The Ides Of March Is Upon Us Again. Women: Beware of the face of the Ides Of March.

Face of The Ides Of March.

Today is the Ides of March and I’m thinking, are youuuuuuuuuu kidding? I mean, how much worse can things get? Still, we can’t just let the Ides of March come and go without noticing, can we? After all, with Rick Santorum winning the Modern South, every day is the Ides of March for women. One would almost have to offer up the Pope as a candidate to have this Republican primary season look more pathetic. Rick truly is the 2012 God Of War, for whom the Romans celebrated the Ides of March. The God Of War On Women. And Gays and Lesbians. And Sex. And pretty much anything that’s fun. For women, Rick is the Ides of March. He can’t kill you, much to his chagrin, but he sure can make you wish you were dead.

New York is going to start to look more attractive to women at this rate. At least we have a sane governor. Our legislative bodies are as corrupt and dysfunctional as they come, but they wouldn’t dream of trying to pull this kind of crap on NY Women — because they value their own health and prefer not to witness 5000 NY women standing on the Capitol steps with figurative torches and pitchforks.

In NY, women can and do exercise their rights to keep sexist, misogynist, knuckle-dragging pigs from being elected. Just ask that pig Rick Lazio, who has been trying to run for every available office and goes down in defeat every time –ever since his embarrassing defeat right after he assaulted Hillary in a debate. Good luck with that, Ricky! Or you can ask disgusting woman-slasher, ex-state senator Hiram Monserrate, a cockroach who now runs a pizza joint. Oh sure, you want to pick on New York, but you’ve gotta admit we women here would eat Rick Santorum for lunch and we will never see legislation that controls our vaginas introduced without figurative blood on the walls.  New York women embrace their Inner Second Wave.  I suggest more of that all over the country unless the women of the USA want to suffer the Ides Of March every single day of their Father Knows Best Lives.  So go ahead and sneer while the Ides of March is upon you daily.

There is no question that the 1950s are looking  progressive at this point, given some of the bizarre legislation we have witnessed ever since Barack deliberately dropped the Contraception Bomb in order to look good and bump up those well-deserved dismal vagina poll numbers. So, in the interest of humor, something we BADLY need right now, I offer a reprint of last year’s Ides of March post–after which we can return to our regularly scheduled misery.


Why do we bother remembering the Ides of March?

In Rome, The Ides of March referred to March 15, a day of celebration dedicated to the Roman god of war, Mars (not to be confused with the candy bar). You might say that the Ides of March celebration was the Festivus For The Rest Of Us.

There is one day that ingrained the words “Ides of March” forever in the minds of lovers of Shakespeare. The Ides of March was made famous for eternity in Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2, when the Soothsayer warned Caesar that March 15 would not turn out to be a very safe day for him.

Julius Caesar should have listened.


Ha! who calls?

Bid every noise be still: peace yet again!

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music,
Cry ‘Caesar!’ Speak; Caesar is turn’d to hear.

Beware the ides of March.

What man is that?

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

Set him before me; let me see his face.

Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.

What say’st thou to me now? speak once again.

Beware the ides of March.

He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass.

Now for those of you who have a Shakespearian mental block, basically what went on there was: Caesar was hanging out with a typically Rowdy Roman crowd with his lackeys all around him, when he heard a voice shouting his name above the crowd. So Caesar takes note and Casca tells everybody around them to shut the hell up. Now the Soothsayer is able to do what Soothsayers do: Soothsay.

Now, a Soothsayer in those days was someone who predicted things and foretold the future. They were kind of like the crackpots who constantly predict the end of the world, only Soothsayers were usually accurate. They never actually had names. They were always just The Soothsayer. So The Soothsayer warned Caesar to beware of March 15.

Caesar wants to know who the guy with the mouth is and Brutus tells him it’s a Soothsayer giving him a warning. Anyways, Caesar wants to see him up close and personal because he wants to make sure he heard right. So the Soothsayer tells him again to Beware of The Ides of March. And then Caesar does what every arrogant person in power does when he hears something he doesn’t want to hear: He calls the guy a crackpot and they move on.

We all know how well that worked out for him.

And look how well it worked out for the world of fine art:

Mort di Cesar AKA Morte de Cesare – Vincenzo Camuccini, 1798

La Mort de Cesar – Jean-Léon Gérome (1824-1904)


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  1. Once upon a time we celebrated the Ides of March by filing our tax returns on this day.

  2. BTW – Sorry about the last thread.

  3. I rescued an orange cat I named Bob a few years ago. He was one of those special cats. My heart is still broken.

  4. I’m glad that Pi Day is over. Pi is so Square. Or should I say Pi R Square.

  5. Crack me up. Unemployment and underemployment is 15% and this clown is demanding 40 hour work weeks.

  6. I wonder how Rick Sanitarium treats his wife given that she lived with a man 35 years old than she was–a gyno who performed abortions, btw.
    according to an article in Newsweek. Can’t run for Pope with a wife like that, Rick.

    Oh, and Maureen Dowd finally has discovered that having a minority male in the WH isn’t enough to further women’s rights and we need HRC. A processing issue, Maureen? The rest of us got it a couple of years ago!

  7. Obama partners with anti choice magnate CEO of Curves…for women’s “health”.

  8. Does being allergic to irresponsible men count?

    No kidding!

  9. I think it’s all very easy. Just tell the boss man that you hope he doesn’t mind you missing a couple of days work a month because you can’t have birth control pills to regulate you. Hit them in the wallet and their hearts and minds will follow.

  10. 78% of boomerang generation who live at home with their parents are happy with their living arrangements.

    Too bad nobody polled their parents.

  11. 😆 that would be a different one for sure. 😆

  12. Ok as recommended, I bought rutabaga. But geeze those things are the size of brooklyn. I took the smallest one I could find. Anyways, I am going to mash them like mashed potatoes and I’ll let you know my verdict later

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  18. Heres a Bill Maher update – wow! What a guy!!!

  19. Sorry about the wordpress problems folks. As you can see I have had some very frustrating problems with posting as well. I hate to say it but this is what happens when you try to fix things that aren’t broken. I can see that comments are way down, so whatever the F WP is up to they are helping to lose people who come to their blogs.

  20. chrisrudski – WP Staff:

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  21. Like this

  22. myiq2xu,

    That is classic!

  23. Well ‘fake’ email addresses are always helpful when I want to contact someone, isn’t it? And of course, if you use your regular login name and fake email, you land in spam because the spam catcher sees a No Match. This shit is just plain stupid. They changed the comment box stupidly too. They made the box so freaking large you have to scroll to post a comment for chrissakes. It seems everything they do means more time, more clicks and more work than before they made their changes. It’s getting more and more irritating. I think they have some pissant Gen Yer making “improvements”. A programmer is supposed to think of these things or he’s no programmer at all. You are supposed to make things eawsier and more pleasant for the end user, not worse.

  24. “78% of boomerang generation who live at home with their parents are happy with their living arrangements.”
    “For the most part, young adults who say their financial situation is linked to their parents’ see this as a benefit rather than a burden. ”

    Well no shit. Don’t have to spend money on boring stuff like rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, upkeep and food. More money for clothes and hanging out with friends at bars, clubs and restaurants.

    When Al and I go out to eat, no matter what day during the week, the restaurants are busy, with a lot of the customers appearing to be in the 24-35 age range. How can they afford it??? Good old mom and dad.

  25. WP has really screwed the pooch with commenting. I logged in with a WP account and it still didn’t work. Had to switch browsers and use a Mac account. It’s totally fucked up.

  26. WTF! I am getting really pissed at WP. I just fished you out of spam SHV. THis is bullshit.

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  29. Yeah SHV funny about how these pissants ‘don’t mind’ living with Mom and Dad so they can spend all their money on themselves and spend down all their parents’ retirement savings, after which they will cut them off from social security.

  30. Their mothers do their laundry. They don’t pay for heat, light or water. The fridge is always full. They are on the parents’ car insurance, health insurance and cell phone plan. They get to live like they are in a hotel for free. Once in awhile someone asks them to take out the trash but they forget to do it.

  31. WordPress needs to get a female on the job, a Hillary can-do attitude, looking at the problems, not making more, someone who lives to fix problems (and not make more!).

    Hire a woman!

  32. And of course, now ANYBODY can login as YOU with a fake email address and once approved, they are out of mod. I cannot believe this complete bullshitting stupidity.

  33. Do you think with feedback, they will fix these bugs they just created?






  35. Probably a Nancy Pelosi strategy for WordPress – eh, these kids have come up with some new ideas for wordpress, we’re going to have to pass them before we can find out what the changes are and what predictable problems they’re going to cause that we could have addressed ahead of time if we had ONLY KNOWN!

  36. Won’t let me use the name and e-mail that shows in the window…I used another Word Press login and it worked

  37. No kidding lorac! This is NOT customer oriented thinking. At ALL. It’s becoming more and more annoying. and like a said, programmers are not thinking of all possible scenarios, like blogs that are on first-post moderation. I would go over to their forum and tell them so right now, but the truth is, I am so stunned at what is happening to this place that I am better off saying nothing till I don’t feel like throwing something.

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  39. Health Panel: Pap smears every three years:
    US health panel: Pap tests needed only every 3 years

    I posted this above, but it disappeared???

  40. Only 43 comments today. You KNOW some bullshit is going on when comments are that low. I was wondering where everybody was. Now I know. You were trying to get past this bullshit and actually comment! This is absurd.

  41. sowsear read my bold print comment above. WP is making outrageous changes and you won’t get to post if you don’t do the workaround.

  42. Well my Mac account is now working with FF. Must be the chocolate donuts that I baked to appease the gods. Log in with WP and commenting using WP account doesn’t work. I think that it is a conspiracy involving Barry, Komen foundation and the Pentacostals.

  43. I am so sick and tired of this I could just spit.

    MODS……please watch for moderatation comments in the hopper and explain to people that they MUST use the EXACT same email address every time.

  44. GOd, I am going to have to go through this everytime somebody shows up. I am growing to HATE wordpress.

  45. Ah three years for pap smears. That’s plenty of time to guarantee stage four cancer.

  46. Every 3 years eh? Listen to this twisted logic:

    The recommendation to test every three or five years is based on evidence that cervical cancer is relatively slow-growing, she said, so it’s very unlikely a woman would develop advanced cancer in the few years after a negative screening.

    “The women who get and die of cervical cancer are the women who aren’t getting screened,” Moyer told Reuters Health. “It’s not the woman who hasn’t had a screen in a couple years that’s the problem.”

    Makes you want to bang your head on the desk, doesn’t it?

  47. UW – what about putting a blurb at the top of the page for now, a blurb that will stay there even though the post changes? Can that be done?

  48. Eh, what’s the big deal? They’re just women. If they can get rid of a bunch of us, they no longer have to deal with the fact that we’re the MAJORITY of the population, 51.8 or something, which *I* round to 52!!!!!! Probably sucks to be oppressing a majority. They need to get us to become a minority, then they can oppress without any twinges of guilt.

  49. imust. funny thing about statistics. They mean nothing. Until you are one of them.

    Yes lorac I could do a pin up post that stays there every time somebody come here, but I don’t even know what to write since the whole thing is inexplicable.

  50. If you don’t like my advice just delete it.

  51. I am logged in all the time. When you login you check off “stay logged in” or ‘remember me”. or whatever the F the box says. YOu will stay logged in till you delete the cookie. if you clear cookies a lot, which you should, you can exempt the wordpress cookie so it won’t be erased.

  52. Feh, I’m going to go do something else. i am really pissed.

  53. Yeah Uppity. I like the wording..”very unlikely”…..oh really? Hasn’t the advice always been that if they catch it “early” chances of recovery are better?

  54. Where is wordpress located? Tell them a whole bunch of angry, uppity women are coming to their doorstop.

    And they better have a good explanation of why they made it so it’s easier to log on with a FAKE email address, making it easier for someone to impersonate you.

    And they better have a good explanation of why they’re forcing the blog to be – basically raped – by a bunch of cookies just so UW can get some statistical info. Huh, wait – maybe it could be characterized by a bunch of sperm, all those cookies, swimming in in mass, trying to plant something once they get inside. It’s like another way to control women (not that all blogs are women!) – send in the sperm, and then start taking control from the inside out!!!! lol

  55. It would be nice if WP gave us notice before they changed things.

  56. lorac, this has been the problem with blogspot. wordpress was always far less work, easier to use, and easier for commenters. now it’s going the way of blogspot. that’s pretty disturbing for those of use who left blogspot behind. they have a forum for users. but i’m too angry right now.

  57. imust, ‘very unlikely’ means, what’s a few dead bodies if the insurance company can save some money for their stockholders. this entire health care ‘reform’ was for them. the last chance we had and barack obama fucked America.

  58. Test #42

  59. Yeah, they don’t want to prolong your life….that would mean more treatment, and more $$!

    Okay, so why does George Clooney get treated like he’s someone important? He’s just an ACTOR!

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  63. That’s odd, I didn’t have any problem at all. I didn’t see any of the stuff everyone is describing the comment box looks the same as always to me. It has my email in one box, followed by my username “Somebody” in the box directly beneath my email.

    Ah…..I know what it is…….it’s a Republican conspiracy and WP knows I’m a Republican, LOL!!

  64. “imust, ‘very unlikely’ means, what’s a few dead bodies if the insurance company can save some money for their stockholders.”
    Whatever happens to Obamacare, the one lasting effect is that the role of government is health care has been discredited, with good evidence to support that conclusion.

    I read the pap smear “news” release and the logic for screening every three years may be correct. However, when I read that the “group” that made the recommendation wanted to minimize problems for women:

    “That includes the psychological harms of being told you have an abnormal test.”

    My bullshit detector went off. Sounds like rationalization for the starting agenda. I’m just an XY but if I were an XX, I would be fucking pissed off that some study group made a potentially life affecting decision because they were worried about the psychological stress that an abnormal test result would have on me. The same group also wanted to spare women the discomfort of having a colposcopy.

  65. SHV, if we’ve learned nothing in the past four years it’s that we should Beware of any plan that purports to make women feel better about anything, anywhere, at any time. Nothing could be further from their minds. Women are repidly becoming dog shit in America.

  66. Somebody. Aren’t you special?

  67. Republican bill would offer seniors opportunity/option to enroll in the same plan as congressional lawmakers have.

  68. myiq/Ossie,
    Santorum is truly an obsessively insane religious fanatic. This is a very sick and dangerous creature.

  69. imust. clooney is actually an Obama advisor. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. How ridiculous.

  70. Probably the Czar of Coolness.

  71. hmm…interesting…..

  72. “of any plan that purports to make women feel better about anything”
    I think that the chair of the committee is a pediatrician which may explain the “touchy feelie” approach. But make you wonder if the “committee” make up was similar to the mammogram committee which had no breast surgeons or oncologists.

  73. That committee that is working hard to kill as many women as possible is appointed by Barack The Woman Hater.

  74. imust I know a guy who is the spitting image of Clooney, with the distinct difference that my friend is not a flying asshole.

  75. He may hate women….but he sure seems to like George Clooney…just sayin…

  76. Rutabaga report. I liked it. At first, I was skeptical, because raw, it smelled kind of funky to me. Cooked with butter and some milk, mashed, I liked it. I would eat it again. Also. I thought you could really slash a vein peeling it, so I put it in the microwave for about five minutes, and it steamed a bit. I figured, I was going to cook it anyways. This made it peel really easy. I was a bit put out by the wax coating on it though. Bleck.

    And now for the stroke of genius. We had leftover lemon pie, so what’s better than leftover lemon pie? Why, lemon pie with fresh blueberry sauce.

    Pee Ess, regarding easy peeling, I have a thing i do with tomatoes when I make marinara sauce or any sauce with fresh tomatoes. I hate the skin in sauce. True love is when you peel your tomatoes for your guests. And it’s easy. Just blanch them whole for ten seconds and the skin just slides right off.

  77. Dear George,
    Foreign policy is not a hobby. Please take up tennis.

  78. I never understood the concept that becoming famous for music or acting makes you an expert in foreign policy and/or the environment.

  79. The one thing that stands out starkly about famous actors, musicians, sports figures, etc etc is their passion for other countries, whilst stepping over the bodies of the needy right here in their own country, where they make their ludicrous incomes by overcharging for their products, pricing most families right out of the movie theater, concert or game.

  80. He may hate women….but he sure seems to like George Clooney…just sayin…

    Yeah and he REALLY likes that Kal Penn guy, always finding a slot for him, when he is essentially useless ever since his character got killed off.

    Don’t blame him though. The guy’s got a nice ass.

    A White House ‘Must Have’.

  81. “Must Have”..ROFL!

  82. Kal and Barack Up In A Tree..

  83. There does seem to be a pattern here with Swarthy White Boys.

  84. Okay, like I said, I am officially a One Issue voter for the first time in my life. My issue is women, before they are wiped off the earth by these two parties.

    With that in mind, Fuck You, Too, Mitt.

  85. These Republican candidates, who the hell ARE these people anyways? No president can get rid of planned parenthood. Why are they blowing it out of their asses, do they REALLY want to alienate women this badly/ Has anybody told these dipwads that women are half the voting population?

  86. Easy for you, myiq, you can’t get pregnant.

  87. whilst stepping over the bodies of the needy right here in their own country

    I saw something yesterday about the things some of these stars do to avoid paying taxes.

    Bono, Springsteen and Bon Jovi were mentioned.

  88. Personally I think if you don’t have a vagina, I don’t care what you think.

    Women are angry. And they are going to get even more angry.

  89. File under WTF?

    The mental health review hearing for a former Quebec cardiologist found not criminally responsible for killing his two children resumed with testimony from a psychiatrist, who said Guy Turcotte poses no danger to the public.

    Dr. Louis Morissette told the board of Montreal’s Pinel Institute on Thursday that Turcotte no longer shows any signs of mental illness.

    Turcotte is appealing for release, less than a year after he was found not responsible in the deaths and sent to the facility.

    He admitted he stabbed his children, Anne-Sophie, 3, and Olivier, 5, in February 2009 in a rented home north of Montreal,

    The 39-year-old physician was charged with first-degree murder, but denied intent, claiming he was deeply distraught about the collapse of his marriage.

  90. Yeah they avoid taxes and they are all Democrats. Just like John Kerry.

  91. Here it is (Wingnut Warning):

    *Bono traipses around the globe demanding that Western governments ram more down the Third World hole, while he goes out of way to shelter the money made from his music royalties. This senior citizen, stubble-faced rocker’s entire image is branded around social justice and African debt relief with your money, and yet with his own personal finances, he does everything possible to ensure it’s not taxed (Page 155).

    *Bon Jovi: All this time we thought he was just some cheeseball rocker from the 80s. Little did we know that he’s a bee farmer. That’s right, by classifying himself as a bee famer he’s able to write off 98 percent of his property taxes (Page 76).

    *Bruce Springsteen decries “a policy of large tax cuts, on the one hand, and cuts in services to those in the most dire conditions, on the other” yet by being a fake farmer as well, the working-class zero Springsteen is making a mint by robbing New Jersey of the antipoverty program funds he says they desperately need (Page 68).

    *Barbara Streisand harps about a “Global Warming Emergency” as she spends $22,000 a year watering her lawn and gardens. “Everyone has the power to make a difference,” she writes as her concerts use thirteen 53-foot semi-trailers, four rental vans, and fourteen crew and band buses (Page 53).

    *Harrison Ford is the chairman of a global conservation group, yet owns 7 airplanes and has stated, “I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger.” To prove what a global warming believer he truly is, he even got his chest waxed to portray the pain the environment feels when carbon dioxide is pumped in the air (Page 44).

    I hate quoting wingnuts but some topics don’t get mentioned anywhere else.

  92. Uppity, Cobe looks just like Bob the cat!

    I’ll be back… just catching up on the thread.

  93. Personally I think if you don’t have a vagina, I don’t care what you think.

    The link quotes a Vagina-American.

  94. Give Uppity cognac !! She tried a Rutabaga! See they are good. I am lucky I never get ones here with wax on them. I tend to stay clear of the waxed ones for peeling and because those are the stored ones. When they are not waxed they are just picked and sweet as all get out. I usually buy tons of them then and boil them and freeze them. Waxed ones can be real strong. They taste better then potatoes to me. I am proud of you Upps. Speaking of I tried Parsnips and found I really like them. Will add them to my diet. I love experiencing new foods. Odd I have never had them but have a bunch right now I am going to cook and freeze tomorrow.

  95. UW, I read that you’re right, a president can’t get rid of planned parenthood. Apparently Romney was speaking about stopping federal funding. At this stage they still need to throw bones to the wingers. At least he seems to have done less of that than the others…

  96. I just saw the last few minutes of some contest show for aspiring designers. It was down to 3 gay men and a woman, and they were about to be cut down by one person. The woman lost. I don’t get gay men designing — they aren’t women, and they aren’t attracted to women. And of course, they’re designing clothing to be worn by women to attract straight men. What’s up with wanting to design women’s dresses? I’ve never heard of the field of men’s suit design being majorly populated by lesbians….

  97. “UW, I read that you’re right, a president can’t get rid of planned parenthood. ”
    “The Title X Family Planning Program, officially known as Public Law 91-572 or “Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs” is the law that funds PP. It was supported and signed into law by Richard Nixon.

    After nearly 12 years of Bush/Obama, Richard Nixon is moving up as one of the better Presidents of the past 50 years.

  98. I dunno lorac, I think men make great designers. I have a cousin who ran an interior decorating company for years, he decorated the bushie oval office, in fact. He’s gay and he’s fantastic at it. He’ retired now but he had amazing design and decorating skills. Don’t know much about the fashion design industry so can’t comment, but your comment about men’s clothing is interesting.

  99. Utah thanks for turning me on to them. I plan to try parsnips too.

  100. I’ve never heard of the field of men’s suit design being majorly populated by lesbians….

    I thought they designed flannel shirts.

  101. SHV… Ouch! Wow that is really saying a lot when Nixon did more for women that Obutthead! 😯

  102. Vagina American. ROFL.

  103. Actually I was commenting on your lonely comment at the end, myiq. I wanted you to understand that this was an angry woman, rightfully so. Men try to help out but they really DONT understand what’s going on in our minds for the most part.

  104. “SHV… Ouch! Wow that is really saying a lot when Nixon did more for women that Obutthead!”
    Nixon was also a supporter of ratification of ERA. As one example of how screwed up politics have become and especially the selective memory of “progressives”, passage of the ERA was in the Republican Party platform from 1940 to 1980. It ratification was opposed by Northern Dems and “New Deal” Dems.

    Nixon is also “responsible” for EPA, OSHA, Clean Air Act. How screwed up is it when one of the most reviled Presidents of the 20th Century is a progressive all star compared to the sociopathic, corporate sock puppet that is now living at 1600 Penn. Ave.

  105. F*&%ing wordpress!!!

  106. Upps great post. I also do the boiling water thing with the fresh tomatoes and slip off the skin. Hate the skin in marinara.

    This is a bummer about WordPress. All these years with no problems. Now makes me jump thru hoops just to comment. Ridiculous.

    Am exhausted and hitting the hay early tonite. We had a 12 hour field trip today & walked miles.

  107. SHV did you ever get the email I sent you?

  108. SHV, good points.

  109. imust, hilarious pix & comments about GC & bark! They look like a bromance, don’t they?

  110. On Bownback’s facebook:

    Hey Governor Brownback, I was just wondering if you could help me decide what brand of tampons to buy. I have a heavy flow and I would like to avoid embarrassing leaks. I’m sure you’re very busy and I’m sorry to bother you. It’s just that, as a woman, I don’t feel comfortable making these important health decisions without input from a male politician. I’m sure you understand.

  111. SHV did you ever get the email I sent you?
    Yes, if it was a week or so ago. Drywall dust and PVC pipe cement have clouded my temporal awareness.

  112. I recently heard at my Ladies’ Tea Social that douching with Gatorade will help give my husband’s sperm a head start when it comes to getting pregnant. What flavor would you recommend? Would Fierce Melon be appropriate, since the “Melon” aspect of it would remind my husband of breasts? Thanking you in advance for your wholesome reply.

  113. Haha! I also clicked on Gov Brokeback’s fb page and laughing my head off. Here’s one I liked:

    “What about cutting access to Viagra? If god decided you’re going to be impotent who are you to go against that decision? Besides, the last thing we need is more whorish men trolling about.”

  114. HAHAHA. These are hilarious!

  115. I just went to Satan-orum’s fb wall to see if there were similar funnies, but 99% of the comments were all from Satan-orum himself, asking for money. Pathetic.

  116. That Gatorade douche thing is hysterical.

  117. A tweet going around..

    “What’s the difference between a fertilized egg, a corporation + a woman? One of them isn’t considered a person in Oklahoma.”

  118. “Would Fierce Melon be appropriate…..”
    Ah!!! Takes me back to the 60’s when “Cupid’s Quiver” was in style.

    “It’s Not That You Have Bad Breath…
    By Joanna Knobler,
    Published: Saturday, October 18, 1969 ”

    IIRC, Orange Blossom was the best flavor and champagne was the worst.

  119. Sanitarium?

    Personhood is defined as an entity that is genetically human and alive–it is a person as contemplated under our Constitution.

    Unless it’s female.

  120. “genetically human ”
    WTF does that mean??? “Humans” have 46 total
    chromosomes….what if they have 47 or 45 or 48, etc. are they genetically human?

  121. Wiki says an entity is something “that exists by itself”.

  122. I watched that clip upthread about Mitt ‘getting rid” of PP. What a sap, pandering to these zealot psychos.

  123. SHV if you ask me, Santorum’s got a few genetic missing links himself.

  124. But Oswald, maybe those lesbians are designing those flannel shirts for themselves!

    UW – yes this show was just about designing women’s dresses.

  125. Hey is Blago’s predecessor still in the can? I mean, isn’t that where Ill governors land? If he’s still in, will Blago room with him? If he’s not still in, will he be running again and win?

  126. lorac, men design women’s clothing so they can control how women look. Input from women is not welcome. Nuff said.

  127. Obama & Clooney…so gay!

  128. If he’s still in, will Blago room with him?

    No, but they’ll be partners in the doubles tennis tournament.

  129. Hey where is everybody? Looks like a good time for an Uppity and Bill vacation!

  130. Well, Uppity, I have been outside playing in the pollen that has hit. Nice yellow tint to everything that stands still, including people.

  131. Gosh. That blasted log in.

  132. Supreme court fucks us all again by ruling out cameras during the health care hearings.

  133. lol smww. If I did that my eyes would be like basketballs.

  134. Don’t feel singled out, Upps. The Supremes never allow cameras in the courtroom.

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