Dirty Words on Clean Skin: The Real War on Women

In 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged an epic battle for the presidential nomination that captured the imagination and hopes of millions, but the joy of watching a qualified woman vie for the presidency was marred by newsmen and pundits calling Hillary Clinton a hellish housewife, Nurse Ratched, she-devil and bitch.  What I witnessed made the bile rise in my throat from such a deep place, I had to get off the sidelines and take action.  I transformed from actor and fearful news junkie to determined campaign grunt and citizen journalist.

DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN is my shocking exposé about the real war on women…who’s buying, who’s selling, and why they get away with it.

That war is waged daily by mainstream media, party backstabbers, opposing politicians, advertisers and lowbrow comedians on high powered television shows – all of whom miss no opportunity to degrade and marginalize; reducing women to body parts, wardrobe choices and vocal tics.

The quality and preparedness of Hillary Clinton was continually obscured by the bread and circuses of distraction and character assassination.  To a greater or lesser degree, these are tactics with which all females running for office have become acquainted.  We say the sky’s the limit for women in this country, but the reality was quite different when we were presented with a test case.

For sixteen years, polls have named Hillary Clinton America’s most admired woman, yet when it counted, she was depicted as a vile harpy standing in the way of history. From The New York Times to the `, she is being encouraged to once again stand for the Presidency, yet any prescription offered to a woman attempting to break the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” will be worthless without an honest discussion of those responsible and their methods.

That discussion has yet to take place…

In her recent WaPo article, Twenty Years On, ‘Year of the Woman’ Fades, Karen Tumulty offers many reasons why women have not attained anything approaching parity in political representation, after female membership in the House and Senate doubled in 1992:

“…They made their presence felt beyond Capitol Hill, with the passage of legislation that made the workplace more family-friendly, that directed more medical research to women’s health issues and that made the criminal justice system more responsive to domestic violence.”

Women now represent 16.8% of Congress.  We have now hit a plateau, Tumulty says.  Another way of putting it is stagnation.  The treatment received by Hillary Clinton, who won more votes than any candidate in Primary history, and Sarah Palin, only the second woman to get on a presidential ticket, served as horrifying cautionary tales rather than encouragement.  Why would more qualified women run for higher office when a misogynist gauntlet awaits them?

2008 is the year misogyny was made cool.  Four years later, the verbal and visual assaults against women continue unchecked.   The culprits may surprise you. The facts will shock you.

DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN transcends party politics and goes far beyond the treatment of one woman to examine the cost of denying equal respect to all women.

DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN is available for purchase today on Amazon and soon on Kindle as well.  The official book launch will be April 24th.  I am so pleased to make it available early for my readers.    You have encouraged me, taught me to stand up, to make an argument, and most of all, to understand that my principles are more important than being liked.

I am grateful to you all.  Thank you so much for your support of my work!



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  1. WOOT!!!! We got the exclusive launch post!!!!!

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  3. Wonderful. I will be buying it and recommending it where I can.

  4. Ani has been kind enough to post this here first. Now we have to help her right back. We will need to have you guys post this to other blogs and help market. Will have a paragraph to write with the link shortly, so people can copy and paste if they need to. Else you can say what your please, but post it to the blogs and forums you feel are simpatico.

  5. Fredster, I tweeted madamab. If you can help out too, that’s great?

    TWEETERS. Please retweet my tweets on this post.

  6. Anita, I’ve emailed pumapac and widdershins, tweeted John Smart. Told them you would be happy to cross post or they can handle it any way they want if it works for them. Also contacted Riverdaughter and Still4Hill. and Boston Boomer and Femisex. Will update this comment as I add more contacts.

  7. Going to put this up on Facebook now- will also retweet your tweets!

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  9. How disgusting. Just to make a comment, I have to login, relogin, give name, email, website and other shit the blogger already knows, because Worpress is out of touch with what their decisions are really costing bloggers. I am walking away from blogs because I am too sick and tired of doing it. Traffic is going down, comment numbers are going down. Thanks wordpress!

  10. I retweeted for me & laker, but we are new to twitter, and don’t really know much about it. Can you believe I’m still up. Going to bed soon & sleep til noon.

  11. Uppity re WordPress. Curious as to whether new blood up high has been introduced.

    I’ll sneak a fb for ani tomorrow. Have to lie low that long after inserting a Mayvon – er make that Trayvon – in there yesterday. lol

  12. pamela I am just wondering if WP sold to a Corporation. Matt is the nicest guy on earth. He made wordpress and he even answered my inquiries in the past personally. Something is going on. This is starting to act like google.

  13. http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2008/04/01/wordpress-sold-to-murdoch/
    Somebody please ferret out if this is true. I am not convinced as this post goes to 2008.

  14. Do you ever see ads at the end of posts? I don’t. Try it without logging in like that blogger says.

  15. I had a link to yesterday’s SCOTUS transcript on health care and lost the damned thing.

  16. I have seen the occasional ad Uppity- not very often- but once in a while- usually between the post and the comments- I once made the mistake of clicking on one thinking it was part of the post- it was a video.
    You have mail

  17. Well I have to give this one to daily caller. TrayVon’s tweets. Jesus H Christ.
    Warning, lots of fucking bitches and pussy talking.

    Looks like the place has been cleaned up though. Apparently they got someone who could recover and capture. They claim the account was down for a week and then put back up.
    More current photo of him.

  18. With Democratic “friends” like this, who needs enemies?

    Pennsylvania State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Philadelphia, picked up the political hand grenade that is the state’s ultrasound bill today when she wondered aloud at a Capitol rally if Republican women who had co-sponsored the bill are “men with breasts.”


  19. […] from Uppity Woman  per her request.  March 27, 2012 by Anita Finlay […]

  20. Ani, see link from departmentofhomegirlsecurity. It’s a cross post by still4hill.

  21. Yes, I approved…

  22. Uppity- here is a link to the transcript- Politico, NPR ad PBS all had it-
    Now where in the hell is the blog lawyer to splain all this?
    NES! Paging NES! Report to post writing stat! NES! Paging, paging!

    Seriously NES, this would be the time for you to write a post and explain all this legalese to us “low info” “bitter clingers” Pretty please with a basket full of my homemade jams and jellies?

  23. Ok Mom’s link it to the transcript of SCOTUS hearings on health care.

  24. I would love to see NES do posts on this hearing and plow through the legal bullshit.

    But she might be on a case, she seems kind of busy.

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  26. I’m not following the oral arguments because I’m not good at reading tea leaves. I eagerly await their decision.

  27. Woot! Question: is it going to be made available on Kindle?

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    Anita Finlay has written a book about women who run for office and the unique obstacles they face.

  29. Nice plug for Ani, myiq! GOOD BOY.

  30. TY jjmtacoma!

  31. I re-blogged this to Cailleach but nobody ever comes except for the rice crispy treats…

    They really are awesome rice crispy treats though.

  32. I’m sure it will WMCB. Ani will be checking in with answers for anybody.

  33. I’m not prepared to declare that Trayvon was a bad kid.

    When I was his age I smoked pot, drank, skipped school, wore my hair long and I acted and dressed like my peers.

    I don’t buy Geraldo’s “Hoodie” argument but it is a fact that within the black community there is a certain group that glorifies violence and criminality.

    17-24 is a dangerous age for boys of all colors.

  34. I don’t declare that either, myiq. What I DO declare is that Al SHarpton painted an altar boy picture of this kid and THAT is why everything else that leaks out to the contrary is relevant. It’s not applicable to the case, but it IS applicable to the snapshot Al gave the country. There is no one who made this happen but Al. When he’s done with his sideshow, he will leave that family in a shambles and not look back. Already, the press finds itself required to cover these things because they were complicit and just don’t want to admit that the internet will always be their undoing.

  35. So looking forward to this book! Love the cover of course.

  36. Mom, unfortunately, I’m deluged by work for the next several days. Bad timing, I know. Dying to follow the oral arguments myself (through audio links), but don’t have the time. Maybe a post-mortum prior to the ruling/decision (which isn’t anticipated to come out before June, or so).

  37. I am fortunate to count Anita as a friend, and have been looking forward to the launch of this powerful book. I am so, so glad the time is finally here. So glad you are highlighting Anita’s outstanding book, Uppity!

  38. NES, that’s what I suspected. I can usually tell when you are on a big case.

    The link Mom posted has the audio and written transcript of yesterday. So you might want to capture it for another time.

  39. Uppity @ 10:42 – great minds think alike. I said on myiq’s post that the “angel-izing” of Trayvon has bupkus to do with the case itself, but had a lot to do with deliberately manufacturing racial outrage. Two separate issues.

  40. Exactly WMCB. Sharpton was on TV day and night inciting and painting the boy as a candidate for sainthood. He had to be prompting that family and now he has ruined their hearts, because this stuff IS relevant to the public at large, given last week’s coverage. Very sad. I remember when he dropped Brawley like yesterday’s newspaper too. He got her all stoked up I’m sure and then when the truth came out, she was toast and he just tooted along like nothing every happened.

  41. Ani, thanks for the post. Your book sounds like just what the polity needs at this time. We’re honored you graced us with the pre-launch post. I’m going to pre-order my copy on Amazon.

  42. Wait, wait…how come our lorac made it onto the cover of Ani’s book???!!! We’re so J.

  43. I know. She’s so hot, NES. But hey, I’m sticking with you. I know filet mignon when I see it. Make that caviar. Take THAT lorac.

  44. If I were Lebonese, I’d be chasing you down the street.

    See yesterday’s comments for clarification on Lebonese.

  45. Oh my, you are all so lovely!!! Thank you for the warm reception. My website will also be launched on or about the 3rd and there will be lots more info and links…just wanted to start building some buzz about Dirty Words now…

    It is has been a labor of love, the job that ate my brain and a painful empowering journey, but damn it, the book is ready to be seen. As my dear friend used to say, “Is it a growth experience, or is it a growth!?”

    You have no idea how much all of your support means to me!!

  46. Goodness! The book is already available — Amazon surprised me! I will go in and update the post — go get your copies today!!

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    Take note, the book is already available on Amazon.

  48. Thanks so much for the link! I just ordered 10 for starters…I intend to hand them out like candy to family and friends! 🙂

    Well done, Anita – I am so happy for you. And it is such a powerful work. You are amazing, as is Uppity for breaking the news here! (Well, and a bunch MORE reasons why you Uppity is amazing!)

  49. Upps, I’ll email you the audio of yesterday’s hearing. Alas, haven’t had a chance to hear it yet.

  50. ROFL, Upps. Now loac will be so J.

  51. Hey I love me my Rev. Amy!

  52. LOL – thanks, Uppity! Love you right back! 😀

  53. Looks like Kennedy is coming from both places, though. I’m surprised Kagan didn’t recuse herself.

  54. I have my fingers & toes crossed on the mandate getting struck down.

    I am NOT surprised about Kagan at all – I am convinced she was appointed to uphold Obama’s diktats.

  55. Looks like a fantastic read! Thanks.

  56. ABSOLUTELY buying this book. I’ll eventually read it too, but the cover…my MOST FAVORITE picture of Hilary. So I’ll just look at a lot and sigh.

    Gods, what we could have had… And am I still bitter? You betcha.

  57. Kagan should have recused herself.

  58. Kennedy is cagey for sure. But seriously? The health insurance industry is UNIQUE? For real? The first thing I thought was “Oh really? So is the GMO seed industry unique too? Can we then be force to buy and eat frankenfood?”
    This whole damn thing has opened a whole lot of cans of worms. Dead, stinking, slimy ones.

  59. Last thing we need to do is make the health insurance industry think they are “unique”. They have screwed us left and right AND they have an exemption for anti trust laws that eveybody forgot about. They have been price fixing for decades.

  60. Absolutely Uppity. The insurance industry is uniquely corrupt perhaps- but when push comes to shove they are a business like every other.
    It is just a shame that they are powerful enough to have won the battle and gotten the public option ditched. (And I am convinced they were the major factor in that) Had we gotten the public option- they would have had to – dare I say it- Compete! People would have had the option to buy into Medicare or Medicaid- and if enough people opted OUT of the overpriced Bull Crap Bull S*!t policies- they would be forced to lower prices and increase services to stay in business.
    Scrap the damn thing and start over. And start with the public option- option being the key word of course. And keep all the other non health related bs out of the bill. Including deleting the extra ordinary powers given to the Sec of HHS.

  61. I agree with you on the Public Option PMM. The Affordable Health Care Act (cough-cough) was a boon to insurance companies. People forget that insurance is not health care. Health care is what your doctor gives you…insurance companies bet on and make money when you don’t get health care, not when you do. It’s in their interest (profit) to keep you from getting health care services, or in the case of the mandate….insure a whole lotta people who won’t need health care service. Ponzi scheme if you ask me. JMO.

  62. Mom, they are not a business like every other. The deck is stacked for them. Yout try to run a business and violate anti trust laws and see how well it works out for you. See if Congress will give you a waiver for a law that keeps monopolies from holding consumers hostage and stopping competition.

  63. For those who recall, congress was bleating about how they were going to cancel the health insurers’ waiver from anti trust violations. Just like all the other bleating they do. Then the contributions came and everybody got amnesia.

  64. Mea Culpa- I should have said – if they were not so joined at the hip with the government by buying representatives, senators and presidents, they would be a business like any other.
    They hold us hostage. Prevent us from buying in a competitive market place and spend untold millions figuring out ways to DENY paying claims.

  65. Look at this BLOWASS talking in front of the SUpreme Court yesterday. Talking about freedoms and the government controlling things, which is bad, unless you’re a woman, then it;s good.

  66. Obama blew the ONE chance in the next fifty years for health care reform. He betrayed the people at EVERY turn on this. He RUINED it. And the only people who made out like the BANDITS they are, is the health insurance industry. Barack Obama is an EPIC FAILULRE.

  67. The health insurance industry has turned into a coercion/blackmail/protection racket.
    You pay your premiums every month, and then when the big bad disease strikes, you get denied coverage on a technicality and end up facing bankruptcy to pay for a family-member’s life.

  68. Exactly votermom. They should be indicted, not rewarded. Obama rewarded them. EPIC FAIL.

  69. And you know what else? If the SUPREMES strike the mandate without striking the rest, our premiums will go through the roof because the rest of us are going to have to pay for those who have preexisting conditions, as well as for those who have no insurance and no assets when they show up at the emergency room. We will not be able to afford health insurance AT ALL. I can’t even afford it now since they price went up nearly 40%, two whopping increases, the first one over 30% the January before the March vote. As more single pay people drop out, then cost will be on the backs of employers, which they will pass onto employees, if they don’t drop their plans entirely. Obama is an EPIC FAIL.

  70. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Kagan had not been appointed to the SCOTUS, wouldn’t she be the WH’s lawyer in this case right now?

  71. Oops:


    His voter registration card lists him as “Hispanic” too.

  72. In a word: Yes.

    Also she was involved in the law.

  73. Believe it or not, the legal rules of ethics don’t apply to SCOTUS

  74. That jerk Spike Lee retweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s home address. (He should go to jail for doing this.) Ass gave out a woman’s home address not Zimmerman.

  75. Well, it’s ONLY a woman, right?

  76. Well I do hope Spike enjoys the law suit.

  77. I hope so as well. He’s got to be worth something.

  78. My tweet.

    A woman’s life was put in danger when Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address for Zimmerman. Ah well it was just a woman, no big deal, right?

  79. I’m thinking here I know the rules of ethics do not apply to scotus, and frankly, isn’t everyone just more than a little bit sick and tired of rules of ethics and pretty much everything else not applying to our government at all three branches? Who made this law that these pigs are above the laws THEY make for us?

  80. Some Miami kids decided to honor Tayvon’s memory by looting a Walgreens:

  81. retweeted

  82. Why waste a perfectly good protest when you can steal some merchandise?

  83. Tweeted and posted at three different Hillary FB groups.

  84. Holy shit:


    The plane banked sharply and his cheese slid off his cracker.

  85. Why waste a perfectly good protest when you can steal some merchandise?

    The called the protest “mostly peaceful.”

  86. I tweeted on Mad’s behalf. Now how do I do a cross link or pingback to the post Upps?

  87. Obama blew the ONE chance in the next fifty years for health care reform. He betrayed the people at EVERY turn on this. He RUINED it. And the only people who made out like the BANDITS they are, is the health insurance industry. Barack Obama is an EPIC FAILULRE.

    True that. Bears repeating. About a billion times.

  88. A most excellent tweet, Upps.
    Spike Lee has to be one of the more irritating fellas around.

  89. Did we sell some books today?

  90. The unfeasibility of the whole HC ‘reform’ may have been planned with the expectation that the individ. mandate would be knocked down. Why? Because it sets up a crisis situation in which universal/single-payor may present itself as the most feasible option.
    (As you may have divined, I’m now in my Obama-is-diabolical-rather-than-clueless phase.)

  91. Not sure what you want to do Fredster. Do you want to cross post the post or just post a link. If you post a link in a post, it will automatically pingback. You can also “Reblog”. It’s a new feature. Hillbilly does it all the time.

  92. Toobin is to be trusted. He’s an astute observor of the Sup. Ct. and, thus, more likely than others to have his speculation vindicated.

  93. Hollllllly Chit! That Jet Blue pilot was OUT OF HIS GOURD!

  94. I’m going to order three copies of Ani’s book — to start with.

  95. NES I bet Spike won’t even bother apologizing, the arrogant ass.

  96. NES you might be right about the single pay thing, except I don’t see where he could possibly get it passed, including if he got re-elected. I don’t think he has the slightest chance of having the house and senate majorities. Besides he had that for two years and did SHIT.

    By the way, Krautie says Kennedy might be the fifth YES vote. He probably saw what I saw. WHen he said the industry was “unique” that’s what I saw.

  97. Not sure what you want to do Fredster. Do you want to cross post the post or just post a link. If you post a link in a post, it will automatically pingback. You can also “Reblog”. It’s a new feature. Hillbilly does it all the time.

    Okay thanks. I put a comment in the current post but I’ll do a new post with that comment so it gets the pingback.

  98. […] https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/dirty-words-on-clean-skin-the-real-war-on-women/#comme… In 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged an epic battle for the presidential nomination that captured the imagination and hopes of millions, but the joy of watching a qualified woman vie for the presidency was marred by newsmen and pundits calling Hillary Clinton a hellish housewife, Nurse Ratched, she-devil and bitch. What I witnessed made the bile rise in my throat from such a deep place, I had to get off the sidelines and take action. I transformed from actor and fearful news junkie to determined campaign grunt and citizen journalist. […]

  99. Thanks, NES!! And thank you, each of you for being there for Dirty Words — it is a real eye opener…I have had people reading the book already who are literally agape at the quotes and the way both the election and its aftermath unfolded.

    It is amazing how many people seem otherwise involved but had no idea how brutal or biased the contest was — or the amount of brainwashing the media subjects them to daily.

    My website will be rolled out shortly and hopefully we will grow this baby from the ground up. It is about time that another narrative was heard…

  100. Aw God. is there really a God?

  101. Yea, the ping-thing worked. I borrowed the pic of the bookcover too.

  102. {{{{{{{{{{{{Fredster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }}}}}}}}}}}}

    Then again, I owe lots of hugs around here!

  103. Good Boy.

    Do I get a treat?

  104. First you have to sit and stay!

  105. Look at that sweet dog video and what they did for him. It has a happy ending.

  106. Hey Ani, can you tell if we sold any books?

  107. Did some snooping and found nothing about WordPress being sold. However, I have seen changes in site management before when a deal has been brokered but not yet announced.

    I see no ads on any wordpress site that I have noticed but I do not have a wordpress account. Not sure if that makes a difference. I also have had to opt for Opera on some occasions becuase Firefox is wither getting tempermental or some things have not been tested on multiple browsers. No ads there either.

    I have noticed that is harder to clear out the info boxes in Firefox (email and name). I now have to close the page and then clear the cache or the wordpress info stay put and follow me to other wordpress blogs.In Opera it still clear out everything and goes back to the home page. I have not changed the settings and I am still using 3.6 Firefox.

    Also,searches in Google alternatives (e.g., ixquick/startpage and DuckDuckgo) have been much slower recently. I have begun to wonder if all non google searches that clear ip and other info are being throttled.

  108. You are probably right about the throttling Mt. Laurel. As you know, Scroogle is gone for good thanks to google pretending it was a spammer.

  109. But I have to go pee. I’m sitting at the door scratching…

  110. Didn’t I tell you not to go near any fleas?

  111. Oh Cheese and RICE! I just saw this – (we have an occupy Erie group – they have been out there all winter long- no unlawful bs- no disrespect, no cops- so no wonder nobody knows they are there- but back to my point)

    Send shock waves through both political parties! Write in OCCUPY in any/all races. You must be registered as either republican or democrat to vote on primary day. Deadline to register is March 26.

    Don’t know whether to laugh or roll my eyes. It is called Occupy the Pa Primary or some such.

  112. Uppity Woman, on March 27, 2012 at 7:36 PM said: Edit Comment

    Hey Ani, can you tell if we sold any books?

    Yes we already have!

    But the number will not be accurate up to the moment. Amazon is telling me there is a three day lag time so that means that the sales today are not even reflected yet, which would mean that my book was up for a couple of days when I did not know it and strangers went and bought it based on the title or subject interest — which is very cool. But I do not see who purchased, just the numbers.

    By the way — anyone who buys the book before the official launch is getting a discounted price — so BUY EARLY and OFTEN! I will update the post to reflect the same! Thanks for asking.

    I have another request of anyone who reads it…please post a review — a great one if you feel the urge – otherwise, if you don’t have anything nice to say…say nothing… 🙂

    There will also be a preview – take a look inside feature but that takes a while for Amazon to build, apparently…

    Thanks for asking.

  113. So in other words — thanks for asking twice. Damn. I’m polite…

  114. Noooo…Scratching at the door!!!

  115. Just ordered the book! Can’t wait to receive it, Ani!

  116. Geeze didn’t anybody see that sweet dog video?

  117. Mom we had a motley Occupy bunch occupy a local community bank. No kidding. Morons. Chanting about wall street and all. Somebody grabbed their bullhorn and told them this isn’t a wall street bank you morons. Go over to Bank Of America, idiots.

  118. By the way, Krautie says Kennedy might be the fifth YES vote. He probably saw what I saw. WHen he said the industry was “unique” that’s what I saw.

    Kennedy may not be enough if Sotomayor leaves the lib. coalition — she surprised people with her stated skepticism about the consitutionality of the mandate, reportedly. In any event, one can’t always go with the Justices’ questions because they often play devil’s advocate, testing their tentative leanings.

  119. Where’s lorac??? Somebody stole Dr. Suess’ Lorax!

  120. Geeze didn’t anybody see that sweet dog video?

    Yes, saw it but didn’t watch it. I didn’t want it to be one of those rip your heart out things.

  121. WordPress and Gravatar are owned by Automattic. The new log in to comment thing is Automattic’s policy.

  122. Ani, you’re most welcome. The thanks are owed to you, however — you took the time and trouble to write the book. We’ll have the easy task of reading it and appreciating your craft. Please do send me word, through Upps, if and when you come to my town on a book tour. Would love to meet you and have you autograph the tome.

    Incidentally, you have sold at least TEN. I just ordered them, and should get them in about 5 business days.

    To All: If anyone here would find it difficult to buy the book, please let Upps have your mailing address to send to me and I’ll mail you a copy.

  123. Somebody stole Dr. Suess’ Lorax!

    J’ACCUSE lorac!!

  124. NES. She is indeed one of a kind.

  125. Sophie that link didn’t work.


  126. Sophie, Automatic and WP have been together for a few years that I’ve known of. However, I found Automatic to be rather intrusive with their beacons, so I’ll just bet this whole thing is so they can Collect bodies for ads. I wouldn’t be surprised if this place gets plastered with them. I hope I am wrong. I thought WP was the owner of Automatic, not the other way around.

  127. Remember, they get your email address, by force now. A wonderful list for spams. I suggest everybody use an email address they don’t mind ditching. Use it for WP only

  128. Thanks, WLM! Enjoy!

    And thank you, NES — that would mean we are up to at least 30 at the very least…

    now if we could just get to the other 18,000,000 🙂
    plus about five hundred media and Party people — that make wake a few up…

    Game on!!

  129. Ah, Fredster…I had Uppity’s link in my clipboard–thought I had Automattic’s. Thanks for posting the correct link.

    Ani, I tweeted and ordered your book. Just one copy, but a good one! Congratulations. I hope it goes viral (if we can use that expression for an old medium).

    Way to go NES!!!

  130. Damn it, I must be a nervous wreck — I write everything twice in the same sentence! I promise you, the book is in much better shape!

  131. HAHAHAHA. We sure hope so!

  132. Thanks, Sophie! I need to learn how to tweet… in this regard, I am a luddite…

    …no comments, Uppity!

  133. OT but interesting: The 10 least religious states.

  134. Let’s put it this way, Uppity, the people who have already read it qualify as Alexahente (for those of you who remember old coffee commercials) — and if they like it, I think I’m doing all right.

    These are not people who have ever gone easy on me.

  135. Ani, tweeting is easier than blogging. Unless you’re following a really active hashtag, then it’s mayhem.

  136. I tweeted my purchase too. What’s hilarious is this: to serve my nefarious purpose in defeating Obama, I have followed, and, in turn, am being followed by several conservative types (many r-wing boys). No doubt, they’ll be a little put off by a book on Hillary. But, hey, politics makes strange bed-fellows. I support their guy (Romney) and they STFU about my girl Hill.

  137. Hey, Uppity Just ordered two books from Amazon…Can’t wait to read it….I am still filled with disgust and anger what the Dem Party did to Hillary….Freaking Freaks!!!! 😡 😡 May 31st 2008 seems like yesterday to me…And, I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FORGET!!!!! 😡 👿

  138. “Yes, saw it but didn’t watch it. I didn’t want it to be one of those rip your heart out things.”

    Fredster, that is exactly why I did not watch it!

  139. NES. That is just darn sweet of you to donate Ani’s book if someone cannot afford one now.

  140. Thank you, Casper Cat!

    I understand how you feel. I had to write the book three times — first there was the chewing through the furniture version, then there was the steam rising of the top of my skull version and now we have something passionate, but civilized.

    I find it is a lot harder for naysayers to argue with plain logic. And they get hit with plenty in this book.

  141. Ok Sophie. Ready for lessons anytime. 🙂

  142. Fredster please check your mail.

  143. Put Ani’s book notice on my Facebook Page…..it copies the Amazon link and a picture of the cover shows up on Facebook….try that out, you FB users!

  144. Wow, Hal! Much appreciated. Thank you.

  145. NES, that was really a kind and generous offer you made upthread. Good hearted people here, as well as smart! I’m ordering my copy this weekend with my usual amazon stuff. I am swamped right now with Shakespeare play duties. Good post and thread, as usual.

  146. Anita, Thank YOU SOOOO Much for writing the book… 🙂 😉 I will tell all my friends and family too…. 🙂 I can’t wait to read it… A big HUG and THANK YOU for doing this…. Warm Regards, Suzanne 🙂 🙂

  147. Yes, Uppity, there is a God. Fiona’s story was a damn good vid. Thanks for posting. Guess this dog had a birthday recently, too.

  148. Let me just say that if NES didn’t exist, it would be necessary for me to invent her.

  149. Sophie, I love love LOVE episcopalians. They soooooooooooooooooo know how to mind their own business. And so very tolerant of others. I always thought if I were ever go give church another go it would be with the Episcopalians. Or the Methodists. No hocus pocus there, either.

  150. the chewing through the furniture version, then there was the steam rising of the top of my skull version and now we have something passionate, but civilized.

    ROFLLLL!!! THIS is a feeling I KNOW.

  151. WLM, I know what you mean. I generally complain if anybody dares to post an animal link that is going to ruin my day. But this one was just so touching in the beginning, to find out she was blind and then to see her transformation to sight and love.

  152. Way to go, Casper Kitteh!

  153. Uppity I had the same thought.

  154. Anita, I regret not taking you up on that manuscript.

  155. Ani tweeting is a bit like figuring out a haiku. It’s fun!

  156. Oh, also, can’t believe I forgot to say this:

    Ani, Congratulations! I am so happy that this day is here. I remember when you said you were working on a book a long time ago on NQ (gosh, a couple of years ago?) and a bunch of all said we would buy it and here we are. What an accomplishment! Am proud to “know” you!

  157. Well I am thinking that we need to give each other a bit of time to receive and read this book and then we need a discussion thread. Yes?

  158. Kind of like an Oprah’s book club but without the billion dollars and the fake sincerity and affectations.

  159. We haven’t gotten the hang of the tweet yet, but we will pick it up in time. I had a fb page that I never used, but someone broke into it and I closed it down. The ongoing lack of privacy is startling, hubbie was telling me about how the irs can track your mileage on gps to see if you’re exaggerating how much you drive on your tax forms. Also, insurance companies. Freaky.

  160. Not at all, WLM amd socal. We’re all family here, and everyone should have an opp’t to read the book.

  161. YES!

  162. Wait, Upps…you DID invent me. You invented my persona and FF designed/produced my gravatar. (Lorac will be so J.)

  163. Kind of like an Oprah’s book club but without the billion dollars and the fake sincerity and affectations.


  164. NoEmptySuits, on March 27, 2012 at 9:46 PM said: Edit Comment

    I tweeted my purchase too. What’s hilarious is this: to serve my nefarious purpose in defeating Obama, I have followed, and, in turn, am being followed by several conservative types (many r-wing boys). No doubt, they’ll be a little put off by a book on Hillary. But, hey, politics makes strange bed-fellows. I support their guy (Romney) and they STFU about my girl Hill.

    But the good news with the book is that people need to read it (and I think they can get a lot from it) whether they like Hillary or not, even though I am obviously pro-Hill. While she is the linchpin of the book, it also takes apart the way society looks at women from a number of different angles, and it is certainly fair to both sides.

    I found writing it to be empowering. It really is a call to action, and for people to have greater awareness and not to be led around like sheep.

  165. Yesssss on the future discussion thread!

  166. Nah, NES, your persona is You, same as me. We is what we is.

  167. Teh Skype thing drives lorac wild, you know.

  168. Uppity Woman, on March 27, 2012 at 10:35 PM said: Edit Comment

    Anita, I regret not taking you up on that manuscript.

    Well, it is reasonably priced…tee hee…

    You can’t say I didn’t try.

  169. And thank you SoCal Annie. You’ve been hanging in there patiently for a long time!

    I love the idea of a discussion thread if and when you think the time is right, Uppity.

    I appreciate your kind words, Suzanne. This book is told from the perspective of the voter on the ground. Definitely very different from everything else out there. That was the worst part of 2008 – -well, one of them…it was as if we did not exist.

    Who we were, how we felt, what we stood for — all ignored or worse, we were maligned daily.

  170. Just ordered my copy! Thank you!

    Posted excerpts of your post at PumaPac and on two Facebook accounts.

  171. DancesWithPumas — all my thanks!

  172. We love us our Dances.

  173. I know Anita. I am such a shithead. I had so many people ask me to read their book, which in reality meant “rewrite it for me” that I lost my good sense.

  174. Glad to hear that, Ani. Wow, can’t wait to read it.

    So, will you be doing a book tour in No.Cal. If so, I’ll attend and my partner and I will take you out to dinner post-event. Yes?

  175. I would never call you that! I really look forward to hearing your reaction to it!

  176. Congratulations Ani! This is wonderful! You done good girl! Next thing you know, the boobs in the media will carry on like they discovered the sexism in the media.

  177. Well hell this post got some good play from some good people. I say it’s party time.

  178. OMG this is hilarious. Real Life take on Subaru commercials. Subaru “exhaust”.

  179. Just watched that dog video and FCS that was amazing. What wonderful people they are to save that sweetheart of a doggie. Balling my eyes out.

    Ani, congrats. Will it be avail for kindle on the official launch date?

  180. Ani’s book is drawing nothing but 5-star reviews!!

  181. That subaru exhaust dog reminds me of the engineer cat video you posted. When they shook the cat it vibrated.

  182. Lots of us have reviewed mundane things on … go in and give Ani a boost with an Amazon review! After all, we already know the gist of what’s IN the book.

  183. Karen for Clinton — I hope so. Supposedly it takes three weeks for them to convert to kindle so it should be ready by or before official launch. So far, they have been ahead of schedule on just about everything they promise, so if it does come through earlier – I will let everyone know.

  184. NES — yes, I hope we get to meet. If my publicist has anything to say about it, I’ll be traveling all over the place.

    As I mentioned earlier, today was a total surprise. The book was not supposed to be ready for sale for another week so I am just scrambling to get the word out as many places as I can.

    Forgive me if I am repeating myself, but a dedicated website and also a FB page will be going up shortly. I’ll keep everyone posted here of other new developments…

  185. Ani, I have to ask, will you make it to the east coast on your book tour, like to CT?

  186. And yes, Hal, 5 star reviews are gratefully appreciated. Anything that gets the uninitiated to take a chance…they will be rewarded with an eye opening read!

  187. Sophie, the book tour has changed so much because of the internet, and I gather much of this is being done in front of the computer to save dough…

    I am just praying for excuses to get back east. Just taking this all one step at a time. If people take a shine to the book and words gets out and spreads then I will be asked to do interviews and such and then travel would be involved!

  188. We’re all gonna paty at Sophie’s pad anyways.

  189. Upps, got your email and sent a reply. Many thanks.

  190. Plan any Midwest stops on the book tour?? We could come to the Twin Cities, although TC has lots of Obots. Surrounding suburbs hold lots of Independents and GOP. Listen to us running you ragged already…..CT, Twin Cities….Podunk. heh

  191. Ani, I am so thrilled about your book, having enjoyed your posts at various blogs since 2008, when so much seemed to come crashing down in this country. Congratulations! And thank-you so much for writing it from the perspective of the voters, the people who, imho, really got the shaft in the primary and general elections that year. Especially Hillary’s record breaking 18 million. I am still horrified almost daily at the misogyny that pervades this country, and yet I don’t always have specifics at hand, so look forward to that in your book. Thanks for fighting the good fight (and writing the good write?…)

    Oh, when will it be out in Adobe ePub (for nooks and other non-kindles?)….hint, hint.

  192. One more thing, this blog is a riot today, has something got inot the wordpress water? If so, pass me some. Uppity, you’re welcome to join us hocus pocus free Methodists, even if you’re not Lebanese!

  193. My dear man, I’ve performed Shakespeare in Arkansas, played a kidney specialist in San Antonio and done Chekhov in Louisville and Alabama. Trust me when I say, I have kissed the asphalt of the highways and byways of America! And met a lot of lovely people along the way.

  194. Erica,

    — good question — I am tackling Smashwords as well and may just pay someone to reformat the book for me. They offer 9 different formats…Even though I am a WORD geek, turning in into digital matter is a pain, particularly since there are 315 endnotes! But yes, that is the plan — which I will get on toute de suite since you asked!!

    It will be ready on Kindle, too, in a few weeks… And I know it is probably just me, but I can’t tell you how good it felt to actually hold that book in my hands with that fabulous picture of Hillary on the cover…

    And can I just say also, it has been such a long time since I have had two seconds to rub together to sit down and live-blog with such a lovely group of people, and kindred spirits. I’ve missed this. It truly was the only thing keeping me grounded in 2008.

  195. One option for Nook owners is to download the Kindle for PC or MAC and purchase the ebook when available and read on your computer

    Or download the appropriate smart phone version. Having traded in my 7 year old cell phone when I added my mother to my plan, I opted for the older iphone (no upfront payment – I had to buy Mom’s) and I have ibook, Adobe, Kindle and Nook all loaded and all are used.

  196. Yeah I’m just a Lebanese magnet, Erica. It’s not the water, sister. We’re just crazy.

  197. I know I sound like an old f*rt, but I still like the feel of holding a real book when I read. Old habits die hard. Also, if a cat jumps on it while I’m reading, no harm done….

  198. Hey Mt. Laurel! Thanks for the Contribution to bill’s disgusting addiction. You probably averted one of his tantrums because he’s not getting all the attention today.

  199. Hal, Click.

    Video of some of Anita’s acting clips at bottom of page.

  200. AnnE @11:24:

    “Next thing you know, the boobs in the media will carry on like they discovered the sexism in the media.”

    Haha! Yes, I can totally picture that.

  201. Yeah karen’s back. Where’ve you been?!

  202. Way back when, I promised I would buy a case (or two! :)) of Ani’s books. Now I realize I have no idea how many books are in a “case”. Or if there even IS such a thing as a case! So I bought 20, had 4 sent to my mom to give away to her friends. I’ll get more once I run out. And, as with NES, I’m happy to send one to anyone who needs help getting one, just let UW know your mailing address.

    What happened to Hillary (and to us) was such a worldview-changing event. The world needs to know. *I* need the world to know. Ani did the hard work; I’ll do what I can to help it get out there.

    Hillary needs one. Where can I send one to her?

    Do you think if I address it to “Hillary, the REAL president of the US”, it will get to her? lol

  203. Well, I guess if the SCOTUS throws out the healthcare bill, people can’t keep screaming that Romney can’t effectively run against Obama because of the healthcare issue. It will be a moot point.

    I read somewhere tonight that some people felt that Sotomayer was doing the defense lawyer’s job, helping him defend the law…? It’s ridiculous she didn’t recuse herself – she was a part of this law becoming reality. Who knows, maybe that’s why she was nominated to be on SCOTUS.

  204. Oh, NES, I’m just too tired to be J today lol

    …anyway, I know when you guys skype, you just talk about me anyway 🙂

    I’m so tired I’m punchy lol

  205. Oh, sure, just because I live near Dr. Seuss’ house, I’m the prime suspect for stealing the Lorax statue! Hmmpppfff!

    From the article:

    “I want very badly to get our little Lorax back home where he belongs,” Dimond-Cates said. “Wherever he is, he’s scared, lonely and hungry. He’s not just a hunk of metal to us. He was a family pet.”

    Geez, other than the gender, that’s exactly how UW talks about ME! lol

  206. Oh, Lorac!! Thank you so much!! That is amazing. I so appreciate your support. And yes, there is a “case” – I had to order one for my publicist and there are 36 in one.

    But 20!! Wow…so very much appreciated. I’m sure we all (also) have a group who we’d love to put this in front of and say…”See!!”

    I know a lot of what is covered in the book makes us angry, but I’m hoping the net result of reading it, and sharing it with others will be a positive.

  207. Ani, I posted an Amazon link on BP to the new book. I can’t wait to read it. I hope Sisterdo will read it, too. I’m so excited and happy for you, it’s making me cry. What a long journey it has been from Taylor Marsh to today!

    You are a wonderful woman. I admire you so much for what you have accomplished. Wishing you great success with the book and all your future endeavors!

  208. Beata!!!! How nice to “see” you here. The book just became available yesterday — please tell Camille and Sisterdo they are mentioned in the acknowledgments!!

    I will walk over to BP myself and say hello. Thank you so very much for your kind words!

  209. Waving to Beata!

    Re: Taylor Marsh. She will forever be a symbol and not a good one.

  210. Ani, TY for writing this. It needed to be documented and I am sure you speak for many thousands of us who were witness to the debacle. I just bought a copy and can’t wait to read it…but I am sure I will feel the dread all over again.

  211. From another post I saw on another blog site, Ani, (and congrats on this site, by the way, and your new book), you mention Hillary and Sarah Palin, but I think you neglected Geraldine Ferraro–the first nominated woman on a major party (Democratic) ticket. I don’t think you meant to, but she was. By the way, please check out this– http://writingdowntheriver.blogspot.com –for your blogroll. Thanks! (I would tell you this one privately, but I can’t find a private comment space on your site ;D.)

  212. insanely jane — you will feel many things but by the time you are done with the book, I think you may feel empowered also!!

    And thank you for your support!

  213. Hi Rachael, I’m the Uppity owner of this site, I was just the lucky blogger Ani chose to launch from. But I think I should take a long vacay and give it to Ani, don’t you? Okay, that’s settled. Free at last! Free at last!

  214. Dayum! AnnE was in spam for six hours! I’m so sorry AnneE. I was answering you and didn’t realize your post was not ‘approved’. WP is kiling us.

  215. CONGRATS on your book coming out Ani!!! How fantastic! I’m sure it will be a painful trip down memory lane of 2008, but its about time we have a carefully documented version from the perspective of a voter out in the public’s eye. I’ve already posted to FB and waiting for my copy!! Could a docudrama be made out of this? Or better yet, an actual documentary produced on PBS? So excited about the possibilities for you!!!

  216. Good to see ya, fembots!

  217. Rachel — actually, I said Palin was the second woman on a presidential ticket so of course I would not forget about Geraldine Ferraro…

    Thanks for your support!

  218. fembotsforobama — Thank you!! Actually, there was a film made that is screening now by Gavin Newsom’s wife (so sorry, I cannot remember her first name) — it is called MissRepresentation and deals with a lot of the sexism. As a matter of fact a friend of mine is the agent who represents her.

    Just so everyone knows, my book does travel well beyond the 2008 even though that is the focal point.

    And the book makes a great stocking stuffer!! 🙂

  219. I have Misrepresentation trailer posted somewhere on this blog. I remember seeing it. VERY cool.

  220. I did some research. MissRepresentation is an organization as well as a film. Looks worth supporting!


  221. Here’s Gavin at Sundance talking about his wife’s film. he is just so cool.

  222. I will definitely buy this book!! The launch date is on my b-day too 🙂

  223. You have an impressive list of roles as an actress, Ms Findlay…a few that I’ve seen. Another tip to boost Ani’s book= When ordering from Amazon, click on the link “I’d like to read this on Kindle” and voila! Your vote, in effect, is recorded. Right now, there are at least six 5-star reviews of the book.

  224. Ms. Findlay has an impressive range of characters in her repertoire. Personally, I like the comedienne.

  225. Hal and mcnorman — thank you — if you go to my IMDB page (provided you spell my name Finlay) — my demo reel is on the bottom left so you can actually see a condensed version of a bunch of different work I’ve done.

  226. I posted your IMDB page yesterday and mentioned your video but I think it flew right by everybody. lolol.

    They won’t know how good looking you are if they don’t look. Scroll down, gang and see Ani in action.

  227. Damn, girl! Thanks! It’s a fun reel. Wait til you see the website next week -my designer is doing such a lovely job!

  228. bonpink, I am so sorry you landed in moderation all this time. And Happy B’day-launch-day!

  229. Ani you are so hot all the Lebanese are going to be gathering around the blog when they see your video.

  230. Yer killin’ me, Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. And where do you come up with this stuff…what’s with the Lebanese?

    I must have missed a chapter, I seem to have lost the thread. 🙂

  232. Readers, once again, NES and Lorac have purchased extra books which they will be happy to mail to anyone who is a bit short this month. All you need to do is contact me at uppitybook@yahoo.com and I will arrange your receipt of the book. Nobody will know about this exchange except myself and either lorac or NES. Send me your name and mailing address at the above email address. Please use the same email address you use here on the blog and include your blog blog screen name in the email, so I can confirm who you are so that some troll doesn’t contact me.

  233. lol lebanese is code for lesbian here. UW is a bit of a gathering place for them such that there are times I am the only hetero here.

  234. Lebanese…priceless.

    Apropos of nothing, looking at your avatar, I have two kitties sleeping beside me who look surprisingly like Bill — they are tuxedos, too. One always likes to nestle next to me and my laptop. He helps me write! So if the book turned out well, kitty will insist upon getting the credit.

  235. […] Give it up for Ani.  […]

  236. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Smart is helping us pimp the book!

  237. K Mom I just saw your post. That open question should be a blast for this bunch. What I’m going to do is post NES in the AM and if it rolls, I’ll save yours for tuesday. Hokay?

  238. […] supporters. Ani understands that 2008 is also the year of Sarah Palin hate. Ani writes “2008 is the year misogyny was made cool.“: “The treatment received by Hillary Clinton, who won more votes than any candidate in […]

  239. Woot! H44 just pinged us. Excellent, Ani!

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