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  1. Woot! Freedom Fairy’s been here with the latest shot of Bill sunning himself and comtemplating the equinox and its associated foliage.

  2. “When do-it-yourself goes wrong”

  3. I didn’t take geometry because I knew I’d never use it.

  4. Teach-a-Billy-Moment. Mother In-Law Room Removal. Redneck Skylight Company Promo Video. If I hadda a beer I would not had to find something else to do.

  5. Hello ((((UPPITY’S))))

    so nice the Big Cats and all the Love, If God did anything right, our dogs and cats were it—Humans on the other hand, a bit different
    as the above VIDEO shows us—–

  6. I didn’t take geometry because they didn’t teach it back then. 😆


    Hope all is well

  8. I don’t like seeing the BC pill side effects disregarded. There is a very real link between the pill & heart disease for people with risk factors. My sister is a case in point. It’s not candy.

    Also, doctors prescribe meds that are not covered by insurance all the time.

  9. My daughter has an allergic reaction to aspirin, so she doesn’t take it. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the population should not have easy access. Should peanut butter be outlawed in all homes because it presents serious problems. even deadly, for some people?
    Do you really think Santorum, Obama, Romney and any other politician weighing in on women’s access to reproductive health care are basing their opinions sound medical principles? Yet they think it’s legitimate to give their opinions the force of law.

  10. Well said, Jackyt.

  11. myiq, that Mass Senate race is a cliff hanger.

  12. I didn’t take geometry because I knew I’d never use it.

    And obviously true.

  13. Urban renewal

    Planning decommission

    Testosterone effect

  14. MAYDAY for those of you with Dogs that use NOVARTIS products, eg Sentinel and Interceptor. I just came from grooming my dog and wanted to purchase some Sentinel, as I stay away from products with Ivermectin in them. Anyways, they did not have the Sentinel and were running out of Interceptor, which I decided to buy. I prefer sentinel as it controls fleas as well, so I feel kind of screwed. Anyways, I just did a web search and found that NOVARTIS was given the riot act and their plant in Lincoln has been shuttered until they clean up their act. If you want to read about it:

  15. Isn’t Novartis the company Paul Deen is getting paid big bucks to pimp for? Well they are in deep shit with the FDA.

  16. Okay, so Malia did go to Mexico….and she is safe after the earthquake….and it was a school trip:

  17. The weather reminds me of Spring when I was a little girl. SO much for Climate Change. Looked more like Climate CHANGED to me. Now I have the spring I once knew. Make of that what you want.

  18. Well I’m glad she’s safe and I think her parents are stupid and irresponsible. And so is the school that would take a trip there with a class. The other parents are also stupid and irresponsible.

  19. Then are there really 25 secret service agents on the trip?

  20. WLM: Yup! Malia, 12 of her friends, and 25 SS agents. Your tax dollars at work. A noble demonstration of shared sacrifice.

  21. Oh, I LOVE FF’s new header! Spring is beautiful!

  22. Oh, forgot my caption:

    Eff you Bank of America. Foreclose this!

  23. Little Rock airport renamed Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport after unanimous vote

  24. I love the header, it just sings spring.

    When I was young, if the winter was mild and we did not use our snow days, we always got St.Patrick’s Day off. It was often warm enough that the first sprigs of mint were already high enough to pick.

  25. Caption

    Damn! It was suppose to hit that creepy Google roving camera car.

  26. Do you really think Santorum, Obama, Romney and any other politician weighing in on women’s access to reproductive health care are basing their opinions sound medical principles?

    I don’t think pols should practice medicine. I don’t think newspaper columnists like Margaret Wente should either.

    There’s a better case for selling marijuana over the counter than there is for hormone therapy (which is what BC pills are). Contraindications to the pill are much more common than allergies to any med, including aspirin. The whole reason it is by rx is so that a doctor can monitor it’s impact on you. If for example you are already on the pill and you develop gallbladder disease, do you know that you should stop taking it? Most women do not realize that. In fact a lot of women don’t realize that if they smoke they should not take the pill, or if they have certain types of migraine (with aura) and are over age 35:.

    Otoh, I think it’s ok that plan B is non-rx because it is needed on an emergency basis. That was an FDA decision delivered under W, believe it or not. I think B0 would never have let that pass.

    Anyway, sorry if I am a bit passionate about this. It is a pet peeve of mine when people associate bc pills with women’s health without talking about how irresponisble rx of it kills many women via side effects.
    Not too long ago HRT was being rx’d irresponsibly also. The medical industry treats women as hormone consumers first rather than as whole human beings with an entire body. It’s barbaric.

  27. I don’t think my reproductive organs are ANY of their business. I got BC pills decades ago. And they were covered by my insurance. But that was before all these bullshitters and women haters discovered they could use their elective and journalistic powers to harass, denigrate and strick the fear of their dicks into women. This is not acceptable. It should not be acceptable to ANY woman, regardless of their silly party that doesn’t give a shit about them anyways. The only way to put a stop to these things being ‘acceptable’ is to REFUSE to accept it. The assumption here that every woman is just too fucking stupid to know what’s good for her pisses me off to no end, including one woman telling another what she should do about ANYTHING in her own life. That includes birth control, abortion or any other goddamned legal thing. Tend to your own dicks, your own ovaries and your own vaginas and get the fuck out of mine.

  28. Fwiw, bc pills were not covered by my insurance until fairly recently. If the dr precribed it you had to buy it out of pocket. Neither was a diaphragm. IUDs were covered. Not sure about implants.

    Iirc it was only after insurance started covering Viagra that enough women made a stink about what a big double standard that was and insurance started covering it.
    (Even then it, like all rx med, had a co-pay.)

  29. Incidentally, the POS who killed the children at the Jewish school and the soldiers on the street in France coincidentally turned out to be a goatfucker on Jidhad watch. Whoda thunk it?

    He apparently was once arrested in Afghanistan for planting bombs and they just let him stroll into France, just like we would have probably let him stroll into the USA.

  30. TSA would not have even frisked him.

  31. No TSA would not have frisked him. They would be busy frisking an old lady in a wheel chair or somebody’s baby.ll

    They are still in a standoff with him. I hope they blow him to bits.

  32. That tuck in bed thing is really wierd. And you have got to wonder what Obama has up his sleeve, doing the blow job on the guy when he sent Churchill’s bust back to England as one of his first despicable acts as President. Make no mistake. Barack wants something.

  33. I just saw your link too, votermom. WTF is with his arm blown up like a baloon?

  34. Wait, there is the claim of “mental illness” now. Has ties to al qaeda. He didn’t quite stroll into France. Claim is that we dropped the goatfucker off there.

    15.54 Prosecutor Francois Molins said the US army previously sent the Toulouse gunman back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan. Afghan police detained Mohammed Merah and then handed him over to the US army “who put him on the first plane headed to France,” Mr Molins said.

    A real pillar of the community. They have found the camera he wore to film the murders at the school.

    23/24 yr old screw up

    So suspect had 15 convictions, spent a year in juvie, had 2 suspicious trips to Af/Pak, was expelled from Afghanistan by Americans.

  35. Oh yeah, I forgot…he’s a real chickenshit.

    Merah says he would rather live and explain his actions “with his head held high” than die a “martyr”.

    He was planning another kill run today so they had to find the freak.

  36. They have taken his mommy and bro already. Mommy is Muslim. Daddy is Brittish. Bro got him caught when the asswipe went to the Yamaha scooter place to ask about how to disable the GPS on the bike. Said he was going to repaint the bike. The bike has been found and it has had a paint job. When they asked a week ago for any leads, the Yamaha dealership sent the tip into the police. That’s how they snagged the turd.

  37. 17.52 Speaking on al Jazeera just now French journalist Franck Guillory says France faces many of the same questions Britain did after the July 7 attacks: how do we deal with a small, radicalised minority of our own citizens who turn to terror?

    Quote France is finally facing its 7/7. France thought for a long time that we were prevented from having to address these issues and were not concerned by such a challenge. The difficulty now is to make sure that these murders are not used to bring one community against another.

    live coverage

  38. Before the authorities said on Wednesday that their prime suspect claimed ties to Al Qaeda, many analysts had speculated on whether he was motivated by extreme right-wing passions coinciding with the presidential election

  39. While everyone is sleeping, it looks as though the SUPREMES will be giving the secret servive a shield against being sued for false arrests.

  40. Great! Just what we want and need UW. Quite unsettling.

  41. McN. Sounds like French press is the same kind of Excuser as the American press.

  42. I guess they stopped negotiating with the scumball. Next they will shoot him dead. Which is good.

  43. The US military were obligated to send him back to France for his punishment. Obviously there was none. I guess he won’t have the same luck now. He’s lucky if they don’t turn him into a strawberry barrel.

  44. Well, taxes are done. Needless to say, I am in a foul mood.

  45. Okay, before you decide that my head exploded, otherwise why would I EVER post a video of Alexandra Pelosi and Bill Maher, this is simply amazing. Now at first you will see her interview Redneck City and do the far right in. But hold on! She does the same in this documentary to the left. And she makes some serious points in discussion of why democrats are losing members, extremism on both sides and death of journalism. Sit. Watch. Seriously. Forget Maher’s input. Pay attention to her.

  46. Caption: “Oh shit,” hit.

  47. Sounds like French press is the same kind of Excuser as the American press

    Yes. Sounds like the Hassan bs being spun.

  48. They said that he has grenades. He gave up one assault weapon in exchange for a phone. He’s planning to light up the neighborhood.

  49. McN, what they need to do with that freak and give the swat team the nod and light HIM up. Snipers. First shot. Buh Bye.

  50. I agree Upps. They have evacuated the building and others in proximity. Let him go up in flames. He already admitted killing seven people. Why bother with a trial and prolong the agony?

  51. BBC reporting that there have been three blasts in the building. Sounds like it is coming to an end.

    Just to recap, the French interior ministry said three blasts heard tonight were intended to intimidate the suspect. A full scale assault on the flat has not yet taken place, it said.

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