Wisdom on cows, pigs, chickens and wimminz from GA House Rep. Terry England

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

Hogs n Wimminz. Seen One, Seen em All.

Georgia House Rep. Terry England (R-Church Of Chickens), of Old Hog Mountain Road,  Auburn, GA, knows about pigs, chickens, hogs and wimminz. And that’s that. Fortunately, Mr. Terry, certainly through God’s wisdom, has not reproduced himself.

Someone I would have never in a hundred years expect to tell me what he told me that day. He said Mr. Terry I wanna tell you something. You tell those folks down there that when they quit killin’ babies, they can have every chicken I’ve got.

Now if they don’t put it in perspective for ya,  real quick. Your bread ain’t gonna rise an yer eggs ain’t gonna cook.

…That one statement put it in perspective for me real quick.

Sorry girlz! He’s not available!


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  1. I used to have a shirt like that first graphic. It was titled “Makin’ Bacon”

  2. UW, I was just trying to be supportive – I could tell you were very frustrated, and rightly so.

  3. Alt title – “Oinking Boinking”

  4. Actually lorac, you were the one who gave me the idea.

  5. Wow – excellent post by myiq – but the photo at the end, while very appropriate for this guy – well, it really caught me by surprise! lol


    OK, going up to read UW’s excellent post now – and look at (and appreciate the effort behind the posting of) the image! lol

  6. “Pork the one you love”

  7. I don’t know where y’all are, but at 3:30 in the morning this is really funny stuff.

  8. myiq, I thought I never slept. You’ve got me beat.

  9. This lucky bastard isn’t on twitter. I was looking for him. Dayum!

  10. You know, I love the idea of citizen legislators, but this guy is making me not want to admit to favoring citizen legislators.

    It’s 3:30 where I am. I had to be put under for a procedure today, and I don’t know if it’s the drugs, or if I’m wound up, but I’m tired and can’t sleep. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday, and that I’m not supposed to do anything for a day or two after the procedure!

  11. UW, any hints for the next time I want to use an image in a post?

  12. Hey, I just thought of something! I was (inadvertently) a part of saving our “home”!!!!


    NES will be so J J J J J J nyah nyah nyah NES!

  13. It’s hard to sleep with a rescue pengy in the house.

  14. You have no idea how true that is!

    You shouldn’t have a problem if your browser is current. Otherwise, note that they defaulted to their own upload system and you can toggle out into your own browser’s upload. That’s how you helped. When you said something about going back to the old. If it works consistently, I’ll be okay.

  15. Eh some drugs do keep you awake lorac, but you know that.

    Me. If I fall asleep, it’s five hours. So I fell asleep too early and was up before the roosters.

  16. Dentist report. Not all the way there, but issue looks much better. Still hurts, just doesn’t hurt like HELL. I can eat. Yayyyyyyyyyyy. He did take the upper impression for the caps replacement but not the lower as he didn’t want to make me hurt near the area. So I go back on 15th for lower impression and final check on the infection that ate brooklyn.

    No additional antibiotics necessary, though, which is good. I got by with that script pretty well. Usually antibiotics ruin my life.

  17. What’s with antibiotics costing five bucks a pill. No wonder poor people die.

  18. I guess I have the latest firefox, since I just started using it lol

  19. Is one side of your mouth unaffected at least? Or is the bottom on one side, and the top on another side?

  20. I want to take this time to thank everyone who contributed to the blog for the 4th A Versary. It was a wonderful haul, some of you were generous over and above. I will be using it for kittehs in rescue. Never enough food, always a medical issue that, if fixed, changes the status of a poor dejected kitteh from nowhere- to- go into ‘adoptable’. You know how it is. Bless their fuzzy hearts. You have left me this month with more disposible income of my own, for silly things like heat and food. lol. And a new stuffie for Der Nadel Nose!

  21. Yes lorac, the right side got affected. The extraction site was lower right. Unfortunately, things were so inflamed, I couldn’t eat for nearly two days. Even drinking was agony,because you can’t keep things from migrating to the bad side. It was pretty awful, but hey, nobody died and that’s what counts. I will tell you this. Remove your wisdom teeth as soon as possible and don’t think because they don’t bother you, they won’t get you later. They don’t belong there.

  22. Just found your comment to fredster in spam lorac.lol

  23. I’ve heard that our mouths aren’t big enough for wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, my mouth also wasnt big enough for four canines in the front, either lol So I got all 8 pulled at once, then immediately flew a long flight to Europe and the whole time my tongue was trying to untie the stitches. What can I say? I was just a high school kid! lol

    How did *I* get a comment in spam???? Was I a bad girl? I KNOW I don’t click on pictures!

  24. How do you pushback? You stop using certain products and services. You cancel memberships and subscriptions. You join boycotts. You express yourself – you contact the companies you are boycotting and you tell them why you aren’t buying what they are selling. http://crayfisher.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/pushback-it-works/#comments

    Send State Legislators links to excellent blog posts like this one and Myiq’s on what certain members of their House are REALLY saying and who they are aligning themselves with in all of their blind, ignorant self-righteous, sexist, misogynistic glory.

    “Oh, okay. We Get what this Bill and the Legislators who vote for it are all about.”

  25. Uppity, glad you solved your phto dillema. You were right. This post had to have the pictures. Nothing like a picture to tell the story.

    Great news about your mouth! Pretty soon you will be eating taffy and peanut brittle.

  26. Lorac, those wisdom teeth are vestigial or some such crap. If your teeth are tight, like mine, they are gonna getcha eventually.

  27. Shocking post, but effective in summing up the absurdity of it all.

    There you have it. One of the 83% running this country.

  28. I was waiting for you UW! I was all ready for you to say something – when I said I had to have EIGHT teeth pulled out because my mouth was too small, I was certain you were going to come back with “small mouth, small cup size!” lol

  29. Hey there two-legged furless Dipwads.

    Just taking time out from snorting catnip my busy schedule to remind you Inferiors about Daylight Savings Time coming up. Not that I give a dog’s tail about it since I’m not into time. But it will give me a chance to wake the stoopid woman up an hour earlier while her circadian clock is still screwed up.

    Catch you later and don’t forget. A cat on catnip is a GOOD cat. Especially that stuff hauled over the border by those illegal alien undocumented migrant cats.

    Borderline Love,

  30. Yeah lorac, well I figure with 8 removed, you had enough pain. I can’t help your cup size, but I will tell you that if teeth are a barometer, my teeth are very firm.

  31. ROFL very good

    oh but the pain was35 years ago – long gone lol

  32. Yeah all my kidney stones were 30 years ago too, but I still wince when I think about it.

  33. we really never forget those kinds of pain. 🙂

  34. Well thank heavens our bodies are not capable of duplicating the actual pain upon remembering. however, you never forget the screaming and writhing, do you now?

  35. “you never forget the screaming and writhing, do you now?”

    Got that right….in my case,in 1996, drs at Mayo told me it was too risky to put me under. Several surgeries, only local anesthesia since then, save for one emergency gastrointestinal surgery. Others amounted to stifled screams.

    Got to admit, Uppity, dental surgery scares me most. Still have the wisdom teeth….Yyyyyou mean they’re gonna get me, no matter what?

  36. More good advertising for Italian vacays. First a cruise ship, then this today=


  37. I see no one has taken heed of MK Mbill’s comment. This is probably a bad idea. I would suggest extreme Suckeruppery, myself.

  38. Jesu Christe! He ran the ship aground? My paisanos over there had better put down the vino.

  39. I don’t know. I just think we all need this about now.

  40. SIr Bill. Many, many thanks for your thoughtfulness in reminding us Uppities about the change in time. You are just great!

  41. WLM Bill says that wasn’t slobbery enough.

  42. Saw a great tweet. Ladies, don’t forget to set your vaginas back 40 years tonight.

  43. Hey! I’m losing my patience here.

    Where’s the SuckUppery?????

  44. I’m pro-choice but these “parents” disgust me.

    Oregon couple awarded $2.94 million for “wrongful birth” – hospital botched the prenatal test so they didn’t know the baby had Downs. Would have aborted her if they had known.


  45. Hey Bill, I joined that goofy twitter just so I could follow you! That is totally suckUppery.

  46. Uppity when you have a chance check out the things I just tweeted. AS for MKBill I hope he recalls how many times I have shamelessly gushed about him. Not currently in a gushing mode, tho.

  47. What’s up with this stuff ?

  48. What’s up with this stuff ?

    Some women in the US 100 years ago were opposed to Women’s Suffrage.

    Go figure.

  49. Well you know if they don’t like living in countries that don’t regard them as one step down from a goat, then why the hell don’t they just go back to the shitholes they escaped from instead of turning where they are into the same shithole.

    On the other hand, this Arab Spring is bullshit for women. There’s no democracy so no wonder they hate it. they are worse off with the savages we bankrolled. I can tell you women were WAY better off under Saddam than they are now. “liberation’ for Egypt and Libya is a joke. These people are worse or as bad as what they had. Who the hell are we kidding. The Brotherhood and that other even more bizarro bunch.

    Women WERE better off before we “helped liberate” a bunch of savages.

  50. Little hard to tell the story in tweets Pamela.

  51. Pamela MKBill “recalls” nothing. He’s a nipaholic. He lives for NOW.

  52. Not enough Suckuppery. Bill’s going to start spaming people. Tell him how wonderful he is will ya? He’s making life miserable for me.

  53. I can tell you women were WAY better off under Saddam than they are now

    Oh hell yeah. Iraq was a *secular* country then.

  54. I just tweeted Mitt Romney and told him he is as boring as mud.

  55. You can have fun with mud.

  56. Mud is exciting compared to Willard. Mud can be played with and made into PIES!

    Willard is dull as dust.

  57. The best thing about Terry England is that he was not able to reproduce. His stupid gene will die with him.

  58. Well you can’t say his Personality Bypass wasn’t a success!

  59. Ozwald I’m going to say this one time. Stop trying to sell myiq’s watch to me.

  60. To be sure Mitt doesn’t read or write his own twitter account. They all see us commoners as beneath them. Hell, Meryl Streep will answer you if you tweet her. I followed Jill stein and she follwed me right back. Maybe I should vote for her.

  61. Did someone mention PIES??

  62. I tweeted Willard that he’s dull as dust. He answered back with a pic of himself in a hula skirt and a bra made out of coconut shells. I’m gonna sell it to the National Enquirer. The guy could use a little sex scandal.

  63. LOL!! (tweeting Mittens) You’re gonna get that twitter account taken away.

  64. I’m gonna sell it to the National Enquirer. The guy could use a little sex scandal.

    Congrats on your entrepreneurial spirit!

  65. While this doesn’t get Mittens out of the dog crate strapped to the top of his car and it’s going to take much more for him to win my vote, he did once drop everything to find the 14-year-old daughter of a business partner who had disappeared in New York, setting up a massive personal effort that found the girl. At least part of him is wired right. Snopes= http://www.snopes.com/politics/romney/search.asp

    Had to check it out. You and others have probably been aware of this for a long time, Uppity. Thoughts about it? I don’t think hr was running for anything then, but would any other man/candidate in either party have made such an effort? Very doubtful.

  66. Hey MKBill! lakerwade here to give you the suckuppery you deserve! You are too cool for us mortal dumb asses. I saw one of George Harrisons guitars tonight that made me think of you. It was painted psychedelic all over and said Go Cat Go. Just the thing for you when you’re on catnip and all creative!

  67. last post was from lakerwade.

    Honora @ 9:36 ROFL!

  68. We went to downtown LA today, to see the George Harrison exhibit at the Grammy Museum. It was very cool, but…no mention of his two wives on the big timeline of his life! It had all kinds of other events in his childhood, when his parents died, notes about his friends, but no dates of when he married Patti Boyd and Olivia! There were a couple of pix of his son, and one obscure mention of Patti’s nail polish on one of his guitars. What the heck? I thought that was really weird. I wonder who was in charge of it and why they made that decision? The stuff is all the property of his estate, which is run by his widow.

  69. You guys may have already seen this. Meryl Streep introduced Hillary at the conference:


  70. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead!

  71. I did. Did WP?

  72. No it didn’t!! That time stamp above is the same as CDT.

  73. WP doesn’t set clocks. Gotta do it yourself. Thanks for reminding me.

  74. Ah hell. Gotta Mad. Where do you set it? Where is the setting? My profile is editor and don’t know if chat or Pat have admin or not.

  75. WP is in the UK. They don’t care about our Time whims. It’s also why they are way more polite than those blogspot rude bastards. Also why when you want to contact them, they answer you, unlike the rude pissants at google.

  76. chit. Using that reply thing above, gotta *get* Mad.

    WP is in the UK. They don’t care about our Time whims.

    I’m telling Liz and Phil about that.

  77. So is it in the admin stuff?

  78. Settings. General.

  79. Settings. General.

    Ah…I don’t have it. Gotta do an email real quick. Chat will be drunk involved with a St. Paddys parade so she’s not going to be around. Let me do this quick and then I’m calling it a morning.

    Thanks for info! 🙂

  80. That Meryl Streep vid is so moving and gratifying. WARNING: it’s a 10-tissue affair.

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