Spring has sprung and Zuccotti Park is Occupied again.

I do wish these people would comprehend that they cannot “Occupy” private property. Imagine if they decided to occupy your home and that should put it into perspective. If they would just go occupy public domain, they would look a whole lot better and WHOSE PARK? OUR PARK! would make a whole lot more sense. As it stands, WHOSE PARK?’s answer is “PRIVATE PARK”. Your first amendment rights end when you bust into my home or take over my yard. It’s kind of like that. You will be evicted, of course. I just do not understand why they return to Zuccotti instead of public land. I know there is the argument that the park is open to the public, but that is at the OWNER’s discretion. If the owner feels the property is placed “At Risk,” I can see where he/they would have the right to expect it to be evacuated. After the last Occupy at Zuccotti, “At Risk” does come to mind. Just saying.

Anyways, here’s a live stream to what’s going on right now.


Here is the video of the woman who had a seizure/or didn’t have a seizure/or had broken ribs when the police took her down.  0:22, Left side of screen, lower to middle.  They may or may not have been escorting her as someone being detained/arrested–or she may have been running by. Hard to tell. It does appear she jumped up and  hauled off with her right arm and smacked one of them and was trying to get away. Can’t see the rest after they took her down. Use Full Screen Mode, it’s easier to see. Word is she does not have broken ribs, status of seizure is unknown, but police are not letting anyone near her in emergency room, so it’s highly possible she is under arrest. But overall, this appears to be an incriminating video angle that depicts a person striking out  at a police officer first– and then being taken down for it.

NY Observer says this is not Cecily McMillan’s first time at the rodeo, with another incident in November 2011.  They also claim she is an organizer for the Northeast region of youths involved in the Democratic Socialists of America.

But she’s not afraid to put her body on the line. She was arrested after she charged Wall Street three times, a “direct action” that even some veteran anarchists – militant and masked – considered wildly courageous, if foolish. A cop thought so, too, blasted her with pepper spray, knocked her down, stepped on her head and snarled at her, “Shut up. You get what you deserve, cunt bitch.”

Nice cop. What a fuckwad. Ah the cops. Always the gentlemen too, aren’t they now?


You can read the coverage here.


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  1. This time they have a PLAN:

    1. Re-occupy Zuccotti

    2. ???

    3. Victory!!!

  2. LOL. Hahahaha.

  3. I’m listening and they are saying the press isn’t there to cover them. I find that interesting. MSNBC? They would be there if Obie told them to be there. Methinks the obama administration is denying them. Cock crow and all that.

  4. This guy Tim the Cameraman needs to learn to stand still. I get motion sickness watching his casts.

    He also gives play-by-play on stuff that isn’t happening on camera.

    “I’m told the police were beating an old lady and her cat a few minutes ago”

  5. So little going on all he can talk about is the woman who had the seizure.

  6. Gives Mom a chance to clean the basement.

  7. That he didn’t see.

  8. Oy the woman with the seizure again.

  9. A Segway? What. You can’t walk?

  10. It looks like the NYPD isn’t going to make the same mistake as last time. Last fall they let the protesters stay there for weeks hoping to avoid a confrontation.

  11. Don’t worry bout the screaming Tim. Prolly just another rape.

  12. Countdown to mention of seizure again….

  13. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD. Seizure. Bus Loaded. NYPD.

  14. You’re right. The police were proactive. Bloomberg is pissed at the million bucks in overtime. I feel sorry for NY City taxpayers, really.

  15. “I’m streaming with an iphone”
    ….that my parents are paying for.

  16. I think this generation does much better flash mob dancing.

  17. Revolution. lol.

    I wonder how many people are there. You can hear everything everyone is saying.

  18. What are they protesting. Do we know yet? I just don’t get them. Seriously.

  19. The Ritalin generation

  20. “Racist, sexist, homophobes. NYPD has got to go”.

    So is that what they are protesting?

  21. Doesn’t look like a lot of people.

  22. well according to him they are spread out, marching in different places but he can’t go there because he doesn’t have a Segway. Or something.

    Buses. Seizure. NYPD. Buses, Seizure, NYPD. It’s like an endless loop.

  23. These are rebels without a clue. They really think they are the vanguard of a revolution.

  24. I do find the complete absence of the press odd.

  25. I feel sorry for NY City taxpayers, really.

    Yeah. Me too. If only some of the banksters actually paid taxes, there would be less of a burden on the regular people. But they’re getting a great bargain because what they’re paying Bloomberg is a fraction of his usual going rate.

  26. Who do they plan to reach at 1 AM?

  27. In NYCity with 11 bucks. That should work.

  28. They’re talking about getting a cab. Who gets a cab to a revolution?

  29. Hailing a cab to get to the march. lol.

  30. Did you ever see My Dinner With Andre? This is like My Walk Down a NY Street With Nico.

  31. Who gets a cab to a revolution?


  32. Seizure again. That seizure is big news.

  33. Who’s cab? Our cab! Who’s cab? Our cab! Twinkle hands UP!

  34. Who live streams a revolution nowhere near the revolution?

  35. You can tell these were indulged children. When they were little they screamed and threw fits and they got their way.

  36. Who’s live stream? Our live stream!

  37. Not the bagpipe story again.

  38. I’m covering the march. Where is it?

  39. Man’s head smashed into window by NYPD! They’re shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  40. Can you imagine these babies dealing with Mayor Daley back in 1968?

    With a few notable exceptions the cops in NYC and everywhere else have been bending over backwards to avoid violence.

  41. My cab ride with Andre….oops..Nico…

  42. Where is it?

    Didn’t you see those 20-30 guys dressed in black and chanting something unintelligible?

  43. They’d be upset if the cops gave them an angry look. Mommy! The cop’s being mean to me….wahhhhhh!!!

  44. That’s hearsay so far. Looking for video.

  45. They found the broken window.

  46. Here’s the OWS NYC livestream. shows the protest.

  47. Ah they found “Elizabeth”. She’s in jail.

  48. He said the NYC OWS people were loading a video. Taking long enough.

  49. Ah the Seizure again.

  50. They’re at the park now. Mic check in full force. I see they all have their cell phone cameras running….nice to see they’re keeping the corporate telecom people in $$$.

  51. OMG if these clowns were ever in the real protests, they would be pissing their pants. No cell phones or twitter either.

  52. Cop smashed an ipod. That would be big news.

  53. OT –
    This book I just got for $5 on kindle – the one written by the PUMA it’s called Admit the Horse –

    It’s really good writing. I don’t think this is her first attempt at writing!

    And I’m getting such a KICK out of it! She names Obama “Okono”, but thereafter refers to him simply as “O”. His wife is “Antoinette” ROFL ACORN is named SEED. “O” has connections to SEED, as well as to Saul Alinsky, and “The Minister”.

    Anyway, I’m going back to reading – this is fun!!!!

  54. Anybody know what they’re protesting?

  55. Seems like they’re protesting the cops right now.

  56. The fact that there is a police presence there seems to bother them.

  57. Where are those videos he keeps saying are records of the police abuse?

  58. I see his videos at the livestream site but they aren’t named. He just keeps posting them but which one is the video of the seizure/or broken ribs/or whatever happened to that girl he keeps talking about. Which one?

  59. Buses. Seizure.

  60. Buses. Seizure. Buses. Seizure. Buses….

  61. Bagpipes. Buses. Seizure. Or cracked ribs. He’s a fucking broken record now for two hours.

  62. imusthavepie, on March 18, 2012 at 1:04 AM said:

    Doesn’t look like a lot of people

    Hell it’s Spring Break in large parts of the country. It should be “Occupy Ft. Lauderdale”.

  63. She punched a cop in the face and they are upset that they took her down?

  64. who is Jose? and luke?

  65. Broken thumb.

  66. He’s a fucking broken record

    Puhleeze!! This is a family blog!

  67. I’m going to bed. I’ll catch the revolution in the morning.

  68. She punched a cop in the face?

  69. I’m going to bed. I’ll catch the revolution in the morning.

    Aww Upps…I just got here. 😦

  70. He just mentioned the seizure again.

  71. Since I ran everyone off I’ll leave now.

  72. 0:22 lower left of video. She smacks the cop and they take her down. Go to full screen, it’s clear, she hauls off with her right arm.

  73. omg. This circus again. Funny thread people!

  74. Yeah, it looks like they were escorting her and she pulled up and smacked them.

  75. From the ows site:

    “On Friday, March 16, 2012, at 2PM, Occupy Wall Street will converge in the streets once again and launch the first in a series of spring training marches from Liberty Square to Wall Street in preparation for May Day, a day of massive economic non-compliance and strike. These marches will occur weekly and will allow occupiers to practice various street tactics and theatrics. For the first march, participants are encouraged to wear athletic gear, don their game face, and prepare to make the 1% feel the burn!”

    “make the 1% feel the burn!” Good luck with that kids.

  76. Yeah, the 1% are really feelin’ it….LOL! They’re up in their penthouses having a glass of pinot watching your live stream on their 80″ Smart TVs Laughing Their A$$es Off!

  77. Will economic non compliance include no cell phones, ipads, ipods? Because these are big corporations that made these things and who provide the services they use to text and tweet. I really actually am feeling sorry for these kids, if not embarrassed. They look really silly. Nobody cares and nobody is listening. Not even the press. Not even the LEFT press.

  78. Lorac,
    I’m reading “Admit the Horse” too. But I have to take a break from it every now and then because it gets my blood boiling. Brings back so many memories from 2008. It is fun, though, to read the story and figure out who is who. Antoinette=Michelle cracked me up!

    About Occupy… I agree that they should be allowed to protest on public property, but even then one group shouldn’t be allowed to monopolize a public space for weeks or months on end, making it inaccessible to everyone else. They should get a permit, hold their rally or whatever, and then clear out before dark. No camping in the city! They also shouldn’t be allowed to block traffic, create a public nuisance, or harrass innocent people who happen to be passing by. I’m so sick of people acting like thugs!!!

  79. Youtube comment

    You REALLY need to remove this video from YouTube. Cecilly is my friend and this video is potentially incriminating. The NYPD might try to use it againt her in court, as they’ve done to other protesters. Removing this video could mean to difference between her facing serious charges and going free. PLEASE PLEASE take it down.

  80. Protester Paul Sylvester, 24, of Massachusetts said he was “thrilled” to be back at the park but said he hoped the movement would begin to crystallize around specific goals.
    “We need to be more concrete and specific,” he said. Critics say the Occupy movement lacks direction and clear demands.
    It continues to draw celebrities, however. On Saturday night, independent filmmaker Michael Moore strode through the park before the police incursion.
    “I think it’s great that this movement continues to grow,” Moore said. “I think the goals are clear. People are concerned that they have no control over their own democracy. They have no control over their own lives.
    “This is the beginning. This park is sacred ground for millions across the country.”


  81. No broken ribs.

  82. I hear ya, Jen! It can be intimidating to innocent people who have to walk by.

  83. wordpress just made me sign in again. fgs.

  84. Okay I keep watching that video and it does appear she was trying to break away from the cops who were detaining her. We have no way of knowing what they were detaining her for, but she jumps up and elbows the cop and looks as if she is trying to run away from them. Unfortunately the vehicle blocks what actually happened after that. Word is she does not have any broken ribs, and since everyone keeps saying the police won’t let anyone near her in emergency room, it’s possible she is under arrest.

  85. lorac & jen, thanks for the info about the book.

  86. OWS again? Yaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwnn.

  87. here’s another comment on the you tube:

    so people are calling on twitter to delete references to this video and are directing people to another one which only shows the aftermath and from a different angle. i guess it’s not good press. if people see Cecily slug a cop before the mayhem ensues they she might not be as useful as a martyr and symbol of oppression

  88. NES this is OWS, the sequel.

  89. Oh I’m sure that video has already been downloaded a hundred times or more.

  90. Other rumor floating about is she’s a member of the Democratic Socialist Party with a history. But that could just be republicans doing their Drudge thing.

  91. According to Jeff Sharlet’s November, 2011 article about the Occupy Movement, this may be Ms. McMillan’s second violent encounter with police. She is an organizer for the Northeast region of youths involved in the Democratic Socialists of America, which Mr. Sharlet reports is “the largest socialist organization in the United States.”

  92. The pro-squatter types blame the media for ruining the image of OWS.

    Their own videos and livestreams do most of the damage.

  93. Hell the media aren’t even covering them. Of course, they provided the media with the video everybody will see tomorrow. Nobody to blame but themselves. If they had any brains, they would have never uploaded that video. Doh.

  94. NoEmptySuits, on March 18, 2012 at 3:10 AM said:

    OWS again? Yaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwnn.

    NES I responded to your martial-law comment at the other place.

  95. A cop thought so, too, blasted her with pepper spray, knocked her down, stepped on her head and snarled at her, “Shut up. You get what you deserve, cunt bitch.”

    There are so many cameras around my default policy is “Don’t believe either side until you see unedited video.”

  96. Could you tell us at which point in the video the head thing starts?

  97. Around 2:00 you see some cracked glass.

  98. I would love to see the OWS camped out in the pollen covering us here in Atlanta and the metro areas.

  99. Today’s local pollen alert is already “high” for trees.

  100. I saw the cracked glass but didn’t see it get cracked.

  101. I saw the cracked glass but didn’t see it get cracked.

    I’m sticking to that story too.

  102. ok I see. Amazing.

  103. Spring brings all the bugs out. 😆

  104. I’m looking at the ows youtubes and seeing vids like “OWS protesters ALMOST hit by wall street cars”. How the hell do they expect to get people to be simpatco with them if they keep crying wolf?

  105. Here’s something confounding.
    Not long ago a kid opened fire on a school and killed other kids. The press couldn’t wait to paint him as the sweetest kid on earth with a really bad childhood background. It was as if we should let the poor kid go.

    Last week a soldier who served multiple stints in goatfuckistan opened fire and killed civilians and kids. His neighbors etc are shocked because the guy is the sweetest guy on eart, but he must have snapped in the face of war. The press? Crickets other than kill the bastard ASAP.

  106. How the hell do they expect to get people to be simpatco with them if they keep crying wolf?

    How do you beg for sympathy when no one will abuse you? Part of their original plan was to provoke the police into overreacting. Then they tried blocking traffic hoping to get run over. Notice they haven’t tried that in LA

  107. The OWS people picked a busy news cycle….the press have more important things to cover like…….Obama drinks a pint of Guinness!

  108. If the succeeded in re-occupying Zucchini Park, what then?

    They would be back to hanging with the homeless and crapping on the street, with an occasional sink-bath at Mickey D’s.

    That didn’t work out so well the first time.

  109. A product of parents of my generation, they all just think they are so precious to everyone.

  110. Drive by gang shootings in Chicago Thugland, killed seven including a six year old girl standing on her porch. This is the city Barack, Michelle and Bill Ayers improved together in their special programs.

  111. I guess they are out of funds, since their non leader leaders were busy spending on opulent hotels. I am assuming they all went home now. Live stream is dead and doing reruns.

    They’ve moved a long way from the free food table. Now they are trolling for a hot dog.

  112. Radical chic meets reality.

  113. That didn’t work out so well the first time.and it won’t this time either

  114. I have been hibernating deep in my cave so I didn’t know we had another infestation of OWS until I stopped at Uppity’s. Hopefully the owner will keep them from camping in Zuccotti Park and cities will enforce vagrancy laws in public parks. I’m tired of their gibberish that lacks public support. They are about as helpful as chanting, “Yes We Can.”

  115. Lizz,y how about as useful as a screen door in a submarine?

  116. Hey you guys wanna see Ronnie Reagan’s “ink drawings,” which are actually doodles? Maggie Thatcher snatched them up at a meeing. Seems Ronnie enjoyed drawing the torsos of nekked men. Just saying. How’s Rick gonna ‘splain this?

  117. Yeah, Reagan’s part of my community!
    Pretty darn good doodling.

  118. Yeah looks like he’s into anatomy detail.

  119. What a beautiful day we had here. Sunny, clear and warm.

    So is the Occupy thing over? “6 month anniversary” is something two mental infants celebrate as if 6 months is some kind of milestone in life.

  120. Beautiful day in the Atlanta subs too. 80 degrees now. Almost time to open our pool!

  121. Mittens won big in Puerto Rico (notwithstanding that — or perhaps because — Santorum spent two days there, SHIRTLESS…EEEEEK!). Twenty delegates to Mittens. Newtie and Santo (who scored a total of zero individually and cumulatively) are so J.

  122. Where is everyone? I know it’s Sunday, and all, but still…..

  123. Well I kinda think that maybe Rick telling Puerto Ricans they have to all speak English before they can be a state kind of put the damper on his vote tally. Seriously, the guy has no redeeming social qualities whatsoever.

  124. People are concerned that they have no control over their own democracy

    Gee, considering most if not all of these OWSers campaigned for and voted for Obama, and used the most undemocratic means, I can’t seem to rustle up one iota of sympathy for them.

  125. Jen, socal –

    My kindle says I’m 65% of the way through the book. I highly recommend it. My only complaint at this point is that I think in a few instances she gave only a few lines to certain events that warranted more development. I knew what she was talking about, and its significance, because I know – I LIVED – the backstory – but someone reading this book to LEARN may end up missing some stuff.

  126. I don’t have a kindle. Maybe I can borrow my friends.

  127. Or hopefully LA Pub Library will get it in. I doubt if my small town library will get it.

  128. Whatz happening at Zucchini Park? ? Is it still occupied?? Or did they ever occupy it? If an OWSer tweets in a forest….and there’s no one around to see it….does it actually twitter??

  129. lol imust!

  130. No kidding with RickySanto and Puerto Rico, Upps. I mean, for cryin’ out loud, he makes Newtie look measured and restrained.
    Oh and don’t even mention the shirtless photos — doughboy body, no surprise.

  131. Don’t worry about that martial-law thang, cats. It’s a wank. It’s pretty much the same EO previously issued by WJC and GWB, just updated. Of course, O released it during traditional bad-news-dump-time (Friday evening), which raised suspicions. Maybe he anticipated that the Right-Blogosphere would go ape-shit-crazy and look like loons (and that happened, like clockwork).

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