Cockroach of The Week Award goes to: Scumball, Lawrence Clement

This is Brenda Shular Cameron.

Brenda died at age 51 of multiple organ failure at a hospice in Northeast Ohio.

You  can easily imagine that Brenda died after immense suffering. You would  also imagine that she earned the right to rest in peace.

Brenda’s body was entrusted to the H.H. Birkenkamp Funeral Home for embalming and funeral preparations.

This scheevy thing is Lawrence Cockroach Clement.

Lawrence worked at the H. H. Birkenkamp Funeral Home, where he worked on Brenda’s body. In fact he worked on Brenda’s body by sexually molesting her corpse.

There just isn’t a more deserving candidate for Cockroach of The Week Award than this bag of sh!t.

Incidentally, had the Cockroach of The Week Program been in effect in 1988, two more H.H. Birkenkamp employees would have shared the award for the same reason.

Hopefully, Lawrence Clement will be taken care of in prison. Even prisoners have standards.

Let’s hope they gang hump his dead body before anybody finds him. Then it would be nice if they shipped him to H.H. Birkenkamp Funeral Home for Payback, if they are still in business.


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  1. Illinois primary today. Santorum must have five or six people there who would vote for his ass.

  2. Lawrence Clement’s favorite pick-up line:

    “Is it cold in here or is it just you?”

  3. My heart goes out to the family of Brenda Shular Cameron. There needs to be cameras in every room that has a body. And, the video needs to be viewed daily. No telling how often this happens.

  4. In most cases the employee is quietly fired and blacklisted. The victim’s family is never told anything.

  5. Sick. Sick. Sick.

  6. Wow, he must be a distant cousin of the morrocans that marry their rape victims in order to avoid prosecution, no? POS…yes, even prisoners have standards and they just might want to give this ass a taste of his own medicine.

  7. Are they sure they weren’t nuns?

  8. Where does this thought even come from? Utterly bizarre. And I don’t think cockroaches would even do something like this–they are too far up the evolutionary chain compared to this creature.

  9. “Caption This” post up.

  10. Oh Twandx! That is soooooooooooooo cute! Maybe they know it’s his last day?

  11. From the size of the cubs, they were weaned so mom taken back to her own pen. I suspect the male worker had already made friends with them through the wire – they knew him when he called out to them. He may have brought them treats and scratched their ears through the wire and was a natural and known substitute friend for when mother was removed. So they were primed to get at him when he went into their space.

    The actions of the cubs is just what you see in their interaction with mother, crawling all over, hugging and fake biting, looking for laps and attention. So much like mother cats and kittens we’ve had over the years.

  12. I agree twandx, that’s just what I thought. He was their Mommy.

  13. Unfortunately some people see these videos and think wild animals can make good pets.

    The problem is they can never be fully domesticated. When they are grown they are big and powerful predators that can hurt you badly in the blink of an eye. The same thing applies to big aggressive dogs.

  14. big aggressive dogs scare the bee jeebus outa me. 🙂

  15. Another reason that zero and zero’s spouse should not have had Malia in Mexico.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says the initial 7.6-magnitude earthquake was felt strongly in Oaxaca (wuh-HAH’-kah). The quake was followed by an aftershock that shook southern Mexico, swayed buildings in Mexico City and sent frightened workers and residents into the streets.

    EQ 5.1 Oaxaca

    Yeah, I know who could have predicted an EQ in a hotzone?

  16. How much more are we going to have to pay to do an emergency evac for the gang?
    She’s fine and the vacay will continue. If the WH didn’t want this out, they have to call all of the international press to shut it down now.

  17. Interesting, Televisa is reporting that the EQ was a 7.8

  18. Really the earthquake is because I requested a Republican ballot in the Illinois primary. Maybe now the democrats will finally remove me from their lists.
    I hope today’s losses were just on the democrats’ side.

  19. when did I become leslie 1201?

  20. Your guess is as good as mine, leslie.

  21. Your Screen name is typed that way in your post editor. If you log off and log back on you can just type Leslie in. That should work. I can fix these two comments for you though. But until you login as leslie only, it will keep posting that way.

  22. Is Rachael Maddow a comedy act? She’s talking about how they took a delegate away from Santorum and “gave” it to Romney, and how even though Ron Paul won a state, Romney got more delegates. Oh yeah, rachael, you mean like they did to Hillary in texas? Or how about you try Michigan and Florida. They took a whole lot more than one delegate away from Hillary. Funny, I don’t remember hearing a peep out of you. Not to mention the Whooping she gave that twit in PA and then he got as many delegates as she did. I guess that was okay though, right?

  23. I’ve tried several different times to follow your directions. WordPress won’t let me comment unless I use whatever it is they tell me to use.
    I’ll keep trying

  24. Okay!!!
    What I wanted to tell you is that when I went to vote, I had to “fight” my way through the candidates’ supporters who were urging me and everyone else to vote for their candidate (all Dems I might add). I finally stopped and said,
    “I won’t vote a straight democrat BALLOT EVER AGAIN UNLESS AND UNTIL the wrongs of 2008 are righted”. some of these workers know me from my earlier brainwashed days working for the democrats. I don’t think they’ll bother me again.
    (i hope)


  26. Yes Michelina. It’s so endearing to see our most sociopathic pengy, delivered to myiq, looking so cute before he murders everyone in the house. We were able to cut down the number of penal colony guards just by shipping Oswald out.

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