Sunday in Texas, where the Virgin Mary likes to appear in trees.

Pileated Woodpeckers all over the country are bowing their heads to each other in recognition of their artistic abilities. They are also probably more than a little ticked off that nobody recognizes their talents. I mean, take a look at the big guy to the left and pay homage to his work. We’re talking art here! In fact, that looks a little like Napoleon to me. What do you think?

….But since Pileateds don’t live in Texas, this surely must be the Real Thing:

Strangers started gathering around a tree owned by Kyle Toland in Houston, Texas, bearing gifts of flowers and candles and prayer notes, paying homage to the Virgin Mary, who, fresh from other appearances in places like winter ice, subway puddlesFinance Company building windows,  and this guy’s Christmas candy, took a  little rest on Mr. Toland’s tree.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is not the first time The Lady has appeared in Texas. She apparently prefers Texas trees to all other trees. She showed up in somebody else’s Midland Texas tree in 2008.

Now I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news here, but both those trees look like they need an Arborist a whole lot more than the Virgin Mary needs flowers and candles. But hey, what does a heathen like me know? After all, it’s Texas. No sense of arguing with them.

OOOoo! Gotta run!!!! Lightning just struck my house and missed me by a few inches…


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  1. Around here, we have tree stumps that resemble turkeys. Not nearly as impressive….

  2. ..they would be if you tried to roast one in the oven.

  3. My birthday is coming up. Shall I assume you all have my gifts wrapped?

  4. If all accounts are to be believed, She sometimes likes to get her drink on, too.

    About 5 years ago, there was tell of an image of the Virgin that formed in the condensation on the glass door of a beer cooler in a local Bodega in Jersey City, New Jersey.

    The faithful lined up for three blocks to see it.

    No joke. Really happened.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I have piliated here and downey, hairy, red breasted, and flicker woodpeckers, too. A genu-wine art gallery on my trees.

    My main tree – center front of house – has a peace sign and a heart. No chit. I always said I wanted a place with peace and love!

    As I went to hit “send” I heard a red – bellied out there. Let me go see if I have Jesus up in the trees. Red bellied sound ancient and look so cool. Piliated are just awesome. They move like robots.

    Hallelujah and Happy Birthday, Upps.

  6. Well of course it would be a beer cooler in a bodega – God knows where to get the attention of the heathen… hehe.

  7. Birthday in a few days Karen. Still plenty of time to blow your entire paycheck on me.

  8. Anthony I think I covered onr in a beer in a pub too. Might have been Jesus though. No women allowed.

  9. UW – tis a birthday miracle, surely. There is a woman’s face on my tree and it must be you! Send me a picture of you (I will keep it to myself) to confirm the sighting.

    Uppityites can make a pilgrimage to my front yard on your birthday every year in honor of your birth and mystical powers.

  10. On the last thread was a link to Pet Finder and again I am falling in love with every animal on there, especially these:

    and OMG:

    I want them all. But not now. So freaking adorable. All of them.

  11. karen, when we make our pilgrimage, are we to place flowers and candles or would Scotch and BBQ ribs be more appropriate?

  12. Soph, Upps is a Goddess, gift appropriately. OLD scotch, not just scotch. And the good imported ones with strange names are best. The fiddiches and the morganie stuff, nothing too new or common.

  13. I just saw this Jon Stewart clip and had to laugh at his mocking of the pig that is Dick Morris. What a fatass flipping freak from hell he is, that toe sucking flap jaw.

    pivoting pundits sounds like a ballet move.

  14. my doggie and kitteh links are in moderation. I got carried away and posted links to the three dogs and three cats I fell in love with.

    Bill – let the cats out.

    Needlenose – let the dogs out.

  15. Happy Birthday!Upps 23? 🙂

  16. Cute is right, one has a happy birthday dog as the main pic – obviously a tribute to UW. I am Taurus too. Not that I believe in that stuff.

    btw – my one and only daughter is on a cruise ship right now so pray for her when you are worshiping at your local tree icon art.

  17. It takes a woman to clean house.

    Meet Paula Reid. I’ll bet the boyz luv her.

    The female Secret Service officer responsible for disciplining 11 agents caught in a fight with Colombian prostitutes has been revealed as one of the agency’s rising stars.

    Paula Reid, 46, recently became the Secret Service’s South American chief after 21 years on the force.

  18. Hear you are getting a noreaster Upps. Have a Happy Birthday. Know that I will be using this opportunity to celebrate. 😉

  19. The sociopathic lamebrains strike again:

  20. Nope. Not 23. I gave you some notice so that you might go shopping.

  21. Soph, Upps is a Goddess, gift appropriately

    Do bear this in mind..

  22. UW: Some of us are hard-pressed trying to figure out what to get the woman who has everything. Surely you must have a wish list on Amazon…

  23. Soph, Upps is a Goddess, gift appropriately

    You want burnt offerings?!

  24. Just remember, Karen, each time you say “Not Now” another stray becomes an angel you didn’t save. Just saying..

  25. Anthony is a guy with a kitteh. Can you tell?

  26. Go to PetSmart TODAY, Karen, where Lizzy is waiting for you to bring her home.

  27. PA State Stores have 2 nice proseccos on sale, so a glass of bubbly tipping to your day of arrival on the planet. Will the Nor’Easter nip my azalea? Didn’t get many daffodils and the asparagus are up…that’s a NOOOOOOO to the Snow:(

  28. Help! I have a 12 year old cat who won’t eat. Just sort of picks at the food. He also has a bit of a puking problem — been doing this for several years. I personally think he’s bulemic.

    We’ve gotten him checked out a number of times; they say nothing is wrong. Tried all sorts of health kibble. Checked for food allergies. He was overweight and is now normal weight but this latest lack of appetite thing is troublesome — and these are food he always liked. He acts normally and is affectionate otherwise. Any ideas? With what can I tempt him?

  29. And happy early birthday, Gorgeous! 🙂

  30. They generally keep them at petsmart for 2 weeks to 1 month. If they come from a kill shelter, petsmart is their last chance.

    Ani, i want to tell you that when a cat stops eating, it can become very dangerous within a few days, affecting organs. So if he is not eating anything by tomorrow, I urge you to bring him to the vet. Loss of appetite in a cat is always a sign that something is physically wrong. It could be anything from a tooth problem to more serious things and it’s impossible for even a vet to determine anything without a doing blood workup and examination. I just want to stress that not eating shouldn’t go on for days. If he is eating and puking what he eats, that’s not very good either. He could become dehydrated, which is also not a good thing. Pay attention the litter box too, but do not let his failure to eat go on too long. This kind a question is way past our pay grade, so to speak. Even Val our blog vet would not be able to determine what is going on without a full visit.

  31. Anita, he may have an allergy to grain. My cat was doing the same thing. Finally, I tried Wysong Epigen – 60% meat protein, and she’s been fine ever since

  32. Ani, try Beech Nut baby food chicken to tempt him. The kind that says “Single 1” on the label. It contains only ground chicken and broth. No additives. My cat loves it! You might try Beech Nut’s baby food beef and turkey, too. Just be sure they don’t have any cornstarch or onion power, etc. added. Also have his teeth checked. He’s getting on in years and he might be having trouble chewing because of his teeth. And switch to wet food if you haven’t already. No kibble. Dry food is bad for cats, especially older ones. The puking is usually from hairballs. Give him some hairball med from the pet store. Is he conspitated? if so, the hairball med should help that, too.

  33. Ani, Upp’s advice is much better than mine. Yes, I agree, see a vet, ASAP.

  34. UW: In honor of your birthday, I am making this for dinner.

  35. the Virgin Mary, who, fresh from other appearances in places like winter ice, subway puddles, Finance Company building windows, and this guy’s Christmas candy, took a little rest on Mr. Toland’s tree.

    What a cool post for a Sunday. The VM most certainly approves of such spottings, even if they are odd findings.

    Now if there was a way to capitalize on these discoveries…. 😉

  36. A big Happy BD to you, Ms. UW!

    What kind of cake would you like?
    Chocolate? Orange? Pineapple?

    A little ice cream on the side?

  37. Amusing video for Clinton Global initiative (with celebrities):

  38. I just saw Obama on TeeVee speaking in the Rose Garden….that man’s voice grates on my last nerve I tell ya’!
    I had a thought…..If we (as the universal USA “we”) had to prove we were not racist by SElecting Obama…..can we now prove we are “post-racial” by UN-electing him?? Yes We Can!

  39. imust: I saw this somewhere on the InterWebs: If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

  40. OMG. This is becoming a Rorshack test.

  41. Uppity — I will take him in. He has been so inconsistent, Sometimes he is wolfing down food with a great appetite, other times, not much interest. But you are right. We’ll get him in for a visit asap. He’s just a peculiar charcter. Every time we have taken him in they do all kinds of tests and find nothing. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom..

  42. And now I just put out fish and shrimp cat food and he’s eating like it’s the best thing he’s ever had! Oy! Crazymaking!

  43. Anthony and Beata, thank you for your advice. Since he does eat some things, I can try those ideas, too. It could be food allergies. We are at our wits’ end really. Such a cute little baby 🙂

  44. To the person who keeps trying to post here using an anonymous proxy, don’t bother, you will land in spam. We don’t accept comments from people who have a burning need to hide behind a proxy wall. We liken it to showing up at our door wearing a hood and mask. Toss in stupid screen names, snotty remarks, and email addresses that don’t pass the stink test and exactly how far do you think you can get on any blog owned by someone with a three-digit IQ?

  45. Well, if he’s being finicky that’s one thing, Ani, so long as he does eat. But the vomiting after he eats would concern me. Okay if he does it once or twice, but if it’s a regular thang, his stomach is obviously bothering him. And I would worry about dehydration. I guess all I can say is I would vet him if he were my cat. But then I am a neurotic pet owner anyways. Still, I have avoided worse problems for me and my pets by being that way on more than one occasion.

  46. Now about the VM in the tree (both of them). I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. I think people are crazy when they do these things. It reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong routine when he says, I used to be all fucked up on drugs. Then I found the lord. Now I’m all fucked up on the lord. People who are into this kind of thing ultimately end up crazy. Some of them get elected to office.

  47. What kind of cake would you like?
    Chocolate? Orange? Pineapple?


  48. Oh Gawd, UW!!!!

    It reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong routine when he says, I used to be all fucked up on drugs. Then I found the lord. Now I’m all fucked up on the lord

    I could do the whole album at one time! Sign zee papers old man! Hey, can you pigs give us a push? That’s not a movie–that’s a test pattern!

    Man–junior high days!

  49. And happy early birthday, Gorgeous

    Oh, go on!

    I mean this. Do go on….

  50. Sophie:

    “Ah! He stuck it in his eyeeeee, man!”

  51. Love it!

  52. Speaking of cats, I have to get up at 5AM to assist in a clandestine uncared for cat kidnapping. He will surely be sitting on the stoop in the rain when we pick him up. We’re going to immediately voucher the little guy at a clinic for neutering and shots – and probably some shaving (he’s a matted coon-shortair-Himmie, whatever- mix – and bring him to a safe house. It will be a good day and he will be placed pretty fast considering under all those mats, he’s gorgeous.

  53. Uppity Woman, on April 22, 2012 at 9:41 PM said: Edit Comment

    And happy early birthday, Gorgeous
    **** ********
    Oh, go on!
    I mean this. Do go on….

    Very well….

    Stunning, vivacious, erudite, hilarious, earthy, sensual, generous ….
    my diety-ess! 🙂


  54. Yes, he is now eating again. I think he just decided he no longer liked what we were feeding him. So we tried something else. But I will also try some of the other allergy foods we have not tried. We have him on pro-biotic now but that doesn’t seem to make a difference….

    Thanks for all the good advice!

  55. A very Happy Birthday to you my dear friend. Let’s see now hmm yup this makes you a bit older then I lol.

  56. Oh GL on the catnapping. Hope the guy gets a home he so deserves.

  57. Ani, that’ll do. For a start.

    Utah who you kidding? We both know you are so old you fart dust.

  58. Utah, we’ll place his furry arse in no time flat. People are always looking for certain types of cats and he is it. Somebody’s been scouting the pattern. The cat is constantly outside and looking truly ratty and kind of hungry, although not ematiated. But he’s never near the house at night, probably tooling around in the dark. But he’s always there just before sun-up. Must be he gets some food when they wake up. He’s left out there when it’s pouring out too, huddled near the door sometimes Scout doesn’t think they let him in at all, but not for lack of his trying. Seems to have signs of URI, probably from being out in the cold and rain at night. I’m going with the experience of other rescuers and they are rarely, if ever wrong. Somebody complained that the cat is not treated well and that’s how they found him. People disgust me. So we can snatch him at the crack of dawn. He’s friendly from what I understand, so it won’t be hard. Nothing a piece of ham won’t fix. It’s been raining a lot too so he’ll be glad to get out of it. He’s going directly to the vet soon as they open, so he’ll be checked out. Meanwhile, he can dry off, chill out for a few hours and get a good meal. I did a drive by and got a look at him and, although he looks kind of disheveled, he’s a very handsome cat. He doesn’t know it yet, but today is his lucky day.

  59. I had a handsome young long-hair male get catnapped once.

    His name was Gray Boy.

  60. I think my other male cat set it up.

  61. I work with a woman who told me her daughter lives near me and had her tied-up boxer stolen from her yard. I told the story to another neighbor to warn her of dog nappers in the area.

    I then found out her daughter lied. Her dog was living outside tied on a stake and digging a trench to keep itself busy and warm. They took the dog to a vet and rescued it because it was a cold night.

    The mother told me her daughter found her dog at the pound. I did not tell the mother it was deliberately taken. The daughter has to pay the vet bill and is being monitored for abuse.

    Thank you Upps. Good luck with the kitteh.

  62. Karen that woman is lucky she doesn’t live near some of the rescue people I know. They would never have found their dog at the pound. They would never have found their dog at all.

    Some people should never be allowed to have children or pets. What’s around is is living proof of this.

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