Happy Easter. If not, then Peeps On Earth.


And for UW’s believers, Bach Easter-Oratorio BWV 249


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  1. That Bach performance is good. I had to steal it.

  2. Good Morning and Happy Easter to our Christian UWites. Happy Day to our Non Christian UWites. And Happy Passover to our Jewish UWites!

    Busy day today for me. I’ll check in of course. Meanwhile, feel free to hang out in our Great Room for a break from the relatives you really didn’t want to see today. Or if you are alone, feel free to come here for the comfort you will always get. But most of all, regardless of who or where you are, have a great day!

  3. That Bach performance is good. I had to steal it.

    I don’t think he would mind 🙂

  4. Happy Easter and Passover to all!

  5. Peeps be with you.

  6. I noticed that some peeps were injured in the peep show. So, I think we should bow our heads for a moment of silence. They are were so very talented.

    The Bach performance was wonderful for us Uppity believers! I look forward to attending church and then being with family today.

    Oh, and the new textsfromhillaryclinton is great!

    All you Uppities have a wonderful day. I will be checking in later.

  7. Happy Easter and Passover and Sunday and whatever else is being celebrated today!
    The music is beautiful!
    Thank you.
    Bach is my favorite composer – along with Mozart, Bernstein, Beethoven, Copland and Simon. 🙂

  8. Happy Easter to Uppity and all..Love the music and fits the day.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. Happy Easter and Passover to all. Like leslie says…and whatever else is being celebrated today.

  10. Happy Easter + Happy Passover to UW and all the UW-ites!

    Spot on, UW. There will be “peeps” on Earth. They, like their human friends/foes, have also been heard to proclaim “pax in terra.”

    They are a peaceful bunch actually. And tasty too!

  11. Happy Easter and Passover to all Uppites. 🙂

  12. Happy Easter, Uppity! Thank you for posting the Peeps videos from WaPo. I was the fan who told you about the contest last year, and hope to enter next year. Actually have two concepts for entry, and who knows what may emerge in the meantime. (Sorry you haven’t heard from me – bit pre-occupied with medical, health concerns – but please know your posts have helped sustain me through rough patches.) Happy Passover to our Jewish friends, too. May the Peeps Be With Us, always.

  13. Yesterday at work one of the bosses brought in two Cold Stone Creamery cakes for today. Can’t wait till I get to work.

    Ever have their cakes? Expensive but worth every penny if you like Ice Cream and heaven cakes.

    I’ve tried several of their signature cakes:


    and pies:


    and ice creams:


    I don’t want ham or potato salad today. Bring on dessert!

  14. Love the Peeps on Earth! Happy Easter!

  15. Bill put me in moderation. He doesn’t like ice cream, obviously.

    Here’s some nip, boy. Now let me out or I will learn to tweet and send that ridiculous picture of you in bunny ears to every one I know…

  16. Happy Easter UW and followers!

    One can never have enough peeps!


  17. This thread needs more music:

  18. Uppity loves banjo music:

  19. Easter music:

  20. Hi everybody! How did your day go?

  21. Liberty! Good to see you! And I think entering WAPO peeps is awesome!!! We hope you give us the Exclusive!

  22. Now see, to me, peeps are for fun games not for eating. They taste like soap to me. But then, to be honest, I’m not a gooey marshmallow kind of person.

  23. I wonder if our Chips Slave will have a dessert with chips in it today?

  24. Leslie, let us not forget Chopin on the list!

  25. Hey, Ups,
    It’s so funny…just as I was hitting “send”, I thought “Chopin!!” and here you come with the most wonderful Polish composer.
    Did you ever see “Impromptu”? I saw it yeeeeearrrrrs ago, and loved it. I think the entire Polish side of the family saw that movie. Even the ones who never went to movies.

  26. Peeps taste like soap? Now there’s a thought. Maybe if you eat a peep and sing, then bubbles will come out of your mouth when you sing. Like in that episode where Alfala started singing after he ate soap, and bubbles were floating out as he sang a tune.

  27. Here’s the vid.

  28. Alfalfa. Um….you sure are old.

  29. Yeah Leslie, but his nocturnes make me want to slash my wrists. lol.

  30. Still my favorite Eine Kleine on the youtubes. I love this gang. something about them. I get a sense they are all good friends and just having a good time. I want to know them.

  31. Some eye candy there too!

  32. Wherever I see these same men on clarinet and flute, I know it’s going to be a knockout performance. You get to recognize these syphony performers after awhile. They are everywhere that’s anywhere.

  33. See? Here’s that one guy again doing nutcracker with Ozawa.

  34. UW,

    Alfalfa. Um….you sure are old.

    Yeah. At least one century old. Hahahaha!!!

  35. Hope you have all spent a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover!

    Love all the musical interludes. Now for a nice glass of wine…

  36. Wow! From “I’ll Fly Away” to the ” Nutcracker.”

  37. Finally back home…Happy Easter everyone in UppityLand! Alleluia!

  38. On the lighter side:

    Happy Easter

    Happy Passover

  39. I spent Easter with my family, Republicans all. My BIL insists that the War On Women isn’t real and was made up by the left. I told him that when he grows a vagina he can have an opinion. You shoulda seen the look on my Dad’s face.

  40. I got lucky. We didn’t even bring up politics. We did get into Can You Top That, with stories of each other when we were kids. I won a few rounds and lost a few. A good time was had by all and the food was awesome.

  41. Our food was awesome too. Always is, which is probably why we all keep coming back.

  42. Sophie, it is sort of amazing what 2008 did for us and to us. The stuff that coes out of my mouth now regardless of company is amazing. I’m sure your dad had quite the reaction!!!

    Glad you all had such a sumptuous day.

  43. I had pecan pie! 🙂

  44. Glad everyone had a good weekend. Ours was fine, nothing spectacular. Busy with house and garden and hubbies work. In between reading Ani’s book and reading parts out loud to hubster & laker. Laker is also starting it, I’m going to put it on his school work list for Womens Studies.

  45. Very pretty header!

  46. I don’t want to clutter up Ani’s thread above- but need the Uppity’s prayers for poor Kozmoe. He is at the vets again. Can’t jump up on the sofa and collapses if he tries to jump down. Can’t walk properly, keels over or just drags himself along. Poor Kozmoe, my heart is breaking…….


  48. Oh, PMM. My thoughts are with you. Let him know you’re near (even one of your sweaters when you have to step away), so he feels safe. I know how hard this awful situation is.

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