What’s My Name?


This is my new friend. Though he is not yet “friendly” lol. He is in hiding. A rescued stray, has been neutered, The woman that rescued him was calling him “Sunny” or maybe “Sonny” – which he does not recognize as his name.

Took this pic with my cell phone- sent it to the daughter and had her email it to me as my phone does not have that function lol. I will try and get a better pic when he comes out of hiding.

In the meanwhile, he needs a name.


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  1. He came out of hiding long enough to be petted and to rub his scent on me. He has gone back to hiding under the hutch lol.

  2. Looks like a “billy” cat! Heck, Jed,Otis, Coleman, or Bill-Willy are good names too!

  3. Our rescued stray hid behind hanging clothes in a closet for two months. A year later, she is very interactive and is usually on “auto-purr”. :>)

  4. I would call him “Jem” after Scout’s brother in “To Kill a Mockingbird” ( and also as a play on words because he looks like a gem of a kitteh! ) .

    Congrats, Mom. You done good. Many happy years to you both.

  5. ROFL! Keep the names coming! I will try them all til we find one to which he actually answers!
    He has a very odd purr. Rumble, rumble, chirp, rumble, LOL!

  6. Quite a handsome kitten. Don’t let BIll see him.

  7. How cute, PMM. We have a stray that is so terrified of humans that when she comes to my porch, she hisses at me when I feed her. Sort of like a teenage. You feed them and they hiss at you.

    How about Ziggy?

  8. He’s a regular guy. You can tell. He needs a one syllable name. Jack. Bob. He’s not a Jeffery. lol.

  9. Aha- he has moved- now under the sofa where I am sitting. Purring away intermittently. His name is definitely NOT any variation of Sunny.
    Jack maybe or Buddy. We shall keep trying.

  10. PMM, how wonderful that your new kitteh has arrived. He’s reminding me of a vanilla ice cream sundae topped with a generous ladle of butterscotch sauce gently poured, allowed to drizzle down. Find myself wondering if his other side is similarly marked lol.

  11. LOL he is very very silly. I can tell. He had his first petting and he wants more, but he does not want to admit it. heh.

  12. SHV my cat Mousely took a year to trust me and then it was love all the way. She had a rough previous life for sure. She was locked in a basement with another male cat, neither of them fixed and she was pregnant at six months. I remember how she would panic if another cat tried to go down to our basement. She was mortified and thought they would be shut down there forever. Saw her grab a kitten once and drag it away from the open door. For her entire 19 years, I never closed a door on her, that sweet little black girl.

  13. When he finally gives in I will get some better pics.
    Caramel? Nah too feminine.
    Butterball? Not chunky enough.
    Is there an alchoholic beverage that color I wonder?

  14. Hillbilly I am disappointed. I thought for sure you would name him Cletus.

  15. Cletus! ROFLMAO! My oldest and his friends use that when one of them says or does something stupid. Is it some kind of pop culture thing?

  16. Uppity! Check your mail.

  17. PMM is adorable! What a sweet face!

    I like “bubba.”

  18. Jack. He’s not fru fru enough to be called caramel or names of color, methinks. He’s just a dood. Call him Dood.

  19. Wait till he warms up. Orange cats are clowns.

  20. Jake (admitted derivative of UW’s)
    I’m beginning to doubt that he’ll be hiding much longer. Maybe in bed with you tonight….

  21. Cletus is just an average name! I like Jack, due to the fact that is what my dad John jr., went by.But give him a second name>> Jack-Cletus;JC for short and JACK-CLETUS…GET YUR FURRY ASS OVER HERE when he is in trouble. πŸ™‚

  22. I always add the last name when they are in trouble too.

  23. Booger,Goober, Slappy, Tink, Jay-Don, Rollins.Squid, Burt Nurful, Jazzlene.

    Here is a good place to look: http://redneckbabynames.com/

  24. I’m gonna say since he loves to hide, he seems like a spy — how about James Bond or just Double O? Or Hermit?

  25. PMM — he’s so cute!

  26. His name is Jem. There. That’s settled.

  27. Rex


  28. “Harley”

    If his purr is a rumble, then name him after a motorcycle.

  29. Alcoholic beverage color name: “Kahlua”

    Then call him “Lou” for short.

  30. FEM: cutie was the first thing that came to me, but he is a boy,

    I thought he was a girl—-Jerry, Davey, Domenic

  31. Hmmm. Lou is out- Fred is out. Family members don’t normally take kindly to my naming pets after them lol.
    He likes being brushed- when he has had enough, he goes back under the sofa. lol

  32. How about Arnold? His sideways glance reminds me of Arnold from “Different Strokes” when he’d say “What you talkin’ about Willis?”

  33. Creme Brulee
    Sugar Pie

  34. He’s the color of Werther’s Original: Butter & Cream. Call him Little Butter ’cause he’ll be head-butting your hand to be petted…needy cat-style

  35. I usually go for the beefy names like “Spartacus.” It just sounds intense.

  36. Oh, I like “Little Butter” ! That really seems to suit him.

  37. welcome to your new boy kitteh, Mom.

    Garth, levon…

  38. You could try “Teddy” because it sounds kind of like “Kitty”. He is a handsome guy!

  39. Beata, on April 19, 2012 at 4:21 PM said:
    Oh, I like β€œLittle Butter” ! That really seems to suit him.
    Little Butter is sweet! I can see calling him Butters as a nickname too.

  40. Keep trying. He has not answered to anything yet.
    Progress is being made though- he ate and drank a few sips of water and used the litter box. He is now lying on the rug in front of the sofa sleeping.

  41. PMM — I love the progress reports! So sweet. Our two tuxies were almost feral when we adopted them. Caruso in particular. He has come such a long way. Ever time we pick him up and hold him, and feel him relax moer and more, we always say, “you got good at all this lovin’ stuff…and it only took 11 years!”

  42. Hank

    BILL two

    Hill – it could be a boys name too!

    I still like Garth. I may name my next male pet that name.

  43. RIP Levon.

    From a month ago with Amy, and Larry Campbell (from Bob’s band) and Theresa.

    Here’s the lyrics:

    If you have friends in Gloryland,
    Who left because of pain
    Thank God up there, they’ll die no more
    They’ll suffer not again.

    So weep not friends, I’m goin’ home
    Up there we’ll die no more
    No coffins will be made up there
    No graves on that bright shore

    The doctor will not have to call
    The undertaker, no
    There’ll be no pain up there to bear
    Just walk the streets of gold

    So weep not friends, I’m goin’ home
    Up there we’ll die no more
    No coffins will be made up there
    No graves on that bright shore

  44. Norman

    As in “Norman, is that you?”

  45. Engineers who love cats — this video is hilarious

    PMM — how about “Sargeant”?

  46. Or, My, it could be shortened to “Norm.”

  47. I like Norm. How about something biblical PMM?

  48. Yea, Mcnorman. Maybe a saint name.

  49. Call him Ishmael.

  50. Rorschach or Splotch?

  51. Hmm Norman- I will try it the next time he appears.
    ONG ROFLMAO! He just appeared and is looking at his reflection in the glass of the bell cabinet. He looks so confused! LOL
    I LOVE cats!

  52. How about Biscuit?

  53. Oh, Mom. Wish we could see this happening!

  54. Hear that? It is me laughing again- and crying because I am laughing. Silly me.

  55. If you’re going to pick a name from To Kill a Mockingbird, he seems a lot more like Boo Radley to me than Jem. I do like Jack though, if his full name is Captain Jack (but only if he’s a Navy captain).

    If you’re trying to figure out his current name, maybe it’s Frank (short for Francis or Francesco). My cats think their names are Get Down From There and Stop That.

  56. Whatever you name him, you picked a real cutie pie.

  57. Cats usually decide if they like a name. I had this one cat, couldn’t name the little guy. Then one day he ate a fly in front of me and I called him Renfield and he just lOVED it.

  58. I usually wait to get a load of who they are, then name them accordingly.

    In college, I had a cat named “Buzz”. It was short for ‘buzzkill’ because he was such a pain in the ass for the first 3 months

  59. Mom~ how wonderful!
    He’s beautiful.
    I like Jake or Peanut or WillieBoy

  60. SophieCT, i had an uncle whose dogs were “dammit” and “you too”

  61. But Sophie, Scout told Boo to go ahead and pet Jem, because Jem wouldn’t mind. πŸ™‚

  62. Beata, yes she did! Oh, call him Atticus. Cuss for short. Cuss in Boots for special occasions.

  63. Agree Anthony, it’s always best to give them the name that fits them personally, so long as they like it too. It’s all about sound to them.

  64. Crap- I just replied to a markos dailykooks tweet- I am an idiot

  65. OK OK Bill! He is not as handsome as you! Quit with the spam already!

  66. I need ideas for a good cat litter.

  67. WLM- Uppity is the resident cat expert. I too would be interested to hear what she has to say about litter brands

  68. PMM
    Fred… as in Fred Friendly?

  69. It often take me quite a while to even name fosters.

    Here are some Biblical nomes to try:


    or just cut to the chase and go with Heston to cover multiple old testament options.

    He will let you know, by his actions (or reactions), what name suits him.

  70. I had a great tuxie named Rufus, called him Rufie after some old italian guy I knew.

  71. ooops, sorry. I just read (from the bottom up) that Fred is out.

    Lestat le chat?

  72. You can delete a tweet Mom. Bet you feel like you need a shower now.

  73. Call him Vinny. Had a black one named Vinny Le Chat.

  74. How about Henry?

  75. Actually I like Atticus, sophie. kind of heavy for our Dood, maybe. but he might like it.

  76. How bout Hayward.

  77. I am dying laughing here- the foster mom sent him with one of those plastic balls with the bell thingie inside- and apparently he is a soccer player! ROFLMAO! Of course I know nothing about soccer names.

  78. Beckham?!

  79. Pele

  80. Tucker….we lost a tabby by that name recently and he loved the name, leaving us with a twin named Tigger. Also like Anthony’s suggestion of Buzz (or Buzzy).. He may respond to simple, strong initials like JC or JB. Also like the suggestion of Bubba. How about Rocky? Very handsome boy, Mom.

  81. I’m with Beata — Pele.

  82. I Pass on Pele. lol Had to look up who the heck he is and how to pronounce it.

  83. WLM I have a lot to say about litter. Truth is, most scoopables are very dangerous because they contain sodium bentonite as a clumping agent. Many cats with intestinal problems have them because they ingest the clumping litter. You know how they lick and clean themselves. THeir paws step in it. So the only scoopable litter I use is Cat’s Pride because it doesn’t contain sodium bentonite. It also doesn’t clump as hard but it’s a fair tradeoff for my cats’ well being.

    I think it’s either Jonny Cat or Glamor Kitty that also contain no sodium bentonite but they are hard to find.

  84. ok! just wanted to throw in a few names…. Snickers, Simon, Baron, Scat, Scooter,Tigger…. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† The funny thing is when i have rescued cats and kittens and after fostering them and finding homes for them… the first question someone asks me is what is “it’s name” I say, not to worry about the name…. if the cat or kitten doesn’t like you…. then the adoption will Not go through…. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I love to watch and understand the cat or kitten first… then, a name just comes to mind…. 6 years ago I rescued two kittens 4 weeks young both with deformed rear legs… My friend who works at the shelter called me and said they will be put down if i cannot help…. Well, i was there the first thing in the am…. πŸ™‚ they both had surgery to remove the stump and recovered completely…. After, watching them I named the little girl….Bon Bon and the little Boy Beamer….I have them today! what a pleasure and blessing they are to my life…. I tell them everyday…I am so grateful to have YOU TWO in my life…. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ I know a few of my friends think its the other way around…but, i think it is the other way around πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  85. OT: Just saw this:
    Dick Clark has died. We can no longer ring in the New Year. Well played, Mayans. Well played.

  86. Oh lord, not the Mayan thang again. It’s been debunked by NASA. So the crackpots will have to come up with something else for this year’s rapture, especially those who think we can’t ring in a new year without dick clark.

  87. You are a fine soul, Casper Cat!

  88. Glamor Kitty, Upps. You emailed me once about litter and I recall the brands were Glamor Kitty and Tidy Cats (by Purina), which we use. Just went up to check the ingredient label and it says clumping agent, but not what kind. Hmm. This is not kosher, Purina! Others chime in please?

  89. It’s a joke Uppity. A joke.

    On the other hand, who the F is NASA–as if they know what the gods of yore planned.

  90. OK, If you don’t find the whole dog eating jokes funny then ignore this. But if you do, then this will have you rolling.

    scroll down for photoshopped pics. Very funny.


  91. Uppity my friend….YOU ARE A FINE SOUL….. πŸ™‚ I just follow my heart and help where i can…. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ A Big Thank You! for all that you do….. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  92. Hey, Upp, you must be really young! Pele is the retired Brazilian soccer player usually considered the best to ever play the game.

    ( Also – as a plus – in Hebrew, the noun “pele” means a miracle or a wonder. )

  93. Not all that young, not that I wouldn’t mind you thinking so Beata πŸ™‚

    I just don’t give a chit about spectator sports in general and soccer in particular, so I never heard of him. I’ll bet more people than me never heard of him either.

    Truth is, it’s an obsure name to most people and seeing it does not lend itself to pronunciation. Unless you’re into Hewbrew. lol.

  94. NOT TIDY CATS, Hal. I NEVER recommend TIDY CATS. It’s a dirty looking litter, a mess. Used it ONCE. Never again. I believe it has bentonite. It was Glamor Kitty and Cat’s Pride.

  95. Karen, I know Bill is REALLY into those dog eating jokes.

  96. Sophie I swear I knew it was a joke coming from vous, because there is no way you buy into that mayan bullshit.

  97. Tidy Cat 99% bentonite. If you’re using that shit, it’s not because I told you to. Besides, it’s disgusting dirty dark grey and realllllly dusty. IMO worst litter out there. Clumps REALLY well though. In your cats stomach… I use STRICTLLY Cat’s Pride and have so for a decade or longer. ‘Clumping Agent’ is a nie way of hiding the word bentonite, come on hal, I know you’re smarter than that.

  98. OMG, Upps, You are a genius and a psychic!

    So that’s why you called him BARKY!

  99. HAHAH Karen.

  100. because there is no way you buy into that mayan bullshit.

    But a girl can hope, can’t she?

  101. Casper, I KNOW what you have done for cats. You match me ANY day.

  102. My girls get Cedarific. It’s compostable and not dusty.

  103. But a girl can hope, can’t she?

  104. I’d call him Skittles.

  105. Hahah Gotta love those Islanders. ALL of them.

  106. Lots of people use cedar these days Sophie. I am not fond of it but I know it’s popular.

  107. I like it because you can throw it in the woods. You can throw it in the compost pile, but you have to remove the poop (at least for the kind of pile I have). I’m not willing to remove the poop so it goes into the woods.

  108. Well I’d be throwing it into the woods and washing a litter box every day. That can be pricey, not to mention a pain in the patootie. My cats will sit there and stare at the box if it has a lump in it, as in Get Over Here, Bitch.

  109. something to think about regarding the Mayan Prophecy–it’s been around for years and years. Then all of a sudden over the last few years, every crackpot makes up their own end-of-the-world day. All bogus, of course. [Donning tinfoil hat now.] Don’t you find that a bit too coincidental? Isn’t it possible that all of those crackpots were part of a big conspiracy to cry wolf several times in a row so no one would believe the real thing? Just sayin’

    Personally, though, I don’t like the way the world is going and how much more powerless I get each day. I am not looking forward to spending my golden years in a society that’s a cross between Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, and Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale.

  110. Hewbrew?

  111. Ivan Basil Marcus Marcello Regnier Gautier Gunther Geronimo Enoch Simon Bruno Yves Boris Dexter Dennis Sydney Guiseppe Jasper Julius Herman Phineas Caesar Felipe Otto Elliott

  112. How about Rorscharch. You could call him Rory for short.

  113. Yeah that’s a new dilect. In Kitty it’s Mewbrew.

  114. I think cats like to be talked to in very schmoozy Italian. Try it. (so you don’t speak Italian — make it up) If he likes it call him Angelo … see if he likes music … my cats always liked Vivaldi and Corelli … but not too loud. Luigi? Tonio?

  115. Once again, NES is on a Priceless tweet roll.

    NoEmptySuits ‏ @NoEmptySuits

    Will the Chinese give us an #InterestRate break on #Debt now that they know @BarackObama shares their yen for dog-meat? #ObamaEatsDogs

  116. Haha! NES! Be wary Bo when Obama offers to “Wok the Dog”!

  117. Once again, NES is on a Priceless tweet roll.

    Yup. Too good.

  118. Yay! Mom got a new best friend! Personally, I always have to wait until a name comes to me, but I think it’s a good idea to have all the input so you have possibilities rolling around in your head as you get to know the cat. Although, someone suggested Phineas – I’ve always liked that name since I read A Separate Peace in school.

  119. Just read the last thread –

    Karen – WOW! You must be stealing BRAIN FOOD from UW’s fridge – how amazing, jbjd asks a question, and boom! there you are with the answer!

  120. Hey Islander three, you are in my head. I thought of Angelo but didn’t say it because it’s so Italian, and being a dago, I figured they would laugh at me.

  121. Lots of great reads out there tonight. Ani’s got a good one at NQ and ditto for the Big Pink’s.

  122. How about Gepetto?

    Don’t laugh, now.

  123. Ani you’re on for the AM.

  124. I wonder why no one’s been calling us raycist for telling #obamadogrecipes jokes…

  125. OMG. On the new His44 thread – scroll down to last photo. It’s that photo of Obama digging into a chicken leg – but – it’s been photoshopped. OMG. You gotta see it.

  126. Sounds great, Upps. Thank you!

    I can’t believe I didn;t get more than one taker on “Bubba”…

    PMM, have you reached a decision? πŸ™‚

  127. PMM is probably in bed and the cat probably is right there with her.

  128. well lorac, how about a link so we don’t have to work.

  129. Hey Islander #3, how about Spumoni?

  130. He’s really adorable Mom! There are lots of drinks with his coloring:

    Beachcomber; Bocci Ball; Cosmo (close anyway); salty dog; screwdriver; Nada Colada; Mai Tai; Bahama Mama; Sombrero.

    Liquers/Liquor that are close to his color:

    Tuaca; Cointreau; rum; amaretto; campari; galliano; navan; sambuca (I think).

  131. Uppity luvs music:

  132. Are your ears bleeding yet?

  133. You should name the cat “Bundy”

  134. Bundy?!?! That makes me think of Ted Bundy. This cat needs a name that lovable and chic, or cool.

  135. MKB, love the pix on the last thread; especially, love the way you spell “Dood”. Too cool!

  136. Ah God Oswald, I am so glad I sent you cross-country.

  137. Al Bundy methinks.

  138. Yeah, I looked at that video, now I’m having auras and need to take one of lakers seizure pills

  139. Al Bundy methinks.

    He’s my hero.

  140. This cat needs a name that lovable and chic, or cool.

    Katniss is a girly name. How about Peeta?

  141. Katniss would be good for a female kitteh. Is Peeta another character from that movie?

  142. You’re the King, Oswald!

  143. How about “Stan”…short for “Standoffish”…

  144. My last shot … Piccolo!

  145. Piccolo! That’s in my dog’s AKC registration name!

  146. LOL!, are we ever tete a tete! if you parlez ma drift!

  147. He looks like a “Lester” to me – I’m usually pretty good w/the namin’ when I get my hands on ’em πŸ˜‰

    & someone has to fill me in on the Obama dogmeat scandal – did Barky sample some Korean BBQ???

  148. Yeah vet, Lolo fed him different animals so he could gain their power, according to his Dreams book. He got dog. And Snake. Snake seems about right. He mentioned that Lolo was going to give him tiger next. It’s kind of the “become what you eat” thing. So as someone mentioned, he surely must have eaten a big dick too.

  149. Okay late to the naming but Shaft.. A complicated cat and no one understands him but his owner..

  150. I like Shaft. Might use it myself eventually.

  151. Shaft! Can you dig it? LOL … Since I’ve seen Oswald post through the thread, I’m thinking OSWALD would be a good name. But whatever name you end up with, I’m sure you’ll have even more nicknames for the little cutie.

  152. At this moment in time, he seems to be answering to two names- Jack and Buddy. I think his name is Jack Daniels- but what do I know lol.
    Also he needs to calm down! Seriously, he is blowing fur and dander like crazy- to the point I had to go get some Visine. Gack!
    Maybe it is tree pollen. lol

  153. Scotch

    as in I need a single malt scotch stat!

  154. Gleep, you aren’t getting your hands on that single malt without me.

  155. Lol fembot.. I missing having a cat.. But can’t while being a caregiver for my mom. So uppity when you get Shaft post the pic.:)

  156. I am eyeballing some 18yr old single malt Glenfiddich as I type this…

    Hmmm….come to think of it, Glenfiddich would be a good name for a cat.

  157. Glenfiddich. Did I hear Glenfiddich….

  158. Chips, since i am involved often with rescue, I’m sure I will have a Shaft fairly soon.

  159. Gleep is trying to punish me!

  160. since he has no balls…how about Maher?

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