Open thread and “Great Depression Cooking” Clara’s final video.

Clara Cannucciari.

We have seen many of this wonderful woman’s Depression Cooking recipes here at UW. Last August, many of her sent her cards for her 96th birthday.

As promised, Clara has made a final video of her last season for her millions of fans.

I know you join me in wishing Clara good health. She has brought much joy to millions of followers, including many of America’s young people. We thank her for showing them that the elderly are not a burden on society, but instead a fountain of love and knowlege we should embrace. Clara has spent a number of years on Youtube educating and and entertaining so many with her stories about life during the Great Depression. She taught many young people how to cook from scratch on the cheap! Those of us, like myself, whose ascendents came from Italy and whose parents and grandparents lived through the Depression recocognized so many of her recipes!

I hope we hear from Clara on her 100th birthday. So many are sad to see her leave youtube. We know we can’t have her forever, but we sure have tried!

Clara’s last episode, Tomato Sauce  (bring tissues)

You can see Clara’s Seasons and Episodes here. You will also find her book, Clara’s Kitchen, at her channel.

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  1. My grandma used to make Scraped Icebox and Dishrag Soup.

  2. Hey my family had stories similar to that Ossie, and they were real.

  3. Well if you all played Mega Millions, please let us know if you won. After all, your chances were good! 1 in about 170,000,000.

  4. Winning Mega Millions ticket bought in Maryland

    Unfortunately I shop in California

    These are not the winning numbers: 07-18-36-39-52 mega 23

  5. Actually I matched the mega so I won $2


  6. When will you get the plane for the Uppityite trip to Europe? I want you to hire a little guy who can talk thru his nose and say De Plane! De Plane! I suppose you can bring along a few of those crawdaders if there’s room.

  7. You know what cracks me up about these lotteries. People always barnstorm to by the $640 million ticket and ignore the $2 million lotteries. As if 2 mill just isn’t very attractive to them. This is where you can easily identify people who will never get ahead.

  8. You just described my mom.

  9. I usually buy 1 ticket for each of the 4 weekly lotto drawings. I can afford that much gambling.

    I figure if the gods want me to win I only need 1 ticket, but if I don’t buy any I can’t win anyhoo.

  10. In all the years I have inconsistently played the lottery I have won one $100 scratcher and one $60 scratcher. Other than that I’ve won maybe $20 at most from any one ticket. Lot’s of $1-$5 winners.

  11. I know someone who never had a pot to piss in, but as far as I know she never worked. Ever. She scammed the government school loan program and spent the money. Knew every in and out of the freebee system. Anyways, she actually hit the jackpot when she inherited a princely six figure sum. Did she buy a little home? Nope. Did she invest any of it or save any of it? Nope. Did she enroll in a local community college program to earn a piece of paper that gave her a marketable profession, say, court transcription, or dental hygienist, etc? Nope. First thing she did was buy a flashy car which is tantamount to flushiing its value down the toilet. Then she bought a wardrobe. And new furniture. Got herself an upscale apartment. Meanwhile, she was too lazy to even get a checking account. Of course, her credit was so bad, she probably didn’t dare get a checking account. Somebody talked her into putting the money in an account with a manager who wrote the checks and took a fee. The checks were mostly cash because she used the money to travel, and in between, she pissed the rest away away at the casino. Now she is broke again, has been evicted from her apartment and is begging for a place to crash. Sometimes you just can’t help a loser who is a walking self-fulfilled prophecy. Did I mention she’s pregnant and ‘pro life”?

  12. If you even win $100,000 clear you can turn that into income for life.

    Buy a coin-operated car wash or other small business. Invest in a rental property.

  13. Clara is just delightful. I have so enjoyed her cooking lessons.

  14. Yet another, donation request. This one is from Joe. Here it is (without the DNC email address as requested by Uppity. Ha!):
    Marcia —

    I’m not going to waste your time here: March 31st is this campaign’s most critical fundraising deadline so far.

    Whatever we’ve got in the bank on Saturday night is what we’ve got for the next phase of this election. And with the Republican primaries wrapping up, you can bet that it’s going to be the toughest phase yet.

    How ready we are depends on you. Chip in $3 or more now and take control:



  15. Whoops. Forgot to delete the email.

  16. LOL sounds just like Joe. Street thug wannabee.

  17. Os, I tried to talk the woman into a rental property. My take here is she just didn’t want to do any work and she wanted everything Now.

  18. You just described my mom.

    It’s EVERYBODY’s Mom.

  19. Ok, excuse me if I keep posting this. I have a donation from someone from DC.RR.COM. This is a California ISP resolve. First name starts with “M”. I cannot identify you on the blog, and your donation has to be claimed by me before it can go through.

    I am very careful about claiming money for security reasons and I need someone on this blog to tell me that you are the person who made this blog donation, so that I can claim and thank you. The email address on the contribution matches nobody here on the blog, and the donation is at an unconfirmed address by paypal, so I cannot make a connect until you tell me it’s your donation, whomever you are.

    Whomever you are, give me a shout!

  20. uppity, weird about the donation. Don’t blame you for being wary of it. Sounds like it might be somebody who dropped in from this weeks Ani post and has fond memories of you in 08 and wants you to continue to rant on with your fabulous insight. It might also be a trick.

    DC RR COM with a name with an M, come forth. Bill needs a new pair of cat booties.

  21. Clara–sigh! You will be missed, you sweetheart.

    She’s a composite of my grandparents’ sisters and several non-blood relatives I called Aunt. They had dozens of ways to make a little go a long way and make a first-class meal from inexpensive ingredients. I crack up when I see a bowl of pasta é fagiole at an upscale restaurant for $8.95. For $8.95 worth of ingredients, I can make pasta é fagiole for the entire restaurant!

  22. I just watched the Clara vid. How sweet she is. They don’t make them like that anymore.

    I grew up with two Cs in my last name, (CC) and it was a long name that ended in a vowel, my father and his 10 brothers and sisters were born in a little town in Italy, and yet, because my mother wasn’t pure Italian our Uppity will not let me call her pisano.

    Clara would!

  23. For $8.95 worth of ingredients, I can make pasta é fagiole for the entire restaurant!

    You got that right!

  24. No kidding with that pic Karen. You don’t see Hillary groveling and bowing to those goatfuckers. They are a whole lot more scared of her than she is of them. Like Meryl said in her tribute, women who have photos of themselves with Hill over there don’t get killed. She’s their insurance. THIS is what a PRESIDENT should be.

    If you have a CC in your name, you ARE a Paisano!

  25. I watched the Clara video. They don’t cook much like that anymore.
    sad too. 😦

  26. I love that photo! Nice to see the men in the hajabs and the WOMAN without!

  27. foxy I make most all those recipes still. I have my grandmother’s recipes and my mother’s recipes. Every single one of them.

  28. Hahaha on the hijabs imust!

  29. foxylady: I do! I make my sauce (I call it gravy though because there are meats in mine) from actual tomatoes (plums, Roma’s San Marzano’s) from a farmer (I’m a mediocre gardener). I’ve made paste like Clara did.

  30. Folks who enjoy Clara’s videos might also enjoy Ruth Stout’s gardening videos. (Did that sound Amazon-y?)

  31. I think the ‘gravy’ thing is regional in USA. We called is sauce with or without meat. It’s sauce. And YES! to San Marzano tomatoes!

  32. Get out and boogie!

  33. Bugger all, WP stole my link that goes with above post. Here it is again.
    You know you want to.

  34. Komen’s Nancy Brinker, AKA “Disgrace For The Cure” appologizes to Congress and asks for money. I wonder if those dipwads in Congress know that she also unfunded places like Johns Hopkins Research because they also do stem cell research. And Komen defunded a whole list of research hospitals and facilities at the same time they tried to defund PP. Congress should give nancy brinker squat, other than an invitation to move her ass the hell out of Komen, which she and her religious whackjob friends ruined. Maybe then they can recover.

  35. 3 times and I quit. If this fiddle works please delete the two above. Thanks

    Get out and boogie – you know you want to.

  36. I swear WP is messing with my head. It refused to print the link so I tried a couple of times more and then posted without the link. Turned my back and suddenly .. Hope someone will delete all the extras.

    Sorry for the repeats – I’m almost scared to send this –

  37. twandx has clearly taken over the job of trashing the place. Lorac, you have a successor.

    Bella Donna Uppity. *wipes tear from my eye and waves hankie*

  38. Hey! Where the fuck did all these cows come from?

  39. I think the hillbilly was here!

  40. This is Udderly ridiculous!!!

  41. Got milk?

  42. Oh my! I’m sorry- but the kleenex warning – just can’t do it today- can’t watch anything emotional lately.
    The COWS! MKBill is gonna have a fit (unless he gets all the cream)

  43. kung fu cow.

  44. PMM you’re right….MKBill will definitely be mad….

  45. This is a lot of bull:

  46. Redneck date night:

  47. Leave it to myiq to post a sexist cow video!

  48. Redneck Disco:

  49. How did that happen? The one that says Redneck date night was supposed to be this one:

  50. Carl’s Jr. What ad agency do they use…..Mad Men? Seriously they seem to be entirely focused on male demographic. I remember when Carl’s Jr. focused on their “healthy” grilled, no fried burgers back in the ’70s. They were the first fast food chain to offer salads….salad bars in the restaurants actually.
    Oh! I just noticed the “Protesting Peeps” in the sidebar! Yay!

  51. To all facebook users…..Ani Finlay has her page up dedicated to her book!
    It’s called Anita Finlay, Author. I didn’t put the link up because I wasn’t sure if Uppity would want a facebook link here.

  52. Thanks, imusthavepie::

    UWers…please go over and like my Anita Finlay, Author page!!!!


  53. You’re welcome Ani!
    OT: Wasn’t Obama supposed to do something about the rising oceans??

  54. Yes! He was supposed to fix that!

  55. Link please!

  56. of COURSE you can put her link up! Facebook is fine to link, just don’t join! LOLOL.

  57. for the facebook page?

  58. I wonder how many books that hot photo of you will sell?

  59. My pieface was freshly baked….but not hot…..jk 😉

    Anyhoo……what’s up with Jimmy Carter advising Democrats to change the platform position on abortion???

    “I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions and that was one of the problems I had when I was president having to uphold Roe v. Wade and I did everything I could to minimize the need for abortions,” Carter says. “I’ve signed a public letter calling for the Democratic Party at the next convention to espouse my position on abortion which is to minimize the need, requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose life are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest.”

  60. Jimmy Carter advising Democrats
    do they even listen to him anymore? 🙄

  61. Loved the Clara video. What a character! By the way, when I am skinning tomatoes, I cut a small x on the bottom of the tomato, then blanch them in boiling water for a few seconds til the X starts to curl. Then the skin slips off very easily, and I cut out the stem thingy, cut open the tomato and drain out the seeds.

  62. We are through with Shakespeare week now, so can rest. Exhausting but great. The kids performed in an upscale, professional theater, which was a nice way for laker to go out. He was great, and even did some cool dancework I did not know he was capable of.

  63. Also, want to say again how completely awesome are our two blog fairies, Lorac & NES, for their very kind and generous offer to send Ani’s books to others. Totally cool! Where do you find a blog family like this? I am ordering mine today, its already in my amazon cart, but I wanted to add a bunch of other stuff to it and didn’t have time til today. Don’t tell me what happens in the end!!! Seriously, I hope we can have a discussion about it.

    Upps, that donation wasn’t from us. Agree you should be careful about it.

  64. Uppity Woman, on March 31, 2012 at 3:25 PM said: Edit Comment

    I wonder how many books that hot photo of you will sell?
    I hope lots — because right now we are at a standstill! Sold a lot the first few days, thanks to all of you!!! I will be renewing big marketing efforts once my website is up as of Tuesday…

    If this book is successful, it will be because of word of mouth/grassroots. You are all the first wave! And you have no idea how appreciate I am about that…

  65. Carter is an old troublemaker and should keep his piehole shut. The problem with his type of thinking is that then its always some man who makes the decision for the woman in question. I read an article about this back in the 90’s in, I think, Glamour Magazine. It told the story of two different women in the 90s who got screwed by the system. The point of the article was that even though there is Roe v Wade, there can still be hurdles to obtaining an abortion:

    1) A mother of 2 young boys lived in LA. Her husband had abandoned them and she had severe heart disease and was told by her heart Dr not to get pregnant, that her heart couldn’t handle the strain. Well, she started dating again & got pregnant. Her cardio advised an immediate abortion as he thought she only had something like a 10% chance of surviving. However, as she was on some sort of medicaid, she had to get the approval of the head dr of her local hospital for the abortion to be covered. He was a pro lifer all the way, and disagreed with the cardio, and said in his opinion, she had a 50/50 chance of surviving!?!?! Seriously, 50/50! So he refused her permission. The f’ing pro lifers think their god don’t they? This pissed me off so much when I read it 15 yrs ago and still does today. 50/50! And if she died, her other two young sons would be thrown into the foster system! Who this creep is, to tell a woman he doesn’t even know that she must gamble with her life, gamble on her sons lives also, for his beliefs, just astounds me. Anyway, a womans group (I think NOW) from NYC raised the money for her and took her by ambulance to TX to have the abortion and have her tubes done so she couldn’t get pregnant again.

    I have to go make smoothies! Back in a few for the 2nd story.

  66. Hey! What’s everybody doing for “Earth Hour?” Turning off lights? Computers?? I guess that would rule out a “live blog”……..
    Okay, so I guess the “Live Blog” would look like this:

  67. Imust: you’re a trip!

  68. What’s earth hour?

    Anyway, the 2nd part of the rape story was a woman in prison who got raped by a guard. She demanded an abortion, which a judge had to approve for some reason, and of course the judge was a pro-lifer and said no, she could give it up for adoption if she didn’t want it. I need to try to look this story up, cuz I don’t remember the details like I did with the other one.

  69. Terrible stories socal. I can’t believe we’re having this conversation in 2012!
    Earth Hour is when everyone turns out their lights around the globe today at 8:30 pm. (in your own time zone)

  70. I will be at the movies. The lights will be out. I certainly hope they keep the projector on.

  71. Earth Hour is when everyone turns out their lights around the globe

    Everyone except Al Gore, it seems. If you recall, his mansion was lit up like Christmas on Earth Hour. This is why he is now a joke. He never ever led by example, just by arrogant edicts.

  72. Hey I can live blog on batteries.

  73. Don’t worry, Ani, the UWites will drop your amazon link in places they visit. Right gang?

  74. Ani, this is just the beginning…Oh, the places we will go! (h/t: Theodor Seuss Geisel)

  75. Hahaha!!! Bless you!! I have all faith!

    This has been such a nervewracking week because I used to spend so much time protecting my identity as a blogger back in 2008-2010 — then I went public writing under my own name — now I’m preparing a website and have a FB page as the author of this book – talk about a sea change!

    But right now, I am less afraid than I used to be. Probably because I have worked so hard on this book that I juts want it out there and at this point, it’s ‘devil take the hindmost!” Oy!!!!

  76. Hah! I got my bookkuk, I got my bookkuk. I’m gonna read it, I’m gonna read it!

    Love all the cow utubes. I leave in an unincorporated area, so there are many cow pastures. Cows rock!

  77. Uppity, you are in the credits of the book!

  78. This is kinda funny…..or not…….

    Kevin Murphy
    3:37 p.m. CDT, March 31, 2012

    KANSAS CITY, Kansas (Reuters) – A Kansas man was struck by lightning hours after buying three Mega Millions lottery tickets on Thursday, proving in real life the old saying that a gambler is more likely to be struck down from the sky than win the jackpot.

    Bill Isles, 48, bought three tickets in the record $656 million lottery Thursday at a Wichita, Kansas grocery store.

    On the way to his car, Isles said he commented to a friend: “I’ve got a better chance of getting struck by lightning” than winning the lottery.

    Later at about 9:30 p.m., Isles was standing in the back yard of his Wichita duplex, when he saw a flash and heard a boom — lightning.

    “It threw me to the ground quivering,” Isles said in a telephone interview on Saturday. “It kind of scrambled my brain and gave me an irregular heartbeat.”

    One of the 3 mega winning tickets was sold in northeastern Kansas….I guess he was a little too far south.

  79. Poor Bill Isles, the odds were against him for getting struck or winning the lottery and if it weren’t for bad luck he would have no luck at all. He won the lightning lottery.

  80. WLM I’m in the credits? I had no idea.

  81. LOL! Uppity that would be my luck too!

  82. WLM…read what it says about Uppity!!

  83. Speaking of Carter, socal, I always believed him to be a horrid president but a good person in his heart. I had no idea he was an anti-semite until the past few years. I was shocked, and it changed my view of him as a person forever.

  84. Well my book has been shipped so I will be reading soon. Remember, gang, we are going to do a group book review once we’ve all read it. And remember, if you are a recognized member of UW or other blogs who are our neighbors and you feel you cannot afford a book at this moment but would like one, email me at and either NES or Lorac will mail you one.

  85. Yes here at the mental institution, they will consider it progress if I am named in a book. I might get out one day.

  86. Actually, Uppity is in the “Acknowlegements” rather than “Credits”. Sorry for the misspeak. Among other acknowlegements it says:

    “For Susan, Larry, Amy, Uppity Woman, Valerie, Kathy, Julie, Jim, Shelby, Tricia, LisaB, Carmille, Will, Emily, Thom, TD, Sisterdo, Robin, Barbara, John, Bill, Ray, Lynn, Valorie and all the dear supportative souls who encouraged me to express myself.”

  87. Upps, agree with you about Al Gore. What a disappointment. I don’t mind at at all turning off electricity for a while, but why didn’t they chose daytime on a Sat or Sun for this earth hour thing? Would make more sense.

  88. Oh, also agree about Carter. Well said.

  89. socal, apparently turning off the lights for an hour will save energy. energy that Al Gore will use up in one trip on his jet.

  90. Awwwww that’s sweet, thanks Ani!

  91. I finally finished my amazon order and my book is on the way! I also read all the reviews on it and clicked that they were helpful. I will add a review of my own after I read it. Oh and do my own tweet. I clicked on the book/amazon from the side bar here btw. Can’t wait to get my copy!

  92. Uppity, I, too, thought Carter made a better ex-president. In fact I was a regular giver to the Carter Center until I saw a news clip on how he snubbed Bill and Hillary.

  93. I recommend that everyone click on the link for the book here and go Amazon, and click the “Like” button, and click “helpful” for all the good reviews. Some asshole has clicked “not helpful” on some of them. Lets get the numbers up! Amazon has massive readership for consumer reviews.

  94. Speaking of Bill Clinton….he was just on CSPAN with Jon Stewart. They were broadcasting from George Washington University. I came in at the end. It was a Q & A with Bill and the students in the audience. I just marvel at his intellect and ability to communicate complex ideas and break them down for the average person to understand. I just got angry all over again about what we lost in 2008!

  95. Tomorrow is lakers bday. I gotta go buy his presents! bbl!

  96. Funny socal, i noticed the not helpful person too. The person did it on ALL the reviews. Plan on seeing more of that from the crowd that had no problem cheating at caucus.

  97. Isn’t that the truth! The idiot bot who did that to all 6 reviews just proved the point of the book!

  98. I thought they didn’t need us 12 million. Two more emails asking for money:
    I’ll keep this short.

    Tonight’s our critical FEC fundraising deadline — and what we have in the bank at midnight is an important measure of how ready we are to take on the other side.

    Chip in $5 or more to Democrats by midnight tonight:



    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Democratic National Committee

  99. Here is the second one:

    I need you with me on this one.

    Tonight’s deadline is our biggest yet, and I need everyone pitching in.

    Give $3 or whatever you can:

    Let’s go,


  100. Let’s go,


    You go first.

  101. {{{{{{{{{{{{WLM}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    oh, darn it…

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{All of you!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  102. Ani, my book came in the mail today! 😀

  103. i am trying to wait patiently till the kindle version of Ani’s book comes out but it is hard. I know you’re all reading it and by the time I start it it will be old news already.

    Hurry up Amazon.

  104. Maybe we could wait to have the discussion thread until a little bit after the kindle version comes out….?

  105. Oh darn! I completely forgot about earth hour and now it’s over!! I bet my house was visable from space as a beacon of light surrounded by darkness! imustgocheckgoogleearth!,0,5602712.story?track=rss

  106. See! There’s my house on the left! I’m soo embarrassed!

  107. Hahaha imust! Is that really the pic from earth hour? Was the time for each time zone, or 8:30 for EST & 5:30 for us? I think they should have it at 2 or 3 pm.

  108. No socal, I was just being silly. The time was 8:30 pm in each time zone so they can’t get one photo that covers the time.

  109. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{WMCB}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  110. I endorse that message.

  111. This has been such a nervewracking week because I used to spend so much time protecting my identity as a blogger back in 2008-2010 — then I went public writing under my own name — now I’m preparing a website and have a FB page as the author of this book – talk about a sea change!

    Perhaps you’ll rub off on Upps.

  112. See! There’s my house on the left! I’m soo embarrassed

    For godsakes, you could have at least put somec clohes on!

  113. I do wish the authorities would move a little faster on deciding whether or not to arrest Zimmerman, before something really awful happens. Seriously, there is no reason why this should be dragging on like this, given the volatility of the situation. Make a decision and then live with it, FCS. The Inciters are rubbing their hands together. I tip my hat to the local NAACP leader, whose cooler head will prevail, I hope.

    Al Sharptom calls for escalated cicil disobedience.

    Orlando Sentinel engaged two voice experts and both agree the screams on the 911 recording are not Zimmerman’s.

  114. OK, I gotta brag. My daughter in Austin had a gallery in Austin take one of her pieces for a show. It sold in the first hour. First thing she’s sold, and she’s very stoked.

  115. Loved this. Tissues. yep. Hugs Upps & Co. ps: am doing scratch in FB. Lemon Bars & has you on genetically wasted you know muscle tissue. There. xxoo!

  116. Valentine how are you!

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