Preview Of Drinks For Tomorrow’s Anniversary PAH-TYYYY!

Place your orders with the Barmaidchen now.

You can have:


…or Scotch.


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  1. Yikes!! I need someone to bring my link ‘alive.’ Pretty please…..

  2. Yikes! I need a sober soul to activate the link.

  3. How about Scotch?

  4. WLM — Your wish will be granted. (Don’t forget your photo id now…needless to say, the photo must resemble your gravatar.)

  5. WLM — Your wish will be my command!

    (Now, don’t forget to bring your picture id tomorrow…needless to say, your photo must resemble your gravatar.)

  6. Got any scotch?

  7. Got any scotch?

    Dunno Upps, it’ll be tough. But, I’ll try to score you some.

  8. Don’t forget to fetch madamab. Not because we like her but because she always brings single malt.

  9. Anyone up for a Frothy Mix cocktail on the morrow?

  10. Gimme some scotch that’s old enough to vote, please.

  11. Nice, myiq! Your wit shall be rewarded. Make it a 25-yr. old!

  12. Here’s a challenge for the pah-ty. If you dare, create a recipe for a cocktail named after one (or more) of tomorrow’s election contestants.
    Drunken Pengys will be awarded for the best and second-best recipes.

  13. madamab said she’ll help me bartend if I run out of hands.

  14. When does the drinking hour begin?

  15. madamab…she always brings single malt.

    A woman after my own heart!

    Cardhu: smooth and doesn’t break the bank either.

  16. When does the drinking hour begin?

    Burp, burp…the bartender had to start early.
    The rest of you fine, upright lushes can belly up to the bar anytime tomorrow at or after noon, EDT.

  17. Nice, SophieCT. Alrighty then, that’s confiscated for the bar.

  18. Let’s hope lorac isn’t going to insist on a vegan drink.

  19. Let’s hope imust isn’t going to insist on a pie-infused concoction.

  20. NES: Scotch IS a vegan drink!

  21. Foul calumny, SophieCT. The best Scotch uses water from streams infused with sheep piss. Wait, vegans don’t mind the waste products of animals, right?
    Awright then, lorac will have Scotch.

  22. Bring gold ingots to tip the barmaidchen!

    To get you in the door, NeedleNose will require a liver treat.

  23. Will you be bring in special entertainment or is it a YouTube potluck DJ kinf of thing?

  24. imust: I found Scotch Pie but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

    Just for the party, could you be imusthavescotch?

  25. SophieCT, I can’t break union rules — my union badge only allows me to serve alcohol. Entertainment is the responsibility of another union.
    If right-to-work rules govern Upps’ Great Room, then potluck will do.

  26. YUMMY Scotch Pie! The barmaidchen must get a slice!

    Yessss on the imusthavescotch.


  27. Those who’re in The Upps Infirmary will be served hot whiskeys with cloves embeded in lemon slices. Mom, are you listening?

  28. Fourth anniversary gift ideas.

    Of course, if you don’t like any of those, there’s always feeding Bill’s habit…

    By the way, I’m bringing my kitties and my pengy. I refuse to leave them with a sitter.

  29. there’s always feeding Bill’s habit…

    That’s what I’m going to do. It’d be perilous to venture into the Great Room tomorrow with one tee-offed cat watching one.

  30. By the way, I’m bringing my kitties and my pengy.

    You’ll have to sign an Assumption of Risk form in that case. MKB has a long molestation seduction rapsheet. And, we will have two drunk pengys (gender indeterminate) to be handed out as prizes.

  31. Upps Check your email please.

  32. imusthavescotch of course! Don’t forget the ice!

  33. Hooray!!! imust

  34. Barry says he can kill US citizens because, um, “due process” is not the same as “judicial process.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If there was any doubt that this guy is an evil f#ck, put those doubts to rest.

  35. TY NES. My dogs are my world. I know they are getting up there in age and it can happen but what I do not know is how I will react to it.I have one dog who,as Upps knows is one special guy. Doubt I will ever have one that is so in tune with me again.
    Now bring on the Cactus Juice I am ready to party.

  36. NES, sounds like there’s been some smokin’ in that house. That is some rationale.

  37. Let’s hope lorac isn’t going to insist on a vegan drink

    lol oh no do your drinks actually have meat juice in them? I don’t think so!

  38. do your drinks actually have meat juice in them…

    I’m sure The NewtBomb Cocktail will have some bull’s blood in it.
    You can have The MittenFizz Cocktail — hot milk and camomile, shaken with ice and topped with a cherry.

  39. I’m following Karl Rove on Twitter. It makes me feel protected by the Mob.

  40. Don’t forget the ice!

    The ice will have to be placed under lock-and-key. NeedleNose, will you guard it from imust?

  41. Ladies pay attention:::

    Did your forget how this man gave the “finger” to Hillary, Did you forget how he referred to her “mood swings” Do you now forget how he “disrespected’ everything that we fought for, how he with his arrogance “brushed her from his shoulder”. Do you now respect this man? Do you now forget, and …………for the sake of party… him? I will not, I will never, not in this life will I ever!!!

    Women, don’t be fooled by a fool!!

    Today his Administration calls to WOMEN to support him, he uses us, and WOMEN do we forget who he is, or do we swallow a bitter pill and support anyone but HIM. You think about it, you answer in your heart what is right!!! I for one cannot and will not ever support this man and where do you stand???

  42. Big surprise!

    WH to congressional dems: Expect no money

  43. Obama must really be scraping for cash – those $1 donations they keep emailing for, telling dems they’re not going to share the money – now he’s grabbed Bill Clinton to do some fundraising with him, they’re hoping people will start donating because they get to see Bill.

    Why Bill, why?

  44. From loracs link:

    President Barack Obama has a bleak message for House and Senate Democrats this year when it comes to campaign cash: You’re on your own.

    Serves them right since one of the main reasons they went gaga over him was that he used to be able to make the campaign donations flow like a fire hose. (or so they said.)

    Big Dawg better not go all co-dependent on this

  45. lizbethw, seriously, please read some of this blog. Bring a sleeping bag because it’s four years’ worth or recording Obama bullshit. We haven’t ‘forgotten’ a thing. In fact, you can’t even remember what we’ve forgotten. If you didn’t just show up here out of the sky waving your arms and screaming and making such assumptions, you would know that. In short, not to be too blunt: What the fuck are you talking about?

    Why don’t you try reading the post below this one before blowing fire at us. You demand to know where we stand? We demand you read us and find out. Now I want you to “Pay attention”. Don’t you ever come here and tell us to snap to and “Pay attention” when you haven’t even had the courtesy to spend five minutes reading posts I bled all over my laptop to write for four fucking years.

  46. wow, lizabethw, talk about paying attention!!! Like, did you just pull a Rip Van Winkle?

  47. Maybe lizabethw is a bot-virus, wrapped in an anti-O guise. Handle with tongs only, please.

  48. lizabeth can’t stay for the drinks until she gets some manners.

  49. On the other hand, lizabethw could be a rightwingratfking sock puppet.

  50. True, Sophie. They’re equally virulent diseases.

  51. Ladies pay attention:::

    And, btw, there’re NO LADIES here. Try, “Women.” Hear us roar!

  52. Yeah like I’m gonna vote for Rick Santorum so he can tie a brick to my foot, toss me in the river and see if I float.

  53. Cactus Juice for me please. Don’t even like the smell of scotch. But tequila flows down the pipes like water. Love it straight. I am not happy with the runners from the pubs this year one darn bit. It really galls me to have to vote for mitty because he is a dog abuser but given that over the others being women abusers I guess I gotta do what I gotta do. God help us all if Obummer gets it or Newtie or Sanctimonious.

  54. Lordy I love being educated by a complete stranger who hasn’t got a clue why I no longer have fingerprints from blogging my ass off.

  55. I know Utah. Obama is so revolting he is actually forcing me to consider voting for a guy who strapped his dog to the roof of his car. Jaysus.

  56. Only the finest cactus tequila for you, Utah.

    Glad you’ve come around to Mittens. He’s really a prince compared to his rivals.

  57. Yea well I was hoping the Pubs would look for someone else but I guess with these two parties it is death by fire or death by drowning either way we all lose.
    Warning while consuming enormous amounts of adult beverages I tend to do funny things like dance on the bar.

  58. “ladies” suggests she may be a republican bot
    – although she knows about the finger and the shoulder brushing

    lizabeth if you can’t read the posts, just look at the photos on the main page.

    No one here voted for Obama.

  59. NES – keep thinking. Milk isn’t dairy lol

    Anyway, I like soda.

    On ice. 🙂

  60. From a comment at myiq’s – I think it sums it up pretty well – about the recent (election time – predictable) contraception uproar

    Claiming that taxpayers are paying for her sex life is like saying that taxpayers are paying to allow people to eat cheeseburgers because insurance pays for cholesterol meds.

  61. I wanna see utah dancing on the tables!

  62. NES she has this one ACD who is smarter than most of the people I know.

  63. No you don’t lol.

  64. Glad K is doing better Utah. Sucks when we watch them struggle. Shes a lucky dog. Inches away from the needle and her savior showed up.

    Princess Ananka is doing well, ego notwithstanding.

  65. Without using google, first person who can guess who Princess Ananka was gets a penguin. Promise it won’t be like myiq’s penguin.

  66. We gotta have some cheap beer for Hillbilly for tolerating us.

  67. Oh no now she has another fancy name ? I care not I love her to death and love her high and mighty tude.

  68. Warning while consuming enormous amounts of adult beverages I tend to do funny things like dance on the bar.

    We’re counting on that! Don’t disappoint us now.

  69. Yeah Utah. How do you think I feel that my dog is better looking than I am.

  70. OK lorac. You can have a MittensFizz virgin version.

  71. No you don’t lol.


    Listen gang I have seen Utah and she has seen me. And this woman is very good looking and in great shape. And she’s a rarity here too. She’s not a lesbian.

  72. NeedleNose is Princess Ananka.

  73. no clue who it is so I will google because curiosity is killing me. I just won’t tell. Oh bugger another Penguin lost.

  74. NFW. Hill Billy owes us some cases of Dom P. for us tolerating his knuckle-dragging ways.

  75. She’s not a lesbian.

    That’s what they all say. Wait till after tomorrow’s pahty…

  76. Well now how did you guys see each other??? Are you guys surreptitiously meeting at dog shows?

  77. Uh oh, lorac is so JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ.

  78. lorac we have known each other for a number of years. Well before this blog.

  79. Yeah but Hillbilly’s knuckles are so cute.

  80. BTB = Before This Blog.

  81. Yeah but Hillbilly’s knuckles are so cute.


  82. You want to know who I am? Bribe Utah.

  83. ty Upps.
    I now know who she is but won’t tell.
    No gang I am straight. But I do love Lesbians and gay men. Some of if not the greatest folks I know. My cousin was a gay man in a time it was unaccepted and no one could have been a nicer more caring man then he and the hate took his life.

  84. New header in 20 min.

  85. You want to know who I am? Bribe Utah.

    Hey Utah, how about an all-expenses-paid vacay to ______?

  86. No bribes will get me to spill. It is kind of neat having a secret. Utah never tells. However I will say Uppity is a good looking classy lady and that is as far as it goes.

  87. NES no need for your techie guy. Your comments landed in spam. It was your turn.

  88. Eh UW you didn’t actually answer the question lol

  89. Here that lorac?

  90. Uppity, post is in the can….er….it’s been put to bed…..umm….well anyway, the final draft is there. Let me know if any changes are required. Off to spend some time with my young offspring…she’s feeling neglected (no I don’t mean my penguin!!)

  91. What color are her eyes?

  92. No bribes will get me to spill.

    Guantanamo vacays have been known to loosen tongues. /jk

  93. Utah, you could always take the vacation and lie.

  94. Spam? Eff — and I just bought some treats for MKB!

  95. He’s cranky, NES. He got burned by some Illegal Alien Undocumented Migrant on a catnip buy.

  96. If Guantanamo fails, there’re always lucrative book deals. Lawyers can land good book deals for their clients…. just saying.

  97. She’s not a lesbian.

    That’s what they all say. Wait till after tomorrow’s pahty…

    Did I ever tell you the story of a Lesbian I used to hang out with ? She was 6 feet tall if an inch and a true riot. Never had a friend that made me laugh like she.
    My daughter had just turned 21 and well you know 21 year olds in a bar lol.And you know 21 year olds period I mean they know it all right ? She had never met Phyllis nor a lesbian for that matter and I set her up with Phyllis. Boy when my kid started to figure it out it was a riot. They are still dear friends. Phyllis used that same line NES lol.

  98. utah, NES will cut you a good deal – and really, ALL you have to divulge is the street address – she’ll find out the rest from there lol

  99. Nice story, utah.

  100. Here are my drink recipe offerings:

    Frothy Mix: Kahlua, Creme De Cacao, Frangelico, and heavy cream. Blend with a stick blender. (The Frangelico is for his sanctimoniousness.)

    Newtron Bomb: (a real drink taking a spelling license): butterscotch schnapps, Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur

    Roswell: (another real drink, too coincidental to pass up): Malibu coconut rum, orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice (Will have you feeling Randy.)

    Absolut Idiot: Absolut Citron, Canadian Club, Gin, bitters. (Makes no sense and in bad taste–like driving with your dog on the roof of your car.)

    [R]Obot: (another real drink) Jack Daniel’s, vodka, grenadine syrup

  101. Phyllis used that same line NES lol.

    Hey, lesbians are always stealing my lines.

  102. rofffffff vacations, book deals , man this is getting good. Gitmo hmm I think I could have some real fun down there. The prisoners would be eating pork three times a day when I got done. The feds would be paying to get me the heck out of there lmao

  103. WHOA SophieCT — those are all brilliant!

    Give this woman all the prize pengys!

  104. Absolut Idiot: Absolut Citron, Canadian Club, Gin, bitters. (Makes no sense and in bad taste–like driving with your dog on the roof of your car.)

    This one had me laughing the loudest.

  105. The prisoners would be eating pork three times a day when I got done.

    Cooked the Islamic way; right?

  106. Make them eat pork and make them call their mothers, sisters, and daughter to tell them they are released from their slave status. Also make them call their mom to say “thank you” for being a woman and bringing them into the world, and sorry they themselves turned out to be an ignorant penis head.

  107. Love the drink list . Real fitting. Great job !

  108. What color are her eyes

    Which one?

  109. Nite imust. I’m sure it’s a very Imust post.

  110. Excellent idea Lorac. Gitmo sounding real good. Man what a dream vacation.

  111. Which one?

    Hahahahaha. The third eye must be RED.

  112. Hey, I know where to get genuine Halal bacon.

  113. Yes, the one in the MIDDLE!

  114. Give this woman all the prize pengys!

    Yippee! Ubuntu is getting lonely.

  115. Good night gang. Got an early get up. Want to beat the sun and get some shots of the sunrise on the snow in the mountains . Then let the wrecking crew run like the dickens.

  116. Sen. Nina Turner on her bill to protect men from Viagra.

    “A prescription for medication of this kind should require an assessment that targets the nature of the problem—specifically to assess whether it’s psychological or physical,” said Turner by phone on Monday. “There are serious health risks and side effects associated with taking these treatments and I want to make sure that the fragile and vulnerable men of our country understand all of the factors before they take the drugs.” To that end, Turner’s legislature includes language to ensure men understand both the ramifications of their sexual health decisions, and, Turner said, “to make sure they understand that there are other options out there, whether they’re natural remedies or celibacy.”

    “The men in the policy making positions of this country have spent a generous amount of time working to protect the well-being of women through their reproductive health,” said Turner, “I thought it was only fair that we look out for men in the same way.”

  117. Slow Comfortable Screw: Vodka, Orange Juice, Sloe Gin Southern Comfort.

  118. FF, wherever you are (and won’t you leave there and come back HERE????!!!!), great header!

  119. NES – your first comments on the thread – what link are you talking about?

  120. Hmmmmmm… I’m thinking…

    Kettle One Martini, shaken, slightly chilled, two olives – as a starter?

    Surely, before the day is over, NES we’ll be popping a bottle of “J” Vintage Brut – 2002, just for a toast to Lorac Wednesdays?

  121. Wow! Fabulous header!

  122. Slow Comfortable Screw: Vodka, Orange Juice, Sloe Gin Southern Comfort.

    My conscious mind just called my imagination “Slut.”

  123. It seems there’s this T- shirt being sold that reads “Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8-10.”

        Let his days be few;
        Let another take his office.

    Well, that’s not nice.

  124. I brought some entertainment:

  125. love the piano playing beagle, myiq.

  126. Let his days be few;
    Let another take his office.

    Let termites infest his wood.

  127. …. or crabs….

  128. Love the Header!!! Hugs FF!!!

  129. Let termites infest his wood.

    Give the man a Pengy!

  130. NES – your first comments on the thread – what link are you talking about?

    It was to this thread, lorac. Just a few attempts at testing after I ‘published.’

  131. Killer-funny header, FF!

  132. Drink offerings to us from our fav lowlifes:

    From Rick Sanitorium:

    Red Headed Slut Cocktail
    1 part Jagger
    2 parts Red Bull

    From Lush Rumball:

    Brunettes Can Be Sluts Too!
    1 oz Crown Royal
    1/2 oz raspberry liqueur
    1 oz triple sec
    1 oz cranberry juice
    1 oz Sprite soda
    Pour over ice & serve.

    From Snewt Gingrich:

    Lewinsky Cock-tail
    1 oz Irish Cream
    1 oz Southern Comfort
    1 oz Peppermint Schnapps
    Shake with ice, strain & serve

    From Barky Obama:

    (If you can afford them after I’m done with you)

    From Us to Them:

    Ball Buster
    1 oz rum
    1 oz rye
    1 dash tabasco
    Mix well and run for your life jerks!

  133. And from our buddy Mittens:

    Thirsty Dog Beer

  134. Funny post NES….and comments!! An hour or so until the 4th Blogaversary in west coast time…..on the east coast…it’s already par-tah day!! Woo-hoo!!

  135. From dear old Ron Paul:

    Fuzzy Logic

    3 shots vodka
    2 shots triple sec
    2 shots DeKuyper Peach schnapps
    10 oz orange juice
    Shake with ice & serve.

  136. John Stewart just did an hilarious piece on limbaugh. Its called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross!

    (there’s a movie out called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.)

  137. Too funny, socal! Did you make them up?

  138. Thxx imust. You’re too kind tho’ — the ‘post’ was hardly that (terribly simple and low-tech), but the comments from all MADE it. A true Uppityites collaboration!

  139. I only made up ScrewUdriver. The names of the drinks and the recipes are genuine. I just applied them to the appropriate douche.

  140. Wow imust, I sneaked a peak. Still laughing, uproariously. A true work of comedic genius!

    Boy, oh boy, you’re all in for a treat tomorrow.

  141. Lovely, socal. I thought ScrewUDriver was the funniest — well done!

  142. Don’t forget to fetch madamab. Not because we like her but because she always brings single malt.

    Ah, poor Mad is being overwhelmed by work, hence my taking a day of her posting duties. BTW, she luvs y’all too. 😉

    No scotch for me. I’ll bring Maker’s Mark and club soda.

  143. Its midnite here on the Left Coast. Happy Billday everyone!

  144. Here’s a drink our fredster would not like: Crimson Tide Cocktail.

    I’m off to check out his post.

  145. I love the new header and the pic of Bill. It looks like he just had to sit through a Rush Limbach episode.

  146. Here’s a drink our fredster would not like: Crimson Tide Cocktail.

    I’m off to check out his post.

    My post will be for Wed. Socal. And here’s what I think of that drink:

  147. Happy Billday all. Upps, you’re the hostess with the mostest!

  148. Bill looks like he’s wasted.

  149. Oh no, no madamab! She must drop in, however momentarily. Madamab, check in for a single malt!

  150. Hilarious drink recipes, socal.
    Give the woman a Pengy too.

    Bring forth more Pengys…so many prize-winners, so few Pengys.

  151. Oh no, no madamab! She must drop in, however momentarily. Madamab, check in for a single malt!

    I’ll pass it along NES and also let the folks at TW know to stop by for a celebratory and congratulatory comment.

  152. fredster, the barfing link was funny! btw, whenever laker mentions limbaugh lately he says the last syllable like he is hucking (hocking?) up phlegm. Its been funny albeit gross. Thats why he spelled it the way he did.

    ok, I will check it out on Wed.

    I’ve never gotten a pengy before!

  153. Oh socal…I read your comments at the other place viz-a-viz Z and your comments about your loss. I never knew about that and was so horrified to read it.

    Big hug to you.

  154. Oh thanks fredster. It was tough, but I know there are many people who have to deal with harsher. I only wrote about it to point out the audacity, the ridculousness of some people to judge others about whether or not they are “entitled” to have a drug covered by their insurance co, that is prescribed by their Dr. I made a simple statement, that Ambien had made me goofy, you & I had both mentioned that to each other here I think, and suddenly I’m attacked for having Ambien like its costing them money. wtf? Its the same thing with the birth control pills and all these freaks on Fox & lush r. screeching how “they” shouldn’t have to pay for it. John Stewart did a great blurb on that tonite, btw, and both he & Colbert ripped Limbaugh a new one. It was great to see. Anyway, unohoo was pecking away at me so I let’er rip. I don’t regret it either. I can’t imagine caring what Rx other people have for godsake.

  155. fredster, hugs back!

  156. socal: I wanted to throw my 2cents worth in there but didn’t want to get into it with that one. Hell I take Ambien and since I didn’t have health ins. I got it under Walgreens Prescription Drug savings plan. No way anything could have been said about that. Now I see it’s also covered by the PCIP plan but I bet the plan will have limits on it. so I’ll have to see how much it would cost off the ins. and off the Walgreens. You can only use the walgreens thing if you don’t have prescription coverage any other way.

    I can’t imagine caring what Rx other people have for godsake.

    THANK YOU!!!

  157. John Stewart did a great blurb on that tonite

    I saw that and he was correct in saying the young lady was talking about a student plan with G.W. It wasn’t being covered by *their* money/taxes. Oy vey!

  158. OOOHH I see how it is. Once in a lifetime post by NES and she waits until I am gone for the night.
    Well. HMPH!
    That does it, no whip for you!

  159. Before I started UW blog, I practically had no life at all. Now I most definitely have no life at all.

  160. Hey Ted! Thanks for pimping my blog man! Your experience shows! If I were going to pick a pervert to pimp my blog, it would most definitely be you. Nobody concurrently championed and porked as many women as you, man! Nice tan! A litle charred though. What’s up with that?

    Hey! I hear the Big Guy was so mad at you, you’re assigned to eternity in a room with Bob Novak!

  161. Like I said, considering I put six figures into single pay health insurance in the past decade and only took partial payment for a yearly checkup out, If I wanted birth control pills right now, you can BET nobody else “Paid for them” but me! Using the Rabid People’s reasoning, I didn’t much like paying for Rush’s drug rehab either. Obviously I paid for that, right?

    Here is how f’ing stupid they all really are. Obviously they mean they are paying for everything people on public assistance get from health care, for verily, they truly hate teh poor…..Just like Jesus hated teh poor…oh Wait. …..

    Anyways, not paying for the birth control of the poor means more babies to support. And I can assure these morons that a baby and it’s subsequent care costs a crapload more money than birth control pills. But nevermind. All of this is lost on morons.

  162. Happy Bill Day! FF what a terrific header!

    Re: lizabethw’s comments. Where do these people come from? Good response to her Uppity.

    Well, today I vote in the Georgia primary. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Newt did not win.

  163. Oh, I forgot to mention that for this auspicious occasion, I finally created my avatar picturing my two cats. By the way I have brought them to the party. They are girls so I know they have to be careful around Bill. At least they are “fixed” so no one will have to pay for their birth control.

  164. Re that “Christian” T shirt on Obama. I bet the Feds are at their door.

  165. Ups, Please bring me up to date on the T shirt. Thanks

  166. Before I found Upps, I was drowning in MSM b.s.; I was blind, now I can see.

    HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY DEAREST UPPS AND ALL. Thanks for being a home for laughter, debate, and comfort – chockfull of friends. Salut!

    Imust, if I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again — you’re a comedic genius! Fabo-brill post! Thxx for the demonstrable effort and the copious wit that went into this fitting tribute to our Blogmistress par excellent.

  167. MOM! Don’t take away the whipping…anything but that!
    Now, we all missed you last night. I even pledged to make you a hot whiskey with lemon slices adorned with cloves.

  168. At least they are “fixed” so no one will have to pay for their birth control.


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