Egypt: It’s Arab Spring for the boys. For women, it’s Arab Winter

Last year, I did a pictorial post entitled Women of Egypt: Then and Now, a sequence of photos of  Cairo University graduating classes from 1959 through 2004. Click on the link as a stark  dress-code reminder of just how far women’s freedom and rights have fallen in Egypt through the years — and imagine what THIS year’s photo will look like.

Here is how Egyptian women celebrated International Women’s Day. And to think we spent billions to help out these “Freedom Fighters” to have their “Liberation” in the form of Creeping Sharia.

Here’s a little snapshot of how women are faring in Egypt today under The Brotherhood and the Salafists, which are fancy names for zealot males who abuse and dominate women. And we helped make it happen. Isn’t that great? (Photo: Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters)

An Egyptian career woman? Soon It could be rare

By Charlene Gubash

CAIRO, Egypt – International Women’s Day took on special meaning for the more than 1,000 Egyptian women who braved harassment to march through downtown Cairo Wednesday.

The demonstration was sparked by the belief of many women that the recent political victories by socially conservative Islamists, who now control over 70 percent of the parliament, will eventually undermine the few hard-fought rights they have won.

“The situation is going backward,” complained flight attendant Nadia Salim. “The Salafists (conservative Islamists who believe in a strict interpretation of Sharia law and that women should have a limited role in society) and Muslim Brotherhood will bring us back 100 years.”

Trying to preserve existing rights

The women said they took to the streets not to gain more rights, but to preserve those they already enjoy.  “We have to hold onto what we have because of the Salafists and Islamists,” warned university professor Iman Azzad.

You can read the rest of this pathetic situation that we helped create here.

With the throwbacks to Pithecanthropus Erectus now in charge of Egypt, women have lost the 64 seats in Parliament they had before “Freedom” rang in Egypt–and are reduced to five, presumably if they behave themselves. You get the picture.

Please take the time to see a video of Activist Dina Abou El Soud, who fears women’s rights are going to be the first thing to go. Gosh, what a surprise. Arab Spring. My ass.

This video would not load into wordpress or vodpod, as happens often. If any of you finds it on youtube, please post it and I will update.  Scroll down the page.


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  1. Women’s rights in Afghanistan peaked in the late 70’s. This was during a government we tried to undermine because they were socialists. Our efforts to undermine the government prompted the Soviets to invade. So then we armed the Taliban (and Osama bin Laden) to fight the Soviets.

  2. Hey, remember when they piled on Jan Brewer about how inappropriate it was to point a finger at a leader’s face and how racissssst it was besides being rude and inappropriate?

  3. We not only armed the taliban we put them there to begin with. We also armed Saddam with all his chemicals which later we killed him for having.

    The Reagan administration called Osama Bin Laden and his boys “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” and trained them in guerrilla warfare.

  4. Sickening. Utterly sickening.

  5. I’m trying to tweet a link to this post but twitter says it’s over capacity. It’s a plot! 🙂
    Great post.

    By the way, I wanted to comment on previous topic:

    Being born as a spawn of a politician does NOT make you qualified to be a politician and we should really stop thinking that way, methinks.

    I so agree on this. For one thing, the kids usually grow up very differently than the parents did, and I really believe more in nurture than nature. Chelsea is wonderful but she grew up sheltered and never had to face the hard knocks her dad or mom went through.

    On comparing Palin to Obama, I really disagree. Did you get to watch The Undefeated on reelz (or netflix) – that would explain my pov. I still think she is more the right’s Bill Clinton. (I love Bill, but he has faults and he knows how to fight dirty).

  6. Btw, I have no idea how I clicked on the post I mentioned. WordPress is weird?

  7. votermom, the post is tweeted on my twitter, you can just retweet it if you want.

  8. Twitter let it through finally.

  9. Great and necessary post, Upps.
    Let’s hope Women’s Winter doesn’t turn into a Nuclear Winter.

    I’ve said this for a while: the autocrats in the ME were better for women. It’s not that they favored feminism, but, that they kept these Islamist freaks (who threatened their power) in check. I’m afraid democracy in the ME will, in at least the medium term, result in ascendancy of the Islamists.

  10. Anytime I hear someone refer to the new democracies over in x, y, z, I always say, it’s not a democracy if the majority, the women, are not equal. Period.

  11. Hahaha Fredster #keepitzipped is hot on twitter right now.

  12. On the previous thread thanks so much for posting Hillary’s speech. I also learned more about Hillary’s dedication to girls and women through Meryl Streep’s introduction (I have always loved Meryl Streep!). Now, we have the Middle Eastern women still struggling for their basic freedoms. It’s a crime. I pray that they are able to stand strong. I loved when Hillary said that she just does not understand why extremists want to take away women’s rights. But it is true.

  13. I like Granny Jan’s “finger pointing” video.

  14. What a douchebag Rick Santorum is. Listen to this anti gay robocall.

  15. I hope the regressives don’t win–our own knuckle draggers will try to use this as the the template.

  16. AnnE said: I hope the regressives don’t win–our own knuckle draggers will try to use this as the the template.


  17. Laura Ingraham is filling in for Bill O’Reilly tonight. She started out with a blurb of Hillary’s speech on International Women’s Day. She completely misrepresented Hillary’s reference to extremists trying to control women by saying it was a Democratic plot about the recent hullaboo about Rush and the Georgetown student. Ingraham poo pooed the idea that women’s rights are being attacked. Wow!, This is what we are talking about. Women have got to put down politics when it comes to the attacks on all women.

  18. Every time I’ve ever seen Laura Ingraham she says something stupid and bitchy. If a woman on any other news channel talked all the time with that sarcastic sneer, Fox would excoriate her, but becuz she’s a rite wing nutter, they’re fine with her. Thanks for trashing Hillary, Laura. So intelligent of you. Meh.

  19. from fredsters tee hee link upthread (good read):

    “States passed a record 92 abortion-related bills in 2011, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that focuses on reproductive health. At the same time, fewer than one in four state legislators nationwide are women — they number 23 percent in Ohio — according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

    I’m glad I don’t have daughters. We’re goin’ backwards people.

  20. Screw Santorum’s robocall.

    I’d like to celebrate how different things are today than they were in the olden days. Right now as we speak, their are competing Lesbian hosts on TV. Rachel Maddow is on MSNBC and Jane Lynch is guest hosting Piers Morgan. With such an embarrassment of riches, I can afford to dislike (or be disappointed in) one of them. (Sorry Rachel.)

  21. Yes, the robocall was disgusting. Hateful idiots.

  22. Joan Rivers: “Abortion–if you don’t have a uterus I don’t want to hear you.”

  23. I decided to give Chloe a rest. I saw this pic of a little doxie and *had* to claim the pic for mine. 🙂

  24. I think I need to touch it up some.

  25. Cute little bugger, Fredster. Maybe you should crop it?

  26. Italian Alert! Help needed by Italian Cooking Agents!

    Ok, now maybe I have your attention lol

    I wanted to make a pizza, as I sometimes do. I always get the Amy’s vegan pizza and then add stuff on. I bought Paul Newman’s spaghetti sauce to use as the first layer.

    (you have to understand something about me – all pasta=spaghetti even if it’s in curls, and all red sauce=spaghetti sauce!)

    I’ve done this a million times before, but when I opened this jar of spaghetti sauce, it was REALLY thick. I looked more carefully at the jar, and it said something like “bomboliso”.

    What the heck is this? And can I still use it for pizza?

  27. And back in the good old USA, the “misery index” is now up to where it was when Carter was President. Way to go Barry!!

  28. What Joan Rivers said!

  29. Cute doxy, Fredster!

  30. SHV! I was worried about you because you kind of disppeared. I sent you an email thanking you for your extremely generous contribution to Bill’s addiction to foreign catnip he has been purchasing from an undocumented migrant.

  31. lorac, I looked up the ingredients on the sauce and it just looks like the same stuff in most bottled sauces, except more sugar. I have no idea what bombalino is, somebody over at the company probably made it up. There’s supposedly some kind of ‘legend’. Anyways, it’s all marketing, because the ingredients are pretty standard bottle sauce fare and don’t even know if Newman was a dago. I’d use it for the pizza though.

  32. Ok, thanks so much, UW!

  33. “SHV! I was worried about you because you kind of disppeared. ”
    Home renovation/remodeling is eating into “blog time”. Past few weeks, built 250 sq’ storage room under the house, replaced a privacy fence, ripped out the ceiling in the second BR and installed recessed lighting, etc.

    As I was excavating under the house with pick and shovel, I remember my parents saying if I didn’t stay in school, I would end up digging ditches. So here I am, 68 yo, 29 years of education and digging fucking ditches. :>)

  34. Hahahaha SHV. Beats operating on people because you can bash things and get rid of all your frustrations and nobody dies. Funny, my mother would always note that for an overly educated person, I still pushed when the door said Pull.

    Anyways, I’m an industrial general contrator’s daughter SHV, so you have no idea how excited I was getting reading your projects. Mr. Uppity himself can fix anything, all he needs is the Yellow Pages.

  35. Lorac FYI, and this is just my opinion, the closest bottled sauce to real sauce is Bertolli Organic. Just my two cents.

  36. “Hahahaha SHV. Beats operating on people because you can bash things and get rid of all your frustrations and nobody dies.”
    That is great insight….no different than surgery. Define the problem, visualize how to fix it, have plans B and C in mind for the “surprises”, then tools and supplies and no dead kids.

  37. Pizza sauce is different than marinara sauce anyway. Pizza sauce is thicker, but doesn’t have things like onion or mushrooms in it as you’re likely to find in a pasta sauce. Lorac, you can buy decent pizza sauce in a jar.

  38. Wow and to think Egypt was once ruled by a woman. My my how they have progressed lmao

  39. I’m back. Yeah cropping may help. I tried one crop but didn’t do too much. I’ll probably play around with the pic some.

  40. Oh, fredsters doxie is adorable.

  41. To me, good sauce is good sauce and bad sauce is bad sauce. Good sauce goes everywhere.

    Pope is considering resigning in April–thereby leaving women in peace, because we haven’t had a moment of peace since somebody blew the smoke for this guy. I knew he would be horrid for women, as his writings were very condescending to women. When they were picking a pope the only candidate I hoped beyond hope they wouldn’t pick was him. Every atheist should pray this jerk does it. He is the Worst Pope EVER!. What a horrible following act to John Paul.

  42. Yes, SHV the process seems to be the same as writing real-time software, except the only tools and supplies you need are in your head and what you can steal from other software that has already been done.

    Anyways, those are projects I would be pitching in on. I love renovating and redoing things. I love the smell of sawdust.

  43. Cropped a bit out of there and I think it looks better.

  44. Not much.

  45. I never put things like mushrooms in sauce. Mushrooms are too funky. Besides, the key to good sauce is always pork. Spare ribs, or a pork butt. Marinara notwithstanding. marinara is always thinner of course. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to put pork hockeys into the sauce. I also grew up tossing a whole bell pepper in sauce. Whole. Then removed afterwards. It does impart something. And a little sugar to cut the acidity. But never any other veggies.

    Don’t know what’s up with marzano tomatoes these days. You gotta leave your first born to pay for them. I hate when people find out secrets. It always makes the price go up. Like red peppers. They were a well kept secret when everybody was buying green. Now they cost a bundle. Pisses me off.

  46. I think the red background takes away from his total cuteness.

  47. Yeah Utah things are looking up for women for sure. They are guaranteed to see Allah much sooner now.

  48. Gelsons, which is nice, small grocery chain, frequently has them on sale here. They say certified. I buy a case when they’re on sale, usually a third off and then get the case discount. I’m running low now. Tomatoes are the staple of my life.

  49. Re: Misery index and Carter. Obama is most definitely Carter redux. Same deafness too and the same lecturing personality. I always said that if Carter got a second term, the suicide rate would go up, he was that depressing.

  50. Upps, don’t you think pizza sauce is thicker? More tomato paste-ish?

  51. I was in my late teens when Carter was prez, so don’t remember much about him. I remember the gas lines, and the Iran fiasco.

  52. I think the red background takes away from his total cuteness.

    Yeah. The pic was from a hotel in nola that’s pet friendly and the doxie is in the hall. I’ve got adobe photoelements but that’s a pain in the ass for me to work with. Miss Chloe may be going back on stage sooner than I thought.

  53. well any sauce that has tomato paste in it will be thicker.

  54. socal we always used our regular sauce on pizzas.

  55. some people make their sauce with tomato paste in it as a matter of course. I’m not one of them, but it does thicken quicker. i prefer to simmer it and let it thicken naturally.

  56. When tomatoes are processed at harvest time for tomato sauce, paste, pizza sauce, or Ketchup they are rendered down to a really thick paste that is stored in 4x4x4 lined wooden bins. Then later (depending on the end product) water, spices, artificial food coloring and flavorings are added. The only difference between tomato sauce and tomato paste is the water content.

    The same cannery may can products under multiple labels. Most canneries do at least one major label and several generic/store brands.

    Teh Central Valley where I live is tomato central.

  57. BTW – all canned tomatoes are picked green.

  58. Picked green??? Why?

  59. Upps, I’ve never made pizza. I’ve never had an oven that I thought would be good enough, so we get pizza from our fav Itlalian Deli or fav restaurant.

  60. myiq, wouldn’t they have to list food colorings and flavorings on the label?

  61. wouldn’t they have to list food colorings and flavorings on the label?

    They do

  62. I still pushed when the door said Pull.

    Hey, I do that!

  63. Teh Central Valley where I live….

    Wow, myiq, that blows my mind. They must not know what to do with your considerable wit and dark humor.

  64. They must not know what to do with your considerable wit and dark humor.

    Tarring and feathering has been discussed.

  65. Tarring and feathering has been discussed.

    ROFL. That’s what I figured.

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