You know he’s been a liar all his life….

Video shamelessly stolen from HelenK in NoQuarter comments

Oh, Obama.  You’re at it again.  Telling one person one thing, and presenting a different face to the world.  Obama is such a sly suave guy!  He’s so cool, he thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes, even in front of a hot mike!  Here’s his latest snafu with Russia.  Oh, Russia, let me lie to my people until after the election, and then we can make beautiful music together!  Just give me a little time!

Does it remind you of anything?  Say, something that happened when we first became aware of this slick and wonderful foreign policy whiz?  Canada!  Let me tell my people one thing, just ignore what I’m telling them, after my election we can make beautiful music together!  Just give me a little time!

Of course, it wasn’t that long ago that he carefully polished our relationship with Israel and France.   Let’s you and me be friends, let’s not play with that other guy anymore.  He doesn’t stare at women’s butts like we do, so we won’t let him into our secret tree house anymore!  But keep it a secret!

Oh, wait, here’s a better presentation of his skill working with world leaders:

But he doesn’t just present one face to one foreign leader, and another face to another foreign leader – no, he works his magic with US, too!  He tells US one thing, then turns around and does the opposite with THEM!  For THEIR benefit!  Here’s his foreign policy wizardry at work with Brazil.

I’m certain he does like us more than the other countries, though, because he presents both of his faces to us!  Here he is, on some insignificant stuff – just some little stuff about war and all:

Oh, my, there’s more.  Oh, wow, I just realized why he’s so comfortable looking like a tennis game observer when his head turns left then right then left then right as he reads his ever present teleprompters – it’s from having to talk out of both sides of his mouth all the time!  He’s just so used to alternately showing both sides of his face!  He just figures we won’t notice when he contradicts himself!

This may be the one time when a Reagan quote comes in handy for me!

Why does ANYONE trust this guy anymore?  Why did they trust him in the FIRST place?  Trust is supposed to be earned!  Not awarded willy-nilly like a junk Nobel Peace Prize!  Politicians aren’t exactly known for their honesty, but he really must be the politicians’ politician!

The anecdote is Hillary.  We lost so much, as a country, and as a world, when Hillary had her primary win stolen.  Another anecdote is knowledge – buy Ani’s book and if you can, buy a couple of books to give others as a present.  If times are too tough right now, email UW, and we’ll get a book off to you! Help other people understand how this liar got into office so they can put all his subsequent sleaziness in context – and then they can help us to vote him out in the fall.

Image stolen from Crawdad!

This is what we’re shooting for – permanently!

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  1. Amazing post lorac! I love how you pulled all these videos together!

  2. Obama campaign tries to sell “hoodies” to capitalize on the death of the young man in Florida. Got a little push back so they pulled them.

    Note that as the article says, the tweet announcing the hoodie “sale” has been removed by team O. Watch for more lies as they will deny any wrongdoing and then say that other candidates have hoodies too. But the other candidates didn’t tweet an announced “sale” on the hoodies.

  3. Steal whatever you want. Mi blog es su blog.

    I stole it from someone else anyway.

  4. I iterrupt this thread to let you all know that my friend, who purchases books for the UVM library, is going to get Ani’s book, “Dirty Words on Clean Skins”.

  5. Like Uppity said in the previous post – Obama is an epic failure. And as Donald Trump always says, “Obama is a disaster.” So true.

  6. I still can’t fathom how we have this guy instead of “peace and prosperity” Hillary. People running my former party sure are stupid.

  7. Obama campaign tries to sell “hoodies” to capitalize on the death of the young man in Florida. Got a little push back so they pulled them.

    What a despicable lowlife bunch of swine.

  8. Lorac- another winner of a post! It saddens me to know so many sheeple will ignore or try to justify every despicable move of the selected one.
    The PA primary is coming up. As you all know, we have to have a D or R to vote. I kept the D and am now pondering what to write in in the top slot. Suggestions accepted. ABO? Not HIM! Hillary. Leave it blank? I have about a month to decide…… Maybe I should collect all the suggestions and we can vote on how I vote lol!

  9. lorac, I think it’s just wonderful the way both you and NES bought extra books. Once again, gang, if you are struggling financially and would love Ani’s book, just let me know and I will send along your information to NES or Lorac. Nobody will know except you, me and a very good blog friend who will be mailing you a book.

  10. xoxoxoxoxoxox Lorace and NES are super sheroes!

  11. Uppity, I realized that you would not post an animal video that is upsetting, so I mustered up the courage to view the dog video in the last post. It was simply wonderful. I knew all was well when I saw her little nub of a tail wag in the vet waiting room. So, I apologize for not trusting you.

  12. OT, but my 5 year old granddaughter is dressed and twirling outside in the drizzle in her favorite frill-laden lace-and-petticoats princess dress, and has adorned her hair with a giant blue clip-on flower. She is also wearing her big clunky stompy boots, whacking things with hefty sticks, and keeps trying to transport drowning beetles and waterlogged snails into the house, along with various rocks.

    She picks and chooses gender roles however she damn well pleases. Good for her.

  13. Dear WMCB. Picture please!

  14. WLM thank you for trusting me. if it makes me sick, I regret watching and it ruins my day, and I wouldn’t dream of doing that to you either.

  15. I still can’t fathom how we have this guy instead of “peace and prosperity” Hillary

    It was easy, if you’re slime. Just take her delegates and and conjure up some more delegates by imagining how someone would vote if the slug were on the ballot and give him some more delegates. But before that, just lock his opponents caucus people out of the room, and then take charge of the “count”. then, after all that is done, drag his sorry ass over the line and build pillar for him to stand in front of just like every other dishonest despot would do.

  16. Yayyyyyyyyyy Twandx!

  17. Every time I see the President’s face, I think of the Roman god Janus–who was represented by a two faced figure. The better to speak out of both sides of his mouth, I guess.

  18. I wish my camera was charged right now! But here’s an older pic of my grandbaby:

  19. Awww, WMCB. She is a doll with those rosy cheeks!

  20. it is Wednesday and another Amazing post lorac! :)

  21. Oh she’s just too cute, WMCB. I am sure you are teaching her to tell the patriarchy to STFU.

  22. AnnE I have a relevant video on both sides of his mouth that will be going up in a post tomorrow.

  23. UW, she was with me in the grocery store, and some creepy old smiling dude in line with us thought he was being cute by pressing her: “Do you want to be smart when you grow up, or pretty? Huh? Smart, or pretty?”

    She eyed him coolly and responded: “I can be smart AND pretty if I want.” You should have seen her. She just ripped his whole false premise right out from under him.

    That’s my girl. :D

  24. I can’t wait for the video Uppity! I really think the President cyncically banked on the fact that the only thing that the political establishment in this country despises more than black men is any kind of woman. He knew that if they called HRC a bitch, a cunt, etc during the campaign they would not be calling him the n word. His MO seemed to be “Look, I am not some scary black guy trying to occupy the WH–I am one of you because I hate these bitches, too.” And now, it has apparently dawned on his camp followers that there are a lot of women that are not interested in his campaign, not because they are racists, but because he is a sexist. So they have whipped up this whole contraceptive debate to carry on as if they were champions of women’s rights. Yeah, sure. The same WH that was so in the pocket of insurance companies that they wanted to dump mamograms. What a feminist! I smell an election.

  25. WMCB, I wouldn’t have been able to resist asking him now come he picked neither when offered “Smart or Good Looking”.

    I like this shot of her even better.

  26. AnnE, Janus’s two faces looked at the past and the future. Obama’s two faces both have mirrors in front of him so he can admire himself.

  27. TADA! i was just out doing some more of the asparagus bed- and lo and behold- the first spear is pushing up…….
    Not to mention my peas and some spinach are up and survived the frost we had two nights ago. I am loving me that raised bed- and two more are under construction.

  28. Every year, I am SO J over your asparagus.

  29. Re lorac’s post video where Sarkozy & Obama are positioned as if in a huddle
    reminds me lots of Governor Blagojevich’s official home page way back when It was Blago and Obama in huddling position and pic was taken from behind. Long scrubbed. but not forgotten.

  30. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly.

  31. Sooo cute WMCB.

  32. Hey, you don’t have to nudge me much to convince me to BUY A BOOK!
    (hint hint, for once I posted a couple of pony pix on my blog ;-)

  33. Why ain’t WP linking to me??!!??

  34. I never trust a man who has not mowed a lawn, or peed in his back yard.

  35. Oh, Lorac, just let Barky eat his waffles. What a wonderful thing that all of us are jumping for joy over Ani’s book release. We’re having our very own Uppity Great Room release party. We’ve been there, done that, and now we’ve bought the book.

    Barky and the hoodie sale is despicable. How low can he go? Very. How disgusting his ambition is. And how unworthy of the Presidential office.

    Backstabber in chief was the last thing we needed after GW Bush.

  36. Endurovet- it keeps doing the same thing to me- it autofills the gravatar http address. I have to take that out and put my blog address in- if I forget- I have to log out and log back in. This new commenting hurdle was not an improvement.

  37. UW, i can’t wait to see the video.

  38. Uppity I am surprised you don’t put an asparagus bed in- once it is in- it is there forever. Well, just about forever. Buy the two year old roots- put them in this year and mulch them well to keep the weeds down- then next year you can harvest sparingly. The year after that, a bit more, by the third year you will be able to harvest for about six weeks. It is not as hard as we are led to believe- I have clay soil and I put in a new row a few years back as we never have enough for everyone who wants some- Screw that bs about digging a trench 3 ft deep. You really do not have to do that. I went down only about 8 inches and the things are fine. Got a nice yield last year and should get even more this year. Just have to add soil to the top so they are buried good and deep. Remember last year I added soil to the top of the old bed to correct for the heaving due to the freeze thaw cycle?

  39. Great Post Lorac——-alot of changes, but I’m lurking and catchingup

    hope this gets thru, at a new job and a new computer

  40. YES !——–I’m thru

    Hope all is well ((((UPPITY’S))))

  41. I could just weep

  42. HA! Drug companies and insurers are panicked over what happens if the mandate goes away but the rest of the bill stands. They did a deal with the lying devil to get themselves a nice captive little market, and may be the first ones to get burned when things go sour.

    Cry me a river.

    Industry lobbying group PHRMA spent $32 million negotiating with lawmakers for a deal favorable to drug companies. The group agreed to $80 billion in price controls after months of exchanges with the administration.

    Obama used the individual mandate as a selling point for the pharmaceutical industry, arguing that more insured individuals would translate into a larger market of customers. If the court severs the mandate, however, companies would still have to abide by the price controls while receiving little in the pledged market growth.

    “These concessions are already written into the bill; they are part of the law,” said Dr. Jerry Isaacson, the report’s author. “The price controls will become stricter, but the industry will lose out on 30 million new (customers) if the mandate is unconstitutional.”

  43. Let me tell you, if the mandate goes away and the rest of the law is kept standing, NONE of us will be able to afford health insurance. SOMEBODY is going to have to make up for those premiums that will be missing, and cover for the people with preexisting conditions. Premiums will be impossible to meet. Your employer is NOT going to pay for it. And if you are single pay you are FINISHED. Many sIngle pay people are finished NOW, it’s THAT bad. Be careful what you wish for. If mandates go down the most humane thing that can happen to anyone paying a premium or part of a premium is the whole law gets dumped. Ditto for cost of drugs. IMPOSSIBLE to buy. SOMEBODY has to cover that missing money. That means you and me. I’m not kidding here. Don’t kid yourselves. The drug companies and health insurance industy is NOT going to swallow this loss. Plan on a loophole the size of a truck. If the reason for the cost controls is removed, you can bet their mandates will have to be removed too. You don’t just yank a paragraph out of a law without taking its roots with it. Do we not think their lawyers aren’t sitting in SCOTUS as we speak? Even if they are forced not to increase a drug price, I am telling you they will get it from our premiums. WE WILL PAY.

  44. I know, UW. I’m not gloating over that scenario as a good thing, because it would be harder on us than them. But I AM rolling my eyes at their whining “poor us” if their own cutting a deal for this train wreck comes back to bite them in the ass.

    I actually think that if the mandate gets dumped but the court does not strike it all, you would have bipartisan support for repealing a LOT of the rest of it, pronto.

    Best case is that they strike the whole shebang as unseverable from the mandate.

  45. if the mandate goes away and the rest of the law is kept standing, NONE of us will be able to afford health insurance. SOMEBODY is going to have to make up for those premiums that will be missing, and cover for the people with preexisting conditions. Premiums will be impossible to meet. Your employer is NOT going to pay for it.

    You ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie UW. This monster will have to be reckoned with.

  46. Yesterday wonderful video of a happy ending for a an abandon pooch, today wonderful shots of an exuberant 5 year old. Always something to brighten a day.

    As to the hoodies, just another example of how this bunch really do not waste any opportunity to pimp themselves – no matter how vile. They are still trying to garner points from the shootings in Arizona.

    Hope that little bribe for Bill bought you some peace. I know he had to have whiskers in a knot over all the attention to some silly book he would likely use as a scratching pad.

    I will say this, since my mother came to live with me the kitty mob has been going thought their stash like there is no tomorrow. They know “Nana” is an easy mark.

  47. WMCB, have you ever seen a decaying old insurance company building? You never will. Let them whine away. They can join Barack. His legacy is looking a bit sad now.

  48. I am hoping not much happens with this decision by the Supremes.
    I *just* got my new insurance through PCIP and I don’t want anything effing it up right now. Hell, at least let me get my *wellness* things done.

  49. Another thing, there is no way on this earth people as smart as the health care industry and pharma lawyers made a deal with barack obama verbally. You can bet its in writing. If this, then that. These people didn’t fall off a turnip truck. There is no way they would make such a verbal deal that would impact them forever with a politician, especially one who will only be around 4 to 8 years maximum. The people who wrote that piece forgot a few details and simply assume that if mandates go, everything related to them, tied to them and contingent on them stay the same. Contracts don’t work that way.

  50. Also, we’re going to have the Lounge open tonight over at TW.

    Everybody stop by and read my post; it’s kinda humorous. Also I did something a little special tonight also.

  51. Mt. Laurel, you gotta watch the Gramma connection with cats!!! They are brutally manipulative of old people. I saw this first hand with my own mother. You completely lose control of the situation after that, Mt. Laurel. Next thing you know their stomachs are dragging on the floor because of the food connection too.

  52. The thing is, WMCB, harder on us is harder than you can imagine. I had to drop my own single pay for awhile after the hikes. Here in NY, if you want single pay, the anti trust waiver makes competition impossible. The prices are fixed among a few providers and the prices are brutal. Try up to $4000 a month for a family. No less than a thousand for one person. And that doesn’t include copays and deductables. This is a catastrophe, WMCB. That is why most of the country wants this law struck down. They have FELT it already.

  53. Sad ending for one of the acid victims in Pakistan. The husband that did it is such a pig:

  54. socal, in goatfuckistan most of them wish they were dead afte their faces get the loving acid treatment. Poor misunderstood sharia.


  56. The healthcare thing–of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations. Let’s start our own insurance company-nah, that’s probably illegal cause the insurance companies have written the legislation.

  57. Great post again, lorac! And you SO rock buying 20 copies of the book!

    I’ve been meaning to tell you, I saw The Lorax.

  58. Uppity
    Yes, I have one kitty that has developed sidesaddles. Large sidesaddles. I brought a note back from the vet about needing to curb snacks, treats and table food. The others have gained a little but not enough to prompt intervention. I explained the new rules to Nana. I am still alive so that is a start.

    Keeping up with Obamamams:
    On a completely different topic, Barky & Friends have joined (been invited to join) Pinterest.,2817,2402221,00.asp

    I actually saw this somewhere else but the PC Mag article is funny (intentionally or unintentionally?). Pointing out that very few guys hang out at this site which is basically which is basically one big unofficial marketing/ad site.

  59. Twandx GenderGappers, on March 28, 2012 at 8:56 AM said: Edit Comment
    I iterrupt this thread to let you all know that my friend, who purchases books for the UVM library, is going to get Ani’s book, “Dirty Words on Clean Skins”.

    Thank you, Twandx — great news…

    And Lorac — great job on this post!

  60. Twandx — UVM? Univ of Vermont?

  61. Just got an email from Amazon. My book has been shipped!

  62. Well, got another email from Michelle. Here it is:

    (My first name), Every night in the White House, I see Barack up late poring over briefings, reading your letters, and writing notes to people he’s met.

    He’s doing that for you — working hard every day to make sure we can finish what we all started together.

    This week, I need you to have his back.

    Will you donate $3 or more to support Barack before Saturday’s critical fundraising deadline?

    Thank you.


  63. WLM — Amazon always comes in ahead of schedule, I find…hope you enjoy it!

  64. WLM — you can;t give Michelle three dollars because you already spent it toward my book! Just tell her that!

  65. Every night in the White House, I see Barack up late poring over briefings, reading your letters, and writing notes to people he’s met.

    Rolling my eyes here.

  66. Yes, I just feel so special.

  67. Right, Ani. I have better things to buy with my money – like your book.

  68. WMCB, from the SCOTUS blog:

    Paul Clement was back at the podium this morning on behalf of the twenty-six states challenging the ACA, to argue that if the mandate falls it must take all the rest of the Act with it. He began by emphasizing that the government agreed with him on one point: if the mandate falls, so also must two related provisions that require insurance companies to provide insurance to everyone, even sick people, at reasonable rates. But then he took that argument further, telling the Court that it would then need to strike down other provisions that were also related to the mandate. (He listed a series of such provisions in an approach that evoked the old children’s song: “The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone . . . .”) Because what would be left, he concluded, was merely a hollow shell, the better option would be to strike down the whole law and let Congress start over with a clean slate.

  69. Will you donate $3 or more to support Barack before Saturday’s critical fundraising deadline?


  70. Lorac — are you here??

  71. Will you donate $3 or more to support Barack before Saturday’s critical fundraising deadline?

    OMG, I just tossed my drink laughing so hard! Maybe they can get a gig filling in for Leno, O’Brien, or another comic?

  72. Yea. Maybe Obama’s teleprompters can fill in for Leno.

  73. Someone should tell him because he is going to need another job soon.

  74. Looks like Meechelle has done an audition for “Biggest Loser.”

    They both love the limelight, let them have at it.

  75. Obama’s two faces both have mirrors in front of him so he can admire himself.

    So he can see himself coming and going.

  76. We’ve been there, done that, and now we’ve bought the book.

    I love this sentence lol

  77. Great post lorac!

    I’m checking in before MKBill comes after me with a hook. :shock:

    We are all fine, just busy with work. I’m heading back up to catch up on the comments.

  78. michelina, new job? Cool! I hope you like it!

  79. Lorac! More thanks are due — Your generosity is amazing!!!

    Hope you’ve been well!!

  80. Every night in the White House, I see Barack up late poring over briefings, reading your letters, and writing notes to people he’s met.

    OMG. Does she seriously think someone is going to believe this? And I’m not even being nasty! My jaw dropped when I read this!

  81. Sophie – what is the movie about? (I honestly don’t know anything about my namesake!) From the commercials, though, it looks like I’m a good guy, anyway lol

  82. Hey – libraries! I bet libraries would like donations of Ani’s book! And I’ve even got universities and colleges around here! And lots of high schools!

  83. Oops Ani – sorry I was reading the thread and hopping down to post responses, but then going back to pick up where I left off – and then also following links – and doing some chores – blah blah blah lol

    Yes, I’m here, but maybe now you’re not lol

  84. Yes, I am — just wanted to thank you again for your amazing generosity!

  85. And let’s hope that start teaching classes using it as a tool — how to treat women with respect.

  86. Oh! That’s right! There are women studies departments! (of course, they probably thought that “this is what a feminist looks like” was properly applied to Obama :( And political science departments….

    You’re very welcome, Ani. (I can’t help it, I think you’ll always be “Ani” to me, I try to say Anita, and I fail lol) I know your book is centered on Hillary, but is also broader than that, but it just feels like you’re telling MY story (and UW’s story, and foxylady’s story, and AnnE’s story, etc). You did all the work, but by giving it to others (or reading it and telling others about it), I can explain “my experience” and “my reactions” to others much better than if I simply tried to do it myself with my own words (and terrible memory lol)

  87. Lorac, happy to do it. I felt positively possessed and had to do this. I don;t have any explanation for it. And Ani is fine…

    My blogger friends are the only ones who call me Ani (Aah-Nee) — it was the nickname my mom gave me. When you read the book, the reason that is my blogger name will make sense.

    I am honored you trust me to tell your story, too. I hope that your actions, and RevAmy’s and NES’ reflect a trned where Hillary supporters feel compelled to buy extra copies to give to the non-believers so they have an accurate testimony of what went down.

  88. lorac,

    What a great idea! Libraries! When I get my next check I think that I will get a couple of Ani’s books and donate them to the local public library and one or more of the colleges around here.

  89. Good one:

  90. Sophie, if only that was the option we faced on election day on the computer screen. It would win in a landslide.

  91. Uppity Woman, I provide my e-mail when I comment. Since I don’t see a link to your e-mail address, will you contact me about Ani’s book? Hard times, indeed, and I’m interested to read what she has to say. Thanks. ;D

  92. Rachel, please send your name and address to and I will send it along to NES or lorac. Make sure you include your UW screen name too so I know who you are! All of this will be kept confidential of course. I and either NES or Lorac will be the only ones who know, so don’t be afraid if you need help getting a book.

  93. Uppityites! Good job spreading the word! Annita’s book is moving up in the rankings. If you get a chance, go to amazon and hit the LIKE button!

  94. ::Snort:: Woman hating rightwing batshit crazy state legislators are backing off due to the large pieces of fat ripped off their fat asses by pitchforks wielded by women

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