Open thread and …about those poisonous foods you love…

10 common foods that are actually poisonous.

And remember, make sure your pets don’t get into these foods.

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  1. Is this some kind of trick?

    You think I don’t know that you made tomato sauce with mushrooms? I bet Mom made rhubarb pie, NES made apple pie, FF made cherry pie, Lorac made baked potatoes…. yeah, good try, UW, I’m onto you.

    Pass the um, poison… whatever.

  2. oops, damn little keyboards. spammy – wait a minute… is there fried Spam in here?

  3. two spammy messages.

    Have some TUNA, Bill, I don’t eat seafood… you can have it all.

  4. why does wp hate its bloggers now?

  5. here, karen. have some kidney beans.

  6. I notice that steak and pork chops weren’t on the list.

  7. PIE? Did someone say PIE was p..p…p..poisonous??

  8. I notice that steak and pork chops weren’t on the list.

    Yeah. Funny about that, huh?
    Lamb is missing too.

  9. What about Seabass?

  10. imust, yes. All pie is poison. I’ll take it all away for disposal.

  11. That Karen. She’s so self-sacrificing!

  12. Wow that second etch a sketch link, he’s interesting. And very good!

  13. “10 common foods that are actually poisonous.”
    Puffer fish (Fugu) is common and we like to eat it??? The toxin (tetrodotoxin) is ten times more lethal than cyanide, so at least they got the poisonous part right.

  14. karen, LOL!

  15. Uppityites, what do you think about various people in the media saying we should all give up our hoodies so we don’t confuse the nutters that we’re gangsters intending to kill them?

  16. I think they are trying to hood wink us. 🙄

  17. socal, about those hoodies. Hate to say it, but it’s true. Doesn’t matter what color the skin is either. Case in point. A few weeks ago i told a story about a young guy who was walking a small snack of a dog off leash. he had this habit of just letting the dog run up ahead…and sometimes into people’s yards or property. His doggie had come onto my land and one day I tried to warn him that I had a dog and if my dog were outside, I don’t think she would hurt his dog, but I can’t say the same about all the dogs in the area. I strongly urged him to get a leash. He continued to ‘walk’ the little snack off leash. One day a few weeks ago the little dog ran onto my land and smack dab into my dog. My dog did not hurt the little guy but the owner made the huge mistake of coming after him, right smack towards my dog. It was raining and he was wearing a hoodie and I can tell you, this man was very lucky my dog is well trained and I saw the dog amble up to her and was there to down my dog, because, although she had no problem with the little dog, she was ready to rip the guy in the hoodie to pieces. It scared the crap out of him and it also cured him of walking his dog without a leash. In fact, I haven’t even seen him walking the dog near here. I told him to never EVER run onto someone’s land, much less wearing a hoodie when there may just be a dog around. Dogs get very reactive when they see someone whose face they cannot see, and hoodies often obscure part of the face. The truth is, I have walked my dog in the rain and in the evening and I can tell you that without fail, she is reactive to everyone who gets too close in a hoodie. For what it’s worth. And in the dark, so am I. Period.

  18. I think there is something up with that case and I think the FBI knows what it is and I think it’s taking a lot of time to sort it out because the FBI picks bones out of fishes.

  19. I wonder if we’ll ever find out. I have a couple of jackets with hoods and one lightweight sweatshirt hoodie and I wear the hood if its windy or rainy. A lot of people here do, when they’re out running or walking. I live in a low crime area though.

    I was reading a few articles about this incident, and there’s a lot out today about a male witness who said the kid was on top of the man, the man shouted help, and he (the witness) shouted to the man to “stop” and that he was calling 911. Why would you tell someone on the bottom to “stop”? Also, two women said just the opposite, that the man was on top of, and straddling the kid. I also read that the man who shot the kid was always calling 911 (dozens of times they said) to report something suspicious. I also read that other people said the man had provoked other violent confrontations. He sounds like he was looking for trouble. They say he’s in hiding and the panthers are out looking for him.

  20. I remember that story about needlenose. We wore hoodie sweatshirts and hoodie jackets all the time when I was a little kid and there was no connotation then about it being connected to criminals. Weird how that has changed.

  21. Well I guess you don’t usually see a four year old in a hoodie by him or herself, in the rain or in the dark. But it’s so very true that so many videos of criminals have them in hoodies during the deed. And then there is this particular “pride” in belong to a gang, of which there are now MANY. They like to wear hoodies because they are more intimidating. The truth is, if a hoodie has a rap it’s because this generation gave it that rap.

  22. But I tell you that if you knock on my door at night wearing a hoodie, expect my dog to snarl at you, because she cannot see who or what you are clearly.

  23. There are other types of clothes, certain colors, that aren’t safe to wear in certain areas becuz of gangs. A lot of schools don’t allow kids to wear certain colors becuz they’re associated with local gangs. I was only making my remark becuz I think its sad its come to this, that law abiding people are expected to not wear certain clothes becuz people associate it with a criminal element. I agree with this, totally:

    “The truth is, if a hoodie has a rap it’s because this generation gave it that rap.”

    I’m working on a slideshow of my family when we were young & there are a bunch of cute winter pix of us with hoods up and tied under our chins. Our parents did that to keep us warm and dry, now theres the whole gang element. It sucks.

  24. btw if I am entering a store or other bldg, or knocking on your door Upps, I always take the hood down. I don’t think I’ve ever worn one inside or in nice weather. But needlenose is a smart girl!

  25. I lived in Wash State for 5 years, and then I got winter gear (scarfs & gloves and heavy coats) and winter hats. Here in socal, we never wore winter hats, hence the jackets with hoods.

  26. Yup, what Sandusky was doing is called “grooming” his victim. I never heard of it until I read this book called “Protecting The Gift” by Gavin de Becker which talks about how to spot predator behavior. Great book. He also has another great book called The Gift of Fear, which is more focused on how women can protect themselves.

  27. I was a volunteer for awhile at the perverted justice site. That’s the one that works with the dateline stings. Anyways, you would be horrified at how endangered your children are online. Grooming R Us are these perverts, believe me. It’s what they all do. They groom them, and believe me they are skilled at it. Bleck. Disgusting people. And no, I never got that far as to be part of one of the stings. I just was so horrified, I couldn’t take it and I left. It was a rape crises volunteer for a few years and I though that was bad. This was the feeling you were in a room and the walls and floors were covered with cockroaches.

  28. UW – thank you thank you thank you thank you

    I fixed my computer.

    I know it takes time to write the helpful instructions you’re always doing for computer klutzes like me – but please know it’s very appreciated.

  29. Yeah lorac, I just wish people would check the help tab first though, instead of forcing me to find or repeat the answer. Not sure I covered your topic before though, but I really should put it in the PC halp tab and so should you put your question there.

  30. Glad I fixed your problem though!

  31. Cheney had a heart transplant. I know people who have been on transplant lists for many years. Boy that was fast Dick. But then you’re special aren’t you? Besides, I’ll be this is actually his first real heart.

  32. LOL I was just coming b to see if you had posted the news about Darth Cheney. Amazing what government insurance will pay for no? I bet he won’t go bankrupt behind the co-pays either. ANd I bet his insurance pays for the anti-rejection drugs without a peep.

  33. Chat posted the thing about Cheney on TW. Since she’s a retired e.r. nurse supv. I asked her if 71 was beyond the *normal* age range for transplants. Even if it is and his ins. wouldn’t approve it, the b@stard has enough money to pay for it himself.

    I have a very nice Polo hoodie jacket. About the only time I wore it with the hood up was when my ears got cold. Also, this one didn’t really cover your face all that much.

  34. Oh this is lovely.

    The New Black Panther Party has offered a $10,000 reward for the ‘capture’ of George Zimmerman.

    The group’s leader Mikhail Muhammad said the bounty was ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’.

    At a rally for slain teenager Trayvon Martin, the Black Panthers called for 10,000 black men to hunt down Zimmerman, Martin’s shooter who has not been charged over the killing.

    Mr Muhammad said at the gathering in Sanford that his group was planning to apprehend the killer itself.

    ‘If the government won’t do the job, we’ll do it,’ he said.

  35. How cute, really. Dick Cheney gets his first heart.

  36. Zimmerman is not at large. The police and FBI know where he is His life is in danger and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have him secure.

  37. Oh upps…never let the truth stand in the way of a good narrative. You know that. 😉

  38. I just think the world ought to wait till all the information is assessed. I am sure there is more to this story. I think the guy should not have followed him though. That’s the job of police, not goofballs with a whistle and a gun. However, after that point, we have NO idea what happened. But by the time the Feds get done grilling everybody, we will.

  39. I love the south and seriously want to retire there since I hate snow and cold with every achy bone in my body, but the south east has either voted for Sanctimonious or Newty and that means that lunatics abound there.

    Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama and Louisiana for Santy man.

    And Georgia for Newt. What the hell? Is it the heat?

  40. Uppity, your link is about the guy I wrote about upthread. The one who says the guy in the red is on the bottom calling for help, and the witness John tells the guy in red to “Stop! I’m calling 911”. Why would you have to tell the guy on the bottom to stop? This guy is anonymous. Two women went on Anderson Cooper and said they looked out their window and saw the guy in red straddling the teenager.

  41. Two legged crawdad Santorum wins LA. Fredster must be sooooooo proud!

  42. here’s the results so far. Newtie also had South Carolina so I can scratch that state off my retirement list as well.

    and the mid-west went for InSanityorum too. Jeeze. I guess it must be Florida, land of the hanging chads – for retirement.

  43. Socal:

    ‘The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: “Help, help… and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,’ he said.

    I think he was saying I told the guy on top to stop, “him” being the generic. There WAS a scuffle, as the Z man had injuries. I’d be anonymous too, if I were him, considering the torches and pitchforks.

  44. I think the angle of that gunshot will be a key here as well as where the boy was shot.

  45. Two legged crawdad Santorum wins LA. Fredster must be sooooooo proud!

    Won’t even guess as to what lead to it, except there is a pretty large Catholic population there.

    Maybe upps can edit this and put the gif in the comment.

  46. karen said:

    I love the south and seriously want to retire there since I hate snow and cold with every achy bone in my body, but the south east has either voted for Sanctimonious or Newty and that means that lunatics abound there.

    (sigh) About all you can do Karen is try to ignore it and try to vote for the “good guys”. I’m afraid that this will probably Mary Landrieu’s last term in office. She say’s she running for reelection in 2014 but the way the state is going I have to wonder whether she’ll win.

  47. karen said:

    and the mid-west went for InSanityorum too. Jeeze. I guess it must be Florida, land of the hanging chads – for retirement.

    Don’t forget that the panhandle is “scarborough” type country. You’ll have to stick to the Atlantic side of the state.

  48. Thing is, the only person who could explain what happened is someone who was there. Audios are not visuals. We don’t actually know who is screaming. Phone calls between the victim and another caller are not visuals, so the caller cannot credibly deduce what was happening. Witnesses are conflicting, which is a great way to get a guilty person off. We just. Do. not. have. all the information. Only the authorities have the information in total. Even then, there are holes. The only place all the information can be put together and holes identified is at the grand jury phase. They haven’t arrested him still, not because they are assholes, because it’s not just the local cops involved here any longer. They haven’t arrested him because they really cannot say with confidence what really happened. It will come though. The FBI is very good at this stuff.

  49. Article about all the 911 calls the shooter made this year. The guy is nuts, and obviously had no life:

    I’m surprised now that the cops didn’t arrest him just to get him off their backs.

  50. I heard the DOJ is getting involved.

  51. socal: Gawd! He sounds obsessed.

  52. Yes, I read a comment somewhere that said he seemed obsessed with being some kind of batman-vigilante. He lived in VA before FL and one of his former neighbors said he wrote a letter of recommendation for him to get into a police academy. Said he always wanted to be a cop. Jesus, what a psycho.

  53. I heard the DOJ is getting involved.

    May use civil rights violation to try him at the Fed level.

  54. Anyone seen NES? Is she in LA, freaking?

  55. Haven’t seen her. I hope she’s having a good time somewhere and not sick.

  56. Yeah, I bet I know where NES is. I bet she went to sit on that bench outside of Best Buy in Florida, and FF went to pick HER up!!!! lol

  57. I also think we need to learn more info. The thing is, when I look around the web at different articles, people seem to go immediately from “profiling” to “murder”. We don’t know what happened. Perhaps he was suspicious of the because of his color. But he was probably also suspicious because of his behavior, including the running away – many people think that if someone runs away, they’re guilty of something (sometimes it’s true, sometimes it isn’t). He might have also been suspicious of him because of his youth, and his gender. People tend to be less threatened or worried about older people or females. Of course, no one is up in arms that he might have “profiled” him because of his age or gender – race is the hot button.

    From the kid’s point of view (or anyway, my guessing of it!), he sees a stronger, older (than he) guy following him, he’s in a not totally familiar area (he was visiting his dad – maybe from out of town??), who knows, maybe he “profiled” the guy because he was hispanic and was thinking about the problems between the hispanic and black communities.

    So they both probably felt the other was some kind of threat – one thinking the other was an intruder after a rash of home burglaries in which most of the robbers were black men, and the other thinking the other is hunting him down.

    Anyway, what my point was supposed to be, was that there may have been profiling in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean he killed the kid because he was black. They could have scuffled and the gun went off, the kid could have doubled back on the man to confront him (the kid’s friend on the phone said the kid said “why are you following me” and the man said “what are you doing here?” then she heard the scuffle). I don’t know anymore than anyone what happened, but even if he profiled the kid in thinking he was suspicious looking, it’s not the same as shooting someone because they’re black. We really have to know more.

    What I do know is, the Obama campaign is probably very happy right now. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  58. Anyone seen NES? Is she in LA, freaking?

    I told y’all last night she went to some dive bar and now she’s ended up on pub crawl that hasn’t stopped yet.

  59. Okay I just watched the video – what in the world is a “pip”? They said apple and cherry pips are dangerous.

    And what are “green potatoes”? I’ve never seen green potatoes.

  60. Fredster, your website makes me think I would have called that a cherry “pit”, but I guess others call it a “pip”. Maybe for apples it means the seeds. Yes, yes, the seed! I’ve never heard of Johnny Applepip! lol

  61. UW, now every time I refresh the blog page, it asks if I only want the info that is secure — I’ve seen that before, but never for blog pages. Is that because I told the computer to always ask me about updates, does it include security? Or is it doing that for some other reason, because I have nothing else to do with my life than put out new fires on the computer front? lol

  62. lorac: I think most of us refer to them as pits.

    The only pips I know of here.

  63. lorac@1:48: That sounds like something in your settings like “display only those pages or parts of pages that are secure”. I’ve seen it too but forget how and where it’s set.

  64. Just found this link in the comments at John Smart’s place. Apparently one of the witnesses who called 911 right away said that the man was on the ground being punched by the kid, and the man had blood on his face and back of his head, and he had grass stains on the back of his shirt. The witness said the man was the one yelling for help. He told the police and a reporter this, but this blog writer says the guy’s interview wasn’t published by the media until this blog writer wrote about it almost a month later. Apparently the father listened to the tape they have of one of them screaming for help, and the father said it wasn’t his son’s voice. I also read they’re using old photos of the kid where he looks baby-faced, but he was actually older than those photos and 6’2″ tall. (Doesn’t mean he did something wrong, it means the media is doing something wrong. Will there ever be objective media again?)

    And his follow up article

    Someone else in the comments at John Smart’s place mentions that there were 50 shootings in Chicago (south side) last weekend, and 25 deaths (Obama’s old stomping grounds). Youngest killed was 5, youngest injured was 1. No one is up in arms about that – but it was probably black on black violence. IMO, there shouldn’t be a difference.

    There’s going to be uproar and maybe more violence now as people beat the race drum, and if the man is found innocent, even if the evidence is great, there will be more violence.

    This kid lost his life and the man, whether he is innocent or guilty, is going to have a ruined life. One life gone, one life ruined. And yet, it just seems like even though they’re at the center of this, it’s not about them at all. A terrible tragedy has happened, but there’s going to be more tragedy before it’s all over.

    Oy, I’m just so tired of race baiting, racists, politics, and the media.

  65. Fredster, I just found out it’s not happening at John Smart’s place, and that’s wordpress, too.

    And the thing you posted isn’t showing up for me, and neither are the pics on the sidebar.

    I’ve been messing so much with my computer today, I fixed some things and messed up others, I guess.

    I’ll get it figured out eventually. But I feel like Roseanna Roseannadanna lol

  66. And the thing you posted isn’t showing up for me, and neither are the pics on the sidebar.

    I’ve been messing so much with my computer today, I fixed some things and messed up others, I guess.

    Uh-oh, you may need an uppity intervention. Did you check the halllp tab at the top?

  67. I had problems with WP about a week ago, both here & Smarts, but it seems to be ok now, I don’t have to keep signing in. The only difference is that WP now sends me an email when there is a new post up here, which is fine.

  68. socal said: The only difference is that WP now sends me an email when there is a new post up here, which is fine.

    That’s because you are “following” the blog. Look at upper left corner and see if the word “Follow” or “Following” is up there.

  69. socal: read your linked article. Did you see this?

    Kyle is a Conservative activist in South Carolina. He co-organized the 2006 Greenville, SC rally against the Lindsey Graham/Ted Kennedy sponsored amnesty bill. More than 1,000 people attended. The event helped launch the SC Tea Party movement. He has organized numerous other conservative protests…

    Think he might have his own agenda going there? And I bet I can guess who put that one up there over at the neighbor’s place. (grin)

  70. fredster which link? I read so many today, they are blur…also cuz I took my zolpidem — thanks taxpayers! 🙂

  71. Ok, I get it now! Heh heh.

  72. It’s what I’ve been trying to say lorac. His photos are of a child. They are not current. The photo of z looks like some horror photo you see on a driver’s license and you see no other photos of him.The Z guy had injuries consistent with losing a fight, but you don’t read anything about that except in the conservative press. You read Trayvon’s side in the libeal preess…and there is just plain a lot of information either not released yet or not being printed, certainly the whole picture can be found nowhere side by side in one place. I do believe this is why everything is taking so long. It looks deliberate but we don’t really know because neither side of this coin is discussing both sides of the information. You can’t find any objective coverage, just wierd titles and human interest language, both ways! Journalism is so dead. I’m also sure the police are holding onto some information for whatever their purpose is. The guy is still not arrested and that’s interesting too, I just don’t know WHY and nobody else does either. HMAs are generally very rigid covens on power trips. That guy wouldn’t be community watch captain without their Okay. He would never get away with it otherwise. I just don’t know the pieces that are missing, but there seem to be many. That’s why it’s best to wait for grand jury results because the attorney for each side will make sure their information is put forth. All witnesses will be aired. All police information will be presented. At grand jury, nobody is going to be witholding any information. Transcripts will show up. This is all just really sad that we can’t get a fully objective story anywhere. It’s what left and right has done to America. I think it’s just best to wait for the end result and then we will know.

  73. Okay listen up! I am NOT going to answer any more computer questions unless they are asked in the PC HALLP section. Not doing this is just unfair to me as I have to REPEAT the same answers OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is not fair to me. So if you have a computer problem, post it in the help tab, but first SEE if you answer is ALREADY there!

  74. And what are “green potatoes”? I’ve never seen green potatoes.

    This is a potato with the green tinge on the skin in various spots. I’ve seen plenty. People who store in fridge end up with green potatoes often because of the light. They are supposed to be stored in a cool DARK place. I’ve known about green for a long time. If you see green on the skin, you should not eat the potato. This doesn’t usually happen with baking potatoes but it does happen with the other types.

  75. The Z claims all these injuries, yet didn’t get treated for them, and there are no pix to be found. His lawyer says he got them, then his lawyer admits he hasn’t even seen the guy. Putting out a pic of someone younger is no big deal either. Especially a kid. You choose the best pic, or the pic you love the love the most. I did that with my stepson, used a pic that was 3 years younger. The current pic of the kid in the hoodie is not that different, and he doesn’t look like he has a diaboloical expression on it either. People are posting it and saying, see, hes wearing a hoodie, must be dangerous. I don’t get the conspiracy. Listen to the tapes. The horrible Z admits to 911 he is chasing him, a short minute or two later the kid is dead. Listen to the tape with the screams. It sounds like a young person screaming, then you hear the shot. The kid was running through the grassy area with Z in pursuit. If Z has grass stains on his shirt, theres no reason he couldn’t have gotten them by tackling the kid and then they scuffled on the ground, with the kid screaming over and over for help. Yes, there is an anonymous witness who claim one thing, and his story is very strange, and then there are two women who went on Anderson Cooper and said very bravely and clearly what they saw, the killer on top of the kid and straddling him. The Z guy gave a garbled bullshit story as well, but the cops just let him walk, didn’t take anything that could be used against him, ignored some of the neighbors who kept trying to tell what they saw. And the media at first just let it slide, denigrated the young man, until the parents started putting the story together, and the Miami Herald actually had the balls to print what had really happened. Then a flood of outrage, but no freaking wonder. By the way, the youtube news site The Young Turks has a thing up where they play the 911 call and they play what Z said under his breath over and over & it absolutely sounds like hes saying fing c**ns. This guy sounds like a complete lunatic when you read all his police reports with his various rentacop fuckery, spying on everyone and reporting every little thing they do. My family would undoubtedly have clashed with an idiot like this, and we are a very nice, kind and obliging family.

  76. Regarding media claiming the father said it was the kids voice, you can’t actually find the father himself saying that anywhere. Some FL tv station reported that a detective told them that and it went viral, and then there’s this, which purports to have the story, but you can’t hear anyone say it:

    Here is Anderson Cooper with the mother saying it was her sons voice. Also, the two women with their story is on here as well:

    Since the feds are now taking over the case, they should be able to easily determine who is screaming for help with their audio technology.

  77. meant to say, not the kids voice.

  78. socal – about the photo – the one they’re showing is from when he was 12. Boys change a lot between 12 and 17. I did see one of when he was older – I understand why they didn’t show it, as he had gold teeth on all but his two front upper teeth, and he was giving the finger. But there must have been more presentable older photos…

    The thing about the two women’s statements (they were together in an apartment) – they didn’t see anything until after the gunshot. The eyewitness saw what happened before the gunshot.

    For Zimmerman’s injuries, the police recorded them at the scene.

    If I were Zimmerman’s lawyer, I’d say I didn’t know where he was either. There’s a $10,000 price on Zimmerman’s head now, dead or alive. If I were his lawyer, I wouldn’t want them capturing me to torture me for his whereabouts.

    I just hope no one else gets killed or neighborhoods get set up in flames before due process has a chance to do its work.

  79. So sad about your son, socal….

  80. I don’t blame Zimmerman for hiding, that wasn’t my point, my point is his lawyer admits he’s never actually seen him or met with him face to face.

    Hey lorac, will you do me a favor and erase my post about our case? We and our friends have been targeted by cops for extra harrassment since we told the truth, and I’ve grown weary of it. I just wanted you to see why my opinions are what they are. Thanks! xo

  81. My Third Eye on this case is fluttering. Sorry, can’t help it.

  82. Socal, I disagree about the pictues. Putting out pics of a ten year old when we are talking about a 6 foot two 17 year old is simply odd. That’s all I’m saying. A ten year old kid is not very imposing, certainly not as imposing as a 17 year old. Continuing to do this implies that this was a little boy involved here. Sounds like he’s saying something is not saying something. Reminds me of the Whitey tape bullshit. The people in that closed community did not consider what he was doing fuckery either. There were 402 calls to the police in the span of a year, the VAST majority of them were not from Z. There were 8 burglaries and 9 thefts and one shooting there. He took up the Watch because the community had to agree that they needed one. A member of the board stated that he actually helped stop at least one theft and there was an arrest. The only 50 number I have seen is there were 50 suspicious person calls of those 402 during that time, but I haven’t seen where they all came from him either. I do not think he should have been carrying a gun, however. One minute after that shooting, the cops arrived. A person who carries a gun needs to never ever ever use it unless absolutely necessary. We do not know if it was absolutely necessary and we may never know. The 911 person told him to stop following him and he said he would. We don’t really know that he didn’t. What I am saying here is we do not know the other side of this story At. All. though. The press has only covered the human interest and the outrage. I not only do not think a person should carry a gun if they have no self control, but we do not KNOW what really happened here, do we now? We have opinions and nothing more. We. Do. Not. Know. Hopefully, we will, that is if the guy lives long enough to make it to grand jury, which is another topic all unto itself. Citizens do not take the law into their own hands. This is called anarchy. Anarchy is not a good thing. Not ever. The man is hiding. I would be hiding too, wouldn’t you? He may turn out to be the biggest shitbum on earth, but he is entitled to due process without fear of a contract on his life. We do the same thing for rapists, pedophiles and serial killers don’t we?

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