Reebok: Yet another sexist, woman-demeaning company Got The Point

I am very proud of what is happening these days. Women are finally realizing that they do not have to accept the Unacceptable. See Limbaugh and Maher as a starting reference.

I am developing what was previously a glaringly absent respect for the Third Wave these days. While I still believe that all the sexism and misogyny that has been growing into a festering scab in the USA is nothing 50,000 women with figurative torches and pitchforks marching in DC wouldn’t fix, the Third Wave is certainly making great use of Social Media. I tip my hat.

Wall Street is full of sexist companies who have rapidly slithered their way toward advertising programs created by little sexist, women-demeaning pissants. Perhaps it is time for them to just as rapidly drop this crap or be Limbaughed — meaning we can hit these demeaning, degrading, sexist pigs in their wallets and their hearts and minds will follow–because we women aren’t laughing, pigs. We are not going to continue to accept the Unacceptable. Live with it and cut the crap — or feel the pain. Your choice.

Reebok, apparently desirous of selling shoes to only half the population and John Edwards, launched an ad campaign with the slogan::

“Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.”

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. Because let’s face it, perfect abs are way more important than some girl.

Reebok was tooting along fat and happy over this disrespectful bullshit until …

……..Until the social media kicked in and started to complain.  Next thing you know, Radar Online plucked  this complaint  to Reebok from (website that identifies and posts warnings about cheating men, by name):

 “This form of advertising shows a dishonest and disrespectful attitude towards women and your company should be ashamed to have even placed this ad in various places thinking it would be perceived in any other way.”

Once that happened, the genie was out of the social media bottle.

Thank You to Radaronline. It’s amazing how social media can make a company pay attention to something it was ignoring till they got exposed all over the internet for participating in the Unacceptable.

Reebok has printed their obligatory bullshit admission that the ads were “offensive,” along with the obligatory bullshit apology. I am not going to even waste my time writing it down, except to say to Reebok: Cut the crap unless you want to be apologizing again really soon.

To me, the translation of Reebok’s apology is, of course: If  women didn’t  plaster these complaints all over the social media network, we would have just kept running our ads.

The rest of you advertising geniuses had best be paying attention as well. The blatant disrespect, objectifying and  demeaning sexualization of women and girls has gone over the top for far too long.  America’s women may have let it slide, but I suspect that is coming to an end fairly soon now that they are beginning to realize how all sexist and degrading things work together to reduce them…..and as they increasingly understand their newfound twitter power thanks to helpful catalysts like Komen Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher and various women-hobbling state legislative bodies.

As for you Reebok: Your shoes suck anyways, so I still won’t be buying them.

Here’s hoping that filthy pig Dov Charney, American Apparel’s Degenerate-In-Chief, gets his  next. Any scumbag who would invite teenaged girls to upload photos of their butts in panties really deserves to have his name in Twitter lights.


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  1. A farmer wanted to buy a mule from his neighbor. He asked the neighbor if the mule had any problems.

    “Not a problem,” the neighbor said. “This mule will do anything you ask. All you have to do is ask him nicely.”

    The price for the mule was fair, so the farmer bought the mule. The very next day the farmer wanted to plow his field. He hitched the mule to the plow. The mule had no intention of pulling that plow!

    The farmer said, “Git up!” But the mule paid no attention. The farmer tried talking nicely until his face almost turned blue. It did no good. So, he called his neighbor over.

    The neighbor came right away. When he heard the problem, he walked over and picked up a two-by-four then hit the mule right in the head. Then he whispered in the mule’s ear. That mule started plowing back and forth across the field, turning the soil over without anyone standing behind the plow.

    “I thought you said that all that I had to do was to talk nicely to him.”” said the farmer.

    “That’s right,” answered the neighbor. “But you have to get his attention first.”

  2. Thanks Uppity. Your incredible fire regarding a situation I’d not known. So many causes which common sense/respect could prevent….

    Last night, NBC. Brain [sic] Williams reported Komen’s profit, participation down 30 – 37% in some markets.

  3. Here’s hoping that filthy pig Dov Charney, American Apparel’s Degenerate-In-Chief gets his next. Any scumbag who would invite teenaged girls to upload photos of their butts in panties really deserves to have his name in Twitter lights.


  4. Thank heavens you used that quote. I see a missing comma!

  5. I would so love to see 50,000 women march in DC, but do the pitchforks have to be metaphorical? lol

    Social media has it’s obvious advantages in creating change, and hopefully, will be increasingly used to call attention to the sexist pigs of the world and gender bias in this country. But, nothing says “We ain’t gonna take it anymore” like a sea of determined people protesting in the nation’s capitol. I’m gonna go now, and try to find my pitchfork.


    I’m surprised “Barack” didn’t make the list. I wonder how many kids will go thru life hating the fact that their parents were Obots?

  7. 7 of those most hated names are common in my kid’s 5th grade class. So, definitely trendy 10 years ago, now passe.

    (Not including “Michael”, which is always common and a classic. It’s one of the few names that hold up well throughout history.)

  8. lol on the pitchforks, spirit.

    This is the Sit At A Computer generation. Marching is just to messy and too much work. You might drop your cell phone or break a nail. Also, they tend to waste their political capital by ‘protesting’ using sexy flash mob dancing like they did on “Equal Pay”. All the guys got to look at their moves, and a good time was had by all… and, as for Equal Pay, we all know how well that worked out.
    Oh Yeah. This works.

  9. What a scheeve. Go over and read myiq’s piece gang. No wonder he played the part so well. He was just being himself.

  10. The leaders of tomorrow:

  11. Check this video out, includes tweety and olberass attacking Hillary

  12. Much like the Breitbart crowd, the Kos crowd couldn’t care less about Hillary or any other woman. What they care about is, it’s okay if their guy is a fucking pig, and the other sides’ pig only exists as an excuse for their guy, as in “MY PIG IS BETTER THAN YOUR PIG”. I grow weary. If I thought for ten seconds these Breitbart pigs actuallly gave a small shit about filthy remarks and sexism, much LESS Hillary, i would actually give them a miniscule of respect. I grow weary of this same old shit that clearly shows no sincerity whatsover.

  13. Lay ezz fair. ROFL.

  14. Really odd here. That Zimmerman cat, he’s hispanic. Whenever someone makes a law that affects illegal aliens, everybody yells Racsim. The UN yelled racism. The mexican president yelled racism. This makes it really clear they regard themselves as a race now, doesn’t it? So how come everyone is pimping him as white? Really odd, if not really telling.

  15. I haven’t said anything about the Trayvon Martin case because it’s one of those tragedies that doesn’t prove anything.

    Nobody will ever be satisfied with the outcome.

  16. If anybody is interested in the arguments that will be used at the SUPREMES by health care opponents..CSPAN

  17. I think we will be hearing way more about that case, myiq, since the FBI is on it now and they will pick all the bones out of the fish. That’s why things are taking so long.

  18. Oh man.. WordPress get off it! I just tried to access my stats and once again it took me to, told me to login AGAIN, and refused to let me login because I refuse to open up all my cookies to them. Enough!

  19. This is just not fun anymore. Too Effing much work, wordpress. I am so outta here as soon as I find a way

  20. Cookies they are trying to FORCE on me just to see my stats

    Google Analytics (NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!)
    KissMetrics……….Kiss MY metrics
    Quantcast…….you have GOT to be kidding
    Scorecard Research Beacon (Also know as an Effing Web bug!)

  21. Does it suprise you that Reebook would push such a campaign? Last year they had the adds for the toning shoes with camera that focused solely on women’s bums.

  22. the only cookies I like have chocolate chips. 😆

  23. Ah, I see Komen officials are resigning left and right. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! KOMENIZED! (copyright Uppity Woman)

    DALLAS (AP) — At least five high-ranking executives with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity have resigned in the aftermath of the organization’s decision to eliminate its funding for Planned Parenthood.

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Bastages. Either you are with us or agin’ us!

  24. We don’t need no stinking bastages.

  25. UW. Thought you might want to see this article about women in Afghanistan. Women being treated like crap is not a left or right issue.

  26. Hillbilly, the WH doesn’t have yards. They have “lawns”. You know, south lawn, etc?

    The litte billys and billyettes are just what I would expect them to turn out like.But the singin’ made my ears bleed.

    Hillbilly, Rick can’t win. Women despise his ass. I’m not just talking all the disinfranchised democratic women, I am talking all the moderate republicans and independents, of which there are many whose votes you are going to need after this right wing crackpot primary is over. Independents, male AND female do NOT. Like Rick. And Newt is horribly damaged goods not even worth discussing, I won’t even get into his delusional thoughts about his own importance, That leaves Mitt, as I do not even consider Ron Paul as anything other than the Party Pet, who, incidentally, is getting On in age. The reason Mitt might just get some women is his actual record belies the bullshit he has been forced to hand the psycho wing of your party. THey know it too, which is why they don’t like him. And that’s my assessment. It is, however, unfortunate, that Mitt’s personality bypass surgery was such a success. This is not good news, Hillbilly. Your bickering party is going to give us four more years of Barack.

  27. Hillbilly, the women and girls in Afghanistan are dog shit. They have always been dog shit. I don’t mean to open an old sore but W using them as the reason to go there was just disgusting. We have done NOTHING to improve their lot, yet we saw propaganda of them voting with their voting photos all looking the same in burqas. In fact, the voted if their husbands gave them permission. In Afghanistan they continue to burn down schools with the girls IN them and they stand there and watch them burn and scream. These are disgusting savages and Our presence there never did a thing for women in spite of the propaganda. Truth is, women did better in the middle east wherever we’ve been….but BEFORE we got there. Case in point: Iraq. I have a number of posts here about the plight of women in the ME, including a video of the Taliban, which we put in place, shooting two of them in the head on their way home….with an audience. of men and boys, of course. Standing around like they are watching a tennis match. Wait, I’ll find that for you… and by the way, we have been giving the Taliban viagra for intelligence for years.

  28. Thanks for this great post. We have to cling to whatever good news there is. The story about the teen in FL is really depressing.

  29. That Zimmerman cat, he’s hispanic. Whenever someone makes a law that affects illegal aliens, everybody yells Racsim. The UN yelled racism. The mexican president yelled racism. This makes it really clear they regard themselves as a race now, doesn’t it? So how come everyone is pimping him as white?

    Yes, it’s not racism, it would be – ethnicism, I guess lol

    Hispanics are either white or black, and in the US they’re mostly white. So this guy may be a caucasian hispanic. But they’re probably pushing the white part, because the masses have already decided he shot the kid because the kid was black. But yeah, at least around here, hispanics do seem to think they’re a race, they don’t seem to understand that “brown” isn’t a race. They’re pretty shocked to find out they’re caucasian – Horrors! lol

  30. I posted a tweet yesterday that I sent to that Belvedere’s CEO yesterday. They have given plenty of fake non-apologies since yesterday.

  31. New post up.

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