Super Pacs. The Musical.

….Or how Americans  have been completely F**Ked by Corporations, politicians, and their friends, The Supreme Court.

Who would have thought SCOTUS could do more damage to people on behalf of Corporations than they did with Eminent Domain? Yet, they managed to trump that travesty.

Once an independent third layer of checks and balances, SCOTUS has been fully corrupted by party partisans. How else can a constitutional court manage to believe that Corporations are People Too and your home is only worth what a Corporation wants to pay for it once they decide they want your land. Hell, that’s almost small potatoes now…… to Super Pacs.

Congratulations, Corporate America. You are now blessed with Personhood, and the rest of us have lost our Personhood.

A Rap with no filthy words, just filthy reality:


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  1. And of course Obama was against Super Pacs, before he was for them…..

  2. Oh imust, Barack has redefined flip floppin’. 🙂

  3. Steny is another living confirmation that term limits and/or mandatory retirement ensure no more fossils in Congress.

  4. Maybe this is why WP changed the way they do comments:

    “There’s an added twist for Obama: he’s making these moves at the same moment his administration is pushing the virtues of online privacy, last month proposing a consumer bill of rights to protect it.”

  5. oh, I forgot… if you visit the link in the previous post – scroll down and on the right is a poll – should the SuperPac that Maher gave his million to give it back? (staying on topic here – SuperPacs)

    I voted no. I prefer he remain looking like the hypocrite he is (that is Obama of course) 🙂

  6. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))

    hoping getting in is easy today—-this is a test

  7. Well they change they comment box again—no longer does my e-mail show up–maybe that is why they are doing this

    I have my gravatar at the bottom with: “You are commenting using your account”. ( Log Out / Change)

    It looks easier than it’s been, once you make the change as long as the comment isn’t Too big

    However making up e-mail is outright STUPID—

    F**K this Government and these repugs—we are so much in trouble, If things continue in this way–I will be opting not to vote, which thoroughy pisses me off

  8. he won’t give that money back.or even share it. 🙄

  9. Hi UW…Sombody mention music?

  10. Aw Geeze Hillbilly. It’s a good thing your our token blog conservative pet. But no biscuits for you today!

  11. Foxy I wonder how Maher feels after he gave those clowns a million and they aren’t taking his calls. I personally hope he feels horrible.

  12. You tellin’ me you would not hang out with me and some of my fellow “necks” and drink wine out of a red solo cup? You could even bring some of the Uppity Nation with you:)

  13. UW, did you at least watch the video? Toby and me are built pretty similiar. It is kinda like a Hillbilly mosiac!

  14. Billy, solo cups are for beer. One must never drink wine out of a solo cup. Or a spigot.

  15. Hey Hillbilly, I was wondering who you think looks better with Barack….George or Kal?

  16. Hello uppityites! I’ve been fighting allergies and cr@p with this early spring stuff but it’s getting a bit better. Wanted to let y’all know that madamab is back at TW and has a post up for Feminist Friday.

    Also, I’ll have the Lounge open tonight and per the request of certain uppityites we’ll have a special guest in attendance. And lorac, I did some adding to the staff and we now have a new server I think you’ll like. 😉

    The Lounge will open around 7:30ish EDT.

    Going to get my hair cut so see y’all tonight.

  17. George of Kal? I think he would look better with his suit case, standing on the stairs of MArine Force One doing his best Dick Nixon!

  18. UW…I am pretty good at drinking beer!

  19. fredster….can I get into the bash? 🙂

  20. Gallup’s got Obama down in the polls again. Women: Get ready to be used as a hockey puck again.

  21. Today’s moronic spambot with the translator from Hell. Brought to you by Goatfuckistan, Turkey

    You understand therefore significantly in terms of this subject, produced me in my view consider it from a lot of varied angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be involved until it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. At all times maintain it up!

  22. Oh boy, will you look at what automakers are about to pimp next? Autos with engines that kick off when you are stopped for x amount of time, say, in traffic waiting to make a left turn. The car is supposed to kick back on when you have an opening to go. Can’t wait to see Consumer reports April Auto edition next year on THIS idea. lolol.

  23. LOL on AF 1 and suitcase, Hillbilly.

  24. Is HillBilly sooo gaaaay too?

  25. It’s Marine One.

  26. Upps, Upps, Upps…departing presidents use Marine One to exit the WH lawn.

  27. Ok marine One. Just remember, you would have joe Biden as President.

  28. Yanked off of twitter. There was a time when George Clooney couldn’t even get arrested. Watch.

  29. Now I don’t care who you are, that there is a love song.

  30. Typo….my bad, now pass me a beer:)

  31. Hillbilly all you have to do is show up over there around 7:30 EDT.

  32. From the post with the Politico link:

    Obama for America has already invested millions of dollars in sophisticated Internet messaging, marketing and fundraising efforts that rely on personal data sometimes offered up voluntarily — like posts on a Facebook page— but sometimes not.

    And according to a campaign official and former Obama staffer, the campaign’s Chicago-based headquarters has built a centralized digital database of information about millions of potential Obama voters.

    And guess what? We still have spam buttons and filters for our email. 😆

  33. fredster, my bar does not have wifi. It does have a trough to pee in though:)

    UW 4 u!

  34. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the scum of the earth in congress opposing renewal of Violence Against Women Act. I want you to think about this and then tell me I should vote for these shitbags.

  35. Uppity loves her some banjo:

  36. Catholic Worker speaks out.

    My work brings attention to people who don’t have corporate lobbyists representing them in government. I advocate for people too often talked at or about, not to, and never with, by the elite and powerful.

    But I’ve come to realize that women are excluded from the Catholic notion of social justice, specifically the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ understanding of social justice.

    The bishops don’t understand women or biology. They understand power and control. They have become lobbyists in robes exerting influence in Washington and every state capital.

    They are detached from the real life challenges facing women who sit faithfully in their pews, serving their churches, and millions like me who’ve rejected their power and control in order to keep the most important parts of our faith.

  37. The Lounge is open over at TW!

  38. Calif. church regrets pig rodeo, BBQ at retreat

    A Santa Barbara church says it regrets allowing members of its high school ministry to chase greased pigs while wearing body paint during a recent weekend retreat.


    Executive pastor Gerald Torres says during the weekend, the boys greased up two pigs and chased them in a “rodeo-style” event and then ate the animals at a luau barbecue.

    Many of the boys dressed up and wore paint on their faces and bodies for the chase.

    Torres says licensed hunters slaughtered the pigs and showed the teens how to butcher them and use all parts of the animal for food.

    The children were traumatized to learn where bacon comes from.

  39. Just in case you haven’t seen it – Peggy Noonan’s piece on the War on Women in the WSJ. (Sorry for the long link – short one wants you to pay to read – long one gives you the entire thing free)

  40. short one wants you to pay to read – long one gives you the entire thing free

    Hahahah the cache. You go girl!

  41. A Santa Barbara church says it regrets allowing members of its high school ministry to chase greased pigs while wearing body paint during a recent weekend retreat.


    Grease pig chaging for Jesus.

  42. Nice of Jason Russell to dangle his junk in public. Adds so much credibility and seriousness to kony2012. Considering the nudity, I’m sure that video will be even more viral.


  43. Nice of Jason Russell to dangle his junk in public.

    Who is he? Where’s he dangling?

  44. Hillbilly, I’m sorry, I could only listen to half of Mother Maybelle. I had a sudden urge to go find some straight razors lol

  45. It’s so irritating having to sign into wordpress before being able to comment here! We put the exact same info HERE that we put THERE – but now we have to do it TWICE! Stupido.

  46. Kony video-maker detained for public drunkenness, masturbation

    The man behind the “Kony 2012” video that went viral last week was detained by police for troubling behavior on a California Beach, NBC San Diego reported.

    Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell, San Diego police say, was caught Thursday night masturbating, vandalizing cars and acting under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs.

    He should have gone to Vegas.

  47. WP check

  48. lorac: Margarethe is waiting for you over at the Lounge. 😉

  49. Uppity is on a roll.

  50. The superpac rap vid was good.

  51. Dangling junk here for you Fredster.

    Well, the butt didn’t look too bad! LOL!

  52. Lil Ricky wants a href=””>to ban porn. Lil Rick, stay out of my bedroom and my dvd player please.

  53. Larry Flynt quote from fredsters porn links:

    “Whether it’s Newt offering $2 gasoline or Santorum wanting to ban pornography or whatever else he’s doing, they’re making these promises and these threats, and they’re really empty and meaningless,” Flynt told Yahoo News. “I don’t think he will be much of a contender if he gets the nomination, but at the same time I don’t think he will.”

    Flynt said that, of the Republican nominees this cycle, he preferred former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman because he “wasn’t going off the deep end with the rest,” but he plans to vote for Obama in November, calling him “the lesser of two evils.”

    Kinda funny.

  54. This is apparently a book written by a PUMA. It seems to be presented as a fictional account, but based on easily identifiable real life events of the 2008 campaign. Sounds good – I’m going to get it! Maybe Ani and this author can go together on talk shows, and double team the message!!! The kindle edition appears to just be $5!

    Admit The Horse [Paperback]
    P. G. Abeles (Author)
    Be the first to review this item | Like 1331959964 false -1 6 6 5 (6)
    Price: $15.95 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details

  55. looks like Obama the Trojan Horse to ME! lol

  56. looks like Obama the Trojan Horse to ME! lol

    you got that right!

  57. That book looks interesting, lorac, let us know how you like it.

    Fredster, thanks for all the extra info!

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