Maureen Dowd Eats Crow…Maybe

I missed this NY Times column on Hillary Clinton, entitled “State of Cool,” the first time around, but since I have devoted a chapter to Ms. Dowd and her negative Hillary musings, I felt I ought to report her mysterious sea change, if indeed that is what it is:

Hillary is not going to President Obama’s Democratic convention inCharlotte. Evidently, she’s going to wait for her own.

Yo, Maureen – from your lips to God’s ears.

The recent spate of Tumblr images have reinvented Hillary as the epitome of badass cool, but it is a little too late for the dour Ms. Dowd to try to get on Hill’s good side after spending years trashing her in every column:

 Hillary Clinton cemented her newly cool image and set off fresh chatter about her future when she met at the State Department with two young men who created a popular Internet meme showing photos of the secretary of state on a military plane, wearing big sunglasses, checking her BlackBerry and looking as if she’s ready to ice somebody.

The pictures, as Raymond Chandler would say, make Hillary look “as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food.”

In my two favorites tumblr images…

…[T]he president asks, “Hey Hil, Whatchu doing?” she ripostes: “Running the world.” And when a young woman texts, “It’s 3 am and I think something’s happening,” Hillary snaps: “On it.”

Dowd further noted,

With women under attack, that sense of serene toughness has strong appeal.

So Dowd finally admits women have been under attack?  Does she also admit she was one of the attackers?  Dowd, perhaps out of a fear of guilt by association with a strong woman, always rejected the parts of Hillary that conflicted with a sense of being babe-like, although the truth of Dowd’s resentment at needing to play the babe game with men was much in evidence in her book, Are Men Necessary.

Dowd also admits that the tumblr images that revamped Hillary were a game changer…

Her savvy public image gambit on Tuesday sent a signal she may not be leaving the stage forever. She has not only shored up her techie cred and popularity with young people. Hillary, who kept the press at a distance in 2008, is now well-liked by the press corps traveling with her around the world. Unlike Obama, she seems to enjoy going out with reporters and having a cocktail after a hard day of trilats.

In another fit of unexpected sucking up, Ms. Dowd points out that Secretary Clinton is the model for a new character, Elaine Barrish Hammond, portrayed by none other than the regal and elegant Sigourney Weaver in the TV show “Political Animals.”  She is described thus:

“If America had a queen, it would be Elaine.”

A far cry from her former phrase:

 “Unfortunately for Hillary, there’s no white bitch month.”

Let us ask ourselves why Maureen Dowd is talking about a change in the winds…does she see a need for Mary Poppins to come to the rescue, and are there signs it will really happen?

MoDo, like the rest of her guilty ilk is another pundit who wants  to credit Hillary’s “transformational” new ease with the press and new cool image with her changing fortunes, ignoring that 20 years of being lambasted and ridiculed by those jokers, her policy positions all but ignored, might have had something to do with past perceptions.  This revisionist history is meant to absolve the culprits while at the same time, disingenuously asking “can’t we all just get along?”

Women are still objectified at all levels and used for convenient punching bags whenever the marching orders go out.  First Hillary in ’08, then Palin, and now, to a lesser extent, Ann Romney and her kids.  Whether or not any of them is in the same league is not the point.  The point is diverting blame and distraction.  More bread and circuses so we can’t actually see the real woman in front of us — or what’s going on behind door number three…

Spit balling about 2016 is a waste of time, but since Maureen Dowd elevated torturing Hillary and her supporters to a raison d’etre in 2008 and since she is the one person so obsessed with trashing the Clintons, she would never throw Hillary or Bill a lifeline, it seems to me, Ms. Dowd is sucking after forgiveness with this column…and what might she need that for?

She could be just another part of the disingenuous pundit cadre elevating Hillary for the purposes of throwing her bitter supporters a bone in re the 2012 election – pretending to hold out a hope that Hillary may rise like a phoenix four years from now.  Or is she really sensing something surprising on the horizon?

What say you?  Is there hope?


Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening, now available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.


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  1. MoDo makes a lot of money playing dumb.

  2. Cat snatched. Mission accomplished.

    MoDo is not eating crow. Instead, MoDo chooses to pretend she never wrote all the despicable shit she wrote in 2008. I blame the MoDo’s of this country for the crap we have in office and the condition of this country. And we thought things couldn’t get worse. Far as I can see, everything, from the economy to foreign affairs, to gender and racial relations have taken huge backwards dive and all of these things are sinking further. Fast. Thanks MoDo’s of America!

  3. Yes, MoDo IS the problem.

  4. Yes, MoDo IS the problem.

    MoDo is just a symptom. If the mothership picked her up and took her home she would be replaced tomorrow. Like I said, she makes a lot of money playing dumb. But she’s just an employee.

    Who is paying her to play dumb and why?

  5. Another excellent post Ani. I just saw this and had to stop and ROFLMAO! Karma is SOOOO grand sometimes. Boo hoo barky- the media is being mean to him. LOLOLOLOL

  6. Being the media darling is like having an extra queen in chess.

  7. Who is paying her to play dumb and why?

    You’re assuming she is “playing” dumb. She could be both, an employee and dumb.

  8. Well, I got up before the crack of dawn, nagged by something else I wanted to include — offering up an extra couple of paragraphs above toward the end. Yeah, my mind works in stage…what can I say??

    So I hit the update button….:)

    Be back later…

  9. Ani, like you I too grew up in NYC in an Italian – Hungarian family. We were taught to read and handed the NY Times and expected to ask lots of questions. My main Hillary outlet in the early primaries was the Caucus Blog. It had a whole bevy of assigned Barky trolls to spew lies and since there were many articles at a time posted it was a lot of work pointing out their errors. It was also a lot of work arguing with the editors who thought it was fine to print articles on Hillary having a mishap with a coffee machine and their coming to the conclusion that a person who cannot pour herself coffee cannot run the country – and for the Caucus printing daily articles like that – I was close to needing a straight jacket.

    The only thing I feel for MoDo is anger. Pure anger especially after that ignorant condescending poop series of articles around the time of her infamous Surrender Dorothy crap.

    I do not give a rats ass what she says. If she is now flip-flopping, if she got a memo from on high that week with the other pundits on the obama bandwagon, if she is bi-polar and got her meds adjusted – I don’t care. Dowd can eat crow or eat shit, either way fuck her.

    Oh and Happy Edwards Trial day. I hope he is found guilty of all 6 felonies and spends 30 years with Bubba. I also hope he has colon cancer and that it hurts even more than normal.

    I am a bitter knitter and bible clinger. But a NYer who just happens to now reside in NEPA.

  10. Oh and if anyone thinks I am being mean – Dowd is the one who said Hillary should be tied up in a burlap bag and put into a spider hole like Saddam till after the convention- or some such crap.

  11. May the karma fairy visit them all.

    here is the dowd quote and although i didn’t click on the comments section they are all titled something akin to Fuck Her and Hillary Will Win:×349166

  12. Ani, Dowd’s “spots” cannot change. I don’t trust her!
    Ups. Happy that the little guy was rescued!
    PMM, how is Jack?
    Karen, tell us how you really feel about Edwards. Ha!

  13. You’re assuming she is “playing” dumb. She could be both, an employee and dumb.

    If she’s really dumb then her employers are dumber. They could get Snooki for a lot less.

  14. Again, you’re assuming Snooki is dumb. What if it was the opposite….MoDo was dumb and Snooki was smart? Not saying it’s so, but how do you really know? I’m with karen on MoDo and John Edwards. Snooki, I’m pretty neutral on.

  15. Snooki’s dumb like a fox. Snooki is a perfect example of what Americans are now willing to settle for. So are all those reality shows, rappers and well…….you get the picture. America has officially become a country of trash.

  16. I think Karen is being tastefully restrained about Edwards compared to some of the stuff I wrote about him. Do a search for his name here. John Edwards is an indicator of what is running America and what is constantly running for office in America. I wouldn’t spit on that piece of shit if he were on fire. I wish him everything he deserves in life just so long as it’s not good.

  17. Being the media darling is like having an extra queen in chess.

    I can’t begin to tell you how often I am going to steal this line.

  18. I totally agree with what UW answered above. I am bothered by all these journalists who are pushing Hillary for 2016 now – I keep wondering why – as in what is their motive and will they really support her in 2016 as they didn’t in 2008. So what are they really up to???? Maybe in case Biden gets the boot and Obama tries to get HRC as a running mate? Not that I don’t trust them, but I don’t and I think they are up to no good. I really hope Obama does not ask HRC to run with him as I do not want to get stuck with him again and that might happen.

    I just ran across some interesting GOP/Tea Party News.

    Mia Love pulled a major upset on Saturday, winning the Republican Party nomination in Utah’s 4th District, advancing to face U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson in November….If elected to Congress, Love, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, would be the only black Republican woman in Congress.

    Hoping she reads Ani’s book in order to prepare herself 🙂

  19. smww, I knew right off when we took that cat into the car that he had a respiratory infection. He was literally rattling. We did the right thing. He was amazingly calm and very cooperative when we took him too, and he kept rubbing the crate door with his head for scratches. Overall, it was an easy process. He’s at the vet’s for the day, going to get cleaned up today and neutered tomorrow. A very nice person is payiing for the whole thing. From there, he is going to a very nice foster home that limits it’s fostering to two cats at a time. He’s not going to leave there till the right home is found and it won’t be hard. After a good look at him, I am pretty sure he’s fairly young and mostly Maine Coon under all that dirt.That’s an easy sell to a good home.

  20. democratic underground. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  21. “..I don’t care. Dowd can eat crow or eat shit, either way fuck her.”

    ….Hmmm. KFC, you MUST be a mind reader because I’ve often thought the same thing about that…(ahem) “person”. Can’t believe I used to look forward to her column.

    Now I wish a house would just drop on her to which I would say no great loss. Wonder if she’s planning on being in Kansas anytime soon.

  22. Yeah, I know upps. They were part of the problem. I just didn’t want to link the “burlap” quote from the NY Times.

    the Dem sites were all for obama so it doesn’t matter what one I use. Perhaps I should have searched for your site and the quote – I can bet we covered it here!

    The thing is – we told them so. The new JournoListers all got the new memo on showing support for Hill to try to have some of her creds rub off on the Fraud since they are both wink, wink, Ds.

    They can tout Hill in 16 can happen only if obama wins in 2012. If Romney wins 2012 – he will likely do a competent job and be a NORMAL hardworking president so she will have no chance in 2016. They are using her as wimmenz bait. That’s all. She is useful to those idiots now – as a lure for us fish they want to catch.

    Brazilnut was wrong. They need us. Maybe not in 08 but they need us now. All those states with ID laws in-acted will give them less dead people and pets voting for obama. Acorn gone – too bad, Donna. We were dismissed.

  23. By the way — I don’t trust Dowd either. But itis good to vent!

  24. Brazilnut was wrong. They need us. Maybe not in 08 but they need us now…
    Bingo, Karen.

  25. AAArggghh! This post in is no way indicating a trust what Dowd is doing! I do not and never have!!!!

  26. The Ds think we don’t realize that Hillary has no chance in 2016 and she knows it. If obama wins he will further ruin the country and of course the country will swing to the Rs for their chance to ruin the country some more.

    If Romney wins he will surely have plans that take 8 years to finish and he will get reelected to a second term and Hillary would be wasting her time and energy running against him while the media goes back to attacking her from the right and the left just because the cave men don’t want a woman in charge.

    And we will remain in the back of the bus in reality every day until we have a true women’s rights leader take up the cause.

    I propose Hillary for THE spokesperson for women’s rights for the near future national push. She can go down in history as the Ghandi, the MLK jr., the Susan B. Anthony of our time.

    We need a woman leader to fight DC from outside. I elect her.

  27. Ani, we know you don’t trust Dowd. You said so in the post. You asked our opinion and we all agree with you.

    Anybody here trust Dowd? *crickets*

  28. I trust Dowd … NOT ! It was surprising to read the venom and vitriol MoDo released on Hillary in nearly every article during the primary. I thought at least she would explain the true course of events during the primary, true delegate count, and all that pertinent stuff based on her political experience … she didn’t. She beat the drum the loudest for Obama and many Obot friends would cite her, ya know her women creds, as even this woman believes that Hillary is incompetent and should step off. And now she’s toting the Hillary should run in 2016? puke-puke-puke

    What was said above. People are so sick of Dems lack of inaction on the economy (i.e., JOBS), Some acquaintances have admitted to me that they will secretly vote republican for the first time in their lives just to … STOP THE INSANITY … and we can get back to Dems who do something with the power afforded them.

  29. OT … this is odd .. why is Google citing Bill Ayers as an author of Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father”???

    [h/t American Thinker]

  30. I don’t think anyone in the media realizes they lost their credibility in 2008 – they are in la la land after all. That is obvious as they continue on as though nothing happened.

    I don’t particularly care for Mitt Romney. I see him and Obama as basically the same in regard to lying and flip flopping. Two versions of the same thing. The difference will be the people he appoints to the various positions. With the exception of HRC, everyone in the Obama Administration needs to go: Holder, Jarret, Axelrod, Geithner,
    Sebelius, so on and so forth. Hopefully Romney weill make better choices. Hard to see how he can make worse choices.

  31. fembot, AT is often off the wall. The google search lists his wiki page, his own book then obama’s book Dreams as top cites for the search term Bill Ayers.

    That obama book mentions Bill Ayers 25 times (click on the link and it takes you to its Amazon explore this book page)

    I do not see it listing Ayers as author any place on that page. If it does then it is the same trick they used during the 2008 campaign, give tons of clicks by autobot to sites to make them high in the search results.

  32. Hello (((UPPITY’S)))))))

    Hope all is well

    PS: SCREW YOU DOWD——-talk about a Biotch

    I could never forgive her, and I hope KARMA does pay her a visit, like they did couric

  33. Being the media darling is like having an extra queen in chess.
    or even 2 😆

  34. I hate to say this, but I don’t think Presidents get a choice who is appointed to the Fed or the US Treasury. There, I’ve said it. And remember: Geithner served under bush and obama. now how could that happen? Ditto for that Bernanke Shyster.

  35. Hahaha Ani. Love watching you on my hot seat.

  36. cats – good point. I just hope that Romney doesn’t include people like Newty, Sanitarium, Bachmann, Perry, the Rumsfeld group, Rove group, Halliburton Group… the far right conservative nutso group… Who would make a good Republican SoS?

    Powell and Condi were overall acceptable on many levels however instances of total disaster marred their legacies. Condi was out shopping for shoes at ritzy stores when the world was going to hell in a hand basket due to Katrina and Powell was bamboozled by Bush and Co. to tout their lies and put his reputation on the line.

    (I have family that was there and involved at the time of both of them.)

  37. I read one of Dowd’s books, it was that one about Are Men Necessary? I should say I TRIED to read it. I still maintain that Madama Dowd must have known someone really important to get a job as a writer, because she sucks. I just thing she’s a horrendous writer. There are people on this blog who can out-write her any day of the week. So I not only do not miss reading her bullshit, but I also do not miss reading her writing. She’s strictly a B. Sorry.

  38. I’ll be honest. I think Condi Rice is a VERY bright woman. She is on hillary’s brain level. I think she lied to us because she worked for a liar. As with Hillary, she did not work for us. I also think she is repulsed by interference in social issues and, just by virtue of what I can guess she went through, working three times as hard to be considered half as good as some shrivel-dick, she Understands women’s plight. I will probably lose ten friends saying this, but I would vote for her. And you know what all else? I don’t see a black person when I see her speak, so this bull about racism just fries my ice. I see a black guy when I see Barack Obama. You know why? Because that’s all HE ever talks about.

  39. Also, be warned. I feel a rant post coming on.

  40. upps, hope the maine coon has a new lease on a new life and it is all – and they lived happily ever after.

    how’s mom’s orange baby?

  41. Condi is a total class act. So is Powell. Either would be so much more worthy of the job of president than the current occupant.

    The “Occupy 1600 Pa Ave.” movement is hopefully going to expire in Nov.

  42. I don’t trust Dowd anymore than I trust anyone else in media.

    We know that most of MSM functioned as part of Obama’s campaign team. .

    My sense about Dowd, however, is that her interest is solely in promoting Dowd. I’m not sure she has any real ideology or political views, but she does have a strong sense of narcissism and self-preservation. Self-promotion movitated her, not only to join the MSM for Obama Club, as her so-called progressive colleagues were doing, but to give the appearence of being a leader in that effort.

    I trust Dowd about as much as I would trust a shark. She smells blood, and predictably, joins in the attack Sadly, she imagines that she does so with such coolness and sophistication, all the while appearing as some characterture of someone who imagines themselves to be cool and sophisticated.

    And Karen:

    “Oh and if anyone thinks I am being mean – Dowd is the one who said Hillary should be tied up in a burlap bag and put into a spider hole like Saddam till after the convention- or some such crap.”

    Hell No! You’re not being mean. The fact that Dowd, as a female pseudo-journalist would make such a statement about someone of Hillary’s caliber and competence makes her even more deserving of our wrath than Tingle Thighs or any of the other male dumb ass pundits.

  43. “The fact that Dowd, as a female pseudo-journalist would make such a statement about someone of Hillary’s caliber and competence makes her even more deserving of our wrath than Tingle Thighs or any of the other male dumb ass pundits.”

    Freespirit — my sentiments exactly! I was attempting to say something similiar — her attacks were even worse because a supposedly-intelligent-highly-skilled-female-journalist attacked a female who was and is the embodiment of those attributes. If Dowd had attacked Hillary’s policies that would have been one thing, but she didn’t.

  44. Jack the cat is doing wonderful! He had my husband about falling off his chair laughing this morning. The cat was stealing Cheerios from my bowl. Not the milk. The Cheerios.

  45. UW:< NES: I caught on the news that Condi may be on MITTENS short list for VP———one can only HOPE So—–I completely agree with you UPPS-she's a hell of a lady

  46. Mom, I TOLD you orange cats are the clowns of the cat world. you are in for a ride.

  47. He is very very funny. “Helping” (un)tie my shoes. He came with one of those little balls with a bell inside- which he promptly lost somewhere. So I went and bought some. Which he promptly stashed. Husband found them under the stove. lol. He LOVES these little balls- just like the cat in that vid the other day. And he does have some faint stripes.
    He has the weirdest purr ever. He rumbles sometimes. But if he wants petting, he does this odd eerrrrpppp errrrrppp. Halfway between a chirrup and a purr. Very odd.

  48. upps is going to blow a cork? um, I mean, rant. Yea!

    Will be giggling under the covers with my kindle when I get home from work tonight. Go get ’em, tiger.

  49. Dowd tends to stay in her comfort zone and protect the “In Crowd” circle from competition. They pass themselves off as insiders on equal footing with the Clintons intellectually, but are so emotionally invested in their status that they cannot risk the fate of those like yourselves who were banished from “hip” sites if you supported Hillary in ’08. Her vitriol is little more than keeping her head down and hoping no guys decide to hack on her the way they did Hillary. Tina Brown – likewise.

  50. The ball is always under the stove, Mom. Count on it.

  51. I know that sound Mom.

  52. Yes, Pghpuma, Tina Brown. Wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw an elephant.

  53. Michelin, is NES here? I hear she packed up and moved to John’s place. Didn’t pay her last month’s rent either.

  54. Hey Mom, Jack’s probably grabbing the cheerios because he misses the grains in the junk food he was eating before he took a culinary step up at your place.

  55. her attacks were even worse because a supposedly-intelligent-highly-skilled-female-journalist

    All you have to do is ask her.

  56. Say, I was wondering…… everybody ready to plan a date for our book discussion?

  57. Totally agree that Dowd is an awful writer on top of all the rest of it.

    UW – I knew that Geithner was appointed during Bush and still with us during Obama. So who appoints him???? Fox in charge of the chicken coop IMHO. For some reason I assumed Obama chose to keep him.

    karen for clinton – god I hope Romney doesn’t think of appointing any of those people you mention! Both parties are sure lacking aren’t they???

    Daily Facebook Report – I was looking at Romney’s page – it is loaded with Egyptians begging him to expose “the fraud Obama.” Wondering what is going on, I found this bit about Obama’s FB page in today’s news:

    “The White House has not commented on the matter, but tens of thousands of angry messages from Mr Abu Ismail’s supporters have been added to President Obama’s re-election campaign Facebook page.

    They are attached to unrelated timeline updates posted in the president’s name including a video of the popstar Janelle Monae – an Obama supporter – and a music playlist for his supporters.

    The sheer number of posts are – at least temporarily – preventing the Facebook “Wall” being used as a forum to generate support for Mr Obama ahead of the US presidential vote on 6 November.”

    Maybe we should send Acorn to Egypt to register these people???? 🙂

  58. Ah – war on women:

    “President Barack Obama has hit upon a re-election strategy, according to Reuters, by wooing working women and accusing Republicans of waging a “war on women.” Yet Obama is hosting the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House, according to AFP.

    This represents a kind of doublethink that would have shocked George Orwell. It seems the Obama administration is capable of accusing Republicans of hating women for not wanting to see the Catholic Church hand out free birth control contrary to the Church’s doctrine. While it is doing this, it is treating with a terrorist group that has as its governing platform the imposition of Sharia Law, which would send Egyptian women into lives of degradation and oppression…”

  59. I had to find out – we are wrong 🙂 Geithner was not SOT under Bush. I thought so too. Hmmmm

    “The Secretary of the Treasury is reviewed by the Senate Finance Committee. Timothy Geithner assumed the office of Treasury Secretary on January 26, 2009. On November 24, 2008, President-elect Barack Obama announced his intention to nominate Timothy Geithner to be Treasury Secretary, replacing Henry Paulson.[15][16] Geithner believes, along with Paulson, that the United States Treasury Department needs new authority to experiment with responses to the financial crisis of 2008.”

    That says it all 🙂

  60. pity Woman, on April 23, 2012 at 12:33 PM said: Edit Comment

    Hahaha Ani. Love watching you on my hot seat.

    Uppity, I love ya’ more’n my luggage, but you are such a delicious pain in the A…..

    endless hugs

  61. MYQ: that was hysterical, I didn’t see it coming

    UW: NES, has left——-waaaaaahhhhhhh!!

  62. OT. Anyone in PA still registered Dem: please vote for Kathleen Kane for Attorney General tomorrow.
    Endorsed by Bill Clinton, running against Obot Patrick Murphy.

  63. “The ball is always under the stove, Mom. Count on it.”

    Upps — and EVERYTHING else the little guy can find. Lost something? check under the fridge. My little girl cat loves sparkly things, so I find pieces of jewelry hidden under the fridge too! LOL the video

  64. MoDo is like Ann Coulter, she modifes her stance to get time in the limelight. Isn’t ridiculous these people who were so snarky about HRC, now carrying on as if they invented her. Well, TS, MoDo, we haven’t forgotten.

    And then there are the obnoxious male talking heads swooning about the possibility of HRC replacing Biden on the ticket as the second. How white of you! Throw us a bone! Aren’t you special? We haven’t forgotten.

  65. Votermom- Oh indeed I will be voting for Ms Kane. She had done a lot of work on putting away child molesters, pervs, domestic abusers. The fact that she is endorsed by Big Dawg is icing on the cake. And the fact that the party machine has, once again, endorsed the political hog male- well, that is just par for the course with them.
    Tomorrow I will be writing in Hillary. And voting for ms Kane, and all other races I am writing in “No Woman, no vote”

  66. @AnnE – Damn Straight we haven’t forgotten. Those now trying to jump on HRC’s bandwagon will find that out. As far as Hillary replacing Slow Joe is concerned – it’s no surprise that the “male talking heads” are suggesting that, is it? If they had a ounce of sense they would recognize what a damn insult that is. Because of gender bias and inequality the more capable woman historically has been forced to play second fiddle to, and save the ass of the less capable male. Those who think they’re placating women by suggesting that Hillary replace Joe on the ticket as VP are sadly mistaken.

  67. but you are such a delicious pain in the A

    Thamk you! I do pride myself in these ASSets!

  68. Okay cats, I guess it SEEMs like geithner has bee sucking our blood so much longer. Now Paulson and Bernanke. Those two thieves have ben playing musical chairs with their thievery for a long time.

  69. Now you see? This is why I despise the republicans as much as I despise the democrats. That yahoo article implies that these poor, innocent wonderful men have tried to do nothing awful to women, which is true, if you don’t include the Blunt amendment and mansplanin’ cross-country about chickens, pigs, cows and women, attempt to make their own precious sperm “Persons,” how women are pregnant all month whether they have sex or not, how women should undergo forced intrusion into their bodies just for opting to use a legal procedure, how every one of a wimminz 50,000 eggs is a baby right this very moment, and an array of other disgusting assaults upon our gender that ensures the goal of guaranteeing that the number of women who vote for them will be as close to zero as possible. This party is a disgusting, hateful, women-bashing lot and how DARE they act like they are such innocent widdle boyz? ThIS is the kind of SHIT republicans do and I despise what that party has become with every fiber of my being.

    As I continue to say, the only difference between the R’s and the D’s is the R’s don’t even pretend they hate us and want to control us. They offer us NO option. They are NO option. They are the same animals in a different color suit. And they have blocked the ERA and Paycheck Fairness Act at EVERY turn, for decades–when they are the very reason we need both. They disgust me.

    Same party who pretended we needed to go to war to help women in Afghanistan,while handing out Viagra to the taliban, which was also put there by them.

    As for Barack and the Brotherhood of Let’s Kill Women, how is this a surprise? And what’s the difference between him and them. Truly the only difference between Sharia and fundie Chrisianity, is the fundies can’t kill us. Yet.

  70. Yes, I am ready for the book club discussion. Who else?
    And do we need to go kidnap NES?

  71. “Truly the only difference between Sharia and fundie Chrisianity, is the fundies can’t kill us. Yet.”
    That isn’t hyperbole….It motive and opportunity, similar motives but the fundies haven’t had the opportunity…Yet..

  72. Great post Ani. I totally don’t trust this Hillary 2016 crap that’s going around. Especially since those same folks are saying things like, “Now that she has SoS under her belt she’s qualified.” There aren’t enough expletives for me to ask what qualifications B0’s had.

    They’re either holding out a carrot so we’ll get on board in 2012 or they’re planning to use her if Romney wins to get the office back.

    I think the party’s going to run Andrew Cuomo in 2016. He will be the shiny new thing as well as an opportunity to honor Mario (as long as he keeps his peter in his pants, doesn’t collect everyone’s DNA, and doesn’t turn out to have mob connections). They will say, “we gave her a chance but the country wanted youth and not dynasty.” Or they may wave Gillibrand around to lure us but then say she doesn’t have executive experience. Hillary2016 doesn’t pass the smell test–particularly given those who are pushing it.

    Karen: everything you said about Dowdie: Right on!

  73. why Maureen Dowd is talking about a change in the winds…does she see a need for Mary Poppins to come to the rescue

    Dowd needs Mary Poppins, and anyone else willing to resuscitate her image. She was always willing to trash talk HRC overtly, or denigrate her softly. No matter. She was always way too willing to bring her down.

    Dowd's credibility as a journalist, indeed sits in the same pile as that of her fellow "journalists," who thoroughly enjoyed plying their craft non-objectively in the 2008 election.

  74. Thx. for a great post, Ani!

  75. I just realized (thru a comment above) that karen for clinton’s initials are KFC… in Kentucky Fried Chicken!!

  76. My pleasure, TownCrier!

  77. SHV, how can we forget that fungelicals have already been responsible for deaths of homosexuals in other countries through their influence on laws making being gay punishable by death. These are evil people in every since of the Sharia word.

    Which state was it that recently tried to pass a law making it “justifiable homicide” to kill a doctor performing an abortion..and the woman he is performing it on?

  78. fembots, re: cats stealing. With mine it’s watches. They put them in shoes.

  79. Just one correction – It was not the Republicans who stopped the ERA. It was part of their party platform beginning in 1940. Eisenhower pushed for it. Kennedy tabled it in favor of The Commission on the Status of Women, which declared that there was no need for the ERA. He did that because big unions were against it, and he needed their support. It was under Nixon that it was passed and signed and sent out to the states for ratification. Doesn’t make the Republicans the party of women, but fair is fair.

  80. elliesmom, Republicans used to be far more liberal than they are today. Somewhere between Roe v. Wade and Reagan’s “southern strategy” they lost their way.

  81. I agree with you, Sophie, but somehow history has been rewritten to give credit to the Democrats for getting the ERA as far as it got. Even Phyllis Schafly was just spouting points that the unions had made about women needing protections. Kennedy really was responsible for putting the vote on the ERA on hold. Had he pushed it through, in the political climate of the 60’s, it might have passed. We’ll never know, of course. And to be fair, today’s Democrats aren’t the same, either.

  82. Is Rick Santorum a fundie christy? I know he is an “R” anyway, I ran into this the other day and my jaw dropped – I mean in this day and age, really????? If this is how he thinks he was really delusional thinking he has any chance of ever being elected POTUS!

    “Madison, Wisconsin—She’s known to us today as “Bloody Mary.” But for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, she is a woman to be esteemed.

    Speaking at a campaign stop at the University of Wisconsin, Santorum, when asked by a student questioner whether there was a historical woman he particularly admired, cited the first reigning Tudor queen. “First, she had strong religious principles, and she wasn’t too politically correct to act upon them,” said Santorum. “Second, she got married, unlike her younger sister Elizabeth, who didn’t think she needed a man to help her rule. Mary understood the importance of faith and family in a way that Elizabeth never did.”

    Asked his opinion of Mary’s policy of burning Protestants, Santorum said, “You could argue—and I will argue—that Mary’s strong moral convictions were preferable to this wishy-washy notion of tolerance that the left has, where Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, goddess-worship, paganism, and atheism are all of the same value, are all points of view to be allowed. Where has that led us? Into a moral cesspool.”

    Santorum, who has said that the notion of separation of church and state makes him want to “throw up,” hastened to add, “That’s not to say that I believe Mary was one hundred percent correct in burning Protestants. There are certainly decent Protestants, then and now, though I can safely say that if Mary had seen the state of the Anglican Church today, and of mainline Protestantism in the United States, she would have probably burned more of them.”

    The candidate looked thoughtful when asked by another student whether he would support burning nonbelievers and non-Christians in an effort to purify the condition of religion in the United States. “Besides the obvious spiritual benefits, burning these people at the stake would have the side effect of bringing down the unemployment rate, both by reducing the surplus population and by putting right-thinking Americans to work ferreting out heretics, but as it stands now, it’s probably illegal under the Eighth Amendment. Until we get that amendment and the First Amendment tweaked a bit, we might just have to settle for singeing people.”

  83. After their 2012 ass-whuppin’ the dems and fauxgressive boiz were desperate to come up with ways to win back the wimminz*. Now their all yammering pro-hillaryisms and promises of a win for Hillary in 2016.
    The only part I’m willing to buy into is the 2016 Hillary win if she wants to run for the Presidency, other than that: Nope. Nada. Never. Nyet. Nein. Bo psychObama for me. And, I vow to never vote for another male candidate until women win full parity.

    *low-information bitter-clinger c*nts and b*tches

    Dr Jill Stein -2012!

  84. Re: Fundies and women. The treatment women receive from some of the most extreme fundamentalist Christian churches is a fate almost as bad as murder. These churches – and they are plentiful (in varying degrees of fundamentalist doctrine) throughout this country – have, from the beginning of their existence, fought against equality for women . They refuse to allow women to serve in church leadership positions , they keep women subservient by quoting and interpreting scripture calling for women to “submit to their husbands”. They may be ok with birth control, but consider abortion to be murder. And, I’m convinced, they all share ownership in the bumper sticker factory that churns out those bumper stickers that say stupid stuff like ” what if your mother had chosen an abortion?”

    Every church whose pastor preaches against abortion should lose tax exempt status -even if they don’t wage a public campaign against freedom of choice. Abortion has been a target of the religious community for years. It has been greatly politicized and becomes a hot topic every four years (at least). Why should churches who contribute to the politicization of abortion, the legality of which has been rigorously challenged and upheld, enjoy tax exempt status?

  85. elliesmom, everything changed. A bipartisan scotus decided Roe v. Wade. That would never happen today.

  86. Sophie, I lived through all of it – very painfully. Had Kennedy kept his campaign promise and pushed for the ERA, I think there would have been a very good chance of it passing. I have no idea how old you are and what your participation was or if you were even born. lol But in 1962, we lived in Richie Cunningham’s world. Roe v. Wade was a decade away, and women had not yet been forced to take sides in the abortion debate. Many 60’s feminists dropped out of the movement over the abortion issue, and their voices were lost. Vietnam was not yet a feature of the nightly news. Fathers would not have been so reluctant to sign on to the ERA if the thought of their daughters being drafted hadn’t been foremost on their minds. Woodstock and the images of “Girls Gone Wild” hadn’t made into the collective memory yet. In 1962, the ERA would have been about equal access to jobs, fair pay, access to education, equal credit opportunities, etc. That would have been a much easier sell w/o abortion and the draft in the mix. I’m not a Republican, but I don’t think it’s fair to put the failure of the ERA at their feet. And that Roe v. Wade couldn’t have the same outcome with a different court says that maybe we should not have relied on the court for the right to a legal abortion. Maybe if we had gone the ERA route first, we’d be in an altogether different place today with abortion legal and no Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.

  87. elliesmom, In 62, I was 3. I was in 7th grade when Roe v. Wade was decided. I was trying to get a paper route in NY state and had to wait another year for the law to change. I agree that conditions were more favorable for ERA passage in 62 than later. I am not a Republican either. I was just remarking that the Republicans of the 60s and 70s were more progressive than the Democrats lately.

    What I meant by “A bipartisan scotus decided Roe v. Wade. That would never happen today.” is that we would never get a bipartisan court today.The 7-2 decision came down to 4 justices appointed by Republican presidents and 3 justices appointed by Democratic presidents. The two dissenting justices were one of each. The are hardly more “fair and balanced” decisions, most being decided along party lines with one swing vote. This was not a squeaker and it was not along party lines.

  88. I don’t see a black person when I see her speak, so this bull about racism just fries my ice. I see a black guy when I see Barack Obama. You know why? Because that’s all HE ever talks about.

    That’s a good way to put it. Same with Sharpton, Jackson – you only see them when they’re fanning the flames of a race war. It’s all about race for them, too, so you think “black” when you see them. They’re not just a person, they’re a one-issue microphone.

  89. “Just one correction – It was not the Republicans who stopped the ERA. It was part of their party platform beginning in 1940. Eisenhower pushed for it. Kennedy tabled it in favor of The Commission on the Status of Women”
    It’s ironic that if Nixon had won the 1960 election, ERA would be in the US Constitution. ERA was part of the Republican agenda from 1940 until 1980. Labor unions and the old “New Dealers” killed it. The Obot, new Dems. who ignore history, don’t understand that their Party of “diversity” was the party of Jim Crow and the civil rights filibuster.

  90. He came with one of those little balls with a bell inside- which he promptly lost somewhere. So I went and bought some. Which he promptly stashed.

    PMM, if you have a shiny gold watch – keep your eye on it!

  91. Lorac at 10:50

    They’re not just a person, they’re a one-issue microphone.

    Well said.

    When will people just be people adovcating for one another???

  92. Some people just got the book recently and mentioned it here the last few days. Maybe post a thread asking if anybody needs more time before we discuss it.

  93. I’m getting worried about the Zimmerman case and Obama’s loss in November. In the past when blacks rioted, they burned down their own neighborhoods. When they kill as individuals, it’s usually black on black violence – which we don’t hear about and they themselves don’t ever seem to complain about – we just hear about the rare white on black violence.

    I just read of the fourth incident where black people assaulted a white person, saying it was “justice for Trayvon”. So now they’re taking their personal problems out on innocent people. America sure has changed. We’re becoming ruled by thugs now – from the top and the bottom. I even read an article that suggested Zimmerman plead guilty just to avoid riots. Someone on another webpage said that Obama set the stage for this black on white violence when he refused to have Holder prosecute the black panthers who were at the polling booth – I’m thinking I agree with that. He and Holder have – in so many words – said white people don’t have civil rights, and that they really don’t care about black on white violence.

    I’m worried. The rule of law is going out the window.

  94. Funny, how civil rights seem to be trending along a one way street nowadays…

  95. Social security is going to run out of money sooner than expected, because Obama is wanting to cut the social security taxes again.

  96. The vote on Roe Wade is a major snapshot of a day when politics hadn’t corrupted the SCOTUS and Justices paid attention to the constitution without interjecting their religion, lack of religion, their party or their own views. That is why the decision was bipartisan. Judges were selected in how well they performed in the past and weren’t subject to social litmus tests. What we have on SCOTUS now is just another example of how these two parties have destroyed America. We are living under the thumb of creatures who no longer care to uphold the constitution of the United States, but rather manipulate it.

  97. Politics has corrupted every facet of our lives and our country. Every nook and cranny has been probed and sullied by extemism and politics of the worst sort.

  98. Voter Mom & PMM: regarding Kathy Kane, I cannot wait to go to the polls and vote for her, especially after the endorsement meeting when I took Murphy to task for his & the party’s support of Obama Care… the form in which it was presented and shoved through cost the Dems their majority along with any prayer of turning around the economy. Chairman Burn stepped on my comments and threatened to take out State Committee people who don’t support Obama. It totally frosts me that a DNC operative presumes the Chicago threat against a volunteer who contributes personal funds, time and influence to get Democrats elected. If Obama is to be the ONLY Dem to get re-elected, what’s the point? Had that crowd been subjected to the same gauntlet they ran the Clintons through, opportunists like Sestak, Murphy, Edwards and Biden wouldn’t be on such thin ice today. Problem with the Party brass and the PA Bar Assn pushing Murphy is this: Women Voters of Pennsylvania have demonstrated that in an otherwise uninteresting election, they will go to the polls to support a SPECIFIC woman (14,000 voted for Commonwealth Court in 2011 Primary and undervoted Superior Court) and woe to the male candidate whose closing week’s ads offend them; they will vote the Republican opponent in retaliation (Orie V. Panella, Supreme.) Even more “inneresting:” the Women of PA have become the STEALTH vote and until polls close on Election Day, pundits cannot even predict whether those “likely / super Voters” will 1. show up or 2. mark every office on the ballot. I’ve sat and listened to enough of these guys trying to impress each other with their insight that I’ve concluded our best weapon will be those diligent young college women (who now outnumber their male colleagues) speaking out assertively about their goals. Speculation that more women Secret Service Agents might have suppressed the scandalous behavior in Columbia that has heads rolling prompted Dana Perrino to doubt ANY female agents would take a job whose description included babysitting their male counterparts. Likewise, if they are successful in convincing Hillary to run, it won’t be her job as candidate nor ours as voters to indulge their tool behavior anymore. The Koeman Foundation backlash as well as the “Where Are The Women?” dismissal of Issa’s panel discussion proves Women can do Flash Mob Push Back effectively. Obama Campaign’s task has moved beyond “wooing” the Women’s vote to motivating them now that threatening them no longer works.

  99. Cool post, Ani. I’m still mad at modo, she’ll have to write a lot more articles praising Hillary, and admitting she was wrong, before she gets me to read her again. As for the hope, yes I still hope for Hillary to become prez.

  100. Hey socalannie — the only reason I read Dowd is if she is covering Hillary — just checking on her!!

    As others on this thread have noted, she will never change her spots.

  101. Oh, I know! And I would read her comments about Hill. I used to read her columns regularly, years ago, although she always pissed me off when she criticized the Clintons. I even paid NYT one year for the grand privilege of reading the OP/EDs online! Remember when they did that? Charged like $50 a year, for a couple of years I think.

  102. Yes, and then their readership went into the toilet, and the “figured out” they didn’t need to do that anymore!

  103. Honestly, modo is one woman I will never understand. Also, I looked at her book once, and thought it was ridiculous. I just don’t “get” her. I can’t believe she’s had that gig as long as she has, there are so many better writers out there.

  104. I would like another week for the discussion btw. Or could we do it on a weekend? I have been swamped lately.

  105. Or, could we have a few days notice, so I can push my other stuff aside.

  106. I used to read Dowd when I used to love to read the NYT opinion page. She’s in my past now. But I do remember how she likes to act like a great mind, but in her photo she’s trying to play the part of a sex kitten.

  107. “Or is she really sensing something surprising on the horizon?”

    Perhaps it has something to do with this:

    Of course, I’ll believe it when I see them actually ripping the Big Zero a new porthole.

  108. Unbiased NYTimes is an oxymoron.

    Of course when your circulation is in the crapper, you kind of figure people Noticed.

  109. Socal I was figuring a week’s notice would be good. Problem with weekends is the hit count is much lower. That’s why I usually put something fun up on weekends. It’s a waste to write something hefty only to hear an echo on the blog.

  110. I’m ready whenever you all are–need a day’s notice
    BRAVO on the Book Ani, will save up all I have to say when we are all in this———

  111. Thank you, Michelina51!!!

  112. Oh, a weeks notice is plenty. Thanks Uppity!

  113. Ok Ani, when is the best time for this review for you? This friday, next friday? What?



  115. You will be graded. No curves.

  116. NYT must really be hurting. First Dowd acting liker she likes Hillary and now this:

    “In an unprecedented move, New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane took to the pages of his newspaper on Sunday to pledge to the reading public that they would do a better job vetting the president. Yes, you read that right: the New York Times is now channeling Andrew Breitbart. Here’s what he wrote:

    The Times needs to offer an aggressive look at the president’s record, policy promises and campaign operation to answer the question: Who is the real Barack Obama?

    Brisbane admits that critics “view The Times as constitutionally unable to address the election in an unbiased fashion.” He admits that The Times “basked a bit in the warm glow of Mr. Obama’s election in 2008.” (That phrase, in and of itself, constitutes significant pro-Obama bias, of course – he uses it twice in the course of the article.) But, he says, the bias wasn’t purposeful: “I think [our reporters] see themselves as aggressive journalists who don’t play favorites.” ”

    I don’t trust any of it of course.



  117. Thanks for the repeat of my mesg, cats. Keep doing it, please. xo.

  118. NY TImes is a biased rag. It’s going to take a whole lot more than a couple of sound bites to beat their deserved reputation.

  119. I’m worried. The rule of law is going out the window.

    Agreed. And, yes, if and when Obama loses the election, we can expect rioting.

  120. Michelin, is NES here? I hear she packed up and moved to John’s place. Didn’t pay her last month’s rent either.

    OUCH! Check’s in the mail.

  121. I propose Hillary for THE spokesperson for women’s rights for the near future national push. She can go down in history as the Ghandi, the MLK jr., the Susan B. Anthony of our time.

    We need a woman leader to fight DC from outside. I elect her.


  122. Riots are why God made the National Guard. Apparently all those aging hippies forgot to tell people about that part.

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