Someone finally said it out loud. Sh!t is not ice cream no matter how you package it.

I don’t care which party it comes from. It’s about time somebody had the guts to say loudly and in front of  our treacherous, traitorous press.

Jon Huntsman said it.

We need a third party.

I  for one am just so sick of these two horrid hijacked parties of extremists, liars, manipulators and thieves, I  could spit. The gridlock, arrogance, squandering and pandering in DC makes me want to puke.

If this were the real world, where the rest of us come from, these assholes in  elected office and their self-indulgent staffs would all be fired and having a tough time finding another job in a company that expects things to get done and their employees to act like adults who leave their religions, their philosophies/ideologies,their fantasies,  their Mommy problems, their self-indulgences, and their personal grudges at home. They would all have a really tough time getting a job in a company when they don’t understand that they have a boss with long-term expectations to answer to — that they can’t just do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want to. They can’t squander the company’s money and give themselves whatever perks they feel like having. They would have to go to work, be there, fulfill their job descriptions, get things done on time, work well with others, be reviewed annually under a microscope, and produce something useful — or find themselves out on their asses. In short, these are people who could never make it in the real world. They are what the corporate world refers to as “Non-Value-Added” people.

In the past four years, because of petty adolescent ‘leaders’  and fringe loudmouths on both sides of the fence, our country has further eroded to such a degree that it is hard to envision we will ever survive as a Republic.  Some say that’s the Goal. They might be right.

The loud, obnoxious and totally nasty self-serving  We-They creatures who dominate the Republican and Democratic parties are mirror images of each other.  It would  be laughable if their rotten attitudes and half-cocked experiments weren’t ruining America.

They both believe in “Freedom” and “Individual Rights” just so long as we are talking about the “Freedoms” and “Individual Rights” THEY approve of.  How obnoxious can you get?  

One side wants to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body and the other wants to tell you what to eat and drive, even unto forcing you to use toxic lightbulbs.  Both of them have taken turns squandering America’s money, and both of them target America’s middle class, gays and the elderly. One side hates and wants to control women and has no problem admitting it and the other hates and wants to control women and pretends they don’t.How despicable can you get? 

None of them seems to give a rat’s ass about unemployment beyond sound bites and bogus statistics. How out of touch can you get? They both stole from our social security and medicare pots for their own special programs, leaving us with nothing more than paper as worthless as they are. And they both are blaming and looking to punish their victims for it. How smarmy can you get? The worst part of the whole lot of them is they pretend they care about you but they clearly don’t care about anybody or anything except themselves.

These two America-hijacking parties have become the very things they hate in each other, and they are caught in their own irony– or rather, the rest of the innocent people in this country are caught in their irony. In both cases, we are living under the thumb of absolutely inflexible, corrupted despots who want what they want and the rest of America can just go to hell. None of them behave like we are living in a Republic stocked with Free people. They are nothing but dictatorial despots with an agenda carved in stone that demands you to Follow Or Else. They pass out your talking points and you spit them out, like a good captive soldier.  Or to put it in Jon’s words:

“This is what they do in China on party matters if you talk off script,”

It’s disheartening. It’s annoying. It’s dangerous. It’s frightening. It’s despicable.  It’s un-American, and it’s a path to destruction. If you don’t believe me, just think about what has happened to America in such a short time-span.  In just four short years, starting in 2008, everything in America, from the economy to foreign affairs, and from gender to racial relations have taken a huge  jolting backwards dive — and all of these things are sinking further. Fast.  All because of  mediocre fringe-minded  leadership.

 The Republican and Democratic parties no longer serve America and Jon Huntsman finally said it:

We need a  third party.

Perfect White House and Congressional Mascot.

Now that he has said it, the only people who are humming with their fingers stuck in their ears, ignoring the complete dissatisfaction with them are the two parties’ so-called leaders and the political class that sucks up to them for their own perverse game and gain at our expense.

The  rest of us know exactly what Huntsman is saying. The rest of us want it. The rest of us just can’t stand these assholes and their America-destroying shit any longer.

The majority of Americans are not far left or far right. We are mostly people who get up every day, try to do the right thing,  want to accomplish something worthwhile, hopefully with some reward for our efforts. The rest of us are sick of watching our government stick its nose in our personal lives, tell us how to live, what to eat, who to sleep with, who or what to worship or not worship. We are sick of government controlling what we have access to and deciding what we can have or not have, do or not do,  based on their own personal views.

The truth is, America has not been careful to whom they bestow power, and it shows.

These creatures whore themselves out every election year with the same lies and promises  that they never, ever keep. Then they rinse and repeat.  Who among is us is  not sick of being hockey pucks and bargaining chips for a bunch of greedy bastards who entered public life with either very little or too damned much – and then fattened up their own portfolios and the portfolios of their friends and relatives by siphoning our wallets, while we got to helplessly watch, forced to beg for their crumbs, giving them power over our lives, our bodies and our futures.

Most of us are sick of government sticking its nose in the wrong places and we are sick of government failing to stick its nose where it should be. Government has its place. Its place is not Everywhere. And its place is not Nowhere. We are stuck with two hijacked parties that either want government Everywhere or want government Nowhere. Assholes, all of them. I’m sorry, but it’s true. These two blowhard fringes have turned the USA into a groveling laughing stock.

Jon wants to know “what world” his party lives in. It’s the same  world the other party lives in, Jon. The Hooray For Me And The Hell With You world. Furthermore, they are all related, Jon.

I regret living on the same planet with these creatures and their sycophants, and every single person I know is tired of these two parties pretending they are two parties instead of One — and we are just plain sick and tired of the same people returning to office over and over again, fattening up themselves and their wallets and selling themselves to the same sponsors. Truly, if campaigns were to be honest, every candidate would wear patches and logos all over themselves and everything they own — like they do at NASCAR.

We have needed a third party of rational, reasonable people who remember who their bosses are/aren’t for a long long time. Neither of them respects the Constitution, both of them talk about it quite a bit though.  Unconstitutional behaviors and laws are only Unconstitutional when it suits them. They are hypocrites, all of them. If you ask me, they all play with themselves in the dark when it comes to knowing what to do or leading anyone to success–except for themselves. Our government is one big Enron.

We need a third party of leaders who don’t plan to treat government like it’s their personal business and playground, we need a party with leaders who are public servants, not pigs at the trough.  For a long time, we have needed a party with leaders who STFU and listen once in a while to the other 300,000,000+ people  who make this country run every single day. We need a party comprised of leaders who are at least as good and as smart as we are. We don’t have such a party in the USA, or, as Jon Huntsman has said,  

Is this the best we can do?

It bears repeating. Huntsman is talking to the Republican Party, but the rest of America, the majority of America, is thinking of the Republican AND the Democratic parties. He’s talking to You and to Me.
What we have sunk to,  which thinly masquerades as a  Representative government in a Republic, sucks. That’s right, White House, House of Representatives, Senate: Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu SUCK! 
America doesn’t suck. Americans don’t suck. YOU suck!
Given the opportunity,  most of us would vote for someone, almost anyone other than most of you. That’s why you and your poodle press make sure we aren’t given the opportunity, isn’t it?
You all make our founding fathers puke.  
“A Republic madam. If you can keep it”
Well we haven’t kept it.
We have lost it. Ben Franklin must have known these creatures would eventually hijack our Republic.
We have lost our Republic to politicians, bankers, insurance companies,  religious zealots, fringe parties, infiltrated terrorists we tip-toe around so as not to offend them while they try to kill us, meddlers, Climate-preaching, profiteering hypocrites,  Media  talking-heads who make up the news as they want it to be –and then report it, and ideological nutbags who, unable to make it in their fringe,  assimilated into and then hijacked the mainstream on both sides. We have lost our Republic to silly fake tea parties and spoiled gimmee occupiers, both of whom are heavily coached by the worst and most vicious people the two-party system has to offer.
We have lost our Republic to Aerospace, Health Insurers, Oil Companies, Middle Eastern despots, The National Organization of This, The National Organization of That, and a boatload of assorted non-human brick and mortar entities, generally owned by people rich enough to successfully hide themselves — non-living entities that  have actually been granted more Personhood  rights than you or I get to enjoy as actual persons.  Do you realize that as human beings in the USA, we can’t even count on owning our own homes any longer — if one of them decides to take it from us for “progress”?. Does any of this sound like a Republic to you? What’s next?  Making it illegal to own gold?  Making it illegal to own your own life and body? Making it illegal to think for yourself?
The people who made this happen sit in elected positions in Washington DC. If anyone should protest anywhere, it’s in front of the White House and on the Congressional steps, for nothing bad or good can happen without their laws, from which, incidentally, they themselves are exempt, also known as Fuck You Very Much. How In Your Face can  a collective body of  dueling Rulers and Despots get?

Apparently not, Jon, because the two-party system won’t let us. They have far too much to lose.  They have their “Agendas” and “Platforms” that Americans didn’t get to approve. 
They pick the candidates we get to pick from in the end, and should we want to pick a maverick they didn’t pick, well, they will just destroy the person. What we are left are the barrel scrapings of two despot parties. If they can’t have it their way legitimately, well….they just go ahead and cheat. In fact, they don’t even care if we know they cheat. They are that depraved.
They hand us a plate of crap for candidates, send out their minions to call it ice cream, when in fact, it’s still just a plate of crap. Try as they might, they just can’t hide the fact that you can’t polish a turd no matter how many TV ads and speeches are created and read from a teleprompter.
I myself have gone to the pollsin November one too many times since the year 2000, finding myself  literally forced to choose among Awful, Terrible and Horrible candidates. I myself am sick and tired of voting for Awful because I’m glad he’s not Terrible, and in some cases, I have even been forced to vote for Terrible just because Terrible isn’t Horrible. I am tired of  holding my nose and voting for people I don’t trust, people I know are liars, cheaters and thieves,  and people I wouldn’t trust with my wallet. I am tired of being forced to choose people who aren’t as good  or as smart or as honest as so many other people I know. I am tired of the cheating and the complete lack of honesty and integrity I can get from others who would never be allowed by party dictators and crackpots to make it to a ballot line.
Have you noticed that, time and again, whenever people become excited about a sensible candidate who acts like a public servant both before and after power has been bestowed, we find our hopes dashed, because if that person bucks the system, the system will spit that candidate out as quickly as possible – with the help of our corrupt media, of course. For many of us, we recognize this pattern as exactly what happened to Hillary Clinton — and believe us when we tell you, “New Democratic Party,” we have not forgotten and we have not forgiven you for this mistake you KNOW you have made. We know who you are and we do NOT support you. Just so you know we are onto this year’s bullshit, which smells a lot like the last election season’s bullshit. Conversely, the Republicans are foolish enough to imagine we will fall right into their waiting arms so they can screw us instead.
I have said it enough times and I still believe it: Many people will be staying home in November because they can no longer participate in their own victimhood at the hands of these two horrendous parties.
So many people are sick and tired of listening to raw bullshit on the campaign trail only to settle in to the reality that it doesn’t matter any longer who we vote for, their website goals will change, and they will turn on us the minute they are sworn in.
We know in our gut that we didn’t have a thing to do with picking the ‘choices,’ to begin with, and it no longer matters whose box we check, one of these lying bastards will get elected and stick it up America’s ass for gain. It’s a never-ending reality and America doesn’t like it. Name me one person you know who is thrilled with the choices of mediocre people we have been repeatedly forced to choose from,  while we labor over which one of these smarmy bastards will take America to hell at the slowest rate? Is this what we are here for? To pretend we are actually still a free Republic when in fact, we are living under a forced system whereby real leaders are destroyed?
Yup. We need a third party. Everybody seems to agree.  The problem is, the very same people who have hijacked our two parties and taken chances apiece ruining America and ruining us,  actually think that third party should be even FURTHER to the right or left, while the rest of us are stuck listening to yet some more of their domineering  ideological and unrealistic crappola that threatens the last remaining vestiges of our Republic.
We need  that third party and The Two-Party System won’t let us have one. This is because they already know that, at this snapshot in time, if we could force None Of  The Above to appear on every ballot in the USA in November, none of these clowns would win.

See you on Ground Hog Day again, November 6, 2012. Don’t expect much, because nothing will change except the date. Me? I am no longer willing to vote for my oppressors no matter how they package their bullshit. I’m done with them all.


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    No need to tell you I agree 150%! We will never ever be allowed a third party- as the two despicable crackpot parties own the primary system.
    Nonetheless, just to piss them off today, I am writing in Hillary Rodham Clinton, voting for the single woman on the ballot for state office (of course, nobody knows she is running. Not one ad for her, no yard signs, nothing- cuz the big boys- including Rendell, threw the party machine and money behind the penis endowed candidate) She did however, get the only endorsement that matters to me. Bill Clinton. For the rest?
    No woman, not vote. NONE OF THE ABOVE!

  2. But if we don’t vote at all, aren’t we laying the basis for of losing the right to vote at all? If they hold an election and nobody shows up, why continue holding elections? I can’t agree that not voting is the smart thing to do, much as I respect your intelligence, Uppity.
    I think perhaps the answer is for massive abandonment of both parties to empower the independents, to elect only independents on all levels of government. Maybe that’s where we are heading. The Independents grew a lot after 2008, I don’t know what the current numbers are.
    Speaking personally, I remained in the Democratic Party after they shafted Hillary for one bitter reason. I want them to think they can count on me so that I can betray them at every opportunity. It’s my little revenge. But when I get tired of that petty game, I suspect I’ll be heading away from both parties. And since I don’t think I’m much different from other people, maybe that’s the trend?
    And what do you think of Americans Elect? I don’t know what to think of that group.

  3. Uppity, you must be exhausted from this rant! Wow! You hit them all!
    I, too, am tired of voting for “awful” to keep “terrible” for winning. The Far RIght and the Far Left help ruin both parties. The pandering is out of control and blatant. And a common theme is controlling women.

  4. A most excellent rant! And @PMM….yay! Vote Hillary Day!!! I am am voting vicariously for Hillary through you!!!!

  5. islander, I will prepare your Punishments for disagreeing with me.

    I shall crate my dog up and mail her to her. She needs grooming and has burdock stuck to her hind quarters. I don’t need to tell you that she is very expensive to groom, due to the fact that she 1)has enough fur to sink the Queen Mary and 2) is bigger than a bread box.

    Good luck with this.

  6. Seriously though, I wouldn’t dream of telling someone else not to vote. I am just sick of doing it when I know I hate who I’m voting for. It’s kind of like dating someone who abuses you. Sooner or later, you walk away or die.

    I will probably vote for Jill Stein, although I am not pleased with environmental zealotry. I have always rejected extremism, my entire life. Still, she is the ONLY candidate who came out and said she wants the ERA passed and she will protect women’s rights to their own lives. She won’t win because the system and its poodle press will make sure she won’t get the press–and corporate ‘persons’ won’t be funding her so she won’t have the money to compete against Barack who pretends he gets his money from small donors and Mitt who gets his money from the same people Barack gets his money from, except maybe for Hamas. Every day that barack blows The Brotherhood, I find him more objectionable and more anti-woman. Every day that the Republicans try out another woman-hobbling law, I find them more objectionable. Roseann Barr is simply crazy. All you have to do is read her tweets and, frankly I wish I had $1000 every time she tells one of her followers they are an idiot or a moron. I myself tweeted her one of my satirical ‘death by fire vs. death by drowning’ remarks and she took it literally, calling me “another typical mind-control victim”. She’s every inch the angry dull-normal asshole she is painted as. I am always leery of the IQ of a person who doesn’t get satire and has no sense of humor. Clearly, anything funny she has ever done was written for her.

    I would prefer writing Hillary in but I am very leery of the write in system, because in so many states, that vote goes to “the democrat” in the race. I have no idea where a write in vote lands in my state and I suspect most people have no idea as well. I wouldn’t want it to benefit one of the clowns at the top of the line.

  7. PMM et al –
    Check to see if a write-in for Hillary won’t be awarded to the Democrat on the ticket

    That’s how it works in N.Y.

    Although I love this slap in the face as well as the next guy, I refuse to have my protest vote awarded to a fraud.

  8. UW: WONDERFUL as always, I love when you speak for all of US-

    I cannot see me voting in this coming election either, but I’m going to give Mittens a chance as long as he picks the RIGHT VP——

    If not, I will not be attedning the election this year, I may barely WATCH the f&&King thing-will be lurking

  9. islander, Americans Elect is an online game. It’s not a legitimate way to pick a president, so it’s just for show and cannot have any useful impact. It is also controlled by Individuals as all websites are, specifically democrats, I think. And it’s a bit of an embarrassment to see once again how unambitious hillary followers are as a Collective, and how little they are capable as a massive voting block of coming together as One. Hillary should have Seven figures of votes but, she has a drizzle vote count. It’s kind of embarrassing. I have yet to see even one Hillary petition that doesn’t have an embarrassing number of signatures. This is a characteristic which Obots collectively enjoy: You put a petition up for him and the signature count is humongous. You see an online poll and there they are, doing what they do best: Voting as often as possible. They are willing to to come together as One to make that happen. I have never seen this with Hillary voters. What I see is smatherings of Hillary supporters going off in different directions, and far too many people declaring themselves leaders when nobody wants to follow. The result is always a watered-down support group. I find it disheartening In 2008, the struggle for leadership between far too many people, including men who are always right there on the wagon when it comes to Taking Charge of women, was a defeatist quality of the Hillary movement. From all the people on the internet, I personally found two people I would consider following, and I made that decision based on their marketing, communications and leadership skills…. and they too got lost in the noise. Who said women don’t have ego problems when the rubber meets the road?

  10. Anthony, exactly my point of why I won’t write her in. Write ins in many states are a screw job to the person and the vote ends up in the vote count of the very person you can’t stand.

  11. The only exception to write in votes is when the write in name is registered to be on the ballot. As with what happened in Alaska. Say what you want, but Murkowski showed the world that it Can Be Done. It was the ultimate middle finger to a controlled system. she made history. Hillary could make history that way but she chooses not to participate.

  12. Uppity, I’d rather you mount the crate on your car and drive your monster dog to me — I’m an expert burr-picker. Experience matters. Which reminds me: call me a fool but I’m still hoping for a miracle. The islanders (all 4 of us) are sporting “Draft Hillary” and “Hillary 2012” bumper stickers. Recently, in a parking lot, I happened to high five a “voice” in the Dem Party. She saw the bumper, her eyes lit up like headlights and her finger pointed vigorously as she exclaimed , “Draft HIllary! Where did you get THAT?!” And then she opened a new topic, but I was very aware that she was composing some kind of mental memo about that sticker.

  13. Anthony and Uppity- it is a foregone conclusion that teh fraud will “win” PA- and my vote is strictly a protest. When the votes are counted tonight- the (mostly) women who run the sheet from the machine and the “party” people here in our county will be FORCED to see it- and they will remember. And being as how this is a small town, (read bitter clingerville) they will talk amongst themselves. And possibly their neighbors. And maybe even at the faux convention where they formally award that fraud PA’s delegates.
    I am with Uppity- I am sick unto death of voting for bad, worse or worst. It is like committing suicide. Which “the church” says is a big fat no no lol.
    I am very very bad at following blindly along. Very bad. I ask too many questions and I question bullshit. They can not (yet) force me to vote as instructed.
    Too bad more Americans don’t see that our so called voting system is no better than Russia or any other country where only the party approved candidates get on the ballot. In my mind it is EXACTLY the same. What the hell good is a choice, if Big Brother is telling you what choices appear on the ballot? That is like telling children they can choose which vegetable they want with dinner- peas and carrots or carrots and peas. The children hate them both- but hey they get to “choose” right?
    Sorry- rant over now.

  14. Here are the write in rules by state. Check your state before you write Hillary’s name in and end up giving another vote to Barack Obama!

  15. islander, in case you haven’t figured me out yet, if there were no room in the car for my dog and humans, a human would be riding on the roof, not the dog.

  16. Upps, if you would put humans on the roof of the car before dogs on it, then does it follow that you’d put humans on the plate before dogs too!


  17. I’m here for the ice cream, not the shit. Please.

  18. Great rant Upps although I personally disagree about not voting. I have vowed never to vote for an incumbent no matter party or how good other precieved them to be. It is my new rule to voting no imcumbents ever. Many I know are going this way so that maybe we can send the message to them we are in charge of your future once you accept working for us. Don’t know that this will necessarily work even if everyone got on board with the plan but I do know what we do now sure as heck isn’t working.
    It is so dead on about the extremism in this country. I mean I can not even purchase colered toilet paper these days, think back , we used to now you get a choice between white 80 grit sandpaper or white silk smear it everywhere stuff.
    You have to use a helmet , seat belt, goggles you name it and some one is there to make sure you do. I still subscribe to the fact it is my life and if I want to toss it away by being wreckless then shut the hell up.
    I may not agree with how one lives but I have the right to turn away but I never had the right to force you to live as I thought you should.
    It was however inevitable that we as a nation would go this way and it is also true that each of us is as guilty as the other. Whenever we as a one feel passionate about something say, animals, kids whatever it is we tend to push for change in the way things are done and that will eventually lead to a law.
    Mitt tossed his dog in a carrier on top of his car. Years back it was a norm and folks allowed dogs and kids to ride in the back of trucks . Some folks cried OMG and laws were struck.
    We have changed in this country but it is of our own doing. At least that is how I see it. I read several blogs and follow several political forums daily and I see it all over. Demanding we have a law for this or demanding government control that or fix this. No longer does Joe Q. Citizen accept that they have a responsibility to take care of themselves and if they do not it is their issue not the publics. Bad things happen to good people it is a fact and not by their own doing either however when these things happened folks used to be there to aid them. Now they do not and why ? Because they fear a lawsuit or they expect the government to do it.
    I have often heard you say ” No good deed goes unpunished” and darn if that isn’t true. We are now all suffering for all the good deeds we have asked our leaders to favor us with. We are now all stuck with the mess we made and with two parties that now no longer give a rats hind quarters about us or our country they care about their war chests and their families only and how much they can glean from us using our own laws against us.

  19. Utah, I admittedly rode in the back of a truck plenty of times when I was a kid. Today they would arrest your parents for that.

  20. Karen, only if I could serve them with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  21. Yes and as I say we actually did this to ourselves. I rode in the back of a truck and also rode my kids around in one. I also rode my bike out on streets in Los Angeles and took some nasty spills going winging down hills now rather then mom say well you knew better didn’t you , you have said mom trying to sue the bike manufacture or the city because little Johnny rotten is not at fault the city engineers are for not leveling a hill or the bike maker is for not installing safety devices that would lock it up and not allow it to go down a hill.
    My point is we as a whole asked the crap on the hill to change the way we lived and this is what we have gotten. We as a whole gave them the means to have all this power and they grabbed it and ran with it.
    We should have never accepted a welfare system or social security or any other means of government handling our finances or taking care of us. We meesed up when we wanted the people to elect senators rather then them be appointed by governors and work for their state only. I can see tons of things we as a whole have done since the original way this nation ran and we demanded change and now we are not at all happy with it. I really do not see us ever going back to a country that was founded on freedom.

  22. One more thing Uppity. Jon Huntsman is a nice fellow and he is right we do need a third party but as a leader me personally I think he is no different then what we have. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Remember I lived here when he ran this state and we are still trying to undo some of his mess. He talked a good talk but he walked a walk to his own drummer too. He got into the Governors seat and forgot why he was put there or who put him there and ran with the business’ and the church and what they wanted.

  23. Point taken, Utah, still he came out and said what needs to be said so people like me could hitch a ride on it! That’s because he has nothing to lose now.

    There’s something to be said for people who have nothing to lose in a filthy political environment. You never know what you can find out from them that otherwise would remain hidden.

  24. On another happier subject. Garden is going to be planted today. I have enough mason jars to cover the basement lol and I am up and ready. They are predicting bumper crops of fruit up north of me this year and I intend to buy several busshels of peaches, pears, plums and any other thing that seems good and can it. I plan on having several years supply canned this year or frozen. At least I know what I have in my canned or frozen things. Spent the entire week last week tearing out lawn and putting in huge gardens. Can not see what good grass does a person it is only fitting to mow or feed goats neither of which I want to do. I kept enough lawn to make the ront yard look good but the rest is garden. Might plant some flowers for looks and hide my herbs around it. Chopped down several trees last fall and stacked them for firewood and put in cherry, apple, apricot and peach trees. Still need to get a pear, necterine, and plum. If I have trees I want the type that shade and produce. My way is to butcher my own meat and can my own food. Son and I are tagged for deer and elk this year so all I need to do is strike a deal with a good farmer here to get a beef. I want a free range mountain roaming beefer too not fed with the crap they feed them these days. Not hard to find here.
    I scored big on a neighbors tree. It is or was an apple and he cut it down to plant a dumb pine tree but I got the wood. So I have a ton of good wood to feed my smoker. Anyone know where I can get a good pig ? lol. I love to smoke my own pork or some fish. Yummmm.

  25. The thing that annoys me about Huntsman is he finds a way to bring China into every conversation. I want to say “Ok, we get it, you are an expert on that, enough already” – that said, I know Huntsman and Johnson didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell but they were my two favorites of this years crop of crap candidates.

  26. Donor wants kidney back from boss who later fired her. Jesus, what an ingrate.

  27. Yes KFC he does. After he screwed up Utah he jumped ship here and left the Governorship to run off and be ambassador to China when Obama came a calling. He did not finish out his term here and he knew he was toast in Utah.
    When he was running for President he knew he did not have a snow balls chance in hell of getting Utahs vote.
    When many held SP accountable for leaving the Governorship before the term was finished they still accepted that Huntsman was a good enough guy. Remember this when you think of him. He left the Huntsman center for something else, ( job incomplete) left the Governorship for ambassador ( job incomplete) and left the Ambassadorship for running for president ( job incomplete) . Now how many trust him to do a good job and more over finish what he started before moving on to the next dream ?

  28. Listen to interview with Anita Finlay. Ignore that it’s being done by a right wing hypocrite who has amnesia over what Republicans did to Hillary for 15 years. Anita was fabulous.

  29. have to move my desk, will listen——-no one else is around YET—

  30. OKAY GANG, We have to pick a date certain for a book review thread. It cannot be a weekend, as there is not full traffic, period. Sorry. However, we can do a Friday and it will be up on Saturday for those who want to join. The thing is, Anita’s book’s official launch date is now, so we do not have all that much time to play with. Ideally,I would like it to be THIS friday if it’s going to be a friday.

    is this okay? Once we go to next week, we are no longer very timely and that’s the truth.

  31. My homework is complete lol. Friday works for me.

  32. Awesome interview !!!!!!!!!
    Yes you did speak for me. I totally agree that no matter party or lifestyle women are treated with bias and I loved the part where you brought up the lady who said Tiger Woods ought to be taken out into the back alley and got fired for it but when they said it about Hillary or any woman you get crickets.
    This is the message I have been trying to get out that regardless of politics women need to stand up and defend each other. I have said it before that I was not a backer of Hilary politically but I came in to support her because of the treatment she got. I fought for her not to win an election but for her right to run and speak her mind without the smears and being asked what Bill thought.
    Hilary is a very strong and smart lady and ought to be treated as such as well as Sarah. I think Sarah held her self well when she had to endure awful attacks on her family too. Sadly this is why we have no strong women leaders . We are kept in our place. I wish women would ask the question ” if I were male would you have asked me that “, I wish we would stand up and ask them when they comment on our clothes or looks why they ask.
    Great job Ani

  33. Friday works for me!!

  34. . . . Truly, if campaigns were to be honest, every candidate would wear patches and logos all over themselves and everything they own – like they do at NASCAR.

    Awesome rant! And I’m sending the above quote to everyone in my address book. I just wish I didn’t have to work so that I could be here all the time.
    (going back to work now)

  35. Thanks, utahwoman. although it may have seemed odd to be doing an interview there, Mark Gillar, the host, was completely gracious and brought up topics to give me an opportunity to raise my platform on the things I wanted to talk about.

    I encourage everyone to listen to it. I had a great time! I guarantee you he was a lot more gracious than some I could name would probably be- and I’m sure you can figure out who I am talking about!

    Uppity – thanks for linking this here — and great rant!!

    Since today is my official book launch, I am headlocked to the computer forwarding my website, reviews, facebook author page and twitter account to anyone who will listen to pump up sales today!!/AnitaFinlay

    Many thanks to you all for your amazing support!

  36. Great interview, Ani. You were on fire.

    Upps, I work a goofy schedule and have no internet use allowed at work. I can participate before and after work though. Any day you chose we will make it work out somehow. Socalannie wanted another week extension if possible. Others might need time.

    What did happen to NES, btw. We’ve lost a few regulars that I am fond of over the years and each one is missed. I felt awful when Ms. Pie was gone – glad she’s back!

    off to daddy’s mill… in honor of John Edwards…. ha ha ha.

  37. great post Upps. 🙂

  38. wonderful interview ANI—–I believe we have found UW the 2nd–

    You girls (women) are awesome

  39. Ani I was glad to hear you on his show. Got to say I highly doubt many would allow you to say much. That is why for the most part I stopped listening to talk radio or tv. They get a great guest on with something important to say and all you hear is their loud mouths and opinions never does the guest get a chance. Honestly I wonder why so many agree to be a guest on these shows. I think Mark showed just as much class in this interview as you did. I will listen to this again. For the most part when given a link for something to listen to I opt out because of the format of host over shouting or cutting a guest speaker off or to ribbons. Bill O’Riely comes to mind as does Alan combs but I am sure I could write all day and not get them all named. I am going to link this interview to some forums I go to including a conservative one who seem to have gotten women to forget their place. By that statement I mean their place as equals not subhumans.

  40. And for whatever it is worth, the gentleman who interviewed me today also wants a third party.

  41. What did happen to NES, btw. We’ve lost a few regulars that I am fond of over the years and each one is missed….”

    Karen, I was lost and now I’m FOUND. Missed you too..XO. Missed ALL the GreatRoom, of course, and its most exacting HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST!

    Reporting to home-base, gang…having been corraled in the Twitterverse by the intrepid MOM and her purple whip. Punishments will be accepted.

  42. Wow! Can’t wait to hear the Finlay inteview.

  43. But, Utah, Jon’s so cuute. (Actually, I’m sick of his prissiness. He needs to get on his Mittens and fight the good fight against the Dog-Eater; either that or he should join the latter’s crew.)

  44. Nice to know you understand The Power, NES.

  45. Yeah lol Ani,he wants a third party further to the right. lol.

  46. Let’s seeeeeeeeee.
    What shall NES’ punishments be.

  47. Great rant UW!!!!

    Great interview Ani!!!!

  48. My grandma said you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit.

  49. link to Anita’s interview is above, NES.

  50. Good on ya, Mom. I trust you’ve assured yourself that any write-in of Hillary in PA won’t be given to OFraud; yes?

  51. Nice to know you understand The Power, NES.

    I am ALWAYS conscious of and beholden to The Power.

  52. Yep Upps, I’ve saved the link for later ‘hearing.’

  53. NES — wait til you hear this interview — you will get a kick out of it…

    UW, actually I spoke with him one on one for a half hour before the interview and another half after — you might be surprised where he is at.

  54. Wow Upps, that’s quite a rant.

    Listen, the two-party system isn’t going to cede power or privileged status. We have to take it from them. So, for starters, everyone here who continues to be registered with either party should register as independent (or, as we say in Calif., “Decline to State”). Falling party-registration numbers will get the message across loud and clear. Do it now, please.

  55. Ani, can’t wait to hear it either. Thanks for ‘putting’ yourself out there. I know it’s not easy, but, thankfully for us, you have COURAGE in ample supply.

  56. Yep — working to up the visibility. It’s a job.

  57. I intend to vote for Jill Stein. No, her positions don’t all align exactly with mine, but I’m not voting for her on the issues. I am voting for her as the “None of the Above” party. If somehow Roseanne Barr happens to win the Green Party nomination, then I’ll vote for her. I don’t care if she says wingnutty things. See above, re: “None of the Above.” This is the only way I can register None of the Above. This is the only means I have of making my voice heard, of being a real data point.

    Voting for Romney is just as pointless as voting for Obama. Same guy, same party, different name, different party name. Sorry NES, registering Independent doesn’t pack nearly the same punch as voting Independent.

    If everybody who is disenchanted with their party voted for the Green party, those other two parties would lose. Perhaps then they’d get the message: We don’t like your game and we’re not playing it anymore. Even if the Green Party candidate doesn’t win–if they got just 20% of the votes–someone would notice. Hopefully, the ones who notice are the people themselves–might realize we really do have some power here.

    So that’s my bottom line: Green Party = None of the Above = a counted data point of dissatisfaction.

  58. NES, I like to stay registered as D because it gives them a false sense of numbers security. I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire, but far at they are concerned, I’m theirs.

  59. NES Ani’s a great extemporaneous speaker. The kind we like.

  60. I’m listening to Ani’s interview with Mark Gillar and the first thing that struck me is that he’s the second right-winger I’ve heard owning the bitter clinger moniker. Hey, Tea party, that’s US! Not you!

  61. Ani, I just finished listening to your interview. You did a wonderful job! You are so fluid with your thoughts and words.

  62. Great rant Uppity. Don’t know how to correct the problem aside from voting out incumbants. There certainly seems little enough difference between Bush and O except that O is infinately worse. I listened to Ani’s interview and loved it. Working on the book.

  63. Uppity Friday sounds great! 🙂 😉 Just a suggestion…. How about hitting Greta with a bunch of Emails to promote Ani and her wonderful book? Just a thought…. 🙂 😉

  64. I see NES has returned after her absence. Good. Very very good.

    Just had to come by and let you all know that one of the young(er) kool-aid drinkers from my FaceBook world just posted this

    To top it off, I flipping’ forgot to vote.

    may they all “forget” in November!

  65. Oh and about getting rid of my D registration- alas- here in PA you must have a party affiliation to vote in primaries. They should be going slightly insane about now- cuz they are reading Hillary Rodham Clinton and I voted for Ms Kane as well.
    For the rest I wrote in “No Woman, No Vote”
    and for delegates, the only choices were delegates committed to Obama, so I wrote in “None of the Above”

    Screw them – I want them to realize that I am an old coalition Democrat and I call their bs.

  66. may they all “forget” in November!

    Amen to that, Mom.

  67. OT – cat lovers – I need advice.

    I think one of my cats is constipapted. It’s dawning on me that every time I see her lately she is in one litter box or another looking like she can’t do anything. How do you unconstipate a cat?????

  68. Well,cats. One of my kittehs has this problem, so per the Vet, I started mixing about 1/8 teaspoon of Miralax in her food twice a day. After many months, I have been able to slightly lessen the amount. Miralax has fixed the problem.

  69. This is a pretty good explanation of why Edwards should not have been criminally charged — and why his prosecution is ‘political.’

    (That said, he should be put in the stocks in the public square and pelted with rotten tomatoes.)

  70. Thank you so much, Ladies and Gents, for the kind feedback.

  71. Anyone read Johnny boyz words concerning his mistress today?

    ‘She’s a crazy slut’: John Edwards ‘launched verbal attack on mistress when he found out she was pregnant’, claims ex-aide

    Was ‘very angry’ when he found out about Hunter’s pregnancy

    Said there was only ‘one-in-three chance’ it was his

    Interesting words to hear coming from the man that would take the POTUS position in a heartbeat.

  72. Voting for Romney is just as pointless as voting for Obama. Same guy, same party, different name, different party name. Sorry NES, registering Independent doesn’t pack nearly the same punch as voting Independent.

    SophieCT, normally I’d agree with you on the tactic; but, not this cycle…I can’t risk Obama’s reelection.

  73. WLM – thanks. I will give that a try.

  74. NES, I agree with you. I won’t risk Obama’s reelection either. I will vote for Romney.

  75. I might add…it’s great to be back among friends.
    Chit…a commenter at the neighbor’s place dealt me a race-card. That, to me, is an intolerable tactic; end of my debate with her.

    Interesting, isn’t it, that the supposedly ‘post-racial President’ has so exacerbated black/non-black race relations. Everything racially divisive that has happened in the wake of the Trayvon-Zimmerman incident must be laid at Obama’s door. It can all be traced to his incendiary words at that press conference in the Rose Garden. Bastage.

  76. NES. I followed that thread at the neighbor’s place. Yep, you became a “racist.”

  77. cats. A healthy dose of Laxatone.

    I am assuming you are sure it’s intestinal and not a bladder issue, because if it’s a bladder issue, VET ASAP.

  78. Casper, Anita says her publicist is working the Greta angle.

  79. We see this quite differently. I see electing Romeney as an equal risk, perhaps wors. Equal, because he is the same core-less empty suit as Obama. Worse because if you are successful, Republicans will take it as a sign that people like their Christian Taliban policies and as consent to access to our orifices.

    Remove the risk and go all out to convince folks on both sides and neither side of the aisle to go None of the Above.

    While I think the revenge would be sweet, I didn’t serve this country to give it up to asswipes.

  80. Uppity… GREAT!!! Please let her publicist know what we can do to help… I know for a fact Greta reads her mail everyday and throughout the day… 🙂 maybe, just a little heads up prowl??? Just thinking on how we can get some great exposure for Ani and her great book…. 🙂 😉 Great Post Uppity! 🙂 😉

  81. Casper cat — thank you — I will ask her how she wants to handle this —
    but I think putting mentions in her emails, as if to other readers and/or to her about what you think of the book would certainly help!

  82. …ps. — as long as it is focused on the issue of rampant misogyny and empowering women — not focused on Obama at all…

  83. “It’s dawning on me that every time I see her lately she is in one litter box or another looking like she can’t do anything.”
    Are you sure she is passing urine?….very common behavior for urinary tract obstruction…Obstruction more likely with male cats but can happen with females. If it’s a urinary problem, it’s an urgent situation for the cat.

  84. How very very strange- results not in for PA yet? Even my county- which normally posts results by 9 on a primary night. No news coverage and the state page says less than 20% reporting. Hmmmm

  85. PMM: It’s your ballot–it has them all confused and held up the whole precinct!

  86. Ok – the cat is going to the vet 🙂
    Thanks to all !!!

  87. Cat, let us know how things go with the vet visit.

  88. Wow Sophie are you serious you would vote for Rosanne ? God forbid a case like that would ever make it into the election much less win it. Someone like that would be sure fire that women never get elected to anything for another 200 + years. I totally disagree with you here. I will vote for a woman but only if said woman is going to lead and further getting women into positions of power . I will not vote for them just because they are female. A nutcase like Barr would be a sure fire way to set us back to the stone age.

  89. behind the penis endowed candidate

    AKA, the clitoris/vagina/ovary/uterus/fallopian tube DEFICIENT candidate! ROFL

  90. Yeah, I liked Jon Huntsman.

    I like how UW pointed out that so many of us want a third party, but some who want that third party want it to be a winger party.

    We want a centrist, normal party! THAT would be a “big tent” party!

  91. Utah, you didn’t get my point. I thought I appropriately qualified my statements, but apparently not. I am saying that we are deluding ourselves if we think either Romney or Obama are presidential material, good for the country, reasonable candidates, or otherwise worthy. I say God forbid either a Democrat or a Republican get elected.

    Here’s a fact: if we don’t vote for someone else, one of those two guys will be the next president.

    Here’s a projection. The next presidential race will be just like this one, but worse and the one after that will be strikingly similar, but even worse and ….

  92. Maddy Albright on Jon Stewart right now!

  93. – I don’t have time right now to read all the comments;
    – I can’t imagine this link hasn’t been posted here;
    – I often tend to do things “just in case”,
    – in that spirit I also posted at pumapac, facebook, and facebook (I have two accounts there);
    – apologies if you’ve already been informed

    Anita Findlay’s conversation / interview / discussion on blog talk radio ( you can listen to the replay as well). interview! Ani is GREAT!, actually, Ani is the goodest greatest! 😉

    PS Ani, I LOVE your accent. Makes me feel sorta homesick but mostly it’s comforting because of the familiarity of it.

  94. DWP — that is so sweet! Thank you! You know, when I lived in NYC, nobody thought I was from there. I think my accent is more pronounced having been away for so many years….

  95. Ani has an accent??

  96. Reporting to home-base, gang…having been corraled in the Twitterverse by the intrepid MOM and her purple whip

    Indeed you were! I signed into my account and the screen just kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling…although I had to put my two cents worth in on the swimming pool thing.

  97. Don’t eat the beef:

    And do any of you know if you can d/l the interview with Ani?

  98. To answer me above: Yes you can d/l the show. Now I can play it in winamp.

  99. WOW!!! Well said Uppity, great post.

  100. Sophie I got your point but if we vote a bad woman in won’t that be just as if not worse harmful ? Me I am going with Romney it again is the lesser of two evils and until a good working plan is established or someone with merrit steps up I guess I will stick to my no imcumbents ever again plan.

  101. Great rant Upps. I’ve had the same thoughts about Jill Stein btw.
    Friday is a great idea for our new book club; start on Fri, finish on Sat. Like either this or next Friday.

  102. Just finished listening to Ani’s latest interview. Great job, Ani!

    You know, I always think how it must be so helpful to have that actress experience, it must help a person be comfortable talking on air.

    But I realized, listening to the interview, you have way more skill than that behind you – you’re speaking extemporaneously. You’re not Obama reading a teleprompter, you’re Hillary with a huge fund of knowledge in your head!

  103. Thanks, Lorac. Interviewing is an acquired skill. One I am still working on. It takes a while to figure out how to breathe with the pace of the interviewer, yet still take control of the discussion. Also, doing a phone interview is odd — much easier being face to face. Mark Gillar was most gracious and really gave me space to say my piece.

  104. I wonder if it might be helpful, on the Ani-book discussion thread this or next Friday (I’m not sure which was decided on), if the links to the two different interviews she’s had so far are included – that way, anyone who hasn’t heard them, can find them easily – if that might help people add to their discussion of reading the book!

  105. CNN Don Lemon rips Obama a new one.
    You should see the disgusting hate mail/tweets and slurs that are now coming his way for what was a very polite broadcast.

    Hey, Don, welcome to Juan Williams’ world….NPR gave him quite the rude awakening also.

  106. Ani said: You should see the disgusting hate mail/tweets and slurs that are now coming his way for what was a very polite broadcast.
    Oh I hope NES retweeted them so I can see.

  107. Obviously Don Lemon is……..racist.

  108. Obviously Don Lemon is……..racist.

    Yeah…(sneer) and he’s gay too!

  109. Yup, Fredster. Well done.

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