Open thread and Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Many thanks to you, SophieCT, for calling our attention to this absolutely irrestistable narrative. Could we use the laugh? Boy could we ever!


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  1. I fell hopelessly in love with Henri yesterday. Sent video link around to a few true cat lovers. In reading one reply, noticed he has a facebook page. Went there only to find he’s just opened a twitter account. He puts it this way:
    Well, it’s happened. I am being forced to start a Twitter page. If any of you tweeple want to follow me, I am @HenriLeChatNoir. Twank you.

    Uppity, this is going to be a major distraction for MKBill; you are going to have your hands full now

  2. On facebook,
    The “filmmaker” who invades my life for your amusement even appropriates my image for his own tattoos. Il est très inconsidérée. Et son français est terrible.

  3. OMG bill tweeted him and asked if he has a sister. I’m so embarrassed.

  4. I’m manic with laughter. Hope that doesn’t cause me to appear to be unsympathetic, UW.

  5. He just noticed Amex is following him so he asked for a card to use at live nude cats site.

  6. Henri le Chat Noir has lifted up our lives (although that was probably not his intention at all). And I have found some more interesting blogs like yours and the twitter feed of uppity cat.

  7. Three hour dentist appt tomorrow morning. Caps are a pain in the…in the head. I’ll probably have a migraine for two days. But hey it’s worth it to keep the smile, right? Please tell me it’s worth is because I practically had to work the other side of the street to pay for this.

  8. Uppity, it really is worth it. I’ve lost count as to how many root canal crowns I have. I’m now in a decade I really don’t care to be in, I’m beginning to neglect things. Broke a side tooth 4 years ago. By the book dentist wants to implant. Terrible expense and with my considerations too invasive. So far pampering the tooth is working but any day now I’ll be an old lady who has a gaping whole when I laugh.

  9. hole, and that typo is WP’s fault….

  10. You know, I thought Newark’s mayor cory booker was a cool guy last year when he was shoveling people’s cars out in a storm. Now he’s saved a neighbor in a fire. i don’t know squat about his politics but this guy doesn’t have a stick up his ass like the rest of the big shots. He acts like a person not a God. We could use more of that.

    Let’s compare him to Bloomberg:

  11. Henri may benefit with some therapy to help his melancholy. Or maybe if he meets Bill it could be like a “shot in the arm” for finding meaning in his life. Just a suggestion.

  12. Naw WLM, I think he just reads too much Sarte.

  13. WLM methinks Henri has read far too much Jean-Paul Sartre and has become an Existentialist.

  14. Good morning (((((((UPPITY’S)))))

    LOVE HENRY (U 2 BILL< a little younger and cuter))))))

    Good way to start a day, thanks Sophie for the smiles

  15. iboogerman, at first I thougt you were spam. Then I saw your tweets. Any cat lover is a friend of Uppity’s.

  16. Wow, I have never been regarded as spam before! Am definitely human being who feels strongly about all sorts of disparate issues, like cats and democracy and women’s reproductive rights. Good luck at dentist.

  17. It’s not really me putting you in spam. It’s Bill. Surely you understand his ornery position. I shall continue to fish your out at my own peril.

  18. Actually everybody lands in moderation here on the first few comments. Once I clear it, it takes a couple of comments before Bill lets go.
    Cats. Check.
    Women’s Rights. Check

    You’re in the right place.

  19. Really those Kennedy boys really should be kept away from women.

    Michelina it was indeed wise to stroke Bill in your comment.

  20. Hey Pamela, you could get an implant you know. Just leave your firstborn child at the desk. lol.

  21. Do you suppose if we change Bill’s name to William Le Chat, that would placate him?

  22. good morning Uppityits 🙂

  23. Are these people out of their Effing minds?

    Life starts earliest in Arizona, which now defines gestational age as beginning on the first day of a woman’s last period, rather than at fertilization. In practice, that means the state has banned abortions after about 18 weeks (20 weeks from the last menstruation) except in the case of medical emergencies. While that provision has been much discussed, abortions after that point account for only about 1 percent of the procedures currently performed.

  24. Sarah Haskins. You can count on her to sum it all up.

    sarah_haskins ‏ @sarah_haskins

    Being a stay at home mom is hard. Being a working mom is hard. You know what makes it easier? Millions of dollars.

  25. LOL, my six cats and I thank you for this! God bless you!

  26. Make it Guillaume Le Chat. More masculine, he’d like that, given his propensities.

  27. Big Dawg/Bubba endorsed the late John Murtha’s Chief of Staff over an incumbent pitted against him due to redistricting. The incumbent endorsed Obama in 2008 in a district PA-4, that went for Hillary by a margin of 40%…The ad is up and although “everybody” claims endorsements mean nothing, NOBODY is missing the point Bill’s making to thread the needle after endorsing Kathleen Kane over the Bar Association’s Obama guy in the AG race. PA Primary 10 days off and the Clintons are cementing friendships the old fashioned way.

  28. Poor Irene. Still landing in mod. What the hell is wrong with WP? How many times to I have to let someone thru before they stop trashing them?

  29. Yes! Guillaume it is!

  30. AZ law is bizarre, but then again we are living in a crazed world.

  31. it’s Born Again 2.0. The zealots impose an impossible standard calculated to burn off any hope of keeping friends while force-closing anybody dumb enough to speak to them.

  32. I have just sent Guilaume his first tweet in French. Awaiting his response in trepidation.

  33. The French Chat: turn on

  34. Not a word. I think he is sulking. Or shuffling through the dictionary.

  35. Oh, no, he has replied, wants to be called Sir Guillaume. We have created a monster.

  36. Yeah thanks a lot Irene. He was already obnoxious, now he’s impossible.

  37. No Irene. He made ME shuffle through the dictionary.


  39. the Clintons are cementing friendships the old fashioned way.

    Very perceptive. They are getting their…um…delegates together. Didn’t Bill endorse somebody else who took out an incumbent last time? In Arkansas?

  40. Just play along with him for a while, remember the Sir bit and not to turn your back on him as you leave the room. And give him extra nip tonight so he will forget everything tomorrow.

  41. “Are these people out of their Effing minds?”

    Assuming that was a rhetorical question, UW. Righteous rant yesterday! Cat video was hysterical–thanks the amusement!

  42. I think he just reads too much Sarte.

    Sounded more like Camus to me.

  43. In any event, Henri is most definitely an existentialist.

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