Video of the creatures we helped to ‘free’ Libya–having some good clean fun

No women were raped or Christians killed during this outing. That’s scheduled for the next outing. Ah smell that Arab Spring!

Guess they need the cemetary space for the future dead women.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. That is a military cemetery containing some of the graves of our soldiers who were killed liberating North Africa from the Nazis.

  2. BTW – That was the second time we sent troops into that region. The first time was way back in 1801 when Jefferson sent the Marines after the Barbary Pirates.

  3. Obama’s War ON FOX News didn’t work out so well, did it?

  4. The article is interesting in its revelations. Older people buy cable, the future doesn’t hold such luck for cable with the younger generation that is accustomed to seeing what they want on the internet. This would explain FOX’s popularity, their audience is older and accustomed to cable. Cable companies are seeing a drop in subcscriptions, as younger people do not see value in it. It’s a very interesting piece.

  5. The Hill does a seriously odd but rather interesting poll pitting whites against blacks on every economic issue.

  6. Obama mingles with the adoring Dependent generation.

  7. In France, a serial sniper is killing Jewish school children and French off-duty military in uniform. Any guesses what part of the wrold the killer’s ascendants are from?

    Here, the children are killed and people are ‘wondering’ if there’s a link.

  8. Good morning Uppities, So much evil! It’s always the extremists.

  9. sooooooo. Who’s the Power Woman in charge of George Clooney. See the video here right to the end and watch her put TMZ in its place. And watch George Obey her.

  10. What can we expect when they constantly try to up themselves against one another?

    …imagine the joy that the bride feels.

    Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to marry his victim if she is a minor as a way of avoiding prosecution.

  11. Wow. Big of them! Go Morocco.

    I hate your frigging food, too.

  12. Can i have a link, McN? I want to tweet that one.

  13. myiq, I do like your Oswald screen name and icon! I suits you!

  14. Lola over at Crawdad has an interesting piece up about Obama and the thought of further global concessions for the Popester. What I found most interesting though were the comments in the linked article. It does seem that Catholics are not with the Pope on this contraception thing and pretty much want the bishops to STFU. They don’t seem to be planning to breed like Santorum rabbits for the Church.

    Link to linked Catholic article with most interesting comments.

  15. Shhhh.

    I’m doing undercover research on pengiophobia.

  16. I had to stop watching that video after 5 seconds. People saying “God is great” while kicking over headstones makes me sick.
    What else did they do? I’m afraid to ask.

  17. “What is so rare as a day in June?”

    When it comes in the middle of March.

    What is so rare as rape used to control women?


  18. good morning(((UPPITY’S))))

    Hope you all had a wonderful st. Paddy’s day

  19. New Post Up. Three year old terr’rist at the airport.

  20. Posted it under “Anyone Listening? Anyone?”

    A 16-year-old girl, Amina Filali, killed herself a week ago after being severely beaten during a forced marriage to her rapist.

    from the BBC.

  21. What else did they do? I’m afraid to ask.
    trust me you don’t want to know. 👿

  22. I tweeted your blog on the Moroccan pigs.

    What do you expect from people who use a combo of incompatable spices and rejectable fruits (eg prunes and …sputter…apricots) in their food. Never at a moroccan food I could even pretend to like. Once made a moroccan stew recipe that was so bad that it got completely scraped into the trash. It was that bad.

  23. I can’t handle Moroccan food. The combinations of spice and sweet leaves little to be desired. I am not a fan.

    Thanks for the tweet.

  24. Did you see the story of the mother whose 15 year old daughter got pulled under water by a five foot short and she pulled her out of the shark’s mouth?

  25. What a mother won’t do, huh? She’s Mom of the Year in that girl’s heart.

  26. Like anyone believes O likes beer!!

  27. NES I got some photos of Obama drinking beer like a girl. I have a whole bunch of photos of him doing the Sissy.

  28. Let’s have an Obama’s A Sissy post someday soon.

  29. We need O’s a sissy post! He’ed have a hissy fit and Big MO would have to teach him manners she doesn’t know.

  30. Yup lizzy, that’sa why I collected the photos. I have so many posts I want to do and never seem to get there. As Roseane Rosannadanna always said, It’s always something!

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