Ani’s book will bloom where it is planted!




Here in Uppityville, we’re Ani’s Army.   There are still Ani-books wanting to escape their confinement, looking for a good, loving home!  It’s our moral imperative to find a way to set them free!   We have a plan.  We have a purpose.  We will overcome!  lol

One note before we begin discussing our stealth maneuvers – when interacting with those humanoids and possibly botzoids outside the safety of this blog our green zone, it’s important to keep your rage at the Obama machine in check.  Keep your focus on women, and the unfairness with which the media treats them.  We don’t want to turn anyone off to Ani’s book and its valuable insights because the smoke from our ears is stinging their eyes.  I myself am still struggling with this phase!!

LEVEL ONE:  Solitary stealth!  (wear your pajamas!)

1.  If you twitter, you can tweet about it (to be clear, we are not talking about twinkle fingers, we are talking about tweeting fingers!)

2.  If you have your own blog, or comment on others’ blogs, talk about it!

3.  If you do Facebook, make Ani famous on your wall!

4.  Go to and write a review on her book, and mark off “likes” to others’ reviews

5.  Call your local bookstores, and ask them if they are carrying Ani’s book (and of course, if they don’t have it yet, heap praise on it and encourage them to order it for their shelves!)


6.  Think about whose birthdays are coming up and ferret away a copy

7.  Know anyone who is studying undergraduate political science?  Give them a book; help prepare them for the real world!

8.  Think of your most misogynistic teacher and send him a copy!  JUST kidding!

LEVEL THREE:  Move surreptitiously amongst the uneducated, unwashed masses – beware of kool aid spills on the ground.

9.  Some places have tables out front – “take a paperback, leave a paperback” (leave Ani’s!)  (Take an Obama book and throw it out! – JUST kidding!)

10.  Put on your trenchcoat, and nonchalantly sit for a few minutes in the waiting room for an MD with primarily female patients.  Have a little rest, pick up a magazine from the coffee table, and pretend to be interested that Brad and Jen are breaking up.  When you put that outdated magazine back down, place a copy of Ani’s book right there with it!  Then glide right back out, no one the wiser!

LEVEL FOUR:  Outright donation, no disguise necessary at this level, but make sure to bring your bat-ring, in case you encounter a bot!

10.  Donate a book to a library in your town

11.  Donate a book to the women’s studies department nearest you

12.  Some larger cities have lebonese lesbian bookstores – but don’t be afraid,  WOMEN’s bookstores actually sell BOOKS!  Trenchcoat and sunglasses optional, but get in there and donate a book!

13.  Hospitals and nursing homes often have longer term patients, and the volunteer office should have a book/magazine rack.  The volunteers patrol the floors, looking for patients who would like to check out a book.  They’re always in need of donations!

LEVEL FIVE:  Donation through (non-virtual) social interaction

14.  If you’re in a book club, suggest Ani’s book as the topic for the next month

15.  Have a Sex in the City lunch with some of your friends, but instead of talking about boys, talk about WOMEN and their treatment by the media.  With your Uppity Woman talent, bring the conversation around to this great new book that not so coincidentally touches on all these same topics!!!!

13.  While hanging out at the water cooler at work, make an observation about how the bubbles rise to the surface when nothing is holding them back.  Draw a correlation to how women in politics are held back by the media’s focus on their looks instead of their talents and accomplishments.  People will be wowed by your existential understanding of life!  Slip Ani’s book into the conversation.


Here’s another offer for those for whom money is tight right now.  We will send out a book to a library or women’s studies department!  We need you to call the library or women’s studies department, confirm they take donations, and get a contact name and shipping address.  Then, using the email you signed up to UW with, send the details!  Wouldn’t it be cool if we could cross the country with Ani’s book?  Your name and address need not be revealed for LEVEL SIX – just your email address to Uppity.  She has super duper high security clearance, you know!  (Although it’s not as high as MKBill’s, but don’t tell her.)

Finally, always remember one of Hillary’s favorite sayings:

Bloom where you are planted. 

Well, let’s plant a bunch of Ani’s books across the country and watch the flower show!


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  1. Well done, lorac! You are awesome!

  2. I gotta do this before Leno thinks of it.

    Barack: “Vote for me or I’ll eat Bo”.

  3. Bill Clinton enters 2012 races to help Hillary’s supporters who are running. Of course They call her “His Wife”

  4. Terrific, Lorac! What great ideas!

  5. Take a look at @_Patriarchy


  6. Excellent ideas. I’m buying more copies ASAP. Think I’ll drop one off at my local headquarters of Dem Party, as well – just in case anyone there would actually like to know how Barack really got to be the party’s presidential nominee Even tho NOW was less than active (an understatement) in supporting Hillary, I’m sending a copy to my state’s NOW headquarters. Every true feminist organization should be happy to receive a copy.

  7. freespirit, I would pay to see the look on NOW’s face when they get your book. Turncoats.

  8. Uppity, I know. 🙂 Would love to have a pic of them.

    I hope Dem Party Office workers get so pissed they have to go home early. Most of them supported Barack the Crock. lol.

  9. freespirit, it is for sure going to be an entertaining day for you.

  10. Harry Reid says, “Seniors love getting junk mail” during senate Postal “Reform” hearings.

    Yeah harry, just like women love hearing you bullshit them about the Fair Pay Act during re-election time.

  11. fantastic ideas Well done, lorac! 🙂

  12. You have GOT to see this Jon Stewart satire on women voters.


  13. Wish I could download that to youtube but of course vodpod no longer works.

  14. I bought the book last week and it arrived Monday. I’m swamped with end of semester workload, but I will be reading it and blogging about it and I will also write a review for Amazon. It will depend on how broke I am whether I can buy another copy for the library at my school or as gifts (adjunct faculty make squat), but I had already thought of that. Good work here!

  15. UW….I am in the “ville” but not quite sure I am Uppity Army” material. Can I still hang here with the troops? Can ya’ find this hillbilly a duty to perform? 🙂

  16. wtg lorac.

    Upps, the Elle link was in the comments on your blog days ago. you need to read your own blog. ha ha ha ha lol… /joke…..

    the wimmen jon stewart clip is great. we are pissed off!

  17. Ok, running to work soon but wanted to get feedback and predictions on VP for Romney and SoS for barky.

    Several people turned down Romney already and he is pushing some balloons about Ohio’s Rob Portman.

    Kerry is so obviously hiding from the press lately. I think he got the nod already and is just in hibernation on purpose for a long time now.

  18. If I were Romney, I would pick Natalie Portman as my VP. I luvr her.

  19. OK UWers — cover your ears. I am going to yell!!


    Thank you. And thank you all. I am done yelling now.

    As I told the lovely Uppity last night…thank you for being my home.


  20. WIsh he’d stick his finger in the fundies’ eyes and pick Snowe. They had anybody who isn’t rigid or frigid.

  21. I did not see that link, tis true. I guess I shall just have to dedicate 24 hours to this.

  22. Yes Hillbilly, we shall always keep you. We shall keep you as our pet

  23. Ditto for you McNorman. She just mailed me the Cat Alarm video I posted yesterday. Hell, at least that was BIG and showed up easily.

  24. Pet hillbilly huh? Awesome, belly rubs, and somebody picking up meadow muffins! I must eat someting that lives in a hole,either in or outta water at least twice a day. Must use a gas powered gardening tool 3-5 times on the weekends, and need a peiing post in the back yard, preferrably to too far from my keg-o-rator and built in bbq. Oh, and lots of 70 grain sandpaper to keep by bare feet smooth as a piglet’s snout!

  25. Okay but you are going to have to promise to bathe daily, otherwise no deal. And now we won’t have to pay to mow any longer. Woot!

  26. We also will tuck you in and read from Ani’s book to you nightly.

  27. Bathe daily? No worries, during the summer I dive into a canal at least twice a day!

  28. The Jon Stewart vid clip was great. I think Jason Jones (guy who did the piece) is married to Samantha Bee (also on the show).

  29. Sorry Upps, the video link was actually not for you…it was for my niece. Too many window open at the same time. 😀

  30. For the record, the woman running for Attorney General here is PA is a Dem. There is another Dem running- a man. Guess who is getting the help of “the party.” The entire state party infrastructure is behind the male- unions included. She got the most important endorsement in my book- Big Dawg! She has been a lawyer- prosecuting child abusers, child porno prevs and sex offenders. He is a politician. period.

  31. Hey clark’s cave home looks like the one I wrote about a couple of years ago.

  32. Bill says he’s glad he’s a cat instead of a dog.

  33. Wonder if that cave house sold, Uppity. Couldn’t believe that tunnel.

    I am glad Bill is a cat too. By the way, I know in a past thread there was a discussion about cat litter products. Like most cat owners, I am looking for one that is safe for my cats and does a good job masking odors. Could you please give me your opinion? Thanks

  34. Dick Clark’s interview with little michael jackson.

  35. This Is Your Life Dick Clark

  36. Oh wow! Just checking in. The book!!!! Looked at the table of contents on Amazon and sampled some pages. Its like reading your own journal but having the luxuary of having someone else having taken the time to write it for you! We all went through this together and now its in a well written book!

    I swore I’d never buy another book abouit politics as they become dated so fast – but this sums up hours and hours I spent on this blog and No Quarter as we collectively witnessed what was going on it utter disbelief.

    My parents cannot understand why I (a former Democrat – now Independent) can’t stand Obama. I am going to buy them a copy of this book and I think after reading it they may finally understand. I no longer have to explain my feelings to anyone – I can just buy them a copy of the book! Thank you Ani!!!!

    And I am going to buy one for myself. Then I am going to read it – relive the memories – and then review it. Do you know if you buy it via Amazon and then review it it says that you are a verified purchaser??? This gives your review more credibility – so hold off on reviews until after you purchase it 🙂

    Another thing. I have a website (photography). I cannot believe how much traffic I get from Wikipedia. Someone needs to update Ani’s Wikipedia Page and add a bit about authoring this book.

    Whoever does it – avoid being a cheerleader or looking like you are trying to advertise it. I’m a wikipedia writer and have learned you have to be very factual and boring. I can do it but there are so many good writers here that I think one of you should have the honor – or several of you 🙂


  37. Excellent call to action lorac!

    I want to send a copy to Ms Magazine but am having a hard time finding out where that is. It used to be in NYC. Are they in CA or VA?

  38. freespirit, I would pay to see the look on NOW’s face when they get your book. Turncoats.

    I think we should send several. That way everyone in the office can read it at the same time.

  39. For MS Magazine contact try this link:

  40. cats. Great idea about Ani’s wikipedia page. Since you are a wikipedia writer, I think you would be the logical one to update her page. “Just sayin.”

  41. Hey cats. Long time no see! Glad you stopped by for sure!

  42. Cats, that link has the same addresses as on the link I had. So, I guess they’re in both CA and VA and not NY.

  43. Cats, thanks for stopping in and for your words of support!

  44. Cats, yes, it does say you are a verified purchaser when you buy from them and then review…

  45. Let’s not forget Martin Bashir who seems to think he’s winning the Spelling Bee.

    This is interesting as we’ve just gotten through a lengthy discussion on whether anchors should say racial slurs when reading quotes. Apparently, when reading dirty words about race, one should only say the first letter, but when reading dirty words about women, they can say all four. This might sound arbitrary but rules like this are important. After all, studies show that most people offended by anchors reading dirty words are also the same people who can’t spell.

  46. Hey UW and Gang,

    Yes, glad to be back. I lurk when I can. Now that the election is is drawing near, I am sure I will be participating more rather than just taking quick peeks. I had to wean myself away from politics for the sake of my sanity but could never completely cut the cord. Hence the lurking.

    I purchased my copy of the book. Just have to download it to the Kindle and start reading! Can’t wait but not tonight. I just know it will keep me up all night if I do that!

    WLM – I can do the wiki thing but not sure if I would help or hinder in terms of the credibility factor. Not that I am not credible (IMHO) but everything I have authored was part of a project to document the history of South Florida Punk Rock & Hardcore. If anyone checked out the author (like I often do) they might write me off as well, you know 🙂 Does it matter? I’m not sure.

    So, I was wondering if Oprah would be interested in including it in her bookclub? 🙂

  47. So, I was wondering if Oprah would be interested in including it in her bookclub? 🙂

    Oh yeah, in a heartbeat.

  48. Well, I’m off to go spam the book around 🙂

  49. Can ya’ find this hillbilly a duty to perform?

    Yes, read the book and participate in our book discussion.

  50. From that link about Bill Clinton hitting the campaign trail:

    It’s no surprise that Democrats, leery of getting too close to Obama and eager to remind voters of more prosperous years under a Democratic president, are seeking out the good graces of Clinton, whose approval ratings have surged since he left the White House in 2001.

  51. cat I know what you mean about having to get away from politics for your sanity. Which explains why I am insane now.

  52. Sophie, the thing is, EVERYTHING was better under Clinton compared to this tran wreck of a president. The same guy who in 2008 acted like the clinton presidency was a bust. Jerk.

  53. Here we go again 🙂

    I was planting a few seeds in Topix discussions: Hillary, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent – ok – nothing special happened. Wrote – posted – there it is.

    I planted one in an Obama discussion and this dialogue box popped up telling me I received 20 points and would get 20 points for every post I made. I have no idea what you can do with these points but wonder why do you only get them if you post about Obama???? hmmmmm 🙂

    They have a Book Forum.

    Go add some comments troops!

  54. Don’t you love those places that give you points that have no meaning to you?

  55. Obama eats dogs hashtag. Pricelessly hilarious.!/search/%23obamaeatsdogs

  56. I love the dog fight. McCain so insisted on not fighting back but it looks like 2012 will be different 🙂

  57. Mittens came to play. I doubt he would bother stepping up twice to go quietly.

  58. The Daily Show video reminds us that there are many more female voters…the Dems got their asses kicked up to their teeth the last 2 rounds…women withheld their support. Laugh it up, guys.
    I’d like to see Mitch Daniels as Romney VP

    smoke from our ears gets in their eyes..LOL!!

  59. Mcnorman — that is high-larious!! Can you picture it — if Oprah still had her show? 🙂

    Unfortunately, hell would freeze over before she would give me any traction. Unless it was as a mea culpa to get her back in thegood graces of the viewers she lost when she ignored Hillary in 2008.

  60. Hey Ani, you never know. She is tanking big time with her sponsors and needs to raise funds. I wouldn’t put it past her. No matter, we’d get to hear you. BTW, I finally got the book yesterday.

  61. Yaay! Yes, you are right. But I still think I’d soon get a platform from Ellen — who was fabulous in 2008!

    Believe me, I will take the platform where I can get it. Already have some interviews lined up — will let you all know more as I can.

  62. Cats, that topix forum is great — I had never heard of that — I’ll tell some of my other book pals to go over there and post as well. Thank you!

  63. If you get one from Ellen, she’ll come after you for Gayle King or her own special. I wouldn’t put it past her. I don’t really care about her, we all care about the word getting out and if it means going on Oprah…well, we will all be there to support YOU.

  64. Thanks, Mcnorman! You’e absolutly right.

  65. Oprah always says that she learns from her guests, who knows perhaps she’ll pick up a few important details? She can pass them along to Michelle.

  66. Ani topix is huge. It has local areas in just about every city in the USA. And they all use the hobby and specialty areas.

  67. Hi Anita,

    No problem! I just contacted Sarah Pac and suggested your book to them as well – she has a chapter after all 🙂

    Its fun to put the war boots back on 🙂

  68. Hitler finds out that Obama ate his dog video:

  69. Yes and they will love the chapter on her because it is very fair.

    Damn girl, — when you step in, you ain’t kiddin’!!

  70. mcnorman, on April 18, 2012 at 8:32 PM said: Edit Comment
    Let’s not forget Martin Bashir who seems to think he’s winning the Spelling Bee.

    Just saw this, McNorman — perhaps Marty got a secret pleasure out of being able to spell the word out on the air. Bet it made his toes curl.

  71. Time for me to call it a night. Just posted about the book on Greta Wire 🙂

    Tomorrow I will try suggesting it to Debbie Wasserman Schultz 🙂

  72. Please don’t got anywhere near DW Schultz — she will try to crush this…

    Greta I love — my publicist sent press release to her — getting on Greta is job one!

    Thank you so much, cats!!!

  73. So, I was wondering if Oprah would be interested in including it in her bookclub?

    ROFL I’d love to see her get a dozen books in the mail! Oh, yes, and NOW chapters, too!!! And that darn NARAL. And MS Magazine. OH – all the traitors!

    Ani, would the NY leader of NOW be too high profile to send a copy to directly? She seems like a real feminist and the most rational NOW person.

  74. Don’t worry Ani, the Debbie Wasserman Shultz bit was a joke 🙂

  75. Lorac– the NY leader of NOW ALREADY has the book — he was on a blog talk radio thing I did last week and she spoke to me, so I sent her one! She is on board.

    Cats — gotcha!! Thank you!

  76. Apologies — typing too fast …

    the NY Leader of NOW — SHE already has the book!! 🙂

  77. Oh, that’s right, I heard her on there – I’m glad you got her the book!

  78. Wasserman is quickly becoming her own train wreck.

  79. Upps — yes she is. I hate to say it but when she got the job, I kept wondering was it because others had said no and didn’t want to get stuck with an unsuccessful administration. Certainly she is not a powerful spokesperson for the DNC.

  80. From comments His44 – turns out the secret service prostitute scandal also involved cocaine. I’ve always heard that secret service personnel were extremely disciplined – was this wrong, or have their standards also slipped in these days of the low-standard presidency?

  81. ROFL – from comments at crawdad place

    LOL! RT @KatyinIndy: So did the Secret Service just misunderstand Obama when he said “get me some tail” #ObamaDogRecipes #tcot—
    Kathy Neiheisel (@5sahandful) April 18, 2012

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