Your open thread and Mean Kitty

Those of you who have been with me for several years will remember Corey and his Mean Kitty, Sparta. If I remember right, Corey rescued his very first kitteh from a neighbor in his building who was asking everyone if they wanted a cat. He felt bad for the little guy and took the cat home. Tentative about it at first, Sparta did what cats know how to do best: He got under Corey’s skin and into his heart.

Accustomed to making videos as a business (SMPFilms), Corey started taping his cat. His videos became so popular, they went viral and Sparta got his own youtube channel. Since then, Corey has added another cat to his home, because anybody who has a cat knows that one cat leads to two.

Corey fell in love with Sparta so completely that he actually made a song about him, and that’s where the viral story began. So, before I show you Corey’s latest Sparticus clip, here’s a refresher: The viral Mean Kitty song. As of today it has more than 62,000,000 youtube hits. I’ve been following Sparta myself for years.

Now I don’t know about you, but nothing is more endearing to me than a guy who adores his cat. To me, it’s a Good Sign.

So, if you have any doubt that Corey is completely hooked, this is the kind of stuff he does on film with Sparta.  It wasn’t long before Corey became Cat Insane, as we all do. He started to talk to his HUGE audience about Sparta and Sparta kind of became Everybody’s Cat:

…..Eventually, Corey got Sparta to at least earn his keep…well….after a fashion anyways…The truth is, Corey has lost his heart to a kitteh.

Recently, Sparta has become Corey’s Chiropractor…

Do you not just love a guy who is gah-gah over his cat?


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  1. That kitty is as terrifying as he is cute and hilarious. But living with that hyperactive whackadoodle, no wonder he’s a mean kitty. Where the heck to do find this stuff, Upps!!!?? 🙂

  2. And I hope he gets some dough from his millions of youtube hits, so he can keep Spart in style!

  3. First cats are often like teenage pregnancies – completely unplanned bundles of joy. And if you’re not careful the first one is soon followed by a couple more.

  4. The far right can put the conspiracy of Breitbart’s death to rest with him. He died of heart failure.

    It is a very bad sign about our government and our politics when it is so easy to wonder what really happened every time something bad happens. It is indicative of a breakdown of trust, honesty, integrity and every other decent quality the USA has a right to expect from their poltiicans and political operatives. Unfortunately, the truth is, we no longer can expect those qualities as they no longer seem to exist anywhere in DC.

  5. You are right, Uppity. Because there is so much graft, it lends to conspiracy theories.
    Love, the mean cat videos. It is amazing how kittehs can hide.

    Wonder how PMM is doing with her new little one. PMM it is time to give a report!

  6. smww, PM Mom and the little guy are doing great! We’re in touch and it looks like a good match. He plays and that’s a sign he’s not afraid, seems to be adapting pretty fast. funny, but I somehow knew she would end up with a Orangie.

  7. Nice little videos and that cat is simply gorgeous. Yes, you do start with one feline and somehow others drift into your life after that. Which is how at one point we had four of them living with us in our tiny house. Now only one left, the youngest, who used to get hissed at a bit by the others but simply sashayed past them with her tail in the air, saying something like “I am younger than you, I am prettier and one day I will be the only cat in this house”. An ambition she did eventually achieve.

  8. Sparta has a gorgeous face…and reminds me that I keep telling our two that they had better live forever…

  9. Lol. My new friend, tentatively named Jack (Uppity wins lol) is doing just fine. He is sleeping right here next to me on the sofa. Gotta watch it as twice when I was going to sit down on the sofa he has gotten there ahead of me. Almost sat on him, good thing my brakes work.
    He likes to play ball and “catch the string” (I got a piece of baling twine out for him and tied a knot in it)
    It is raining here- and they are saying we might get snow- SO I guess I will have to cut the asparagus again tonight. And cover the peas and spinach again. sigh

  10. Mom, I’m so happy for you and Jack! Upps is the ultimate kitteh expert so I am not surprised that her name won!

    Question for Uppityites: I have had my rescue kitteh now for about a year and a half. She was 6-8 months old when I got her from a shelter. She had been found wandering on a street, so no one knows what her first few months of life were like. She was healthy though and showed no signs of having been abused. The problem is that she shows no affection for me. She will let me pet her ( very briefly ) and occasionally pick her up but that’s it. No sitting on my lap. No sleeping on the bed or next to me on the couch. Nada. I love her dearly and have treated her like a princess. She gets toys, treats, etc. But I wanted a cuddle cat and it is painful for me that she is so rejecting. Is there something I am doing wrong? I have had lots of kittehs in my life and never had one that was so cold to me. There is no possiblity of my trading her in for another cat! I’m bonded to her even if she isn’t to me. I tried getting her a companion but that didn’t work out ( she doesn’t play well with others to put it mildly ) . At this point, I have accepted her for what she is – one aloof kitteh – but I wonder if there is something more I could do to get her to show me some love.

    Any suggestions?

  11. Beata, the name is only good if HE likes it. It could change.

    About your kitty. My guess is she didn’t have much loving handling in her early months. However, take heart, I had a cat just like that and it took a couple of YEARS but one day, she just became very lovable. I do have some suggestions though. Make coming to your lap worthwhile, if you get my drift. Does she like cheese? Roast beef? Whatever. have some nearby and make it so she has to come to your lap to get it. While she’s eating, talk sweet to her and stroke her. Make her wait for more. She’ll associated lap with good stuff, and she will grow more accustomed to being handled at the same time.

  12. I think Corey’s cat is a bengal mix. That would explain the michievious streak.

  13. Love the Sparta vids. Surprised that Sparta allowed himself to be filmed in the that humilating situation of wearing a bag. Usually kittehs hate to look undignified.

  14. Upp, good suggestion. She likes Beech Nut baby food chicken so next time I give her some, I’ll put the dish on my lap. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like to be petted while eating and sweet talk gets me nowhere with this babe. I do think she will come around some day though. I just hope it doesn’t take ten years.

  15. Beata, just pet her lightly while she eats. Don’t linger. a few seconds at a time. Some cats need to adapt to being touched because of the stimulus. Does she purr? Does she play with things?

  16. I’ll tell you another thing, Beata. A second cat would bring her around in record time. Ownership, you know…

  17. Cats LOVE baby beef and baby turkey food, gang. Remember it. A cat that’s not feeling well often will eat it. And it makes a great bribe too.

  18. Current and previous gray stripped male cats have/had similar behavior, especially the creative use of mouth and teeth. My 1 yo male kitty, however, likes to play sky diving kitty; jumps from second and third floor decks. Lola, the female, behaves much more sensibly.

  19. She purrs very seldom. She doesn’t knead things or enjoy soft blankets ( very strange kitteh behavior, imo ) . She is extremely picky about toys. I’ll get her a dozen different kinds and MAYBE she will play with one of them.

    I tried a second cat ( a young male ) for about two weeks. My tortie made the apartment a living hell. She became a screaming vicious banshee. She wouldn’t let me touch her. Growled and hissed almost non-stop. Stopped eating and started tearing her own fur out. I finally had to give the second cat back to the shelter. Too bad, because the second cat was a cuddle muffin. I wanted to keep him and give my other kitteh back ( I felt lots of guilt about that ) .

  20. Sounds like a spoiled brat kitteh with an antisocial disorder. lol. I do hope the other cat found a home though. I’ve got to think about this one and consult with a few people who might have some answers. She’s definitely got some issues. Who knows what happened to her before you entered the picture. She sounds like she has attachment issues. No purring, no cuddling,etc.

  21. I had the sweetest grey tabby evah. Personality does have a hereditary factor with cats. SHV, I notice Spara has muted bengal markings. These are cats than are very strong minded.

  22. Beata, just curious, did you ever check to see if she can hear?

  23. Upp, I have wondered about her hearing before. She never comes when I call her. To test her, I just banged my hand against a wall while she had her back to me, and she turned to look, so she must be able to hear pretty well.

    A vet tech who does cat rescue evaluated my tortie and said she was selfish. She certainly treated the other cat very badly. I returned the other cat to a no-kill shelter and I followed up on him a few days later. He had already found a good home. He was a sweetie.

  24. Sparta is a great name for a cat. So is Jack who sounds like he has decided he has found his home.

    I have had several cats (my own and fosters) that loved to play fetch. In fact, one Siamese rescue kitty is responsible for several guys agreeing to add a cat to their family after seeing her in action.

    One of my own cats likes to play with small Frisbees. She sits at one end of the room and you toss and she attempts to “catch” them with her paws. When she wants to play, she brings one to you in her mouth and she has a specific cry that says FRISBEE NOW!

    Just for fun, here is another guy with his cats. Cats in Space just has the kitties but the video giving the technical background on making cats in space shows him interacting with the cat. The credit section with all the shots is a hoot for anyone that gets the episode references from the original start trek. Yes, geek by nature.

    MLK should like since they are tuxedos!

  25. Ops, missed the second link. Here is the Making of Cats in Space

  26. I love those Videos.
    and Mom, I’m so happy for you and Jack! 🙂

  27. I watched a bunch of the mean kitty videos and enjoyed them. But then I made the mistake of watching the 30 minute video of his life story. At the end of it he talks about how he prefers all the other videos he does, but the mean kitty fans didn’t like them so would flag his videos, and he wouldn’t get paid for his videos then. His wedding was coming up and he needed the money (he was making enough from his videos to support himself before the flagging), and even though he felt trapped by the mean kitty videos and felt like he couldn’t be himself, he started making one every day to make money for his wedding. He wanted to make sure the mean kitty crowd would be happy and stop flagging him and taking away his money. Kind of spoiled it for me!

  28. Aw, Lorac, that’s sad. Here I was enjoying a man and his kitteh, thinking he was one of the good guys, only to find out he did it for the money.

    Another dream shattered. 😦

  29. Beata, I think he still loves his cats 🙂

  30. It was more about what he wanted to do videos on. He wanted to “be himself”, be able to swear in his videos, and he preferred doing stunt videos, etc. Apparently his mean kitty supporters didn’t like the other work he did and started flagging everything. He felt trapped by the mean kitty videos, and the supporters who flagged him and took his money away made him feel like he couldn’t be his whole self.

    I don’t know how that flagging works. I didn’t even know you could make money from youtube!

  31. Beata- not sure if it works the same in deaf cats- but my Dad was deaf- and to get his attention we would stomp on the floor or bang on a wall. Super sensitive to vibrations- so the cat may have been reacting to that and not the sound. Might be worth looking into the hearing thing a bit more.
    ps My Dad danced with Mom by feeling the beat through the floor. Pretty good at it too.

  32. Very perceptive mom. You can’t test a deaf cat with vibrations of any kind. I had a cat who went deaf and vibrations from sounds is how he knew what was going on. He would know you were coming from behind him by the impact on the floor near him. Best way to test a cat on the fly is to make a noice behind him that doesn’t involve vibrations on objects. Example, whistle behind him, clap behind him.

    Our lil tortie is worth testing. She does seem to behave in some ways I’ve seen deaf cats behave. Not the tantrum thing though, but then she might feel insecure.

  33. YOu can make money on youtube if a paying advertiser decides to do adverts on your videos. Sounds to me like Corey was forced to do only Sparta videos by his very cruel kitty followers. I wouldn’t blame him. remember, his initial cat videos were done with love. He had no idea attracting all those followers would do his other work in. How would you like it if your own viewers held you hostage and ruined your income because they like your cat? We are talking about RUINING SOMEONE’s LIVELIHOOD here. I would surely be pissed off if that happen to me and my blog members did that to me, wouldn’t you?

  34. Even the Cats In Space guys wanted to do something else. Fact is, cat videos sell. Period. They attract advertisers.

  35. I just tested Tortie’s hearing by playing a YouTube video ( on low sound ) of a real cat meowing. Tortie was in another room. She came running in, ASAP, right up to the computer. Very agitated, wanting to know where the crying cat was. Do you think that was a good hearing test or should I take her to the vet to be tested by a professional?

    Thanks, btw, for all the help!

  36. LOL Beata! I would say she’s tested.

    The little snot.

  37. Come on. The guy gets advertisers because he’s good at making films about his cat. Truth is, the Mean Kitty Song was made from love and it took some serious talent too. Wish one of us could produce that song and video? So now that his fans have destroyed his other business, we should hold this against HIM? Look:

  38. Case in point. You guys know this video and everybody loves it. Do you know this woman has made some great bucks on TV commercials with her dog because of her video? Would you wager this rather professional video wasn’t made with a purpose, and does that detract from the fun of it?

  39. Second case in point. This hilarious video. These two guys have made car commercials and attract major national advertisters on their videos. So does this take away the fun of their work now? especially since, in between making $$, they have found homes for many cats via youtube?

  40. You know I was just teasing about Sparta’s owner not being a good guy. He seems to love his cat. If he makes money from his Mean Kitty videos, that’s fine with me. I confess I don’t understand “flagging” videos and I don’t know why Mean Kitty fans would punish Sparta’s owner for wanting to do other things. Sounds like some nasty, weird fans.

  41. Tortie’s just mean. I have to live with it. 😆

  42. Beata, flagging is what drove me from blogspot, taking plenty of others with me.

  43. In blogspot, unlike WP, a shithead can flag your blog as ‘inappropriate’ and google will lock your blog up and force you to beg them to unlock it. And I do mean beg. Several times in a row. Shitheads would also flag us Hillary blogs as “spam” and the same would happen. WP won’t shut a blog down for that kind of crap because they actually had humans doing the responses, not an automated bot like google has.

  44. There was some press on the google locking up of Hillary bloggers, although somebody else went and got the press on it. Google made up some bullshit story about how too many hits to the blog automatically flagged it as spam, and emails with our links in them somehow made our blogs spam, or some such shit. Google is a disgusting company, and that’s the only part that’s not bullshit.

  45. Well, Ups, you have definitely made your point!

  46. Tortie’s just mean. I have to live with it.

    BAHAHAHAHA. I’m cracking up here!

  47. Beata, maybe you need to find a “cat” whisperer!

  48. Beata, you may want to do a second test with bird sounds. It drives my cats crazy when I play the Wood Thrush (my favorite bird sound–almost time for them to come back!). Anyway, their ears go up and they look for the bird!

    On another note, I’ve got to get me a Jack Russell.

  49. OK, now my cats are thoroughly pissed–I played almost every bird sound on that site.

  50. WTF. I am playing those birds and a dog and two cats remain in the same coma they were in before i clicked on the site.

    And trust me, Sophie, JRT’s are not for the inexperienced dog owner. They are EXTREMELY hyper and require PLENTY of attention or they will eat your house. They excel in agility and need activity or they will drive you out of your ever loving mind. They are also terriers and therefore require good obedience training, else you can plan on someone being bitten and perpetual ear shattering yapping. They are, however, extremely loyal and can be verrrrrry funny. Just don’t plan on leaving them home without something do to, because believe me, they will FIND something to do.

  51. Birds still yapping. Nada.

  52. Alas, Dear WLM. I rest my case!

  53. The bird sounds did nothing for my Tortie. She can hear and watch real birds out the window any day. No big deal.

    Now the possibility that another C-A-T has invaded the premises? That gets her going.

  54. Thanks for the heads-up on Jack Russells. Maybe that’s something I should have done in my 30s!

    Idunno about your’s and Beata’s cats being non-responsive to the birds. Mine were sound asleep in another room and came here in a flash. Maybe because I began with bird sounds we really have here? Idunno. My girls spend their days at the sliding glass door to the deck, watching the birds come and go from the feeder. It’s their TV.

  55. Where’s the hillbilly? I feel like breaking out the moonshine, but I can’t drink it all by myself!

  56. Well sophie, not sure what’s up with my cats, but judging from the conversation, it’s probably safe to assume Beata’s cat doesn’t give a shit. lol.

    My cats chatter for birds and squirrels in real life. There are many trees at the rear of the home and squirrels like to hang out on low hanging branches and give my cats the finger when they sit in the window. It’s possible that they either figured out it was a computer bird or they were having good dreams or something.

  57. Beata, wondering what tortelini would do if you brought her a young kitten to mother. No female cat can resist mothering.

  58. “President Puppy Muncher” making its rounds on twitter.

  59. Ack, I merely watched the 30 minute video of his life story, got a fuller picture, and had a newer, more nuanced impression of him. I didn’t say the guy was a piece of crap or a fraud or that his cat videos aren’t cute! The poor guy isn’t on trial lol

  60. lorac, want some moonshine?

  61. Beata, just a few suggestions… 🙂 Cats love to play with toys that you hold (like a wand ) with something on the end…LIke a feather, a small objects that moves easily…just sit close to her and start moving the wand around and just let her take her time to start to play with it…. also, cats love music and singing…. 🙂 just turn on some music and sing to her…. have some treats that she loves and take a few moments to allow her to relax and enjoy the moment…. Because you are not encouraging contact in the sense of affection she has learned to accept what she has… YOU need to be the leader in charge and contact….. take it slow and have fun….. she will come around…. Believe me I have 7 truly Feral adult cats that i have be able to bring them around to the point that I can hold them, frontline them and give them hugs whenever…. Yes, it took some time but, I just would not give up! keep at it …LIke Uppity said, she will come around…..:wink: 🙂

  62. Thank you for the excellent suggestions, casper cat. You sound like a cat whisperer to me. 🙂

    Upp, getting Tortie a baby is an interesting idea. She would either love it or kill it! Here’s a cutie not far from where I live. It even looks like Tortie.

  63. A female cat would not kill a small kitten. I have NEVER seen it.

    Some good ieas, Casper. Kudos.
    Just hope Tortie isn’t too autistic to appreciate it. Let’s hope it works. There certainly is no lack of trying on Beata’s part.

    You know, I suspect this tortie was a feral and feigned adaptation at rescue, if so she’s going to need some work.

  64. Once again, if your ISP is DC.RR.COM and your first initial is M, and you have contributed to the blog, I will need to know which member you are. If i am unable to determine this, your contribution will be returned unprocessed.

    So please, if you see this, give me a shout. Thanks!

  65. Beata, I say IxNay on a female. Make it a male. she’s already territorial enough. If you do decide to try this, you and I will need an email exchange so that i can guide you as to how to assimilate the kitten safely and slowly–if that’s okay with you. Or you could work with Casper, whom I trust completely as a very knowlegeable cat person.

  66. By the way, since that kitteh at the link is a Calico, do you know that tehre are NO male calicos? This is because the calico coloring gene is only passed to females. There have been occassional males, very rare, and they are ALWAYS sterile.

  67. casper, we’ve got to help Beata rehab this kitteh. She needs a lap kitty and we’ve got to give her credit, she’s sticking it out with this little snot.

  68. Yeah lorac, but you gave me some good material!

  69. Yes, in the video explaining how they did the effects, mr cats in space says that they tried other options to get notice for their technical work but that cat videos get hits. But I think all of these guys show great affection for their furry companions. It is too bad Sparta’s human was treated so poorly. Instead of being grateful for a nice break in the day. One wonders if it was just a group of trolls hitting the flags over and over.

  70. My Frisbee cat was a stray with kittens that had been out on her own just a bit too long. As long as she was in mommy cat mode she was fine. She was even ok when four of the kittens were gone for their vet work then their spay/neuter and adoption events. However, when she herself went for her spay, it took me days to get her out of the carrier (actually they had to put her in a dog crate). That semi feral came out full force. I assume she thought I had abandon her just like her other humans. afterI had been coaxing with food and dangling toys and keeping the crate when she could see/hear me and my elder kitty,she finally came out but was very aloof

    Mom cat really seemed to like dairy ( I know!). So I started using Ready Whip as her special treat. Just a dab and she was happy as a clam. I would give her some after her weekly brushing. At first I could only brush her back. Gradually she let me do her tummy and llegs and ast, her head. If I forgot her creamy treat, she would sit in front of the fridge and beg so I put one of the dangle toys with a stretchy string on the door and she would ring the bell.

    I also found she loved to follow the flashlight/laser light. This became our nightly game until she showed up with a tiny Frisbee in her mouth one evening (a friend had brought his nephews over for a visit and I think they came with old fashioned Happy Meals – the kind with fries).

    After a couple months, I was asked to take in more foster kittens and believe it or not having them in the house helped her become more social. At first she would lay near my feet when they were on my lap, head, shoulder whatever. Then she got closer and closer until one night she crawled on my lap with one of the kittens. I was stunned. It took a long time, and she still shows glimpses of that frightened cat but she has become very affectionate.

    Ready Whip remains her special treat.

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