Easter when it was Okay to be Easter

I’ll bet this movie could never had been produced today. For starters, there would be protests over the name. Then the boycotts would happen. Not to mention the whole muscial has those nasty lyrics you can actually understand, and there’s actual singing by people who can carry a tune–and no constant pounding drumbeat. And no Muthafucka’ language. You know, shit like that. Anyways,



….And this scene is here just because I like it. Consider it a tribute to the 20 and 30-somethings who live in new homes using parental supplemental incomes, or at home in the basement using Mom and Dad’s cell phone plan,  free of silly burdens like food and utility bills — while pretending they are “Upscale” because they graduated from a dumbed-down college — and a CEO is going to call them any minute and ask them to be Lord of The Company…and….well, you know!   They’re a real bunch of “Swells” for sure!



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  1. OT – Some of these are really clever/funny –


  2. Good Morning, Uppities! Uppity, I have been watching Ted Turner’s classics lately and am just loving the old movies. No bad language, no nudity, etc.

  3. TCM=my sustenance and refuge from the insanity that is now our world.

  4. Rachel Maddow calls TextsFromHillary the Best New Thing in the World:

  5. Rachel can go suck on a lemon. What the hell? She’s laughing. In approval of calling Hillary the best thing. I guess Rachel saw what happened to Keithy for calling Hillary the worst person in the world. If you display horrible judgement for years and stab a person in the back repeatedly, do you get forgiven?

    &^%** no!

    Screw off Maddow. You are a freak with no clue. Hillary needed you, we all needed you in 2008 but you were busy giving the heads of MSNBO their meal ticket for the year from obama’s buddies at GE.

  6. I started reading Ani’s book. I am just a few pages in and I can tell that I am still not over it. With all the cathartic things I’ve read, you’d think that by now I could get over 2008.

    It went that deep. Way deep.

    Thanks for writing this book, Ani. We needed this. Still. We wuz robbed.

    Post Election Stress Disorder is on going.

  7. Karen, my reactions to the book exactly (see yesterday’s comment thread). Yes, PESD.

    In other news, where’s NES?

  8. KarenforClinton, I know the feeling. It was so hard to write this without gnashing my teeth daily, but please hang in there with it. I think it will be worth it. Rest assured this is not done and we are not done. Best of all SHE is not done.

    Trying to get this book out there was a microcosm of what she experienced with people not getting the value of the overall message. I feel in my bones that that is starting to change. And I refuse to give up. But yes, Maddow was clueless, and cruel.

    She like a lot of others of that ilk are starting to take the rose coloured glasses off. Too late, lady!

  9. Yes where is NES? And I agree with karen on Rachel!
    As for the Easter Parade…yes today there would be groups protesting that the title was offensive…it would probably be called Spring Parade.

  10. But isn’t it interesting what is happening with those Tumblrs…

    Hillary is starting to be the one who is “cool”…and you know what that means…then it is okay to vote for her.

  11. Uppity, right as always.

  12. Yep, thumbs down on Rachel.

  13. Everything is “post” today. Post racial. Post modern. Post Feminism. So what Hillary is, is Post Cool. She is so not concerned with being cool that she is inherently cool. She’s the coolest woman on the planet.

    The coolest guy on the planet in my lifetime is Bob Dylan. And he too doesn’t try to be – it is natural.

    Sophie, we’ve been through some kind of thing, alright.

  14. Karen, nicely put re Hill.

  15. I could never comprehend war. It is beyond my scope how entire countries get locked into futile stances for decades at a cost that far out weighs the threat of their neighbor or foe. The war on terrorism is included in that as was the war on everything RED attempting to take over the world. And the goat-f’ers too.

    Case in point today is the avalanche news:


    It seems like a lifetime ago since the days of Gandhi. And this is so sad to me. A glacier – war at 20,000 ft. Astonishing, really. We are cave men.

  16. Hillary IS cool karen so true, she always was…..my husband just said, “I sleep better at night knowing Hillary is our SOS!”

  17. Barack is referring to us wimminz as a “National Debate” now. Like taxes. Let’s debate taxes. Let’s debate wimmins. Fuck him. He says the ‘National Debate’ on wimminz isn’t simple. Somebody on twitter said, yes it is simple. You stole the nomination from Hillary and she should be president. End of debate.

  18. , yes it is simple. You stole the nomination from Hillary and she should be president. End of debate,

    Perfect! That says it all!

  19. jon stewart pointing out how obama is anything but cool or hip. He was simply a fad, a trend, for a short time but when you look at him closely he is clearly a geek and a sham to boot. His fake persona was always obvious to some of us. I hope they keep pulling back the curtain on the wizard of ick.


    I have to work today and tomorrow and then have off Monday. So I will be around for leftovers. First dibs on the PIES.

  20. Great find however, Jon Stewart was right there to make fun of Hillary and tout Obama when it counted to pander and hold on to his audience.

  21. Did someone mention PIE?

    I’ve always thought that Obama was a geek too…very awkward. Here’s a guy, high on kool-aid who thinks differently. It was in the comment section of the ABC article on Obama’s Wimminz forum:

    Were gonna get everything we want after this election we will finally transform this nation and began a new era after Obama is reelected then republicans will beg for forgiveness and will have no mercy on them.

    POSTED BY: THAONE | APRIL 7, 2012, 12:15 PM 12:15 PM

  22. Well, ‘I “forget you” Rachel Maddow’ when she first turned against Hillary and cuddled with Obama, but I didn’t lose my appreciation of humor just because someone else didn’t like something.

    The link I posted is still funny despite an idiotic wannabe like Maddow making a nasty crack – that’s her stock in trade, it’s all she’s got. Many of these texts are clever and funny and most put Clinton in a good light. But best of all they keep her in the hearts and minds of people all over the world and a player in political life.

    Ome of the many things I like and respect about Hillary is her sense of humor and I’ll bet the farm she is LHAO over these.


  23. Amen, twandx.

  24. Were gonna get everything we want after this election

    Twit still thinks he’s gonna get his pony.

  25. The fun part of a remark like that from a young fool is in asking what it is “We want”.
    Then you read a laundry list of hilariously ludicrous freebees like a great income for not working.

  26. Yes and of course because he didn’t get his pony the first term that must mean Obie is saving the pony giveaway for the 2nd!!

  27. More texts from hillary added. Day three.

  28. imust you should submit your text from hillary.

  29. The WORST part of being #nobama on Twitter is the dominant company. They’re not merely against socialism; they’re downright anti-social.

  30. Well did I start a nice war with my #IfHillaryWerePresident hashtag or what?

  31. I’m lovin’ the #IfHillaryWerePresident hashtag!

  32. Sophie, you and I are good together on twitter!

  33. Thx UW. I have fun there…

  34. Damn. I need to learn how to twit. Very embarrassed.

  35. Anita. Lesson #1. It’s called tweeting or to tweet not twit. 🙂

  36. ani, it’s not that hard to learn! Get an account and we’ll walk you through it!

  37. You took the bait, imust…really? 🙂 🙂

    I thought I could get a free lesson past the proper name.

  38. Lesson #2 That’s all I know about tweeting!! LOL!

  39. OK SophieCT. I will do that. Now that I have a website, a FB author page, I am supposed to be tweeting, too — according to my publicist. Oy!

    What else??! Next, I’ll just get a box of copies, a lemonade stand and hang outside on a sunny day.

    For someone who was trying to remain private, that just went the way of all flesh…

  40. imust….
    Yer killin’ me, Larry!!!

  41. Taking the bait….story of my life…..

  42. LOL, imust!!

    I think AahNee would be a good Twitter handle for you, but, of course, it’s up to you.

    It will take you about 45 seconds to make an account. I’ll wait, sipping my wine. https://twitter.com/

  43. Remember when Twitter meant this?

  44. I actually think I made an account a while ago and could never figure out what the hell to do with it or how to twitter once I got there.

    Let me look and see if I can resurrent it!

  45. What kind of wine are you sipping Sophie (if you don’t mind me asking), Hillbilly wine or Uppity wine? Oh, and while I’m askin’ questions…..which did you choose? Ice Cream? or Baking oatmeal cookies? or Both??

  46. Ok, so I logged in to my twitter account. It looks so lonely!

  47. I just searched Anita’s name on twitter and found 3 accounts…all inactive. hmmmm….

  48. I recommend a gravatar besides an egg….but that’s just me…

    If you’re going full blown social media, tumblr is also good as you saw with the Hillary texts.

  49. Damn, you’re give me a hard time…:)

  50. Damn, you’re give me a hard time…:)

    It’s a tough job…but somebody’s got to do it! j/k 😉

  51. Ok ok, I put in a short bio and a pic…

  52. it’s the same pic I’m using on my website so that should do…

  53. imust, the wine is a Connecticut St. Croix from Sharpe Hill Vineyards. I don’t do Hillbilly wine. I do Sophie wine! (Drink outside the box.)

    I made the oatmeal cookies and had them with the ice cream. Very nice.

    Ok, Ani, what’s you’re account name?

  54. Ok, Sophie, so lease put down the wine and tell me what to do next. Yeesh — this feels like the very first time I ever blogged in March of ’08!

  55. Yup, I don;t do Hillbilly wine either…

    My account name is Anita Finlay

  56. So PPPPPPlease put down the wine. … and I’m not even drinking.

  57. I think I have it…I tweeted you

  58. Ok…I’m presuming you’re in a browser screen, logged into Twitter. So, you must have seen my tweet roll by… Jes?

  59. I see I have one follower — that must be you! Now I have to find the tweet…

  60. Anita dropped her “p”. Could be the blog’s fault. MKBill doesn’t like “p” words….ie, enguins, eanut butter…you name it…if it starts with a ” “, it’s outta here.
    (no lie)

  61. I just tweeted you back — no idea what I’m doing…

  62. You did it! Way to go. (By the way, before the Exultat, you’ll have many, many more followers)

  63. wow–you’re already getting re-tweeted!

  64. I got it Sophie.
    So I gather the purpose of this is to gain followers who give a hoot what I think…the only thing I would use this for is to comment on events of the day, politics, Hill, — some new article, promote the book, and so on…so if I’m tweeting, am I just tweeting who is following me? If I tweet — who the hell sees this — do I tweet to my facebook page and people gravitate to it from that? Help!!!

    See what you started. You’re going to need another glass of good wine, Sophie!!

  65. Okay, I just tweeted something that you could happily retweet. Hover over the Tweet and several options become available, including Retweet.

  66. Ani, it works both ways. Followers get to see what you have to say. People you’re following are hopefully writing things of interest to you.

    Then there’s #hashtags…

  67. Sophie, lease explain #hashtags….imustunderstandhashtags!

  68. Oh, you mean, I hover over your name and then retweet appears?!

  69. hmmm….another dropped ” “…..

  70. hashtags? Help?!!

  71. Seriously, I do not get the hashtags.

  72. And how do you get more followers?

  73. Um…without spending all your time at the keyboard…

  74. Ani, when you use a hashtag, people who are not following you will also see what you tweet.

    Here’s another lesson:
    Copy this next line into the search box and press Enter.

    #secstate OR #hillaryclinton OR #hillary OR #clinton OR #madamesecretary OR #waronwomen OR #IfHillaryWerePresident

    Click the icon that looks like a gear with a down-arrow next to it and select Save search.

    In the future, you can follow the tweets on those topics simply by recalling this saved search.

    Tip: Open two browser windows side-by-side, one for following and tweeting and the other for keeping up with your search topics.

  75. To get more followers:
    • Put a Twitter link on your Web site
    • Put a Twitter link on your blog
    • Wait until the end of the weekend, by which time, all the rest of the PUMA-types will have discovered you’re on Twitter
    • Tweet and Retweet

  76. Gotcha — I will save this tutorial!! Thank you so much!

  77. Also, if you follow people they can follow you back, that’s a way to get followers.

  78. My avatar is still a bug, I don’t tweet, I refuse to use a cell phone. I am not interested in face book at all. I feel like I am eccentric for being different – when it is just the way I am. Not anti social just not a cell type.

  79. NP. Thank you for your book. I am so grateful all of my angst is recorded in one place for posterity.

  80. imust: Yes, of course, that too. Feel free to play fixit fairy and add that as a bullet item on the list.

  81. Can I ask a question about the book? I am waiting for my copy..

  82. I’m guessing you’re not asking me 😉

  83. LOL! Sophie, you are the woman with all the answers tonight!

  84. Yes, imust!

  85. I’m here…whazzup!!

  86. Sophie, my pleasure. The response I have had so far has been most gratifying. As I think I mentioned the other night, I was starting to feel a little like Don Quixote…it’s good to have it out there, finally. It’s been a long road.

  87. I know your book is a narrative, but do you have any stats or data included. Like any studies done on the media attention on male candidates vs female candidates? Or how much positive vs negative Hillary got vs Obama?

  88. Imust, let me put it to you this way– there are 315 endnotes in this book. Several readers have informerd me that they read the book with a highlighter so they could log in all the quotes and info they got from this.

    So yes, while it is a narrative and I do my best to keep the reader involved, this also is a non fiction piece that lays out the facts of the case very clearly — rest assured it is not just 260 pages of my feelings on the subject.

  89. I got my copy of the book today and will start reading, probably tomorrow.

    I hope to have it finished by Tuesday and I’ll write up a review for Wednesday on The Widdershins.

  90. Okay, thanks. I’ll let you know why I was asking later, I hope you weren’t offended because I meant no offense! But thank you for answering my question!

  91. Fredster, do you have a twitter account?

  92. Fredster, thank you! That is very kind of you. I truly appreciate your support. Starting my pre-launch party with Uppity and each of you has been lovely and a safe haven. I feel like you are all holding my hand and encouraging me through each step of this process. It means a great deal.

  93. Sophie…you’re GOOD! 🙂

  94. imust, I can answer your question.

    do you have any stats or data…how much positive vs negative Hillary got vs Obama?

    Obama got 100% of the positive and Hillary got 100% of the negative.

  95. Sophie, I do but I rarely use it. However, when we do a post on the blog we use madamab’s TW twitter account and twitter the posts.

  96. Imust — I take no offense at all. I am flattered at your sincere interest. It’s a logical question.

  97. LOL Sophie!

  98. And by the way, while I am in the story and it is from my point of view, I did my best to get out of the way and let the facts speak for themselves — certainly more and more as the book develops.

  99. Ani, we don’t draw a large number of commenters like here at uppity’s, but we are all from the same cloth if you get my meaning.

    I think the book will be well received over there.

  100. I have another reason besides curiosity Anita…I’m working on something. Will fill everyone in when I know more.

  101. Much appreciated, Fredster. As I have been blogging here — you are all the FIRST WAVE!! Books only sell via word of mouth anyway — now with the power of social media, blogs, facebook and twitter have become the great equalizers and positive branding there (according to research I have heard recently) is considered more trusted in terms of getting people to buy and read.

    Believe me, I am grateful for your help and kindness.

  102. Intriguing, Imust. Looking fwd to hearing about it…

  103. I’m looking forward to reading your book!!
    (and your tweets!) 😉

  104. Oh my goodness. Now I don’t have to just write an exciting book, I have to write exciting blogs AND tweets!!! The pressure, the pressure!!


  105. Ani, next lesson:

    Follow the the people who are following you. 😉

  106. Gotcha, Sophie — will do!

  107. Ani, as I was reading the part about the Rules and Bylaws Committee, I was thinking that you might be interested to know that on this and other PUMA blogs, May 31 is an observed holiday. There is usually a post on that date every year on most of these blogs.

  108. Thanks Sophie. I will make a note of that…

  109. It is a day of mourning….

  110. Thanks for the great chat! ii’m off to finish up an article…have a lovely evening and a Happy Easter!!!

  111. Okay, so everyone left?

  112. Speaking of #hashtags….here’s a funny one (h/t HillaryForTexas)


    people suggesting slogans for Obama’s re-election campaign!

  113. I’m so old I still call that thing pound.

  114. some of the tweets over there:

    • Because Michelle hasn’t vacationed in every country yet. Obama-Biden ’12.

    • Running the Constitution Through the Paper Shredder, One Amendment at a Time

  115. I’m so old I still call that thing a tic-tac-toe

  116. imust: 😆

    I guess my poor *old* brain just see that symbol and thinks “pound”. There’s nothing there that makes me think *hash* or hashtag.

  117. It also can be the number sign as in #2 pencil. Or the sharp sign in music!
    According to wiki: the word hash comes from the British. In US it’s as you said, the pound sign.

  118. Well that’s true about number. It’s used in or with algorithms and esp. in cryptology or with networks but I guess I”ll just have to force my mind to learn the hashtag!

  119. Yep, tic tac toe.

    Love that.

  120. Yes. This movie. Always. Doing okay. Sends hug from across all the states — hope your Easter was fab. I know it was.

  121. ps: BANNER! yep. A great one!

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