A Thank You Long Overdue

My dearest friend of 32 years has an annoying habit of reading my mind, being there for me above and beyond the call of duty and coming up with the most thoughtful, if eclectic, methods of helping me get where I am efforting to go.

As many of you know, today is Uppity’s birthday.  We have never met.  I don’t know what she looks like or her real name.  We correspond from what I assume is a very long distance.  Yet I know in my heart that the following words, written for my friend nearly 20 years ago, could not be more appropriate:

It is the card you send for no occasion at all

it is the smile you offer at the simplest courtesy

it is the tear in your eye when you unwrap the ribbon

it is the pat on the back you give when everybody knows you don’t give them

it is the miles you drive rather than the words you say

it is the gracefully gawky way you sidestep the compliment

it is the help you give rather than the advice

it is your champion nature

it is your big heart beating

it is your loyalty

it is your elephant memory which forgets me not for a minute

it is in the way you check in and never check out

and your magnificent giggle at a secret only we would understand

it is the seniority earned from showing up at the plate year after year

it is the way you’d deck me if I said your name in this poem.

it is a friendship I treasure

it is here for a lifetime

it is you, my friend,

and you know who you are.


Happy, Happy Birthday, most beautiful Uppity Woman.

Thank you for providing us a safe and glorious container to thrash around in, and  for never flinching or shying away from your true expression.

Wishing you a year filled with joy, abundance, laughter, love — and lots of healthy traffic!


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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Just remember – once you’re over the hill you pick up speed.

  2. Happy Birthday, Uppity, and may this November’s election results be the icing on your cake!

  3. Tony, that would be one hell of a present!

  4. Here you go….don’t say I never gave you anything 😉

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    It’s UW’s birthday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY UPPITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ….and many more…….

  6. Let’s pop a bottle of Dom Perignon!

  7. Hey Uppity…did you get that bottle of Macallan 1955 I sent you??

  8. Happy birthday to a smart, funny, kick-ass woman! We need more women with your fighting spirit, Uppity. Thanks for the insightful articles and killer rants. They inspire, inform, and energize – and, they’re always funny as hell.

    Have a great birthday – hope you partaay and get down with your bad self. 🙂

  9. Happy birthday Uppity!!!!

  10. I have to say Happy Birthday One Day Early right now! It’s still today, here! lol

    Just for you, UW, I am going on vacation first thing in the morning! 🙂

    (…. if it stops raining, anyway…. I don’t want to drive through the mountains in the rain, I’m a scaredy cat…!)

  11. Ha! I have an idea!

    Since UW won’t tell us her address, if you would like to “gift” her, send us a contact name and address of a library or women’s studies department or journalism department, etc, and we will send them a copy of Ani’s book!!!! 🙂

    Send to uppitybook@yahoo.com!!!

  12. This video juxtaposes video of Romney speaking, with video of Obama and a late night comedy guy (and some guy in background) – is the Obama video spliced together – or OMG did he actually DO that???? Is it such a big deal to want a president with class?

  13. Somebody is having birthday ribs, I just know it….

  14. Happy Birthday, Uppity Woman! And thank you so much for all the work you do on this blog.

  15. Happy birthday dear Lady.

  16. How lovely, Ani! Great post.

    Happy B’Day Darling Upps! XOXO. Thanks for, well,…everything. But, most of all, for the laughs and searing insights.

  17. Birthday Riddle: If we hadn’t ‘spoken’ at Uppity’s place, at least initially, would we even exist? NES wouldn’t, I’ll tell you that!

  18. Ribs eh? For sure, but I hope Mr. Uppity has something more up his sleeve. After all, MKB claims the woman is insatiable.

  19. Or the Glenfiddich 1890 I sent.

  20. Lorac, sad to say, but Obama really did do that — “slow jammin’ the news” with Jimmy Fallon. Yes, sickening and desperate. November can’t come soon enough.

  21. Happy Birthday, dearest Uppity!

    A word is dead
    When it is said,
    Some say.
    I say it just
    Begins to live
    That day.

    – Emily Dickinson

    And so again for me today, your words (and you) have just begun to live!


  22. NES@3:55 OMG it was terrible he went on a comedy show. Except it’s been done since…1968? SOCK IT TO ME! Nixon on Laugh-In.


  23. Aww, that was a sweet post.

    Uppity, many happy returns of the day to you! xoxoxo

  24. Happy Birthday, Uppity!! Many, many more!

  25. Happy Birthday Uppity. And thank you. Wish we could throw you a parade! But this will have to do! (Did you get the asparagus I sent lol?)

  26. Uppity, thanks for sharing your b-day with us! Here’s a musical tribute. I’m just a little embarrassed about the end; yet I feel certain that MK Bill had nothing to do with it….

  27. Another Happy Birthday my dear friend.
    I bet if I know Uppity somehow at sometime today she will be craving a cigarette ( even though she does not smoke ) after pizza and wine lmao.
    Anyway I am sure you will have another wonderful Birthday and you deserve a full day of enjoyment so go enjoy and get off this blog and enjoy.
    I luvs ya sista !

  28. Happy Birthday Uppity! Hope you’re wearing a smile all day 🙂

  29. AWWW cutest header evah!
    Sophie! I LOVE IT! (though I do wish reporters would not bother to describe her clothing- it is annoying.)
    Third party indeed!
    ROFL! The Big Dawg has got to be the most sought after endorsement in the country!

  30. Sophie, I opened mom’s gift and I love it. This line is just a wonderful thing to savor over first coffee:

    “We have three leading political parties in America today: Republican, Democratic and Clinton. The last is a mom-and-pop operation, with a Chelsea. It’s been 12 years since they had a president in office, but they still keep score, tend to their base and ponder what to do next with their political, financial and charitable clout ”

    It wish Howard Fineman would have said “and the fringe group of recovering obamacrats” too.

    That it is in the Former Huffy Poop makes it still hard for me to click on (due to being repeatedly burned there for a whole important year constantly) but it is also redeeming.

    Their clout is considerable surely. And that Altmire demanded Bill give him his ears on a long drive for endorsing Hillary – what balls. Screwed blued and tattooed with the C brand. LOL. Love me that clinton karma.

    Hillary can start paying back in January. Hope she writes lots of books.

  31. Anita, I was wondering what was going on last night when Uppity said “I hate you” to you. Now we know.

    She’s given you a great honor by allowing you to worship her from afar.

    Upps, I will walk the dog today and feed the animals and change the litter pans and play with the string ball with them and toss the stick. And then of course there will be breakfast in bed followed by lunch on the patio followed by all day snacks followed by a sumptuous feast with all your friends by candlelight.

    For now – put your feet up and your party hat on. There will be dancing.

  32. Most of the polls show PA solid Dem or leaning Dem for the November festivities. I am not so sure just yet. Romney stickers are popping up all over the place here. Of course I live in bitter clinger country- I am sure Philly is safely in the bot column. Too damn bad we don’t have proportional awarding of electoral votes. Which as far as I am concerned should be the rule. Whichever way the district goes, their electoral vote should go. Winner take all pisses me off. It means our votes out here don’t count. Unless we agree with Philly. Which 99% of the time we do not. Presidential candidates rarely come to our area- why should they? They only need to capture Philly and the surrounding areas. Though BOTH Clintons made multiple trips our way in the 08.

  33. Happy Birthday, Uppity!!

  34. Happy Birthday Uppity!
    You are one awesome WOMAN!

  35. Happy BIRTHDAY to our beautiful UPPITY WOMAN——everything that ANI SAYS is in all our hearts

    PS: Even BILL has cleaned up—-he looks MARVELOUS in the header, see UW-he loves you TOO

  36. Happy, happy Birthday, Upps!

    Many more to come.


  37. Happy Birthday again, you trixter you! Ah what the heck, everyday should be a Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day gorgeous.

  38. Thanks everybody. I almost didn’t put this post up. lol.

    I see some lurkers coming out too. Very cool and thank you. Now we will come find you with a hook if you don’t comment ever again. That’s the rule.

    Bill is having a tantrum of course, because of lack of attention. He can do that. He’s a cat.

  39. Aw I see Freedom Fairy was here! Header! Header!

  40. econs! I do hope Ruthie is well!

  41. Utah I am only grateful that I am not as old as you are.

  42. I always miss my parents on my birthday. And my brother, who goofed on me on every single birthday. And likewise…

    Think a theater billboard with my age plastered on it.

  43. Happy Birthday Uppity!
    You are one awesome WOMAN!

    And obviously you are one AWESOME lurker!

  44. Happy Birthday, Uppity!!! I guess I can chime in now. Enjoy your much deserved celebration today — and our celebration of YOU!!!

    No squirming, dear lady! 🙂

  45. A scientist discovered a G-Spot in an 83 year old cadaver’s body and acts like he’s the new Columbus “Discovering America”, as if there are no women left alive on earth for the dipshit to ask – and then Anita does a schmalzty post about me, thus bumping my Ode To Newt post, depicting me as somebody special while I sit here in a tank, jeans and some running shoes that are overdue for the trash, eating a melted cheese sandwich (Okay, it’s really good cheese, but still..). Overall, it’s been a great week.

    But take heart. Ode To Newt will be up at noon.

  46. Oh for crying out loud, I could do with a melted cheese sandwich. Where’s mine?

    Schmalzy? Sigh.

  47. Popping in to say Happy Birthday, Upps.
    Ribs mmmm mmmm mmmm :).

  48. They nailed him:

  49. Upps, for your birthday go buy some new shoes. I had to do so today because my feet grew a half size and my toes hurt and they were always hot at work. Got some mesh mid priced sneakers in a bigger size. They will be delivered on MY birthday next week.

    Everyday should be your birthday, Goddess.

  50. Happy Birthday from me and all of Brooklyn (including Katy the cat)! Love ya’!

  51. I am thoroughly enjoying the Edwards trial. I hope his ass is burning in his hot seat. Hunter may take the stand. She is listed as a witness for both sides. I’m sure she has enough dough left over to buy their 4 year old a full time nanny to watch him while she gets another spell at 15 minutes of fame.

  52. Kare: YOU CRACK ME UP !!

    “She’s given you a great honor by allowing you to worship her from afar”-(wish I knew how to do the blocking)

    and you are so good at the smoozing, you have great Talent girlfriend, so glad your part of this Family

  53. that is KAREN UP above

  54. she’s watching down on us Uppity. This past November she went up to get this world straightened out – can thank her for the mild winter, she hated snow. 😉

  55. Oh econsmed. My symapthies. How sad. Always loved her videos.

  56. Happy Birthday, Uppity!! Many more to ya, cheers!!

  57. Thanks Mom – still have lots of her on vid – next time Barry does something worthy she’ll speak out.

  58. May Ruthie speak out for all eternity. She was such a gem. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Well at least not as often as they did then.

    Condolences Econs.

  59. Happy birthday, Upp! I hope you have a good one!

    In Upp’s honor, may I suggest that any of you who haven’t given a shelter animal a good home, get yourself to the nearest shelter and adopt! Donate money, time, pet food, or other needed items, too. Do it for Upp and for the animals.

  60. Oh econsmed. I am so so sorry! She was a great lady and gave us many smiles!!! I hope she’s in charge of something big up there. We need it.

  61. Re: Edwards. If I had my preference, his dick would rot and fall off.

  62. Yes Beata! For the animals.

    …covering Bill’s eyes. He’s so selfish.

  63. if you see Barry or Mo accidentally trip – it was her 😉

  64. Hahahah econsmed. That would definitely be our Ruthie. Hope she met up with my mother, because there would be hell to pay down here, scuse the pun.

  65. Beata- so THAT’S where this new kitty is coming from! YOU!
    LOL Jack is off having his shots and so forth today. I will be looking for advice on training this Mama kitty. (Oh and we donated a case of canned food to the rescue that is doing Jack’s shots today) They will be taking the mama and babies IF I can get them litter trained and socialized.

  66. Hippity Hoppity Birthday, Uppity!
    Thank you for all you’ve been for all these years!

  67. Happy B-day fellow Taurus!

  68. Chips! Being A Taurus is very cool, isn’t it!

    Hiya Dances and thank you right back.

  69. I am @ work now, but stopped by to wish you UPPS a very Happy Birthday! I hope it is filled with all good and happy times.


  70. S’Okay Leslie, we’ll be here when you get back. I might be a little mellow even, since I’m going out to dinner and plan not to leave any wine in the bottle.

    Ah there’s Foxy, wuz lookin’ for ya.

    And Irlandese. Can always count on you to leave the Lurk when need be.

  71. Happy Birthday UW! Hope you and your kitties party hearty.

    Thanks for being a ray of light in a Dark Age. No, Obots that is not a racist statement but a reference to European history.

  72. LOL AnnE. Thank heavens for the qualifier!

  73. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR UPPITY and a big Thank You for all you do…enjoy your pie.

  74. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Uppity!!!! Wishing you Many more to come….. 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jycifSYLNc 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 I am sure that is our Uppity at the end….. 😆 😆

  75. Happy Happy Birthday Uppity!!!!


  76. Thanks FLBarbara and good to see ya!

  77. Quick Casper, everybody is going to adopt a cat in my honor. Bring em in!

  78. Uppity just let me know where to send them….cat box included and toys too!!! 🙂 😉 🙂

  79. Happy Birthday, Uppity Woman! I hope today has been a great start to another wonderful year of your terrific posts!

  80. Happy Birthday, Uppity! Thank you for making this blog a refuge for so many.

  81. Didn’t go out to dinner due to an important business call. Bummer. I get a rain check though. I shall have to issue punishments.

  82. Hey LiVo long time no see. I was coming with the hook soon.

  83. Happy birthday Uppity!! I hope your next year will be fabulous!


  84. Happy Birthday from me and from womenwintoo.blogspot.com!!!! I read you all of the time and you’re GREAT!!! Any way we can get on your blogroll?

  85. Ani, this was a wonderful gift to Uppity! Just finished reading all the posts for Uppity. Happy, Happy, Birthday!

  86. Big smiles all around!!! Uppity, hope you’ve enjoyed your special day!!

  87. Towncrier — you are so funny!! That cover does kick major ass, however! That picture of Hillary is the best ever!!!

  88. Gee, who’d a thunk? ‘Lil ol’ Ani from the UW crowd, a magna cum laude schooled in NYC, rose to play a slew of characters on the tee vee.
    So convincingly, so professionally.
    Way to go!

  89. That’s very sweet, towncrier, thank you. And doncha like the product placement in the video… 🙂

  90. Thanks for being a ray of light in a Dark Age.


  91. Lorac will be so J…I was at Upps’ b’day dinner…..

  92. Happy Birthday, Uppity!

  93. Happy Birthday! I hope it was great.

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