The United States of Pravda

The fourth estate is the public press, referred to as a collective and encompassing photographers, journalists, television broadcasters, and radio announcers, among others. Many people generally agree that the fourth estate has immense political and social power, thanks to the fact that the press can be used to shape societies while imparting news of note and commentary of interest. Because the fourth estate is recognized as such an important body, many nations have laws which protect the rights of the press, ensuring that citizens have access to reporting on matters of interest and of note.

The origins of the term “the fourth estate” are best explained within the context of the medieval “estates of the realm.” In medieval society, three “estates” were formally recognized: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners. Each estate had a very distinct social role and a certain level of power, and the idea of the estates of the realm became so entrenched in European society that it still lives on, to some extent, although society is far more egalitarian today.

In the middle of the 19th century, people began referring to the press as a fourth estate, referencing the fact that most parliaments and other houses of government had an area set aside specifically for the use of the press, and pointing out that the press was a distinct group within the larger framework of the realm.

I’ve been very distressed in recent years about the condition of our “fourth estate”.  I had been raised to think of reporters as people who objectively reported what was happening in the world.  Additionally, I thought one of their primary roles was to keep an eye on our government.  After all, the Soviet Union had a press that promulgated propaganda (catch that alliteration? lol); their job was to convince people that the party line was the truth.   The name of the Russian newspaper, Pravda, actually means “truth” in Russian, and yet that newspaper was for many years widely considered a purveyor of propaganda.  But here in America, it’s different!  The press here protects us by being willing to fact-check the government and hold it accountable, and we in turn protect them by ensuring a free press.

Then came Bush’s rush to war – and the media was right there with  him.  I’d read an article here or there that said inspections hadn’t been allowed to be finished, or that claims by government spokespeople had been shown to be inaccurate – but the main thrust of reporting was basically cheerleading Bush and not addressing these other claims.

Of course, besides rarely holding the government accountable any longer, the press also seems to have become a willing partner in the distraction of the populace with inane subject matter.

Then Obama ran for president, and we all know the media’s shameful role in that.  They didn’t do their job of vetting him, and now that he’s president, there are only now, 3.5 years into his term, a few voices starting to speak out about his inexperience and incompetence. During the election the media spent their time vilifying Hillary, taking her words and those of Bill out of context, and choosing to represent Hillary with the most unflattering photos they could find.  They had an agenda – and it was not to present objective information!

The press has certainly let us down.  We’ve come a long way from “watchdog journalism” (bolding mine):

The role of a watchdog journalist can be that of a protector or guardian. The role of a watchdog journalist as a guardian is to supply the citizens with information they must have “to prevent the abuse of power” and “warn citizens about those that are doing them harm”.  In order to conduct their role as a watchdog journalists need to have a certain distance to the powers and challenge them, as opposed to “propagandist” journalists, who are loyal to a country’s ruling powers and elites. Because of the power distance and its overseeing function, watchdog journalism often officiates as the fourth estate or is used in the context of that term. The array of topics for watchdog journalism is wide and includes “personal scandals, financial wrongdoing, political corruption, enrichment in public office, and other types of wrongdoing”.

Watchdog journalism can lead to the successful resignation of power holders. A well-known example is Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein‘s reporting on the Watergate scandal for The Washington Post and the subsequent resignation of U.S. president Richard Nixon in 1974. Another more recent example took place in the Philippines, where president Joseph Estrada was arrested and resigned in 2001. The daily newspaper Pinoy Times covered the case of Estrada till “the ouster of Estrada”.

From the bolding:  “In order to conduct their role as a watchdog, journalists need to have a certain distance to the powers and challenge them…”.  Gee, I guess that doesn’t fit in too well with governments and media sources being beholden to corporations and the agenda of those corporations!

And then we come to today.  People have different opinions on the Zimmerman/Martin situation, but I think we can all agree that the legal system is the appropriate place for this case to be decided, not in the court of public opinion.  But in this land of “innocent until proven guilty”, the media judged Zimmerman guilty as soon as the bullet went off.  And they have certainly done their job to fan the race war flames.  This is anything but responsible or ethical. As a matter of fact, I’m of the opinion that they have put many innocent people’s lives in danger.

What stands out most for me was the choice of photos they used to represent each man.  Zimmerman was portrayed by a 7-year-old photo showing him in an orange jail jumpsuit.  Martin was most commonly portrayed by a 5-year-old photo which showed the 6’3″ 17-year-old as a cherubic 12-year-old.  IMO, this was manipulation.  This was propaganda.  As I said, people have different opinions on this case, but it sure seems to me that the media have been complicit in advancing a certain storyline.  One that coincidentally benefits the current office holders in Washington in this year that is coincidentally an election year.

There are so many examples over the last decade of the media being anything but objective.  When our “fourth estate” devolves from watchdogs to Pravda, how are any of us safe?  Our “Pravda” may be getting their marching orders from Washington or they may be getting them from their corporate offices, but they’re certainly not serving US anymore….

We need a watchdog for the watchdogs.  We have to start demanding a higher standard from our media.

US Media:  All the news that’s fit to  print  slant…..

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  1. Great piece, Lorac. Most so called journalists have traded objectivity for access and 6 and 7-figure book deals.

    Who’s left?


  2. It’s lorac wednesday, Ani. The kudo is hers.

  3. Apologies! Corrected! Great piece, Lorac!

  4. Romney swept the Northeast primaries. I fully expect Sanatrium to make a statement saying it was a great night for himself an Onward and Upward for the Lord.

  5. You got it right Lorac!
    Uppity- sanitarypad was on CNN last night with that English guy- when asked if he would endorse mittens he hemmed and hawed. Was asked numerous times in various ways. He conceded Mitt would be better than barack- but clearly stated he thinks HE (sanitarypad) is the best man for the job.
    Still waiting on the full results from PA- a bunch of precincts supposedly not yet reporting. From what I can see, the woman running for AG, the one who had not one bit of support from the boyz club but snagged the Bill Clinton endorsement, is ahead. BWHAHAHAHA – the boyz must be so mad! We saw not one ad for this woman- and would not have known she was running if I had not looked up all the candidates on the net. She must have runs ads over Philly way is all I can think. All we got out here was a barroom brawl of tv ads between the approved penis endowed.(How she won in this district with no ads is an intriguing mystery.)

  6. the woman running for AG, the one who had not one bit of support from the boyz club but snagged the Bill Clinton endorsement, is ahead.


  7. Right on Lorac. The fourth estate is just a mouthpiece for the corporations that own them. We the people are really on our own. Journalists have been missing for a number of years. They were replaced with Senior News Analysts.

    PMM, Congratulations! Kane nailed it!

  8. Excellent piece! So very true! The funny thing is there are so called media watch dogs and they are just as slanted as the media they supposedly watch over

    Media Matters: a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media

    Newsbusters: Welcome to NewsBusters, a project of the Media Research Center (MRC), the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.

  9. media watch dogs

    It’s like in those insurance commercials with the “mayhem” guy–if you throw the watch dog a big enough bone, you can rob the house blind!

  10. Remember when the progressive blogosphere called themselves the “Reality-Based Community?”

    That was before Journolist.

  11. In the 90s, corporate America had this bogus internal auditing system, complete with “Obudsman”. You blew the whistle to the Ombudsman. It wasn’t long before employees figured out that nobody was watching the Ombudsman. His job was generally to report who the whistleblowers were. Beware of Watchdog organizations because nobody watches the watchdog. Our own government watchdog organization was recently in the news complete with videos made by them showing us how they fuck us very much, worse than the organizations they are supposed to be watching.

    When your system is so filthy, depraved, perverted and corrupted, there is no longer an incentive for honesty, integrity or truth. Unless you consider pain, loss of income, blacklists, and having your life ruined an incentive. However, joining in on the filth can be very lucrative. And that is where the USA is at.

  12. My grandmother used to say,

    “Money makes the blind see”.

    Do you not think the media and staff at the white house and congress do not know what they are partcipating in is wrong? However, my grandmother was right.

    Our system attracts people of No Conscience because people like that actually enjoy being malicious and dishonest for profit. As do Narcissists.

  13. Lorac, What media? Where is your ID? Where is your free speak permit?

    Myiq, yep, journolist changed everything. Two years after we knew all about it an obot family member insisted it wasn’t true and that I had fallen for a right wing conspiracy made up by glenn beck and fox news and angry hillary birthers…. I gloated as I showed him a quick sampling of major coverage on the subject on his own laptop and he sputtered in shock that it WAS true. btw – he is a Harvard Grad elite for obama.

  14. Consumer Index dropped five more points this morning.

    Must be Bush’s fault.

  15. off topic. Hillary Solis vs Sen Moran re: family farms.

  16. ACK, the vid won’t embed here… so here’s one from Fox on the subject but not as good as the direct confrontation.

  17. No time for regulation. Must. Focus. On. Vaginas.

  18. Perfect photo for this article, don’t you think? No sexual objectification here at all…

  19. Lorac,

    Great article! Journalism used to be a calling like education, medicine, law, etc. Now it is just a business, and a sordid one at that! Media outlets are in the hands of a few corporations that feel free to fill the airwaves and papers with their propaganda and to hell with the truth. What is the adage? In war, the truth is the first casulty…well the political aristocracy and the corporate class are at war with the middle class. In ten years, there will be no middle class–just the disenfranchised OWS types and the robber barons.

    The demise of our democracy is tied to the demise of the middle class.

  20. I had read an article a few years back regarding who owns the “media”- I can’t find the link but it was downright frightening- iirc- 7 or 8 families own almost all the “news” sources in the world. Nasty spider web they have- parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, in laws, aunts uncles- all working back to the same little cabal. Damn I wish I had that link.

  21. MOM, the buyouts of media by a few people is the DIRECT RESULT of deregulation. And these same fools want to do more of it. Deregulation has been nothing but a punishment for consumers in every single area of America. Before deregulation, the rules were very specific as to how man areas of the media one pig could own. This is not Capitalism this is a travesty. It’s the kind of CRONEY capitalism everbody talks about but nobody does anything about. Now our news is controlled by a few “good” men.

  22. PMM, the ads against Kane aired here in SWPA saying she’s a millionaire trucking executive – Kane is well-presented and, I think, won because she’s downright pretty. But she kicks off her presentation with remarks about the Jerry Sandusky cover-up that went on for 10 years as the result of weak prosecutorial ball-playing by now Governor Corbett. Central PA is Alabama Red State except for Penn State (State College) its student population is huge for the Democrats and carried the state for Obama in 2008. The battle is on.

  23. SWPAnnA- thanks we are out in the NW reaches of PA- about 100 miles north of Pittsburgh. We never saw one ad for the woman. Just the penis wars. I found out about Ms Kane by going and looking up the lists of candidates. Wonder why she just sort of left the Erie TV market completely out of her strategy?

  24. This is my local weather and news station. Funny for me to have bears all around me for the past few years after spending a lifetime in NYC. They were in my backyard in the fall. Giant piles of you-know-what right at my basement stairs.

  25. As for 4th Estate ownership, the media is owned by stockholders who want a return on investment. The logistics of printing, delivering and selling advertising in a newspaper are mind-numbing, but if anybody has uncovered survival techniques that should become a blueprint for malls, it’s the print media. I’ve found modern business to be a virtual revolving door of decision-makers who are no longer with their companies six months after you last sold them something. In my aerobics classes, people are losing their jobs after 20+ years with their companies and they were the pricks who helped get rid of their competent colleagues during the last round of layoffs.

  26. I need to go completely off topic here- hope you all understand. I need prayers for my brother Fred and his wife Mary. He was recently laid off and she is at Tufts in Boston today having a consult for dialysis and possibly putting her on the transplant list for a kidney. Any prayers and good thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

  27. Sorry to hear this Mom! I hope she does well with dialysis. Many do, so take heart. I’m thinking of you.

  28. Heathen, but very heartfelt, prayers for your brother and his wife, Mom. And, for your sister, Karen.

  29. Prayers being said Mom. :)


    I think Edwards should get the same punishment Scooter Libby got. Or Darth Cheney. And to what extent has the Edwards trial been a press case?

  31. Re: Edwards. I’d be happy if his dick just rotted and fell off.

  32. Hello my (((UPPITY’S)))


    MY GOD WOMAN-if you haven’t had about the shitiest damnest this year—HUGS HUGS HUGS———!!

    LORAC: Keep up the good work—I finished reading ANI’s BoOK–GOD HELP THESE people if I ever have MOOCHO MONEY (LOTTERY))) I will dedicate the rest of my Life to bringing them ALL down!! I know these are just words and dreams, but god help me I mean it—–

  33. Tomorrow’s my birthday. No presents have been delivered to my door as yet.

  34. Whoa! It’s Upps’ birthday on the morrow!! Where’s the pah-tay????

  35. Great Post !! The only way you will get the truth is to see it with your own eyes. The media is corporate owned and our elected officials most likely have huge share of stock in which corporation owns them.
    This also eradicates any chance of one getting a fair trial in this country either if the media decides to cover it.
    Take Zimmerman, he’s toast. Does not matter about what really went on he is toast.
    But then you see this isn’t put out nationwide and discussed on all the national stations. They pick their subject matter then hammer it to death until you as a viewer believe as they want you to do.
    Where is the fair and balanced or non bias ?
    I do not even listen to news these days. I get it on forums and blogs lol.
    I think you have to shelter yourself otherwise you too will be absorbed.

  36. Tomorrow’s my birthday. No presents have been delivered to my door as yet.

    Been traipsing all over upstate NY looking for that damn door. Lorac is no help. Following a trail of scat believed to belong to MK Bill…

  37. Oh now you’ve done gone and pissed Bill off, Sophie. He says he always buries his crap!

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UW: ( A DAY EARLY)–=-all you have to do is give us an address, and I’m sure you’d have all the gifts you could handle—–I love that you snark about not getting them though

    Sophie: we could probably get an address from bill, but UW would NEVER see a present–be Very suspicious

  39. Bill must be dicking around again using my name. I just got a pound of premium catnip delivered with a Happy Brithday card. Damned cat.

  40. Exactly michelina. If Upps won’t give us her darn address, how’re we supposed to send her prezzies.

    Btw, michelina, I hope the delivery came through for you. Yes?

  41. Mom, today my sister is going through breast cancer surgery. Reduction, removal of the area with cancer and reconstruction. Three part surgery – 4 doctors. She’s on the left coast in Portland, Oregon – yes, they are obots. But they are otherwise wonderful and very loving people.

    Prayers to PA for our siblings day.

    She was diagnosed on February 20th, it took this long to operate. Seems weird to me but she says there were reasons – the type is invasive but minimally so since it was caught early – just out of the ducts but still at first stage – etc.

    I would have wanted it gone by Feb. 21st.

    mom – my sister has medical insurance. They are retired but are covered well. That makes all the difference. Your brother isn’t working – are they covered? If not, it makes it all the more scary and a bigger burden.

    xxoo mom.

  42. *rings Upps front door bell and puts down a very ornate envelope*

    *runs through the back door and comes out with a box of food*

    Shusssh don’t tell upps the envelope contains gift certificate to Williams Sonoma so she can buy more stuff for cooking. I am so generous.

  43. If men had a “g spot” there would be museums dedicated to the thing. I guess they never figured out the complicated wimmens bits that they want to control and regulate. This goes well with Upps Adam and Eve joke:

  44. Adam Ostrzenski found a G spot in a cadaver of an 83 year old woman.

    Did he mount her or something after that, or what? I mean do you think this poor woman donated her body to science so Adam Ostrzenski could diddle with her vaginal area. Jesus Kerrrrrrist, men are such assholes.

    By the way, Adam, that old dead woman had no response, so how the fuck Do you know?

    A few weeks ago there was a huge article that a bunch of men scientists concluded that there was no such thing as a G Spot. Adam must be really pissing them off now.

  45. Adam must be hard up for a date with a live woman.

  46. I will give you all my address. Just send all Uppity’s birthday presents (I think she really wants money, lots of money) and I will make sure that they get to her. I am very trustworthy.

  47. LOL Honora,Bill spammed your ass methinks. He’s not letting you grab his presents.

  48. ROFL on the nip delivery. Did you check you credit card charges?
    Karen- prayers for your sister. They do have insurance- through her employment- but how long she will be able to continue to work is unknown.
    Michelina- indeed- this has been one unbelievable year- Sabrina, my mother in law, brother in law, brother, Koz- how much is enough? Ah well, guess we are at the age when every month without a loss is a gift.

  49. Edwards (according to Young’s testimony) was going to be the VP or Attorney General. This article isn’t very clear. more info needed. I certainly hope this trial dumps damage on BO.

  50. UW: I know I can Attest there is such a thing as ‘G” spot, All they have to do is F&&KING ask uS WIMMINZ—–or we are too Stupid??

    Or Slutty, if we do know—god help us, these people are friken SICKOOOO!!

  51. Michelina, as with everywhere else, even Science talks about women as if there are no remaining women alive and they have to crack the code.

  52. Politicians do the same thing. They talk about us like we aren’t here.

  53. FYI a bunch of brave women have In Your Faced the Oklahoma legislatove chambers three days in a row, and they were supposed to vote on their “Personhood” bill, but these ladies have them walking with two feet in one shoe. The opportunit for the bill to expire if not voted on ends tomorrow, and our girls will be packing that chambers again tomorrow. They are discussing every pissant thing in their folders …except Personhood. Proving once again that these pigs are cowards when the torches and pitchforks show up.

  54. Update OKlahoma, Republican pukehead trying to force the bill to a vote. Being pushed back big time.

  55. Damn doorbell rang and I thought it would be a case of Glenfeddich but alas…

  56. Hilarious. Motion to take tomorrow off, passed 54-17. Which means the bill expires without a vote. lolol

  57. Jimmeh we hardly knew ye! Carter finally sez sumthin’ I agree with: Mitt’ll make a good, solid Prez.
    Hope Sharpton’s goons don’t pay him a visit.

  58. Hey NES, i just saw at the Tweetster that Z was raised with two black kids and founded an Insurance company with a black partner. That was via Reuters.

  59. Yep Upps, saw that too. Poor Jackson and Sharpton…their narratives are near-ruined.

  60. Personally, I have enjoyed not hearing from Jimmeh. I am not fond of anti-semites.

  61. Seriously- what the hell is up with their fascination with scary lady parts? When I see stories like this masquerading as news my first thought is “Who in the govt is covering up what? What are they distracting from?”
    Jeebus- don’t let the stone agers find out about this- female genital mutilation is bad enough now. What the hell will they do if they find out about G-SPots?

  62. Mom
    I think we are both in the “if it rains it pours” phase with our families. Thinking of you. I have a cousin who did very well on dialysis.

    Thoughts are with you. There are all sorts of reasons they may have put off the surgery for a few weeks. I had procedures put off because of my anemia. The need to weight the benefits and risks of the earliest intervention versus getting a persons system in better shape for handing the surgery.

    I am with Mom. Watch those bills for activity from BILL! He might be looking to add one of those fancy outdoor party tents for the kitty crowd.

  63. Uhm- Happy World Penguin Day! (who knew?)

  64. Karen: my thoughts and hugs for you & your sister—–

  65. PMM: Good thoughts coming your way.

  66. Jon Stewart on, ahem, media coverage of the Prez race.

  67. fredster, this is gettting to be funny as hell this election. In 2008 there was little to laugh at. It was anger making and depressing.

    Carter is redeeming himself or perhaps he just wants to make sure obama loses and is a one termer who goes down in history as worse than Carter.

    This cracks me up.

    Jimmy Carter says he would be “comfortable” with a Mitt Romney presidency, although he still expects President Barack Obama to win re-election in the fall.

    “I’d rather have a Democrat but I would be comfortable,” the former president told MSNBC in a segment aired Wednesday. “I think Romney has shown in the past, in his previous years as a moderate or progressive… that he was fairly competent as a governor and also running the Olympics as you know.”

    Carter went on to compliment Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, as “a good solid family man and so forth.” And although he said Romney has taken some “extreme right-wing positions” in order to win the GOP primary, he suggested that the former Massachusetts governor is likely something of centrist at heart.

    “What he’ll do in the general election, what he’ll do as president I think is different,” Carter said.

  68. ack, forgot the linky dink:

    Carter sounds like he wants to join Romney’s campaign. Maybe he is becoming more lucid as he ages. He is still despicable for many reasons, his stance on Israel for example. But today, i agree wholeheartedly. Romney is centrist and he seems like a man I could get behind easily.

  69. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. I haven’t heard anything at all yet. I am keeping busy outside doing yard work so I don’t dwell on waiting for the phone or email info.

  70. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The fourth estate is the public press, referred to as a collective and encompassing photographers, journalists, television broadcasters, and radio announcers, among others.

  71. PMM and Karen, you have my prayers and thoughts also.
    Lorac, great post about how the press has continue to change from objectivity to zero objectivity.

  72. Ack! Karen!! I just saw your comment about your sister. Good thoughts that way too.

  73. Hugs to Mom and Karen.

  74. PMM, sending prayers to your brother and his wife
    karen, sending prayers to your sister
    and one big blessing for the whole Uppity blog +

  75. Mom, she will do fine. Hope your brother is okay too. He’s got to be feeling bummed, poor guy.

  76. Ups, are they still in session?

  77. a little ways to go and these women are still staring them down. Apparently some legislators fell on some grenades to keep it from the floor.

  78. Hilarious. Motion to take tomorrow off, passed 54-17. Which means the bill expires without a vote. lolol

    Ah, nothing like having the courage of your convictions is there?

  79. These women have set the example. They scared the crap out of these SOBs. Packed their joint for three days. And it expires since they are taking tomorrow off, which was a brilliant move on the Democrats’ part. They’re nearly home free.

  80. Like i keep saying, torches and pitchforks are the oNLY things that work. All the press there just watching and waiting. Perfect.

  81. Upps, go check ur email. Should have 2 from me. Well, one from Jacquie.

  82. Fredster, that card was sooooooooo sweet!

  83. Priceless. H/t Fredster
    Who’s da boss?

  84. Crooked TSA Screeners Arrested in Drug Trafficking Scheme–abc-news-topstories.html

  85. AH! You found it on youtube!!

  86. Hooray for this woman!!

  87. Oh man, Fredster, I went thru hell with debt collectors who kept calling me up for TWO years, looking for a guy I NEVER HEARD OF. The more I told them I never heard of the guy the more they laughed at me and harassed me. One weekend, I actually had to turn off the phones, they were calling every 15 minutes ALL DAY! It was horrific. I couldn’t hunt down the source and the callers were Swamies, of course. They would not stop. Then I got a couple of hints from two of their calls and started searching the net to trace the source company. I also decided to hunt down the bastard they were looking for, as he gave them a random number and it was mine. I found the Indian debt collector source and it traced through New Jersey and then onto California from there. It was then I was able to write a cease and desist letter to the owner, and believe me, it wasn’t polite, but the calls stopped instantly. The calls had stopped and during that time, I actually found the guy they were looking for by accident. He was in an obituary as the brother of somebody who died, and I saw the damned obit by accident. So I was able to trace him to Georgia. I was just about to get up the nerve to harass his ass day and night from phone booths when I got a call from yet another collector, only this one spoke English and believed me when I told her what was going on. In fact, she was so nice I gave her the guys’ address. Hahahaha. Then I got a call from Capital One and said I never heard of the guy and by the way I’ve been your customer for about 30 years so check my phone number and account name and check out my credit score, and do you think I would hang out with this deadbeat? They laughed and said it happens all the time, bogus phone numbers. Anyways, I got his ass back by sending a collector right to his door. TWO YEARS I went thru this.

  88. “Hillary Clinton is More Popular Than Ever”

  89. Stray Yellar Dawg, SYD, posted this on twitter. Read the message and then look at the dog, looking so cute and so sad.

  90. Holy Cannoli, SHV. THank you.

  91. For you, Fredster,

    Cajun Funeral—

    A woman was leaving a convenience store with her morning coffee when she noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery. A black hearse was followed by a second black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one.

    Behind the second hearse was a solitary woman walking a dog on a leash. Behind her, a short distance back, were about 200 women walking single file.

    The woman couldn’t stand the curiosity. She respectfully approached Ms. Boudreaux walking the dog and said: “I am so sorry for your loss, and this may be a bad time to disturb you, but I’ve never seen a funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?”

    “My husband’s.”

    “What happened to him?”

    “He yelled at me, and my dog attacked and killed him.”

    She inquired further, “But who is in the second hearse?”

    The woman answered, “My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my husband when the dog turned on her.”

    A very poignant and touching moment of sisterhood and silence passed between the two women.

    “Can I borrow the dog?”

    Ms. Boudreaux replied, “Get in line.”

  92. Uppity — check your email…

  93. I hate you.

  94. Whatz up upps?

    My sister is doing well considering. The pain killers are working and she has an appetite. Thank God for my always wonderful brother in law. She will likely be home tomorrow afternoon/evening. Results of some of the stains will be in a few days but they are saying all results will be known withing 1 – 2 weeks. No complications and all went smooth as can be.

  95. The whole thing is infuriating that they stirred up the race card. I went over my tolerance of false race card tossing in 2008 so each new time it is used it makes me want to scream. Sharpton and Jackson are nothing but trouble. And Jackson’s kid and his remarks about Hillary never crying for Katrina – and his involvement in the attempted buying of Obama’s senate seat from Blago was just sickening.

  96. US Media: All the news that’s fit to print slant…..

    Wow! You’re not kidding, Lorac.
    The key word has been objectivity. Indeed, the media lost their respected position when they began taking sides and pushing the agenda most suitable for them.

    The press here protects us by being willing to fact-check the government and hold it accountable, and we in turn protect them by ensuring a free press

    They need to be cautious, for the patience of America is wearing thin. There remains a great importance to a free press. But journalists devolve when they become paid advertisers.

  97. OMG that poor dog in the video!

  98. Great post lorac! Love the last line!

  99. ROTFLMFAO at that video Fredster! The dog was the like the OK republican legislators and the cat was like those women who didn’t take any crap, called their bluff, & scared them shitless in the corner.

    PMM — sending positive thoughts, prayers and blessings to your sister, her husband, and family. One thing my grandma said that I’ve always turned to in times of distress “God doesn’t give us things unless he thinks we can handle them.” I think it still applies even if we supplant the Universe/Divine/Goddess for the masculine God. That always made me feel less punished/victimized anyway. :D

  100. fembots I’ve been tweeting real time with the Oklahoma women. They are awesome and it’s almost all over. Rep Reynolds is making an ass of himself on the floor right now as we speak. This bill is dead. They have set the example for every state, great women!

  101. lolz

    jamia ‏ @auntoona

    Well that was awfully swell of those gop guys to ‘concede’ that knocking the ladies around was not too popular. Have yourself a Klondike bar

  102. Karen — sending positive thoughts & prayers for your sister too!

  103. Can somebody get me a link to the names of the 31 woman haters who voted against renewing Violence Against Women Act please?

  104. Upps — your realtime comments about those women have been Hillarious! Yes, those women are setting another example for what real feminists do! The woman who knitted those uteruses … creative bitter knitting! Us real fem women are OUT … fembots beware!

  105. fembots, they are a great bunch. Told them not to close up shop, other states need to know how they did it.

  106. Saw this. No “nay” votes but the republicans who voted to pass are listed —

  107. Cowards. That list is somewhere.

  108. Gonna leave not to go to dinner. Play nice. I’ll pick up my gifts when I get back. I imagine the stoop will be full of them, right?

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