Open thread and winner gets a penguin

Find the cat. First person gets a penguin.


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  1. Aww, don’t you want to stick with the 400+ thread?

  2. socal, for some people it slows down their computer to open such a huge comment section.

  3. The petition to the FDA to force them to label Genetically Modified food is gaining steam with over 850,000 signatures and counting. Sign it if you can. Are you not tired of not knowing how your food got to your plate?


  4. Black and white, center left.

  5. DING DING DING we have a winner!!! A penguin for myiq, God help the little creature.

  6. Note: Bill insisted the cat be black and white, or white, or black.

  7. All cats are grey in the dark.

  8. UW: Monsanto and friends claim it will make food more expensive if they have to label it. Since they are already required to label it for 15 countries in the EU, it would actually be cheaper if they just labeled it for everyone.

  9. Okay, so you’ll give myiq a penguin…..whatever…

  10. Sophie, doesn’t matter. I am not going to buy their shit once it’s labeled anyways. Nobody should.

  11. Except grey cats, myiq. Solid Grey cats disapper in the dark. I should know. I have one.

  12. Yeah well don’t blame me imust, that your penguin begged for assylum.

    Where you been? do you want to take charge of our 4th blogaversery on Mar 6?

  13. Who wants Monsanto milk when you get see that your local farmer has no label? I recommend they use a skull and crossbones as a label.

  14. Will penguins eat Delta Smelt?

  15. I seem to have injured myself while sneezing. I pulled a muscle on my left side.

  16. Uppity, I’ve been busy plus I’m having computer problems. Computer runs smoothly for a while….then problems. Not sure if it’s a cable problem or what, we’ve had a lot of wind lately.

  17. UW: I don’t buy any of their crap now. I look for the non-GMO project label for anything with an ingredient that’s currently available as GMO. They test and certify that there are no GMOs inside. If that’s not available, I buy organic since organic rules say no GMO. That’s not 100% guaranteed since the winds do blow and there is no testing involved. I do this for corn and beets. I don’t eat soy anything or canola anything so I don’t have to bother with those. The bitch of it is having to make sure the farmers I get my milk and meat from are not using GMO alfalfa or any other GMO feed. Luckily, the farmers I know are even more anti-Monsanto than I am!

  18. You can’t give the penguin Delta Smelt, it’s an endangered species! Just give him plenty of ICE…..apparently that’s an issue!

  19. Hey I’ll bet penguins in the delta are a lot more rare than smelt. And smelt taste better fried.

  20. imust, be happy to have an email exchange with you and see if we can solve your problem by process of elimination. I mean your computer problem, not the one in your head. Heh.

    Send me an email with every single detail you know that is happening. Leave nothiing out you know of. Very important.

  21. sneezing injuries hurt like hell.

  22. Sophie, I’m also very lucky because I can get many things locally, including meat or all kinds. NY has an abundance of farmers and growers, just a stone’s throw away from a city. Problems in winter though, for produce so I do go organic as well when I can. Summertime is a treasure trove though. Stands everywhere, just drive around for an hour. Farmers markets etc. But winter is hard. It’s the only time I envy people who live in all-year warmth. I love to do my personal veggie gardening and can find plants that haven’t got Monsanto’s finger prints on them, at least not deliberately.

  23. I can’t see the cat even after what myiq said. Do I have to cross my eyes or something?

  24. It’s white, Myiq, with a bit of dark gray-black on its head.

    God, I hope no one’s watching me through my computer, sleuthing a trash heap Pic through my magnifying glass can’t look normal.

    I would have won, but with Myiq around, I would have had to have logged on within a minute of the post. lol.

    Myiq with a Penguin makes me think of Dame Edna with a Doll. lol.

  25. morning friends.hope you are feeling better Upps. 🙂

  26. Let’s see votermom.

    Dead center left, about an 1 1/4″ toward the right.

  27. Signed that petition.

    With Monsanto, China Imports and the FDA, a “Buyer Beware – Consume at Your Own Peril” is the only truthful label.

    Another – ‘Can’t believe this is happening’ for me.

  28. I still don’t see the cat in the photo. Do you need special glasses to see it or something?

  29. “This is the Internet Police! Put down the magnifying glass and back away from your monitor! The Internet Canine Unit is on it’s way.”

  30. LOL AnnE

    Hey Wilmington! Does that include hand jobs?

  31. Click on the photo 3 times and it magnifies.

  32. Oh shit. They’ll be coming after me with a billion charges of neglect and abandonment.

  33. voter mom and pie – scan down left side [your left] until you come to a white square with a small dark square in the middle. The cat’s tail is touching the right upper side of the large square. It helps if you cover most of the junk and just look at that area.

  34. Just remember what god did to onan, you heathen!

  35. If you look really hard you can see the mouse he’s chasing.

  36. Hint, the cat is not a tuxie per se. It is white with black spots.

  37. Yes foxy, thank you. I am feeling much better. Stitches bugging me but they will be removed tuesday.

  38. Myiq with a Penguin makes me think of Dame Edna with a Doll

    Or Cruella with a dalmation puppy.

  39. votermom, you have to be partially insane to find the cat. That’s why myiq found it first.

  40. We need somebody to photoshop a circle on the cat for when we are tired of making people go crazy findin it.

  41. How many babies have you murdered myiq????

  42. Uppity- my head still hurts- may I be excused from this assignment please?
    I signed the frankenfood petition and shared it on facebook and tweeted it too!
    Please oh please may I be excused?

  43. I see it now that we’ve been given explicit instructions on where it is. Magnifying the picture helps a lot. Poor kitty.

  44. Poor kitty.

    What do you mean? He owns that whole junk pile.

  45. It is just above the area with the blue tarp like item, for those of us who operate best by color direction.

  46. Yes indeed you are excused Mom. We will let you take a makeup test eventually.

  47. myiq, under the new rulez you will lose a hand if you don’t behave.

  48. Rumor has it, the kitty pic was taken at “MYIQ’s FunHouse.”

    Which would explain how he won the Pengy so fast.

  49. Have a great weekend everyone! Glad you’re better, Uppity.

    NES – “in-love” with the pic that Mr Uppity took of her running on the beach with Needlenose.

    It was a “10” alright. Didn’t she email YOU one???

  50. Hush up Why Not.

  51. It’s rough when you run with your dog and people look at the dog instead of you. Been thinking of getting a fugly mongrel with crooked teeth and leaving Nora Desmond home. I sweat more than she does when we run.

  52. Yeah, some have sworn off gorgeous “people” for that very same reason. It’s hell walking through airports, with a “team” of baggage handlers chasing after the one with a tiny tote. lol.

  53. …and you’re the one pulling the dolly with a bad wheel.

  54. My weekend fun is beckoning. BBSundayorMonday.

  55. PMM: Still not feeling good? And Uppity is in too much pain to make you chicken soup. This is tragic.

  56. UW: We are lucky to live in the northeast where the local farmers are close(er) to the people and have caught on the the idea that we want local. The year-round thing is still a challenge, but it can be done if you’re willing to do a lot of advance prep work and have lots of freezer space. Most folks aren’t–it’s a lot of work and in the hottest, busiest months!

    Glad to see there’s at least two of us not getting ANY Monsanto poison in our system!

  57. Been thinking of getting a fugly mongrel with crooked teeth and leaving Nora Desmond home.


  58. Upps, sorry to hear your mouth is still outta sorts…you can have some chicken soup too.

  59. Wow, NES, perfect. Now all she need is the jpg2bowl conversion utility.

  60. Mouth’s fine, NES. Just the stitches bugging me but they will be removed in a few days. Looking forward to eating something that isn’t the consistency of mashed potoes. I mean I had tuna casserole last night. Not exactly what wanted, lolol. But now that I past the 48 hour mark and it looks like dry socket isn’t a threat, I am about to become more daring. I really just want a big fat rib steak, this side of off the hoof.

  61. Goodness, Uppity! 418 comments on the previous thread! What is your record on the number of comments on a thread?

  62. I don’t know WLM, I remember a few over 500 but I can’t remember which ones. Chatty bunch!

  63. Edwards is so not important anymore. Why doesn’t he just Eff off.

  64. Thank you twantx, I see the cat now! I see it!! Yay!

  65. Thanks for accepting the excuse! I used to be fairly good at jig saw puzzles- maybe I will do ok on the make up test!

    NES! Yummy soup! Thanks!

  66. Did you guys see this story. Baby found all alone in a field after a tornado struck.

  67. Can’t see it and am not gonna go nuts trying to find it.

  68. Rachel explains that Russ L doesn’t understand contraception for women. Go to around 13mins.

    She has a neat graphic there too. 😉

  69. Sending graphic to Uppity.

  70. check email upps.

  71. Is this like a Where’s Waldo pic?

    You need to post a version with the answer. Just like first grade.

  72. Barack Obama just followed me on twitter. Shall I construe that as a threat or does barack really care what women think since he needs our votes. Anyways, here’s the tweet I made (3 tweets) that got his attention. He bumped a woman as commencement speaker at a woman’s college. Seems to me that this is a real thumb to the nose of women, just because it’s an election year and he wants to tell women he cares.

  73. Y’know, sometimes I think Rush is working for Obama. He makes this outlandish insult that gets a critical mass of the population to run over to the other side of the Titanic which also gives Obama the opportunity to call the woman and sound all reasonable and caring. Incredible.

    I think Limbaugh was in on the Rove/Brazile alliance of 2008. I can’t explain it any other way.


    OWS is attracting lovely folks, eh. Robbery, beating and apparently making sexual orientation remarks that were hateful.

  75. The One wants to put an opposite spin on anything UW posts. He remains self-aggrandizing.

  76. OWS? Are they still around? Yawn.

  77. I have a picture in my mind of a protest sign banner with a picture of Abramson and the words “THIS is what a feminist looks like!” near the podium and teleprompters when BO speaks at Bernard.

  78. Nah. Obama deliberately pulls their chain by making women a hockey puck and then the morons grab right onto it because they truly are not that bright. In the 70s there was this book called Games People Play. One of the games was Let’s You and Him Fight. Barack plays that game well.

  79. I’m not that important socal, just a bitter old woman to them. It’s MY guess they did a search for that issue of his bumping a woman for a commencement speech at Barnard….and they are getting backlash from it.

  80. I have never used twitter, wouldn’t know how to and don’t understand it at all (facebook either) but if I was being “followed” by BO I would feel violated after what he did to us. Can you remove him from doing that? Ban his people from keeping an eye on you…. or whatever it is they are doing.

    Creepy brave new world and 1984 to me.

  81. Karen Abramson won’t say a word. She’s NY Times. She’ll just eat it. Maybe even announce she thinks it’s a great idea. Still it looks bad.

  82. I remember that book but no idea what was in it. Not sure if I read it and it didn’t sink in or if it is just gone with age. Games, he masters them.

  83. Didn’t say it would be her with the banner. Just a picture of her and those words. And it appearing on the news when he makes his little reading from his teleprompters about wimmenz.

  84. OK, CONFESS! Which one of you Uppityites put up that ad?

  85. Myiq2xu, the dog’s seeing eye dog is so sweet. They both look very content. Thanks for posting.

  86. Well, just read my email from Debbie Wasserman Shultz about Limbaugh’s stupidity.

  87. Fatboy started a shitstorm.

  88. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if all the women of Barnard just decided to boycott?
    sigh. nevermind. third wave.

  89. Yeah but who is going to write a letter about Wasserman’s stupidity?

  90. It’s about time the 3rd wave understood The Power. I hope they Komenize EVERYBODY.

  91. Henceforth we shall call it Komenizing. Let’s see how long before you see the word everywhere. Start your clocks.

  92. Where was it first? (Komenize)

  93. Yeah well I don’t mean anything person when I say he’s a fat scheevy pig and his mother should have had oral sex instead.


  94. HERE first, Fredster. On my Twitter.

  95. Fredster, how do you embed a Tweet?

  96. NES: Here’s an interesting view of a Santorum candidacy:

  97. Use it right after Komen caved. Now every time there’s a victory I call it Komenizing.

  98. You like that one, hey Sophie?

  99. sophie said:

    Fredster, how do you embed a Tweet?

    Lord, I don’t know!

  100. Uppity- we need a hashtag Komenize!

  101. Another pig piles on…

    Their analogies show just how little they understand, not to mention how much they suck at logic.

    No, Bill Reilly, we aren’t asking for you to pay for her to have sex (like you do when you cover Rush’s Viagra). Instead, we are asking you NOT to pay for adding to the population of the Earth. But most of all, we are asking you to STFU about an area in which you have no clue.

    Hard earned money, my ass…I’ve seen your show.

  102. ….AND Bill O’Reilly….
    goes on to point out that if Obama covers female contraception, he’ll have to do something equal for me. HA. As if contraception covered an activity performed solely by females. What an effin’ a$$hole.

    To all my straight sisters, I beg of you, please cease and desist until every last one of them gets it.

  103. typo:me: men.

  104. Effin’ Awesome!!!!!

  105. Thanks Fredster!!

    And the reason I asked you is because I saw that you did it successfully at TW the other day.

  106. Way cool! This is on tonight in about 3 hours from now.

    By the way, it has Jamie Lee Curtis, Christine Lotte, and Jane Lynch. All they’re missing is Allison Janney to complete that square.

  107. Sophie- how did you do that? I read Fredster’s links and I guess I did not understand the instructions.
    But then again- it took me about a hundred tries to learn blockquotes.

  108. PMM, First you need the URL of the tweet.
    1. Assuming you’re viewing the tweets from the Twitter page in your browser…
    2. Hover over the Tweet and (among others) an option to Open is displayed.
    3. Right=click the Open link and select Copy Link Location. (In IE, that’s Copy Shortcut.)
    4. Paste that into a WordPress Comments box.
    5. Post your comment and voilà!

  109. PMM, it’s different if you want to put it in your post–I can’t vouch for that.

  110. Does my tweet win a penguin.

  111. Please be advised that imustbeabigpainintheass has volunteered to do our 4th anniversary post. Freedom Fairy has a special header on board and NES is paying for the drinks.

  112. Uppity:

    This penguin isn’t housebroken and it bites.

  113. Well yeah, myiq, nobody said you were going to get a First String penguin.

    Sorry, No refunds.

  114. Funny you should mention this myiq. The penguin has already complained that you aren’t housebroken either.

  115. we strive to match our penguins up with like-minded partners.

  116. Gee my penguins never ever give me any trouble at all. Good little troops they are!

  117. PMM:

    Do your penguins have prison tattoos?

  118. This is hilarious. It’s moments like this that keep me putting up with you, Klown.

  119. Uh, I think I forgot to tell you that you probably should get a safety deposit box, myiq. But I’m sure it’s not too late.

  120. Oh and matches. Keep them out of reach.

  121. Actually things will probably be fine if you don’t fall asleep.

  122. Poor myiq, he got one of the jail bird pengys. Is his name Bubba?

    btw, lock your stuff in a safe. just sayin.

  123. Really myiq, be grateful you didn’t get the Bellevue penguin.

  124. My Pengy has been a veritable angel.

  125. He says his name is Oswald.

  126. Perfect couple for this site:

  127. I never got a pengy here. So I have to settle for a tuxie raised by pengys.

  128. We’ve reached an understanding.

    I gave him 2 cans of sardines, half a carton of Lucky Strikes and a bottle of whiskey.

    He’s watching the Godfather Saga on AMC.

  129. myiq said:

    This penguin isn’t housebroken and it bites.

    Don’t blog naked.

  130. There ya go myiq. See? He’s perfect for you. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a penguin to volunteer for California? We made a parole deal.

  131. Sophie, I don’t remember embedding a tweet. I did a cnn video but that was using vodpod in a post. Perhaps I did it in my sleep!

  132. My mistake, Fredster…I could have sworn you did, but I guess not. Oh well…you still were the right guy to ask because you found those instructions!

  133. One of those links gives the instructions for embedding in a post and the whole tweet shows up. But none for embedding in comments that way.

  134. But none for embedding in comments that way.

    Those were the only two I saw doing a quick search under support. 😦

  135. The Red Cross is seeking donations to help the victims of the recent storms in the Midwest and South.

  136. Uppity: this is the instruction for embedding in the comments, but it assumes you have the URL:

    My instruction begins with getting you the URL.

  137. Yes but it doesnt make the entire tweet show up in the box like the instructions for a post.

  138. Hitting Michele right where she deserves it:

  139. I guess Mittens won today’s primary. I do wish Santorum would be flushed really soon. I find him really annoying and nauseating concurrently.

  140. UW: Is this not an entire tweet?

  141. Live YouTube broadcast by Rob Reiner on Prop 8 happening right now:

  142. BTW – Speaking as a 51 year old hetero male I have never understood the fascination with abnormally large breasts.

    I find fake boobs to be a turn-off.

  143. myiq: imagine that–we have so much in common.

  144. ….looking down my shirt…

  145. What a bunch of brainless dingbats.

  146. gollly sophie, I see just the link. wtf.

  147. Goodness, almost time for the 4th Anniversary??? Time has really flown. I loved Uppitys tweet about that vile pig lush rumball. I’m going to look into twitter this summer. If Uppity & Bill are on it, must be pretty funny.

  148. UW: I apologize if you have abnormally large fake boobs and if it offended you that I don’t find that attractive.

  149. Not into the fake boobs. They look awful when a women gets older and her skin thins out. Of course where we live, there’s so much fakeness…botox, lifts, fillers. And its not just women that get into all that, lots of men do it also. We were just going thru some of our photos last nite & one of hubbie with Kenny Loggins–it looks like he’s had eye & face lifts.

  150. 1/3 in the UK? Its probably 2/3 here in the Los Angeles area.

  151. 1/3 in the UK? Its probably 2/3 here in the Los Angeles area.

    ???? two-thirds what in LA?

  152. NES I confess.

    However that sign was to be put up in the metro stations on April 1st.

    In honor of the biggest fool in DC.

  153. NES thank you for your most generous contribution to the placation of our addicted blog cat.

  154. Its probably 2/3 here in the Los Angeles area


  155. Rather have great legs. Which I do. Heh.

    Do these children not realize that in 30 years those jugs will look like one? And that they will never jog again? And that they will so thoroughly enjoy that backache. Ah nevermind. I hope they all DO have those boobs because it is clear to me that they already traded their brains for something.

  156. ROFL Sophie. Last thing I would pay money for is boobage.

  157. Agree socal. I’m perfectly happy with what I got for free.

  158. When I first saw just a blip that Ferdinand had bumped a woman off the stage for a college commencement, I thought Mr. Tippy Toes had, klutz that he is, once again literally pushed a woman into the orchestra pit.

    I then see it was yet another sweetie moment for BO trying to show he is so much more important.

    If he has to beg/pressure schools for speaking engagements, that is just pathetic.

    I think the school was wrong to cave.

    I seem to recall he and Imelda have done this before.

  159. Yeah, he’s what a feminist looks like. Throwing a woman out so he can preen at a woman’s college and pretend he gives a shit.

    I wonder if I am the only one who had the nerve to block Barack Obama from following me on twitter. That site is ‘run by the barack obama campaign’ as barack would never hobnob with the peasants. Now I notice they aren’t on my follow list, shown as blocked. So they pulled out. Must have taken a look at this blog and said Whoa I’m outta here.

  160. Yeah Mt. L. Nothing like throwing a professional woman out on her ass for impressing women.

  161. Really, the Obamas have absolutely no socially redeeming qualities. They are completely anti social people with no concept of what is rude or polite.

  162. “Last thing I would pay money for is boobage.”
    They can be a potential source of income. My second wife left home at age 17, move to HI because it was as far from home as possible and still be in the US. She paid her own way through college and medical school working as a cocktail waitress in Asian tourist bars. I think that her 34 Cs and blond hair help with tips.

  163. Really, the Obamas have absolutely no socially redeeming qualities. They are completely anti social people with no concept of what is rude or polite.

    Remember when he gave QEII an iPod with all his speeches on it?

  164. fredster, I was saying that probably 2/3 of young women in Los Angeles would trade intelligence for boobs. The article said 1/3 of young women in the UK would.

  165. I don’t watch Fox much anymore, but I remember Judge Napolitano. Turns out Fox fired him. Here’s part of one of his last shows. At the end it becomes clear he is a Ron Paul supporter, but for the first 9/10 of the video – he sounds like US! Blew me away to hear someone on TV saying these things….

  166. That trash heap looks like Smoky Mountain in Manila.

  167. socal@12:06 – thanks.

    Hmmm..I’m not even getting notifications that I someone replied. The little widget didn’t turn colors.

  168. Wow, that Prop 8 broadcast was fabulous. And Twitter is trending #8LA in San Francisco! Marti Sheen was incredible. Jane Lynch was fabulous. They all were great.

  169. Fredster that huffpo piece had some interesting comments. Here is a piece of one:

    “… Believe me, women are watching. The right awakened the sleeping dragon when the Komen Foundation pulled their bit of nonsense.”

    Sophie, am glad to hear about the Prop 8 play. I hope I can catch it online later.

  170. Fredster that huffpo piece had some interesting comments

    True, And there were some lame ones also, like “well what was it this time to make you stop advertising….” or something like that. Hell, they could have asked that of the other companies that said they’d stop advertising with him. One good thing, it made me go to Carbonite’s website. I think I may get their backup service. Before, their application did not backup *versions* of files but it does so now. It probably wouldn’t be that important to me, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

  171. You all wore yourselves out yesterday…. Good going.

  172. Oswald passed out on the floor. I put him in the bath tub and dumped a bag of ice over him.

  173. I’m working on a long post. It will be up later.

  174. Wow, Lorac,
    Napolitano really captures the smoke and mirrors of our two party system and the media who cover for the scam…

  175. New Post Up. I hope you like it. I bled all over my laptop.

  176. New Post Up. I hope you like it. I bled all over my laptop.

    YES! Your bleeding was not in vain.

  177. NES thank you for your generous donation to Bill’s ongoing addiction to foreign catnip smuggled over the border by Undocumented Migrants.

  178. Now, when will the Left Kommenize lefty commentators, whose rants against women are just as disgusting as Rush’s. Here’re some:

    But if Limbaugh’s actions demand a boycott—and they do—then what about the army of swine on the left?

    During the 2008 election Ed Schultz said on his radio show that Sarah Palin set off a “bimbo alert.” He called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.” (He later apologized.) He once even took to his blog to call yours truly a “bimbo” for the offense of quoting him accurately in a New York Post column.

    Keith Olbermann has said that conservative commentator S.E. Cupp should have been aborted by her parents, apparently because he finds her having opinions offensive. He called Michelle Malkin a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick.” He found it newsworthy to discuss Carrie Prejean’s breasts on his MSNBC show. His solution for dealing with Hillary Clinton, who he thought should drop out of the presidential race, was to find “somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.” Olbermann now works for über-leftist and former Democratic vice president Al Gore at Current TV.

    The grand pooh-bah of media misogyny is without a doubt Bill Maher.
    Left-wing darling Matt Taibbi wrote on his blog in 2009, “When I read [Malkin’s] stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth.” In a Rolling Stone article about Secretary of State Clinton, he referred to her “flabby arms.” When feminist writer Erica Jong criticized him for it, he responded by referring to Jong as an “800-year old sex novelist.” (Jong is almost 70, which apparently makes her an irrelevant human being.) In Taibbi’s profile of Congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann he labeled her “batshit crazy.” (Oh, those “crazy” women with their hormones and all.)

    Chris Matthews’s sickening misogyny was made famous in 2008, when he obsessively tore down Hillary Clinton for standing between Barack Obama and the presidency, something that Matthews could not abide. Over the years he has referred to the former first lady, senator and presidential candidate and current secretary of state as a “she-devil,” “Nurse Ratched,” and “Madame Defarge.” Matthews has also called Clinton “witchy,” “anti-male,” and “uppity” and once claimed she won her Senate seat only because her “husband messed around.” He asked a guest if “being surrounded by women” makes “a case for commander in chief—or does it make a case against it?” At some point Matthews was shamed into sort of half apologizing to Clinton, but then just picked up again with his sexist ramblings.


  179. You’re most welcome, Upps. Tell MKB not to smoke it all at once.

  180. NES I caught him up at livenudecats dot com again, so I suspect some of that money went to even more perverse pleasures.

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