly what are they going to do about 20 million illegal immigrants without health insurance when they show up at the emergency room for their checkups? Truth be known, this issue has bankrupted hospitals. When you have an inner city hospital and 75% of their maternity ward is filled with freebees, exactly how is this going to reduce the cost of health care?

    Under Obamacare, it could turn out that the only lucky ones will be illegal aliens. The rest of us get fined and hounded to pay our medical bills.

  183. That is the stinker. All those hires will take away from where the need is. I was looking at Veterans reimbursement. Right now, it’s 10 cents on the dollar. I can’t remember the study that was done just recently that said $70 for every office visit to the doc billed under Medicare goes straight to administrating fees. So, a doc bills $100 for a visit. He gets paid 18 cents on the dollar and we still pay $70 to run the show. It’s no wonder that we are so broke.

  184. I swear we are headed the way of serfdom.

  185. Let me tell you. If I were a doctor right now, I would close my doors before I would be paid less for an hour of my time than a plumber. My nephew walked away from a partnership practice and now works for the military. they pay his malpractice and he gets plenty of time off. He got sick and tired of being squeezed and didn’t spend all those years killing himself to become a doctor and be treated like dog shit by medicare and medicaid. He was in florida with all those seniors and just got sick of medicare and malpractice insurance. His specialty: Nuclear radiology.

  186. I would do exactly what your nephew has done UW.

  187. Yeah mcnorman and they made him a lt colonel besides. lolol. Or major. Or some such crap. And he gets to do all kinds of sports injury work for athletes he likes.

  188. Fabulous. I’m glad for him.

  189. Red Light! Red Light! Surrepticious Attorney attempting to divert responsibility to others.

    UW, remind her of HER anniversary here, and if she wants Bill to let her see another one, she has to write a post for the BLOG anniversary!

  190. lorac judging by the malaise, it does appear as though we will be spending our 4th anniversary quietly at home.

  191. NoEmptySuits, on March 2, 2012 at 1:00 PM said:
    Uncle Krautie, my favorite columnist, brings down the curtain on SanitaryPad

    He averred that John Kennedy’s 1960 Houston speech on separation of church and state makes him “throw up.”

    NES’ auncle Krautie taught me a new word!

    verb (used with object), a·verred, a·ver·ring.

    1. to assert or affirm with confidence; declare in a positive or peremptory manner.

    2. Law . to allege as a fact.

  192. 22 senators support for including a marriage equality plank in the Democratic Party platform. They are Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Al Franken (D-Minn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), John Kerry (D-Mass.), Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Carl Levin (D-Mich.), Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.).

    That’s impressive.They should make it a two-fer and support a women’s equality plank as well.

  193. But sophie, sister, they have had things in their bogus ‘platform’ for decades that they did nothing about. Yup, it’s election time all right. Don’t give me platforms, give me LAWS.

  194. Sophie, the lying democrats could have achieved everything on their platform in 2009-2010 if they meant it.

  195. Look, NES…. WHEN you write your anniversary post, you can use some words we have to look up, so not only will you entertain us with your wit (or astute logic, or heart touching emotion, etc, depending on your topic!), but you’ll increase our brain power!!!

  196. Oh please lorac, no more brain power for NES. The grey matter is already exploding out of her head.

  197. Wow based on your comments up thread UW, things must have been a little ugly around here lately. I haven’t been around and haven’t the foggiest idea what you were referring to. However, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. This is your blog and sure people may have a different point of view but “shitting” on you as you stated or being nasty is inappropriate.

    I’m actually kind of surprised, because through the years there have been lots of people with differing points of view that commented here. Although people disagreed they did so with respect and I don’t ever remember it getting nasty. Think about health care, lots of debate and discussion, but it wasn’t ugly and I think we all learned a lot. Silly me I thought we were all adults.

    Again sorry to hear things were ugly and sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been dealing with some health issues with my daughter, late side effect stuff, serious…..but NOT cancer. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever have a relatively doctor free life.

    BTW I LOVED your testimonials, ROFLMAO!!!!

  198. Yeah somebody I was kind of wondering where you were. Now I see why. Bummer. I hope things are getting better. Hell, it’s been like an infirmary around here.

    Every once in awhile somebody shows up with their hands on their hips and their finger under our noses. It happens. We just don’t take it is all.

  199. mcnorman: I thought balance billing was a bad thing.

  200. Well Sophie, the other side of the coin is that balance billing is for those who will not accept an insurance company’s offering. Our village has no oral surgeons who take any insurance of any type. Personally, I understand that 10 cents is very little to accept for what they do considering the malpractice premiums and other overhead they absorb. I want anesthesia and am willing to pay for it because I don’t want them to give me what the government says is okay. You see the rationing is already here. It’s just not in your face yet.

  201. Don’t give me platforms, give me LAWS.

    YES! That should be the rule once they’re runinng for RE-election. Before the first election, the parallel rule would be

    Don’t give me promises about what you WILL do, show me what you HAVE done in your life – type of education, grades, specific work accomplishments, volunteer work accomplishments, any terrorists or America-hating pastors you hang out with lol

    ….. hear that, Obama?

  202. I don’t buy their campaign bullshit any longer. Judge them on what they’ve DONE because they bring up the same shit every time they run. Look at that huckster Harry Reid. Didn’t he bring up Equal Pay in 2010. After he won, you hear NOTHING from that bag of shit. After SCOTUS/SCROTUM dealt a blow to those women in that walmart class action, you heard the D’s yell Fair pay act and ERA and all kinds of BULLSHIT. Did you see any results from their bullshitting and bleating? They are all LIARS.

  203. McNorman don’t be too sure about the IRS not having enough people. Millions upon millions have been dedicated to new computers and personnel. Implementing Obamacare is priority 1 with their monies.

    I know this from within the IRS.

  204. I think the insurance guy was thinking about the people that are self employed or under the radar. IRS has always been a entity unto itself.

  205. somebody, like all thieving government bureaucracies, the IRS will demand more employees. It’s NEVER enough with these agencies.

  206. Oh, UW, we all know you’re not old enough to have a nephew who has already become an MD and switched jobs!

  207. well I am, lorac, so there. but he was born very young. lol.

    My brother RIP was six years older than me. How do you think I got this tough?

    My nephew is a genius. He got it from me, of course. lol.

  208. From way up at the 2nd comment:

    “Roy Blunt draws a line in the sand with his knuckles.”

    Since when do snakes have knuckles? :twisted:

  209. NES: I’m really looking forward to your post and hoping it will be peppered with a few Latin words. The real deal–none of that Lorem Ipsum crap.

  210. haha on lorem ispsum.

  211. mcnorman – not directly addressing what you said about Medicare patients’ billing, but tangentially related…

    I know with therapists, they can work around insurance limits. I’ve picked the following numbers to make the math easy (for myself!). If the therapist knows they want $70 pay per visit, and the insurance company stipulates they will pay for 70% of their usual fee, the therapist makes sure their fee is $100 – that way they still get what they wanted in the first place. That’s also one of the reasons they will charge less for a cash patient (whose billing is less work – ie, NO billing) – they just charge what an insurance company would pay, since that’s their ACTUAL “usual fee”. But this is for a therapist who is doing her/his own billing, not hiring others to do that work for them.

    With a medical MD, they always have SO many people in the office (undoubtedly most to deal with billling!). I suppose these workers do more work (time wise) with the billing and arranging referrals, etc, than the MD does. A medical MD always seems to hire these other people to do these other tasks required to keep the practice going, so I can see why they wouldn’t get all of the payment, since they’re not doing all the work. But you’re right, the numbers you posted do sure seem like an odd distribution of the fee! But then again, how long do MDs spend with the patient? Fifteen minutes? I have no idea how many patients an MD sees in a day, but it’s a lot, isn’t it?

    It’s not like MDs get paid $350/hr like NES does! :)

  212. lol with NES reputation as a trial lawyer, $350 is probably her idea of pro bono.

  213. lorac, the other thing with MDs is their equipment, which they spend half their life paying for, only to have to buy new equipment. Setting up a specialty practice is mucho expensive.

  214. MDs are reimbursed differently. They also get lesser pay according to the areas that they serve in. There is so much more to all of this than the public knows about. I work for a specialist. Please tell me how a surgery that takes five hours can and bills out at $2000.00 (surgeon fee) can be reimbursed at $200.00? That is where an allowable amount comes in. Then the second procedure allowable is cut to half and the third to a fourth of the allowable.

  215. lorac, not all physician offices are staffed with scribes, insurance people, receptionists, and medical assistants. Physicians who run factories are having problems keeping up.

  216. Yeah well I hate to say this but my nephew stopped doing ANY mammograms. The insurance was too high for the pittance being paid for the analysis. And his take on mammograms was they are VERY hard to read and women’s breasts are a virtual railroad of veins and what all else. you could see nothing today and two months later you have a cancer patient. He never had a malpractice suit or complaint but he wasn’t taking any chances. There were far more lucrative things he could do with less risk. Sad but true.

  217. OK……I’m going to disagree they will charge less for a cash patient. I understand some doctors do……but I’ve never met one of those doctors.

    Maybe if you have absolutely no insurance they charge less….but if you have insurance and they’re just not a provider then they sodomize you without lubrication repeatedly.

  218. Hospitals do not charge less for cash patients. They got exposed a few years ago on that one. They charge several TIMEs more. They get their money off the paying customers they can’t get from the insurers. They know they’ve got them by the short and curlies. Want to keep your assets? Pay your bill.

  219. Thank you, thank you, thank you UW…….more than keep your assets. How about you want your child treated for a life threatening illness pay your effing bill.

    Hospitals routinely leave certain services out of their contracts with insurance companies. More often than not you have no idea and/or no choice in those services. Hospitals pad their bottom line with those convenient holes in coverage. Just look at NES’s link up thread that not for profit hospital was worth 15 billion. I bet the not for profit where little somebody was treated is worth a mint too……and I contributed to their bank account mightily!

  220. Then there are the cretins that milk the system. The largest Medicare fraud case to date happened here in Texas. The guy has over 79 home health centers that he signs off on.
    Ethics might just become a word lost to another generation.

    This is the indictment to the largest fraud case perpetuated. Everyone should understand that these are not the only ones doing this.

    Tell me how anyone could think that it is ethical to recruit Medicare and Medicaid patients at a homeless shelter, and then bill for treatment, supplies, etc. for services rendered in a parking lot.

  221. Remember when George W said his plan would reduce malpractice costs so doctors could practice ‘their love” on their patients? Well the cost of malpractice insurance NEVER went down.

  222. Texas did the torte reform thang. Double edged sword. The board is highly vigilant (some would say to the point of witch hunting). The cost of any complaint to the physician is fairly high, but it has kept some of the ridiculous ambulance chasers out of the court system.

  223. Texas did the torte reform thang. Double edged sword. The board is highly vigilant (some would say to the point of witch hunting). The cost of any complaint to the physician is fairly high, but it has kept a lot of the ridiculous ambulance chasers out of the court system.

  224. I fear UW has confused Thomas Aquinas with the much earlier Augustine of Hippo. It was Augustine who led a hedonistic life in his younger days.

  225. Monster, you are right. Bell went off in my head the minute I saw the same. It was Augustine. SAINT Augustine.

  226. the other thing with MDs is their equipment, which they spend half their life paying for, only to have to buy new equipment.

    Unless they’re in the equipment business. There was a piece about a group of doctors who invested in an MRI development company and interestingly, their own patients exceeded the national average for needing MRIs.

  227. McNorman is the procedure truly costs $2,000 then the surgeon should not negotiate to be reimbursed $200.

    Our entire health care system is really screwed up. I just don’t think it should be this way and I don’t think it has to be this way. It’s a nightmare to wade through.

  228. That is not an option Somebody. I live in a city where the ration of insured is 70/30. 30% are insured. Either you take the insurance or you take nothing.

  229. The ortho guys underneath me decided to buck one of the big insurers. The parking lot sits half empty on many days. They may not take that insurance, but they will take an out of network payout and balance bill to make the difference up.


  231. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and the decline in pay has been incredible.

  232. IIRC, Fredster is the health insurance guru, but I think that is was 15-20 years ago that the Feds. passesd a law that it was illegal to bill less than Medicare rates.

  233. Sophie a lot of doctor invest in medical equipment and such to increase their earning potential.

    It’s true they pay an arm and a leg for malpractice insurance. Funny we simply HAD to have tort reform in Florida to save our doctors. The doctors were all for it and guess what? It passed and their malpractice rates have only gone up as have medical costs for everyone. The only winners in any of this are the insurance companies. Funny that.

  234. I agree fraud is an issue McNorman, even legitimate things are caressed…….look at the scooter companies and lift chair people advertising on TV non-stop. They get free scooters and lift chairs for everybody that wants one. Some people truly need them, but far more get them that don’t really need them. Same goes for big pharma pitching their drugs on TV.

  235. Somebody, about the malpractice, what happens when the doctor really screws up? You hear stories all the time about people going in with appendicitis can coming out with an amputated leg.

  236. McNorman any of your ortho guys have expertise in AVN? Specifically AVN of the talar….bilateral?

  237. Somebody, the ortho guys are in the suite underneath me. Geez, AVN…that is terrible Somebody. Is this what little Somebody is dealing with?

  238. Wow, they are having some serious weather in the midwest. Sheesh.

  239. Sophie the maximum in Florida is $250,000. I believe that amount doesn’t include costs, so technically it could be higher, but that money is set aside for health care costs etc.

    Your leg probably isn’t worth $250,000 since your whole life is worth $250,000 your leg is maybe worth $50,000

  240. So Fredster is the resident insurance expert?? He’s the one that put a link up a while back to some kind of insurance pool or something.

    I hope he pops by and reposts that link. I happen to need it for my eldest daughter. I believe the rates I saw in that link months ago are cheaper than what she has been quoted. I know she’ll be able to get insurance through the university once she gets to grad school this fall, but she needs coverage now too.

  241. Somebody, the question to ask is what does the school plan cover? High risk pools are expensive, but that is relative to what you are paying now.

  242. Wow, Somebody. Who came up with those numbers? My life and leg are certainly undervalued by people they don’t belong to.

  243. Yes and it’s been an uphill battle. We’ve been harping and harping about it, but pretty much ignored. She had issues during treatment but they had resolved……but it’s a known late side effect. Hello McFly she’s already had it.

    We are finally released so we’re back and pediatrician and first thing I want this checked out. Sadly my suspicions were affirmed, and it’s pretty bad. I think it may be too late for some of the treatment options. I’ll know more next week……oh and I’ve been thrown back into the lion’s den because this one group houses all the pediatric specialists in this area. I’ll hear them out, but I really think I’m going to travel somewhere else. I seem to have a lack of trust.

  244. You have to do what you must do Somebody. Sometimes, none of the options are palatable. That said, there might be some that you can work within.

  245. Sophie the Florida legislature came up with those numbers. I don’t know if $50,000 is actually the number for a leg. I just know that $250,000 is the maximum amount.

    I laugh whenever I hear assholes touting tort reform, yep that has worked out so well here. They’ve implemented tort reform in several states and the results have been the same. Just once I’d like to see somebody challenge some of those blowhards in DC when they preach the virtues of tort reform.

  246. McNorman is the link Fredster had the high risk pool??

    We were checking on her doing a continuation of policy off our insurance and it’s going to cost her $500 a month and up. She doesn’t have to keep our specific plan but can choose one. Ours would run her about $800 per month. I don’t remember Fredster’s link that the policies were that pricey…….maybe I just have a faulty memory. After all I am getting old!!!

  247. You aren’t getting old, I have no idea what link he posted. High risk pools tend to be higher in general. An attorney friend had to drop out of the group plan in order to keep the rates at a decent point for the others. He had heart issues and went into a high risk pool.

  248. 470 a month would be a day at the beach in NY and NOT high risk either. Hell I am healthy as an ox and can’t find anything less than four figures on single pay

  249. Spot on: This Modern World.

  250. I remember that UW, LOL!!!

    Very true the cost of malpractice insurance never went down. I think the operative word in the previous sentence is insurance, or maybe it’s just me????

    McNorman yep I’ll do what I have to do and you’re right the options aren’t too palatable. I’m so damn tired of medical issues.

  251. St. Augustine……that’s the oldest city in the US. It’s in Florida, in north Florida to be exact.

    Ooooops…….wrong discussion????

  252. SHV: On no, I’m no guru on health ins., I was just happy to get into that pre-existing fed plan. The premium is $470/mo but that’s better than the 1400/mo + 5k deductible I got from an ins. broker with the Tulane Alumni Assoc. Also, I do know that the dr. I see knows I didn’t have any ins. and he charged me $60/visit. I have no idea what he charges to the ins. companies and medicare.

    Also, I do know that docs can get add’l payments if they work in “medically underserved” areas. The idea, I think, is to pay them add’l amounts for going into, let’s say, *crappy* areas, like Appalachia and similar places.

  253. McNorman this insurance is for my oldest daughter, not for little somebody. My eldest shouldn’t be high risk, she doesn’t have any health problems.

    I shudder to think what little somebody will someday have to pay for her insurance.

  254. I’m not sure Somebody, but I do know that states are now trying to come up with plans for kids only. My broker told me that there were some that were golden (just like an indemnity plan) in Texas for $500 p/mo. Low deductible and low out of pocket coinsurance. I would have been able to purchase that one for my kid, but she’s in another state now.

  255. The thing is that schools will choose what is in a moderate plan. Usually decent for the average student. I had a huge fight with the school where my kid is at. They were insistent that my plan had to have equal or better than their plan. It was utter bs because my plan is equivalent to theirs. They absolutely wanted her to pay them their premiums. I had BCBS on the phone with them three times until they caved.

  256. SophieCT – does that still happen? I know surgeons (maybe not all, maybe that’s the problem) have you write your initials in marker where you are to have the surgery, then they put their initials right next to the patient (ie, so they fix your right elbow, not your left elbow).

  257. I may not have a lot of follwers but my tweets are being retweeted to double digit thousands. It’s all good

    Hey, I’ve seen your stats! You have an ENORMOUS lurker following!

  258. Well….. that refers to an enormous NUMBER of lurkers, not just one who is very obese!

  259. Ah Fredster it’s a pre-existing federal pool??? What if your only pre-existing condition is good health????

  260. Oh, I don’t know if any MDs charge less for cash payers – that part was referring to therapists. It’s legit – they don’t have to do as much work (no billing) with cash payers.

  261. Lorac, fyi…the discount can no longer be referred to as a “cash” pay. It is now a “prompt” pay discount (government intervention on that vocabulary bs).

  262. What is this “balance billing” you guys are talking about?

  263. I’m not sure what you mean by “balance billing” lorac?

  264. I had the pleasure of paying the balance of my savings for medical bills does that count?

  265. Somebody: Here’s the link:

    the thing is you must have pre-existing conditons, can’t have had medical for 6 months, things like that.

  266. You have to be really careful and learn exactly what all an insurance covers. One of the new Obamacare insurances has started here in CA. There are only TWO contracted nursing homes that it will pay for. If those nursing homes are full at the time the person needs one, oh well too bad.

  267. Well if the price is right maybe we can come up with a pre-existing condition. She has plates and screws in her foot from a previous fracture????

    She’s my child perhaps that qualifies her for a pre-existing mental condition!!!

    Thanks for the link, Fredster!

  268. Here’s how to apply/requirements:

    Here is a faq on it:

  269. Lorac bite your tongue! Obamacare made everything all better. It opens up more medical services AND lowered our premiums, just ask POTUS he’ll set you straight……snark in case you didn’t know.

  270. Oh yeah, Obamacare will make everything better. snicker

  271. Yeah well Barack’s lie, of many lies: I will reduce the cost of health insurance by $2500 a year. That lie priced me right out of my insurance plan, which had two double digit increases in 14 months, the first one was more than 30% in January BEFORE the plan even got passed. Lying SOB. When you are paying four digits a month for ONE person and you get hikes like that, you have to drop out. Bastard. I want my 2500 you lying sack of crap.

  272. Live in NY and try to buy a PRICE FIXED single pay plan for your family and plan on 3-4 grand a month. Who the HELL can afford that?

  273. somebody, “balance billing” was referred to a couple of times earlier in the thread.

  274. the thing is you must have pre-existing conditons, can’t have had medical for 6 months, things like that.

    So if you lose your job and can’t afford cobra, you wouldn’t be eligible for this insurance for six months. You’d just have to pay out of pocket for six months for whatever your preexisting condition needed….

  275. My description of balance billing was correct!!!

  276. Gotcha lorac. Now I understand what you were asking.

  277. mcnorman, thanks for the info on balance billing.

    How can an insurance think it would be standard and acceptable to see an oral surgeon without anesthetic? That should be criminal!

  278. Oh man, oral surgery without anesthesia is just plain legal torture.

  279. I don’t know why, but I think you guys need this right now.

  280. Somebody: You’re much better off in you live in a state that doesn’t have its own pre-existing plan like NY and CA do. AL, LA, FL and a bunch of other states opted to just join the fed plan. This plan is administered by one of the companies that has a plan for federal employees. It’s basically an 80/20 plan and I took the option where I have a 1k deductible. The max I can pay out of pocket is $4k.

  281. It depends on what she’s having done. I’ve had to endure that.

  282. Lorac, that was just an example. I remember talking to the derm guy down the hallway. Certain procedures include the anesthetic. It’s kind of hard if the anesthetic price is going up and up. You know, staples instead of stitches on your face because it’s faster. Scars? Well, that can be a scar revision later on ONLY if it is deemed a functional impairment.

  283. Sometimes, I feel like I’m sitting and talking to my friends from the former great USSR about their standard of care. We are going backwards imo.

  284. Fredster I am in FL and my daughter is headed to AL for grad school.

    She says ducking and running, LOL

  285. How can an insurance think it would be standard and acceptable to see an oral surgeon without anesthetic? That should be criminal!

    I have Delta Dental and they do not cover nitrous oxide. When I had the root canal I paid $40 extra to get it. I was numbed up but I wanted to be f*cked up! They put the mask thingie on my nose and wanted to start working on me. Nuh-uh. I told ’em to give me 5 mins alone with the gas and my mouth closed so it would do some good. For me, it doesnt’ do any good when they have the thing on my nose but my mouth is open while they’re working. it’s all just going back out then.

  286. Tsk. Fredster, I had two root canals in the afternoon and gave a presentation at 7PM. Did it with novacaine. If they are done by an endo they are not all that bad. I felt worse with the extraction I had two days ago.

  287. Now we know why men aren’t allowed to have babies. lolol.

  288. Citrix has pulled adverts from Rush Limbaugh show.

  289. Legal Zoom, Quicken Loans, Sleep Number have pulled ads from Rush Limbaugh. Take that you scheevy piece of shit.

  290. “Lorac, balance billing is where someone goes to a doc or facility that is out of their network on their insurance plan.”
    Having insurance is only part of the battle, the real issue is “networks”.
    I will give two examples. A few years ago I had a detached retina in my right eye. Over about six hours, 1/2 of my vision went black. The “in network” hospital could schedule my surgery in the next AM or I could have surgery that afternoon at an out of network eye center. With 50% vision loss in six hours, did I want to wait another 16 hours? The balance bill on that one was ~$20,000.

    A few years later, I needed lung surgery. The surgeon was ‘in network”, the hospital where he operated wasn’t. Balance billing on that one was about $50,000. That’s the general idea on balance billing.

  291. McNorman I know exactly how you feel. I “met” online many cancer parents across the globe through a support site. I remember being in horror over the drug shortages in some countries…..we’re talking life saving drugs here. Basically it was first come first serve in some countries. Literally the families would camp out waiting for treatment day like black Friday campers.

    Have you seen the growing list of drug shortages??? I never thought it could be possible to see such a thing here in the US, now I’m not so sure.

  292. Yeah SHV. That sucks. You never know until after. I had a friend who went in for a breast reduction (all in network). 8 hours tops, day surgery. Her bill for the facility was $46.000. Her spouse had a quadruple bypass and stayed 5 days inpatient. His bill was $50,000. Go figure. It’s all a hit or miss.

  293. I can tell you that the new coding for 2012 will make denials far easier when it comes to pre certification of services. The new codes are just about as nuts as the IRS tax code.

  294. Have you seen the growing list of drug shortages??? I never thought it could be possible to see such a thing here in the US, now I’m not so sure.

    Call me a conspiracy-theorist but the cancer drugs that have shortages are, for the most part, now generic…from what I saw on tv. Makes me wonder if they are creating the shortage so they can turn those drugs over to companies in China and we’ll have to import them.

  295. I swear they pull numbers out of the air when coming up with this stuff.

  296. Upps: got any pre-existing conditions?

  297. No Fredster, I have no preexisting conditions but I’ve sure been paying for everybody else’s! In the past ten years, and I swear this on my dead family, I have paid six figures out to insurance companies and have had nothing except a yearly checkup.

  298. sends me to the same page that has always existed in NY. Four figure health insurance. It’s all a crock of shit.

  299. If they are done by an endo they are not all that bad

    Oh I know that now. But at the time I was an “endo virgin”. LOL!

  300. lolol fredster, you kill me.

    My godchild (remember,I was catholic once) is an endo. She does 20 minute root canals for $2000. what a racket.

  301. Another sponsor, Go To meeting dot com has dumped sponsorship of Rush Scumball. They are adding up. How’s that working out for you Rush? I love that women are figuring out they have power. Now they know how to Komenize.

  302. Oh wait, I take it back. I went to the doctor for bruises and lacerations when those two freak pitbulls attacked me and my dog. So I guess the six figures were worth it…..

  303. I guess I’ll just have to go buy a preexisting condition. lol.

  304. UW I hear you, I can’t imagine those prices. Unfortunately I fear soon we’ll look back and think what a bargain. Obamacare has done nothing but raise rates.

    Fredster, you are absolutely correct about the generics and I’m right there with you……..tinfoil hat and all.

    Yes McNorman you are correct the system is being set up so that denials are much easier. Most people don’t notice things like that unless they have the unfortunate circumstance to be in the system.

    UW…….the squirrel video, love that one it’s cute. Yep we are helping each other like the squirrels. That’s what I’m accustomed to here. I don’t know what went on recently, but I’m actually kind of glad I missed it.

  305. I must be an “endo virgin”. Years ago I had a tooth extracted that was abscessed, left over baby tooth…..roots wrapped around the jaw bone. Abscess was down into the bone so it had to be ground. All of that with only novocaine……sucked!!!!

    What is this endo you speak of??? Hopefully I’ll never have to go through anything like that again, but just in case.

  306. tells me it’s not available to me. Translation…not for me.

  307. I want Barack’s insurance plan. No worries about pre existing.

  308. “Yeah well Barack’s lie, of many lies: ”
    He just did what he was paid to do. The bottom line and the big win for the insurance companies is that with the passage of “Obamacare”, the Federal government has been eliminated as a solution for the delivery of health care for a generation. 2008 was the opportunity for a discussion and phase in of “Medicare for all”. That had to be stopped and ergo Hillary had to be stopped. James Roosevelt as chm. of the Dems rules committee took care of the Hillary threat to the insurance bidness.

  309. Maybe your were traumatized and have a pre-existing condition.

    Pitbullitits……or PTSD????

  310. Upps: (if you have the pre-existing):

  311. SHV, you are absolutely correct. After the abortion that is Obamacare, for a generation there will be no real meaningful health care reform. The well has been poisoned.

  312. tells me it’s not available to me. Translation…not for me.

    mcnorman: you went here?

  313. Oh wait I improperly described Obamacare……..I forgot about the Stupak amendment.

  314. Upps: the tooth I had done had 2 roots and the cost was like $750 or so. Delta Dental paid half so it wasn’t too bad on the $$$s

  315. the cost was like $750 or so

    Not in New Jersey!

  316. Citrix

    Citrix, as in stuff?

  317. Yup.

  318. Sleep Train has pulled their ads off of Limbaugh’s show.

  319. Yes Fred.

  320. What is this endo you speak of???

    Somebody: It’s an endodontist. All they do are root canals.

  321. The problem with what is being offered is that the plans are not telling you what they cover. That is usually reserved for that moment when you are standing on the precipice.

  322. mcnorman: what state are you in? Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions you’ve been under a doctor’s care for? Have you been w/out health insurance for 6 months? (Hell I’ve been w/out it for 5 years and have been holding my breath the entire time).

  323. “Rush Limbaugh…Brought to you by: _____________________ :lol:

  324. True confession. I am NOT a Limbaugh fan, never have been. However years ago when he had a TV show it used to come on about the time I’d go to bed. At the time we lived near a busy road. I would put on Limbaugh’s show at a low volume and his voice would put me right to sleep!!

    I didn’t really listen to him. It was the drone of his voice, all I really heard was blah, blah, blah. Seriously he put me right to sleep.

    My husband on the other hand became enraged every night. He sometimes would be asleep, but somehow, something Rush said would wake him and enrage him, LMAO!

    I had to stop listening to him or face separate bedrooms!! That’s really my only experience as far as Rush Limbaugh. I am a republican, but I’ve never been a cliff hanger.

    OK……confession is over!!!!

  325. I remember when rush was on late nite tv too, with that big fat cigar.

  326. I.just.killed.this.thread…….sorry

  327. Fredster, I NEVER go to a doc. NEVER. Last time I went, I ended up with a colostomy that I didn’t need. I lost the ability to do my job, but not enough to have a disability (except in that profession).
    Here’s the best part. Lying filleted for 10 hours with NO anesthesia waiting for a hospital to take me in. It’s an aversion that has made me stay healthy.

  328. Nah Somebody, you didn’t kill anything. I suspect Rush did. lol

  329. Lying filleted for 10 hours with NO anesthesia waiting for a hospital to take me in. It’s an aversion that has made me stay healthy.


  330. Not in New Jersey!

    I’ll count myself lucky then.

  331. McNorman that sounds horrid. I can understand your aversion to doctors.

  332. This is how it all played out Fredster. I fell at work. Went to have an MRI because I lost sensation on half of my body. Ortho guy calls me and says there is a mass which needs to be addressed asap. I go in for a laparoscopy and come out filleted. The guy runs out of the surgery center and cannot be found. In the meantime, no pain meds, opened and waiting for any of the hospitals and a general surgeon who will be willing to take me. Yeah 10 hours later my life has completely changed forever.

  333. Funny that I work for one Somebody. lol

  334. UW I don’t remember the cigar, but then again I didn’t watch him. I really only listened to him to drown out the noise of the road. I tried different things and somehow the drone of his voice worked for me.

    Hey maybe that explains his lack of children. Perhaps he has the same effect on his wives, LOL!

  335. I’m watching Repo Men on HBO. Jude Law plays the repo guy who comes to take your transplanted organs when you fall behind on payments for them. :lol:

  336. mcnorman, on March 3, 2012 at 12:45 AM

    Jesus! Was anything covered at all by workmans comp? I mean…the fall was at work.

  337. Must be a precursor to Obamacare Fredster.

  338. I thought about that mcn. ;-)

  339. WC didn’t cover anything. When I was reconnected three months later, I was in the hospital for 5 days. I couldn’t lose my insurance. I walked out and went to my class to teach.

    The thing about WC is that the MRI was covered, but the mass wasn’t part of the fall. I had to keep my insurance. To boot, I had a horrible boss who was trying to find a replacement for me (that would have insured that my insurance was cut off). I always have an angel on my shoulder. A former student informed a Board of Trustee member who insured that nothing was to happen to my working situation. I missed a whopping two days of that semester.

  340. I was just over at “the neighbor’s place”. Look at this gem I found! I’d say here’s a great topic for a certain attorney’s post here! She’s already started with this post over there – now all she has to do is explain and develop this more!

    The fact that Roe v. Wade is still the law is a thin reed for us to stand on — it’s been made thinner over the years. Its focus on trimesters and viability is too flimsy and not principled, which means, ultimately, it is not reliably defensible. Consider this: once medical science makes it possible for a fertilized egg to gestate and grow in ‘an iron womb,’ Roe v. Wade will be a very thn reed indeed to stand on; let’s not wait till then.

  341. sorry lorac I already urged her NOT to post on the issue of that setup article on calling killing children after they are born “abortion”.

  342. Good Lord mcn!!

  343. mcnorman – do you teach English, am I remembering correctly, or close at all?

  344. No lorac, I taught classical ballet.

  345. lorac: That certain attorney probably has a hot date tonight!

  346. She doesn’t have a hot date. We just got off of skype. She does look good though!

  347. Gosh, I’m really pushing NES to post. If I’m not careful, she’s going to stop secretly skyping with me behind UW’s back!

  348. Gosh, I’m really pushing NES to post. If I’m not careful, she’s going to stop secretly skyping with me behind UW’s back!

    Now, now. No use making people J.

  349. There goes lorac hallucinating again.

  350. lorac and Fredster you’re cracking me up.

  351. lol mcnorman! That was WAY off. Nah, I can make this work. Let’s see – people write in English. Sometimes people carefully select words and rhythm and create a beautiful feeling in the reader. It takes them to a wonderful state of being.

    When people watch ballet, they are awed by the strength and coordination of the dancers, and the beauty and talent inherent in the choreography and the coordinated movement of the dancers. It creates a beautiful feeling in the in the viewer. It takes them to a wonderful state of being.

    Therefore, English = ballet.

  352. lorac that is outstanding logic. hahahahhaa

  353. lorac: I see your arms streeettchiing and reaching.

    Good save there. ;-)

  354. Night to all. Gotta let the dogs out.

  355. There goes lorac hallucinating again.

    Yeah, but since she doesn’t know it, it’s fun to watch.

    You know she was trying to make you J.

  356. We just got off of skype.

    *That* could have been the hot date.

    ‘Nite mcnorman! (waves)

  357. *That* could have been the hot date.

    Well I did want a cigarette afterwards.

  358. Fredster, UW might get J? Well, hmmppfff! She WAS basically intimating today that SophieCT can take my spot right behind NES on the UW wait list!!! If NES is always Marcia, it’s like, I used to be Jan, but now I’m going to be Cindy! And I don’t even look GOOD in pigtails! lol

  359. UW, oh, actually, I wasn’t even thinking of that – I was thinking of her rationale for why Roe vs. Wade was based on shaky reasoning. She understands that in a way most of us don’t (myself included) – so I was thinking she could explain that legal stuff more, and how it could be based on better reasoning (that part about being based on a woman’s right to her own body I got lol)…..?

  360. Eh, Roe v wade, if it ever goes back to SCROTUM, will be decided on partisan politics. 4 and 4, with Kennedy making the decision, just like everything SCROTUM does.Frankly I don’t know why we don’t just fire all 8 of them and just pay kennedy to make decisions.

  361. uh-ho Lorac. Looks like upps is calling you out.

    Well who the hell is going to be her?

  362. ‘night, mcballet :)

  363. Well that didn’t work worth a shit.

    Try this.

  364. Wow, look at this:

    I bet upps look hawt with a can of Pledge in her hands.

  365. I’m wearing a new bracelet, and my older cat has become a kitten, it’s like the necklace is catnip! He’s wrapping himself around my arm, and playing with the bracelet, biting it, he’s so happy!

  366. Poor Alice. She looks so thin there. Was she always that thin, or did she gain weight later in the series? Or maybe I’m just thinking of her cameo in the later movie. (yes, I watched it!)

  367. it’s like the necklace is catnip! He’s wrapping himself around my arm, and playing with the bracelet, biting it, he’s so happy!

    What was that about hallucinating??

    ***** fixit fairy flitted by *****

  368. bleh, having to type the blockquote. :evil:

  369. They (Charter) are running this commercial continually and it is driving me insane! Charter has a couple with this little bastard!


    Whoever posted this link – wow, just wow….

    Well, it had a good middle and end, even if the beginning was horrific. In the middle was all the people who testified that the PA was accurate in her depiction of the emotional harassment, sexual harassment, and sometimes flagrant disregard for patient care.

    Imagine letting an egotistical heart surgeon do as he likes, just because he brings in a lot of money to the Catholic hospital, even though he is raging and sticking the PA with a needle, and intentionally breaking the sedated pt.’s ribs because he is frustrated.

    It’s sort of a smaller example of how UW is always saying we need thousands of women to descend on Washington. These many coworkers took to the stand to verify her account, even though they could have been fired, as she had been for complaining. They stood up together and their number and unity made a difference.

    Of course, the hospital denies it all. I guess the surgeons are angels, but all those people testifying against them are all just crazy.

  371. Lorac, I posted that link to the sex harassment case. Glad you liked it — vindicates one’s belief in the jury system, doesn’t it?!!

  372. I tweeted this to Gillibrand today:

    @SenGillibrand Please run for president in 2016. Seriously – you can do it. Do it for Hillary and the 18 million.
    2 Mar via web

  373. We need a new political love, you guys. (Yes, Hillary really is retiring.)
    I move Gillibrand for prez. 2016. Can I get a second?

  374. NES, yes it’s a good example of the jury system. But I also noticed the judge was a woman – she may have helped by not using anti-woman reasoning in her jury instructions, or when she chose to overrule or sustain lawyer questions, etc, right?

  375. Yes, a judge’s influence is subtle, but can be powerful.

  376. RIP James Q. Wilson

    One of my favorite professors — a great political scientist and the nicest guy.

  377. Nah, NES, Gillibrand can be more useful encouraging Hillary to run in 2016 lol

    I believe she is stepping down from SOS. But I’m not convinced that there is no possibility that she may run in 2016. Especially if a republican wins this next time.

    I saw on another website someone wrote to Snowe and encouraged her to run with Hillary as her VP!!!!! How could a Hillary supporter want Hillary to now run as someone else’s VP? Give me a break.

  378. Holy Cow! What a thread! I don’t think I’ll be able to read it all, just got online a little while ago, but just want to say,

    YAY UPPITY! FABULOUS POST! I heard about the horrible lush rumball calling that woman a slut all over the news this morning and I’ve been pissed off all day. Fuck this shit! I took the the pill thru most of my 20’s & 30’s, it was covered by my insurance and I paid a portion of the cost. So what, sex is optional, huh? Oke dokey, then so is smoking, excessive drinking, eating yourself into obesity…and oh yeah, viagra & its many counterparts for men. Lets take treatment for all of these things off the table if we’re taking contraception off. To say nothing of the fact that it costs insurers/taxpayers about a zillion times more to pay for pregnancy, childbirth, and for all those people who choose to not use contraception, but can’t afford kids. Eeeek! Jeez, I’m worked up!

  379. somebody, I use a fan for “white noise” to lull me to sleep. How is Little Somebody? And grandchild? I hope you’re all well.

  380. ***** fixit fairy flitted by *****

    Thank you so much Ms. Fairy. ;-)

    He was a conservative because he believed that attempts to reorganize or transform the country were something the government does at its own peril, and everyone else’s. Things as they are deserve a presumption of validity, and the risks of unintended consequences are likely to be high.

    Not knowing the complete idea behind this, I don’t like it. I don’t know what *things* we’re supposed to leave as they are, so I’m not sure I buy this.

  381. Holy Cow! What a thread! I don’t think I’ll be able to read it all, just got online a little while ago, but just want to say,

    That’s what you get for lollygagging around.

    Jaysus! This thread is so long I think my laptop shudders everytime I hit the post comment button.

  382. From a comment section elsewhere:

    If she can afford to go to Georgetown, she can afford her own contraception, then again what can you say about a woman So ‘Sexually Active’ she needs more contraception than she can afford?

    Ok, I’m not a contraception expert, so someone fill me in. Men’s contraception is always on an “as needed” basis, but women’s is NOT – their contraception needs to work all month, or at least 3 out of the 4 weeks, right? So how can it EVER be said that a woman can “need more contraception than she can afford”????? That the amount of contraception she needs relates to her promiscuity???

    That would only be true for men – if they use 50 condoms, they’ve had sex 50 times. But if a woman uses contraception all month, she may have not have even had sex ONCE that month! Am I right, eh?

  383. lorac I mentioned your excellent point about the pill costing exactly the same regardless of whether a woman sleeps with nobody or ten guys.

  384. “lollygagging”????? Hey dude, I’m a busy woman! I wish I could lollygag this weekend, but hubbie has our weekend booked up as usual.

    My mac can handle the size of the thread, but my poor pitiful brain can’t. It was a good feeling to see so many comments though. Everyone is pissed off about this fuckery with womens health.

  385. NES, I saw you guys mentioning Peter Singer at the other place. I knew I recognized his name from a long time ago. I’m just glad no one noticed his…. um…. dietary choices…. ahem….

  386. lorac, I left a response to that comment next door.

  387. lorac, yes, you’re right.

  388. “lollygagging”????? Hey dude, I’m a busy woman! I wish I could lollygag this weekend, but hubbie has our weekend booked up as usual.

    Tee-hee! I knew that would get a comment back. :lol:

    Everyone is pissed off about this fuckery with womens health.

    I don’t *know* how many online petitions I clicked and signed today dealing with that fat f*ck in Palm Beach. And then kept fwding them along with “I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not”.

  389. if they use 50 condoms, they’ve had sex 50 times.

    Well…they might tear one trying to open it or put it on.

    I’d like to see one those fools who think it’s cute to rip open the pack with their teeth, to end up swallowing and choking on the little edge they try to bite off! Such theatrics!

  390. I never liked condoms. Kind of like taking a bath with your clothes on.

    However if I were young and having various partners today, given what’s out there, I’d make the guy wear three condoms and duct tape before I let him near me.

  391. Okay. I’m taking my zolpidem and going to bed. Not really, gonna see what’s on HBOGO, hopefully something spooky.

  392. Awww…look at this:

  393. Fredster, you’re a good guy!

  394. I need to take a zolpidem myself tonite, but first want to get this thread up to 400!

  395. I liked what Bernie Sanders said. Nice that one of those coots could tell the truth.

  396. Oh, here’s Romney on the Blunt Amendment:

  397. Oh you here socal?

    I sent this to a friend of mine who wants to move back to St. Bernard from St. Tammany parish. they moved there after Katrina but are missing “da parish”. I told her “this is perfect for you and Joe and then I can have the guest house.

    This is Mary Plantation in Braithwaite in Plaquesmines Parish.

  398. This one has bigger and better pictures.

  399. 400!!!

  400. Nice digs Fredster. I’d be happy to live there myself.

  401. Thank you Olympia Snowe for being reasonable and dignified (Olympia is another Greek sister).

  402. I looked at the other pix, Fredster. Beautiful place.

  403. I’d have to win **several** lotteries to be able to afford that plus taxes. And can you imagine the upkeep costs involved?

    Okay I do have to go now. Wow over 400 comments. Incredible!

  404. Yep, me too. Pleasant dreams & see ya tomorrow!

  405. There is a solution to Roe v Wade, Life begins at Conception and the Women’s Rights verses the Vagina Reich War on Women going on.

    One that, perhaps, you and NES can team up on a satirical “solution” to abortion, maintaining a woman’s right to choose – all with a legal brief opinion:

    If Life begins at conception – then women should be able to choose to

    Put the Embryo up for Adoption

    – A “procedure” that saves the Life of Embryo
    – The “little one” is then placed in a nice Home for Embryos
    and is made available for Adoption by a
    – Right to Lifer for:
    a. Implantation in their own Uterus
    b. Become a foster parent until the Embryo is Adopted (would be pretty inexpensive and no trouble at all.
    c. Sponsor a “little one” – with a small monthly donation. They could get a picture of the little one to send to their friends and everything!

    Can I have a Pengy??? lol.

  406. Yeah I would love to see a Right To Lifer volunteer to take the embryo of a baby brought to them by a psychotic rapist. I won’t hold my breath. They want the victim to do it and ‘make lemonade’. As if being raped isn’t life-ruining enough. What i really want is the names of the clinics where Congress gets those abortions and birth control for their daughters and mistresses. One day, this will happen.

  407. AnnE just post on the next thread that “Sperm are People” too.

    Well, the “Adopt an Embryo” program could also harvest all that wasted sperm – not the old fashion way – but with a state of the art Penile Probe Procedure, of course!

  408. Uppity, Right to Lifers don’t care about what happens to the life of the child – after it’s born.

    It’s the perfect solution. No Abortion, Gold Star from Heaven, easy selection-approval process, very little responsibility or cost involved in raising an “unwanted” child that they don’t want either, reduction in “welfare babies”…

    What more could they want?

  409. Yes why not, and I just bet all those congress critters will love raising those biracial children with fetal alchohol syndrome and aids, don’t you?

  410. Oh and one more thing. If these deadbeats are going to have babies, we want them to go to work and stay home with their babies.

    I still hold the theory that if we offered to pay people on public assistance to NOT get pregnant, births would go way down. You tell them if they don’t get pregnant or give birth in any given year, you will cut them a check for $10k. That is exponentially cheaper than paying for a birth and then paying for child care for years to come. Money makes the blind see.

  411. All we need is a Brilliant Lawyer to put this “program” together and create a non-profit – and Draft a Bill that would make it mandatory for every adult, wage-earning member of society to Adopt an Embryo.

    Then, we would could appeal for donations to become “self-funded” (ha!) and we could buy off Legislators to get on board!

    We could name it what you would name your child: “Surprise Foundation!” lol!

  412. Well yeah Surprise would be good. So would Miracle. lolol.

  413. Our brilliant lawyer contributes a lot to Bill’s addiction. Don’t go turning her into a charity lawyer, Bill won’t like it.

  414. Actually the boilerplate for Adopt An Embryo is already there. We could use Adopt A Road or Adopt a Tree programs and tweak them.

  415. Have a great weekend.

  416. wow.what a long thread. UPPITY! FABULOUS POST! I :)

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