Titanic 100th Anniversary and a day of Titanic “Celebration” in Belfast

Photo: Ken Marschall

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Titanic Disaster.

The Titanic went down at 2.20 AM on April 15th 1912, as a result of a collision with an iceberg just before midnight.

I’ve seen anniversary discussions, memorials and coverage of the sinking of the Titanic most of my life, but nothing takes the cake like the Annual Belfast Titanic Festival. It seems that in Belfast, the sunken Titanic is still cause for Celebration, because the ship was built in Belfast. I didn’t make this up. See?

Go ahead, take some time to think about that. I’ll wait.

Yes that’s right. In Belfast, they are so proud of their workmanship that they discard one of the world’s greatest sea disasters to celebrate the building of the ship.  But hey, a party is a party.

While it does appear that a good time is being had by all, I don’t see a Last Supper event like they had in 2010. That’s right, they actually replicated the menu of the last dinner on the Titanic before everybody hurled, so to speak. Of course, it was the First Class menu. I would say that the serving of the Titanic Last Supper was probably the most convoluted idea of all, but I am sure it was enjoyable for a bunch of folks who celebrate  the final menu on a ship that landed at the bottom of the ocean along with 1517 people. Of course, the sinking of the Titanic was not Belfast’s fault, but still, you have to admit that this celebration is creepy.

In 2010,  Slashfood  printed the celebratory “Made in Belfast”  Festival menu, which was a replication of the  literal “Last Supper” served on the Titanic. I thought you might like to see what all those subsequently dead people ate as their “Last Supper”.

The menu, which Conor and his wife spent months researching, was last served on April 14, 1912, and included items such as asparagus and watercress salad and spiced peaches with jelly and ice cream. The couple became interested in the subject when they discovered links between their guest house and a local artist named JW Carey, who painted both Rayanne House and the Titanic.

Some changes have been made to update the menu, including shortening the number of courses. Originally there were 13, but now it’s trimmed to nine. As McClelland explained to Slashfood, “They had nowhere to go on the ship, so they spent hours over dinner, and in those days prosperity was measured in girth.”

Sorry for the pun, but just looking at this menu gives me a Sinking Feeling.

The Titanic Menu

First Course – hors d’oeuvres
Canapés a`L’Amiral

Second Course – Soup
Cream of Barley finished with Bushmills Whiskey and Cream

Third Course – Salad
Asparagus and Watercress Salad with Champagne – Saffron Vinaigrette served with Roast Squab

Forth Course – Fish
Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce garnished with Cucumber and Fresh Dill

Fifth Course – Sorbet
Rose Water and Mint Sorbet

Sixth Course – Entrée
Pan-Seared Filet Mignon topped with Foie Gras and Truffle drizzled with a Cognac, Madeira and Red Wine Reduction served with Potatoes Anna, Creamed Carrots and Zucchini Farci

Seventh Course – Sweet
Spiced Peaches in Chartreuse Jelly and French Vanilla Ice Cream

Eighth Course – Dessert
Cheese and Fruit

Ninth Course
Coffee and Petit Fours

April 15, 1912, actual Titanic Menu (Getty Images)

Well, if that doesn’t get you salivating in a good or bad way, how about this year’s Festival Light Show?

….But in fairness, and on a more serious note, they do have a commemoration ceremony.

You can learn many interesting facts you didn’t know about the Titanic here.

See the Belfast Titanic Museum here.



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  1. God bless the Irish.

  2. In Belfast, they are so proud of their workmanship that they discard one of the world’s greatest sea disasters to celebrate the building of the ship. But hey, a party is a party.
    I married into a HUGE Irish family. I thought my family lied a good time, but I wasn’t prepared for Irish celebrations – not by a long shot. I used to thins they’d have a party when someone had a headache, and then another to celebrate when it went away. (Since I’ve had my own share of headaches, I could understand the headache going away party.) I used to tell my husband that I wouldn’t know my own mother if I bumped into her on the sidewalk – we were at his family’s so much of the time. I one time proposed to have a party so I could see my parents. lol

  3. lied = LIKED

    I wish I had a cat sitting on my keyboard to blame all my typos on.

  4. “They had nowhere to go on the ship, so they spent hours over dinner…”

    So different from today’s cruises… 😉

  5. I just wanted to say I hope everyone is well. We had some bad storms last night, but nothing like the storms over much of the nation. It looks like today/tonight will be pretty bad. Stay safe everybody.

  6. Wow, My! These tweets are sad. They are probably uninformed voters too.

  7. America’s voting Finest.

  8. Solid future leaders…

  9. Oh, it was bound to happen…Stephanopoulos put up the video of Hillary’s “Baking Cookies” comment.

  10. stephanopoulos is an @sshat. I never trusted him – not even when he was on the Clinton WH payroll.

  11. The people finding out the Titanic was real remind me of an old friend (but an Obot) I correspond with on email. He wrote a rant recently about all the things obama has been accused of – as if they were all found to be false.

    Nearly all of the list was factual! I told him it was a good start but that he’d left out some of obama’s more despicable traits and deplorable history. His rant included things that we said would happen and that DID happen. And he sent it three times over a one week period before I had time to respond. He was trying to say we falsely accused obama of all that!

    It would have been hysterically funny if this guy wasn’t so scary clueless.

    I sent him back his list with annotations on those things being true.

    He went back to sending me our usual “music” topic emails. LOL!

    The titanic was real and obama is NOT!

  12. Rule of thumb leslie: Never trust a man you know you can beat the crap out of with one arm.

  13. You know what kills me about Stephanop, Brazile, Begala, etc etc, is that most of these people were Made by the Clintons. If it weren’t for the clintons they may have been selling shoes at Payless right now. Frigging ingrates. And that includes that filthy toe sucking pig, dick morris.

  14. Well put. Steph got his 15 minutes on the backs of the Clintons and has been dissing them ever since. He is shameless.

  15. The history of the Titanic always fascinated me..guess I’m creepy like that.

  16. Chips, I can’t imagine NOT being fascinated by it. Every time they find another piece of it I take notice. I mean, let’s face it, eerie is always fascinating.

  17. The hair was standing up on the nape of my neck Fri afternoon as I listened to an NPR report which transcribed the final Marconi (Morse code) messages…

  18. I watched a documentary last night on the Titanic. They said one of the probable causes of the disaster was the rivets. They cheaped out and used rot iron instead of steel.
    Oh and Step-On-All-Of-Us is a traitor, I agree.

  19. Your right about that, plus the Hindenberg was another tragedy that stuck on my mind.We didnt have actual footage of the Titanic but movies were made to reenact what they believe what happened and as a child, I recall watching A Night to Remember based on the Titanic.. that really did it for me.. The one made with Leo De Caprio ..not so much.

  20. Good Morning Uppityits..more Storms on the way.
    Stay safe everybody. 🙂

  21. This is an old video of a Tuxie with a bearded dragon. I never saw it before.

  22. Hilarious. Somebody tweeted this and two people responded with my blog name

    are there any sarcastic, caustic bitch tweets I can follow? All this uplifting sheeze is just killin’ me

  23. endurovet, OMG!! Shelby Fluffy was on the Titanic!! I recognized his voice.

  24. You crack me up Sophie! ROFL!

  25. Ha – some jackass in comments was dissin’ on that…
    As for myself, I still found it moving despite the synthesized voices.

  26. endurovet, despite my joke, I liked it too.

  27. At least Hillary is having a good time in Cartagena: https://twitter.com/#!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/191550284638597120/photo/1

  28. I love that photo of Hillary Sophie….here’s another one!

  29. yahoo opinion piece on Obama war on wimmenz that has some great lines:


  30. yikes, long url, sorry!

    ***Fixit Fairy Visited your comment***

  31. Excellent, imust. I would love to party w/ Hillz, but I probably couldn’t keep up!

  32. The Obama re-election campaign has apparently placed its hopes in scaring enough women into believing that Republicans want to keep them barefoot and pregnant.

    Unfortunately, the Republicans are doing that for him. And a fine job too! The person who wrote this piece is jerking off in the dark if he…and he IS a He…thinks women don’t notice.

  33. LOVE me Shelby Fluffy!

  34. Holy Shit. Listen to Endurovet’s audio on Titanic morse code translation!

  35. Somebody needs to post that audio at Smarts re: SHelby Fluffy.

  36. Upps, thanks for shortening the link. right after the “barefoot and pregnant” remark he importantly writes this: ” That strategy is backfiring since the Obama administration regards women more as political props than as real human beings with hopes and dreams.

    The Obama people have been doing the equivalent of patting women on the head and speaking soothingly about wanting to take care of them with more government programs. It is rather insulting and patronizing.
    In any case, the Obama administration, having declared the war on women, has begun to lose it.

    And Uppity, I agree with you, naturally. It is a war on both sides. But it is still nice to see obama called out for using us as props and for patting us on the head. Hope some obot wimmenz across the nation wake up a little when they read that piece.

  37. Also worthy of note is that many government jobs are held by women. The War on Teachers is, in effect, a War on Women.

  38. That was a menu to die for.

  39. There is no one more consumed by Titanic than James Cameron. He was sitting with a group of engineers discussing the Titanic in great detail on the History channel. Lots and lots of mental mast*rb*tion.

  40. Last night TCM ran A Night to Remember. It is one of my favorite
    films. For me, it just captures why this event is so haunting and why it still serves as an timeless example of both the best and the worst aspects of humanity.

    My mother had not seen it in years (and never without commercials). She was memorized and kept asking questions about the British production, actors and in particular, the chain of events (good thing I own the dvd). The movie does not even have a musical score. It does not need one.

    As to that most recent version (now re-released in 3D!), I am certain that now that so many young ones realize that the Titanic was real, that they now also think Leo and company were real too.

  41. I found the link to the full piece on BBC (18 min):


  42. they now also think Leo and company were real too.


    I watched A Night To Remember. It was a nice surprise.

  43. Step-On-All-Of-Us

    imust ~ you are a riot!!

    Just got back from babysitting my oh-so-adorable granddaughter. she is simply the cutest. I wish I could share photos of her, but there aren’t any on line.

    Now I’m off to the “senior center” to workout in the fitness room before they close. They have very short hours on weekends. also, it’s nearly always empty and costs only a third of what I was paying at the Y. I don’t know why I didn’t switch to this place years ago. I’m gonna writeoff my monthly membership fee to the Y as a donation on my taxes later today. I don’t htink I used it 10 times last year. Yup, they were sorry when I closed my membership lasty week.


  44. Some editing to keep them honest:

    The Obama re-election campaign has apparently placed its hopes in scaring fooling enough women into believing that they will protect women from Republicanswho want to keep them barefoot and pregnant.

  45. How about “The Obama re-election campaign has apparently placed its hopes in pretending they don’t feel exactly the way the Republicans feel about women”

  46. “CQD” Shiver. This full audio of the titanic is positively haunting. Thank you Endurovet.

  47. Ani- I just finished your book. Had to open a fresh box of tissues as I relived the infuriating sexist bias.
    Excellent job!
    And even though she is not on the ballot, I am writing in Hillary Rodham Clinton on April 24th.

  48. Thanks so much, PMM! I know it must hve been very painful reliving that horrid time, but I am hopeful others will see it so that this history is not buried.

    Only if you feel comfortable doing so, please go over to the amazon page, and click the ‘like’ button and/or leave a review! And thank you so much for your support of my work…

  49. UW at 3:09 PM: Ayyup!

  50. Oh poor poor baby bawack, The south and central American leaders no longer think he is a rock star and won’t bow down to him. Boo frigging hoo. They want an acutal- gasp! dare I say it? Voice! They want a seat at the table not in the kitchen.

  51. Ani- I will definitely swing by Amazon. I have to create an account before I can like or write a review.

  52. PMM your link also talks about how the prostitution scandal with the SS hurt the USA’s standing, and thus Obama there….ironic…..the Obama administration treats women like prostitutes and now they’re getting bit by a scandal involving prostitutes…..karma…

  53. @Ani: I’m almost done with your book. Had to stop every once in a while just to decompress! I’m still amazed at how you laid it all out, all the details and quotes in sequence. How did you put this all together? Did you keep a journal in real time, or just by going back and reviewing posts?

  54. To the loyal and steadfast citizens of Uppitysburg…

    Having recently received my copy of Ani’s book, and now having just read it nearly straight through in two sittings, I feel compelled to take a few moments to offer my sincere thanks to the author.

    I extend well-deserved congratulations to Ani for her wonderfully written, superbly researched, and poignantly told chronicle. For those of us who lived these events, for the 18 million, for the numerous now Democrats-In-Exile, for women everywhere, and of course mostly for the indefatigable Hillary Rodham Clinton, these pages can fairly be assumed to provide a difficult and heartbreaking journey back into an abyss better left quiet and empty. But, we must look at these pages. For we must Never Forget. And, perhaps, even more importantly for those many Americans still unacquainted with these events, we must all now do our level best to make sure that they, too, experience a true and accurate enlightenment of one of the darkest periods in our nation’s political life.

    This book had to be written. This book has to be read.

    Thank you, Anita Finlay. Because you summoned the courage to conquer the demons, both external and internal, and because you risked exposing your vulnerabilities, and because you stood your ground and fought back with sober facts and irrefutable proof, and because you have now given voice to the injustice, your book will forever stand proudly as a shining Monument to what I truly believe to be the Cause of our lifetime.

    Now, before I conclude my remarks, a brief aside to Uppity Woman her own self…

    Upps, please know that I have taken note of your generous offer to me to write more for the blog. Because I genuinely consider this site my second home in the blogosphere, I am honored by the invitation, and do hope to contribute more. But, in truth, I don’t consider myself much of an essayist (I’m primarily a dramatist) and, since there are already many excellent writers here, I thus feel somewhat unqualified. But, perhaps, what I have to offer below can be considered at least another small step towards future contributions? Just know this: If, as I believe, Ani’s book has captured the Soul of the 2008 Primary and Election, then I consider your blog to be it’s Heartbeat. Uppity Woman is a living and breathing daily reminder that we must…Never Forgive. Never Forget.

    In conclusion, I do trust that what now follows will be taken in the reverential spirit intended. I consider Mr. Lincoln’s original text to be one the finest expressions in prose ever crafted by any American. But, also knowing that Abe, even in his darkest days, could often find humor to be a soothing balm to his numerous personal pains, I would hope that he would excuse my co-opting his masterpiece to serve our very modern tribulations. I would like to think that he might offer a knowing nod and a knowing smile, albeit perhaps through all-too-knowing tears. Yes, I would truly like to believe that Abraham Lincoln himself would be a PUMA, too.

    Grateful for your indulging me this lengthy preamble, I now humbly offer…

  55. Imust — it was HELL!!!! That’s how I did it. 🙂

    Thanks for asking.

    Actually, I had a bucket of research and articles I printed out. Then I had 150 of my own articles that I printed and some initial chapters I wrote. I literally had to group them all into categories and work the timeline to figure out what goes where. So I was working with a pile of papers as high as a phone book.

    I had an editor do an “editorial analysis” of my first draft — basically giving me a 20 page report on what she thought the strengths of the book were and where I missed the mark or needed revising. We had a conference call about it, then I went back to the drawing board and chapter by chapter, did the clean up. She stressed the importance of time line so the audience could more easily follow the journey. Thank God she did.

    It really was a process of trial and error to some degree and Aha! moments as well. Things just started to fall into place in terms of where to put certain data. Stuff moved around a lot and now I pretty much have all of this memorized, I’ve looked at it so many times!


    – Address at the Dedication of the Monument, Dirty Words On Clean Skin, inscribed by Anita Finlay, Copyright 2012.

    Elevenscore and sixteen years ago our mothers and fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, somewhat incompletely conceived in liberty, and not wholly dedicated to the proposition that all women and men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great domestic war on women, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met around a great Monument to that ongoing war. We have come to dedicate this monument as a secure resting-place for those who gave their blood, sweat, and tears that that nation might live, and in doing so, finally live-up to its fullest potential of true gender equality. It is altogether fitting and proper and necessary and crucial that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this monument. The brave women and men, still very much among the living, whose mighty struggle is chronicled herein, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world may little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did, and continue to do. It is for us rather to be ever more dedicated here to the unfinished work which they have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here rededicated to the great task remaining before us — that from the courage of these principled warriors we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these heroines and heroes shall not have fought against the tide of overwhelming sexism and misogyny in vain, that this nation under Goddess and/or God, shall have a new birth of all-inclusive social, economic, and political freedom, and that government of ALL the people, by ALL the people, for ALL the people, shall not perish from the earth.

    RevWar Vet – April 15, 2012

  57. RevWar Vet,

    I am deeply moved by your beautiful words and thank you for taking the time to compose this post. While writing this book involved a lot of teeth gnashing, bringing it to fruition has been most empowering.

    I want to share something my best friend said to me after I gave her a draft of this to read. She has always been apolitical and I worried this might bore her to tears. She read it, twice, and knowing how afraid I was to actually put it out there, she said…

    “You just wrote this whole book about an amazing woman who was told to sit down and shut up. How much longer are you going wait for permission to have your own voice? Just do it.”

    That is a friend.

    The support I receive from my loved ones, and from all of you, means more than I can say. Here’s to your wishes being granted — that more people learn of, and embrace this journey, letting go the revisionist history that is so actively being peddled today.

  58. RevWar Vet! Bravo! Bravo!!!!!!

  59. I read a few books about the Titanic. The most interesting one was all survivor accounts. Really well done, it broke up their statements by time, so you read the story from beginning to end, if that makes sense. I also read an interesting autobio of a woman who worked on the Titanic and the Brittanic and survived the sinkings of both. Lakers favorite survivor story of the Titanic is Jack Thayer, a seventeen year old who wasn’t allowed in the lifeboats and saved himself by diving off the ship and swimming to the overturned collapsible where, with some other men, he stood on it and they had to keep it balanced for hours. Some men did freeze to death on it. I’m not into the Leo movie version either. I still don’t understand why, with all the amazing true life tales of that voyage, the director had to center it around his own, corny made up “romance”. Silly. My old sis & I were not moved by it, but my younger sis totally bought into it, sobbed, saw it 3x, etc.

  60. Great post Uppity. Ah, the Irish! Yes, they will drink to anything! My mama is equal parts Irish, Cherokee, English, Bavarian and the Irish-Cherokee side were (and are) totally wild!

  61. Uppity, I saw a news piece the other day about the commemorative Titanic cruise now underway — all of this strikes me as morbid. I am so aware of Karma and “painting the devil on the wall” as it were. I would never want to do anything to invite a vampire into my house, if you get my drift so I don’t know what to make of all this.

    Thank you for putting this amazing post together…

  62. Wow! Just Wow! RevWarVet. Wow.

  63. Revwarvet, awesome!

  64. Thank you Ani for explaining the process….sounds grueling and yet now you have this wonderful book, a history…or HERstory book that will stand on it’s own. It helped you find your voice and by extension, all of ours! Thank you again!!!

    @RevWarVet….please write a post for this blog, you’re such a great writer!!!

  65. Uppity, hilarious about the tweets/retweets!

  66. imust — actually it was fun watching it all come together. I cannot bring myself to throw out all the old draft material but looking at it in its original condition is sort of frightening now! And thank YOU for reading and spreading the word… 🙂

  67. Excellent rev war vet.

  68. Due to Kindle version coming out after the book I still have a ways to go. I work full time too and have been busy with spring and events this week too.

    I just finished Chapter 10 about May 31st. My eyes filled with tears again as they have several times over the last few days of reading. It is hitting deep – as only the God’s honest truth can.

    Again Ani, thank you for writing this book and putting it all in order. I keep thinking that we appreciate it the most but we already know all these things – we went through it all a few years ago. The people who need to read it are the bastards that created the nightmare period of time and ruined the dem party.

  69. Karen, I have a publicist who is doing her level best to get me on as many venues as humanly possible to spread the word and talk about the book. This was always going to have to be a grassroots effort. Hopefully it will get to the culprits eventually. But first those in the trenches and then the uninitiated! However, I’ll take it any way I can get it!

    Thank you for your kind words.

  70. That Rev Vet can sure correct a story can’t he? You are the best Rev Vet! I just LOVE your stuff. Besides that, I light up when I see your name in the comment section. Seriously.

  71. Find the kitty:

  72. Thank you all for the kind words regarding my two earlier posts. I only hope that my small contributions can help to make a difference.

    To that end, I promise that I will make every attempt to write more for the blog, when I feel I have something worthwhile to offer.

    Besides, I know full well about the hook, and I am rightfully terrified of the potential wrath of MK Bill.


  73. Yes Rev, you know Bill can turn in seconds.He’s a cat. he can do that.

    Really, I don’t want you to work. I just enjoy having you here and talking to us is all.

  74. Ani has a righteous rant scheduled for the AM. I know how you all love righteous rants.

  75. Damn straight!

  76. Yay Ani! And I’ve just finished her book! 2 words….LOVED IT!!!!

  77. Just dropping back in…and look what I found — thanks, imust!

  78. Ani your reference to the Erika Falk book was interesting. Have you ever heard of Regina Lawrence?

  79. She was professor of Political Science at Univ. of Washington. She’s now at the Univ of Texas, Austin. She specializes in Political Communication. She’s done a lot of research and also written about the media bias of Clinton’s run. Her book is not really a mainstream book, it’s a text book. But what’s great about your book is that it’s a narrative and can be read, understood and digested by a wider audience.
    It is co-authored by Melody Rose who is an activist and political scientist from Oregon. I just ordered the book and if I can wade through it enough, I want to see how it dove-tails with your narrative.

  80. Thanks, imust. I would be curious to know what you discover…

  81. As a true conservative here, I don’t care about a person’s gender,race, or sexual preferance. I just want the best person for the job. I would not vote for Hillary, but it has nothing to do with gender. I would venture a guess that the guys who scream the loudest in public about the unfair treatment of women, are the ones who did Hillary in back in 08.

  82. I would venture a guess that the guys who scream the loudest in public about the unfair treatment of women, are the ones who did Hillary in back in 08.

    You would be correct. The Regressives are only ‘caring’ so they can get women’s votes. Nothing more. They despise women as much as the crackpot wing of the R party. No difference except they pretend they care when it suits them. They aren’t fooling us. In fact, it makes us despise them more.

    And tell the truth John, if you could you would far prefer Hillary be president right now than obama. At least she doesn’t blow Sharia muslims and…..you cannot deny she loves America, something barack obama shows us every day he does not.

  83. I would take Hillary over Barry becasue he has more than a soft spot for goat pumpers! Yes, I do believe she loves America, but she is also a big governemt,nanny state supporter. Thing is, she believes in her views and does not need a teleprompter.

  84. Hell, Hillbillly both parties are a nanny state, it’s just a matter of who they flush our money down the toilet for. We have YET to have a small government from a president. Ever.

  85. When you can’t talk and discuss with others without a teleprompter, you don’t know shit and have to read somebody else’s take. Leaders can think on their feet. Period.

  86. UW, i would crush Barry in a debate cause I know what I stand for and why. Even if folks disagree with me, they can’t deny my sincerity. Barry is a master manipulator, and has been molded by other MM’s.
    I wonder if there would be a beer holder on my podioum during this debate? 🙂

  87. I agree 100% with you here UW.

  88. Oh hell for sure I could beat him in a debate. Without notes. Seriously.

  89. I know you would! Why do you think I want you on my staff? Besides your good looks, brains, and your budding inner-hillbilly?

  90. Now how do you know I have good looks. Far as I know there is only one person who comes here who’s seen me and she ain’t talking. Ix-Nay on the innerhillbilly, unless you include my penchant for walking barfoot around the house in Mr. Uppity’s boxer shorts. I’ll concede the brains thing.

  91. brains are beautiful! You know you can only keep a lid on your “innner-hillbilly” for so long, then it comes bustin’ out like a fat dudes’ beerbelly at an all you can eat tater and gizzard eatin’ fest. 🙂

  92. UW…..Your inner-hillbilly is also called your “Hillbilly-bone.”

  93. Hillbilly I once did a thing about our dear Uppity going on vacation in the hills. Suffice to say picture a woman in spike hills and fancy dress walking out to an outhouse. Imagine said woman meeting a tobacco spitting granny slamming some dead Possum on the porch in front of her and telling her she will be back for dinner.

  94. Suffice to say picture a woman in spike hills and fancy dress walking out to an outhouse.

    Always imagine Upps in spiked heels and a very fancy ensemble.

  95. Checking self out..
    Would you settle for a tank and jeans?

  96. Hillbilly I once did a thing about our dear Uppity going on vacation in the hills

    Hahaha. I shoulda copied that. But what about the real trip with that Effing bear?

  97. This is unfair, Utah. You know I can live anywhere. Just so long as there’s room service.

  98. Hey NES you are so J. Utah really does know me.

  99. LMAO. I did have a boat load of fun with that lol
    Damn this WP.

  100. Uppity Woman, on April 16, 2012 at 10:30 PM said:

    Checking self out..
    Would you settle for a tank and jeans?

    Yea but betting it came from Saks.

  101. Upps, ya know darn well we’d take ya in anything.

  102. Upps, ya know darn well we’d take ya in anything

    This is good considering how I’m dressed this very minute.

  103. There is a local feed store that seels some fancy girl clothes you might like UW. Ya know, shirts with snap buttons and prints that hide the bbq sauce stains. And britches tht have side pockets that hold your pliers and chew can. 🙂

  104. Hillbilly, can I get me some of those overalls that work great for men in the rest rooms but are hell for women?

  105. Yes you can. Actually, there are some coveralls that have multiple access zippers. They are great for those multiple itchin’ days.

  106. Taking a shower once a week will do that multiple itchin’ thing to ya, Hillbilly.

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