Denmark has Barack’s phoney number…..and they are broadcasting it

Typical of Barack, he has taken every other country for fools, little inferior Subjects of his, not worthy of any words other than the ones he gave to every other country. He can’t even think of a new speech once in awhile. Apparently he actually imagines nobody would ever notice.

How embarrassing this man is.

Stolen from Crawdad’s comment area.

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  1. I love the ending of the video, where the guy says something like so we don’t even rate being one of his strongest allies like all teh other countries?

  2. This is so embarrassing.

  3. They are laughing at this horse’s ass. We are a laughing stock.

  4. Is this for real? Please please please tell me this is some kind of hoax.
    no? (slinks off head down in shame and horror)

  5. Yes Mom, it is sooooooooo humliliating. I am so schoomed out.


  7. Omg! I couldn’t believe the way it kept going on and on. It was hilarious, but as Upps says, also embarrassing for America. Can’t this WH get a writing staff with a little dignity, class, & common sense???

  8. He copied off Hillary during the campaign. He copied Deval Patrick’s speeches.

    I wonder how many times he plagiarized term papers in college?

  9. Well perhaps Ferdinand and Imeda will join all in with these people and Occupy Bugarach for the duration.


  11. Now Poland may be freaking out about Obama’s open mic talk with Medvedev

  12. What a buffoon! And the whole world knows it.

  13. Yes, he is very embarrassing and yet we are worried that he still may be voted in for a second term. Obama is excused for everything.

  14. Hot damn! Barack wouldn’t know a weight class if it punched him.Must be the groper, Favreau supplying the lines?

  15. Buffoon. ROFL. Perfect.

  16. @myiq2xu

    Unfortunately, that young man was not what the msm is trying to portray.
    It’s unfortunate that he lost his life. It is also unfortunate that many will use his death to further their agendas.

    Didn’t Barack say that could young man could be his son?

  17. […] I shamelessly lifted this from Uppity’s blog.  Worthy of going viral imho.  Can’t this clown hire anyone who doesn’t plagiarize? […]

  18. Well the Danes should know that we are eternally grateful to them for this:

  19. Hahahahhaha…good one Fredster.

  20. Wow this story is taking a turn rapidly. The kid had three suspensions and not for good things. It’s starting to remind me of this.
    Same players stirring things up too.

    Unfortunately, this kid is dead. But it doesn’t look at all like he was the kid in the painted picture. I blame the horn blowers, eg Sharpton, etc. If only they hadn’t painted him as a saint and just said, hey look, he was a regular kid who did stuff, none of it meant he deserved to be shot.

    This is not going to end well.

  21. lol on the ham. That stuff is one step up from Spam isn’t it?

  22. Btw upps, I stole your popcorn cat gif some time ago and used it in my post today. I fessed up about the stealing though.

  23. You can steal anything you want from me Fredster.

  24. Is popcorn cat like popcorn chicken?

  25. This is not going to end well.

    No, it isn’t. A.C. had the Black Panthers or a Nation of Islam guy on his show and the guy kept saying they were there to “help” the family”, they were going to make a citizen’s arrest of Zimmerman and other stuff. A.C. told the *minister* that the family had stated they did not want them there but of course it didn’t phase the minister guy. :roll:

    I’ve looked at the FL law and it seems, from a non-lawyer p.o.v., that the grand jury there could actually not indict this guy. If that happens, all hell breaks loose.

  26. Well, if it smells like Brawley, you can find Rev. Al fairly close by.

    His FB and twitter account have been taken down. His twitter name was “@NO_LIMIT_N*GGA.” His tats and gold teeth pics are especially telling of a kid that was walking in a place where he shouldn’t have been. Possibly doing some small time dealing as well.

    Yes, the horn blowers are doing what they do best, causing alarm and unrest.

  27. Sophie said: Is popcorn cat like popcorn chicken?

    Go over and read the post. ;-)

    Upps said: You can steal anything you want from me Fredster.

    Awww, you so sweet.

  28. Okay, I’m off to order the Papa John’s Monday night pizza special.


  29. I just want to clarify that tats mean nothing in my neighborhood. Gold teeth on the other hand are significant because no one here has money to pay for dental now that you can’t cross over to Mexico to get your work done. I can’t tell you how many dentists have been taken out of their offices and exchanged for ransom or found dead.

    Mr. GoldTeeth went out of business here four years ago. Yes, that was the name of the business.

  30. Upps, I’m totally with you on the Zimmerman-Trayvon matter. Something smells fishy.

    Obama had no business saying what he did. A President speaking from the Rose Gdn. does not have the freedom to speak his mind like a private citizen. He irresponsibly racialized the situation and poured fuel on a raging fire. Why? To play the race card in the service of his reelection.

  31. He also compromised, perhaps fatally, Zimmerman’s right to the presumption of innocence and due process. Now that the Prez has found him guilty of a racial killing, can the guy get a fair trail. It’s bullshit of Obama-magnitude.

  32. Saw that Danish vid over the weekend (on Twitter). It’s hilarious and embarrassing. Poor Baby Bawaaaak. Not too smart, despite all the propaganda to the contrary.

  33. mcnorman, gold teeth are indicative of gang-banger status, as are tatts. Maybe the guy was a wanna be gang-banger…probably that’s all he was.

    I think the FL law s@cks and should be overturned. Why isn’t self-defense sufficient? Well, it is. Sick of legislators passing bad laws for political/electoral purposes and then creating a world of trouble.

  34. Obama will stoop to anything for his election. We have seen it over and over.

  35. Let me also say, Obama’s statements were additionally outrageous in light of Eric Holder’s ongoing investigation of Zimmerman for a possible hate-crimes felony charge. Holder’s boss told us on Friday that this incident should cause everyone to “engage in soul-searching.” What could that mean other than he’s convinced, and just told everyone, that this killing was the result of racism; nothing else could be meant by the “soul-searching” exhortation.

    If Zimmerman is killed or injured by some avenging nutcase, Obama will share the blame for indirectly inciting that act.

  36. Sorry for mouthing off on this topic, incessantly. As you can tell, it bothers me to see justice and due process compromised by these political shenanigans. Zimmerman may be guilty as hell — and, if so, let them throw the book at him — BUT, as an American, he has an inalienable right to due process and the presumption of innocence. Period; end of story.

  37. NES: What are your thoughts here? I say if the state does not indict him that the Feds go in for a civil rights violation of some type.

  38. Who knows what the kid was trying to portray NES? Most 17 year old kids are wanna be bangers however, there was a FB posting that points to him hitting the school bus driver. I can’t find the link anymore. This all smells. Yes, Barack has nothing left to count on except the race card which has given him so much in the past.

  39. That’s right NES, last I read…we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty, not otherwise.

  40. So this is the same President who, after a goatfucker mowed down a bunch of innocent people at Fort Hood said, “Let’s not rush to judgment,” right?

  41. NES I scare me. I knew you would say everything you just said.

    Can this man waive trial by jury, that is, IF the grand jury, after examining all the evidence we are not hearing about, indicts him? Can he then just have a judge controlled trial?

  42. I dunno McNorman, this thing that Obama did to incite may just be his undoing. I think Americans are sick of this shit coming out of his mouth and it is very clear he enjoys inciting violence and playing the race card.

  43. YOu know, the guy who called for his death with a reward should have been immediately arrested too.

  44. Unfortunately, admit it or not, what is being done to Zimmerman is the kind of thing that was OFTEN done to black suspects, even if they weren’t guilty. And Atticus Finch wasn’t always around either.

  45. I think Americans are sick of this shit coming out of his mouth and it is very clear he enjoys inciting violence and playing the race card.

    I sure hope so. When I saw the great tax evader Rev. Al, all I could think of was Tawana Brawley. I remember the march, the whole nine yards just like it was yesterday. And here he’s doing it again.

  46. McN. He and others like him dropped Brawley like yesterday’s newspaper and nary another word was heard. Things are different this time. A President his his fingerprints on this now. It won’t just go away quietly if evidence shows this was not as advertised by Al.

  47. And Atticus Finch wasn’t always around either.

    You rock! Totally rock.

  48. Upps said:

    Can he then just have a judge controlled trial?

    I was doing some checking last night and found this in Mass:

    In Massachusetts if the defense of Self Defense is presented it is the obligation of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did not act in self-defense. Everyone has the right to defend himself. To do so however the following circumstances must be present: 1) that the defendant had a reasonable belief that he was being attacked or about to be attacked; 2) the he limit the force he uses to that which is reasonably necessary under the circumstances and 3) that he do all he reasonably can to avoid combat. In close cases judges in Massachusetts are supposed to give the defendant the benefit of any doubt and give a self-defense instruction.

    I couldn’t find anything specifically about trials just before a judge.

  49. If grand jury doesn’t indict, Zimmerman is going to have to get a whole new identity.

  50. He should get a new identity. He’s already been tried. For that matter, so will Trayvon by the time that all is said and done.

  51. The feds are investigating Zimmerman for a hate crime based on his supposed use of the word “coon” in calling 911. Of course any defense lawyer will say he said “goon.” I think criminalizing free speech — however hateful — is itself disgraceful.

  52. Did President “He Looks Like He Could Be My Son” really get a law degree? Seems to me that even an “Acme Law School” graduate would know enough not to inject his opinion into a case like this.

  53. So this is the same President who, after a goatfucker mowed down a bunch of innocent people at Fort Hood said, “Let’s not rush to judgment,” right?

    Exactly. Well noted.

  54. If grand jury doesn’t indict, Zimmerman is going to have to get a whole new identity.

    Saskatchewan or Alberta might be good choices for him.

  55. Yes, Upps, he can waive a jury. It seems like he may be well-advised to do just that.

  56. Let’s not forget that Spike Lee tweeted Zimmerman’s home address (presumably so some New Blank Panthers could go kill or injure him). Disgraceful.

  57. It is what was done to them, Upps. But, that’s PRECISELY why AAs, of all people, should not engage in the same atrocious behavior.

  58. NES!!! Good to see you. I thought you abandoned us for Twitter!

    LOL, imust. “Acme Law School” hee hee hee

  59. Mercy sophie, you made me sputter. I taught Mockingbird.

  60. Fredster, the judge would follow the same standard of law. A jury is the usual factfinder in a criminal case; the judge gives them the law (in the form of jury instructions). If the defendant waives a jury trial, the judge would become the factfinder, and he’d be equally bound by the applicable law (derived from criminal statutes and case law interpreting them).

  61. True that, Upps. The guy’s life is ruined. He has a wife too, so her life is also ruined. Don’t know if they have kids. Obviously, he did something stupid and should suffer. But, if the killing was excusable (as in, self-defense or justified under the FL law in effect [stand your ground], then he needs to be restored to his full rights of citizenship — that won’t happen now because he’ll always be in danger.

  62. NES@10:22:

    Okay. I was checking the Danziger 7 case from New Orleans, but the Feds got the cops there on obstruction of justice.

  63. NES@10:28: Okay thanks!

  64. It’s just too bad that Republicans are so fucking stupid, or have nobody useful to run for President, because if they did, soon we would all be done with this deliberate maliciousness coming out of the WH. I beleve Barack has ruined it for future presidents of color for many decades to come.

  65. Bozo sez of the Trayvon matter= “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon!” Oh?

    FCS, you Boob….there is no way he’d look as fugly as you.

  66. He knew, imust. He did it deliberately. He wants the independents to make the following calculation: Obama hasn’t been a good president, but good grief we still live in a racist society, so let’s give him a second term (just as we did all the white 2-term presidents). Obama’s statement from the Rose Gdn. was no accident — he stuck around for that question (contrary to his usual practice of running from the podium following a statement). It was rehearsed and vetted — and it was diabolically clever. He said, effectively: (i) you’re all racists even tho’ you elected a black president (the “soul-searching” comment); and (ii) that dead boy could’ve been me as a teenager, so feel sorry for my hypothetical victimhood.

  67. Upps: You could be right about B and future presidents.

  68. reminds me of that poor woman who did the draw Mohammed thing on facebook and had to go into the witness protection program because of the the intent to kill her. Hard to believe we’re even in America any longer.

  69. Obama said: “I want to say this to Trayvon’s parents: If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

    Cue the tears (and the libs shed many on hearing this).

    Translation: It could’ve been me killed as a teenager. Or, Zimmerman (and, by extension, American racism) killed my son.

    Diabolical. The man is no book-genius, but he’s waaaaay canny. I underestimated him.

  70. “Killed my son”… very “God-like” of him. Creepy! I’m a sooo tired of being creeped out by our President!

  71. Aw Gawd:

    The only things I’ve ever thought about with them (hoodie/hood) were monks and Darth Vader. And no I don’t include the Kluxers. That was an altogether different type of hood.

  72. Wow, does that Barry have a BIG scratch on his record. Everyone is his closest/strongest ally. Ick.

    What happened to all those slick speechwriters he hired?

  73. Upps, you taught Mockingbird, eh? Most excellent! One of my very favorites.

    If you had a suggestion box here, I’d suggest that you facilitate a book discussion club once month (or so) right here on Uppity Blog.

  74. Geez NES, your thoughts are scary….but I think even lots of liberals raised an eyebrow about Bozo showboating.

  75. Lessee, there is an awfully long time between now and November to keep this issue warm, huh?

    BTW, where is FF? Wisconsin had a rare earthquake!

  76. Sophie, Mockingbird and Catcher were pretty much high school staples when I taught. Don’t know what they read now, or even if they read…

  77. Catcher In The Rye. That was great.

  78. town crier, Catcher in the Rye was one of my HS favorites too. A few years ago, I re-read it and could not figure out why I liked it so much. I guess the appeal is to youth. Idunno.

  79. “I believe he has ruined it for future presidentsw of color for many decades to come”…………

    Spot on Uppity. I’ve been writing this to others for a long time. Change decades to come to maybe never again, regardless of qualifications. Opponents will only need to utter “remember Obama.”

  80. BTW, where is FF? Wisconsin had a rare earthquake!

    I believe she might be fighting these off down in FL.

  81. That rat outweighs my cat, Fredster! Quick Tigger, hide!

  82. Looks like Trayvon was the aggressor.

    More than one witness.
    Last time dumb butt stepped into it, we had a beer summit.
    Will we see a beer summit this time?

  83. I saw this video the other day, yes it’s embarrassing. I guess his speech writers don’t have time to be original what with all that cardboard humping.

    As for the Trayvon/Zimmerman story. Yes, Obama is a complete ass for injecting himself into this and being the narcissist that he is he had to inject himself and his loins into it. Then he threw the race card and red meat to the race baiters……I.AM.SO.PISSED!

    This incident is fairly close to me. The New black panthers have been in this area and so have protests. Things are heated and ugly. All of this is uncalled for. We are a nation of laws, we have due process, so let’s let the system work.

    The case has been assigned to Angela Corey. She’s a seasoned prosecutor; she’s tough, but fair. She’s handled high profile cases before. I trust her judgement. Sadly no matter the outcome I truly fear a vigilante type scenario. Should Zimmerman not be charged or should he be acquitted if charged; I think he and his family will have to leave the US.

    I hope there isn’t a jury trial. As a citizen of this state I can tell you I would NOT want to serve on that jury. In fact nobody I know does because we fear repercussions. I don’t see how there could be a fair jury trial at this point.

    Also, I don’t see any grounds for a hate crime charge. I think if Holder’s Justice department pushes for a hate crime you can stick a fork in the Obama administration. They will have truly jumped the shark.

  84. Thanks for the update in your neck of the woods Somebody. I have a hard time believing that anyone would want to sit on that jury.

  85. Geez NES, your thoughts are scary….but I think even lots of liberals raised an eyebrow about Bozo showboating.

    But, doesn’t mean my thoughts aren’t on the money though. Name a (faux)regressive who raised an eyebrow about O’s showboating?

  86. Holder’s boss told us on Friday that this incident should cause everyone to “engage in soul-searching.” What could that mean other than he’s convinced, and just told everyone, that this killing was the result of racism; nothing else could be meant by the “soul-searching” exhortation.

    NES! Welcome back!

    So, what did you think a president who has a law degree would DO? Calm the nation and reinforce the importance of due process and our being a country of laws?

    Re: the soul searching. When it came out about his sitting in Reverend Wright’s black power church for 20 years (oh wait, he didn’t inhale), he was SUPPOSED to be doing some kind of mea culpa, but instead he basically gave a long speech encouraging US to do more soul searching.

    All hail the wonderful Obama. It is we who have sinned.

  87. O.M.G.

    Mother Seeks Trayvon Martin Trademarks

    MARCH 26–The mother of Trayvon Martin has filed two applications to secure trademarks containing her late son’s name, records show.

    Sybrina Fulton is seeking marks for the phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon,” according to filings made last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In both instances, Fulton, 46, is seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.

    The March 21 USPTO applications, each of which cost $325, were filed by an Orlando, Florida law firm representing Fulton, whose first name is spelled “Sabrina” in the trademark records.

    Martin, 17, was shot to death last month during a confrontation with George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain. Martin, pictured above, was visiting his father’s home in Sanford, Florida when he was shot to death by Zimmerman, who has claimed that he was acting in self-defense.

    I think maybe this isn’t a great website…? So the whole article is up there, no one has to click on it. I added in Xs anyway.

  88. Well, this is on that website, too…. I put Xs in the url again, but here’s the whole article:

    Shepard Fairey, Creator Of The Obama “Hope” Poster, Looked Rather Dour When Posing For His Federal Mug Shot

    Meet Shepard Fairey.

    The famed street artist who created the Barack Obama “Hope” poster is pictured here in a United States Marshals Service mug shot snapped last month. On February 24, Fairey, 42, pleaded guilty to a federal criminal contempt charge stemming from copyright litigation brought by the Associated Press.

    Fairey copped to destroying electronic records and creating phony documents in an attempt to stymie the lawsuit, which accused him of basing the Obama artwork on an AP photo.

    Scheduled to be sentenced July 6, Fairey faces a maximum of six months in prison on the misdemeanor count. His USMS booking photo was released today in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

  89. Oh, this writer is mistaken, certainly he was writing the acronym for WIN THE FUTURE!

    (Someone already posted this link)

    In October, a school police investigator said he saw Trayvon on the school surveillance camera in an unauthorized area “hiding and being suspicious.” Then he said he saw Trayvon mark up a door with “W.T.F” — an acronym for “what the f—.” The officer said he found Trayvon the next day and went through his book bag in search of the graffiti marker.

    Instead the officer reported he found women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that he described as a “burglary tool,”

  90. Hal said: That rat outweighs my cat, Fredster! Quick Tigger, hide!

    Hal, I think that rat outweighs my Doxie! 8O

  91. Somebody: Have a friend who lives in Broward county. She said she doesn’t see anything good coming out of this either way.

    Also, A.C. had a minister (Nation of Islam) who is also a B.P. He said they were there as an “army” and that he/they aren’t parts of the American country/government or some drivel.

    Let’s see if this works:

  92. At the risk of sounding like a republican (sorry, votermom :) ), I’m feeling anger – I’m sitting here wondering what has happened to America.

    I used to think that rich people were entitled, but I’ve learned that people without a lot of money can be INCREDIBLY entitled. At best they ASK what can they have for free, at worst they DEMAND everything for free (of course, nothing is free, the taxpayers pay for it). We’re supposed to be the country with the Puritan work ethic, with the “can do” attitude, the people who took a huge amount of land, settled and developed it, and made it maybe best country in the world. Americans invented things, discovered things, followed their dreams!

    We’re also a country that is based on laws, and these laws are supposed to give us more freedom – the law against you hitting me keeps me free to not be hit. But it seems like Big Brother is coming to town in many ways. PLUS we’re supposed to be about due process, and we see what’s going on now in the Zimmerman vs. Travon thing.

    Plus, we’re a country that suffered greatly to get to and get through the civil rights movement – a civil war, lots of laws, lots of education. So who was MLK Jr? He’s way forgotten. It’s Malcolm X all the way now, baby. Now anything said about or done to a black person, by anyone who isn’t black, is racist. Heck, even blacks can be racists – IF they’re not for Obama. We saw all this starting in 2007 with Obama. It wasn’t sexist to not want Hillary, but it was a major racist crime to not want Obama. And now a non-black person is in a scuffle with a black person, and it’s AUTOMATICALLY due to racism (against the black, of course).

    This country is going to pot. Sorry but I’m angry. And why do they keep showing that photo of the kid where he’s only 12 years old? That’s another problem today – journalism has no ethics or standards or objectivity anymore. They’re going for the same emotional manipulation as the scandal sheets, but are just written better. But we already knew that.

  93. This country is going to pot.

    Could you pass it this way please? ;-)

  94. Fredster – you guys keep saying “A.C.” – who is that?

  95. lol

    Eh, I think we need something stronger, Fredster lol

  96. From myiq’s (good!) article, I thought this was cute/funny:

    One thing I am very sure of is that homicide investigations in the real world look nothing like the ones you see on television…. who can recover DNA from the killer’s shadow.

  97. lorac: Anderson Cooper. Easier to say A.C.

    Sybrina Fulton is seeking marks for the phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon,” according to filings made last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In both instances, Fulton, 46, is seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.

    Don’t forget licensing fees for t-shirts and, of course, hoodies.

  98. That trademark licensing thing is just unfuckingbelievable. Make money off your kids death? Merchandise your sons death? Really vulgar and crass.

  99. Laker is in a play in an upscale professional theater this week. i have been working my ass off all day doing the cast biographies for the programs. I can hardly see from looking at tiny print & computer screens all day. Gak.

  100. Upps, I don’t know why the link in the previous thread is broken. I merely copypasta’d and put blockquote brackets around it. *shrug* It wouldn’t surprise me if it’d been fudged with in the MSM arena.

    A pal on FB put out the fact that the pic of Trayvon the MSM is whoring about is of the 12 year old, smiling, Hollister-wearing Trayvon, and it’s compared to the recent pic posted on this kid’s recent FB (which is now conveniently gone) was a bit more of what seems to be emerging from this cesspool of b.s.

    I’m reserving judgment on the whole thing, but it’s sure starting to stink in Florida. Funny how sh*tdisturbers like Jackson and Sharpton and all had been sooooo quiet and suddenly they’re coming out of the woodwork like pissed off ants. Hmmmm.

  101. socal – do you know how to make the print bigger on the computer? Or is the tiny printing not on the computer yet?

  102. PS – tell Laker that his Uppity Cheering Section will be there in spirit!

  103. About the trademark article –

    I guess a lot of people know about “never letting a crisis go to waste”.

    I’ve never been in their shoes, but I can’t even imagine thinking about making money at a time like that, especially BASED on the tragedy.

  104. socal: What play is he in?

    lorac: did u check out the vid from cnn with the panthers/N.o.Islam “minister” ?

  105. Oh – I have it open up in a tab – I didn’t look yet – thanks for reminding me!

  106. Yes, but I’m also reading tiny print and handwritten stuff.

    Re: the trayvon case, I am against the criminalizing of speech as you are NES; however, I am still disgusted at the way the cops handled this case. Whatever happened in the last minute of or so of this encounter, there is zimmermans own recorded voice indicating that he provoked and instigated this entire thing. I listened to all the tapes. He was sure the kid was up to something, even on drugs. I am around teenagers all the time. They act goofly and weird, even on the streets. i don’t think thats an acceptable reason to single someone out as a criminal. Jesus, in both our cities, LA & SF, people are acting weird on the street every minute of every day. Zimmerman admitted to chasing the kid, 911 told him not to, who knows what happened after that, I don’t know if its true that the kid attacked him as he was “getting back into his truck” or not, but I know the kid was shot, and Zimmerman was seen straddling him right after the shot, in the grassy area with the little walkways in between two of the condo bldgs, not on the street next to the truck. Neighbors heard them tussling in the grassy area. He says he got out of his truck to read a street sign. (Are you fucking kidding me? I have never gotten out of my car to read a street sign in my life, that is so ridiculous I can’t even wrap my head around the shit this guy has said.) I have read just as much sketchy stuff about Zimmerman as the kid. That he had some kind of court order against him, that he was asked to leave various places. Yes, his friends and family are speaking out for him now, but the kids teachers and coaches have spoken out for the kid. All I know is, I, myself, personally, find the cops behavior unacceptable. An armed adult stalked, provoked, and shot an unarmed teenager. I think he should have been arrested for manslaughter at the least. There should have been an initial investigation, not just talking to the guy at the scene after it happened. They could have taken his clothes and done forensics to see how far away he was when he shot him. Z could have applied for bail and gotten a lawyer, and gone through the judicial system. They did nothing. Yes, I know they are investigating now, but only becuz of the nationwide uproar.

    And as far as the possibliity that the kid attacked Zimmerman, a lot of people are wondering if the Stand Your Ground BS law wouldn’t also apply to the kid, who had an adult weirdo following him, even to getting out of his truck and running after him. Seriously, maybe the kid thought he himself was in danger. Its a damn shame he didn’t hang up from his friend and call 911 and run like hell, but teenagers have terrible judgement. An armed adult that fancies himself a patrolman should have better.

    Lastly, a lot of the people here and next door, esp the fellas you were agreeing with (not you fredster) have never mentioned being parents, so I don’t know if any of you are, and I’m not trying to be preachy here at all, but I have a tall skinny 17 yo who likes to walk to 7-11. He has a funny walk, due to his disablility, and he sometimes acts weird. If someone did this to him, my life would be over. Not worth living, except to see vengeance done for my child. Just sayin. I don’t think anything gave Zimmerman the right to judge this kid as a criminal and go stalking him. Calling 911, fine, whatever. But he should have left it at that. I don’t care what crime he thought was going on in his area, he used horrible, fatal judgement, and shot a teenager, walking home from the store. I think there should be due process, but it didn’t look like there was going to be any until this story made headlines. If there is some new development that comes arises that absolves Zimmerman and proves his life was in dire jeopardy, I will happily eat crow, have done it before. But even then, I will find it hard to shake the thought that Zimmerman is one who provoked or instigated this entire miserable affair.

  107. He’s in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

  108. Lorac, laker says Thanks!

  109. socal: Okay, great on the play. Tell him to break a leg (explain the theatrical tradition if he hasn’t heard that)

  110. Haha! He’s heard it lot. He’s been doing Shakespeare in community theater (and this week a professional theater) since he was 7.

  111. socal: Oh okay!! Quite the thespian you have there!

  112. He’s pretty bored with it now. His main passion now is his guitar, and he plays with a local young band, and they’ve given a few performances over the last 4 months.

  113. Socal: Well it sounds like he’s getting some good experiences to *round him out *. Like I emailed to you, has he started asking you to call him “rock god” like in the iphone commercial? :lol:

  114. Just read this. If this does happen, all hell will break loose and that’s when Zimmerman might want to start thinking about Canada.

  115. Well, I’ve been trying to round him out. That’s why I started him in Shakespeare. He hasn’t asked to call him rock god yet, but he can be cocky after one of their shows. We plan to get him a new guitar for graduation.

    Interesting link, but I don’t know if Canada would take him. My niece just married a Canadian and she had to go through a lot of legal stuff to get both her little kids permission to be residents. They actually approved her two kids…one at a time!

  116. They actually approved her two kids…one at a time!

    OMG! Well it might be the backwoods of Alaska then.

    (sigh…or yawn?) it’s after 4 here so I’m calling it a night or morning.

    Take care y’all.

  117. Lucky dog. I have to get a good run on my printing before I hit the sack. Sweet dreams!

  118. At the risk of sounding like a republican (sorry, votermom ), I’m feeling anger – I’m sitting here wondering what has happened to America.

    lorac, I’m an Independent Populist, the first of my kind. ;)
    I did just send in a form recently to register GOP so I can vote in their primary — I am not sure if I will get that back in time. We’ll see.

  119. Looks like AOL figured out they had better print the other side of that story with all the leaks showing up. Also they have a more current pic of him with the gold teeth thing.

  120. You know what. This is Al Sharpton’s fault. For shame on him for painting lies about the kid like he was an altar boy. None of this would even be relevant if it weren’t for his showboat. He used this family. How sad.

  121. No one will forget the Duke incident either. All those minor details that filtered out at the end. Were not the same race baiters screaming on that as well?

  122. oh yes ..And the whole world knows it. :evil:

  123. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly.

  124. Foxy said:

    oh yes ..And the whole world knows it.

    The whole world knows that lorac is J?

  125. Gee-zeus H. Kee-Rhyst. This idiotic freaking POS is beyond disgrace. In every way.

  126. Dear Dametruth,
    ROFL! It’s so bad it’s funny. What. A. Tool.

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