Open thread and Test Pattern

Sorry I have no post done today. Have several started but have some work to complete — so consider me a Remiss Blogger. I am willing to accept my punishments accordingly. I’ll be working at the laptop most of today, so I will check in. It’s the best I can do.

Have at it.

Or if you have nothing to say, you can always bust some virtual bubble wrap.

watch till the end, Flippy Cat deserves it.


(RIP Flippy Cat)


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  1. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. I work for myself from home and there are just going to be days when I need to focus on earning cash! Just make sure MKBill2 stays away from the keyboard and gets into trouble for propositioning cats.

  2. I have feared having to do this.

  3. “Happiness is a warm puppy” – Barack Obama

  4. Four more years of Obama and we’ll all know what dog tastes like.

  5. Here’s an article about barky not being a true liberal–I know you’ll all be shocked! The comment section is chock full of of disappointed bots, talking about how wrong they were about him. i wonder if a lot of them were among the ones who trashed us all in 2008:

  6. Oh NOES! The nuns in the US are chock full of- GASP!- Radical feminists! There must be an immediate witch hunt! God forgive me, but please can You call Ratzinger home soon? And demolish the Inquisition?
    If every nun left the Church that organization could no longer function.
    Wait- there’s an idea!

  7. Thank Jeebus for the Muslim Radicals. They make our Christian Talibangicals look almost sane by comparison.

  8. Uppity, thanks for the test pattern. Really. Nowadays when something goes wrong with cable transmission, all I get is a blank screen which leads me to wonder WTF Hope your day is productive so you can get back here. I should make my day productive too, but I’m not going to.

  9. In re: Alterman

    I despise this recent trend of turning everything into a slideshow to pump up hit counts. This one doesn’t even have pictures.

  10. teh Klown said.
    “Happiness is a warm puppy” – Barack Obama
    and even better with Chocalate sauce.YUM!!! 😯

  11. Barack declared April 17 National Equal Pay Day. What a bullshitter. What good does that do women. Election year bullshit. He could have had that bill passed for two years. What a POS he is.

  12. Sure am glad I’m a cat.

    I’m going to go easy on the dog today, since she’s been hiding and shivering a lot. Okay maybe I’ll just go easy on her for a coupla hours.

  13. Heard they’re having you over for dinner tonight…

  14. Doesn’t look good for you at all, Dood.

  15. Hello (((((UPPITY’S))))))))))

    SIR MK: You look very distuguished at the desk-just where you belong


  16. Finished Ani’s book. It reminded me that those of us who log on daily to do our best, acquire our own “book” of strengths that allow us to be the sort of citizens we admire. It’s part of the legacy of the Hillary campaign that fostered our earned self respect. We can “look back” on our experience, grateful for each other, and speak from “Wisdom borne of Pain” with a ring of unassailable truth. These past four years has disciplined me to never “rise to the bait” of the sexist media like a fish. I have learned to let the dogs salivate to the bell while I keep the beat. One of my Heros, Muhammad Ali, taught us to take those heavyweight punches but show ’em our Pretty Side. Ain’t Ani Pretty?

  17. Sir MKGuillaume – it is no use hiding under a different name, I know it is you, Bill!

  18. Hell Irene, he’s not hiding. He liked the touch you gave his name. He feels he’s worthy. And of course, you are not.

    Hey by the by, someone over in another thread wanted to ask you about UK press and which news outlets are the most reliable. We often get our news from the UK because the USA press buries things.

  19. Wow SWPAnna, that was very touching!

  20. Re UK press: I rely mainly on the Guardian, its Sunday sister paper theObserver and the BBC website. Have been known to peer at news stories on the Daily Telegraph website. To be avoided: Daily Mail and anything owned by Murdoch, which is The Times (hidden behind a paywall anyway) and the Sun.

    Pls say hello to Sir-you-know who and say I am sorry I accused him of hiding behind a pseudonym. And maybe a quick scratch behind the ear, as long as that doesn’t overexcite him.

  21. Thanks Irene, I hope whomever asked sees your comment. I never use paywalls. If I can’t read their stuff, Eff Em, that’s what I say. Then I forget them like they were never there.

    As for Bill, don’t bother apologizing. I’m sure punishments for you are forthcoming.

  22. Someone suggested that I might find what I am looking for, here.

    Does anyone recall the interview between George Stephanopoulos and David Axelrod during the 2008 primary season, in which GS asked why the Obama campaign was stoking the false meme that Hillary Clinton was somehow suggesting Barack Obama should be killed, by positing there was plenty of time to get the nomination and mentioning, for example, Robert Kennedy, who might have gotten the nod had he not been assassinated? GS charged they were contacting the press with their lurid suggestion. Axelrod said they had no involvement in spreading the story. But GS pulled out a notice – from an envelope – and said, ‘Yes you did; let me read this memo you sent to reporters!’

    I searched for this clip some time ago and was unable to locate it.

    Thank you.

  23. that’s the wrong transcript. but the first one is from that conversation with ax and george about kennedy and hillary.

    hope this text helps you.

    George Stephanopoulos, the host of ABC’s “This Week,” asked David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s top strategist, about the e-mail:

    Mr. Stephanopoulos: You say you’re not trying to stir the issue up. But a member of your press staff yesterday was sending around to an entire press list — I have the e-mail here — Keith Olbermann’s searing commentary against Hillary Clinton. So that is stirring this up, isn’t it?”

    Mr. Axelrod: “Well, Mr. Olbermann did his commentary and he had his opinion. But as far as we’re concerned.”

    Mr. Stephanopoulos: “But your campaign was sending it around.”

    Mr. Axelrod: “As far as we’re concerned, George, as far as we’re concerned, this issue is done. It was an unfortunate statement, as we said, as she’s acknowledged. She has apologized. The apology, you know, is accepted. Let’s move forward.”

    Mr. Axelrod: “There’s so many important things going on in this country right now, George, that people are interested in that we’re not going to spend days dwelling on this.”

  24. Four more years of Obama and we’ll all know what dog tastes like.

    I sooooo wanna tweet that!

  25. Also, what a resource this place is when someone can ask a question about some election shenanigans perpetrated by Team Obama and a regular here comes up with an answer just like that. Better than dialing Information Please.

  26. Karen for Clinton: OMG, you so rock! I was looking for the video – maybe it’s there – BEFORE i began seeing some mention on the blogs (from diehard supporters of President Obama) that something which occurred in what they refer to as ‘Birferstan’ is tantamount to calling for the assassination of the President! Seems when racism alone doesn’t deter criticism; go for the jugular. (As if, only a black President would be assassinated…)

    SophieCT, you said it!

  27. Kudos to Karen! That was fast. Give that girl a pie or sumpin.

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