Why Does Society Excuse Bill Maher?

Election results in the 2010 midterms revealed a surprising drop-off in the numbers of women who voted for Democrats, so President Obama’s current push to woo women back to the fold is not surprising.  The debate is being framed as “Republicans’ war on women.”  But the real war on women is something different than we are led to believe.  It cannot be contained in sound bites and is not restricted to reproductive rights or contraception.  Once again, women are being condescended to, and held hostage, as one-issue voters.  We are used as a political football, yet our overall disgraceful treatment at the hands of mainstream media, politicians, advertisers, or comedians has not changed.

Why are we loath to examine the relentless brainwashing that marginalizes women?  First, we would have to admit that our society is not quite as evolved as advertised.  And why are the abusers not called to task, or if there is an outcry, why are they quickly and easily forgiven?  Is the current pace at which we function so demanding that we cannot retain the acts of any culprit’s wrongdoing for more than a few days?

Bill Maher recently endured a firestorm of criticism for his hideous comments about Sarah Palin.  The President was criticized for not demanding the return of a $1 million donation Maher made to a SuperPAC aimed at Mr. Obama’s re-election, but that criticism, too, faded into the background, buried by the relentless 24 hour news cycle.  Yet there is more at fault here than just a busy news day.

Never content to sit on the sidelines, last Friday the notorious Maher waded into more hot water by commenting on the ‘mommy wars’ controversy ignited by political operative Hilary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney.  Rosen commented that as a wealthy stay-at-home mom, Mrs. Romney cannot relate to the concerns of struggling working women.  Then Maher had to chime in:

“What [Hilary Rosen] meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work.”

Once again, the White House has “distanced” itself from Maher.  But the $1 million remains in the President’s SuperPAC war chest – at least, for now.  Even George Stephanopoulos wondered how long the President could hold out before finally cutting Maher loose in a public way.  There is ample reason for the President to do so.  But will he?  And since President Obama took the time to call Sandra Fluke to express support after Rush Limbaugh’s horrid comments that she was a “slut” and a “prostitute,” perhaps some of the other women Bill Maher has insulted would like a phone call, too.

After all, Maher is also the man who said:

“They fined CBS two million dollars for Janet Jackson’s nipple.  Just think what they could get for Hillary Clinton’s c*nt.”

It is also interesting that Stephanopoulos now worries about Obama “distancing himself” from Maher because he insulted stay-at-home motherhood.  Where was his outrage when Maher unleashed his endless sexist diatribes in 2008 against Hillary Clinton…?  There was no outrage, because at the time, the demeaning slobber that Maher was offering up, namely bashing a powerful woman, served the larger purpose.

Following Maher’s recent “hot water” incident in re Sarah Palin, Senior ABC correspondent Jake Tapper was all too willing to give Maher a forum to defend himself.  In their interview, Maher came up with the lame justification that he is “a potty mouth, not a misogynist” and once again hid behind the safety net of “I’m just a comedian.”  But too often, he pretends to the rank of political commentator.  Neither pundit nor comedian should get away with this behavior – yet both do.   Hillary Clinton has endured every demeaning slur imaginable for twenty years.  Never mind the pictorials.  Spy magazine years ago featured her on the cover, wearing a Marilyn-type “blow-up” skirt only to reveal her in mens briefs with the outline of a penis visible underneath.  Nothing has changed from that year to this.

And where Maher is concerned, a man who respects women does not refer to them as “bitch,” “horse face,” “c**t,” “dumb twat” or say they should be “splayed out on the hood of a car.”  There is no “context” in which that would be acceptable, as joke or otherwise, despite his excuse making.  This behavior is wrong, no matter the source or the subject of the slur.

The New York Times and the Washington Post immediately allotted Maher editorial space so that he might move the damaging debate six degrees to the right, namely by targeting “faux outrage” and an endless need to apologize.  While he would not dare mention the flap about his misogynist comments directed at women, his posts had the desired effect; distracting and thereby rescuing him from the spotlight’s bright and damaging glare.

Maher, the shock jock, moved on and felt comfortable enough a couple of weeks later to jump into yet another maelstrom.  Hilary Rosen has been shunned by both sides for her remarks about Mrs. Romney.  But what will happen to Bill Maher as a result of making comments that were far more offensive?  If your answer is nothing, you are likely correct.

We seem almost anxious to forgive men for their sexist transgressions, yet women on the receiving end of verbal abuse, shaming, objectification and marginalization are asked to take it in stride and told to “lighten up.” If a woman is guilty of wrongdoing, would she be forgiven?  Would the other women or men condemning her be likely to  “lighten up?”

If Tiger Woods were a woman who had cuckolded her husband with numerous affairs and risqué sexual behavior with multiple partners, do we really believe that the golfing world and society at large would be so eager to “rehabilitate” him and welcome him back into the fold?  He is out on the circuit, winning tournaments.  It’s business as usual.  If Tiger Woods were ‘Tanya’ Woods, it is doubtful Tanya would be treated quite as well.  Even in this day and age, a woman would wear a scarlet letter for the rest of her life.  Woods’ relatively recent transgressions are barely mentioned any longer.

Perhaps part of the reason some men exonerate their brothers is that they themselves feel guilty, either for their silence or for their agreement.  In the alternative, do they wish to rescue another man from the wrath of “angry mommy?”

No one likes their nose rubbed in a mistake.  If they were to admit condoning sexist behavior and that it is indeed damaging, they would also have to admit complicity in allowing it without protest.  Better to minimize it than to stare down the elephant in the room.

Bill Maher is just another cog in the wheel, driving home the mantra that no matter what a woman does, we will find something wrong with it – if that woman is somehow inconvenient, or gets a little too big, or too noticeable for her bloomers.

Politically, it is easier to divide and conquer to keep women in line at the voting booth.  The practice keeps us more malleable.  Then the natural order is not threatened,  If women were able to find some compromise on reproductive rights or declare a truce in the name of the dire economy, politicians of both parties would find themselves in a great deal of trouble.  They would have to address women as powerful individuals with concerns as diverse as any man.  Woman control the purse, too and care about the economy, gas prices, housing starts, outsourcing of jobs, education and the future of their children.  Women can do the math.

At the moment the choices are between one group who does not want to allow us to self-determine and another that threatens us with the loss of that right if we do not vote for them.

The real war on women is waged by both the left and the right – another inconvenient truth.  As long as we are kept busy with schadenfreude, tearing down Ashley Judd for her “puffy face,” declaring that Hillary Clinton is “conniving” or “ego driven and power hungry,” or declaring that Sarah Palin is a neglectful mother, an “idiot” or a “twat”; or laughing at clowns like Maher who continue to debase; as long as we project negative images of women, there is less competition and also less likelihood that we will stray into less convenient territory.

Will these tactics continue to work?  If I’d learned anything in 2008, it is that women have an endless capacity to settle for crumbs rather than standing up to claim the cake.  As long as accountability is doled out in a one-sided fashion and women continue to play along, as long as women are held to a different standard by men and by other women… Yes. Those tactics will be a resounding success.


Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening, now available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.  www.anitafinlay.com


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  1. Found this on youtube. A Maher compilation shall we say.

  2. He’s such a small man –in all ways I’m sure.

  3. Ani- you just keep knocking them out of the park!
    On a different note, this makes me nervous. I saw on the news this morning that the women in Cartegna that were involved in the Secret Service scandal were rounded up last night. The news said they were taken to the police station and given a court date. Sorry, but women being rounded up just makes me nervous, very very nervous. Then I saw this article, which says

    Some of the prostitutes who allegedly met with Secret Service agents in Colombia have been interviewed by investigators, but U.S. officials are still searching for others, ABC News has learned.

    US officials are searching for them? What are they- Al-Queda? Why are we searching for anybody in a sovereign country with which we are not at war?

  4. two things first:

    on the last thread the obama dog eating pic from His44 with the chicken-dog was mentioned. They are all here. Tons of photo shopped doggie pics. Very funny. Put down your drinks:


    the other thing is I just woke up and the headlines on several news sites show something about S**** P**** saying one of the ousted security guards was assigned to her and he made inappropriate comments on his facebook page about checking her out, etc.

    It was ok when it was SP since she was just running for VP and just a wimmenz. If they’d investigated back then this pig would have been more careful, ya think? Or he would have lost his job if justice was served back then. Save the tax payers some money. Instead he got to sample whores all over the world on our tax dollars.

  5. Yellow fin sushi tuna used in restaurants in 20 states, salmonella outbreak. Yum!

  6. Yum! KFC former manager says he was forced to serve green, expired chicken.

  7. ok, so now zimmerman’s head pictures taken minutes after cops arrived are being aired on ABC and we are told it is graphic and MAY prove there is some truth to Zimmerman’s story.

    Oh, wait, was ABC the one who altered the audio tape or were they the one who showed the false pictures or were they the one who said there were no injuries or were they the one who promoted the race lies and the saint trayvon angle, etc? CBS CNN etc. all guilty as charged.

    Now they’ll get viewers by pushing the Zimmerman was an angel and he was attacked angle. Anything for sensationalism and views.

    We really do not have any media. I wish there were laws of objectivity and just reporting facts and not slanting opinions and altering facts to fit the objective.

    rant over. those pics really got me riled up. of course he had wounds… the police report and fire department guys said so. So now, April 20th, they are shocked Zimmerman had his noggin smashed. They are guilty as charged. They knew all along.

    bastard media freaks.

    oh and the video is George Snuffelupagus.

  8. phew upps.

    I don’t eat any seafood and I don’t eat fast food.

    dodged two bullets.

  9. karen the tape was altered by nbc. They admitted it.

  10. I do love chicken though…


    “As early as next week, the government will end debate on a cost-cutting, modernization proposal it hopes to fully implement by the end of the year. A plan that is setting off alarm bells among food science watchdogs because it turns over most of the chicken inspection duties to the companies that produce the birds for sale.

    The USDA hopes to save $85 million over three years by laying off 1,000 government inspectors and turning over their duties to company monitors who will staff the poultry processing lines in plants across the country.”

    oh yummy. I am going to keep my health care paid for since I am surely going to need lots of antibiotics to counter the food poisoning.

  11. karen
    ABC still saying trayvon would be alive if Zim had left as police told him to do. trayvon’s parents saying prosecutor has seen all and still believes Zim guilty. Sounds like someone told her that point.

    But Zims family has permission to testify by phone at that procedure and steps were taken to keep family phone numbers private. Let’s see how much exposure that side of the story gets.

    Nice post Ani. I read it early this morning. We’ll keep at it like grit on a chalk board.

    PMM: hoping for kitteh report soon.

  12. Of course you don’t, karen. You eat all the food in my fridge!

  13. You are right, they all lie. It’s now the job of the MSM to lie. I remember my ex BIL telling me twenty years ago that most papers refused to hire journalists who actually went to school. They preferred to pay by the story which meant that the writer didn’t really have much to lose if they fudged a few details here and there.

  14. mcnorman, they are the worst of the worst.

    I disconnected my TV long ago and got netflix for occasional movies – long ago. I do watch clips on the internet of the news stations and it makes me nuts.

    NBC should have been buried long ago. GE corp wanted obama and his nuclear plant approvals…

  15. Saw the pic…looks like Zimmerman took a beating and needed some stitch work.

  16. Much as I rarely acknowledge her existance due to her constantly bashing the ‘radical feminists’ who made it possible to run for mayor, governor and VP, I can’t resist saying that the filthiest thing I ever saw in reference to SP was that filthy disgusting pig at huffpo who said he fantacized fucking her with his wife watching. i have that link somewhere. this is a disgusting, immoral man with no moral compass whatsoever.

  17. Is this pig any different than that secret service pig (one of the ones with the pro in SS) that fantasized about SP while on her detail?

  18. David Randall Chaney was identified as one of the Secret Service agents involved in the scandal with Colombian prostitutes. Turns out, the same agent posted photos of him with Sarah Palin in 2008, commenting that he was “checking her out.”

  19. Debbie Wasserman excused Maher by pointing out that there is a difference and he is an entertainer, but what can we say about our security for women? I don’t see much difference in either one.

  20. mcnorman, yep, they can only have a fantasy about hot powerful wimmen while they pay to have sex with hookers. No self respecting woman would have anything to do with them.

    dr lorac can go into why some men demean wimmenz clinically but the rest of us have met the type. I know a guy (had to include him due to family friend connection) who verbally abused his wife and treated her like a maid while I was around. He never said a word to me like that but did attack other wimmenz too. He once, after about 20 years knowing him, told me he respected me. It was right after I screamed at him for treating his long-suffering wife as if he was a cave man – or a dog eater….

  21. And lets not forget their other option: the poor goats.

  22. Yeah Karen but in certain quarters goats serve a duel purpose, if you get my drift.

  23. Because the most of the media talking heads are not as bright as you are, Ani.

    Neither party grasps how how morally bankrupt they are–the republicans believe that women are not sufficiently human and moral enough to make decisions that impact their lives, and the democrats think that we are dim witted enough to fall for their propaganda that they are supportive of our rights –even though they have no hesitation about throwing us under the bus when it suits them. Both are variants of the Burka mentality.

  24. “If women were able to find some compromise on reproductive rights or declare a truce in the name of the dire economy”

    That’s the key. But too many women are unwilling to do this. Until we do, divide and conquer will continue to be successful.

  25. Ani, thank you for another great post on the deplorable treatment of women in general. If the likes of Wasserman and other notable women would condemn the sexism that is spouted, no matter the politics, perhaps we could see some positive movement. However, too many are just too loyal to their political party to speak out.

    Also, I finished reading the last blog and want to thank all for the cat litter ideas.

  26. Bill Maher should be referred to as BM, as in: I had a BM today.

    He jumped the dog, er shark.

    Yep, a mental burka, AnnE. We all wear one. Our society put us in invisible chains and we’ve been wearing burka’s since birth.

    Boys only need apply – all my young life I heard that. Boys can do math, play instruments, become president… Maybe, just maybe, someday, far away, there might even be, gasp, a wimmen President.

    Dumb us thinking Hillary could break into the boys club.

    When I was out knocking on doors for Hilz it always got my blood boiling when Archie Bunker would come to the door and tell me he was voting for Obama because a woman can’t lead in times of war.

    Made me want to smack one guy when a moment later he yelled into the kitchen: “Margaret, come here. There is a lady asking questions and you know what to tell her about Politics.” She basically told me they are dems and will vote for dems. She also looked me in the eye and with a little laugh between girls said “I will likely cast a different vote than my husband.”

    I marked them down as: obama – 1, Hillary – 1.

  27. where’s mom this morning? how’s the cat doing? were you up all night? is the kitteh an early riser?

  28. Yep, Karen. The mental burka is an accurate description.

  29. oh and I loved the expression on Archie Bunker faces when I told them Hilz had the military brass all backing HER and not the fraud.

    You could see that they couldn’t believe it and would check that it was accurate. The TEE VEE never mentioned that fact to them so they didn’t know. All the big boys wanted Hillary. She has the balls.

  30. funny:

    “At the St. Louis Zoo, Newt Gingrich got too close to one of the animals and was bit on the hand by a penguin. If you’re named after a lizard, you have to assume birds are going to try to eat you.” –Jimmy Kimmel

    “President Obama is gearing up for his presidential campaign. He’s creating a new series of ads. The first ad boasts “just last week my Secret Service created jobs for 11 Colombian women.” –Conan O’Brien

    “The Secret Service prostitution scandal has gotten worse because apparently agents were also snorting cocaine. However, in the agents’ defense, the Colombian hotels offer cocaine in the mini bar.” –Conan O’Brien

    “But the dog thing — maybe that is where the floppy ears come from.” –Jimmy Kimmel

  31. Got an email from Mom saying he’s doing fine. SHe’s got to do a song and dance with shots and things to keep him ‘legal’ since the cat hailed originally from just over the state line and the Humane Society where she is tries to keep people from getting cats “out of state”. A Holes.

  32. So McN, as it turns out he’s not only no different than the SS pig who posted photos of SP, but he’s the SAME pig. I wonder if he’s married and if he is, I hope she kills his ass in his sleep. He must be a HORRENDOUS husband.

  33. I still think that pengy that bit Newt, couldn’t figure out which was his finger and which was his little shrunken dick. So he had a 50-50 chance.

  34. Everything is fine in the gulf, that’s why you never hear a word.
    Eyeless shrimp, clawless crabs and fish with lesions. Carry on.

  35. Oh well, it’s all good now. The whole dog wars turns out to be Newt’s fault. As in WAAAHHH! MOMMY! Newt did it FIRST! Waaaahhh.

  36. Somehow, newt eating dog doesn’t surprise either. As someone tweeted, Newt will eat anything that’s not nailed down.

  37. So it’s all newt’s fault that obama ate a dog. Roger.

  38. LOL Uppity- Newt was the first to bring up Romney putting the dog atop the car. So the story now is that it was not the Dems who attacked Romney about the dog- they were just doing what Newt did.
    As my mom used to say
    “If Diane jumped off the Empire State Building would you jump too?”
    ROFL! The D’s will just never ever own any of their mistakes. Deflect, distract and if all else fails (or even if it doesn’t) Blame! Preferably blame a woman or a R- and if it is both at the same time they think they score extra points or something.

  39. ROFL Uppity- yup- Newt’s fault. Bush’s fault. Some random anybody from anywhere- but never, ever, ever, Obama’s fault. Or axelrove’s. Or Ms Wasserman-Schultz. Or
    well you get the idea lol

  40. Wow!!! Ani, thank you for another wonderful post. 🙂

  41. @ Karen

    they pay to have sex with hookers.

    Asshats can’t even pay appropriately according to the sex worker. Really, $40 offer after binging, drinking and screwing in another country? All I see and hear is that they are entitled to be this way. That entitlement mentality needs to go flying out the window.

  42. You Uppityites who have tried my ribs recipe, please be advised we are having them for dinner tonight. So if you would be so kind as to keep Karen occupied, we would be most grateful.

  43. Well they figured they can just rape women here in the USA for free, so why pay a hooker?

  44. If you ask me, Mom, my former party, currently not recognizable, has just learned what it is like to sling shit and have it splash back at them.

    I have a feeling that this dog eating “exotic’ guy’s problem ain’t gonna go away.

  45. Well they figured they can just rape women here in the USA for free, so why pay a hooker?

    Sadly, this is spot on.

  46. “I have a feeling that this dog eating “exotic’ guy’s problem ain’t gonna go away.”

    About eating dogs…

  47. Uppity Woman, on April 20, 2012 at 11:52 AM said:

    If you ask me, Mom, my former party, currently not recognizable, has just learned what it is like to sling shit and have it splash back at them.
    I don;t think they are liking the sensation. Romney may not be the pushover everybody thinks.

  48. . So if you would be so kind as to keep Karen occupied, we would be most grateful.

    Well, we are having taco night. Got some local beef, cheese and lettuce and some Canadian tomatoes. I am sure there will be plenty.
    I have been keeping an eye out for karen- the asparagus is coming along nicely out there. We have had it twice already.

  49. 2008 was rough on my emotional well being. The Gulf spill took me right over the edge. I love the sea and animals more than anything. I never took anti-depressants in my life till I realized with all the oil spill pictures all over the web and the documentaries and the long lasting nature of that disaster – I could not stop crying every single day at some point. I was put on a tiny dose for a short while and it snapped me out of the crying jag. I don’t dare look at pictures of those fish and birds and mammals again. Dead dolphins or pelicans or injured animals make me incredibly sad. So beautiful and so innocent. I scuba dive my whole life and love live fish even.
    And crabs are adorable.

    The last time I got started on this subject it took all my will power to get over it – with the help of a little bit of happy pills for a few months. Do not want to go back to that feeling. Damn BP and obama’s response – which was no response and to allow them to add poison to catastrophe. Bastards all.

  50. omg Anthony, that is freaking hysterical.

  51. I love asparagus and tacos too. But ribs are a great appetizer.

    See ya later!

  52. Great post Ani! What does Maher have in common with the Secret Service? … They both have to hire hookers to have sex with them. bada bing …

    Anyway, this is gonna backfire as well if someone digs up some old MoveOn alerts: “So the story now is that it was not the Dems who attacked Romney about the dog- they were just doing what Newt did.”

    I remember distinctly receiving a news alert from MoveOn back when I was a member about the Seamus story and what a inhumane person Mitt is. This was before 2009. I cancelled my membership when they had that faux voting for which Dem nominee we wanted to support for a whole day. Somehow my Hillary vote didn’t register.

  53. yep, fembot, my Hillary vote didn’t register with Movey-oney either.

    Ani also mentions them and the scam candidate pick in her book.

  54. Are they kidding me? They have saved so much money by using Air Force One as the campaign bus they can afford THIS? (I broke the link so nobody accidentally clicks and gets OFA cookies in their computer)

    Mark your calendar: On May 10th, George Clooney is hosting an event at his home in Los Angeles to support President Obama.

    If you donate $3 or whatever you can today, you’ll be automatically entered to be there, too.

    We’ll take care of airfare and accommodations — all you need to do is think about who you’d ask to join you for an evening with President Obama and George Clooney.

    When you pitch in, you’ll also help build this grassroots organization at a crucial moment in the campaign.

    So donate $3 or whatever you can today:

    https://donate dot lyingsackofcrap dot com/Obama-Clooney-and-You



    Rufus Gifford
    National Finance Director
    Obama for America

  55. Maher always appears to me as a very unhappy person with little true self esteem who attempts make himself feel important by making other people miserable. For all intents and purposes, he pays people to like him/tell him he is all that, through his shtick and with $$$$$.

    He also strikes me as someone who has pretended to be a non-conformist for so long he now believes his own press. He is old boys club to the core.

  56. @ Karen for Clinton:

    Thanks! Have another…

  57. As to Mitt and the dog riding on top of the car, as I recall this was rather common. I remember seeing people at rest stops along the turnpike/interstates stopping and getting their dogs down for a run. I am not saying it a good thing. Our dogs often called shotgun. Adults were awarded the second seat and the kids had to settle for the third row seats in those old wagons. However, while it saddens me, I was not shocked. Fortunately this trend seems to have disappeared.

    I see this in a similar vein as declawing cats. Never did it myself and always found the option repulsive but a lot of people did declaw and many vets encouraged the procedure. Plus, for years it was not only common but many apartments/condos/coops required. Now, it is frowned upon by most animal/rescue groups (although many vet still promote) and some counties have banned the practice.

    Eating dog. That is a whole new ball of wax. This is still a dog/cat loving country. Not sure it will mix well with koolaid.

  58. Rufus? You name your pet Rufus, not your kid.

  59. Very interesting points, Mt. Laurel.

  60. Anthony! ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

  61. I have a post up at TW if anyone would like to check it out.


  62. Ain’t thiw the same guy who hangs at the mansion with Hef? What a slug!
    UW, my boy Ted Nugent spoke ill of Bammy, and got bounced from the Fort Knox concert! http://wp.me/p1M1I6-16b

  63. Rufus? You name your pet Rufus, not your kid.

    Reminded me of this:

    Henry: Come on, Junior.

    Indiana: Dad, will you stop calling me Junior?

    Sallah: I don’t understand. What is this Junior?

    Henry: That’s his name: Junior! Henry Jones, Junior.

    Sallah: I thought his name was Indiana.

    Henry: The dog’s name was Indiana.

    Marcus: Can we go home please?

    Sallah: Haha, you were named after the DOG!

    Indiana: I have a lot of fond memories of that dog.

    And for Fred (and so not ask me why I remember this movie; maybe because it is so bad ). I saw it with my brothers and cousins when we all back in the hometown for a funeral..

    Cherry 2000 (the perfect android wife)

  64. Oh Mt. Laurel: That movie was on THIS network the other night. Gawd that was a dog of a movie! Oops! Can’t mention dog! 😉

  65. Hillbilly, I’m going to be honest with you: When you start blowing it out of your ass everywhere and you have the forum, and you act like you want to incite others, you’re going to get your ass targeted by the government. It was no different with Bush. SHit Hillbilly, I remember when I volunteered to man the news boards at a certain ISP on 911. There were a million (LITERALLY!) hits to those boards and some of them were very threatening, others quite questionable. It was the LAW that they be reported. There was a special form to do this. I can tell you that the feds paid plenty of visits to those big mouthed big shots on behalf of a whole lot of people including Bush. So please do not think this is an Obama thang, although I have no doubt he enjoys it, but that’s besides the point. If Nugent wants to act like an anarchist, he’s going to have to live with the consequences along with the consolations. It’s just the way it is and it’ also the way it ALWAYS was. This is the main reason I am so FIRM about one of my few rules, which is don’t anybody dare make death remarks, either passively or aggressively, or appear to be looking to incite others, on this board. If Nugent were here I would THROW HIM OFF MY FORUM just the way I would throw any asshole Obot who did the same. Because it is my responsibility to protect this forum from all that door knocking and ISP reporting. Personally, he acts like he wants to blow something or somebody up, so expect him to be detained more.

    I can say that the only irony on this subject with Obama Adinistration is, the black panthers have gotten away with the inexcusble and it shows. If one of us that called a contract on someone, or stood at the polls with billy clubs, we would STILL be in jail.

    But beyond that, this is nothing new with respect to loudmouthed inciters who wish for some kind of scary shit or act crazy. You just don’t do that ANYWYERE, and it’s also the case in the USA. It’s not freedom of speech at that point, anymore than yelling FIRE in a theater is freedom of speech when there’s no fire. Nugent is asking for it, he knows it, and he’s getting all the attention he craves. If all the attention isn’t what he wants, he’s going to have to cut it out, or else he’s going to have to take the bad with the good. And he knows that too.

  66. UW, I was not trying to incite anyone. And I agree, nobody should ever physically threaten the prez, or anyone else. I was trying to make the point that military higher-ups allow guys like Major Hassan, to make all kinds of ant-Americans statements, and when he goes Allah Akbar, act like it was just some over stressed guy shooting up the work place.
    I also believe Ted was referring to himself.
    I apologize UW if you thought I was good with somebody making threats against this, or any prez.

  67. Oh no Hillbilly! I was using “You” in the generic! I was referring to Nugent not you! You’re a pussy cat!

  68. You’re not going to get a Hassan argument out of me John, you know that. I think he should be dead by now. And you can bet it was Obama that kept him protected. He even had the audacity to tell us not to Jump To Conclusions. Hassan is scum and should have been executed already. Another one who used America to get his education while hating us.

  69. Hey! keep it down UW, those types of comments wil cost me all my hillbilly cred! Heck, I will be labeled Wussbilly. 😦 My Duct Tape Monthly magazine subscription will be revoked too. So stop it..pleeeeeeeeeze!

  70. Don’t you hate the internet when you type something and think it looks one way and people see it another way? I hate when that happens.

  71. Mt. Laurel, to me Maher is a creepy crawly. I wouldn’t trust my pets or children with him and I wouldn’t cross the street to see him, even without any traffic.

    He and Rush have a LOT in common. In fact, they are mirror images.

  72. Ok Ok, Hillbilly. You’re a big, strong man! Muy Macho!!! Oooooooooooo Raaaaaahhhhhhhh!

  73. Yes UW! Thank you. Think I will go floss with some bailing wire, after I get done eatin’ some raw turkey gizzards.

  74. Don’t forget to save the green gizzards for last!

  75. Uppity

    I avoid Maher at all costs. He grates even in little blips of clips. But when I said he is old boys club to the core, it was indeed referring to those old boys that make your skin crawl. Newt , Barky, Sanitarium Edwards and Tiger are card carrying plutonium level members. Good Old Boy Teddy K is their patron saint.

    It is maher’s act that he is not part of the establishment that takes the cake. No wonder he gave $1mil to mr. I am not a beltway insider. Two people with no substance play acting to build up their self importance.

  76. You are so right, Mt. Laurel. He is a good ole boy to the core. He makes that clear with every single female guest he has on his show — whether he agrees with them or not — they are either on the receiving end of smarmy flirting or barely “tolerated” or worse.

    Only someone who feels truly small needs to make himself big by stomping on someone else.

  77. Excellent post, Ani!!

    It seems to me that Maher is saying that the only reason guys are decent to women is to get laid and now they’re tired of it and are pissed they can’t treat women like shit and still get laid. I don’t think Maher speaks for all men at all, but I sure would like to hear some of those other men speak out (loud) against Maher.

  78. I would be curious to know what “compromise” is possible on reproductive rights.

    Then I would like to see that same “compromise” applied to men, and I would like the same women who advocate for “compromise” explain why it shouldn’t be.

  79. Well, here’s my compromise — anything other than self-determiniation is sexist. How’s that!!! I should just have said let’s declare a truce and stop telling women what to do! 🙂

  80. Compromise my ass. Nobody should have to compromise on things that are their own personal business. And definitely not on things that have to do with their own body parts. This is just stuipid shit and these guys need to feel a world of hurt over it.

  81. Also, when rabid control freaks start talking about compromise, it’s a strong signal they are getting nervous.

  82. Word, Ani!!! Well-said!!

    And rounds of applause to both of Uppity’s comments. Extra fierce!

  83. You Uppityites who have tried my ribs recipe, please be advised we are having them for dinner tonight.

    Hey, hey, hey! Children read this blog! lol

  84. You know madamab, and this is no BS. When I see that piece of swiss cheese as I am scrolling down the comments, I always smile because I love when I see you here.

  85. I think these guys are counting votes and it is making them more than a little nervous at this point. Here’s what i think is the compromise they need: They need to wake up the day after their re-election day and find out they have to go find another job. And I think women in these states are more than capable of making that happen.

    This is why you see these bills taking a long time to pass and getting changed along the way.

  86. Awwww Upps, I feel the same way when I see your little black and white cat icon!

    Gawd, I miss blogging. Stupid work getting in the way of my life!

  87. Work is good madamab. the sense of accomplishment, the sense of a job well done, the sense that you can have what you need in an independent way.

  88. “My lickspittles at MSNBC” ROFL

  89. Amen Upps…now if I could just get a few more wimminz into my company I’d be good to go!

  90. Yes madamab but always remember the silver lining of being surrounded by gullible men you can manipulate into doing what you want to see done, and of course, the ever-present skill of making them think it was their idea.

  91. I don’t think we’ve ever had a president who ate dog before. Or at least we never had one who was fracking stupid enough to publish it in a book.

  92. Sadly, the men at my company are too smart for that. D*mmit. 😉

    I am just floored by this whole dog thing. I really think Romney has a lot better chance now. He might have strapped Fido to the roof, but Mitt didn’t proceed to eat him with fava beans and a nice chianti.

  93. Good one, madamab! And that picture of him chowing down on the puppy is almost unbearable!

  94. Classy menu only for those who have cultivated taste madamab. Well said.

  95. I liked the post on Maher. I think we should fight fire with fire; create a jingle about “Poor little Billy limp prick minces along in his five inch heels. Every time he insults another woman add to billy’s song. He could be hanging out with Rush lush and skinny Barry green bean swapping women insults. We Uppityites should be able to come up with pure gold.

  96. That’s too bad, madamab, I was hoping they had met their peter principle as they all do.

    lol on the fava beans and chianti.

    This is very bad, really. I mean we’re talking about America’s pets here. People are wincing all over the country and wondering in addition: What kind of bringing up did this guy have? Finally.

    Eating dogs. Seriously, I can’t think of anything worse except maybe he gets caught chasing a little boy down the street. The entire thing does FINALLY conjure up the question of who is this man really and what ELSE did he learn in his …..um…’exotic’ life.

    When michelle described him as possibly having been raised by wolves, she may not have been far off the mark.

  97. Bill Maher is an angry little man. He is the other side of the coin to Rush Limblah…..he even looks like Rush Limblah. Probably a bully as a kid with no friends. He’s a pathetic loser. It’s just too bad that people pay any money at all to see him. Some day karma will visit him and he will have a mother-of-all meltdowns on stage and the audience will boo and hiss and ask for their money back….it will happen.

  98. LOL Uppity. I remember you said, something to the effect, that even if he murdered live puppies on stage they’d still make excuses for him!

  99. For once, and I do mean only once, I would love to see PETA weigh in. They would finally be useful, for the very first time.

  100. I find it amusing, well, not really amusing, but whatever….the Obots are “excusing” his eating of the dogs b/c he was just a little boy in Indonesia….didn’t they say it was the same little boy who gained so much knowledge and experience about the world that his experience living abroad made him the far better person to be POTUS than Hillary who had merely had “tea parties” with heads of state from around the globe????

  101. Yes, PETA……[crickets]

  102. Now, there is a song.

    Music: Hall/Oates
    Lyrics: Made possible by a grant from the Lolo D. and Catherine T. Soetoro Foundation

    He only comes out at night
    To find a tasty bite
    Nothing is new, I’ve seen his gaze before
    Watching and waiting
    He’s sitting with you but eyeing some Basset Hounds

    So many to taste and see
    Chihuahua fricasse
    Dear Leader is wild, but he’s tamed by the taste of a puppy’s tail
    Served up on a platter
    The school lunches are sure gonna get bizarre

    Oh here he comes
    Watch out Bo he’ll chew you up
    Oh here he comes
    He’s a dogeater
    Oh here he comes
    Watch out Bo he’ll chew you up
    Oh here he comes
    He’s a dogeater

    I wonder if Michelle approves
    Fried puppy just won’t do
    Poached poodle flan, the One will really rip their fur apart
    Mind over matter
    TelePrompTer glaze but a beast is in his heart

    Oh here he comes
    Watch out Bo he’ll chew you up
    Oh here he comes
    He’s a dogeater
    Oh here he comes
    Watch out Bo he’ll chew you up
    Oh here he comes
    He’s a dogeater

  103. McNorman check your emails.

  104. Lizzy — ridicule is a great idea for Maher. All the pundits and comics used ridicule on Hillary ad nauseum — but with him there is so much to ridicule. Only when you give them a taste of their own medicine do they get the picture. He’d be crying uncle so fast…

  105. I’ve changed the access Upps.

  106. Ani, I love you. This is a must-read for women on both sides of the political spectrum.

    Regarding the so called War on Women (a term I’m not really comfortable with): I’ve been amazed that otherwise intelligent and successful women would fall for such an obvious divisive tactic. And you hit the nail on the head here with “Once again, women are being condescended to, and held hostage, as one-issue voters.”

    And to see Obama tripping over himself to woo the women voters is both hilarious and scary… scary because so many women will cave with “oh he’s so handsome!” or similar crap. Gah.

    Congrats on the book and well done here too. 🙂

  107. Allie — thank you so much for your support of my book and for your kind comments!

    But it is not only women who are being bamboozled to vote for him again. I got an email tonight from someone who voiced his great disappointment, but said he would be voting for him again “hoping” he would get a better results this time — Hope ‘n Change, indeed! Depressing.

  108. Ani, there are many people who are telling me that they will give him another chance. In my drug induced stupor, I find this horrifying. The man is a trainwreck. His posse is a trainwreck with the exception of very few (HRC being one of the ones on the ball). What will it take to make these people to NOT give this man 4 more years to put us in the grave?

  109. Got this off McNorman’s place. They’re hysterical.

  110. McNorman, the bar is officially so low that you have to dig to crawl under it. Or even to step over it.

  111. I agree UW. I shake my head everyday whenever I hear that “give him more time” statement.

  112. Now how far, Joy Behar, how far up somebody’s ass is your entire face when you make remarks like, “He didn’t put the dog in the pot. He just ate it”. Jaysus Kirrrrrrisssssst!

  113. You’re all set, McN.

  114. Olby apparently is wandering in S Central Park (heads up anyone in NYC) looking for purpose in life now. I guess his mom said he can’t move back into the basement. God only knows what he’s called her.


  115. A million thank yous UW. Exactly where I would have put Ani.

  116. LOL Uppity. I re
    member you said, something to the effect, that even if he murdered live puppies on stage they’d still make excuses for him!

    Turns out it wasn’t just imagery. Who knew? In truth, he could now go on camera and kill a puppy right there and eat it raw and they would find justification for it.

  117. As in it’s a “cultural thing.”

  118. Yeah. No wonder it took him a year to get a dog. He wanted one that would taste right.

  119. ROFL

    It all makes more sense now. What power could he possibly get from a live dog like Bo. I’m sure he didn’t want anything that Tedward had.

  120. I guess I’m psychic McN.

  121. Do you think Tedward might have consumed dog too? I mean that family is awful weird.

  122. The men like to hit wimminz like the one that just got popped for hitting the nurses because he wanted to take his brand newborn out for a walk. Crazy.

  123. mcnorman, on April 21, 2012 at 12:51 AM said: Edit Comment

    Nothing. They would rather stick needles in their eyes than NOT vote for Dem or sit it out.

  124. Then again, McNorman, how many of us thought people would give Bush another chance in ’04. I was floored when he won no matter what I thought of Kerry.

  125. Cripes Olberman looks like a homeless person. All he needs is a shopping cart.

  126. mcnorman, on April 21, 2012 at 1:04 AM said: Edit Comment
    A million thank yous UW. Exactly where I would have put Ani.

    Huh? What’d I miss? 🙂

  127. I live in Tx so GWB was a winner no matter what. Huge problem Ani…uncaring laziness.

  128. Really does look homeless. In a few months, he will probably be singing in the park nekkid.

  129. We need to warn Anthony. He loves photographing the park.

  130. Ani, your book is like a diamond. Whomever reads it will find facet after facet after facet revealing light.

  131. …uncaring laziness.

    you’re right about that, too, McN. I guess the whole country has to be falling down around their ears before they get involved…oh,…er…wait…

  132. McN — tell me how to make the blushing emoticon??!! 🙂

  133. I am in the midst of dental work Ani. UW did me a huge favor and did a widget for your book on my blog. I do dumb things when too many windows are open or I’m on pharmaceuticals. LOL
    Ever SuperUW to the rescue. She got it up for me.

  134. McN, she is SO talented (don’t tell her I told you…)…

  135. Oh Ani, it needed to be said. It also needs to be said that women want to get things done and move on. Hence the difficulty in reliving the nightmare. It’s a difficult read when one was deeply involved only to be quashed and discarded. Loyalty, what does that mean to the Democratic party? I know a few bigwigs in the party locally. They have a difficult time acknowledging the entire fiasco. More than that, they have great difficulty acknowledging that there is a huge problem with how women are dealt with.

  136. Nora Desmond would not live at her place if she wasn’t. wink wink

  137. I know. I will probably get more mileage out of this book from conservatives because it calls the media out on the carpet along with the DNC — which they will enjoy. I think there is enough in hereto appeal to both sides, but people don’t want to have their noses rubbed in a mistake (as I write above) — they would rather pretend it didn’t happen than just fix it. I pray to be pleasantly surprised…

    but in any case, I had to do it. It felt like a personal best for me.

    The book was also hanging over my head. I feel released that I have released it — if that makes any sense.

  138. What I am trying to say is that until we resolve this perception problem, we are in a perpetual ground hog cycle reliving the misogyny over and over. In order to change this, we must become more aware and not let it sit until we blow.

  139. Makes a lot of sense to me. I just wanted to blow up until I started blogging and found out that I was not alone. Particularly here, at this sanctuary.

  140. It is a ground hog problem. I have two interviews set up for Monday — one with radio show (I think will air Tuesday — I will be sure to offer up details). I have a great way to pitch this book in terms of what we are talkign about here — so I hope it will start to get some traction, and that those two opportunities will be the first on many.

  141. sorry — the first OF many.

  142. Yes, the first of many. 😀

  143. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  144. Can’t wait for your interviews Ani! We will all be cheering you on from the other side of the radio or tv!

  145. I believe that your background (theatre, film) was meant for this writing. A book maybe well written, but we live in a presentation society and you have the ability/skill to engage one as a writer and for those who are audio learners. Of the three types of learners, audio, visual or both…you were supposed to write this book. You will be able to reach more people with these skills Ani.

  146. Mkay, words are mia on the comment so I’m going to bed. Nite to all.

  147. Thanks McN — Don’t go to sleep yet!! Hope I didn’t miss you to say that. I am a visual learner actually, so I like to write in the same way — viscerally. I appreciate your words of wisdom on this…

    Thanks imust! I will give details as soon as I get them!!

  148. Then you know how important it is to cultivate the listening for the visual as well as the reading learners. It’s a gift and a blessing to be able to hit it on both marks Ani.

  149. And you know imust and I will be listening. Not to mention, Nora Desmond and the rest of the gang.

  150. I do know both are important — and I also know that you will be out there listening and rooting for me. I told UW the other night, this more moving than I have words for…
    with gratitude,xox

  151. Ani, I think you have it backwards…you words speak for many of us. Thank you.

  152. I get that, McN. just expression my appreciation for the great support.

  153. Have a lovely evening!!!!

  154. Wagyu Dog.

    Hahahahaha. Pass the arugula.

  155. Myiq, god bless you for posting the Obama dog-eating vid. Fell out of bed laughing!

  156. Brilliant on the lyrics and the vid, mcnorman! Thx.

  157. Has anyone else noticed that Obama didnt say he happened to eat dog just once. Oh no…sounds like he ate it many times, and certainly more than once. What he says is something to the effect that he was “introduced” to dog meat “away from the dinner table….” The clear implication is that he continued to eat dog meat after his first introduction to it. It’s like saying, “I was introduced to caviar as a young teen, and I’ve continued to enjoy it since then.”

    They routinely eat dog meat in China. This election would be so over tomorrow if some intrepid reporter scoured Beijing for evidence that Obama couldn’t resist (secretly)chowing down on some during his much ballyhooed State visit to China. Get the Breitbart Boys on the job now!!

  158. NES are you kidding? Axelrod is probably scouring china right now for a person he can pay off to say he fed dog to Hillary.

  159. Proud Military Mom – you said:

    “I saw on the news this morning that the women in Cartegna that were
    involved in the Secret Service scandal were rounded up last night. The news said they were taken to the police station and given a court date. Sorry, but women being rounded up just makes me nervous, very very nervous…”

    They have to do this. This is POTUS. They have to see what, if anything, may have been leaked about him, his schedule, so on and so forth in case his security has been compromised in any way. These women may have just been party girls but they have to make sure no one had an agenda involving spying, black mail etc. Its very serious stuff not that the Secret Service Boys seem to realize that.

  160. I don’t think we’ve ever had a president who ate dog before. Or at least we never had one who was fracking stupid enough to publish it in a book.

    Quite right. Also, the guy was BOASTING about eating dog meat. Also see my comment of a few minutes ago: a reasonable deconstruction of his statement is that he continued to chow down on it “away from the dining table.”

  161. Most excellent post, Ani!

    SophieCT, agreed that that’s what Maher is saying.

  162. cats, men in power just can’t sleep if they can’t find a woman to blame.

  163. NES this is one situation where it doesn’t matter if he ate it once or ate it more. It’s sickening to Americans. Downright, Make Me Barf sickening. It’s also a trigger reminder that this “exotic” man is possibly even more “exotic” than eating dog implies. As in, What else was this guy raised to believe or do?

  164. Just brace yourselves for some paid off shitbag to declare hillary ate dog meat. Often.

  165. I want to go on record with this one.

    Just brace yourselves for some paid off shitbag to declare hillary ate dog meat. Often.

    It’s what Obama does.

  166. Speaking of Obama. Every blue moon or so I visit his Facebook page as the comments are better than any MSM approval poll. In the past, most of the comments on his page were the Rah Rah – you are my messiah type that you are all familiar with. Lately, most of the comments are very negative towards him with few obamabots trying to defend him. Last I look lots of stuff about him being the foodstamp president, eating dogs, being toast in the next election, etc etc. What a change from the past.

  167. Interesting, cats. I have to go look..

  168. I couldn’t resist this typical Obama genius. And they called us stupid.

    Edna MacNear dam rep,always have to turn things around.i beleave their suffering from dementta.the things there saying,sounds like a bunch shit.and crazydue they realy belive that we are that dum.how stupid they are.they got no smarts .their just dum th…eifs.they beleave in god .up their ass. they beleave in satian as their god.all these dam rep.dont know the differents from an ass,and a,hole in the ground..my god,we need to get these sick degenerits out.

  169. Yes, very interesting indeed. I was just there again. Here is a sample:

    “For any of you fools who believe this retartd this is the truth. Tuition has risen to over 28 % more when congress and senate where in office. Oil production is at a all time high in the united states yet has risen 86% not to mention the over 50% rise in health care costs. Its not the republicans you liar. Its you. I cant beleive I voted for you Obama. Its wont happen again. All you do is talk and point the finger at everyone else while on the american dime you still find time to make over 2 million every year from outside the government and use OUR airforce one like its your ticket to your own personal rap video. The same people you said you would not support are the ones who benefited from your stimulus package… who now are on our cabnet and also contributing to your campaign. ANY OF YOU FOOLS THAT THINK THIS PRESIDENT CARES FOR YOU ASK YOURSELF THIS… ARE YOU MUSLUM? ARE YOU BLACK? IF YOU ANSWERED NO TO EITHER OR HE HATES YOU. READ IT FROM HIS BOOK THAT HE PUBLISHED. HE HATES YOU! WRITTEN BY HIS OWN HAND. YOU FOOLS NEVER READ ANYTHING FOR YOURSELF… BUT READ OBAMAS BOOKS. READ HOW HE HATED HIS MOTHER FOR BEING WHITE! HOW HE WOULD ALWAYS ONLY SUPPORT THE MUSLUMS EXC. THIS GUY IS A RACIST RADICAL LIAR!”

  170. UW – that is a classic obamabot post, isn’t it??? Too funny! (The one you posted)

  171. OMG! I went to that Facebook page cats mentioned…..Now Obama is channeling ROSA PARKS! There’s a photo of him (posing) on the bus that Rosa Parks sat on. His pose is him staring out the window with a disgusted look on his face. Weird.

  172. I saw that and groaned, imust. what a crock.

  173. Whoa, cats.

  174. Obama on the bus comment:

    “I’d rather see him on a bus LIKE this than spending taxpayers money flying all over campainging on Air Force one.”

  175. ACLU post on Obama FB:

    ““We are incredibly disappointed that President Obama signed this new law even though his administration had already claimed overly broad detention authority in court,”

    “Any hope that the Obama administration would roll back the constitutional excesses of George Bush in the war on terror was extinguished today. Thankfully, we have three branches of government, and the final word belongs to the Supreme Court, which has yet to rule on the scope of detention authority. But Congress and the president also have a role to play in cleaning up the mess they have created because no American citizen or anyone else should live in fear of this or any future president misusing the NDAA’s detention authority.”

    American Civil Liberties Union
    Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director
    14 minutes ago · Like”

  176. This jives with what you see on his FB page:


    Hoping it stays that way or gets even worse 🙂

  177. The people Obama gets money from says it all (maher for one) and now from todays headlines:


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