Arizona, the Period Police and the Perverted wing of the GOP

First they come for your vagina....

Well there just aren’t enough sharks for the GOP to jump are there?

I am fairly convinced that these sick SOBs hate women so much that the goal surely must be to get the number of women who vote Republican in November as close to zero as possible.

Obviously they have become increasingly bored with the idea of forced vaginal probes, comparing women to chickens, cows and pigs, and  attempts to rule that  the killing of doctors and patients is “justifiable Homicide,” — and while they are obviously turning the page on calling  the Girl Scouts a Lesbian plot– the GOP is seeking brand new thrills.  In fact they have actually sharpened their Degradation, Humiliation and Denigration- of -women skills, and now  I am here to tell you that the GOP is working up a perverted sweat trying to get erections ( half, none or otherwise) over the thought of women’s periods. It’s for the Greater Good, you know.

Yes, that’s right, women’s periods. They want to get right in there and check your period out. In Arizona, there is a new law that lands right on top of that shark. I mean, these people are positively perverted.  These sick bastards are actually targeting your menstrual cycle now.

Life starts earliest in Arizona, which now defines gestational age as beginning on the first day of a woman’s last period, rather than at fertilization

Yup, you read that right. Life begins on the first day of your last period even if  you didn’t have sex, you are pregnant.. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. These people are positively certifiable.

What I would really like to know is, why are social conservative so perpetually interested in women’s body parts, even unto their female bodily functions? This is about as perverted as it gets, sitting in a room, talking about our periods while jerking off, if you ask me.

So, I just tweeted the @GOP with a few questions. You should too.

I’ve asked them

Will there be a period police? Because I’m sure there will be plenty of perverted volunteers. You guys are some sick SOBs.

Could you tell me where a woman in Arizona should go to register her period so I can tell my friends?

Will a woman be submitting her used tampons directly to the GOP for examination/validation/review and certification?

I was wondering,  If I am automatically gestating on the 1st day of my last period & didn’t have any sex,how long will I carry the baby?

Is the goal to get the number of women who vote Republican in November as close to Zero as possible?

I’m sorry folks. But the GOP is pumping out some truly sick bastards in elected roles.

GOP! Get out of our crotches you filthy pigs, and mind your own goddamned limp dicks, will you?

By the way, this law could result in regulation of sperm during that fake gestational time, big boys, so keep your hands off yourselves, you jerkoffs.

Seriously I hope ten thousand women send you bloodied tampons in the mail, you assholes. You’re an embarrassment to yourselves.

Uppityites, I am waiting for answers from the GOP to my specific period questions. I’m sure they will answer as soon as they get their hands out of their pants.


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  1. I think men have always envied women’s power to give birth and nurture life — thus, the fascination with the process, and thus, too, all the attempts to exert control over this power. So-called penis-envy is a joke – only men think women envy them; the truth is the other way round.

  2. Personally, I would love to see all these morons have a period. The kind with the back and leg cramps where you feel like you have polio. And they should all have it on the same day so we women could stand outside the emergency rooms and laugh our asses off.

  3. I was just reading Roger Simon’s new article re Maureen Dowd’s remarks about the Hillary talks pics and captions and he just had to slip in a reference to Hillary’s appearance, hair, dress etc – he asked to be excused for his sexism, but put it out there anyway knowing damned well it would stick and feed the feeble-minded, so I let him have it. This is what I wrote:
    ““excuse the term and the sexism,” No, I will not excuse it in you or anyone else. What the hell does a woman’s mode of dress and hairstyle have to do with the quality of her work or her politics? You look like a tired old cliché yourself, Roger (like a Hollywood columnist of a bygone era) – not at all sharp, smart and respectable like David Goldman, who looks like a really intelligent conservative. There, now, how do you like it?”
    Comment showed in moderation, then was scrubbed.

  4. I think men have always envied women’s power to give birth and nurture life — thus, the fascination with the process, and thus, too, all the attempts to exert control over this power. So-called penis-envy is a joke – only men think women envy them; the truth is the other way round.

    OMG, that is nearly exactly what I told my daughter two days ago!
    It’s what I’ve been thinking for years.
    thank you for writing this.

    And Upps, I’m sending this post to my Arizona daughter. She may not be aware of this as she works nearly non-stop and relies on me for this kind of info. I’ll have her send it to her friends – of which there are MANY. We may see an inordinate amt of tweeting from them in the next 12 hours. (I don’t know if she tweets. I doubt it.)

    (I’ll be back late today. I’m going to my first ever opening day game at White Sox Park – the Cell. I hope BHO is not there. amen.)

  5. Sad that this has become law, since the women of Arizona went to some length to protest it. e.g. Thirty-two Republican lawmakers at the Arizona state Capitol received an unusual gift on Thursday: knitted uteruses. Peggy Tinsley delivered the craft uteruses as part of a national knitting project that aims to take a stand against government regulation of women’s bodies, including restrictions to contraception health-care coverage.

  6. Lastly, for any interested the official site of the national project may be here: I’ve just tweeted many other similar sites, but this is the one that really looks ‘real’.

  7. This is just beyond belief, is there anywhere else in a democracy where they have a law like this? Anti abortionists realised years ago they probably wouldn’t success in an outright ban, so they are chiselling away at the edges, until it becomes practically impossible for women go obtain a termination.

  8. Good on you, Islander!

  9. Collecting some bloodied tampons for shipping….

  10. Overnight them!

  11. Exactly Irene. That’s the idea. They can’t live with the law so they are making it impossible for women to use it.

  12. You see this is why I have trouble taking to that pie in the sky concept of supporting ALL women, no matter what they believe, what their stances are, etc. Here we have a woman governor who signed what is literally a Period Police bill into law. I’m sorry but exactly how can you expect any sane person to cheer for her?

  13. Listen, let me be really honest with you. The only thing I envy about men is their ability to pee standing up outside on a cold day. Other than that, they really don ‘t have much going for them.

  14. Love the vjj site. Trying to imagine what my po-faced Conservative male Member(*) of Parliament would say if I sent him a little home knitting. Thank you, Pamela.
    (*) pardon the pun, couldn’t resist it

  15. And God approached Adam and Eve with a paper bag. He told them that there were two gifts in the bag, one for each of them. The gifts were not the same.

    Then God told Adam and Eve that one of them should reach into the bag. WHichever gift he or she removed would be a gift for their gender for eternity.

    Adam, did the gentleman thing and said Eve should go first. So Eve reached into the bag and pulled out The Ability To Pee Standing Up.

    When Adam saw what the Gift was, he went wild

    “I want that gift!! It’s sooooooooo cool! I could pee on trees! I could pee in the snow! I could write my name in the snowwwwwww!”

    Adam was jumping up and down like an adolescent. He was throwing such a tantrum, Eve capitulated

    “Okay Okay Adam! You can have the Gift Of Peeing Standing up. Yeesh!”.

    Adam ran off with his gift. He peed here. He peed there. He hooted and howled and armpit farted. He could not have been happier with The Gift Of Peeing Standing up.

    That left one Gift left in the bag, which God offered to Eve. This was the only remaining gift and, since Eve gave the Gift Of Peeing Standing Up to Adam, this Gift would be the Gift To Women For Eternity.

    Adam, still curious, was Ever So Happy with the Gift of Peeing Standing Up. NOTHING could be a better gift. As Eve reached into the bag, Adam asked, “What did you get?

    God looked at Adam and said,

    It’s the Gift of Multiple Orgasms.

    The rest is history.

  16. Roger Simon is one of those limp dicked PJ Media guys who ditched Phyllis Chesler. Screw him, who cares what he thinks, the fugly A Hole.

  17. ……….and THAT is what men are irrevocably jealous of!

  18. Irene was tweeting me that things are going to hell for women in the UK too.

  19. Roger Smino is an arse, number one.

    Number two, I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Periods? Gestational? Glad they’re the party of small government! This really is unbelievable.

  20. Roger Simon reminds of that other guy Klavan who writes over there. He exalted the idea of the conservative alpha male and, alluding to his ‘prowess’ (ahem) made some comment that “his wife wakes up singing…”

    I wrote back that he will never know what his wife is singing about…

    My comment never showed up either.

  21. But how have they been going to hell for women here when we have Mr. Progressive in office? The one who thinks of us an individuals? Hmmm…

  22. We’ve got straws in the wind here. Demonstrations outside clinics. Some Members of Parliament trying to pass a bill that obliged schools to teach chastity to girls only, not boys, during sex education lessons. Newspaper stings that show clinics prepared to abort babies on the grounds of gender (which is completely wrong because as per usual it is girls who are not wanted) but it gave the Secretary of State for Health a prime excuse to have ALL abortion clinics raided, where they found some doctors have presigned forms, This is probably small beer compared to what goes on in the US, but you can see the drift.

  23. Girls get chastity, boys get rape, right? And I thought they were crazy here. The killing of girl babies is soooooooo China! Incidentally, here is the result of that little Chinese experiment on the aborting of girls only.

    25 million men are now free to marry their own asses.

  24. Oh yeah Ani, Klavin is a real piece of work.

  25. Has anybody read my God parable yet?

  26. Uppity Woman, on April 13, 2012 at 11:34 AM said: Edit Comment

    Personally, I would love to see all these morons have a period. The kind with the back and leg cramps where you feel like you have polio. And they should all have it on the same day so we women could stand outside the emergency rooms and laugh our asses off.
    Aaah, Uppity, my delicate flower…when it comes to wielding words, you have no peer. 🙂

  27. Why thank you, Blog Author!!!

  28. Wait a second, I am postmenopausal so that means I am pregnant. In fact I am about 4 years pregnant. Better run out and get some ice cream and pickles!

  29. Honora look at it this way. At least you don’t have irregular periods.

    Being postmenopausal does have its advantages. Now they can’t blame anything that’s wrong with you on Pre-Menstrual, Menstrual, post-Menstrual, Pre-Menopause or Menopause. It really pares down the blame options. Now everything is just Post Menopausal.

  30. I love the Midol commercials. “Before, during and after your period….” Sounds like everyday of your life to me.

  31. Well now it’s not just Midol that’s there Before, During and After your period. It’s the GOP.

  32. We are just one big uterus to them. My uterus stopped working and retired. Can I now be eligible for Social Security since my only important part is kaput?

    “Another strange story from Arizona. A bill signed by the governor would declare a woman to be pregnant two weeks before conception. So congratulations, ladies, you are all Arizona pregnant. I wonder if they realize in Arizona that they will not be able to report any female illegal immigrants because they are all pregnant with babies who will be citizens.” –Jimmy Kimmel

  33. I just tweeted that the GOP should take control of douching, since they have a whole wing of douchebags.

  34. Ok I’m going to post this again because it was a pain to type and nobody read it. Here is why men are jealous of women.

    And God approached Adam and Eve with a paper bag. He told them that there were two gifts in the bag, one for each of them. The gifts were not the same.

    Then God told Adam and Eve that one of them should reach into the bag. WHichever gift he or she removed would be a gift for their gender for eternity.

    Adam, did the gentleman thing and said Eve should go first. So Eve reached into the bag and pulled out The Ability To Pee Standing Up.

    When Adam saw what the Gift was, he went wild

    “I want that gift!! It’s sooooooooo cool! I could pee on trees! I could pee in the snow! I could write my name in the snowwwwwww!”

    Adam was jumping up and down like an adolescent. He was throwing such a tantrum, Eve capitulated

    “Okay Okay Adam! You can have the Gift Of Peeing Standing up. Yeesh!”.

    Adam ran off with his gift. He peed here. He peed there. He hooted and howled and armpit farted. He could not have been happier with The Gift Of Peeing Standing up.

    That left one Gift left in the bag, which God offered to Eve. This was the only remaining gift and, since Eve gave the Gift Of Peeing Standing Up to Adam, this Gift would be the Gift To Women For Eternity.

    Adam, still curious, was Ever So Happy with the Gift of Peeing Standing Up. NOTHING could be a better gift. As Eve reached into the bag, Adam asked, “What did you get?

    God looked at Adam and said,

    It’s the Gift of Multiple Orgasms.

    The rest is history.

  35. I hated disco… I know lorac won’t think this is funny. 🙂

    “The price of gasoline has now doubled under President Obama’s administration. He and Jimmy Carter are the only presidents ever to have had that happen. But in fairness, at least under President Obama we don’t have to listen to disco.” –Jay Leno

    “Now that Santorum is out of the race, that leaves Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul out there vying for the crackpot vote.” –David Letterman

  36. ba dum dum. Uppity has to put the drummer rim shot icon up.

  37. Do you really want that left up, Karen?

  38. Back to health class with the lot of them. Sheesh. Or maybe basic female biology has changed since I was in fifth grade? Seems I remember being taught that ovulation most often occurs 14 days AFTER (give or take a few days) the last day of your period? Have things really changed that much? Cheese and RICE! Even the RC church and their natural family planning classes teach about “safe” days.
    FFFFFFFFF them ALL! Do they really think women are so stupid we can’t figure out how to add two weeks on to the “last day.?”

  39. Oh by the way- I LOVE the multiple orgasm joke- I am stealing it to send all over! ROFLMAO!

  40. Leno’s right about disco, except back in carter time, Travolta looked like this

    ….Instead of this

  41. you can take it down upps.

    it could be the combined smell… I find it to be a joke, but if you think somebody might be insulted then remove it.

    heading to work.


  42. Yeah I think I was. lol.

  43. Hey Mom you might love the joke but I love the real thing.


  44. ROFL Uppity- I walked right into that one!

  45. Travolta- blech. Never thought he was all that. Still don’t. Just don’t get what anybody saw in him.

  46. My brother had his chin dimple though.

  47. I was just thinking that, if you live in Arizona and you are a celibate woman, under the Period Police law, you are considered pregnant all the time, you slut.

  48. Has anybody read my God parable yet?
    YES!!!! 😆 😆

  49. Oh cripes. There was a bee in the house. As you know, I am allergic to them. My dog alerted to it and my cat came over and I though maybe it was a fly. But they were both jumpy about it. I get up close and it’s a drone bee. I killed it but I am thinking how the heck did it get in here and is there a nest nearby. I went outside an reconnoitered and see no other bees. usually you will see some hanging out near a nest.

  50. Fgs. This law was written by a woman and signed into law by a woman. This is from the article Upps linked:

    “This legislation is consistent with my strong track record of supporting common sense measures to protect the health of women and safeguard our most vulnerable population–the unborn,” Gov. Brewer
    said in a statement.


    Other parts of the law includes education in public schools prioritizing birth and adoption, signs throughout health-care facilities warning against abortion “coercion,” and an order for the state health department to create and maintain a website touting alternatives to abortion and displaying images of fetuses. Also required is abortion counseling for women aiming to abort pregnancies due to fetal abnormalities, and if the abnormality is certain to be fatal, the counseling incorporates perinatal hospice information before ending the pregnancy. It reaffirms existing barriers to access, like the requirement of a notarized parental consent form for minors and a mandatory ultrasound screening within 24 hours of having an abortion.

    State Rep. Kimberly Yee, the sponsor of the House bill, which passed Monday, said she acted with her constituents in mind, adding that many of them feel it “doesn’t go far enough.”

    Holy crap these people are nuts.

  51. Upps, saw the Adam & Eve joke…hilarious!

    NES, you rock! Love the tampons idea!

  52. Ups, I read your version of Adam and Eve the first time and got a laugh! But, then i had to go run errands, so did not post. Now my question is where does the Arizona law put a lesbian?

  53. WLM, doesn’t matter. If you have a period, you are gestating. Great word, they use it for dogs, cats and farm animals. Wonder if they mention estrous in that bill too, you know, like you a bitch is in heat.

  54. Please do NOT miss the chance to see these video clips of Jennifer Newsom, director of Miss Representation. This is not about the movie, it’s about “Makers”. There are also many other women “Makers” in this article. You can click on their faces and see their clips as well. Please do not miss this.

  55. Geraldine Ferraro, she got her before she died.

    There are just so many more clip sets. DOn’t miss this fantastic website.

  56. GEEZ Uppity! Get out of my head! lol I was just over there and came back to drop that same link- cuz of course she was the one I went looking for first!

  57. Going to have to spend some time over there. I hope she adds Maya Angelou at some point. And Meryl!

  58. My Gawd those ferraro clips. what she went through in the 50s. Jesus, these mean should have been shot at dawn.

  59. Did you see where the DA withdrew the offer because he found out she was getting married and she was catholic and would probably get pregnant?

  60. Uppity, thanks for the link to these clips. I have viewed a few and look forward to going back for more.

  61. Okay women: Keep repeating this to yourselves:
    It is a “meme” thought up by the Dems. Keep repeating that as you see more and more of these laws drawn up by Republican state legislatures.

    Oh and I loved this from the knitting uterus site:

    The Snatchel Project

    And I hate this f@cking w.p. crap too! 👿

  62. You don’t suppose they read nicolae ceausecu’s policies on women and decided that pregnancy was a state issue, do you? This is what the current fasicination with our privates reminds me of..

    One of Britt’s 14 points of facism is sterotyped sex roles–you know, women as brood sows, etc.

  63. Fredster- I am hating on WP today as well. The friggin thing locked up my computer when I tried to log in to comment this morning- had to force a shut down.

  64. PMM: WP is getting ridiculous.

  65. YES on Angelou and Meryl, surprised she didn’t think of Angelou, not surprised about Meryl because of all the hollywood jealousy and pressure bullshit. How come she didn’t pick ME too! That kind of thing.

  66. AnnE I just had a blast on twitter with that link.

  67. I liked the one with Ellen DeGeneres. (ignore the dance with Obama)

  68. Unreal. Why the heck would anyone live in AZ? They can’t even make their own wood or water, FCS.

    Frankly, I think it’s a ploy perpetrated by Republican women so they don’t have to have sex with Republican men. (At least I hope so.)

    Never has there been a better time to be a post-menopausal Lesbian. Thank you Jesus.

  69. Never has there been a better time to be a post-menopausal Lesbian. Thank you Jesus.

    Amen to that! If I was a young woman of childbearing age I would seriously considering switching lol!

  70. MOM, we’d take you in a thrice!

  71. Mom, I’ve been meaning to say…my heart aches for you on the loss of sweet Kozmoe. XO.
    RIP Koz.

  72. Ah, Uppityville!

    I come here for the kitteh stuff, the God parables, the lovely Lesbanese, and the latest info on Arizona’s attempts in get in women’s panties.

    I am never disappointed. Nice work, Upp.

  73. Frankly, I think it’s a ploy perpetrated by Republican women so they don’t have to have sex with Republican men. (At least I hope so.)


  74. (ignore the dance with Obama)

    I’m assuming that’s what all Indys are thinking about their voting for O in ’08.

  75. My condolences, too, Mom. I had to make that awful decision a couple of years ago. Like so many here, I know how terribly painful it is.

    Kozmoe will always live in your heart. ((( HUGS )))

  76. I’m post-menopausal now. Maybe this is a good time for me to turn Lesbanese.


  77. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Beata}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  78. I’d have to say, if you’re contemplating a whirl as a Lebanese, it’s best if you don’t wait until after menopause.

  79. Ok, SophieCT, I am almost afraid to ask why…?

  80. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{NES}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  81. Ani, this is a family blog, so suffice it to say that everything in life is better when there’s estrogen.

  82. Too late Sophie- early menopause here- done by age 51. And no regrets at all. All in all it was very easy compared to others- for which thanks be!
    Thanks everyone for the condolences on Koz- I had not realized how his schedule set mine. For the longest time I have always woken just before six. The last two mornings I have slept til after seven. Nobody to wake me. I miss him dreadfully.

  83. Got it. I still have some left so I’ll have to get back to you on that one. But the day is coming….

  84. Anyway, completely off topic (as if that ever stopped me), but I thought we could us a little drama.

  85. I’m assuming that’s what all Indys are thinking about their voting for O in ’08.


  86. early menopause here- done by age 51.

    PMM: Even earlier here: Began at 42, done by 43. Sigh. At least some of the memory I lost came back.

  87. I’m a late bloomer always, still Pre menopausal. They’re lucky I had my period last week and not still on it.

  88. Menopause for me at age 50. It was so easy. God, what a relief. A few hot flashes and that was it. And I will say, since this is a family blog, that “life” gets even better after “the change” .

  89. WOW Sophie- that IS super early! I had no memory loss, very few bothersome symptoms- the stretch with the night sweats sucked though.

  90. Hi, Ani!!!!!!!

  91. Beata- Amen on the what a relief! I never could figure out my Mom and her friends and their dread of menopause. One would have thought the end of the world was coming for pity’s sake. Of course they were the generation that got pumped full of the first round of high dosage hormone replacement therapy. Can’t say as it helped any of them. Once I had my daughter I was done with having kids so what was the point of a monthly nuisance? I could not wait to be done with it.

  92. Beata, nice to see you here! Hope you’ve been well!

  93. The Makers clip with Billy Jean King is great.

  94. Jill Stein’s campaign has a job for a social media director:

  95. My mom had a hysterectomy in her 50s and was put on that premarin stuff. You know the kiind that’s made from a pregnant mare’s urine, and I was glad when she went off of it. I do the natural progesterone cream thats made from yams which helps my migraines. I actually rub it right on the side of the face that has the migraine, its very helpful. Oh my Mom does the natural cream now also. I am getting some hot flashes, which I hate, and def the foggy brain at times.

  96. Ah, Billie Jean. I was a kid when she won that game with that guy…whatshisname…but I remember how happy I was when she won. So cool. Also, I won a bet with my Dad!

  97. Yay honora and beata are BACK!!!!!!!!

  98. I wasnt even a teenager yet when I was watching Billie Jean King and my dad was calling me a “women’s libber”. Billie Jean was very vocal about the pay inequities for the female tennis player, and I saw the injustice…. and the rest is history lol

    About Bobby – they turned into good friends until he died. Apparently he was more of a rabble rouser/showman than a hardcore sexist.

  99. Ani, enjoying the book immensely…..was drinking WATER when I read the part where you were so horrified to speak out against Cheney and when you continued “he’s got people everywhere….I’d probably wind up in Gitmo and people would say: “Whatever happened to that Anita?” Geez, I sneezed water out of my nose and went into a coughing fit. God love ya, lady! Be putting up a 5-star review soon!

  100. IMO, there’s something worse than these winger types who are so fascinated by our bodies (as they rightly should be, but not in a legislative sense, more in a worshipful sense lol) –

    The worse thing is that the majority of republicans who are NOT crazy, put up with the freaks. They should be standing up to them, they have the greater numbers! Shout them down and move on. But when they won’t stand up to them, they’re part of the problem.

    So, in a way I’m more pissed at the more normal republicans (I’m talking about regular citizens, not just elected officials) for not pushing the freaks out of their party.

    But I can never seriously believe all republicans are crazy. My dad was a republican. He was an investment counselor, and he worked very hard, and he just wanted lower taxes. He’d probably have been grossed out at the thought of thinking about other people’s bedrooms lol

  101. Hal…Thank you! You just made my night. My favorite is “she never goes anywhere. Well…maybe we should call her!”

    So glad you’re enjoying the book — where are you in it, out of curiousity. I swear, I’m like a nervous hen!! 🙂

  102. Agreed, Lorac. My father in law was a Republican and social issues were of no concern to him either.

  103. Oh FCS, My father is a Republican too. I wonder if that’s part of why we all have an affinity for Hillary?!

  104. Actually, Ani, I had a serious thought about that but want to wait for the book review before bringing it up. I’m afraid a conversation on it will present spoilers.

  105. Yes, Anita, that’s the part I was getting at….BTW 10 reviews currently on Amazon, all 5-star. Way to hit it out of the park, Ani! Some people can’t wait for you to write abother book….add another with me..

  106. Here’s a teaser – the very last sentence in the book consists of a mere 3 words…… well, you have to guess…. first and third words start with the letter “R”…..

  107. Where am I in the book? About midway, more or less. Went on a weekend vacation over Easter and left the book behind….it was cccold and rainy all weekend! Could have finished it and be working on my review. Who ordered that weather?

  108. Hal, the same boob who ordered the Rains of Ranchipur this afternoon when my hubby and I had to move about 20 boxes and some furniture for my mom.

    Hope you had a great time anyway!

  109. Lorac — you naughty thing!!

  110. Sophie — UW can get you in touch with me if you’re itching to ask…

  111. …or you can email the contact submission sheet on my website and the email will get to me as well.

  112. Lorac, I have the nasty habit of skipping to the very end and KNOW those three words….very fitting and natural, I must say. One can hope.

  113. Some people can’t wait for you to write abother book….add another with me..
    You got it, but how ’bout we make this one a bestseller first!!!

    I’m still panting and hunched over after having written this one.

  114. um, another book, not a BOTHER book. Although that might be fun too…

  115. Wouldn’t it be a great “in your face” to get this book on th NYTimes best seller list? I’ve posted notices from Amazon about the book on my Facebook page and two other FB pages. Got to read it now. Goodnight.

  116. My Dad was also a lifelong republican, til the 90s. So I would call him a Clinton republican. Bill was his fav prez and he was really looking forward to voting for Hillary. He was talking about it from about 2006.

  117. Hi gang. Been following the blog. Great post Upps. Total Republican family here and all are not interested in social issues unless it involves us paying the tab. Me I dumped the Pubs as I would have the Dems if I had been one. I vow now to just vote any incumbant out. No matter party. I think they all are getting into the ME idea of female control. I really think men are starting to get turned on by the thought of no divorce, stoning and shooting is more to their liking. And when I see women supporting control of our bodies it really gets me. I am sorry but I am failing to see where Dems are doing anything to stop the crazy right wing nuts. Fact is I see them only leading women like a donkey with a carrot dangling on a pole in front of it. I am not going to get into any canidate and think they are there for me. I write them often and knowing this Jan Brewer will get an E-mail. Wish I could send a dirty pad but alas I gave that up a couple of years ago lol. I am happy for those of you who went through it easy I went through 9 years of sheer Hell. And although I stopped my monthlys 2 years ago I still have the horrible hot flashes that lead me to believe in spontanious combustion and night sweats and insomnia. I had mood swings so bad I could have easily killed seriously. My hubby would walk through the door and I would tell him ” we are going to fight so pick the subject”.

  118. Chuckle…the BOTHER book, Ani! You’ve certaunly shaken off that fear of speaking up!

    Bye now.

  119. Reasons for not posting…. I hate this WP now and seems to me you all get it covered well enough so just enjoy reading. When I have to go through all these hoops to post I just read. Do not post on any WP blogs I follow any more.

  120. G’night Hal and thanks!!!

  121. Utah, you’re so funny. Have missed you. I haven’t had too much trouble with WP, did at first until I signed in, now it remembers me. I have a mac, I wonder if the guys who have been screwing with it have macs also.

  122. Obama pays lower tax rate than his secretary. Waiting for him to volunteer an additional check to the IRS.

    I have a long dental appt this morning. I’ll see you later if my head doesn’t explode.

  123. The misconduct was first reported by the Associated Press, which said it received an anonymous tip that the alleged misconduct of a dozen Secret Service officials involved prostitutes in Cartagena.

    No wonder Hillz is running away from this clown and his merry men.

    My oh my, he’s inspired the men around him to make international delegations about hoes. He is personally helping the war on women… but from the side that is making things worse, not better.

  124. I posted before done with that comment. It was from ABC and it was supposed to have quotation marks on the first paragraph.

    For a friday news dump kind of day there were some doozies.

    Good luck to all our friends in the tornado alley area.

  125. Just saw this news report on the BBC website on abortion wars in the US. I knew things were bad in your side of the pond, but hadn’t realised quite how bad. The only light in the darkness is that if these fanatics carry on, women will not be voting republican. Good luck, girls.

  126. Drinking and hoes. A Presidential detail so befitting this man with no class.

    “The story was first reported by the Associated Press, which received an anonymous tip that a dozen Secret Service officials were relieved of duty for misconduct involving prostitutes in Cartagena.

    The officials in question, some of whom are married, arrived at the beachfront Hotel Caribe a week ago, the same hotel where the White House staff and press are currently staying, according to the Associated Press. The officials were reportedly drinking heavily during their stay.”

  127. Just have to say thanks Uppity- Was having a conversation on FB with a young woman regarding the war on women and how the two parties both suck and some dumb ass young male obot had to chime in. Tried to fling the whole Obama is great! Look at Lilly Ledbetter BS. And he gave me a WIKI link. OH PLEASE! This young punk told ME I should “read up on that bill” and gives a wiki link?
    I was able to pop right over here to get the link to the Paycheck Fairness Act that Reid allowed to languish for two years of the majority and zap that punk!

  128. I got an e-mail from Twitter: JohnGalt is now following you. I have to ask: Who is John Galt?

  129. SophieCT – I always block people from following me on Twitter if I am not sure about their credentials. I had a spate of Christian evangelicals following me and recently picked up a devout catholic. Maybe because I follow Richard Dawkins, who knows. You can also set your security settings on Twitter so that you have to give people permission to follow you if you’re happy about them.

  130. Irene, believe me I know! Since I’m anti-Obama, I’ve had a few wingers follow me, but most drop off on their own when they realize who/what I am. As for John Galt, I just couldn’t resist the joke!

  131. karen for Clinton, on April 14, 2012 at 9:32 AM ~

    I just heard this report on the radio for the umpteenth time this morning, and this time they said this SS detail had “no relationship to the president” being in Cartagena for the meeting.

    riiiight. And my being at the bakery has nothing to do with buying coffee cake for breakfast.

    I just love it when we send the Secret Service into a foreign country just for the h*ll of it. Don’t you?

  132. Karen, we can ask IreneB about the reliability of The Guardian as compared to BBC when she comes back, but for now here’s what it had to say about whom the SS was there for.

    Secret service agents sent home after Colombia prostitution allegations
    Members of president’s security detail recalled from Cartagena following claims of heavy drinking and use of prsotitutes

    Doncha just hate being lied to so much of the time? Me too.
    Shouldn’t Uppity be back soon? I’ll get off now before I go out of control. I can never figure out when I’ve committed a nono until after I see it posted. 😦

  133. “Who is John Galt?” That was funny Sophie! 🙂
    Loved the pbs link of hillary!

  134. Yeah, Pam. This is a big f’n deal, as Biden would say. The reports mostly say it was that one of the women didn’t get paid and she went to the police to file a complaint against her “client” officially. Turns out they were all secret service presidential security detail guys. Somebody who wrote a book on the “men” (and women?) who guard the president said it was the worst event he’s ever heard about in all his years studying that subject. But it is all hearsay right now since the media cannot be trusted worth a damn.

    I was going to stay home and read Ani’s book for a while since I have today off, but it is gorgeous out and I need to get some exercise so planned a hike and lecture at one of my nature sites instead.

    I want to finish the book. Maybe I can read tonight or tomorrow. I too find it hard to find time, upps.

  135. Leslie, were you listening to NPR? I am sure they are in campaign mode and will not allow anything bad to be said of their candidate. OFA broadcasts propaganda from many locations. MSNBO is back in full bullshit mode too. LIE, hide the truth and smear the opponent. Good God, here we go again. Deja vu 2008. Ani’s book in real time, again.

  136. It’s so comforting to know that we pay major six figure salaries to a bunch of guys who go to Columbia and play Bury The Salami.

    Prostitution is legal in Columbia. It’s just not legal here when some dipshit is supposed to be guarding the president instead of playing Choo Choo In The Tunnel with a hooker.

    That is all.

  137. I just got home. Was at the dentist since 8:30 AM EST. I’m exhausted.

  138. Mom when somebody I don’t want around pipes in or follows me, I have no mercy. I dispatch the interuptor ASAP and then I do a barrage of tweets that I KNOW will offend the followers i want to get rid of. I did a whole series on the Period Police and don’t I get a tweet from a follower who has the audacity to say, “This is not a good time for this, it could hurt Romney”. To which I said, I don’t give a shit about Romney, I care about my rights of women and I am tired of seeing these issues shoved aside for decades because there is always ‘something’ or ‘somebody’ who takes priority. In short, she stopped following me. Boo Fucking Hoo. I got sick of her perpetual Jesus Christ answers to everything anyways. I got rid of some left wing whackos pretty much the same way. As for Obots, I find the best answer is, “When I want shit from you, I’ll squeeze your head”. Or “Go take out the trash, you parents are sick of supporting your ass”. Stuff like that.

  139. Irene, many of us won’t be voting R OR D. Obama has been a horrid president for women.

  140. Sophie, do you want me to send your email to Ani?

    Okay gang, I’m going to go lie down with some ice. See you later.

  141. Bury the Salami….

    Choo choo in the tunnel…

    You cannot BUY this kind of entertainment. Uppity, you are so damned hilarious. I’ve heard bury the salami but choo choo in the tunnel — that’s new for me. Lurv it!

  142. Sadly, it does not surprise me that the security advance team for the “This is what a feminist (does not) look like” faux president feels it is ok to exploit women by buying their sexual services. PIGS!

  143. UW/Ani, my question can (and must) wait for the book discussion. It is really for everyone to weigh in on. But asking it now might make a spoiler for others who haven’t read the book yet. Thanks for offering though.

  144. I love the tagline on His44 latest….
    “If Sexism and Misogyny had a son….it would look like Obama”

  145. Karen I just got back from running all the errands that would keep me out of the house and away from doing my taxes. No, I don’t listen to NPR any more than I watch MSNBO (unless I have to). I was actually listening to CBS news radio when I heard the story early this morning. I haven’t heard anything since then on that station. I can’t imagine NPR even covering this story – at least not on a Saturday morning when Car Talk and WaitWaitDon’tTellMe are on. Since 2008, and since coming here and a couple of other sites, I’ve become more cynical than even I though possible.
    Has anyone heard anything more about this story?

    And Upps, I’m with Ani. I laughed out loud when I read Hide the Salami and Choo Choo. You kill me. 😀

  146. Pregnancy dating is based on menstrual dating as most women know when they had a period. not when they concieved. Pregnancy gestation is really 38 weeks and since most women ovulate about 14 days after the onset of their period, we get to a 40 week pregnancy by menstrual dating. This is a little like the vaginal ultrasound hysteria. Vaginal u/s is much easier and more accurate in early gestation than transabdominal ultrasound and is often done to be sure that the pregnancy is viable and in the uterus, not the fallopian tube. It is also used after the procedure to be sure that all the tissue has been removed.

  147. Dandy Stork, thanks for Mansplainin’ for us dumb bitches, but that my period is nobody’s goddamned business except mine, and in the case of pregnancy, my doctor’s, and especially not the business of some crackpot theocratic jerkoff legislator who gets off trying to hobble me and examine my body parts. In short, Get the hell out of my crotch. Unless i PERSONALLY invite you there or invite you to inquire.

    Furthermore, I resent your use of the fucking word “Hysteria” when referring to SOMEBODY ELSE’S BODY–and especially when referring to us wimminz,you son of a bitch. That shit doesn’t fly here, so go let them stick a probe up your dick against your permission, and see how you like it.

    By the way, we have two doctors on this forum whom we prefer to get our medical advice from instead of a drive-by –we don’t need your Mansplainin’. K THX Bai!

    Here’s a link for you. This is who these people feverishly making obscene laws about women really are. Get your ass over to Romania and start it up again there, we won’t let you get away with it here.

    Jesus Christ, where do these people get the nerve!

  148. I tell you this. It won’t be long before 50000 women are seen marching in DC with torches and pitchforks. I recognize the stench coming from government. I was there the first time and it will happen again. And I can’t wait.

  149. I bet I know the question, Sophie. I called the psychic hotline 🙂

  150. You do?! Pray tell. Shoot me an e-mail.

  151. Nop, Soph. We’ll save it for the discussion.

  152. leslie we are forming an underground group to get you the hell out of Chicago.

  153. AAACCCKKKKK! Is that stork for real? Stork? Wasn’t that a fairy tale they used to tell children about where babies came from?

  154. Hey Sophie, I’ll bet the over-use of the screen name “John Galt” is second only to the use of “Patriot” among far right crackpots.

  155. Yup, those and TheRealJohnBirch.

    So, I’m guessing you didn’t guess. 😉

  156. Ani, if you’re out there, I sent the books to Ashley’s publicist! I think you guys are going to “get” each other. If only Ashley would learn the truth about O, whom she seems to support.

  157. The big prohibition against gays in the military used to be that someone might find out they were gay and use that to blackmail them.

    But a whole crew of secret service men, many married, screwing around with prostitutes in another country – nah, no possibility of blackmail, nothing to see, move along….

  158. Oh I guessed and I’m right.

  159. Mom, obviously we didn’t get our dose of Mansplanin’ today about things they never experienced but know allllll about. No wonder so many of them are lousy in bed. There is NOTHING worse unto this earth than a sexist pig.

    We need an All Women panel to discuss what to do with thes pigs. We’ll use Issa’s model.

  160. LOL!! No way. It’s simply not guessable.

  161. Where am I in the book? About midway, more or less.

    Hal!!!! Next time Ani asks you where you are in the book, say, “I just got the middle of the book, and found myself sprawled out as the centerfold, ala Scott the politician! THAT’s where I am in the book!”


    I caught a cold last night, so I’m sort of miserable today, so I’m punchy, AND the naughtiness has no holds!!! lol Blame it on the sinus and cough medicines! 🙂

  162. Glad you’re up Uppity. For me a rare night-time appearance. I had to see how much commenting there was on the SS. The networks are being very brave in reporting this. Either CBS or ABC was careful to say only 1 prostitute was involved. [Guess that would amount to gang rape.] WPIX had decent on air coverage, better yet online:

    snip”One of the agents did not pay one of the prostitutes, and she complained to the police,” Kessler said.Calling it “clearly the biggest scandal in Secret Service history,” Kessler said 12 agents are accused of involvement in the incident “in one degree or another,” from allegedly interfering in the investigation to participating in other alleged misconduct.Kessler did not identify to CNN who provided him with details of the investigation, and CNN could not immediately confirm the claim.The Washington Post, which was the first to report the story, said it was alerted to the investigation by Kessler. snip,0,2559762.story

    Who does Bill Plante work for? His main message was POTUS was never in any danger. Over and out.

  163. I just got the middle of the book, and found myself sprawled out as the centerfold


  164. SophieCT — sounds intriguing re book question… Im sure it will be a doosy!

  165. For the record, I just can not stand being without my cat. How the hell am I supposed to know what time it is? Koz was in charge of the schedule around here. No cuddling, no purring, no kitty massage.
    WWAAAAAHHHHH I want my cat back!

  166. Hal!!!! Next time Ani asks you where you are in the book, say, “I just got the middle of the book, and found myself sprawled out as the centerfold, ala Scott the politician! THAT’s where I am in the book!”

    Careful what you wish for, my darling! 🙂

    Lovely that you sent to Ashley — that will make for an interesting reaction of her part if she reads it. I have had a number of people react with their eyes bugging out of their heads. They had no idea it was this brutal — their word, not mine

  167. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{PMM}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, so sorry about your kitty cat. We have two furry children as well and I keep telling them they’d better living forever.

  168. Uppity, please make it soon. But please let me know so i can be ready.
    Hope your head is healed from the morning at the dentist.

  169. Mom, get another cat. That’s what I did. I couldn’t stand being in my home without a feline presence. It was so lonely and painful. I couldn’t stop crying ( the whole heaving sob thing ) . So, four days after my beloved 21-year-old tortie baby had to be put to sleep, I got another tortie. She was not a replacement ( nothing could be ) but she helped me heal from the terrible loss. Nothing else worked. And I know my baby was looking down from above, so pleased that I gave a sweet shelter kitten a loving forever home.

    I’ve had the new cat now for a year plus. I couldn’t imagine life without her. ( She usually wakes me up at 5 AM. Little rascal! Totally spoiled. Her fav treat is Beech Nut baby food chicken. )

  170. Our two kitties are like mood rings. If I’m having a tough day, one or the other always curls up next to me. Our younger one helped me write the book in fact. I’d be planted on the couch with my lap top for hours at a stretch. He would leap between me and it, then park himself to my right, paw on my thigh, lying down between me and the couch arm, happy as a clam.

    i know it is hard to heal from the loss of a beloved pet. We’ve been through this one a number of times ourselves.

  171. I agree with Beata. It is not possible for me to live without a cat. Mom, you must have a cat. It’s as simple as that. Don’t give me a song and dance about it because it’s the truth. Period.

  172. I wrote a reply to stork earlier tonight but I was raving so I erased it instead of hitting send. So let me just say now : what Upps said.

  173. Leslie, we are definitely coming to take you away, ha ha. like the song goes.

    My head is fine but my mouth is really sore. I’m on the salt water kick again. And I can’t assess the teeth until that goes away, which is why we are waiting a week before we have the actual caps made, so he can fiddle-faddle like he’s wont to do. He’s a serious perfectionist, which is okay with me, that’s what I want in a dentist. Far as I can see, even the temp caps look great.

    I forgot to say that we took a break from the grinding, so I used the rest room. And of course, I couldn’t resist taking a look. I never actually saw before what the prep for caps looks like and it’s horrific. They grind your teeth into posts about a quarter of the width the tooth was, so there was my mouth with all these posts for teeth with gaping holes between them. And so I said aloud, “Well there is definitely no turning back now”. lolol.

  174. Must. Have. Cat. It is sooooo lonely here- and Beata I am all about the heaving sobs throughout the day. Must. Find. Cat. Soon.
    I think the last time I was without a cat was way back in the early 90’s- but I had the world’s best dog then and was working and going to school and raising kids- so had a very full life.
    So everybody pray that Koz and Sabrina are picking out a replacement for me. And that they send it soon.

  175. Dick Cheney out and about with new heart……I still think he’s the Grinch.

  176. PMM: I agree wholeheartedly with others. Nothing like a kitten–talk about your present-moment living.

  177. I’m thinking Mom would do best rescuing an adult cat or older kitten whose days are numbered.

  178. imust, you must cut dick cheney some slack. He has to adapt to actually having his first heart.

  179. The way my new tortie came to me was fate. It was meant to be. I knew it right away and so did everyone at the shelter.

    Go on Monday to a shelter if you can, Mom. Don’t wait. I’ll be praying for you.

  180. Dick Cheney out and about with new heart

    For him, more dramatic than a sex change.

  181. LOL Sophie! Yeah but at least now he knows where to put his hand during the pledge of allegiance!

  182. I am going to call my friend in the morning- she works with a group that does feral work- spaying, neutering, shots etc. She knows every barn for miles around. There is a cat out there for me. It is spring- and somebody is sure to have unwanted cats- it is the same every spring. All of a sudden the barn cat population explodes. And people often want to get rid of the surplus.
    And yes Uppity – something a bit older would be better. I like kittens- but they can be a bit of work.

  183. Did I mention every cat I have ever owned was black or black and white? Rescued one once- and she shortly thereafter gave birth to a litter of the most beautiful kittens- some of which were silver. So I expect the next one will be black as well or black and white. It’s a thing. Maybe it is the same cat that just keeps coming back?

  184. All my cats were rescues. All were kittens when I got them. God makes kittens and puppies and babies so cute so that you will still love them when they turn into cats, dogs, and adolescents.

  185. Same here Sophie. I never take the cats that are easy to place. And overall I can honestly to say that they Know I have saved them and they pay me back many-fold.

    Mom when my tuxie soulcat passed on, it wasn’t a week before this little black and white thing ambled up to me and said, Are you my mommy?

  186. Lots of wonderful adoptable cats from all around the country can be found at:

    Okay, I admit I sometimes troll this site just to look at cats. It’s my version of Internet porn. LOL.

  187. Sophie- lol. All mine have been rescues too. It has been a few years since we have had any mysteriously “appear” overnight. Who knows? I know there is a possible feral out behind the barn- we call him/her/it the ghost. Very rarely seen, mostly white with black and gray markings. That one may belong to a neighbor nearby as it never ate any of the food we left out for it and it is quite large.

  188. Beata, i have spent many glorious hours on Petfinder myself…rescue kitties are the best. Internet porn indeed.

  189. Here, I picked a cat for PMM:
    His name is Lucky.

    I also like Valentino:

  190. imust, Lucky is quite dashing and according to his dating profile, ” He also likes to talk a lot while he is getting love. ”

    Sounds purrfect.

  191. imust! Don’t you like Pi? (and her brother Nobi)?

  192. I DO like Pi…and Nobi! Could Nobi be short for “No Obi”? As in No Obama????

  193. Mom, I hope you are found by the purrfect kitteh very soon.

  194. imust: Obviously!

  195. hahahahaha! Obama thinks he’s scored the wimminz vote so now he’s going after the Latino vote:
    CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — In his most specific pledge yet to U.S. Hispanics, President Barack Obama said Saturday he would seek to tackle immigration policy in the first year of a second term. But he cautioned that he would need an amenable Congress to succeed.
    “This is something I care deeply about,” he told Univision. “It’s personal to me.”

  196. Ok I took this 5 minutes ago. I am on a couch leaning sideways, propped on elbow, with my laptop on a table. My cat Joe is spwawled on my leg and thigh. It’s kinda dark in here but for the computer and a lamp near me, and I had the camera nearby and had to twist around to get a shot of him, but you’ll get the drift. Point being……….you need this Mom. Now.

    And this is just one reason why I can never live without a cat.

  197. That is how Nicky lays on he couch! He thinks he’s Superman. Gorgeous and looks like I cat my mom and i had many years ago named Dorian…

  198. CUTE!!!

    “This is something I care deeply about,” he told Univision. “It’s personal to me.”

    Isn’t the woman who spoke those words about it being personal also in Cartagena right now?

  199. …..As in Dorian GREY! Perfect!

    Joe was nearly dead when I picked him up. Suffering from major malnutrition, infested with parasites. First recommendation was put him down. Today he weighs 18 pounds and he is just a bundle of love and obedience. He rules my dog too. lol. He is solid steel grey.

    But I ask you, who can you get to lie on you and have such a look of ecstasy without you having to …um…move?

  200. Funny how the camera flash shows some light or white. He is a solid piece of charcoal in real life.

  201. “This is something I care deeply about,” he told Univision. “It’s personal to me.”

    Translation: Your votes are something I care deeply about so that I can win again and then stick it in your asses.

  202. Unlike Henri, Joe is DEFINITELY not filled with ennui. lol.

  203. Dorian Grey was a delight who we lost too young unfortunately. But my beau at the time found him abandoned, declawed, on a golf course and mommy and me took him in. He was really my mom’s cat and they adored each other!

  204. Apparently the SS scandal has upset Obama’s “Charm” offensive efforts in Latin America…..I find his alleged “charm” offensive too…but that’s another matter.


    Cute video – former child actors standing up against Kirk Cameron’s anti-lebonese tirades

  206. Mr. Cameron do protesteth too loudly, methinks.

  207. These are a reasonable drive from me
    This one looks like it could be Koz’s litter mate
    OOOHHHH look at this one!
    Please don’t put me in spam MKBill

  208. Seriously Bill! They are cat links! lol Good thing I know where the key to the spam locker is!

  209. Midnight does look impish.

    Bill is a bit peeved that you didn’t immediately go for the tuxie.

    Did you see my pic of Joe, above?

  210. I did see your Joe! Lovely! Tell Bill there seem to be about a hundred tuxies available for adoption out here- and ask if he has by any chance been taking road trips to my area? He should have stopped in for a visit. lol

  211. I’ve been falling in love on Pet Finders. Damn you all. NOT YET.

    Funny story: a neighbor/friend saw me outside with my hose on rinsing my car and asked me if I would give her car a quick rinse since it is still freezing at night and she hasn’t turned her hose on yet.

    I was rinsing the driver side window (tinted all around) and saw something inside jump up. She laughed and opened the door to show me her fairly new friend “a benji dog” named Stevie for Stevie Wonder. She recently was asked by my job to drop off our animal shelter donations at the local pound. She told everyone she was not going to adopt, repeatedly. She got there and was greeted by “the benji dog” and then learned he was totally blind and a complete mush and also they told her (after she was holding him and loving him up) that he was going to be “put down” in a couple of hours and she was his last chance at living.

    She dropped off the food and toys and came home with Stevie.

    The dog heard the water on the window and although it couldn’t see me knew everything going on near him. And yes, he’s a love muffin.

  212. Mom, I like that lovely tuxie, Millie.

    Whichever one captures your heart, go for it! Soon! You won’t regret it.

  213. Karen, there’s a kitteh on PetFinders calling your name. Don’t fight it, girl. 🙂

  214. Beata has very good kitteh taste.

  215. Karen, there is no such thing as NOT YET. you are already overdue. Cut the cwap and rescue one of those cats before he gets the needle. Bill strongly suggests a black cat, white cat, or black and white cat. Just saying.

  216. Mom, here’s a sweet tuxie boy who needs you to fatten him up and give him some love:

  217. Awwwwwwwww. That tuxie is what i call a Longfellow. You shore him up and he’s gorgeous.

  218. This was my RIP Longfellow, Mom. See? You have an opportunity here. They always have bat ears too.

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