Self-Directed and Produced Cadbury Bunny Tryout


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  1. Noonan definitely knocked this one out of the park.

  2. You are so right, Uppity. She took the recent blunders blow by blow. There are so many more.

    Love the cat bunny. He is very talented.

  3. Had trouble with WP again.

  4. That’s right, it’s time for the War on Peeps.

  5. UW, regarding the Noonan link:

    Really, he cannot win the coming election. But the Republicans, still, can lose it.

    This is the election of defaults. The Republicans don’t really want Romney, but he is the default and will likely get the nomination. The country doesn’t really like Obama but given the Republican options, he’s the default. It couldn’t suck more.

  6. true dat…It couldn’t suck more. :roll;

  7. Anyone else here see Hunger Games yet?

  8. WLM – trouble? trouble? Waitillu get a gazillion cows come home to roost and all without spilling any milk.

    I agree that she is one great talented bunny cat/cat bunny.

  9. I just heard the pundits arguing on ABC that given the budget crisis that’s ahead, we should stick with Obama. Yeah, he did such a bang-up job of the debt ceiling crisis….which wouldn’t have been a crisis if he had handled it correctly. I think Romney needs to be a competent alternative. He shouldn’t worry about being “exciting”, but he does need to show a personal side. He was on late night tv and said something funny about Donald Trump. That’s the kind of thing he needs to do. Playing the saxaphone wouldn’t hurt either.

  10. imust, the Cadbury Bunny Cat with a ouija board would show the world it has better choices and judgement than the fraud the obots and crooked dems elected.

  11. there you go, imust…time to make a new blog:

    Just another Cadbury Bunny Cat with a ouija board running for president.

  12. LOL Sophie! I’ll think on it!

  13. Then you can do cross-posts with Cadbury Bunny Cat pies.

  14. Okay, now your just talkin’ crazy talk!

  15. As for the Cadburry bunny tryout, cut, but no cigar….tail is still too long.

    Yep, Noonan nails it….let’s hope for more Bozo outbursts/gaffes.

  16. In terms of the broad electorate, I’m not sure he really has a relationship. A president only gets a year or two to forge real bonds with the American people. In that time a crucial thing he must establish is that what is on his mind is what is on their mind. This is especially true during a crisis.

    Noonan really did nail that column. Who was the last president who really and truly GOT us? Well I am sure the readers of this blog need no hints.
    It is all so damn depressing really. And she predicts the future so well too.

    As a former president he’d be quiet, detached, aloof. He’d make speeches and write a memoir laced with a certain high-toned bitterness. It was the Republicans’ fault. They didn’t want to work with him.

    Though he is already detached and aloof and bitter. If he shuts the hell up and is quiet it will be a blessing.

  17. Yup MOM, and yet he dares call any segment of the electorate “bitter clingers.” Well, hell yes. How about bitterness from coast to coast, north and south?

  18. Hal- indeed. Though meanchelda gets all the credit for bitterness, I see it in him as well. Always have. And it is like some mad plaque they have unleashed on this country. I can not remember a time like this in this nation. People were depressed and perhaps anxious during the Carter years, dismayed and angry with Nixon’s skullduggery, frightened and perplexed and going bankrupt under Bush- but the sheer bitterness and division going on since 08 is unprecedented. There is an undertow sweeping us all under.

  19. There is an undercurrent of meanness…..passive aggressive. Dick Cheney has it too….not passive though.

  20. Mom @ 3:28pm, great comment!

  21. UW – you write about cockroaches, now here’s a real DICK to add to your collection.

    “In keeping with the conservative nationwide war on women, a representative of Alaska has suggested that women must have the consent of a man in order to validate her reproductive rights.

    State Rep. Alan Dick said that a woman’s pregnancy, in fact, is not actually “her pregnancy” and that a woman should be criminalized if she receives an abortion without the written consent of the man who impregnated her.

    “If I thought that the man’s signature was required in order to have an abortion, I’d have a little more peace about it,” he said.

    This absurd statement is made all the more alarming because it represents the frequent and varied attacks that Alaska Republicans continually make on the right to an abortion in the state. ”
    – from a care2 site.

  22. twandx, that’s just reprehensible. I think these guys are gonna regulate themselves out of ever getting any sex again!

  23. In other news:

  24. This is just too cute and funny. It’s hilarious! BTW, UW, if you haven’t read Frank Rich on the Republicans at The New Yorker Mag this month, I highly recommend it. There’s stuff in there I didn’t know, and it’s rather frightening. Worth a repost.

  25. Gang you have GOT to go to NES’s twitter page and read her hilarious list of “Obama April Fool’s messages”.!/NoEmptySuits

  26. Rachel can you give us a link to the piece?

  27. I think these guys are gonna regulate themselves out of ever getting any sex again!

    It’s a plus if they don’t reproduce!

  28. Well hopefully someone will write a counter bill that says a man’s dick isn’t his dick and he will not be allowed to leave the house with it without his wife’s permission, even if all the other guys are bringing theirs along.

  29. Obamam’s kinda friend.

    WASHINGTON — A major donor to President Barack Obama has been accused of defrauding a businessman and impersonating a bank official, creating new headaches for Obama’s re-election campaign as it deals with the questionable history of another top supporter.

    The New York donor, Abake Assongba, and her husband contributed more than $50,000 to Obama’s re-election effort this year, federal records show. But Assongba is also fending off a civil court case in Florida, where she’s accused of thieving more than $650,000 to help build a multimillion-dollar home in the state – a charge her husband denies.

  30. As long as we are at it Uppity – why don’t we just write a counter bill saying a man may not ejaculate without his woman’s permission. After all she might want those sperms to make a baby!

    These people are getting absolutely ridiculous- I found this CS Lewis quote earlier today- seems apt.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    And here we are between the robber barons and the omnipotent moral busybodies.
    Oh wait- they are the same people sometimes.

  31. It should be known by now, I DESPISE passive-resistant personalities. There is no place in my world for them.

  32. I think my Anita book has made it to Bumfuck W. Viginia by now. It’s a good thing I read fast. lolol.

  33. PMM, Love the CS Lewis quote. I should bookmark the permalink.

  34. Uppity, Bumfuck W. Virginia — I think I performed Shakespeare there once. Very appreciative audience. Gorgeous countryside. Hopefully whoever is shepherding my book to you won’t get distracted there…lol.

  35. hahaha Ani. It was because they couldn’t ship for days, because lorac and NES bought up all the cases of books.

  36. Email me, can you??

  37. Hey Mom, love your bill idea.

  38. Drat I have no post for tomorrow.

  39. LOL Uppity- I am full of all kinds of ideas like that- the powers that be should be grateful I have too many skeletons to run for office lol
    Have you all seen the Couric/Palin thingie? Seems Couric is covering a slot on ABC this week and Palin is going to Couric’s old slot for the week on the Today show? Isn’t the Today show a liberal leaning show? I don’t watch it so really have no idea- but I remember the kerfluffle between those two.

  40. Uppity- we can transport my voting dilemma post in for tomorrow if you get no volunteers.

  41. I do appreciate that Palin is always willing to walk into the lion’s den. Good for her.

  42. She doesn’t like me. I’m a “Radical Feminist” to her.

  43. The interesting thing is, if it weren’t for the “Radical Feminists” people like palin wouldn’t be in the position she’s in today. She wouldn’t have even made it to the Wasilla council slot, much less mayor and governor. I really resent being skewered by people who benefited from the second wave “radicalism”. We bled. We stood in the snow and the rain. We gave at the office and have the scars to prove it. The only word I can think of is INGRATE.

  44. I tweeted NES and asked her if I could post her “Obama april fools” tweets, MOM, but you can put your post up too! Stick it in the hopper!

  45. Incidentally, the cat in this post’s video looks JUST like my cat.

  46. Ok will do- but the NES April Fool’s one would be SOOOOOO much fun!
    edit- it is in the drafts- but I vote for NES tweet day!

  47. Where the H is she? I think she’s in love with another blogger or something.

  48. UW: With all applicable disclaimers, I think Palin wasn’t always an ingrate. If I recall correctly, when she first announced, she actually called herself a feminist and the This-is-what-a-feminist-looks-like guard pounced all over her: How dare she call herself a feminist!

    I personally was pissed at NOW, et al, for that. Why didn’t then nail her on policy? No, they went after sociology and for all the wrong reasons. Here was someone who was willing (after a 30 year moratorium on the word) to call herself a feminist in public, but the Genuine Radical Feminists(tm) basically told her that even though she chose to live her own life to her own liking, that wasn’t real feminism.

  49. Uppity Woman, on April 1, 2012 at 10:19 PM said:

    Where the H is she? I think she’s in love with another blogger or something.
    Hanging out at JWS

  50. Yes, I think she has a crush on a gay man lol

  51. Aha! She’s gone for John!

  52. You’ll never get a defense of NOW from me, Sophie. Useless people except for NOW NY.

    Yes she calls herself a “feminist” and it is the far right women who are redefining it to mean Father Knows Best. No cigar.

  53. You can’t be a feminist and be a power broker in a party that is trying to pass the most demeaning laws to women ever attemped without screaming bloody murder. She is Silent.

  54. I have NO problem admitting I am a Radical Feminist. I paid my dues so other women could pretend they are feminists now at their leisure …and it their own peril.

  55. Thread killer <————–

  56. UW, here’s the link to the Frank Rich piece from New Yorker:

  57. This is a REALLY interesting piece Rachel. THANK YOU.

    For much of its history, misogyny was not the style of the party of Lincoln. For most of the twentieth century, the GOP was ahead of the curve in bestowing women’s rights.

    Keyword “Bestowing”. This word sums up EXACTLY why the ERA is necessary and will always be necessary. Women are not allowed to be born with their rights. They are “Bestowed” upon them.

    The most basic of rights, the right to vote…was “Granted” to women by men.

  58. The socal family SALUTES UPPITY WOMAN!!!

    And thanks her for another great recipe to add to the fam favorites! We had the Chickie Marsala tonite and it was deeeeelicious! Yum! Today is lakers 18th and it made a great birthday dinner for him. btw, I used 5 breasts and doubled everything else. I did make asparagus with it, & served it with some butter quinoa/corn rotelle.

    Brava Uppity!

  59. Meant to say quinoa/corn rotelle with a little butter & parsley.

  60. Just so we are reminded who that bastard Newt Gingrich really is.

    The new GOP was hostile to female liberation, period, not just female sexual freedom. The pitch was articulated by Newt Gingrich in his first successful congressional race in Georgia in 1978. His opponent, a state senator named Virginia Shapard, crusaded for the Equal Rights Amendment and bankrolled her own campaign. That uppity profile gave the Gingrich forces an advertising message: “Newt will take his family to Washington and keep them together; Virginia will go to Washington and leave her husband and children in the care of a nanny.” Newt won by nine percentage points. One of his campaign officials tied his victory to the strategy of “appealing to the prejudice against working women, against their not being home.”

  61. Ah you had my marsala! I tell you we can’t go more than a few weeks without eating that meal! I’m glad you liked it. Happy Birthday LAKER, WE LOVE YOU, GUY!

  62. socal, somehow I can just SEE the socals sitting at the table, taking that first bite and saying Dang That Uppity!

  63. And it’s the “new GOP” that if you read a book like Backlash by Susan Faludi, just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. What’s great about Rich’s article is that he digs into pieces of GOP history that I didn’t know. The sad thing is that instead of looking back to the history of the GOP, women like Noonan and Palin seem to play right into the current meme, especially Ann Coulter (don’t get me started on Ann; by herself she’s been quoted recently as saying that she doesn’t want women to vote so Republicans can win). I want women to have different political beliefs and religious beliefs. I just don’t want them to all come at the expense of our very own sex.

  64. Same here, Rachel. I never realized the history of misogyny and control of women in that party. It’s downright hatred of the liberation of women. Scary. What on earth are we left with as choices?

  65. The Green Party? I know people are up on “Americans Elect,” but I don’t think it’s the way to go because until the right side of the aisle becomes aware of what we know, the middle will reflect it. The middle needs to know, too. The Green Party has never been huge, but it has been on every ballot for a while. Really, those points on the Republicans views of women and this:, point toward the forming of a new party to replace the Republicans, or for a massive movement of people to reclaim it and take it back. The sad thing is that the south gravitates right towards these things as if they’re right and true. They’re not. Mind you, beliefs are okay in moderation, but not the way they were used under Bush 43 and the way that party’s views still are. It’s not the same old party.

  66. Rachel if you ask me, we need a new party to replace the Republicans AND the Democrats. They are both off the wall, corrupt, hijacked by crazies and just plain no longer suitable to a Republic. They deserve their place as two fringe parties.

  67. Cuuute post.

    Has Santorum pulled out yet? I’m feeling knocked up by his ridiculous candidacy. As Upps pointed out on the TwitterVerse, Il Papa may be retiring shortly. RickS as Pope! I would convert to Catholicism if he did that!

  68. Now, maybe Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were right that winning another election would be easier than impeaching 43. Whether this included Hillary, or not, we don’t know (and I wish I did). What really makes me upset about the Democrats is that W. wasn’t impeached. He needed to be, and badly. As soon as they had the House in 2006, it should have been about the good of the Republic rather than just winning the next election. So, I really don’t know what to say, here.

  69. Loved that Backlash book. It opened people’s eyes. I expect Ani’s book to be the 21st c. version of that.

  70. Cheney, too, and perhaps especially, for Valerie Plame and torture.

  71. Frankly, with the whole issue of torture at the top of that “14 points” list, there are a lot of people who aren’t traveling outside of the U.S., except to “friendly” nations.

  72. Whoa Lakerdude! Happy B’day! We’re so proud of you — you’re our shared son.
    If I had a son, he’d look like Laker. (OK, not quite (I saw his photo — he’s a blond god), but you get the sentiment…)

  73. socal, did you buy a sports car for the young lad? If not, please expect a lawsuit for specific performance and breach of contract.

  74. It makes me sad that the Democrats are so pluralistic that at times they have a hard time fighting. The socially conservative wing of the Party needs to be reigned in at times. I just wish I had more solutions. Speaking of which, I’m looking for them, and I want more people to comment: ;D

  75. I have NO problem admitting I am a Radical Feminist.

    And, don’t forget…I pretend to be a lez when I feel s*xy. (Cover Laker’s eyes, quick!!)

  76. but I vote for NES tweet day!

    The vote carries the house!

  77. Gang you have GOT to go to NES’s twitter page and read her hilarious list of “Obama April Fool’s messages”.!/NoEmptySuits

    (Check’s in the mail, babe.)

  78. High school boy who leans conservative wanted to put up “respect all women” posters, but principal wouldn’t let him – even though “black power” posters were allowed.

    I think it’s cool that a high school boy is interested in women’s rights, and it’s cool that a conservative wants to on top of it.

    From looking at the posters, he seems to be trying to protect conservative women (in addition to honor killing victims). I think it would be nice it he had included Hillary or another dem woman – but I know conservatives think that dem women aren’t denigrated – they have no memory of what they did to Hillary and others. But I have to remember that most people are still stuck on one side or the other – they haven’t evolved yet to see both parties suck and do the same things!

  79. Yep, Noonan’s gone from Eyes Wide Shut to Eyes Wide Open.
    Welcome to the real world, Dorothy.

  80. Chit, my Ani books haven’t arrived yet. Still have 3 copies to give away, if anyone wants them (when they arrive, bien sur) — write to Aunt Upps and a Penguin will deliver them.

  81. Terribly unPC, but wickedly funny, tweet I saw:

    Keith Olbermann: If I had a son, he’d look like Rachel Maddow.

  82. Whoa, a newcomer. Rachel, welcome. You seem very serious. We’ve moved on from Bush — onto Obama, whom we dislike. What’s your view of him? I’d rather impeach him for violations of the Constitution (eg, saying it’s OK to kill US citizens without charge or trial if HE deems them terrorists) than Bush. Do you agree?

  83. Thank you for the welcome. I’ve noticed. I don’t like a lot of what’s come out of the Obama administration, notably not letting women under 18 use Plan B without consent, and lots of things where he’s governed to the center or center-right of his party. I’m a Hillary fan, but I agree with the repeal of DADT, so I’m somewhere in the middle with him.

  84. Rachel, it’s my observation that the Democratic party has never really been the party of women. They have used women’s issues for votes but after their elections…….crickets. You can count on them bringing up, for example, the Fair Pay Act just before an election. In fact, that sack of crap Reid did that very thing in 2010. They have been pulling this shit for decades, not helping women with legislation, instead, keeping them afraid while they “dole” out gifts of equality to them in little spurts that are meaningless. A good example is Ledbetter. Ledbetter by itself is not only useless, but a stark reminder that Barack himself and his clones in Congress never intended to pass the Fair Pay act, which would have made Ledbetter a moot issue. All Ledbetter did was allow a woman more time to FIND OUT she was screwd. Big freaking deal. I have watched this go on for far to long to believe in them any longer. They have been Using women. The ERA is NOT something THEY wanted either. With the ERA, we wouldn’t need them and wouldn’t have to beg them for another little right all the time. they have betrayed us at every turn from congress and there is no getting around it. They don’t have a hard time fighting at all. They don’t want us to win any equality. If we did, then they couldn’t scare us, use us to carry their water, and their base would be in the crapper.

  85. Hillary fans are always cool.

    One thing…didn’t Hillary support the repeal of DADT? I thought she did. Also, she’d have done it sooner than Obama (who’s always a day late and a dollar short, other than when it comes to playing golf).

  86. And, don’t forget…I pretend to be a lez when I feel s*xy.

    And a fine actor you are!

  87. No, no, Upps…I meant YOU.

  88. Neither party scores too highly in my opinion. One is worse than the other. I happen to agree with you on the Democrats. One, the Democratic Party, is worse. The other, the GOP, is worser. Lesser of two big behemoth evils. The Green party may be the way to go, if they can find a more credible presidential candidate than, say… Rosanne.

  89. Rachel, it sounds like you may have imbibed some kool-aid in the distant past, and now are recovering. Am I correct? If that’s the case, never fear — we promise to hold your feet to the fire should you show signs of reverting.

  90. I read an article that O was forced into repealing DADT – he was fighting against it the whole time. I wish I could remember the two people who got it done.

    NES, do we have a new club member do you think?

  91. Has Santorum pulled out yet?

    You know, this could be considered a form of abortion…. ROFL

  92. socal, Laker shares a birthday with myiq

  93. No, no, Upps…I meant YOU.


  94. Yeah lorac, you would think a guy who spends his life pulling out would be able to get the hell out of the race faster. I could get more graphic but I don’t want to embarrass anyone.

  95. Don’t get me started on Sanitorium. Literally. Actually, what’s interesting is that it’s not the Catholics going for him. He’s supposed to be one, it’s the Evangelicals. They kept their political beliefs out of politics until the Civil Rights Era. Now, though… they practically own the GOP.

    Iron Chef America is on. Have to pay my respects. (Speaking of cooking and food… ;D)

  96. NES, do we have a new club member do you think?

    Dunno yet, lorac. We have to go where the evidence takes us. Our motto: No moderation in loving Hillary; no moderation in disliking Obama. Now who says we’re not even-handed, eh?

  97. I am not impressed with Green. For starters, Ralph is an idiot. If he really cared about America he would do what he excelled at…and he would be ripping american carmakers a whole new butt. Also, I have lived long enough to recognize a political scam when I see one. Since the Bomb Shelter thing was already done and Y3K is too far off for immediate profit, we have Global Warming, now reassigned the Embarrassment rename known as Climate Change. If Al got caught in one more lie, he was going to be tarred and feathered. Not to mention his penchant for NOT leading by example.

  98. Aha, Dr. Lorac…the trail has gone cold, momentarily. Iron Chef has trumped the answering of my question. We’ll wait…time is nothing to us.

  99. Who has an attic full of new incandescent light bulbs?

    Answer: Me.

  100. Like I said, no one better than Rosanne. I agree with the platform, but Ralph and her…. I can’t get with them (there’s a commercial on). As for the President. I try not to talk about him too much. Is that good enough? I prefer to stick mostly to issues and Hillary.

  101. That’s okay, the rest of us are more than willing to talk about him. He sucks. He is a horrible president. he is a sexist pig and he has betrayed his own base. He has also destroyed all chances of REAL health care reform for a minimum of another bunch of decades. Unfortunately these ARE real issues.

  102. I agree. The issue is we’d all be a lot better off with regard to the issues that matter if Obama wasn’t president and Hillary was…..Obama, Mr. Historical had to cheat, thug and steal. Not to mention have the Supers and the media carry him over the finish line because he had to….just had to….with the fierce urgency of now…when we really needed a competent, compassionate, experienced LEADER….he just had to be president now.

  103. lakerwade: Thanks for bday wishes. Uppity, that dinner was soooo great! Perfect dinner, chicken mushrooms and lots of wine sauce. Dad is taking the leftover to work tomorrow.

    NES, ha! on the car! I got some nice stuff though and got to go to some cool places this weekend. April fools day for a bday! I used to get teased about that.

  104. That’s three of my recipes the socal family loved. I’m doing a happy dance.

  105. I am reading the Frank Rich article posted by our newbie. Thanks newbie! Very interesting, and interesting comments also! Gotta run back and finish.

  106. Mmmm, more than just three. Also the ribs, hummus, and I think more, have to look.

  107. I forgot about the ribs. I was thinking the chicken Ves, the pot roast and the marsala.

  108. testing my new account.

  109. Upps, I finally got laker his own acct. He did a tester, but I think its in moderation.

  110. Wow, Laker, spiffy new gravatar. Happy Birthday. (Make sure you mom buys you that sports car you’ve had your eye on.)

  111. He’s out. NO ONE puts Laker in moderation. (Except MKB, of course.)

  112. As for the President. I try not to talk about him too much. Is that good enough?

    Since you ask, NOPE. But, hey, it’s not my blog….

  113. I changed my avatar. Yea! Remind me never to cook with an ostrich egg. Good heavens. Those things are huge! I’d probably do what Michael Symon did with his, although he knows how to rescue it. Socalannie, you’re more than welcome for the article. UW, I’m staying away from commenting on health care until I see the ruling on Constitutionality in June. I originally thought that was coming right away, but it’s not happening that way. When it comes out, then I’ll really have something to say. One way, or another. I’ll tell you whom I miss, and partly because I love his sprightly first lady, FDR. Heck, I wasn’t even alive, by far, when he was in office, but I miss them.

    You know, this is interesting, but I think with Hillary, the role of first lady is starting to be… outdated. What do you all think?

  114. And, we don’t forgvie or forget that his narcissistic and sexist and premature run for the presidency kept her out of the White House.

    Anyway, you never answered my question, Rachel. Do you now drink, or have you ever drunk, the ObamaKoolAid?

  115. NES, ha! on the car! I got some nice stuff though….

    Laker, my boy, having your own personal lawyer means you never have to settle for less.

  116. I’m using my new avatar! Yea. I probably will not cook with an ostrich egg ever. Hopefully, if I *ever* did, I’d be able to rescue mine like Michael Symon rescued his. Socalannie, you are more than welcome for the article. UW, I thought the initial decision on the Constitutionality of the health care bill would be revealed this week. Since it’s not coming out until June, that is when I will really have something to say. I wasn’t even close to alive then, but I’ve read enough, mostly about Eleanor and FDR. I’ll tell you, if we had FDR in office, I’d be pleased as punch.

  117. I’ll tell you whom I miss, and partly because I love his sprightly first lady, FDR.

    I thought Obama was FDR, reincarnated! Rats, Rachel/Chailife, the kool-aid must be wearing off.

  118. Rachel/Chai, do you know a blogger who goes by the name of Walthe310?

  119. UW, I’m staying away from commenting on health care until I see the ruling on Constitutionality in June. I originally thought that was coming right away, but it’s not happening that way. When it comes out, then I’ll really have something to say.

    When the healthcare decision comes out, Rachel/Chai, will you be getting your talking-points from OFA to share with us?

    We’ve actually had lots and lots of discussions on Obamacare here because, well, we saw it for the awful creature it was even before it was passed. You could dive into the archived material and see for yourself.

  120. Anyway, you never answered my question, Rachel. Do you now drink, or have you ever drunk, the ObamaKoolAid?

    Tic toc, Tic toc, Tic toc, …..

  121. No, I don’t know a blogger by that name… Walthe310. On health care. Medicare for all would be much preferred. That’s my main position. Single payer.

    Have I ever drunk the ObamaKoolAid? You’d be amazed at the KoolAId I’ve drunk. I did, yes.

  122. BTW, yes, I’m Chailife77. I wanted to use my first name, but it’s taken for these avatars. Good heavens.

  123. Have I ever drunk the ObamaKoolAid? You’d be amazed at the KoolAId I’ve drunk. I did, yes.

    Thank you for answering my question, Rachel/Chai. Your answer doesn’t surprise me. I do hope you’re not here to convert us — we’re not open to Obamabot or Obama-Pod-People invasions. We will not be assimilated into the ObamaBorg. Forewarned is forearmed — I mean, we are.

  124. No, I don’t know a blogger by that name… Walthe310.

    So you know, Walthe310 is an Obamabot that’s invaded one of our neighbor-blogs; he was dispatched by OFA…election season and all. The neighbor is very tolerant of all-comers at his blog; the BlogMistress here is more discerning.

  125. Thomas Friedman, New York Times column on Wednesday: paraphrasing: There are no more liberal Republicans or moderate Democrats willing to push the two parties to the middle to get stuff done. And there is no credible third party alternative. Give me FDR, or give me death! (Well, okay, not that literally ;D)

  126. NES is the attorney, so she probably knows for sure, but I heard on a news show that even if the SCOTUS has made up their mind, they like to wait until the end of their session at the end of June to announce their decisions, especially such a hot one.

  127. NES, I meant the other club. Sounded like you had read posts on the website, which I did.

  128. So, are you saying we should vote for Obama? Isn’t that his election 2012 slogan: I suck, but the other guy sucks more.

    Pretty much everyone here has stopped reading that once-great, now ObamaFluffer rag, newspaper, the NYTimes. We’ve abandoned it, along with the Obamacrat party.

  129. Nope. I have no intentions of doing that. I only comment where I have things in common with people. I’ll only argue points on issues on here. Since I know where your policies are. Unless I agree on policy, in which case, I’ll have more to say. One reason I’m waiting on the SCOTUS with health care.

  130. Rachel, do you mean the obot koolaid? Are you a recovering obot? (it’s best to go cold turkey lol)

  131. I just love this header so much – that’s such a beautiful walkway-garden…

  132. So, tell me, Rachel/Chai, do you still drink the Kool-Aid? I’m sensing you do.

  133. Yes, lorac, they’ll probably wait till then. Also, it’ll take a while to write the majority opinion and the dissenting opinion(s) (and concurring opinions, if any).

  134. I meant the other club.

    Please elaborate, lorac.

  135. There are no more liberal Republicans or moderate Democrats willing to push the two parties to the middle to get stuff done.

    Wait! What happened to Bill and Hillary? After these four years of Bush III, we’ll have four of Romney, then WELCOME BACK, HILLARY!!!!

  136. Yes, lorac, that’s what Rachel means. Not sure she’s recovering at all. I suspect she’s here to feed us little news bites or opinions (distributed by OFA) intended to bring us around to the notion that Obama’s better than the alternatives.

  137. I’m a recovering obot. I don’t disagree with him on everything, but I still don’t like that he had to be president this time around.

    Bill and Hillary are around, but I think I know the kind of moderate Thomas is talking about. There are less of them.

  138. NES, you would be wrong about me. I appreciate that you want to protect the group. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong. I’m here to agree with you where I agree with you. Do I make sense now?

  139. I feel like just quietly withdrawing for a while. I know who I am, but I seem to have this way of… pushing buttons that I don’t mean to. So, it’s after midnight anyway.

  140. NES, you would be wrong about me. I appreciate that you want to protect the group. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong. I’m here to agree with you where I agree with you. Do I make sense now?

    Time will tell, Rachel. But, glad you came clean on the kool-aid. Honesty carries currency here.

    People here still suffer PTSD from being ravaged by Obamabots in 2007-08. Our crime? Alleged racism and vagina-voting…all because we supported the objectively better and more qualified and tested candidate. One who had actually lived a life, not fabricated one in a fairy tale posing as an autobiography. A woman who had earned her distinctions through experience and hard work, and who had built her resume over time, was steamrollered by some shallow, callow guy with a laughably thin resume in his rush to the corner office. And, in this rush (this b.s. “fierce urgency of now”), his way was greased with layers of sexism and cleared with barbs of racism hurled against his opponents. So, tell me this: Why should we forgive those like you who were, at least then, in the Obama posse against us?

  141. Well, Rachel has indicated that she’s looking forward to reading Ani’s book – so maybe she’s open to learning more about what her guy and his bot army did to us.

    I still want to know – since it was racist to support Hillary, racist even to say anything truthful about Obama – why wasn’t it sexist to support Obama? Why did Obama supporters want to keep Hillary from making history (especially since she DID win!) ?

    In Ani’s book, she mentions that they were both equally historic runs. But I disagree. Given that 52% of the population is female, and 12% is black, I’d say Hillary’s win was longer overdue and more historic. And as we’ve seen, Obama is no different than previous presidents (not even different than republican ones) – while Hillary – based on her record – would have been different than the men.

  142. Because I wasn’t totally against you. I felt torn during the primary. I drank the KoolAid during the general, mostly. I followed Hillary’s lead. She said to vote for Obama, and so I did. But I’m not totally happy with what he’s done, or should I say, failed to do. I’m in maybe a minority position in that I can’t vote Republican. I have a variety of reasons why I can’t and I won’t. I don’t know where the alternative is, but I look for one. In the meantime, I sit where I sit. Disaffected Democrat looking for someone other than Romney, and not finding anyone, and frankly, freaked out by anyone with Republican after their names. Okay. Now I’m going off to bed. I’ll be around.

  143. In Ani’s book, she mentions that they were both equally historic runs. But I disagree. Given that 52% of the population is female, and 12% is black, I’d say Hillary’s win was longer overdue and more historic. And as we’ve seen, Obama is no different than previous presidents (not even different than republican ones) – while Hillary – based on her record – would have been different than the men.

    Couldn’t agree more, lorac.

    Maybe I was too paranoid, but it’s that time of the year when OFA deploys its blog squatters to preach, convert or just create mayhem. I find it odd that the MSM has just now started a full-fledged attack on SCOTUS in anticipation of their overturning of The Lord Obama’s healthcare papal bull; and here comes Rachel, placing a bookmark on a future healthcare discussion she wants to have with us. Maybe she’s real, I don’t know for sure…we have to be in on our guard though. We’re not chumps. And, we do not forgive or forget what Obots have wrought.

  144. All I know is, you’re GOOD. I don’t know what kind of attorney you are, but I hope I’m never on the stand with you getting my secrets out of me lol

  145. Hah! I play a trial attorney in real life. (I would defend you always, lorac’ers, so you have no cause to worry. Ask MKB — I keep him out of prison.)

  146. Well stated, NES and Lorac in re the experiences we all had in 07-08.

  147. NES, you’re so funny.

  148. “People here still suffer PTSD from being ravaged by Obamabots in 2007-08.”

    God, do we ever.

  149. MKB – jail? I thought he had a “medical catnip” card? Oh, maybe they don’t have that in NY yet! Here, every other teenager and 20 something has one.

  150. NES, by funny, I meant the back & forth with the newbie, not the reason for it as stated in your comment @ 3:29am.

  151. Hah socal! I love entertaining.
    I’m sure Upps won’t find it very funny though….

  152. I can picture NES as a trial lawyer. She has the brains and the fast thinking for it. Wasn’t barky like a tea & cookie pusher type, a lackey?

  153. Hey Ani! Thanks for the props.

  154. laker, that guitar in your avatar is so pretty! Is it yours, or one you want to get? Or did you get it today for your birthday?

    PS it’s one a.m. in CA – if you answer this question tonight I’ll know you’re not in bed on a school night lol 🙂

  155. Actually, Lorac in re your earlier comment, of course the first woman to win after 43 men would have been more historic, which I mentioned in my book, but as to the woman / man thing, it would have been appreciated if she had even been deemed to have a “historic” run at all –Equal would have been fine, but as we all know, that was not allowed by the MSM. They had a different narrative planned altogether.

  156. lorac, he just went to bed as a matter of fact! We’re doing a fun day tomorrow. Actually, he finished his requirements for H.S. already, but still taking other classes of course.

    Re: the guitar…he would loooove to have that guitar. Its probably worth in the 6 figures. Its George Harrisons famous hand painted Stratocaster.

  157. NES — you deserve them.

  158. The next two weeks are spring break for us, but his music classes are going on though.

  159. Good night all.

  160. {{{{{{{{{{{{Lorac}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    …looks like I missed you again!!!

  161. Ani, maybe I misread – I had thought you said they were equally historic – but yes! The least they could have acknowledged was that it was a historic run at all!

    And it really did bug me that everything we felt or said was racist, but it never once occured to them that by their own logic, they must be sexist because they didn’t want Hillary…

    I just ordered a few more today – I think I’m going to send the libraries books directly from Amazon, instead of having them shipped to me, and then I have to reship!

    BTW, you have many beautiful sentences in that book – nice use of adjectives, etc!

  162. Lorac, you are too kind. And so generous. Thank you…

    I understand and respect your point, but please know that in signing my name to this book ,I am making an effort to counteract a narrative we have been forcefed for the last four years so I have to come across as fair as possible.

    While I did imply that the first woman after 43 men would have been more historic — certainly you are right that I was just asking for her to be treated with “equal respect” — so I did write “equally historic” — my point is, had we even gotten THAT much from mainstream media –all the shenanigans in the world would not have stopped her from getting the nomination.

    Hillary would not have required being more historic in order to win, Not at all. If she had even gotten a semblance of fair coverage or someone acknowledging her narrative, or indeed, her right to be there, she would not have been trumped at every turned by the media touting “His” historic narrative while she was just being painted as some vile skullery maid who should get lost.

  163. And yeah, Lorac, you are right that no one dared to say choosing him over her was sexist. Sometimes, I could just smell these commentators looking for an excuse to vote for him. And they sure had to look hard, while all the time pretending it was the most logical choice in the world.


  164. Ok. I’ll check back in tomw. Must….go….to….bed….

    Goodnight all!!

  165. Riddle me this. Arizona or New York?

  166. Ah I see you all had an interesting exchange here, the kind which likens itself to the dark days of 2008 and the concept that Concern Trolls Are Very Concerned. We don’t plan to tolerate it again, not in the least, so you will have to excuse our little family here, Rachel. We have that third eye on the alert at all times. We also learned from some other blogs that blogs do not have to be Democracies. We learned and Modeled. We never, and I mean never bother obot blogs and we do NOT want to be bothered by them. This blog, like theirs, is not a democracy. This blog belongs to those of us who decided we don’t want to be bothered any longer and our members are loaded for bear that way. Just so you understand. We are not here to debate you the advantages of Barack Obama, for we see none. Most of us will either vote for someone else, write in Donald Duck (I think he’s registered now anyways), write in another name, or stay home. That’s not going to change. Yes, we may even be an “echo chamber” on that subject. We also learned how to do THAT from the blogs that threw us out in 2008. We are a Safe House for all the people who got their lives threatened, were called Cunts and “low information” uneducated dirty little subjects — worse — and we are united in our unwillingness to have it happen again. Nothing could be further from the truth. You want a lawyer, a really GOOD one? We’ve got several. Need a Veterinarian? A teacher? A software engineer? How about a couple of managers, some with MBAs and some just damned good at it without the need. Why, we’ve even got our own right wing blog redneck, from whom I might add we learned a few things, and he in turn has learned a few things from us. How about a psychologist? A doctor, a surgeon? In fact, some of our smartest people never went to college at all, because, if there’s one thing I learned along the way of my own interesting life, it’s that even a stupid person can get into college these days and graduate knowing pretty much nothing but how to have a laughable attitude, because colleges are totally dumbed down. I wish I had a thousand for every smart-dumb person I know who went to college. Alas, two of the richest people I know never even walked BY a college. We’ve got Harvard. We’ve got Brown. We’ve got Cornell and we’ve got the school of hard knocks, most of whom are the types who actually taught me something useful after I showed up with my college attitude. This blog has more brains collectively than that School of What’s Happening Now so many Obama followers came from, because we know the difference between smart and dumb. Not bad for a bunch of low information, “deadenders”.The truth is, calling Hillary supporters low information and uneducated is just plain laughable. We’ve got evey type of person you can think of on this blog, with one thing in common. We continue to RESENT being called Stupid, because, now what four years of useless shit has occurred, exactly WHO is stupid again? On this blog, we circle each other’s wagons and we aren’t taking any Obama sycophant shit. We aren’t buying. We recognize a bullshitter when we see one and Barack Obama is the quintessential bullshitter. He’s not only not ready for Prime Time. He’s not ready for Noon. We don’t want to hear anymore bullshit about him. His actions speak for themselves and that spells “Dismal”. So you will have to excuse the probe. We have not forgotten and we have not forgiven. We have watched and what we see does nothing more than confirm that the Democratic party made a huge mistake and will pay for it for decades to come. All because someone who was capable, bright and had something REAL to offer America — and she proved it time and again—all because she didn’t have a penis and wasn’t apt to do as Directed by a bunch of mediocre men in charge of the DNC, the GOP and the WORLD.

    Thus, you see the touchiness when a newbee shows up and wants to groom us. We are not groomable! I see you’ve just been challenged by one of our “low information, uneducated” blog lawyers, NES, who has been with us since our very first day in 2008. We are very protective of one another, you see. Now none of this might apply to you at all, in which case we shall apologize profusely. If it does apply, you’ll be moving along. But just so you understand where some of our members, yay, probably ALL of them, are coming from and why they are automatically suscpicious when someone does the Squishy for Barack. Especially at this…um…time of the year. Smells like re-election season, you know? So hang in there and if you aren’t this month’s special dispatched emmissary, it will eventually show. I was curious though when you first arrived and asked for a book, you said you found this link from another blog, I wondered immediately, which blog you came from? I assumed one of our neighbors which cam be named, so feel free.

  167. There are several comments above that are so insightful, so eloquent and so intense that it is no wonder I have this blog right on top of my daily “must see” sites. Uppity, NES, Lorac, Pie, and others above just blow my socks off by hitting the core of the issues with amazing bulls eye accurate aim.

    Oh, and BTW, I also come here for the fun side of this place such as Oswald’s link to the bear above. The food talk is just ice cream on the pie.

  168. We love having you here Karen. It’s just that our food bills are much higher…

  169. He’s not only not ready for Prime Time. He’s not ready for Noon.

    Perfect. In a nutshell.

    That comment could have been a whole blog post.

  170. Thxxx karen.

  171. Yeah, that “Noon” comment is quintessential Upps! Inimitable.

  172. Noonan is right on. Our Chicago run regime is run on bad faith promises and no understanding or concern about the realities involved. Just take Obama’s willingness to throw women under the bus whenever politically expedient, and then blame the GOP for the War On Women when plitically convenient. Action for progress for women’s issues? Nada.

  173. Well it’s not too difficult to blame Republicans Mitzi, when they try to pass laws on vaginal probes and the killing of doctors and women as “Justifiable homicide” — and trot out a candidate who says birth control is a terrible thing. They are creating the fodder for Obama.

  174. Obama knew they would go off the deep end if he dropped the contraception bomb and they didn’t disappoint!

  175. While it’s easy to blame Republicans for their out and out war against our most basic rights, it does not get Obama off the misogynist hook.

    When [Dem]. Rep. Stupak put forth the draconian laws that now exist re: abortions banning Federal Funds and making it necessary for women to make and ADDITIONAL pre screening visit prior to abortion, Pelosi or Obama said and did NOTHING.

    The Council of Catholic Bishops was used for this red herring as Federal Funds were NOT allowed and never used since the HYDE Amendment in 1993 and this has remained settled law. Clinton did not object either. This issue was raised explicitly to take more rights away from women, and it became law just over a year ago.

    So when this bill went to the Senate, [Dem.] Sen. Nelson of Nebraska went Stupak one better and made the pre screening so inconvenient [not to say humiliating] and Dem and Rep help enacted this into law. Shredding Roe v Wade.

    Now only well off or well connected women can take the time to travel, leave their jobs and families to deal with this now MANDATORY step prior to having abortions in highly inconvenient locations.

    This also began the besmirching Planned Parenthood and spreading lies about Federal money that has been disallowed since Hyde’93.

    I hold Pelosi and Obama more responsible in a way as they were in the majority and both had the power of the Bully Pulpit and did nothing absolutely nothing to either educate the public or object loud and clear. The bullshit perpetrated by Obama has been obvious. He has been weak on womens issues along with Pelosi unless the Republicans give him a reason during an election to come off as our protector.

    Nothing in Obama or his administration have done anything positive about these issues, and women stil lack the right to privacy and equal protection. It’s gotten worse and nothing was done to educate and object to the Congress and the Nation.

    Am I suddenly supposed to believe Obama now when he can use this issue for his political benefit and when his previous promises were overlooked?

  176. Am I suddenly supposed to believe Obama now when he can use this issue for his political benefit and when his previous promises were overlooked?

    NOBODY here EVER lets Obama off the misogyny hook for one minute of any day. That doesn’t mean we are running into the arms of a bunch of Republican pigs either.

  177. Wait till you folks see this. You can’t even make this kind of shit up.

    Celebrating his victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday night, Barry spoke up about the prominence of businesses owned by Asians in the District.

    “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks first reported by WRC-TV. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

  178. “dirty”

    Yeah Barry should talk.

  179. Barry responds. His comments were taken out of context.

    My comments were taken out of context & construed as disparaging 2 entire Asian biz community. We DO deserve our bizs t/b nice places in W8!

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