Uppity’s 4th Blog-A-Versary Post!

Congrats Uppity on Your 4th Blog-a-Versary!!

Moderator Kitteh Bill here….I get to make the first comment, it’s my blog, I can do that.  The Woman has it all wrong.  I should sue her for defamation of character.  I have a good attorney too.  The Woman thinks she’s HER attorney….hey, she’s not the only one who can Skype, you know what I mean?  Anyway, I’m going on record right here on the blog

I'm not EATING the nip...I'm just LOOKIN'at it!

that everything the Woman said in that interview is FALSE!  LIES!  Nip has never even touched these cat lips…well, heh….I never inhaled anyway!  So why do I stay, moderating this blog….working my paws to the bone for nary even a “Thank You Bill!”??  The Woman, plain and simple as that.  I’m a sucker for a righteous rant and the Woman is the best.  (But don’t tell her I said that, I’ll just deny it….I can do that…I’m a cat.)

Thank you for that heart-felt testimonial MKBill!  Now before we get to our regular commenters, I thought I’d share some comments made by a few of Uppity Woman’s Blog lurkers.  These are some rather famous, even infamous people you probably never would have guessed would be Uppityites! 

1.) Ted Kennedy:

Yeah, it’s me, Ted Kennedy.  Or rather, the ghost of Ted Kennedy.  Here’s what happened.  When I went sailing up to the pearly gates, Mary Jo was there to meet me…

That's right, I'm the ghost of Ted Kennedy. I've come back as a Portuguese Water Dog. Quit laughing.

wearing steel-toed boots!  You can guess what she did with those boots can’t you?  She said she got the idea from someone named Uppity Woman.  So, with so much time on my hands….er..paws.. I figured I’d check out Uppity’s blog….and well…as the saying goes….the rest is HERstory.  (I find myself saying stuff like that now, and I can’t figure why??)  Anyway, thanks Uppity, I wish I had started reading your work years ago!

2.) A. Weiner:

I was never into blogging much before….twitter was my thing.  But not long after I resigned my position

It's me. A.Weiner. Uppity's Blog really opened my eyes.

with congress….I was standing in front of a mirror….and out popped….(no, not that)…THE GHOST OF TED KENNEDY!!  At first I thought my mirror was hacked!  But then,  for the next several hours, Ted led me on a twitterful  journey through my past…it wasn’t a pretty sight.  Ted told me I needed to change my ways and it wouldn’t hurt to read Uppity’s blog.  I’ve been a faithful reader ever since!  Thanks Uppity!

3.) Nancy Pelosi:

I started reading Uppity’s blog after being chased around the Capitol by the ghost of Ted Kennedy!  I would have gotten away from him if I hadn’t tripped

I told my hairdresser about Uppity's blog and now she gives me this special "uppity" hair do. She tells me it's all the rage!

over a ladder, which for some reason, had fallen to the ground.  (There was this petite lady in running shoes and her needle-nose dog laughing about karma! I wonder if she had anything to do with it?)  Anyway, it turned out okay.  When Ted finally caught me, instead of making me into a “Nancy sandwich” like he always did….he forced me read to Uppity’s blog!  After reading Uppity, I begged her forgiveness for being a ladder kickin’, back stabber….but she told me to eat Barack’s vibrating cell phone.

I’m getting a little worried about these new commenters.  They’re not exactly Uppity’s favorite people.  I’d better ask MKBill if they’ll make it past the spam filter.  Bill?  Bill?

I told you the nip never touched my lips! The Clown and the Hillbilly turned me on to this beer stuff.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…huh?  Wah??  Are you ashking me a queshhun?? I’ll take ‘Tabbies for $20 Alexsh….wait! wrong shwoo, I mean schmo, I mean ..where’s Vanna?..oh schuze me….I gotta go pee…..

There's Uppity the gardener!

You know, maybe I’d better ask Uppity herself.  I’ll poke around outside the Great Room and see if I can find her.  Wait!  I think I see her!  hmm…..she looks kind of busy too.  Aww….what am I worried about?  Uppity will be glad to welcome Ted, Anthony and Nancy to the blog!  The more the merrier, she always says!  (She does always say that…doesn’t she??)

Well then, I’m sure she won’t mind if I solicit another famous personality for an Uppity testimonial….none other than…..Rush Limbaugh!  

Okay, so I was up late at my radio station boozing and doing drugs working.  I dozed off during a commercial break….wait, we don’t have  sponsors anymore, so it was really

Well-known misogynist Rush Limbag.

just a break…when a vision came to me.  It was Ronald Reagan.  He’d been talking to the ghost of Ted Kennedy.   Ronnie came to warn me about this “Uppity Woman” person who was bad-mouthing me on her blog!  So I read some of her hysterical (and I DON’T mean funny) rants.  If Ronnie thinks I’m listening to that sl@t…that femina………….UH-OH!!!!!!!!!!


Now for my Uppity testimonial.  You don’t mind if I use my regular voice do you?  My omnipresent voice makes my throat hurt.  So yes, the burning question (no pun intended), I DO read Uppity’s blog, daily!  It’s my only vice!  Don’t tell NES and lorac, (they’ll be so J),  I also Skype with her!  So listen up!  AND THAT INCLUDES YOU RUSH!!! I plan on telling Uppity when the next rapture date will be…yeah…that’s right!  Don’t listen to anyone but Uppity!  DID YOU HEAR THAT LIMBAUGH?  LISTEN TO

I'm God and I "highly" recommend Uppity Woman's Blog!

THE UPPITY WOMAN!!!!  KAAA-BOOOM!!! (I love doing that to him!)  Follow Uppity’s instructions, to the letter!  Even if you find some of her instructions odd….like where to leave all your jewelry, your cash and the keys to your safe deposit boxes.  Do whatever she tells you…and send money…LOTS of money!!  Got that?  Okay, finally my last instructions (do I have enough characters left on this tablet?)….all you “regulars” and “lurkers”, (except Rush)…I’m COMMANDING you to add your own testimonial about your hostess, the one and only, (and I should know) UPPITY WOMAN, to the comment section….OR THERE WILL BE PUNISHMENTS!!!  KAAA-BOOOM!!!! (ROCL that never gets old!)  Uppity said to tell you that there will also be “prizes” for the best testimonials.  Winner gets 1 dinner night with Uppity!  The loser gets 2 dinner nights with Uppity!!  Haha!  I really do crack myself up here!  Seriously, start working on those testimonials….and they better be good!  Prizes are penguins…or pies…something that started with a “P” I’m not sure…..Begin your comments like this…”Ever since I found Uppity’s blog…” or “I started visiting Uppity’s blog when….”  One more thing…. RUSH!?!! THIS IS IMPORTANT…..  TELL YOUR MISOGYNIST FRIENDS……………WAIT FOR IT……WAIT…FOR…..IT………………...I’M A WOMAN!!!!!!  DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!   BWAAHAHAHAH!!      🙂


Imusthavepie here again….I figured I’d let God have all the time  and space she needs….she’s GOD after all…she can do that!  Is she still here??

So here’s a few examples of last year’s testimonials to get you started….

When I found Uppity’s blog and started reading her daily, my psoriasis disappeared!

Since I became a regular at Uppity’s place, my cat has stopped spraying!

I haven’t had a cavity in three years.

Before I found Uppity’s blog, I was hooked on drugs. Now I’m hooked on Uppity’s blog.

My doctor told me that if I returned to Uppity’s blog, my rash would go away.

what are you waiting for?….Get going….you don’t want to make HER mad!!!  (either HER!!)


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  1. Since I came to Uppity’s, I can now fully enjoy and benefit from my insomnia. Its the cool place to be in the wee hours of the morning!

    Cheers Uppity & Uppityites!

    Wonderful post imust! You deserve pie!

  2. “Before I met Uppity women wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole. Now they touch me with them all the time.”

  3. BTW – If the universe is governed by a just and loving god, Ted Kennedy is currently trapped in a submerged car trying to hold his breath for all eternity.

  4. ROFLMAO! Well done! imustapplaud!

    Not sure what I can say about our hostess with the mostest that I haven’t said before. Where else could a low information, bitter clinger find welcome and respite? Where else be exposed to lawyers and doctors and writers. You gave us “Shelter From the Storm”

  5. “Before I met Uppity women wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole. Now they touch me with them all the time.”

    I don’t care. This one is Instant Penguin Worthy. Like that winning scratch ticket you get on the way out of the supermarket.

  6. OK where is everybody? NES got everyone drunk last night and you are all sleeping in? Or is this going to once again be a wait til Mom goes to bed party?

  7. I was so cranky this morning (just one of those days) and now I am ROCL even though I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet. Behold the power of Uppity’s blog!

    Awesome post IMust!

    Happy 4th Anniversary! In cat years that’s like the 25th / Silver Anniversary, right?


    I just Love coming here everyday because I’ve grown to love all our UPPITY’S—even BILL

    PS: BILL< I tweeted you back days ago, don't know if you got it–let me know (michelina)







    Stop by later this evening and count them up, if you can count that high. Don’t bother letting us know if you can, you’re already banned. Now get off the couch and go dump the trash. Your parents are sick of supporting you. They’re at work though so they won’t be commenting on a blog at 9 AM like you.



  11. I’m here. Just don’t know how to finish a comment when the beginning words are provided. 😦
    Brilliant presentation. Two days in a row. Thank you, one and all.

  12. HMMM my left shift key and z key were sticking. HMMMM. Vacuumed the key board. Anybody want to guess what was stuck under there? I just could not figure out what the heck was going on as I never eat or drink at the computer-
    Let’s just say I think Kozmoe has been skyping.

  13. Which one of you mods let the turkey in.

    Remember gang, tonight is Super Tuesday for Crackpots On Parade. I wonder if Newt will even take Georgia. Rick’ total will be dependent on how many inbreds and evangelicals who received a message from God show up.

  14. Before I met Uppity Woman, I was wandering around the internet with a growling stomach and was nothing but a whispy waif with unfocused anger at politicians.

    Now I am well fed, substantially fill my chair and blast canons at pols.

    Thanks Upps.

  15. Since Karen joined our blog, most of our food bills have risen significantly.

  16. Hahahaha. Here’s a riddle.

    Who do you think got herself banned who is really a blog member. Winner gets to laugh their ass off.

  17. I suppose I shal have to take her off the list. Maybe tomorrow…..

  18. Apparently HER was God. Now God is going to smite me!

  19. Dear God,
    Please forgive me for banning you. I did not recognize you. Does this mean I am going to spend eternity with Ted Kennedy?

  20. UW: are you talking to yourself, I know you got me confused

  21. M you will see an exchange with a ‘new’ commenter named HER. Scroll up. Well I got an email from a certain person in a state of punishment over on the banned list. And I am laughing my ass off.

    Okay imust, you’re out of the doghouse now.

  22. OH< I SEE–Your talking to God—No worries, He loves you as much as we all do—now HER—-she can go to H*LL, if she is upsetting you this much

  23. FF: LOVE THE HEADER< IT'S WONDERFUL—where ya been??

  24. love the header, love the post, love this place.

    but then again NES has kept pouring me scotch for the last 24 hours. What’s not to love?

  25. Tell the truth Upps, you banned imust because she posted that picture of you in the red polka dot dress with your slip showing. You also banned her for her history of penguin abuse, rightfully.

    btw – how are the penguins from rehab and the penal colony? And more importantly – where are they? It seems i’ve misplaced my wallet…

  26. I banned her because it’s fun! How was I supposed to know God is using her keyboard?

    Penal colony is much improved since we sent the biggest instigator to myiq.

  27. I am leaving for a dentist appointment shortly. Still not over the last one. lol. Play nice.

  28. just stopping in as per usual.
    Cheers Uppity & Uppityites!

    Wonderful post imust! made my day. 🙂

  29. since I have been coming to Uppity,s my hair is growing back. 😆

  30. It’s already getting fun in here, and it’s not even 9AM where I’m at. Thank you all for saving (what’s left of) my sanity these last 4 years.

    Happy 4th Anniversary, Uppity and all.

  31. but then again NES has kept pouring me scotch for the last 24 hours. What’s not to love?

    Don’t stop now, karen!

  32. Before I met Uppity, I was a know-it-all. Uppity said I didn’t know shit, except for Jack Shit, Ima Shit, Soupy Shit, Eton Shit and Ewer Shit.
    UW gave me a little knowledge, adding that “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” (So now I’m Risky Shit!)

  33. Happy 4th Year Uppity – and All Uppityites!

    After found Uppity’s Place, my neighbor’s “Barack Obama Ouija Board” kept pointing to my address.

  34. Before I met Uppity, I was a know-it-all. Uppity said I didn’t know shit, except for Jack Shit, Ima Shit, Soupy Shit, Eton Shit and Ewer Shit.
    UW gave me a little knowledge, adding that “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” (So now I’m Risky Shit!)

  35. Before this blog, I had beautiful black rubber hair, parted on the side. Since this blog, my rubber is going noticeably gray- and women are TALKING OVER ME! ON MY OWN SHOW!

  36. NES- I’ll take that toddy now please. With honey AND lemon. I may forgive you, provided you write another post and I get a personal invitation.

  37. Being terminal, Hal, I’ll take all of the long-suffering I can get. lol.

  38. since I have been coming to Uppity,s my hair is growing back.

    Me too, except it’s now in different places.

  39. Since I found Uppity, my black & white kitties have become obsessed with MK Bill and have posters of him plastered all over the bedroom walls. They are now demanding I get a twitter account so they can follow Bill’s tweets and I have found them trying to upload Am I Pretty videos to You Tube.

  40. Have 3 hot toddies, Mom: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Hot-Toddy/Photo-Gallery.aspx

    (Someone haaaaaalp…I have no idea how to post pics/photos in the comment secton (on the admin. board, or otherwise).)

  41. When reading God’s comments, remember that Alan Rickman is the Voice of God . Hearing the proper enunciation in your head really helps set the right tone for today’s festivities.

  42. mt laurel, that is hollywood’s version of God’s voice. Male. Where imust’s God, the God for today, is a woman.

    She who must be obeyed. As Imust said, either Her. Her-God or Her- The Queen of this blog.

  43. It’s Super Tuesday and Obama is running unopposed so he held one of his rare press conferences to suck up some of the attention from the GOP

  44. Me too, except it’s now in different places.


  45. Hi. Crepe hanger here.

    Nothing went right at the dentist. Past two days, I felt soreness and inflamation at the unwisdom tooth extraction site. I figured it might be the sutures and kind of just put up with it as I knew I had an appointment today. This morning I woke up with a swelled jaw and a sore throat on the side of the site. It hurt when I swallowed. When I took a look, the area was inflamed, swelled and bright red. I couldn’t eat anything because it hurt. As suspect, I have an infection. To make matters worse, he couldn’t take the impressions for my cap replacements. To make matters horrible, he put me on Zithromax. There is one medication on this earth that I simply don’t do well with and that’s antibiotics. I’ve been so sick on them in past that I stopped taking them. But hey, my mouth is killing me and I don’t wawnt it to get even worse. So I just got home a half hour or so ago, ate all I could before the novacaine wears off because I am not sure when i am going to be able to eat again. I just swallowed the horse pill and hope I am not groveling later.

    I have so enjoyed whining and throwing a wet blanket on everyone’s fun. But to put a finer point on it….

  46. It’s Super Tuesday and Obama is running unopposed so he held one of his rare press conferences to suck up some of the attention from the GOP.

    Obama is a mental infant. Silly preening showboat!

  47. Poor Upps. Have one of Mom’s 3 hot toddies.
    Start drinking early today.

  48. Sean!!!! So nice of you to visit us!!! Care to whine???? You do it so well!!! I hear you make your hair part with a straight edge to make sure all the rubber and grease is lined up properly.

  49. The depth and breadth of Santorum’s tin-ear on all matters political is STTTTTTUNNNING. A fool and his votes are soon parted.

  50. Happy Birthday Uppity and Uppityites!!!!

    (Uppity Zithromax does the same thing to me… sigh. Sending you good thoughts)

    I got hooked on Uppity when she was writing at another site. I was a lurker in those days.

    PS. Received my 1st paycheck yesterday. 😀


  51. UW: FEEL so BAD for you—–you were doing so well–WHA HAPPENNED??

  52. M, its a crater and it was impossible to flush it out correctly, I suspect. And the nocacaine is wearing off and arrrrrrrghhhhh.

  53. Uppity, can you ask for an older version of antibiotic? I’ve got extra considerations and almost always run into trouble with the newer, better meds. Wonder why that is, too. I generally stomp my foot on the ground and demand something from the 1980’s. Whether or not you can, add this to the good wishes already being wafted your way.

  54. GOOFS: ConGRATS—–so happy for you, I know how long you’ve waited for this———

    Do you like the Job??

  55. Congrats on the paycheck Goofs! So few people get them these days.

    Never took Zithro before. All I know is its an antibiotic and that’s bad news enough.

  56. Uppity
    Not so super a Tuesday. Been there with antibiotics and tooth extractions gone awry – never a good mix.

    If you are up to it, swipe some of Bill’s stash and make yourself a mint julip.

    Congrats on your first paycheck

  57. WOW UW: That is the PITTS——Keep up the salt water, and I don’t think Zithromax is strong enough, but I hope it kicks in for you

    Damn, get some pain Meds, you will need them—a day or two won’t hurt you

  58. my black & white kitties have become obsessed with MK Bill and have posters of him plastered all over the bedroom walls


  59. Michelina he didn’t give me anything stronger because he felt it was just beginning and although it hurt and look horrid, it wasn’t that bad and these three pills should do it. Also he flushed it and put some perxo…something or another in it. Apparently dentists use Zitho a lot.

  60. Uppity – tell your dentist this:

  61. All righty, my TV is talking gibberish again, intercepting someone, and some character is talking about Roger Miller and Doo Wacka Do.

  62. And he had sausage and peppers in a ‘sanwitch’.

  63. FF: LOVE THE HEADER.beautiful.
    Upps sorry about you’re set back.sending good thoughts . 🙂

  64. I almost get the sense I am picking up a ham or cb radio.

  65. Thanks to me, Uppity has watched more NASCAR,country western videos, and found her inner Hillbilly. I know she drinks box wine in her garage, George Jones on the music box, sitting on a lawn chair yelling at folks who are passing by” Get the hell of my lawn, or I shoot ur ass.”

    The Hillbilly Nation has adopted UW:)

  66. Darn, Uppity! At least it’s not chronic and terminal shit-ism of the mouth like Hal and me. lol!

    Seriously, hope you heal soon. I avoid antibiotics like the plague too, mouths being the exception, when it comes to infection.

    (just saw an email from you from December? – I avoid logging into that gmail account – for a while now. Sorry about that.)

  67. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    Thanks to me, Uppity has watched more NASCAR,country western videos, and found her inner Hillbilly. I know she drinks box wine in her garage, George Jones on the music box, sitting on a lawn chair yelling at folks who are passing by” Get the hell of my lawn, or I shoot ur ass.”

    The Hillbilly Nation has adopted UW:)

  68. Many thanks to all! Michelina, yep I do like it. It’s the field of work I did before, in fact it was the same company I worked with last. 😀

    Uppity, the zithro works okay but acts like a drain cleaner on me. Yuck. Take a couple of acidopholis cause the zithro kills the good tummy bacteria off.

    Oh one other thing, when hubby had infection he alternated the salt water with peroxide rinses to help clean up the infection. Just don’t swallow it. 😉

  69. Uppity loves her her Hillbilly! And she already tells brats to get the hell off her lawn.

  70. Correction. She tells them get the hell off my lawn or I’m going to give you to my dog.

    …which is a bluff because she LOVEs kids.

  71. Why Not, what’s terminal shit-ism of the mouth. Does not sound like something I want to sign up for.

    I have no recollection of that email of course.

  72. See Hal’s comments @ Hal, on March 6, 2012 at 12:08 PM.

  73. Now then. Antibiotics. Suck.
    So, you want natural germ killers. Number one germ killer on the planet? The ONE that even resistant staph can not defeat?
    Garlic. Yes, you heard me – garlic.
    Whiskey too. the highest proof you can find.
    Mash the garlic to a paste. Apply to infected area. (cheesecloth helps here.)
    Tea bag. Make the tea strong. Apply warm tea bag to site of infection.
    Rinse with whiskey at will. Try to hold the whiskey in the infected area for a bit. Swallowing is optional.
    DO IT! NOW!
    Love you

    ( there is only one antibiotic I can take- good old fashioned erythromicin. All else makes me deathly ill in one form or another. So I have learned the natural germ killers)

  74. It was about wp add-on “feed.nu” I had read about – which makes an “Android App” from your blog – which allows your blog to give viewers mobile phone ap viewing.

    That’ all – you responded to my posting about it on the blog.

  75. pamela the older antibiotics were the ones I had trouble with. Penicillin and i are not friends, so I might not have problems with this med. I haven’t taken antibiotics in years.

  76. Oh okay, Why Not, you mean Jack Schitt.

  77. You responded to my mentioning on the blog the “feed.nu” WP add-on, which provides for an “Android Ap conversion of your blog for mobile Android Phone users.

  78. WOW: PMM—that sound like a Killer remedy——–it is definitely
    old school Italian remedy———–

    UW: If the Biotics don’t help, sing the salt water and peroxide,
    PMM has a wonderful idea———

    I’ve taken Zithro——it can be a weak medicine, but everyone is different—I get sinus infections that would kill a horse—–Or I used too——-to I use the saline rinse, and it keeps things under control
    as far as sinuses

    Anyway UW: Hang in there, it will get worse before it gets better, good thing the Doctor caught it early, not that you had much choice in the matter

  79. sorry for the typos everyone

  80. M I am already doing the salt water, I should be living in the sea I have used so much of it.

  81. The email was apparently after my having posted a comment about that “feed.nu” WP Add-on for Android Mobile Phone users – who access a blog from their phones.

    Ohhhhhhh. Hal was referring to “Jack Schitt” – I never saw that! lol!

  82. Mom apparently zithro is erythro based. It says don’t take it if you are allergic to erythro so there’s the tipoff.

    When I was a kid they always used whiskey for toothaches and gums. It does work even it it would sting like hell right now. Tea bag, I never heard that. Will do it asap.

    I only take it for three days. one pill a day, I go back to him Friday.

  83. Tea BAGS-suck out the poison—it may take a day or two–but they definitely help

  84. Crier send me this and I never got to post on it.

    Karma. I am in love with it.

    TAMPA, Fla. – A man who tried to ambush his estranged wife at a Carrollwood apartment complex near Tampa Monday morning wound up setting himself on fire, according to a Hillsborough Sheriff’s investigators.

    Deputies responded to a report of a disturbance at the Countrywood Apartments at 12401 Orange Grove Drive around 7 a.m.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon said the man, 50 year-old Matthew Wong, whose listed address is in Wesley Chapel, had staked out the area to wait for his wife to show up.

    When she did, he attempted to douse her with a flammable liquid, but she was able to get away. A neighbor grabbed 46 year-old Gloria Davis and pulled her into a nearby apartment for her safety.

    At that point, Wong was heard to scream out, “I’m gonna kill you,” and proceeded to try and ignite bushes near the building, but wound up setting himself on fire.

    Read more: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/state/matthew-wong-burned-while-trying-to-set-his-estranged-wife-on-fire-tampa-deputies-say#ixzz1oN8ytxlG

  85. Obama lobs contraception bomb, laughs as it goes off, laughs when women get the short straw.

    Read it.

  86. This hurts. It really hurts. I wouldn’t dream of eating.

  87. Darn. I couldn’t get a comment to post – I thought! They posted after all. argggg.

    Sorry – Delete the multiples, if you want.

  88. Hate it for you, Uppity. Take care.

  89. Very funny comments, people.

    Upps, am sorry about your mouth. Antibiotics are rough, for sure. Hope it starts clearing up right away.

  90. Do you have any garlic oil on hand Uppity? Would be even better than crushed garlic.
    Seriously on the tea bag though- as warm as you can stand it.
    And good old Scots Whiskey. We maybe can’t cook gourmet- but damn we can make some booze! Kills germs and pain at the same time!

  91. gotta go ((((((Uppity’s))))), it was a blast the last couple of days—
    all the posts

    UW: take Care of Yourself———Listen to MOM !!

    see you all tomorrow a.m.

  92. I’m doing the tea bag. I can’t put whiskey on this, and probably not garlic either. This is an open wound at this point. Everything around its vicinity hurts the same too. Throat, roof of mouth, gums. Even hurts on the side of throat when I swallow. It really hurts. I’ve got some tea here with lemon and honey, luke warm. Even that hurts. I forsee some codeine in my near future.

  93. Good article re: femisex. It doesn’t bother me if there’s a copay for drugs, copays are affordable for most people, unless maybe you don’t want the generic, but want the brand name. My Dad was on Aricept, for which there is no generic and that was 300 per month. (Kaiser charges a copay for all generic drugs, you pay full price for brand names, also they are all made in Thailand, India & now godhelpus China, and kaiser is so huge, I imagine they are making $ on a lot of Rx.) Still, I know there are a lot of people, with insurance or without, who can’t afford their drugs.

    Where did the whole thing about $3,000 per year for B.C. come from again? I never understood that, I thought B.C. was approx 35-50 bucks per month.

  94. Upps, I wouldn’t put the garlic or whiskey right on them either, but if you could swallow the garlic and whiskey, they should help.

  95. socal the 3000 comes from in case you are having sex with that scheeve Rush. Then, in addition to the pills, you will need three condoms and duct tape. It adds up.

  96. Happy happy 4th. Sorry about your dental stuff upps. 😦

    Found this and am pasting in:

    Clindamycin (Cleocin HCL) often is used in the treatment of serious infections caused by susceptible anaerobic bacteria and hence are effective for dental abscesses in bone and soft tissue that doesn’t respond adequately to penicillin or erythromycin.

  97. Upps, I took doxycycline a couple of months ago, and it bothered me less than any other antibiotic I ever remember taking.

  98. do antibiotics work reasonably fast?

  99. Upps, ROFL!

  100. ’m doing the tea bag. I can’t put whiskey on this, and probably not garlic either. This is an open wound at this point. Everything around its vicinity hurts the same too. Throat, roof of mouth, gums. Even hurts on the side of throat when I swallow. It really hurts. I’ve got some tea here with lemon and honey, luke warm. Even that hurts. I forsee some codeine in my near future.

    When this procedure was done, did the dentist give you one of those pointy/curved syringes to keep the area flushed out? Of course it’s a little late now.

  101. GAH. What a frightening thought, having sex with lush. Like a horror movie. Upps, did you see my drink recipes last nite?

  102. Uppity, I hope you feel better soon.

  103. Yes, usually antibiotics work pretty fast.

  104. that’s what my mom says anyway.

  105. fredster, thanks for the good news, couldn’t happen to a more deserving pig. Bare Esscentials is a cosmetic company that caters to women. What the heck were they doing advertising on Limblech. Seems like a waste of advertising $, doesn’t it?

  106. ooops. last comment was me. I changed it but it didn’t take for some reason.

  107. ooops. last comment was me. I changed it but it didn’t take for some reason.

    You’re just doing that to confuse me….which is so easily done these days. 😉

  108. Uppity,

    Although I was a PUMA from the very start, I arrived a little late to your blog. Now I only hope you won’t think me a bad guest if, having become addicted to the festivities here, I simply refuse to leave the party!


    Happy 4th Anniversary!

    P.S. Sorry about your dental pain. Orajel, or other oral pain relievers, can provide some temporary numbing relief. Just a suggestion. Hope you feel better soon.

  109. from fredsters link:

    “On Monday, Limbaugh addressed the advertisers leaving his show.
    “They decided they don’t want you or your business anymore,” he said. “This program is always about you… I knew the political inclinations of these people. They didn’t care that they were profiting, and I didn’t either. No radio broadcast will succeed by putting business ahead of the needs of its loyal audience.”

    I’m astounded at the list of his sponsors. Do the dittoheads use expensive cosmetics or diet plans? Does he actually have a fan base of women? Also, it looks like Geico has come down pretty strongly on the matter:

    “In 2004, GEICO instructed our affiliates not to run our ads during Rush Limbaugh’s program. This week an ad was placed incorrectly on the show.
    We do not place ads on Rush’s program. We do not sponsor the show. We have repeatedly alerted our partners that our ads are never to run during his program. If this does not change rest assured that we will remove all advertising from this radio network.”

    Whoo! Kick ass!

  110. Zithro is a great kicker. You’ll be good as new very soon. Congrats…4 years, that is quite an accomplishment.

  111. Clindamycin has some vicious side effects- gastrointestinal- think C-Diff- that can show up months later.
    The whole cost of birth control thing is nuts. I believe the young woman said over the course of three years, not one. Not sure myself what kind of BC costs that kind of money. A thousand a year seems rather expensive- when daughter started on the pill, of course Bull Crap Bull S&^t – don’t even get me started- but it cost us $40 bucks a month.
    The point, to me anyway, is that women’s health is women’s health. The latest right wing whack job line is the young woman wants an entitlement! WTF? So is Viagra an entitlement? Prostate exams?
    Could they even consider that birth control pills are used for things other than contraception?
    In the long run, covering birth control is much more cost effective for the insurance companies than the cost of pregnancy, child birth- and then the pediatrician. Idiots.

  112. If this does not change rest assured that we will remove all advertising from this radio network.”

    re: GEICO I’m glad to see that. I didn’t even know they had advertised with him. I have had GEICO auto ins. for years. I guess if you never listen to his show you don’t know who the advertisers are.

  113. PMM: thanks for the info about the antibiotic. I had just searched dental pain and that site and the info came up.

  114. Mom, well said. How are you feeling?

  115. Whiskey too. the highest proof you can find.

    WHOA! Did someone call me?!
    I’m totally down with that “[r]ins[ing] with whiskey at will” part too.

  116. Found UW in a past life.

  117. Chit, I feel a toothache coming on. Bring on the whiskey!

    Just kidding, Upps. I feel for you in your pain. Feel better soon. xx

  118. I’m doing the tea bag.

    I never pictured you as that type.

  119. Uppity, Happy 40 anniversary! I am so sorry that you are in so much pain! Is it too late to call the dentist?

    imust, what a great job for this auspicious occasion! And, FF the header is perfect! And, NES the drinks are wonderful. Keep them coming!

  120. And good old Scots Whiskey. We maybe can’t cook gourmet- but damn we can make some booze! Kills germs and pain at the same time!

    Dang! Knew there was a good reason to drink it!

  121. Fredster- no problem- when I had all the dental work done last year- the dentist offered it as an option- but very honestly explained the possible side effects. I opted for a course-. It of course made me sick as a dog so I never finished it. Cross another off my list. After two doses I called him and he called in good old erythromycin. lol

  122. Whoa! Who excused michelina????????
    There will be punishments for unexcused absences. Excuses will only be sparingly given (if at all!).

  123. Take the antibiotics, Upps. And some morphine too.

  124. Coming up WLM. Here’re a few scotches for you (make sure Mom doesn’t steal any).

  125. I’m doing the tea bag.

    I never pictured you as that type.


  126. mcnorman is adorning the walls of the Great Room for tonight’s shindig. Well done.

  127. Morphine sounds like just the ticket.

  128. Yes, mcn those pix are great! Ditto what NES says @ 5:44pm.

  129. NES, I think a few of these scotches could help Ups.

  130. OK, WLM, you can share with Upps.

  131. Thanks Socal & NES. Upps past lives.

  132. MK Bill has always been front and center, right UW?

  133. Mein Gott! Bill still looks wasted! 😯

  134. I have my M.M. ready.

  135. Congratulations UW! Oh, and NES, I will have scotch.

    See there is a devil…..


    Looks like the I want government out of my life but don’t care if your daughter is raped with a foreign object crowd is getting a taste of its own medicine.

  136. See there is a devil…..

    Wish they’d thrown rotten veggies. 👿

  137. See there is a devil…..


    Let’s lobby for a cage fight between Satan Roy Blunt and Satan-Sniffer Rick Santorum.

  138. Had to stop in and wish UW and MKbill a Happy Anniversary!




  139. Holy Cow!!! This is incredible! What a great post, imust. I would have been ROCL except I’m here on the ground.

    UW: So sad that you’re not feeling well but it sure looks like PMM’s remedies will do the trick. We will save you some Scotch. Some.

  140. Now that’s a “Four More Years” chant I could get behind!



  142. Sorry about all your pain, Uppity. Would it feel better if you clobbered
    me? Seriously, sometimes it helps to vent. I’m on painkillers and codeine is one. Yup, many old prescription drugs I used to like have disappeared; like Darvocet. Empirin #3 has a half grain of codeine,
    #4 a full grain, if it’s still around. Catch some zzzzzs when you can.

    Not a good way to have our hostess with the mostest “celebrate” the 4th birthday of this blog, but rest assured, Uppity is loved from coast to coast and internationally.

    Feel better soon.

  143. Let’s lobby for a cage fight between Satan Roy Blunt and Satan-Sniffer Rick Santorum.

    Celebrity Deathmatch

  144. This has just been running through my head all day

  145. Quite humorous:

    (unfortunately, begins with a brief ad)

  146. Mostly a lurker of the almost every day variety, because this blog and it’s writers are a great crew. Really wonderful posts lately, too!

    Happy Blog-a-versary, you deserve it! Thanks for all of it!

  147. Well, Georgia went for Newt. But I am not surprised. But, he did not get my vote.

  148. Yeah WLM, GA was Newt’s. No surprise there.

    Anyone have other Super Tues. results?

  149. Sophie CT, that is an example of “one size fits all.”

    PMM. I so enjoyed the Angela and Bea number. They show that senior women are talented and entertaining.

    Ups, here is a scotch for you.

  150. Hey NES,

    Tennesse and OK for Santorum

    Mass, Virginia and Vermont for Romney

    Ohio to close to call

  151. Mittens leads Insanatiolm by 1% in Ohio lots of precincts unreported.

  152. happy birthday Uppity

    Lemme buy ya a scotch!

  153. Mind you all these states are being called by the press not the SOS’s. Reminds me of the “Dewey Wins” newspaper headline. 👿

  154. Goofs! Congrats on the visit by the Paycheck Fairy.
    Want a drink?

  155. NES,

    Set me up with some Bushmills please… 😉

  156. Romney now a bit behind Santorum

  157. Thanks NES… I’m hoping PMM gets a visit from the paycheck fairy soon too.. 😀

  158. Teh Funny:

  159. FF! [waving] Good to see ya’ Great header btw!!

  160. FF: Fabulous header. Uppity sure has some talented folks on board.

  161. ooo…goofsmom! Bushmills! Now yer talkin’! Bushmills Black no doubt!

  162. imust,

    Indeed… smoooooooth and a touch sweet.

  163. XOXOXOX to all and hugs too!

    It’s been a crazy few weeks, and I have a few more days to go! I SHALL return tho!

    Uppity – the teeth thing – I get it. Had SEVEN molars extracted in January – (all old car accident damage that FINALLY caught up with me 35 year later) all on the same day – now I am waiting on a permanent bridge. They are making me wait six months!

    I PROMISE it will get better

  164. Thanks Sophie – I have to knock another one out in the morning

    See y’all then.


  165. Thanks for the results/projections, goofs.
    Looks like Idaho and Alaska aren’t in yet — altho’ I expect both to go for Romney.

  166. May Mittens win in Ohio; else, SanitaryPad will be unbearable.

  167. Here you go goofs…have a few barrels (extra celebration for you today, after all) — http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3590/3776431496_57c953bc68_z.jpg

    Or a glass, if you’re in the abstaining mood: http://msnbcmedia4.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/070314/070314_Bushmills_hmed_2p.grid-6×2.jpg

  168. Thanks for the good wishes for the paycheck fairy to visit me. STILL waiting on the civil service exam results. How damn annoying- if I had known that ALL the applicants had to complete the test before results are posted- I would have waited til the last day. Just my nature I guess, get the task, do the task, cross it off the list. Was the same in school- syllabus showed a term or research paper? I wanted a subject by the end of the first week, all research done by the end of the third week, paper written and revisions started by the 4th week, turn in ON TIME!

  169. See ya, FF! Thanks for the superb header! Too bad you didn’t stay for a drink….imust will drink your portion (leaving lorac so J).

  170. Relax Mom. You’re wasting your perfection on an imperfect world.

  171. Thanks NES… I’ll pass on the barrels tho’. 😯 I’m kind of a light weight.

  172. I’m off to watch a movie and eat some dinner… BBL

  173. I will gladly drink FFs portion! imustnotletBushmills go to waste! (an old Irish proverb)

  174. I just saw an update of companies no longer advertising on Rush’s radio show – Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Carbonite, ProFlowers, Thompson Creek Windows, Hadeed Carpet, Tax Resolution, AOL, Bonobos, Sears, Allstate Insurance, Vitacost, Sensa, Bare Escentuals, Goodwill, Service Magic, Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Cascades Dental, AccuQuote Life Insurance, Geico, Netflix, PolyCom, John Deere, Stamps.com, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Capital One, Network Capital, and Exergen.

    Now as we have said many, many times, this needs to happen to alot more liberal and conservative jerks. The abuse of women should be beyond any political party.

  175. imustnotletBushmills go to waste! (an old Irish proverb)

    I resemble that ol’ Irish proverb.

  176. Romney fading in Ohio 35-39 (rickyroy)

  177. Black Bush Bushmills is great.
    (I’m thinking Sophie, lorac and WhyNot wouldn’t object to some Black Bush either.)

  178. Where’s the dancing Utah?!!!? Clear the bar top so she can come dance on it (as promised!).
    Is a woman’s word not her bond in UT?

  179. Romney fading in Ohio 35-39 (rickyroy)

    Quel disastre! Quel horreur!
    Pray tell, have the votes from the Cleveland area come in yet? (That’s a Mittens stronghold.)

  180. Hey Hal, bring us some good news, will ya?

  181. Oh noes! Not Sweater Vest Satantorum!!! Ohio! Come on!!

  182. Yeah, imust. I just tweeted the same message to OH. WTF are they thinking?

  183. (I’m thinking Sophie, lorac and WhyNot wouldn’t object to some Black Bush either.)

    NES: You may be right on that. I discovered that by accident a few years ago. I like whisky, not whiskey. A friend of mine was having some Bushmills Malt 21 and I caught the aroma, took a sip and decided that was one whiskey I could drink!

  184. Sophie, I must confess that I was making a (dirty) pun on Black Bush. Bad me….

  185. Looks like currently 15K votes separate Santorum from Romney, with 36% reporting. Hopefully, not all Romney’s strongholds have been counted. Pray. Where’s WhyNot…her prayers worked in MI.

  186. Now Ohio tightening up again with half unreported.36.4-38.2

  187. Poor Upps, is she sleeping off her tooth-torment. I do hope she’s taking the antibiotics. I know there’re plenty of downsides, but sometimes powerful juju is required.

  188. Yeah, poor Uppity….missing her own Blogaversary!

  189. Hal, can you tell which counties/districts haven’t reported yet. Cleveland and the surrounding areas are strong for Romney. If the current totals don’t include them, Romney could easily overtake SanitaryPad.

    Where’s WhyNot and her powerful prayers???!!! There will be punishments!

  190. All kiddin’ aside…Uppity should really think about having some whiskey . My mom said she used to put whiskey on our baby gums when we were teething. Hmm….kinda explains a lot, now that I think about it…..

  191. Is Ohio winner take all or split the delegates?

  192. You got me, NES! Taking advantage of UW’s absence and trashin’ the place?

    It is indeed a crying shame that Uppity is missing this. wemusttakeuptheslack.

    imust: I think she also prefers whisky to whiskey. Still, if I was in that kind of pain, I’d go for either!

  193. CNN says several Romney countird haven’t reported.


  195. Countirds works too Hal. Especially after several shots of whiskey.

  196. It looks like people really don’t want Romney. Take the VA numbers:
    Romney: 59.5%
    Paul: 40.5%

    Newtie and Frothy didn’t get on the ballot. Is Paul really that popular in VA or are people so desperate to vote for anyone but Romney?

  197. Romney over 76% in Idaho

  198. Did I misspell whiskey Sophie? I think -ey is the preferred Irish spelling. And if you’ve had a lot of whiskey….it’s spelled: whishky….as in “Barkeep! Another whishky pweesh!”

  199. I asked over at TW if anyone was watching and Pat responded:

    I’m watching MSNBC and Current.

    And Sarah Palin just excused Rush and slammed the media.

    Oy vey! Soo what else is new?

  200. well chit and I haven’t had a *thing* to drink.

  201. Mitt coming back 36.5-38.2 Rickydick

  202. Romney over 76% in Idaho

    Mormon country big time.

  203. Imust: you did not misspell it. On Scotch bottles, it’s spelled Whisky and on the other stuff (Irish and American like Seagrams, Jamesons, etc.), it’s spelled Whiskey. Suntori (Japanese) spells it Whisky. which works for me because it tastes like Scotch.

  204. 36.6 — 38.1 69% reporting, but steady Romney gain—this may go to a recount.

  205. NES, you’ll be happy to know that Ohio women prefer Romney to Sweater Vest Satan!

  206. Been kinda dry here too Fredster….just took a sip of Sprite (real hard stuff)……. 😉

  207. They’re now at 37% each. Go Mittens!!!!!!

  208. Mormon country big time.

    Thank god for the Mormons. In this election cycle, they’re ‘protecting’ us from the rightwing Christians. Christ must be so proud….

  209. Willard is leading Rick in Cuyahoga Co. ( Cleveland ) and Hamilton Co. ( Cincinnati ) where votes are still coming in.

  210. Oh, I see Sophie. My experience is with Irish Whiskey….obviously! 🙂

    My old Irish dad had a bottle of Bushmills on the fireplace mantel all during the Reagan years. He said he’d take a drink from it when Reagan was out of office! He waited all that time and then George HW Bush took over! Poor guy had to wait 4 more years!

  211. CNN says several Romney countird haven’t reported.

    PHEW…I knew that you’d eventually bring us good news, Hal.
    Well, in that case I’m calling OH for Romney — by 2%.

  212. Ohio reporting 37.2 37.5 and 75% in WOW….who else is gonna pull an all nighter with me? I’m a journalist and this is damn exciting! Go Mittens!!

  213. I’m hitting the apricot juicth really hard tonight.

  214. Congratulations UW! A whopping FOUR years old. A milestone indeed.

    A Penguin cam for you.

  215. SophieCT, great point about VA. I noticed that too. I think it’s fair to venture that Paul got a lot of the ABR vote.

  216. Great post, imust!

  217. ACK! crier let the penguins in!!!!

  218. Good to know, imust. Go OH women!

  219. Hal, you know Cuyahoga will be the last to report. This could be an all-nighter!

  220. Holy chit (as NES says) Romney just pull ahead…..woooooo!!!!

  221. Here you are, Fredster. http://www.indyweek.com/imager/north-carolinas-ridiculous-liquor-laws/b/story/1318248/1431/1.10-makers-mark.gif
    Now, if you’d dared to bring your own MM bottle, I’d have charged you a 25 dollar corkage fee.

  222. Hiya Beata. Long time no see. Thanks for the good news — I’m thinking Mittens is going to pull this one out after all.

    What’re you’re drinking?

  223. That was according to CNN, but Huffpo still has him trailing.

  224. Beata, have an apricot brandy instead. http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/758/199254.JPG

  225. The “good” news for Romney may be that whatever it is that Republicans won’t embrace, the non-Republicans will in the GE.

    The thing is, I don’t want a Romney presidency. I don’t want any of them. Not the four and not Teh One. I am so Eff’d.

  226. Welcome Crier! What’s your liquid poison?

  227. Hal, you know Cuyahoga will be the last to report.

    And which way do they swing, Beata??

    Mom’s name is Bea. 🙂

  228. 79% of the votes counted and Satanorum is clinging to a narrow lead in Ohio

  229. Huffpo reports Mitt by 37.5 -37.3 …..82% reporting

  230. Thank god for the Mormons. In this election cycle, they’re ‘protecting’ us from the rightwing Christians. Christ must be so proud….


    Now, if you’d dared to bring your own MM bottle, I’d have charged you a 25 dollar corkage fee.

    Thanks NES!! (may I keep the glass?)

  231. Yeah baybeee….Mittens has the 1% lead now! With 86% reporting. (Per CNN.)

    I think I’m going to win my wager below.

    OK, listen up, your bartender is taking a commute break. Don’t let the penguins get drunk. Don’t forget to tip the barmaidchen (gold ingots, VS, MC [not Amex]).

  232. You may keep the glass, Fredster. (Just don’t give it to madamab for her Fri. bar nights.)

  233. Thanks NES!! (may I keep the glass?)

    What a great idea! Imagine….Uppity Woman’s Blog wine glasses!
    I’d buy some!

  234. A commute break? What is that?

  235. Oh, I thought it said, a “commode” break.

  236. Ohio 88.3% rpt.
    Mitt 37.7 Rickaroli 37.2

  237. Looks like NES got her wish……

  238. 89% and Romney’s got a narrow lead.

  239. Oh, I thought it said, a “commode” break.


    (*Rolling on the cloud laughing my angels off)

  240. AP still hasn’t called OH.

    It’s not a good night for Romney. While he has his 3, almost 4 wins. Two are hollow: VT and MA. He will not get these in the GE. He really needs OH to happen for him tonight.

  241. Romney fading in Ohio 35-39 (rickyroy)

    Tomney up 39% to 37% with 98% reporting….Medina holding out…romney up 18 points in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County

  242. Why haven’t they called Wyoming and Idaho for Mitt? He has 57 in wy and 75% in ID

  243. Well, Hal, Cuyahoga Co. has lots of “old money” suburbs, especially on the east side ( like Gates Mills, Moreland Hills, and Pepper Pike ) that I would expect to go with the establishment candidate, Willard.

  244. You may keep the glass, Fredster. (Just don’t give it to madamab for her Fri. bar nights.)

    I solemnly promise.

  245. Traditional 4th Anniversary gifts; Fruit, flowers, linen and silk…and a suggested “Happy Anniversary” toilet paper http://www.justpaperroses.com/Toilet-Paper-Wedding-Anniversary-Gift?sc=2&category=8

  246. Larry Flynt is at it again:

    Remember when Livingston had to resign so we got Hastert. I wonder if he has someone in particular in mind…
    I wonder if Frothy has something to hide…

  247. I want some of these. I keep seeing them on teevee and I’m intrigued by them now. Just want some of them.


  248. Huffpo has Romney leading Ohio

    91.4% rpting.

    37.7 37.2

    Tightening up again.

  249. Hey, I’m back… Romney is still ahead by a tad… 91% pricincts reporting 37.7 to 37.2… a real late night nail biter.

    I’ve been laughing my butt off while I caught up. 😀

  250. Remember when Livingston had to resign so we got Hastert.

    Oh gawd, he was ours. Of course he came out smelling like a rose.



  251. 92% reporting and same count of 37.7% to 37.2%

  252. Karen, I agree on Wyoming and Idaho. They (MSM) called other states with only 3% of the vote counted. Wyoming is at 22% counted and Idaho is at 52% in.

  253. Salon article: Bill Clinton, Republican role model

    Article is lame, faulty premise, etc., etc. Comments are excellent.

  254. Figures. I just got home, getting on the blog late, and I have to step over all these drunk bodies!!!! lol


  255. On a happier note, at least Gingrinch only won Georgia. He was shut out of every other states primaries. BWAHAhahahahahahaha….

  256. Came by to say Happy Anniversary!!!

    Then I read you had a super awful bad tooth thing happen. So I hope you feel better really fast. And I hope the Zithromax works without making you ever worse.


  257. Update….

    95% reporting…

    Romney 37.8
    Pricky Rick 37.1

  258. Huffpo= Ohio 95.4% rpting Romney leads 37.8–37.1

  259. My bad, it’s not Wyoming tonight it’s North Dakota and it went Sanitarium.

  260. Waving at Hal…

  261. Hey Hal,

    It’s going to be another hour before Alaska reports. It’s on 8:07 there. 🙂

  262. Thanks lorac! I can’t take all the credit. I got some great ideas from Proud Military Mom and Uppity HERself of course!

  263. “Sweater vest satan”

    I love that!

    Well, I don’t have any fancy whiskey here, just Jack Daniels, so I’m drinking Tanqueray Rangpur. However, I put a spoonful of Baileys Irish Cream in lakerwades hot chocolate so he doesn’t feel left out.

  264. Every time I saw those commercials that ended with the statement; “And I’m a Mormon,” I knew Mitt Romney was making his bid early and often. He’s got a rational, purposeful handle on this election. Gingrich, Santorum and Paul are providing a foil for him to continue to lengthen his reach while Obama has to scheme and scream to get attention. The most interesting thing is that Mitt isn’t being assailed as a dreaded Republican who, if elected, will give the Republican Party carte blanche. Gingrich & dumprick are nothing BUT party hacks who will divert the People’s resources to building the Republican Party. Romney has the opportunity to diplomatically sideline Karl Rove AND make some substantive appointments to Cabinet.

  265. If I forgot to say it earlier…. Great post imust. I’m lifting my glass of Bushmills to you!!!

  266. Nice to see Beata & Hal & leslie & WLM and so many others back. goofs so happy about your job.

  267. Great post imust!!! However, I’m certain Newt is a closet Uppity reader, perhaps the ghost of Ronnie sent him here.

    Congratulations on your 4th blogiversary Uppity Woman……wow 4 years and I can’t imagine how many wonderfully witty posts!

  268. Thanks socal… 😀

  269. Funny about Larry Flynt.

    What the heck is with these conservatives? What is their problem with Romney? I don’t get it. Why do they prefer sweater vest satan?

  270. Ohio

    98.9% repting. Romney 37.9 Rickrolli 37.0

  271. Update…

    OHIO… 99% reporting

    Mittens – 37.9%
    Prick Rick – 37%

  272. Haha! Prick Rick, another good one!

    Yes, I just saw that. Looks like Romney pulled it out, but just barely. Weird, that.

  273. Uppity, hope you’re feeling substantially better tomorrow. We all miss you! xoxo

  274. socal: Most don’t prefer The Vest. They just vote for him because they don’t want Romney. I think if they thought he really could win, they wouldn’t do it. Basically, a vote for the vest is a vote for none of the above. IMHO

  275. MSM is finally calling Ohio for Romney… Mittens wins bya whisker… 😉

  276. I had to break to commute from work to home, girls!

  277. Are they calling OH for goofsmom? Wow! whisker is right!

  278. Heeheehee… 😀

  279. NES! Looks like Mittens may win by the hair on his chiny-chin-chin!

  280. Welcome back NES.

  281. I don’t get the fear of the mormonism. Don’t they have the same life standards as the other religious jerks that are running?

  282. Good to be back! Thanks be to Joseph Smith! Go Mittens!
    Chit, why can’t he win big for a change. Tired of these nail-bitters. The only reason I’m rooting for him is because he’s all we’ve got against Bam. He’s not a great horse, BUT he’s our horse!

  283. Socal,

    Other christian groups consider Mormonism a cult. Kind of funny when you consider that Jews the followers of Jesus were a cult.

  284. Pssssssssst Lakerdude, here ya go — http://www.fotosearch.com/UNE139/u13650580/

  285. You’re right NES….every one is a nail-biter! Do you think that means he would do better in a general against the fraud? I mean that he would be more attractive to Indy’s and other ABOs?

  286. Socal, I’m filling you up: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greasyguide/4709203997/

  287. I do think he’d do much better against OFraud in the general, provided the hard right doesn’t stay home out of petulance.

  288. Thanks NES! Looks great! Its between you and me. (I plan to learn to play that song on the guitar soon.)

  289. Oooh! Thanks from me also! NES, have you ever smelled the Rangpur. I’m not usually a gin drinker, but this one smells amazing.

  290. “…provided the hard right doesn’t stay home out of petulance.”

    yep, there’s the rub. They did it to McCain.

  291. NES: for every petulant R that stays home, there will be a D who couldn’t bring themselves to vote O who will be voting in 2012 after sitting out the last one

  292. Yeah, I’m wondering about that too. When the right stayed home and didn’t help McCain, I’m thinking even THEY didn’t realize how bad Barry O’bama would be. Now that they’ve had a taste of him for 4 years, they may be more willing to work hard and vote for someone to beat the O, even if they’re not that thrilled about him.

  293. Kewl dude!

  294. imust, yes, that could be. I have no idea who will win. Everything is so screwy.

    imust, thanks again for a fun post! Its as yummy as a homemade, delicious, sweet strawberry rhubarb pie…ala mode.

  295. Hoping you’re right, SWP and imust.

  296. Looks like Romney pulled it out

    Tell him to put it back in! (I’ve used that before) 😉

  297. Never smelled Rangpur, socal. It’s on my list now.

  298. It really is a most outstanding post, imust.

  299. Update: Mittens leading in Alaska… 13% of vote in..

    Mittens 31.7
    Mad Paul 25.4
    Prick Rick 22.6

  300. Tell him to put it back in! (I’ve used that before)

    HAH! I knew Fredster was going to say that!

  301. NES, I simply could not help it. No further wordplay intended, but it was just…*there*. 😆

  302. NES, did you take out the maher thing? I saw 2 comments from Uppity there.

  303. I offer you this comforting night cap: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/do-not-write-mitt-romney-off-yet/2012/03/05/gIQAXfyYtR_story.html?wprss=rss_opinions

    As I count it, Obama’s job approval rating, as measured by Gallup, is 45 percent or lower in 12 battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. These are the political conditions at the worst moments of intra-Republican bloodletting. If this is the bottom of GOP political fortunes, it is not very low.

    The strategy of a Republican presidential candidate is straightforward. While keeping the states carried by the GOP in 2008, he must win back Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina — none a particularly heavy lift. He must take Ohio and Florida. Then he needs only to win one more state.

    None of this is impossible — at least for a GOP candidate not named Santorum or Gingrich. Against Obama, Romney would need to bring his A game, having consistently played a few letters below it. He would need to craft a message of economic growth and social mobility that inspires beyond the grounds of the country club.

    But confident predictions of Romney’s defeat are not only premature. They are seriously frivolous.

  304. Socal: All I could see was a sign-in/sign-up screen.

  305. Other news in OH: Kucinich had his ass handed to him.

  306. NES, he’s gonna have to watch his comments like knowing some NASCAR *team* owners and of course Anne’s Cadillacs.

  307. Bill Maher Defends Rush Limbaugh in a tweet.
    Senses that he lives in a glass house, eh?

    I tweeted him about his sexism against HRC and SP.

  308. Good. He’s a sexist creep.

  309. Bill Maher Defends Rush Limbaugh in a tweet.


  310. NES! 75 minutes to commute home? You poor thing! Or did you get home, relax with some ribs, THEN come back online? hehe

  311. hey, NYSmike came to the party tonight! Good to see you, Mike!

  312. Ya guessed right!

  313. Ack, I just finished reading the most excellent birthday thread comments, but alas, everyone is now passed out…..

    and imust, imustfigureouthowtofollowtomorrowsuchacreativeandfunpost!!

  314. Welcome home, lorac’ers. Here, unfurl with this: http://answersto.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/orgasm-cocktail.jpg

  315. …or this one, called Slippery Nipple: http://answersto.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/39122.jpg

  316. …or this one, called ****job — http://answersto.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/39122.jpg

  317. Good night, my dear drunkards. BURP….

  318. A nite cap from one of Uppity’s favorite, I think:

  319. Sorry gang, I crashed.

    NES! You contibuted to Bill very generously TWICE in two days. The first thing to go is the memory, NES.

  320. YIKES! I mistakenly posted my b’day greeting to Upps and y’all in the previous thread!

    Here ’tis, re-posted:

    Before I found Upps, I was drowning in MSM b.s.; I was blind, now I can see.

    HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY DEAREST UPPS AND ALL. Thanks for being a home for laughter, debate, and comfort – chockfull of friends. Salut!

    Imust, if I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again — you’re a comedic genius! Fabo-brill post! Thxx for the demonstrable effort and the copious wit that went into this fitting tribute to our Blogmistress par excellent.

  321. Hiya Upps!

    Bill demanded sumthin’ for Billday.

  322. Well, geez, about time you dropped by, WhyNot!!! Mittens almost lost OH ‘coz you weren’t here to pray.

  323. Check my tweets.

  324. WhyNot, the bar’s closed now. So, you’ll just have to share lorac’er’s Orgasm, Slippery Nipple, or ****job. Them’s da breaks.

    ‘nite all.

  325. Obama only gets 57% on OK running against some nobodys? 12 % in MASS, the bluest state in the nation, didn’t vote for him?

    And Romney is duller than a Bic razor in a junkyard. I simply cannot believe this man. He clearly has a personality bypass.

  326. They’re RIGHTEOUS, Upps.

  327. Where is everyone? I’m ready to par-tay!

  328. TY Nes. And they’re true.

  329. Just as I suspected, NES. Bill threatened you.

  330. Dear imust,
    Hahahahaha. Twice. once for your post and once for being banned.

  331. Why Not…how’d you know I like Nora?

  332. ROFL myiq, lohan won’t make it to 66. She looks like ten miles of bad road. Priceless.

  333. Go Romney – but, too close for comfort.

    Black Bush – oh my, my my. During my summer of “Two For the Road” year, many years ago, I just so happened to have sipped my way from Dufftown, Scotland to Bushmills,County Northern Ireland on Glenfiddich and back on Black Bush – after visiting both Distilleries, and falling in love with both.

    The only Scotch and Whisky I’ve known intimately well.

  334. Oh Man Why Not, talk about a tasty tour.

  335. You’ve posted her before and her voice and talent are at the top of MY list for memorable. Takes me to another place. Thought you could use some transcendence tonight.

  336. It’s not the model year it’s the mileage that counts. Somebody’s springs are sagging.

  337. Yes, Uppity. Velvet, not to mention he aromas alone being unforgettable. You probably know that you can literally identify them by their aromas from across the room.

    And the landscapes – especially surrounding Glennfeddich Distillery – are forever etched in my mind.

  338. Updated list of the sponsors who dropped Rush. Now if only we could get women to see why Maher defended him. Maher deserves NO LESS than what Rush got

    (Updated) @Citrix @Sleeptrain @Sleepnumber @Quickenloans @Legalzoom @Carbonite @AOL @Allstate @Sears @JCPenney @Capitalone @Netflix @Bonobos @ Geico

    Also: Hadeed Carpet, Bare Escentuals, Sensa, Vitacost, Thompson Creek Windows, Polycom, Service Magic, AccuQuote Life Insurance, John Deere, Stamps.com, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Cascades Dental, Philadelphia Orchestra, Goodwill Industries, Heart & Body Extract, Downeast Energy, Matrix Direct, Reputation Rhino, Tax Resolution.

  339. You are right Why Not. She’s top of my list too. I needed that.

    Hey myiq, like they say, nothing like dealing with an old, established firm.

  340. “Firm” being the operative word.

  341. UW – did your nap help your teeth some?

  342. lorac, I figured if I took a pain killer I would sleep and then I wouldnt feel it. I really am going to lose weight I don’t want to lose. At this point it’s better, but not great at times and then other timesnot so good, so imagine it takes a few days.

  343. I tell you this, young people should yank those wisdom teeth as soon as they can because even if they aren’t bothering you, they are gonna getchu later.

  344. Hahaha. On that NYPost page about Debbie Harry & Lohan, the first comment is “What an insult to Debbie” True!

  345. Hahaha socal. No kidding. Lohan is a mess.

  346. Poor rush, hanging on for the final count, knowing his days are numbered. Like Komen, who wants the risk of being associated with them now? It’s over. He’s history. Couldn’t happen to a more arrogant guy.

  347. Yes Why Not. The bouquet (scent).

    Most powerful one I ever smelled was when I opened a bottle of Marquis de Caussade Grand Armagnac that was aover 50 years old. My father’s old friend gave it to me as a gift. I labored over that bottle because I know it could be sold. I paced. I thought. I paced. And then…..I popped it and OMG the bouquet!

  348. mileage? LOL Lohan’s got more than a retreaded tire.

  349. Uppity, I couldn’t believe how badly that wisdom tooth area deteriorated. Made me cringe just reading about the areas involved.

    Having all four surgically removed in my mid-teens wasn’t a piece of cake. Can’t imagine going through even one with complications now.

  350. “I paced. I thought. I paced. I thought.”

    omg. I am so “j” lol. Obviously, it was a moment that has become unforgettable. Which is how it really is with wonderfully distilled and aged spirits.

    I get it, I really do, having had the experience a few times – that their exquisite, unforgettable taste is well worth their price, if one can afford them. I would choose them over lesser, at least on occasion, in a heartbeat.

  351. I love Grand Armagnac but haven’t been around a lot of it. I had an old bottle of Cognac that my Dad bought in the early 70’s, one of those registered bottles. Somehow, he had hung on to it over the decades, even though he was never much of a drinker. Anyway, I took it up to Washington when we had his memorial service (12/11) and after we had a big Greek dinner I opened it so we could toast the old guy in style.

  352. I’ve gotta go finish a work report of hubbies. Its been a fun 24 hours here. Upps, I hope you’re up and around soonest! Take care!

  353. Reminds me of an old joke that ends:

    “I thought you were supposed to pour that on his grave?”

    “I will, I’m just passing it thru my kidneys first.”

  354. Nite, socal – and Uppity.

  355. lol! myiq… all kidding aside.

  356. Why not, I still have that empty bottle. That’s how good it was.I found another bottle on ebay one time and started bidding but gave up because others were killing themselves to get it. Sumbitch.

    Yeah my mouth sure took a turn in a couple of days. The last one I did went off without a hitch. But I have always had an extra molar on this side, wierd I know and that went too because the wisdom took tiled toward it and destroyed it. SO I have quite a crater there and although I will never miss them, they have caused me great grief. But I’m a pretty strong person physically so I am sure I’ll be okay in a few days. So far the antibiotic is not bothering me so thank heavens for that. I’m just worrying about nutrition at this point. It definitely hurts too much to eat, even favoring the other side. I really can’t afford to lose a whole boatload of weight. I can afford a couple of pounds max.

  357. He’s history.

    I’ll believe it when I see them drive a stake through his heart. Maybe.

  358. lol I hope some people will sober up enough to show up tomorrow to read some comments so god doesn’t come and KABLOOM my post! lol

  359. hehe all these drunk people lying all over the floor.

    Hey, I see Laker over there, he’s not drunk!

    Laker, come here and help me tie their shoelaces together so they fall down when they try to get up off the floor! ROFL

    Hey, we could also rearrange who is passed out next to whom! Laker, who should we pick? We could put Hillbilly next to UW, all cuddly-like. We could wrap Karen’s body around the base of the fridge. Hmmmm…. I’ll get more ideas…… lol

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