Free Passes and Bill Maher: The Deserving Elephant In The Room

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How do you take a protest that began on a principle and then start to look like you are pretending, because it’s really about politics and stifling an opposing voice?

Easy! Just go after Rush Limbaugh for being a sexist, misogynist pig, which he is, and hit him hard. Like they always say in Corporate America,

“Hit em in the wallet and their hearts and minds will follow”.

Perfect. I joined in on this campaign. I tweeted Rush sponsors. I harassed Proflowers and other holdouts like Carbonite. I believed he had it coming and I still believe it. But not because he’s a Right Wing Whacko. I joined because he’s a sexist pig  who can’t wait to hold women down — and I’m sick of it.

The mission was accomplished. Somewhere around 30 sponsors ditched him. It was actually comforting to this woman to see Rush Limbaugh finally experience  some badly needed humility and understanding about  how it feels to be harassed, denigrated and hammered, two things he is known for doing to others.  He got to walk a mile in those shoes and then some. I was satisfied that Rush was going to be thinking twice from now on when he considers humiliating, disparaging, degrading, and hobbling women.

I may have been satisfied, but the Party didn’t stop there. Nope.  That’s how they roll. As a matter of fact, that’s how both these parties roll as soon as they get the chance. Why not turn this into a political battle and forget the original principle and intent, the results of which will likely cause Rush Limbaugh to walk with his two smelly feet in one shoe the next time he thinks about degrading women? Why not just remove that Slanted Spinner from the Other Side from the airwaves so that all we get to listen to is the Slanted Spinner From Our Side? There is no question about it:  The original cause made its point, and now it has been appropriated for another long-standing and not very democratic agenda.

This is wrong on so many levels. It’s not only wrong but it is the Antithesis of Democracy and I will NOT play. Today Rush Limbaugh;  Tomorrow you or me. I want my country free. I do not want a steady barrage of only half the propaganda in America!  Why, I want ALL of the propaganda! Because, who are we kidding. that’s all we get day and night on the airwaves and heavy hitting blogs: Party Propaganda. If I am going to be exposed to all this bad taste and childish sniping, I want to see it all, so I can shake my head at both sides. This is America. This is a Democratic Republic. This is not Pravda. At least not yet. I don’t like Rush Limbaugh. If I don’t like him, I don’t have to listen to him. Isn’t America great that way?

….Which begs the question at this point: Does anybody REALLY give a rat’s ass about stopping sexism and misogyny or is this just another effort to control the airwaves and force a “uniform message”? Well, I am here to tell what’s left of my party that this is exactly what this looks like.

I think I can guess why Bill Maher tweeted in defense of Rush Limbaugh.   I’ll just take a shot in the dark, okay?

Bill Maher is the elephant in the room here.

Everybody sees him.  He is getting larger by the minute. To pretend he’s not in the room is simply ludicrous. My party is looking silly. Again. Bill Maher is the chink in the routine that exposes the continuation of the “FlushRush” movement long after it achieved its goal as looking pretty damned partisan. petty and foolish right now.

Here’s is Maher’s tweet.

Hate to defend but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting. Also hate intimidation by sponsor pullout

Like I said, I can’t help but imagine a good reason why Bill Maher would come to Rush’s defense, can you? If not, why?

I would guess it wasn’t because Bill Maher is the epitome of Republican forgiveness, let me tell you. Every women who has ever watched condescending  Bill Maher has watched him degrade women. Just because he degrades women I don’t particularly like at all, doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to degrade them. When you degrade one woman, you degrade them all. What part of this do partisan women in both parties not understand?  When you laugh at this shit, you are condoning it. Then you wonder how this happened when Your Turn Comes. Shit rolls downhill, my “fellow”** women. Believe it.


Nobody should ever defend or make excuses for Party Darling Rush Limbaugh’s sexism and misogyny, and nobody should ever defend or make excuses for Party Darling Bill Maher for the same crap either. There is no excuse. He’s been getting away with insulting, trivializing, sexualizing and disparaging women for years — and he is really disgustingly good at it. It is not funny and he should not be given a Free Pass. He should be experiencing the same punishments Rush Limbaugh received this week. And you know what? I’ll bet he knows it.  I’ll bet he looked at what was going on with Rush and thought, Whoa! I would hate to have that shit happen to me!!!

Honestly, I don’t even know if I can write what I am going to say next on a G-rated blog about The Elephant In The Room. It is that sickening and perverse.  If I am thinking twice about writing down some of the things Bill Maher has said, then WHY is everyone pretending Bill Maher isn’t the elephant in this room? He is the quintessential filthy pig, the ultimate condescending misogynist. He is simply wincingly awful and everybody knows it. This man is not just a “Comedian”. That is raw bullsh!t and Spin. He is a political commenter and he is an integral tool of the Democratic party, and EVERYBODY knows it. The Democratic party is very important to Bill Maher and the he Reviles Republicans — and he shows it daily on his forum. This is not just a comedian. This is a guy who uses “comedian” to skewer opponents. And women, because if ever a guy hated women, it’s Bill Maher.  He fits in perfectly among the Closet sexist pigs in my party, who aren’t very well closeted, but they think they are. I won’t even get into that million dollar donation.  He’s no less an operative than Rush Limbaugh. So, come on folks, let’s cut the bullsh!t.


Any man who uses the words “Cunt,” “Twat,” and “A Big, Hairy Set of Balls In Her Mouth” should have been chased into the woods with figurative torches and pitchforks long ago. Why are we not admitting this? How stupid do we look for railroading Rush Limbaugh for Slut talk while pretending Bill Maher isn’t what he is? Why are we teaching our children that sexism and misogyny are bad unless someone we like suffers from the problem? This is not humor. This is deliberate degradation. There is no excuse and there is no difference between Bill Maher and any other degrading sexist pig.

Let me say this. Rush Limbaugh has every right to be on the air. So does Bill Maher. What we should be focusing on is the fact that neither of them should be allowed to get away with the hobbling of women and their disgusting behaviors toward women.

And we wonder why women can’t even garner 20% of the leadership in DC? You cannot eradicate sexism and misogyny by giving out Free Passes to pigs. And that is EXACTLY what is going on right now. This is the kind of excused shit that enables an OWS group to have the revolting audacity to tell women not to hurt the cause by reporting rapes–and use a woman to announce it! Do you not see where this kind of disrespect goes and how far downhill it rolls?

Cringe. Every woman in America should be cringing right this very moment over guys like Rush and Bill. Yes, you should be cringing, my “fellow”** women. And you shouldn’t even be thinking of which party you are in when you do it.

I do wish the Democratic party would Please Stop It. They have no idea how foolish they really look right now. Either do it right, or don’t pretend you are doing this because you give a shit about Sexism and Misogyny–or women. Recognize the  Wincingly Awful Elephant in the Room and Give him his Due or stop pretending  and using women as your excuse to ride herd on the ‘other side’ — and  please just cut the crap. All or None. Seriously.

Can anybody see the irony in Ed Schultz calling for Rush to be removed from the airwaves for using the sexist word, “Slut”?….and getting away with it himself?  Trying to rationalize one pig in favor of another pig is a great way to keep sexism and misogyny going on for eternity. Maybe that’s the real goal, hey? My Sexist Pig is Better Than Your Sexist Pig. There ARE no excuses! Nobody and I mean NOBODY should EVER get a Free Pass!

Gawd. How embarrassing.

….And isn’t it interesting that there is no corresponding word for “Fellowship” among women?

Oh and here is a little history of sexist pigs who “Got away with it” because it suited a Party. And once again, we wonder why a gender that can claim 70% of the valedictorians last year can’t even claim 20% of Congress—and Forget the White House!…Because it isn’t all about using dirty words. It’s about the condescending, bullying BULLSHIT we are served up Day and Night. If you can’t see that, regardless of your silly party,  then I don’t know what to tell you other than women are going NOWHERE in America if  we don’t put a stop to this shit. If you thought any of this was entertainment, then your turn hasn’t come. Yet.

The most admired woman in the WORLD, 16 years running–delivered to you on a plate by The Party Of Women. America’s political parties and media  are pathetically obvious. Why would any woman give any one of them a Free Pass?:

Quien es el mas grande cerdo?:

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  1. {{applauds}}

  2. You’ve filled a gaping hole. tee vee has rerun Limbaugh’s rant for days, involuntarily directing my mind back to the same for the Dean scream and Hillary’s “Bosnia lie.” Of course there are many others. A very nasty habit, that tee vee. With some of the newer “journalists” I’m not certain they even understand what they’re doing. They probably think that’s what nooze is.
    Not that I give a rat’s end about Dean, but they did ruin him quickly.

  3. He deserved what he got. But what he’s getting now has nothing to do with sexism or misogyny. It has to do with shutting up opposition. And I oppose that because I am a citizen of the United States of America and the right to oppose anything or anyone belongs to me and anyone else who lives here. Appropriating a cause for sinister purposes disgusts me to no end.

  4. Yes they ruined Dean. After what I saw him pull in 2008, I’m glad and I wish him everything he deserves in life just so long as it’s not good.

  5. “When you degrade one woman, you degrade them all. ”

    Absolutiveity! This is why I get so annoyed when cherry picking is done simply to score political points. Sexism and attacks on women isn’t a problem with just one party or one media blabbermouth. Holding Rush accountable is a great thing. If he is to be the only one held accountable, that will not be so great.

    BTW….degrading women degrades men too. Maybe not as immediately or intensely; but in the end we all suffer because all of us depend on women for…well….pretty much everything, including life.

  6. Mental Note: Steal the word “Absolutiveity”.

  7. Jay all this does is give one side license to denigrate women. I will not accept that.

  8. We were speaking of the creepy-crawly sweaty Bill Burton in the other thread. He’s now the head of an Obama super pac. And he says Maher’s remarks are not comparable to Limbaugh’s. You’re right you sweaty twit. They’re worse.

  9. Uppity, you are right – I love your post!
    Great point about shutting up opposition.

    (Although since BM is a Dempig rather than a GOPig, wouldn’t that make him the jackass in the room?)

  10. Cripes she makes my ears bleed. I’m sorry. No…I’m not sorry.

  11. Point taken, voter. lol. I never thought of that.

  12. Love that Bill Burton–
    “This is all distraction between some of the real differences in this race between Mitt Romney and President Obama on key issues. And that’s what’s important here. Where do they stand on contraception? What kind of Supreme Court justice is Mitt Romney going to put in place? An Antonin Scalia or an Elena Kagan? That’s the important [thing] here,” Burton said.

    He is right that this is all a distraction, but he neglects to mention that the Democrats are doing the distracting. Time to turn up the ‘charm offensive’ and remind women (silly little things forget so easily) that Obama will take care of us. Did I mention Kagan, did I mention Lilly Ledbetter, did I mention…. oh… Kagan… Ledbetter… RUSH RUSH RUSH

  13. Ledbetter. Oh Puulllllleeeeeze. It’s worthless without Fair Pay Act and they know it. A snowball in the summertime for the dumb broads who think it’s not. Melts right in their hands.

  14. Great post! I can’t believe they haven’t pulled that youtube off….wait, they really don’t care so I guess I can believe it.
    Did you see the tweet NES got from Keith Dobermann? He tweeted a response to NES that he apologized after saying that someone should take Hillary in a room and only HE comes out! I looked up the “apology”. It was one of those “non” apology-apologies…..”I used the wrong pronoun…”

  15. So basically all he did in four years was sign a useless exec order, which he canceled out big time with the Stupak exec order….and he appointed a woman to the supreme court. For this, we are supposed to love him? In the meantime, he has used us for bargaining chips and hockey pucks day in and day out. Stuck it up our asses with his ‘medical’ commission that didn’t even have an oncologist on it, so that we would have to fight for mammographies before it’s too late. There were states and insurers that couldn’t wait to implement that ‘recommendation’. He stuck it up our asses with health care reform. But he did take the time to want to discuss further the tar balls in a woman reporters bathing suit. This clown has so little to recommend himself to women that it’s pathetic. And that’s why he lobbed a contraceptive shitbomb, so he would look better than Republicans even though he sucks.

  16. Keith Dobermann I LOVE IT!!!

  17. I have a HUGE post on Obama’s shitbomb but I scrapped it for this one. Who can keep up with all his shenanigans lobbed at women?

  18. Who even cares about KO. Karma visited him and now he’s on a channel that nobody can even find on their TV.

  19. I agree with you that KO got his just karma….it’s just that he was one of the major water carriers/Hillary bashers for Obama in 08. He still can’t bring himself to a real apology.

  20. Who even wants his apology. I wouldn’t accept it anyways.

  21. I must, that was a fantastic IWD post, by the way.

  22. Wow, that jackie lawson card is amazing!

  23. Another Excellent Post.

    Talk about being the elephant in the room.

    Bill Maher has publicly whined about “not getting any” on several occasions on his show(s), that I’m aware of over the years.

    How’s that for consistently being “Poster Boy of Sexist Pigs” and “This is what a repulsively undesirable SLUT looks and sounds like.”?

    He also used to have Ann Coulter on as a regular – nuff said.

  24. Quien es el mas grande cerdo?

    This one is really tough. I’m not sure that I can say anyone one of them is a nastier pig than the other.

  25. Maher coming to Limbaugh’s defense and Maher’s Super PAC giving Obama Campaign 1,000,000?

    If it were not for one sexist pig procreating with another (admiring, defending and supporting) one another, would there be Sexist Pigs?


  26. Maher has the body of a 12 year old. Therein likes his insecurity.

  27. Wow, that jackie lawson card is amazing!

    The woman is a genius!

  28. You’re getting somewhere uppities:
    “…For the sake of the “public discourse” the president called for on Tuesday, Mr. Obama needs to publicly disassociate himself from Priorities USA and cease all further fundraising in support of the organization, until they return Mr. Maher’s contribution immediately. If Priorities USA prefers to donate Mr. Maher’s contribution to charity, my organization can recommend a list of charities that serve victims of domestic violence and abuse.”


    Penny Nance

    President and CEO

    Concerned Women for America

    Read more:

  29. Excellent Post.Upps. 🙂

  30. UPPS, MY HERO! A fantabulous post! Love the cannonball shot between the eyes to both parties.

  31. I believe Concerned Women will likely be disregarded. They are preceived as front and center with religious meddling into the lives of other women who don’t see things their way. I personally kind of figure if you don’t want to use birth control or have an abortion, don’t. If you want to immerse yourself in religion, go ahead. Just leave the rest of the women in the country the hell alone.

    The shouting against that pig maher has to come from Democratic women. Better chance of seeing God, scuse the pun.

  32. GREAT POST UW: !!—- sigh, unfortuantely they just don’t get it—-

    Pig bastards, waiting to watch KARMA ascend on you–woman of the WORLD UNITE !!



    PS: How is that mouth Today, any progress from “just awful”

  33. Yes M, I have moved from “Just Awful” to “Awful”. lol. It has improved a lot but the area is still inflamed. I have an appt this afternoon and suspect a few more antibiotics are in my future. Hopefully, he will still take my impressions for the cap replacements this time. I would have to lose the 3 hour appointment later this month that I have waited months for.

  34. unfortuantely they just don’t get it

    Of course they get it. they are just too partisan to do anything about it. To women’s peril, of course, but then this party doesn’t care about women, they just use them for votes and water carrying, and make the same promises over and over they they have no intention of keeping. They are like a bad marriage that you can’t get out of because you can’t find anything better.

  35. Was going to post Lawson’s whole letter, but going from booing members of sexist culture and cheering an ultra-conservative, pro-life one makes me manic. It was a good move on their part, for their agenda.

    Liberal and progressive women with heads in the sand about Mr. Feminist Mr. Sexist himself: How dare they!” I’m sure.

  36. I personally kind of figure if you don’t want to use birth control or have an abortion, don’t. If you want to immerse yourself in religion, go ahead. Just leave the rest of the women in the country the hell alone.

    That’s what being pro-choice means.

  37. It is interesting that the same people who would not dare to use a racial slur, because it is so morally reprehensible, have no problem calling women the vilest things. But racism is unacceptable because it impacts MEN too, whereas sexism impacts women, so no biggie. But to paraphrase Gertrude Stein –a bigot is a bigot is a bigot. All of this name calling is war time propaganda–they are dehumanizing us so they can justify abusing us and blame us for our abuse since our differences cause the abuse–they are not morally culpable.

  38. AnnE –

    Absolutely! You are so right on!

  39. Uppity! You hit that nail right on the head! Thank you for saying what’s what on Bill Maher. Like his pal, Anne Coulter, from the Crazy Right, his agenda is really about his own wallet – make more noise, be more outrageous, draw more attention, get more money.

    He’s obviously and insecure, twisted little bastard, whose mouth is his biggest body part.

  40. Ups, the Lawson card was so creative and just “down right” cute!

    This is a great “hit ’em hard” article for both political parties. I wish more blogs would regularly write about this women’s issue. If we could keep up the drumming it, over and over, no let up, maybe we could see some progress. It just puzzles me how Democratic women particularly excuse this awful behavior against their gender all for politics, and some actually join in using these disgusting descriptions. I guess they are brainwashed.

    I am hoping that you will feel like your old self soon.

  41. UW, you know how this Hillbilly rolls politically. While I will not give my opinion of what Rysh said here, I will say that some folks seem to get a pass on what they say about women. I hate hypocrisy!

    Off topic UW, I am having an 80’s music party over at my place. You might enjoy it! I will even get you jug of wine with a twist off top instead of a box, just cause I luv ya!

  42. Jay Carney so convincingly explained the subtle but significant distinction: Rush is the “defacto” head of the Republican Party. The Media People WISH that the next level of Nirvanah for the 4th Estate is to actually eclipse the legitimate Party Leadership and have our elected officials dancing to THEIR tunes at the end of THEIR strings. Three Branches of Constitutionally Established Government notwithstanding, the oBAMA-SUCKING MEDIA is officially representing the Occupant of the Oval Office’s position as this: “I am a clueless excuse mill and my daughters are not allowed to express their own sentiments because they diss me, aren’t impressed and have better things to do. I am their schlepp.” but when the rubber hits the road, and I really, REALLY must score to stay in the game, showing off what a great father of daughters I want you to believe and remember I am is my go to trick. Fall For It!

  43. Oh Please! This is so damning. So revealing as to what this party is REALLY about and it’s not Women.

    You know what’s NOT SO SUBTLE, BUT SIGNIFICANT???? The Democrats couldn’t give SHIT ONE about women. That’s what.

  44. Hey everybody stop over Hillbilly’s pahty and order Pinot Noir!

  45. Yeah votermom I know about hank the cat, just never got a chance to write it with all this shit.

  46. LOL freespirit!

  47. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait, os this the French version of the Ford Pinto?

  48. To be fair, Maher actually paid $1 million buckaroos for his free pass. /s

  49. OMG myiq, that is soooooooo sweet! Did you see the cat? His head is all big because he lost body weight. I just think it’s so sweet that he stayed with Mom.

  50. Breaking News!!!!
    With the country going to hell in a handbasket, you will be pleased to know that today our very busy Senate took the time out to declare March 11 as National Plumbers Day.

    I know this will make a huge difference to you all and wanted to be the first to tell you.

    Obviously they didn’t get around to creating any jobs or anything as they were preoocupied with important things like National Plumbers Day.

  51. You know, Hillbilly, you and I could make a killing on Comedy Central.

  52. LOL I just went over to Hillbilly’s place and said

    Is this where the party is?

    Could I get a glass of Pouilly-Fuissé please?

  53. Plumbers Day? So everybody sags their britches and shows off the Crack? Yes UW, I think we could do a show off the tops of our domes that would send the demand for Depends through the roof!

  54. Uppity Woman, on March 9, 2012 at 2:47 PM said:

    Hey everybody stop over Hillbilly’s pahty and order Pinot Noir!

    No, come over to TW when the Lounge is open tonight. I hired a bartender and everything.

    Oh and ignore the name on that jacquie lawson card. I think Upps copied the wrong code or somethin’.

  55. I stopped watching Maher in 2008 because…ya know. I only recently started watching when he had the table discussion and there was someone interesting, but I don’t watch his monologue nor his New Rules.

  56. fredster, where is the Lounge? This Hillbilly will go mobile for beer!

  57. My Gawd that interview clip of Piers Morgan and his Obama love movie…i mean the guy doesn’t want barack or anything does he?

  58. Hillbilly, just click on my name. The Lounge will open at 6:30.

  59. Pam: That Concerned Women of America….? Ewwww.

  60. fredster. 6:30? Awesome, I love Hillbilly cereal for breakfast: Hops&Barley 🙂

  61. Hillbilly: 6:30 p.m. EST.

  62. I don’t even know who Louis CK is. Guess I need to check him out.

  63. I just checked him on youtube. He seems to have issues with gay people. 👿

  64. Pearls of CK Lewis.

    Louis C.K. says of Palin: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”

    To Palin: just “stick your t** in its mouth and shut up.”

    And here is more: ”…her f***** retard making c****”

    “I want to rub my father’s c*** all over Sarah Palin’s fat t***”

  65. Well then, he seems to have problems with lots of people.

  66. National Plumbers Day.

    Say no to crack

  67. Wouldn’t it be great if every woman boycotted these pigs? And those filthy rappers?

  68. GEEZZ! The PLUMBERS GET A WHOLE DAY TOO!!!! UNbelievable! Way to diminish International Women’s Day! Yeah, Plumbers Day, the Day after Women’s Day!

  69. Piers Morgan! You’re right! He is SOOO in love with Obama! Get a room Piers, seriously. He was defending Obama on his show recently and it almost seemed like he was gonna cry!

  70. National Plumbers Day?

    Nixon would be so proud!!

  71. Question

    For the big birthday celebration I figured it was time to add a personal avatar. So I moseyed on over (I put that phrase in for hillbilly) to Gravatar and started setting up an account. Then I saw – must use only lower caps for id/name.

    Is there some trick Mom and Fred and others use to get around this edict? In hovering over the avatars – they seem to be associated with Gravatar. I would prefer to keep my current non de plume (or something close – memory cells are not recharging like they use to)


  72. MY, ‘say no to crack.” ha, ha, ha

  73. NSFW (Not Safe For Women):

  74. Mt.Laurel: I went over to gravatar but since I already have an account all I cold do was go into mine. On my profile I have fields for:

    Full name
    Display name
    and a couple of other things.

    I signed out of my account and tried setting up a new account. Went through the steps and got an email sent to me. Checked email and link was there to go create a profile. Gravatar let me create one with upper/lower case but when I moved past that it had the userid/name in all lowercase.

    There was also something about if you had a wordpress account you could log into wordpress with the same names.

    In the developer section on creating a hash it had this:

    # Trim leading and trailing whitespace from an email address
    # Force all characters to lower-case

    I would say try to put in your display name as Mt.Laurel and see if it will allow it.

    Also, this could be something that was changed after we all got our userids.

    My completed profile actually is this:

    It is actually nolafredster but it lets me have a display name of Fredster.

    See if this helps.

  75. Well then, he seems to have problems with lots of people

    Fredster, he sounds like the kind of guy who only likes “real men* ” – so gay men or women of any persuasion are beneath him. Everyone is fair game for his high holiness self to judge and make fun of.

    *I don’t think gay men aren’t “real men”, but people like him do. Well, I’m sure you’ve met his type. They’re ugly.

  76. Upps, you hit it out of the park.

  77. imust @ 7:45pm, co-sign.

    Glad to hear about Louis ck, or whatever the heck his name is.

  78. “And isn’t it interesting that there is no corresponding word for “Fellowship” among women?”

    We should create one. Uppityship?

  79. lorac said:

    Fredster, he sounds like the kind of guy who only likes “real men* ” – so gay men or women of any persuasion are beneath him. Everyone is fair game for his high holiness self to judge and make fun of.

    Eh, the type I usually tell to eff off.

  80. Oh and btw you two…(lorac and socal), I’m mad at you, and NES whenever she decides to bring herself around. Y’all didn’t come over to the Lounge tonight! 👿 At least Uppity came over, grabbed a drink and *then* ran off.

  81. lorac: I’ll work on that issue for you for next week’s Lounge, okay?

  82. Great post UW and yes ALL women need to speak up. Sexist pig A, B, C, or D are not OK or funny just because A and C happen to be on your side of the political spectrum.

  83. Fredster, I came to see you guys! Great post! I didn’t steal a drink and run like UW did, because I didn’t see any Dr. Pepper. Anyway, that Arnold Schwartzenegger guy (the waiter) was ignoring me and hanging out with all the drooling women and gay men! lol

    PS UW didn’t really leave. She’s following the muscle man wherever he goes! She’s got her puppy dog eyes on lol

  84. Fredster – could you actually make an appearance by Hillary happen? 🙂

  85. myiq’s video –

    anyone else notice that those women looked awfully second-wave-ish !!

    Wake up, 3rd wave, wake up!

  86. Fredster knows Hillary Clinton? Do tell!

  87. All this hubbub about contraception and how even that is a type of abortion.

    Well, I think every man who thinks that, should agree to wear condoms every single time he has sex. Actually, he should have to wear TWO, in case one breaks.

    Drives me nuts the way some people seem to forget they had anything to do with the woman getting pregnant, and that it’s just up to the woman to not get pregnant – and then try to take her options away from her.

    So, okay. It can be the man’s burden. No double condoms – no sex.

  88. Fredster – could you actually make an appearance by Hillary happen?

    Ahhh….lemme see what I can do, although that’s probably more in NES’ dept and her rich acquaintance who hosted the fundraiser for HRC.

  89. Oh brother. My name and gravatar got messed up and I had to fish myself out of spam! How humiliating! Almost as bad as getting banned from my own post!

  90. Fredster knows Hillary Clinton? Do tell!

    Yeah, imust. I wish!

  91. Well, if you can make her appear! youmustknowher!!

  92. anyone else notice that those women looked awfully second-wave-ish !!

    Yeah, definitely. The younger women may rue the day they didn’t stand up for themselves.

  93. imust, I was going to see if I could get her to “virtually” appear.

  94. Yes, virtually. Fredster could get her in person, but we know she’s very busy with world-saving stuff, so we would never want to interfere with that. But he could get her, if he wanted to! No, a virtual one would do, but I’m thinking now, not as a server. Just invite her and she can sit at my table. Imust can, too. 🙂

  95. I think Hillary would take even imust’s attention off the muscle man hunk/waiter!

  96. Gads! I really need to find something to eat. Should have done it earlier but being solo, I think about it and then forget it. Think I”ll have some soup.


  97. Fredster could get her in person…

    Oh I wish!

  98. Yet another terrific post, Uppity….that had to roll off your keyboard effortlessly. You MUST compose much writing in your sleep! Yours truly gets so upset that he’ll forget some “pearl” that he often gets up to write it down. Hope the dentist appt was better for you today. Thanks for posting the Lawson get well card, Fredster= MKBill’s offspring?

  99. Hey fredster! Sorry I was out this evening. I did read your post and thought it was kick ass.

    myiq, ROFL on the link. At first I didn’t want to click on it, but it is hilarious.

    Lots of UppityMen comments on today. You guys are a real tonic after the freak show attack on women all week! Hugs to you all!

  100. On the myiq link, there’s a link that says the band Rush has served Limbarf with a cease and desist letter. Apparently he uses their music all the time and used one of their songs when he trashed Sandra Fluke.

  101. Good observation, socal – I second it! (referring to your UppityMen comment!)

  102. socal said:

    Lots of UppityMen comments on today. You guys are a real tonic after the freak show attack on women all week! Hugs to you all!

    socal: I’ll be damned if I can figure out where these men (and some women) think this is going to go. They have to realize this is not going to help them come the general election in Nov.

  103. I did read your post and thought it was kick ass.

    Thank ye! The one part about Texas just had me fuming. The state will end up paying out more in medical and other costs than they ever would have if they had kept the clinics open that provided contraceptives to the women there. (shaking my head)

  104. Guess everyone called it a night while I was eating.
    Catch y’all tomorrow.

  105. “The state will end up paying out more in medical and other costs than they ever would have if they had kept the clinics open that provided contraceptives to the women there. (shaking my head)”

    Yes, its insane. I’m going to hit the sack also. Had an exhausting day. See ya tomorrow.

  106. I have to get out of wordpress. Every time they make a change they break five things and make it more work to get to what was easier to get to before their change. Now I cannot insert images in my blog. It took me five minutes to write a post and I have tried for an hour to get one goddamned image in and can’t do it. I just checked forums and they want everybody to update browsers. Well I am not going to do that. IE 9 destroyed my system and it took ALL day to fix it. I despise the new versions of firefox. Which means I can no longer use wordpress and I HAVE HAD IT. I am NOT going to spend another goddamned hour trying to insert an image and the post isn’t worth shit without it.

  107. UW, can you write to that wordpress guy you like, can he maybe help you? Everyone needs to put images in their post – they have to make it right! Can they make the “old” version of wordpress available for those who don’t want to update their browser? (because you’re certainly not the only one who doesn’t want to do that)

  108. Like I said, I already checked the WP forums. I am NOT going to update firefox for anybody. And as I said, I don’t even use Explorer and to update it and crash my machine again is not going to happen. I will have to find another place to blog. And I am not going to do posts without images. I am in G’Damned CHROME right now and can’t do it from there either. And just what I want, Google spyware for a browser. This is bullshit.

  109. I am starting to hate posting here.

  110. I have no problem uploading images to my posts. I copy them to my computer first, then edit them if necessary.

    Put the cursor where you want it then click on upload/insert – find file (opens box so you can find the file on your computer) – click on it – choose small/medium/large/ and left/medium/center. Ta-da!

    It’s basically the same whether you use visual or html editor.

  111. Seriously myiq. You think I don’t know that? You’re kidding me right? lol.

  112. You think I don’t know that?

    It works for me, why doesn’t it work for you?

    BTW – I have a 5 year old eMachine with WXP, and I’m using the latest version of Firefox with the latest Java updates.

  113. I just EXPLAINED why it doesn’t work.

  114. They do NOT have to make this right lorac. It’s a current browser issue and I am going to be really honest here. I am not going to fuck up the rest of the things I do on my computer for wordpress posts.

  115. I think I have a workaround. Working on it.

  116. I think I have a workaround.

    Is that more like a Hoveround or a reach-around?

  117. No more like thank God I spent decades using PCs. I had the first ones, including the first IBM PCs. I had the AT, The EX the PS1, 2….but that was after I had the Commodore and TRS 80. I remember when there was no Windows and you had to write your own menus in DOS. I programmed using UNIX before LINUX copied it. But nevermind. TMI.

    New post up.

  118. I hope I figured it out permanently though. We’ll see the next time.

  119. Was your first computer an Eniac?

  120. Dear myiq,
    That would make me REALLY old!

    But I did work with mainframes that took up an entire cold room. Backups were done reel to reel. I actually saw bugs. Real bugs. Where the name bug came from. A bug would fly into a hot tube and blow things. Thus…..”We have a bug”. Just kidding. Well…um…

  121. My first entry into a main computer was dialup using a modem where you attached the phone receiver to it and played a dialup cassette. 1200 baud, you could eat your lunch waiting to login.

  122. Thank-you for this post. It is so right on, I want to copy it and post it all over Berkeley, and my obotzone church.

  123. Poor Erica. She’s in Berkeley.

  124. A few towns over, but close enough, Ups. We do our best to stay sane, practical, and grounded. Thanks for the sympathy….

  125. Don’t let her make you feel bad re Berkeley, Erica. Upps is J.

  126. Fred

    My own Mom has not been feeling well so I have not checked in since Friday. Thanks for the tips on the avatar. Will try them this week. Gravatar may indeed have made changes for newer accounts (lowercase versus mixed case).

    I still have one of those old modems in a drawer along with a Bernoulli disk drive. It is a fancy two disk model (removable), each with 10 MB of disk space. Those disks are larger than my current Sony notebook.

  127. […] as our Uppity pointed out so eloquently, the Democrats have tried to make this issue into a political one, and turn it to their advantage. […]

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