Hillary submits her own “Text From Hillary”

Need I say more? Glad SOMEBODY in that administration full of petulant children is working AND has a sense of humor.

And then there’s the Human Touch, also glaringly absent these days in the White House.

Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, the two guys behind the site, said they received an email from a member of Clinton’s staff on Monday afternoon, out of the blue.

“We didn’t even believe it at first,” said Smith. “Stacy and I IMed each other at the same time, basically saying, ‘Oh my god, this email!'”

The staffer invited them over to the State Department, saying the secretary loved the site and wanted to meet them. Her staff also submitted Clinton’s own idea for a post to the site, which went up on Tuesday. In it, Clinton calls out Smith and Lambe for their creation (and makes a scrunchie joke).

From Texts from Hillary:


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  1. For real? Did Hillary really send that in? LOL!

    Just heard sanitarypad is suspending his campaign- waiting on news conference

  2. At least there is some good news today!!

  3. How sick and wrong is it that sanitarium is a far far better speaker than mr hopenchange? No way was I ever going to vote for him- but he is giving a very nice, calm speech. Very little looking at his notes, no nose in the air,maybe there is a teleprompter- but it is not as glaringly obvious as with backtrack.

  4. Good bye Rick. Go make another baby. I’m sure you will kill your wife off long before you die.

  5. Yup it’s Hillary’s counter-joke, Mom. Unlike her opponent who stole her delegates to get his ass dragged over the line, she has a sense of humor.

  6. Hillary invites the Texts From Hillary guys to the state department to tell them she loves the site.

  7. You know that Boo & Moo must be terribly jealous by now.

  8. Can you imagine!! Hillary met with those two guys to thank them! That Hill all over! Wonderful! They have upped her image with what they called her own brand of “badass cool.” That picture of her looking at her blackberry is the bomb!

    FYI, my kindle should be ready by tomw or Thurs latest!

  9. Hybrid owners are not repeat buyers. Reminds me of those shitty diesel cars detroit tried to pimp in the early 80s.When it was time to unload that car, you couldn’t give the POS away.

  10. Hill actually invited them over to meet her. That is so great! It’s so great to see a real class act in a position of power!

    Since I’m text-illiterate, can someone fill me in on the abbreviations? I got the scrunchie reference though.

  11. Upps: Your comment over at T.W. was caught in “pending”, have no idea why since you’ve commented over there before. (I was wondering what the “1” thing was to begin with. Anyway it’s released.

    LOL on the HRC thing. Of course that’s so typical of her to get a laugh out of it.

  12. Fembots- “sup” = “what’s up” “selfie” a pic taken of oneself with a mobile device- usually to post to some online acct. OMG – oh my god (or goodness if you wish lol) sry = sorry ROFL- roll on floor laughing- @ = at- ur= your. Tumblr is some kind of online account for pics I think? g2g = got to go ttyl = talk to you later

  13. Why is it that Huffin Puffin and all the rest harp on Hillary’s pragmatic scrunchies but fall over themselves trying to convince people Imelda is a fashion icon? Other than they think it helps mask that Imelda is on vacay 2,324 or campaign stump 11,328, (I mean showing support for whatever the masters say she is supporting this week), while Hillary is actually – you know – working.

    Color me confused. But then, I own scrunchies. They come in handy when those wonderful hot flashes hit. Help keep you cool and professional when there is no time/place for an up-do/chignon.Plus, unlike many barrettes and clips, they don’t set off those pesky metal detectors that are ubiquitous in the DC area.

    Comment area is very touchy today.
    Perhaps it is worried about those large PEEPS in the header?

  14. Fredster, this is nothing a fresh botte of Glenfiddich gifted to me won’t fix. I will stil feel ignored, but I won’t care.

  15. How utterly sad is it that I can interpret textese?

  16. That’s a great story, but for us less-than-hip peons, we’ll be initially scratching our heads over some of the abbreviations. Thanks for the translation, PMM!

  17. Okay here ya go:

  18. Some people apparently don’t remember the thing about scrunchies from a few years back.


  19. LOVE Hillary in that blue!

  20. Way to go, Hill. What a sense of humor and what class!

  21. PMM: Can you translate this one?

  22. Sophie- H B is either hurry back or hug back. I can’t quite make out the top pic- but Hurry Back looks like the best interpretation
    I C exactly what it sounds like I See.


    Uppity, who was looking for Dirty Words on Clean Skin on Kindle/

    It literally JUST became available at the Kindle store — I will go back in to my post and embed the link. For the next few daysm buyers have to go tothe amazon Kindle store subtab and put in the name to find it — after a few days, it will be on my main book page…

  24. Thanks PMM. I saw some other salacious meanings on the interWebs. But nothing definitive.

  25. I heard the h-b = head b@tch
    and i-c = in charge

  26. imust- I like yours better! Head B*tch in charge! ROFL!

  27. Like many of you, I have always thought Hillary had a great sense of humor. This is so neat that she played along and even met with those guys.

  28. Here’s a bit more on the story when Lambe and Smith met Hillary:


  29. Hi Tony, great to see you!

  30. She is a very warm and funny person. It’s just that you can’t show these things in a man’s world. Guard up. It’s only when you know your guard can be down that you can do this. she’s in a position where they can’t hurt her. In fact, they are in awe of her. Serves them all right.

  31. love the text with Santotum!!

  32. That Santorum text….priceless!!!

    That picture of Hillary with her hair in a scrunchie….gorgeous!!!

  33. I get happy every time I see her in action. It is always a treat to see Hillary with foreign leaders. The respect they have for her and the enjoyment they experience working with her is much in evidence — it is written all over their faces.

    Much better than the daily dissing she got here.

  34. Uppity, so funny – the Santorum texting!
    Ani, I just finished listening to your interview on Betty Jean’s Blog radio. Great show!
    PMM, I just realized that you lost Kozmoe. I am thinking of you.

  35. PMM – my thoughts are with you. Kozmoe will always be near to you. You gave him a wonderful life.

  36. Much better than the daily dissing she got here

    Got that right. She is beloved across the globe. It’s only here in dickhead land where she can’t get any respect because she is missing a limp piece of flesh that often doesn’t work very well.

  37. I wouldn’t say she is missing it.

  38. Okay. I don’t know sh!t from Shinola about astrology. Today somebody asked me what my ‘sign’ was. So I said. Taurus. And the person said, “That explains a lot”. Is this a compliment or an insult?

  39. But I still can’t figure out the Meryl Streep one. Meryl says “brunch?” and I think Hillary says “of course”. Is it just a simple invitation, and I’m looking to hard for a twist….?

  40. Lorac, I think it has to do with the magnificent tribute Meryl did for Hillary. Meaning, Hillary would most certainly lovr to have brunch with Meryl any time.

  41. Ok, Uppity. I have to chime in here.

    My hubby is a Taurus so let me give you the low down. Taureans have a reputation for being very stubborn and opinionated, but what I can tell you is that they are steadfast, loyal and true. That their principles matter. That they are loving, kind, affectionate, genuine people and you always want a Taurus in the trenches with you — because they show up and don’t crumple like tissue paper.

    And — most important — they are funny as sh*t.

    Sound familiar???

  42. “a limp piece of flesh that often doesn’t work very well.”
    cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors to the rescue!!!

  43. I am Taurus too but do not believe in astrology.

    Anita I got the book just now on kindle. The paperback was all I could find at first but then did a search and the other version was there. May have time tomorrow to read. Excited.

    Also listened to the blog talk. You were great. It was nice to hear Sophie and Marcia Pappas too.

  44. Hmmmm…. if I’m following this conversation correctly, my guess is that SHV has a very interesting – and intimate? – line of work lol

    Or on the other hand, maybe SHV is just really well read!

  45. I thought the Easter Bunny was going to bring FF back to us….. 😦

  46. Hillary is by all accounts fun to be around when she has her work breaks. She is so focused on work that when it is time to stop she focuses on fun time with the same laser like attitude.

  47. lorac – keep sitting on that best buy bench…

  48. lorac SHV is a surgeon.

  49. Well Anita if that’s a taurus, I’d say it’s pretty close, although to be honest, I am not known to be stubborn, unless you have pushed me too far. After that, I’m not only stubborn but I will treat you like a dead person. I guess the rest of the description is pretty much some of Me. I wasn’t aware that Funny was Taurus in me. Funny, even I will admit I am. I mean, I actually crack myself up sometimes. lol.

    Taurus is an earth sign, right? That’s supposed to mean Feet On The Ground, right? That would be me.

  50. Uppity — funny yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you, you missed your true calling. That post on the miniscule car still makes me laugh so hard just to think about it!!!

    But loyal and loving is you, too. Absolutely.

  51. Hey SHV I know a guy who got an implant and now every time he presses the button, his neighbor’s garage door goes up.

  52. Karen for Clinton — glad you were able to do that — the book and kindle versions are on different links, but only because the Kindle literally just went up a few hours ago — in three days’ time, they will be integrated into one page, which will make this much easier for everyone to order their preference. Thanks for hanging in there! Hope you enjoy.

  53. “Hill im gunna try 4 a tumblr meme…whadda think?”

    Hillary: “Good luck with that Joe…”

  54. Ok Anita, so the person was actually complimenting me. I am less confused. Considerably more of less than less of more…

  55. Um, yes. Of course you were being complimented!!

  56. LOL imust. Joe is such a joke I bet we could do a lot of those with a pic of him. I bet nobody even bothers tweeting him. In fact, I’ll bet he can’t even use a blackberry. Or a computer. He’s just an idiot who has spent decades being the only person who is really impressed with him.

  57. Today somebody asked me what my ‘sign’ was.

    Did you stumble into a 70’s Disco club?

  58. SHV:

    I can get you used organs at below wholesale.

  59. No myiq, but I suspect there was a tye dye tee shirt under there somewhere.

  60. This meme’s not catchin on…where do U get those scrunchie things?



  61. I love Hillary. What a great post and thread. Loved the funny Hillary/Biden jokes.

  62. This is from the huffpo post about Satanorum:

    “The senator came to the conclusion that he should suspend his campaign last night, Gidley said, noting that while his decision was largely driven by concerns over Bella’s illness, there were political factors as well.”

    I mentioned this a few months ago, about his dying little daughter. What type of a selfish jerk runs for the most important political post in the world when they have a dying kid at home? More importantly, what type of selfish jerk keeps impregnating his middle aged wife, who has now given birth to two kids with terminal birth defects? This guy has no compassion, a warped sense of justice, and absolutely no common sense. Good riddance dumb ass.


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