Book Discussion: Dirty Words On Clean Skin – Anita Finlay

By now most of us have read Ani’s book, Dirty Words On Clean Skin. She chose to Pre-Launch the book here and we are honored. Now it’s time for that discussion we promised each other.

Let’s talk about this magnificently written book by our lovable friend — that brought us down a difficult memory lane in a timely way — because if ever we must remember what was done to Hillary, her supporters, and the USA in 2008, the time is Now, when the  campaign BS is hip-deep. As Anita Finlay’s book cover so accurately points out, we must never forget the “Sexism and Sabotage” and our “Rude Awakening” with respect to where women leaders stand within our hijacked party, the other hijacked party,  the disgusting press, and the entire  mediocre USA patriarchy in the year 1955 2012.

It is bittersweet to see Hillary outshine the whole lot of them, while noting that even they can’t deny that it’s true.  We could have had a V8.

Thank you, Anita/Ani for recording for posterity the shameful year of 2008. Thanks to you, nobody can deny or sweep  under the rug the  huge Stain upon American gender “Equality” that was the year 2008.

Because I recognize that I hold “some” sway, if for no other reason than I can spam the whole lot of you, I am going to turn all you lovable, smart and perceptive “deadenders” loose today without leading the conversation.

…And if you haven’t read the book yet, click on the link above because you won’t regret reading this historical account of a travesty.

If it’s been a bad month financially, please remember that our members Lorac and NES have purchased extra books and would be more than happy to send you a copy…or send a copy to your local library. Just email at and your book will arrive at your door. Your name and email address will be kept Strictly Confidential. You have my word on it.

See some clips of Ani in TV Acting Action here at her IMDB page,  because it’s all so cool. (scroll all the way down)

……And Ani: Enjoy chewing your nails. Heh.

Here’ s Ani discussing her book.


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  1. You will be graded.

    Have hair appt and other vain and shallow things to do today. Will be back later, Play nice and i suspect this thread will be hopping when I get back. Rumor has it, Ani is watching from atop a high building…

  2. Ani, thank you for this book. The effort to destroy Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, and the sexism and injustice employed in that effort had to be recorded and preserved. Your book does so, beautifully. It also captures the outrage of Hillary’s supporters, as we witnessed the gender bias and misogyny repeatedly perpetrated on this smart, strong, capable woman.

    For most of us, the strong feelings we experienced in 2008 are just as strong today. It must have been especially painful for you to dwell in that time and those feelings, as you wrote this book. I appreciate your willingness to do so.

  3. I guess none of us wants to be the first to discuss it!

    my parrot ate my homework and my president ate a dog.

  4. The book is a treasure trove of documentation! A most handy reference for the battles to come.
    There was much in the book that struck a chord in my heart. I will NEVER forget what was done to Secretary of State Clinton. (see Ani- what you said about the media using a woman’s first name and not her title stuck with me- and I will be making an effort to correct myself and others when I see it- though she will always be “Hillary” to me!)
    Not only will I never forget what was done to her- I will never ever forget that while they were propping up the selectee, they screwed us and they screwed America.
    Our beautiful country is stuck between two patriarchal boyz clubs- both in their own way bent on keeping women down and on the side lines. BOTH parties are trashing our country and until women realize how much power we would have if we just stood up and TOOK it- we will be on a downward spiral.
    Thanks so much for putting pen to paper and reliving that horrible year so we, the people, will have a permanent record of the atrocity. And ammunition at our fingertips for the battles ahead!

  5. Well, here’s some comments from out of my rear end. I noticed while reading the book that I could relate, strongly, with Anita. Not only about Hillary and 2008 but our combination of life experiences matched closely in some ways. She mentioned things I’d gone through, things that were part of my life story, things that stood out for me as personal yet coming from the pages of a book. That we were both Italian-Hungarian raised and we were both from NYC (Queens girl here) might have something to do with it. Anita mentions Hunter High – I demonstrated there too! And vietnam protest days were my heyday of activity. I too was accused of deep seated racial bias by a long time friend WITHOUT ANY MERIT to her claim. I was so highly insulted and furious at her ridiculous accusal. I reminded her of my life-time of civil rights volunteering, FCS. What rubbish. She was still deep in kool-aid land. Now that it has worn off and she sees obama as fallible and Hillary as the far better choice – she acts as if she thought so all along…

    Anyway, the book struck me because it was my story in great part. Especially the shock over how my party, the erstwhile Dems, were attacking one of their strongest allies, Hillary. Horrible, not just the sexism, the backstabbing deal making money laundering corruption for the con-man from Chicago. He must have promised them all the VP or cabinet positions and loads of campaign aid, etc.

    I learned a few things, remembered a few things that had been blips on the radar and were really quite important – the wagging finger! Jan Brewer got chewed out for – etc.

    The move on crapola. I too quit their email subscription the same day as they pulled the lies and fraudulent poll and backed obama.

    The change in Pelosi from bulldog when she could say her hands were tied to pussycat who took everything off the table when she could have actually accomplished something.

    Wes Clark. Kerry – Bill with his heart by pass out campaigning for that ungrateful backstabbing opportunist bastard.

    I disagree with some of it but so minor it isn’t worth mentioning. One point here is that Palin was not always respectful of Hillary. Or wimmenz in general for that matter. Palin was abused, certainly, but it doesn’t ring as big of a bell as with Hillary simply because Hillary spent her life championing Wimmenz and Sarah to me is rather shallow and self centered. The real deal vs imitation mayo, imho.

    Also you hit a nerve with the DNC letters. I too wrote them with threats that they keep it up and I will send more to Hillary every time. I too donated more to Hillz than to any other candidate in my life – and I volunteered for several of them in the past, including Bill/Gore and going back to McGovern. I don’t have much money but sent $20 or so twice a month on payday. My total was a few hundred dollars more than I could easily afford but did it gladly and have no regrets and would do it again.

    Thank you Anita. It had to be written. It was imperative to tell our story.

    Brava, Sister.

  6. the strong feelings we experienced in 2008 are just as strong today
    Never Never forget. 👿

  7. Ahem! (Clears throat and looks very stern) Where is everyone?? DO NOT make me come after you! Let’s get moving here!
    In Chapter 4, An Introduction to Politics, Ani brings up some great points. She points out to us that the media was a propaganda machine even during the Bush years. Who here thought, as Ani and I did, that there was no way Bush was going to be reelected? The descent into hell reached it’s peak in 08- but started much earlier.
    Ani provides some quotes in Chapter 4 regarding how Hillary was “caricatured” – as evil, power hungry, cold, manipultaive etc.
    What was the most egregious instance of mysogyny to you?
    I have to run out and do a couple of errands. I will check back soon.

  8. The book is a treasure trove of documentation!

    No kidding. And the rhetoric from team zero has already begun.

  9. Never Never forget. 👿

    NEVER…my blood boils everytime I think about what I witnessed firsthand.

  10. I too was sure Bush was a one termer.

    PMM – the single worst thing they did regarding gender attack was all of it. The whole she-bang. The Mad as Hell video had some of the horrible ones but it was the grand total of them all, the weight of the stream of small attacks, that made it an unavoidable and uphill burden for her.

    That they gave him a free pass and attacked her every move was rampant so it wasn’t to me one instance.

    I can’t stand what Russert, Beck, Matthews, Olbermann, MoDo, Huffy poo, the rest said. I really couldn’t stand what obama himself said – sweetie periodically down – to what moochelle said – run her own house etc. – the whole thing was demeaning and debasing beyond anything ever seen before. Dean saying too little too late. Pelosi and Brazilenut slitting her throat. The whole deal was incredible and horrific.

    Iron my shirts bros before hoes – his obots on parade were just nightmares on every single board and in every single part of the country they were bussed in to campaign for him. His org taught them to hit her and her supporters with the most vile crap – it made me nostalgic for the previously thought to be over the top Republican bull.

    The whole thing. All of it. Daily coming at us with no escape. INSANE. It was definitely the dirty words on clean skin phenomena that was in our faces for daring to support the best candidate.

    Even the bamboozling and hoodwinking turned around to attack her with what he was guilty of was cringe inducing and bizarre.

    I thought I’d been around the block a few times but it was more than I expected and far more than I imagined possible. It was unrelenting.

    The cheating, the swindling, the lies, the lack of vetting… all of it.

    And we will not forget. We will not forgive. We will not be silenced.

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  14. Oh goody!!!

    Time to chew the fat!

  15. Question for Ani, I will be honest…lots of work and have not yet finished book. I told Upps about the work thingy already. 😦

    My Hispanic culture condones this behavior which is why I was set off like a rocket when the DNC handed over the nomination to it. After that moment, very few of the leaders in our community said squat. May I add that the Hispanic women especially accepted all of this bs. There would be no more talking about it. Everyone had to get behind the decision to get It elected.

  16. ANI: As I was reading the book, I felt that you were alone in your fight, and I want you to Know that we were ALL there with you feeling every hurt, every frustration, every outrage——I thank you so much for the book. I will be passing it on to my father (who is verymuch like your own was——-maybe he will understand what is IMPORTANT, and Hillary being MY president was one of the MOST important things in my life. I cried like a baby at the last few chapters, and I’m sorry the book ended, for all the pain we ALL endured, it still makes me think of MY beautiful BLOG family (which can never be a bad thing).

    I am proud to be your friend and Proud to be and UPPITY.

    Here’s to all the misygonistic, abusive men in this world, for whatever form, their abuse takes on, WE WILL NOT STAND DOWN or SHUT UP!!

    Thank You ANI——-not only for your HARD HARD WORK, but you still brought me back some of the best memories of my life, It wasn’t always bad—–Just the results were. thank you for reinforcing my desire to NEVER vote for OBAMA———-Things are so bad with this election I forget who the enemy is—they all are

  17. Mcnorman- interesting about the Hispanic culture. Too many cultures condone this crap. It is like we have to always always be fighting the same battles over and over again.

  18. It is frustrating PMM. It’s only now that some Hispanic women don’t back down. Of course if you do, you are labeled. If you are labeled, you might not be partner material, and you know how the rest of the story goes.

  19. Not all of the time spent working for HRC was bad michelina, but the outcome has left a VERY bitter taste.

  20. I am just running out the door and wanted to stop by and offer this — as much as I hope that in sharing my own experiences, I was speaking for others who had likewise been disrespected or ignored, but in the end, this is only my experience.

    Certainly, there are things that resonated with me that may not have hit others as deeply or vice versa, and other things that happened that I may not have witnessed, or were not part of my personal experience, so I did not include them. There were other very specific reasons for everything I included and for my approach. But they are my own.

    Just as it was to me, this experience was deeply personal, injuriating, painful and jarring to millions, and I’m sure it brought all kinds of feelings up. Have at it!

    And please know how much I appreciate your support and how much you honor my efforts with all the attention you have given them.

  21. I’m Kindeling this great book beteween bouts of pysical therapy here in a rehab so I can learn to walk as I repair a painfully sore toosh that succumed to Arthur Irtis and Si Attica – so I cannot hold a position to type much. Pain med does little but interfere with my typing.

    So glad this was written. We should copy appropiate passages and hit the boyz with them – especially the girl/women who pretent to be democrats and think it’s cool to be one of the boyz as situations warrent.

    Good job, Ani

  22. I will never forget the feeling we all had when we were standing on a corner in front of a Hill campaign office and 4 obama busses arrived in town. It was like an evil wind coming down the block. Palpable and the moment was filled with utter dread. I smoked back then and we were all outside on a lovely spring day in the sunshine moments before the arrival.

    We were collectively spooked by the feeling. We’d been through it in other cities. We’d manned the phones, joked, knocked on doors, replaced stolen signs daily, but it was getting ugly and we all felt the upwelling of something sinister in the air.

    They were horrible, those obots. *shiver* And yes, the black Hillary supporters took more crap than the white ones did. We were only called racists. We weren’t called traitors. Anita covers it. God’s honest truth.

    I thought at first being called a racist was a chilling insult and supremely ignorant. Nothing compared to what the black clinton supporters felt, surely. And we had their backs too and thanked them the most of all.

  23. Belated HB to Uppity.

  24. Twandx sorry about the pain. Helpful hint: As odd as this seems, it might help to get your timing back. When you go to PT listen to a waltz 3/4 time. It helps to get the rhythm back in walking and might help out with not listening to the pain. No worries on the typing. We’ve all been there.

  25. karen, they arrived at the caucuses the same way…by the busload. Don’t think that they were shy about who they were and what their intent was either. I was appalled at OFA’s in your face nastiness when it came time to vote.

  26. Looking back, it was a window into what we were about to get hit with.

  27. Yes MCN: Very Bitter After taste !! I couldn’t agree more,

  28. OFA/DNC sent a man here to take over the local D office. He was nasty, in your face Obama supporter- and this guy showed up just before the PA primary. NOBODY liked this guy. Even the local D party people and the women who volunteer at the office year after year after year. We could not get Hillary yard signs at the office, no bumper stickers, no pins- nothing! But he brought cases of obot paraphenalia.
    I got all my supplies at the rallies and by going to HER campaign office. Yes, she had to open a separate office here in our little burg.
    And I STILL want to know what was in those envelopes that so many of the illiterate voters brought with them on election day. You know- the envelopes with OBAMA written on them? Why not just write it on a sticky note or plain piece of paper.
    In the end here in our county all their machinations were a waste of time and money. We went Hillary in a HUGE blowout. Then the county went overwhelmingly for McCain.
    It was thrilling and sad at the primary to see so many women- of all ages, with big huge smiles. (I manned a polling place with Hillary signage for the primary) Some of them were crying when they came out- and took their Hillary stickers. I am sure some of those stickers are keepsakes and will be passed down through the years. To think- some of these women will never ever see a woman president in their lifetimes. Will my Mom live to 2016 and will there be a woman for whom she can cast a vote?
    Sadly I am at a place where I despair of seeing a woman POTUS in my lifetime- and I am in my mid 50’s with plenty of voting years left (I hope lol)

  29. First, I have to admit I to have not finished book. I know, I know, but with my Mom in the condo it is hard to find time to read so most is done waiting between meetings or on the metro. Hence the ebook option. I will say the narrative style makes it easy to stop and start and still recall what I read previously without having to reread. It also pulls you in so that you feel as if you are going through everything along with Ani.

    I must be in the minority but I never saw Kerry at a threat to Bush at all. He is not just dull, he is obnoxious and other than politics has a very thin resume himself (apparently the dearth of qualifications has become the main standard). Then there is the fact that he looks like he is Kennedy even if the blood relationship is distant.

    In hindsight, I think the DNC and the pupetmasters pushed for Kerry just so they would lose and be able to push up BO’s run to 2008 from 2012 or 2016 figuring 8 years of Bush (or anyone) would make it easier to push – well anyone – down the voters throats.

    Remember how that dorky nobody from Illinois suddenly had a prime speaking spot at the DNC convention that year? I recognized that empty suit (that you NES) because I had met the O’s at some function I had to attend in DC . Needless to say, I was not impressed. They gave off a very noxious vibe and you knew they were desperate to upgrade their status.

    The DNC and company never had any intention of letting Hillary get the nomination. I think what surprised them was that she did far better than they ever imagined and therefore had to up the stakes to mow her down.

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  32. I’m here michelina- just keeping an eye on the rescue kitteh- she seems ok- just chillin out there on the porch. Going to try and move her up into my daughters old room tonight. It is closed off and cool but not as cold as the porch. Then I won’t have to worry about the porch door being opened and her escaping.

  33. The DNC and company never had any intention of letting Hillary get the nomination

    I believe you are spot on Mt. Laurel.

  34. PMM, MCN———thanks, it was getting lonely here,

    I want another kitteh sooooo bad, but I’m not sure how davey will take
    to her. she’s a lovong baby, (1 1/2 yrs old)——but I’m afraid she would hurt or kill the kitty——-what do you think???(anybody)

  35. Michelina- you will have to wait for the cat whisperers on that question lol. I know just enough to know not to let the new kitteh near my new Jack and to not let the barn kitteh near either one. (Barn kitteh does not play well with other cats- the dog and the chickens ok but not other cats lol)

  36. PMM: thanks-I give you alot of credit, taking in the kitty being pregnant

    and having a new cat at the same time (Jack)—I know Jack is just getting used to his surroundings, but I can see him warming up to the baby kitty’s once they get old enough

  37. Sometimes they like each other and sometimes not. Eventually, they do find a way to deal with each other. I rescued a cat that turned to 9. YIKES. They do have their moments. Particularly, the babies and the older ones. They all have different personalities. The best part? They are never lonely.

  38. Thanks Michelina! I believe the new one is a throw away- she is def NOT a feral. Somedays I just hate people.

  39. Poor baby girl, she’s lucky to have such a wonderful loving neighbor
    too bad you live so far away, I’d love one of her kittens

  40. that is if davey will take her, so I’m waiting on a little advice

    PMM: I know you are in Pa, I’m about 3 hours from you—–but that’s to the city part-how much further to get to you, I’d be willing to take the trip for the kitten if it’s possible—-ROAD TRIP !!

  41. I live in buffalo NY———-

  42. gotta go for now, will BBL

  43. Michelina- maybe we could meet halfway? After they are born will shoot you and email if that’s ok

  44. Just got in the door. I’m a little snockered by this thread. Maybe tonight the subject will pick up. I’ll just fold my arms and see..

  45. I’m at a train station waiting for a friend who’s visiting for the weekend. Perhaps my guest won’t think it’s too rude if I spend some Uppity time later this evening. I’d make my comments now but find commenting from an iPhone intolerable. Good comments so far.

  46. LOL Uppity- you know the late night crowd is much more lively than the early bird crowd! I see what this place looks like after the Fri and Sat night midnight madness!

  47. Grabbed a slice of pizza on the way home and had this chicken-bacon-ranch pizza. It was tasty in an odd sort of way. A whole layer of chicken breast it and good crumbled bacon but the ranch had that typical off taste I find in ranch dressing. I can’t make up my mind if I liked it a lot, liked it, or just thought it was wierd. Not sure my stomach is approving at this point..

  48. Michelina, Aunt uppity is going have a virtual hand in the birthing of these babies. I’m all excited and Mom is already doing all the right things without even asking. She’s a natural. She’s got some KMR for the Mom, who is skinny and sounds like mom is settling in snug and feeling safe. Kudos, PMMom.

  49. Michelina my home is filled with 9 cats, 8 dogs (little), 1 large cherry head parrot and several outside ferrals have actually all learned how to get along. Some care more for the other species than their own. Odd bunch.

    It is possible to do this, but it is alot of work to keep the house clean. Did I mention the food and vet bills for these pampered discards? The only animal that I brought home was the parrot. The rest are young or old discards left at the rescue where I volunteer. 8 purebred dogs that were tossed because someone didn’t do their research on the genetic propensity of the breed. They all have issues as to why they are unadoptable. Hence, they come to my home. It’s their final destination.

  50. McNorman! YOU ROCK!
    Miss Smokey Bones (that was what my daughter was calling her- smoky gray and all bony) thinks she has ccome to heaven. Regular meals, and entire front porch to herself, with bushes outside the windows where she can watch the birds, beverages, a nice box to nest in and a chair to curl up on. I just now cracked to door on the spare bedroom to warm it up. She will be moving in to the spare bedroom this evening.

  51. Ahhhh PMM Ms.Smokey Bones is going to be very happy. Sounds like heaven.

  52. I was never a Democrat. I’ve been an unaffiliated voter all of my life. I grew up in a house with a dad who was chairman of the local Democratic committee so the odds are that I should have been a Democrat, too. But I felt screwed over by the Democrats in the 60’s, long before 2008, so I never climbed under the tent. I knew it would break my father’s heart if I became a Republican, but he could handle my choosing to be independent. I’ve gone through all of my adult life voting for the candidate, not the party, and sometimes that has been a “D” and sometimes an “R”. I say that because my support for Hillary Clinton, all of my time spent on GOTV, was for her, not the Democrats, so while I was furious with them for the corrupt way they ran the primaries and caucuses, I never felt the personal betrayal that so many of you speak of. The misogyny, the sexism, I felt all of that, though. One of things that I carry with me is how disappointed I was that so many of the people who decried all that was thrown at Hillary were not similarly distressed when the “Dirty Words” were hurled at Sarah Palin and other conservative women. For many of us who want to see a woman elected POTUS in our lifetime and for whom the time is growing short, it was as much the chasm that women have created for ourselves that broke our hearts in 2008 as anything the media or the political parties have done. I couldn’t put Anita’s book down once I started reading it, and I appreciate the courage it took to write it, but each of us had our own journey. Unfortunately, those journeys seem to have landed us in the same place.

  53. Agree, about putting Ani’s book down. It was like a catch 22. Too painful to read and too hard to put it down! It reminded me of one of those really well made scary movies, you know you are going to freak out, but you keep peeking through your fingers because you just can’t resist and because the effects are sooooooo good! Does this make sense to anybody?

    I really have a memory like an elephant, but I must have done some kind of subconscious block of some things in 2008. To be jarred back to the reality of it was simply awesomely painful and awesomely awesome all at the same time.

    Personally, Ani, I can’t believe you were able to write this book without being carted off for punching holes through walls and waving your arms and jumping up and down and screaming uncontrollably. Seriously, here. You must have rewritten this stuff five times just to get a tone that didn’t sound like you were wild with rage. I have no idea how the H you did this. I would have lost 20 pounds and every relationship worth a thing in my life because I would have been reliving all that anger. And yet, here you are writing about it calmly.

    I also thought your human touch, sharing pain in your life, made you Real. Even that was recorded in a voice of reason, objectivity and forgiveness. Again, I am amazed. While I couldn’t relate to some of the things that happened in your life, it was a stark reminder to me of 1) how lucky I have been and 2) If I was so damned lucky how come I still couldn’t have written this account of 2008 without going ballistic? I mean, Ani, Ani, Ani, I STILL fester when I write a silly blog post! The tone of this book was simply nothing short of brilliant. Nobody, and i mean NOBODY, not even the most ridiculous Obot could ever accuse you of sour grapes, deadending, being “uninformed” or “Undeducated”. In fact, not one of them could have written this book with the style and class you did. I am glad you took this one, Anita Finlay, because the tone of this book is exactly what is needed to guarantee it’s longevity. This is the book for posterity that says, You can’t bury this shit anymore, boys. But you did it in a way that makes it impossible to try. The Right can’t take a shot at you and neither can the Obamas. Everybody got their moment recorded in a fair move on your part. That too, firms up this book.

    This book must land everywhere and I hope your publicist realizes that. Not only as a reward for your stellar writing, but to ensure that those who Know can remember and remind, and those who Don’t Know can See.

    Furthermore, it’s a reminder to me to stick to satire and fiction.

  54. Yes yes yea on the scary movie Uppity! Excellent! I just could not put it down. Husband is about halfway through it and he loves the fact that it has all the endnotes. He was just as disgusted with 2000-n-hate (that is what I am calling it from now on- just have to figure the best way to write it) as we were. He can never know it from my perspective- but he saw what it did to us.

  55. but to ensure that those who Know can remember and remind, and those who Don’t Know can See.

    If we don’t document it, it NEVER happened.

  56. Ok, I’ve stayed away as long as I can stand, so I am back! I love the comment about peaking through your fingers, Uppity — and if it makes any sense, sometimes that is how I had to research the book!! — I knew I had to document all these disgusting things they said about Hillary, but the first two years after it happened, I could almost not bear to look at it. By about mid 2010, it got easier to finish it up.

    That is also why it took me so long to complete. I also did not know how putting the personal stuff in would work – and literary agents wanted me to remove it. My gut told me that was wrong. People on the outside of this needed to understand the behavior up close and personal to see how domestic abuse played out on a national level.

    They also needed to understand how it affected people on the ground. Very few like powerful women and even less know how to relate to them as anything but a cardboard cutout. It was important to me to try to humanize her and this journey. You have no idea how many people have already told me — oh, you changed my mind about Hillary, Oh, I didn’t know any of that…

  57. And I did punch holes — well, figurately anyway. I grit my teeth and cursed a blue streak so many times while I was writing this and shook my fist at the gods more times than I care to remember.

    As you point out, being reasonable and logical and civil was the ONLY way to write this. Because it takes the air out of a lot of otherwise destructive balloons….

    Even my hubby, just as angry as I was, worried about my obsessing over this stuff. My best friend just looked at me at times as a curiousity. I could tell she was digging for her old friend under all that — but she was unwavering nonetheless.

    And I also have to give an honorable mention to Lorac here, who, every time I mentioned that I was working on the book on a blog, chimed in right behind me — you finish this and I will buy two cases!

    The support of my blogger friends helped to make this possible. Especially when I got the feeling that nobody out there in the rest of the world gave a crap about any of this and would just as soon see it stayed buried.

  58. And while I am suffering from diarhhea of the keyboard, yes I did rewrite it — three times.

  59. I’m a bit surprised about the agents wanting to diminish the personal aspect in the book. That imprint in ones history is indelible. It colors everything we do and how we perceive it.

  60. McN — they all wanted a flat “Objective” (ha ha) non-fiction book. This is crap. Heer is my take on that — many of the literary agents I dealt with were women and while they were nice, I think they too had been brainwashed — first by fitting books into an old cookie cutter model for publishers, and second, as women, they felt they were not allowed to voice their own feelings on the subject. I cannot prove that — just call it my “Spidey” sense. As if women are not allowed to get angry — we have to behave like an outmeal cookie.

    Of course, a flat book like that would sell three copies. Who cares?

    This has more facts packed in than anybody could want, but if you don’t care about who you are following or about the people damaged on this journey, what are we really learning here?

    It was most frustrating to hear this stuff, believe me.

  61. Er…”here” and “oatmeal”

  62. Sh**t — are we alone here?

  63. I can’t imagine what it was like to have someone tell you how to write what you were witness to. That is not guidance, that is cookie cutter editing.

  64. Uppity in the post= “We could have had a V8.” (Complete with head smacking.)

    Terrific job with your FIRST book, Ani! As you noted in a comment, “some people may not LIKE this.” Oh? You mean Chris Tingles and “I need a job” Olbermann? Maher, Leno?

    You paid attention to women in both parties and their battles with sexism. To Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Meg Whtiman, Gillebrand and others.

    Bravo! It only made for a much stronger case and will sell more books
    because it wasn’t just a one-sided account by a Hillary supporter of “how we were run over and our votes ignored” … although they certainly were.

    The Texas situation was particularly galling for a friend who had lived in San Diego and was the Democratic chair there, but in 2008 lived in Austin, TX, and wrote to me, “You know, the DNC is violating its own rules here, since you hold either a primary or caucus, but not both!” (Is this correct?) Texas held both. Correct or not, it was weird.

    This former SD Democrat voted for Hillary twice that night and “didn’t feel right.”. As you, McNorman and others pointed out, Obama supporters were bussed in and although Hillary won the primary, Obama won the caucus and wound up with more delegates. Fuzzy math, indeed. (Kind of like the DNC awarding Obama delegates when
    he wasn’t on on the ballot.

    Yet, here we go again. Our local campaigns here are waging the war against women right before my eyes. Unbelievable? No. They’ve either learned nothing or everything from 2008.

    I’m donating my copy to our public library in hope others will see the light.

  65. I got the book last week and have only gotten through half of it. Not that I haven’t skimmed through the entire book, mind you. Like many here, I want to take the time to savor the writing. I remember and still have friends tell me to “get over it.” I don’t think so.

  66. Hal, Austin was a walk in the park compared to what they did where I am. There was far less cheating (if you can believe it) there, than what I was witness to.

  67. I think you weave your personal story with the facts on the ground during ’08 beautifully. As the subtitle of your book says; an awakening. It was for you and for all of us.

  68. Sh**t — are we alone here?


  69. Must admit, lurking about to see if these comments are the Cliff Notes To Ani’s book.

    Feel like this is journal club, and haven’t had the chance to get to the articles after being buried at work and at home.

    ….just sitting quietly in the back of the class here….until there’s enough waking time to get through the real McCoy…

  70. It really isn’t the cliff notes, surprisingly — very little is given away by reading thism which is great. Oooh, the suspense!!

  71. Oooh, the suspense!!

    Egaaaaaad! Dying here now….

  72. Wel,, you’ll have to park yourself in front of the pages and turn off the phone!! 🙂

  73. Ani, have you looked into scheduling a BookTV on C-Span? That could really give your book press. If you have, tell us when it will be. (Or if we’ve missed it.) So important in this election year.

  74. If the comments are anything like the quality of the written book, then Ms. Ani, you may just as well have yourself a NYT best seller just around the corner.

    Promise you will stay true to the blog once you become even more famous, and make the rounds on the talk shows with the book. But do tell after you get the invite to din with HRC.

  75. I will ask my publicist to look into Book TV and, you can ask anybody, the people who knew me “when” always get invited to the pool party!

  76. I hope everyone isn’t gone! I’m on vacation and this is the first I could spare time for the computer.

    I think the the fact that Ani revealed personal stuff, and explained how the Obot tricks impacted her and paralleled stuff in her life, made the book very strong. I think it pointed out that TPTB may make these sweeping decisions about strategy, and their little bots follow the piper, but their decisions are having an impact on INDIVIDUALS, on REAL people. And a lot of people, let alone women, understand oppression and domestic violence. They understand on a gut level.

    I think, too, by reading the book, many people are realizing that if they only pay attention to the MSM and basic headlines, that they’re missing a lot of stuff that’s going on behind the scenes – bad stuff they should watch for in the future.

  77. The book IS so timely Hal! All the chatter lately about Hillary running in 2016. After what happened in 2008, why would she? Why should she? What woman….what PERSON would want to subject themselves to so much hate. Ani’s book is much needed push back to the misogyny that awaits any woman who seeks a position of power….particularly political power.

  78. towne, she already IS famous and is real, so I think we’re safe with her! 🙂

  79. Yes lorac. Ani’s book puts a face on the real people that they crushed, besides Hillary.

  80. Oh, and I’m in a different state. Around a lot of seniors. I’m giving out a lot of books. Seniors will “get it”, and seniors vote 🙂

  81. A sister-in-law my age, who voted for teh one, said she did so because she felt there was too much “guilt by association” in the campaign against Barry: She dismissed Jeremiah Wright, Father Pleghm, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and others as much ado about nothing. Believe it our not, she’s about to retire a a prof at the University of Wisconsin. This is an otherwise sane woman. Ahem, when my then 38-year-old daughter found out I voted for Hillary, she said she felt BETRAYED! Good God, it was MY vote, not hers.

  82. Yay! Pool party at Ani’s house!!! CANNONBALL!!!!!!!

  83. I hope, too, that reading the book makes people angry that our votes don’t really count. Instead of US choosing candidates and winners, the parties do. And that’s not right. IMO, the parties should only be there for organization, etc.

  84. Hal, which UofWI? Madison? I know that one is pretty obotty.

  85. “obotty”….love it lorac! Obot as an adjective! How very obotty of you! Why thank you! That was not a compliment!

  86. Yep Madison= Obot central.

  87. Obotty — hysterical Cannonball? Ok. I’ll work with it — just don’t throw me into the pool! 🙂

  88. Don’t splash, imust!

  89. their decisions are having an impact on INDIVIDUALS, on REAL people.

    Gosh, that just dredged up ugly thoughts from just a few short years ago.

    Somehow, after watching all the nauseating underhanded antics of those who [s]elected The Won, and who then dutifully plied all the minions to follow the piper, many seem to like to be oblivious to all the backroom wheeling and dealing that catapults the weak, ineffective, and undeserving to the forefront.

    If only people realized how important it is to look beyond a story framed and delivered ever so tidy by the msm, how to question motivations and goals of those in power and have the most to gain, and how not to be so casually accepting of things being portrayed as addressing some greater good when in reality it is about self-service, then maybe we can bring decent, hard-working, bright individuals into elected positions who can actually serve the people, instead of serving themselves.

  90. SOrry. Long ranting sentence…

  91. imust, “obotty”….

    It would be better if it was “Nobotty”

  92. But I followed it just fine…

  93. Hal,

    too much “guilt by association”

    Plenty of that now for many of those who were supporters.

    Where did logical and rational thinking go into deciding who to support? Ahem…

  94. I am nearly done with this book. I read it everyday on the train on my commute into the city (the charming chi-town of obot fame). They have already planned to turn us into an armed camp in the month of May because we have the dubious honor of hosting the NATO summit. – but I digress.
    At first I was going to donate the book to our library, then I thought I’d dponate it to the library in the train station. Lots of traffic there – (pun intended). But I have (and still am) spent time highlighting passage after passage and corresponding endnotes in the book. Yesterday, a UofC prof asked me what I taught. (She noticed that I was pouring over the book and highlighting with care.) I guess I should have said history. I have been studiously reading and then trying not to become angry all over again. Those “moments” of being called r@cist – by my sister no less, and challenged by people who saw that man with no history or experience as The One who could lead us out of the mess we are now ever deeper into. I still cannot believe it. I supported WesClark and then Kerry against Bush – but I never believed Kerry could win even as I gave up my vacation time that year to work for him in Wisconsin. Then came 2008 and I supported Edwards (for shame) until I listened to Hillary. I was ABC until I heard her in the first debate; from then on I never turned back. I remember Taylor Marsh where I learned about turncoating. I also learned about other blogs where I could find smart, like-minded people. It was at TC on May 31, 2008 where I was present at the birth of PUMA. There is page after page of documentation that I am NOT crazy and that what I experienced in 2008 – the degredation, the name-calling, being thrown under the ever growing bus – really happened.
    I, too saw Sarah Palin as harrassed by the press, vilified by “journalists”, scorned in ways that only Hillary could connect with. And I called it misogyny, the obots called “just fine by me”. I saw the hanging in effigy of
    SP on the internet. I called it violence. Others saw me as “round the bend”.
    When I posited that seeing a haning in effigy of TehOne would not be tolerated, whereas the SP “hanging” was, I was again called names and vilified. It was the same thing (like with Hillary) all over again . . .
    Thank you, Ani. I don’t know how you could write this. I can hardly read it and I can hardly put it down. I’m going to purchase at least 2 more copies. 1 for the library and the other for the train station. I now carry it into the gym and leave it face upwhere ever I go. I hope this is just the beginning of remembering and reminding of the lies and corruption of 2008.

    egads! it’s so late, I cannot begin to proof this comment. My eyes are crossing and I have to get up “early” tomorrow morning

  95. Leslie, thank you for posting that so much of your experience echoed mine. I know some out there may not be happy that I included Palin but until we have a zero tolerance policy, we cannot get this to stop.

  96. Leslie, I thought you lived *in* the city. Are you in a suburb? In “Chicagoland”? Just wondering… I grew up in Chicagoland. 🙂

  97. Ani has some really wonderful sentences. I’m going to type some in the next box. I won’t be able to find them all, but I’m going to point some out that I loved.

  98. Lorac — just don’t give away ALL my punch lines!! 🙂

  99. In her expression, I saw their entire relationship. (p. 3, about Chelsea and Hillary)

    As I listened to her that night, I finally saw Senator Clinton as a person. p. 4.

    It seemed Senator Obama was not going to accept second position to anyone, even someone more experienced than he. p. 5

    I decided to forego the romance of inspiration for the reality of knowledge, competence, wonkishness, and hard work. p. 5

    p. 6. I have no idea what “potzo” means lol (other than by the context here!)

    In 2008, my reluctant odyssey into the world of politics forced me to examine the way women are treated in a “post-feminist” world, especially women with high aims and hard heads. p. 6

    …even some of my friendships as I discovered a society not as evolved as advertised. p. 6

    Throughout the campaign, political pundits acted the part of the abusive husband with the DNC as their enablers. The cost reached far beyond Hillary….. Woman-hate. I saw it and I could name it. p. 7

    But was misogyny the motive or merely the method of discrediting a qualified female candidate? p. 7

    Either the good ole’ media boys were (and are) sexist, egged on by women who side with them to maintain a seat at the table…. p. 7

    To this day, she is terrified of talking to new people, afraid her inadequacy will bleed past her beautiful smile. p 7

    I could never have imagined that the painful culture of my upbringing would be echoed in the media, on the street, and by the very party Hillary Clinton had long fought for. p. 7

  100. OOps I better stop then lol I’m only to p. 7 but lots of good stuff!

    READ the book, people, READ!!!! This means you lurkers, too! 🙂

  101. I am flattered beyond words — but please leave the rest a mystery — buy a copy please, you lovely lurkers!!!! And read it all for yourselves!! It’s more fun. Honest.

    Thanks, Lorac!!

  102. potzo = batsh*t crazy!! It’s a NY thing.

    And yeah, those are some of my favoriate sentences, too. Geez, I feel like Red Skelton, laughing at my own jokes.

  103. I love the book, it drew me in and really got me going in so many ways, made me furious, sad, proud. My son is reading it now, and I added it to his list of work for womens studies. I hope to see it reach libraries and schools. I will do what I can here in my area. Ani, it’s so well done. Obvious you put your heart and soul into it. Hugs and congratulations on a job very well done.

  104. Thanks, Socalannie, much appreciated.

  105. Ani, I provided a “teaser”!

    Just ONE more, pretty please!

    “The way she stood up, taught me to stand up.”

    I thought that was a very powerful sentence. Often when I think of Hillary, what she has accomplished, all the crap she has had to deal with, how strong she is – I often think, I want to be more like Hillary.

    You guys better buy it and read it, and soon!

    And please, feel free to write to and tell us some libraries and women’s studies depts and journalism depts we can send it to!

    C’mon! Send me to the post office! 🙂

  106. socal, you do such a great job with Laker, it’s too bad you don’t have more kids! But he’ll have kids, and he’ll find a good woman, and together they’ll make some Little Lakers with all the wisdom you imparted to him!

  107. Lorac — you are adorable! And I’m glad the ending worked for you, too!

  108. btw, laker told me today that “the word on the street” is that Hillary will run in ’16. I asked him where he heard this and he said tv (?!). He said “they” think the Clintons will come back into power then, that she is too loyal to run against another dem. Laker generally watches stuff to do with music or sports. The dems must really be paranoid, and there must be a lot of talk going on for laker to have picked it up casually.

  109. I hope Hillary runs in 16, and some of those quoted are supposedly people who know her, so maybe she’s leaving the option open. (why not?) But I just get the feeling that this “drumbeat”, this big push to get this possibility into people’s minds is some kind of a trick, something to help Obama NOW in some way.

  110. lorac, I feel the same way. btw, I will try to take you up on your offer next week. We will start making calls.

  111. Our electricity is scheduled to go out any minute. They’re doing some work on our street, so see you all tomorrow!

  112. It is a trick. Doesn’t mean she won’t run — but Dems are trying to use it to their advantage. I don;t beleive for a minute she actually has their backing.

  113. I have to read Ani’s book slowly. I need to keep my blood pressure in check. Just want to say that I am happy to see the truth in print, and holding ground against the sexist tome “Game Change” which purports to tell it’s own version of “truth” about 2008.

    Ani, IMO, your book is an important piece that will eventually be required reading in Women’s Studies courses. Once those who teach the classes get their heads out of Obama’s butthole and start realizing how much ground they lost by supporting him. The idiots will need to stop reeling over how he was “Christmas, Hannukah and New Years” all rolled into one. Or some kind of iconic representation of “What a Feminist Looks Like.” Then they will be ready for the real truth, about how they were had. And manipulated.

    I am on chapter two. Very good work so far. More later…

  114. I downloaded this book to my kindle the minute it was possible to do so. I thought the best parts were:

    1) the parts that made some extremely shrewd observations about the nature of sexism in this country and how it is propogated by women as well as men.

    2) the parts that broached the subject of why this sexism was so painful and unbearable to only some of us and invisible to the rest. Were we the canaries in the mine? If so, why us? The figures show that 3.4 million Hillary Clinton supporters completely left the Democratic Party in 2008. That’s alot of canaries!!

    As a long-time party insider and activist and political consultant and candidate, I was and still am so shocked by the women in the party who ridiculed my stance, told me to shut up, that I was making myself look like a fool because I was upset about the sexism. When I explained my reasons why, all I got were blank expressions of incomprehension from these women—-these staunch “feminists.” They said that our moment wasn’t now and by association that the sexism was unimportant compared to getting Bush and the Republicans out of power.

    Like everyone else in our group of 3.4 million, I looked at them and said “HUH?” And some of them still will not speak with me to this day. Not that I care. They made the Democratic party look like a bunch of morons to me. And they were proof positive that feminism had become meaningless.

  115. But I just get the feeling that this “drumbeat”, this big push to get this possibility into people’s minds is some kind of a trick, something to help Obama NOW in some way.

    Ding Ding Ding!

  116. If obama gets elected he will ruin the country even more and by 2016 nobody will want to vote for a democrat, not even Hillary at that point. 8 years of obama will destroy the Dem brand in total.

    If Romney gets elected he will maneuver his plans from 2012 all the way into 2020 so that he gets re-elected in 2016.

    The Dems have pulled out the Hill in ’16 card to prop up the fraud. As if they can rub some of her magic off onto the fraud and their dishonorable party. After knee-capping her they suddenly are gushy about her. They’re just trying to cash in on her popularity, competence and her supporters – many of whom they lost in 2008 due to the horror show Anita depicts so well.

    It isn’t that Hillary doesn’t want it. It isn’t that she will be too old. It is just that her time, the right time, the only time – was 08 and the media and the democratic party throat slashers and ladder kickers blew it.

    We sure COULD have had a V8. Now we got barky or mittens instead.

  117. lorac~
    I’m sorry I couldn’t respond earilier…I literally fell asleep at the keyboard last night/this morning. lol.
    I live just across the northern “border” of chicago; I’m in the city every day. I work at one of the major universities so I travel a bit (1.25+ hours each way) to get there. Consequently I often have time to read – if I’m not having to stand, a juggle all the cr@p I carry.
    Where did you grow up???

    oh, and because I don’t get home from work until after 8:00 most eves, I am gone on weekends running all the errands I can’t get done during the week. I have to leave in an hour or so this morning. My online life has become limited.

  118. Ani said,

    It is a trick. Doesn’t mean she won’t run — but Dems are trying to use it to their advantage. I don;t beleive for a minute she actually has their backing.

    I agree. And theyare gonna have to work d@mn hard for me to ever vote D again. It is country over party for ever. I pass the *headquarters* in my town everyday on my way to work. I sometimes want to throw a brick through the windo with a note on it. “Give me back my party” I’d like to say.

  119. I have read Ani’s book and admired it very much. Thank you, Ani, for all of your hard work to produce a compilation of the misogyny of the media and the Democratic Party leadership. You handled it in such a wonderful way that while it was painful to relive what happened, I was inspired by your journey.

    I too am glad you included what happened to Sarah Palin as well, including that there was nothing to those ethics charges and how that got no coverage at all. It is shameful what has happened to the “Fourth Estate” (great piece from Wednesday Lorac).

    And happy belated birthday, Uppity!

  120. Hi,

    Sorry I missed out on the discussion yesterday – something came up that prevented me from doing anything – anything at all 🙂

    I read Ani’s book last weekend. Although the book is about what happened during the 2008 election, more importantly it is about propaganda and how the media is capable of brainwashing the masses. Ani uses the media’s treatment of Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and other women in politics in order to present the reader with a very clear example of how this was done in 2008. Although her example discusses women politicians in 2008, the main point of the book still applies today. The media is still attempting to brainwash people and is a big propaganda machine. If you just read the headlines, (not even the articles) first on a left leaning website like Politico than on a right leaning site like Drudge you will see the difference. Its in the wording. They write about the same thing but instead of sticking to facts they attempt to sway you to their point of view.

    I find it interesting that Ani’s book was published right in time for the made up “War on Women” – there has to be a reason for this. It is not a coincidence. I am sure Ani did not plan that as how was she to know? To me it is because society needs to open their eyes. When there is a need – the information appears. In anycase, the propaganda is not only a 2008 issue but a hear and now issue. People need to read this book in order to be aware of how the media attempts to control them.

    Ani’s book should be required reading along with Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message.

    If anyone bought a Kindle version of the book, you can “loan” it out one time. So if you know someone who can’t afford to be buying books and has a indle, you can lend it to them. You can only do this once. Once you lend it out, you can no longer read it yourself until the other person finishes it. They get two weeks to read it from the time they first open it. I lent mine to an Obama supporter and much to my amazement she is actually seeing things differently now. She was aware of what happened to Sarah Palin but totally unaware of what happened to Hillary. It goes to show what can happen when the other side of the story is pointed out. Thank you Ani for documenting it!


  121. Good point about the war on woman, cats!

  122. my own experience at the dem hq in my county stands out – the weekend before the PA primary, the papers (who all endorsed the One except Dick Scaiffe, of the vast right wing conspiracy, Trib and the U Penn) claimed Obama had “closed” the gap to 3% which I KNEW from working the phones, was utterly bogus, yet we could SEE the news media shoving him down our throats. At the hq that Saturday morning, women who NEVER leave their homes because of children, an invalid spouse or parent, housework, etc. came through my doors to say they “had to do something…this can’t happen.” They took canvassing sheets, phone banked and contributed money. On Primary Day, my county chairman, who NEVER worked the headquarters for ANYBODY, suddenly had to have the front desk and promptly shoved women who had worked there for six weeks aside to take up the seat in support of it. The men who were “Hillary ’08” enthusiasts just a year ago were suddenly “inspired” by a pretentious new shiny thing. I felt the same things about them that I do about a cheating spouse or boyfriend – their infidelity magnified their immaturity. I understood that all of us, along with Hillary, made them feel inadequate and drove them into a crisis… But MOST Democrats who don’t make politics their lives saw how it went down and – only because they weren’t following it closely enough – concluded that something must have happened behind the scenes to make her suspend and throw her support to him, so they trusted her and went with it. I feel the black members of the New York delegation, led by Charlie Rangle, stiffed her and so stabbed her in the back that she couldn’t even cut a deal in her self interest, so shocked and disoriented she must have been. Those same m/fers who demanded loyalty for THEIR bastard candidate wouldn’t know loyalty or fidelity to their sitting Senator, nor to the Big Dawg who put HIS money where his mouth was, opening his office in Harlem, too close – I’m afraid, to the Columbia campus to preserve the chemical composition of his brain. Call me a racist, but the reactionary accusations they dwelled on and accused both Clintons of were but reflections of their own race-obsessed power lust.

  123. Good morning (((uppity’s)))))))

    I’m catching up on comments from yesterday
    Pmm: A kITTY CAT showed up in my vision——davey was freaking out at the window, and I was saying there is nothing there, and there she was———–I put some food out for her–hopefully she finds it

    UW: Your right—they find you

  124. If she comes to me, her name is “FEARLESS”——
    davey was freaking out at the window and she stood there Fearlessly
    until I walked out, she scampered away, but kind of stayed and scampered away, and finally went to her hiding place

    that’s when I left the food for her (dog food)-but it’s meat, until I get cat food————

  125. michellina open your heart and they will come

  126. MCN: my heart is aways open, I worry about my davey-i hope her heart is with me

  127. Yes they always find you.

  128. Alas, I haven’t finished the book yet — I want to read it at a stretch, on some lazy weekend, but haven’t had one of those in 1.5 months and counting. That said, what I have read so far is very impressive, and a testament to the dedication, insights, and passion Ani brought to the task. Of course, it rakes up many bad memories of rampant misogyny in 2007-08, but ultimately the truth is also a tonic to the soul. It’s axiomatic, “The truth will set you free!” — Ani’s book will help me get there.

    Loved the vid of you, Ani. The camera loves you, obviously.

  129. I love that Video too.thank you Ani 😉

  130. Thanks, NES and foxylady14!!

  131. Pie, that vid still gets me all watery eyed. No Bama, No Way, No How.

    If by some miracle, he stepped up and Hillary stepped in and took the general in Nov, the whole lot of us would have to meet in January in DC for a great big Pie Fest.

  132. It’s powerful, but also hard seeing those old videos. I always remember the hope I had that we could make a difference, that we could get TPTB to play fair – I remember it on a feeling level – the hope and then the successive let downs.

    But in the end, it’s better to be us than them. They’ll always be lying, scheming, backbiting, sexist jerks.

  133. It was a roller coaster ride wasn’t it lorac? We have been on this journey together, starting at different points, for different reasons, following different paths….but Ani’s book tells our story. And, unlike the videos and other articles on the internet that can be scrubbed (and some have)….Ani’s book will live on.

  134. karen a pie fest would be in order for such a miracle. But miracle is the operative word. sigh.

  135. Imust; YOU got me crying like a baby again, god help me I can’t get over it—————I don’t want to get over it———– for ALL THE PAIN —-IT STILL HURTS

  136. The camera loves you, obviously

    And understatement.

  137. PMM, UW: I left the food, the bowl and food is gone, I kept calling her over-I left it in a very exclusive spot,(secret) what are the chances the (very small bowl) & the food are gone-no way it was a rdoent-what do you think——–it was light enough for her to take away though

  138. PS: sorry if I am taking away from conversation

  139. I think maybe a dog ran off with it, Michelina. I leave out food for stray cats, and sometimes dogs walk off with the bowl. I usually find it further down the property.

  140. cats: this is such a CROCK-the congress stopped President Clinton when he was President from going after Bin Laden-I don’t have the abiltiy to bring up the links to prove this, but it ha been written many times in the news-and I don’t believe it is scrubbed,

    President Busch 1——— is the closest to the ANTi-CHRIST W/ CHENEY

  141. Lorac: I checked with the neighbor if her dog grabbed it, it was a pink bowl, and she said no———-I hope you and I are wrong-but I’ll keep trying, I figure it will take me till the end of the summer to win her over

  142. Ani’s book will live on.

    From your keyboard to God;s ears! Thank you for helping to get the word out.

  143. “But I just get the feeling that this “drumbeat”, this big push to get this possibility into people’s minds is some kind of a trick, something to help Obama NOW in some way.”
    Ding Ding Ding

    Do everything,anything, possible to get the low-information-bitter-clinger wimminz back in camp to support obama. Pretend this will make it easier for a Hillary 2016 run..

    They know they’ve failed and can’t run on O’s record so they’ll use all means necessary to punch up their numbers… dog lovers for obama, gardeners for obama, left-handed parapelegics for obama, women for obama.

    They yap about Hillary in 2016 while simultaneously whispering …. “pssst…AndrewCuomo2016”.

    and HEY! we’ve never had an Eye-talian President!
    The boiz would rather run every aspect of male demographic, Japanese, Jewish, working class, Latino, etc. before they’d ever seriously consider a woman as their leader.

  144. Regarding Diry Words on Clean Skin:
    My anguish ate my homework.

    I’ve been lurking, reading everyone’s commentary. I thought approaching the material sideways through your comments would bring me closer to whatever it is I need to continue reading Ani’s (our) book.
    I find I can read several comments at a time but then I have to walk away and go sort socks or something. Even then, the hour by hour echoing memories of the emotional rollercoaster that was the week in Denver, accompanies me.

    I’m feeling like an emotional hemophiliac … avoiding, and protecting myself from, any risk of as minor as a pin prick, lest I bleed out.

  145. I do think the repubs are going after women’s rights in a big way, call it the war on women or whatever, the fact is, there is a whole slew of proposals out there to take away our rights and appease the right wing nutters. I don’t see what the timing of Ani’s book has to do with any of it. I think her book was published when it was finished.

    I agree with lorac & Ani, & leslie & karen that the dems are using Hillary right now with the rumors of her running in ’16, dangling her like a carrot for the donkey, in order to drum up support for themselves. Thats why I said last nite they must be really paranoid, although I didn’t express what I meant. I wonder what will happen next. Hubbie thinks they will ask her to be veep.

  146. UPPITY”S———-I feel like I missed the message here———MISYOGINIST MEN and women———-

    DWP:————-don’t you back off from the PAIN———-it is what it is–Painful, injustice and everything UGLY————YOU will live reading the book,———— tears, outrage, anger,—-it’s Iife

  147. TO ALL UPPITY’S————God knows we have gone over the same material over and over and over agian———-I need it————it is tiresomer, boring to remember the same sh$t all the time——

    WE MUST REMEMBER————-ANI———–YOU AND ONLY YOU WILL ALLOW US TO REMEMBER—————it is easy to forget when live gets in the way

  148. I had a MAJOr stroke in my life at 52 yrs old, because I had more stress than any human being could have possibly put up with

  149. I am lower middle class, and have more abuse than any one could possibly believe—-My DAD, the culprit—I have never been able to get away from IT-I should have had counseling a long time ago

    I left my house when I was 19 and taking care of myself———there wasn’t much time for anything else , but I found the timne to care and to FIGHT and to educate myself

  150. so I cannot HEAR or UNDERSTAND -I don’t have time, or the stength to do this for ANI———I believe on this blog I am not so fortunate as some – I never had ANY talent———any Love, but MY heart is Here and with REMEMBERING , HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON SHOULD BE OUR PRESIDENT

  151. sorry or the typos

  152. I am alone here–time to sign off, but I will be back

  153. michelina5,

    We all have are our rhythm, rhymes, and reasons.

  154. edit: strike ‘are’.

  155. But in the end, it’s better to be us than them. They’ll always be lying, scheming, backbiting, sexist jerks.

    Yessss. True!!

  156. They yap about Hillary in 2016 while simultaneously whispering …. “pssst…AndrewCuomo2016″.

    and HEY! we’ve never had an Eye-talian President!
    The boiz would rather run every aspect of male demographic, Japanese, Jewish, working class, Latino, etc. before they’d ever seriously consider a woman as their leader.

    What Dances said!

  157. Hi Michelina51

    “cats: this is such a CROCK-the congress stopped President Clinton when he was President from going after Bin Laden-I don’t have the abiltiy to bring up the links to prove this, but it ha been written many times in the news-and I don’t believe it is scrubbed,

    President Busch 1——— is the closest to the ANTi-CHRIST W/ CHENEY”

    I assume you are referring to the ABC link I posted? I believe what you are saying. In regard to the link – I saw it as ABC implying that Obama is a hypocrite as he is using Osma Bin Ladin to score political points – which is what he accused Hillary of in 2008. I might need to go re-read it 🙂

  158. In August 1998, when [Clinton] ordered missile strikes in an effort to kill Osama bin Laden, there was widespread speculation – from such people as Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) – that he was acting precipitously to draw attention away from the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal, then at full boil. Some said he was mistaken for personalizing the terrorism struggle so much around bin Laden. And when he ordered the closing of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House after domestic terrorism in Oklahoma City, some Republicans accused him of hysteria.

  159. They yap about Hillary in 2016 while simultaneously whispering …. “pssst…AndrewCuomo2016″.

    Exactly. Another one who is instructed to “take a two by four to Hillary.” She would be a fool to fall for that again.

  160. Ani, all during and after the primary I would print internet articles, comments, etc. made by the loose tongues screaming racism and every vulgarity slung at her. I did this because it was so unbelievable in this century! The hate for women must have been festering by some of these bloggers, talking heads, etc. for years. But to top it all, the women who spewed hateful words was unforgiveable. Tagging Hillary and Bill with racist infuriated me. We, as a country, have been set back for years and years.

    Your book has provided the only existing documentation regarding the turmoil and hate during this time. Your detail is amazing! Your book is a must read!

  161. “Your book has provided the only existing documentation regarding the turmoil and hate during this time. Your detail is amazing! Your book is a must read!”

    Amazing indeed. I can’t think of anything she missed!

  162. Cat. How is your kitteh!

  163. WLM!! Tell the world!! And thanks very much.

    That is the next challenge, which many of you are already going above and beyond helping us with — getting the message out that there is an interesting journey to be taken with this book and getting people to buy and tell their friends. I am hopeful we will also generate some good press in the next few weeks as well. We are aiming at the second wave of readers!

    I will tell you that I am nothing short of in shock that a couple of organizations that should be embracing this have not even responded. Well, actually I am not in shock — that is the sad part.

  164. The Obot attacks on Hillary didn’t end with her campaign. But when Sarah Palin was nominated they had a new object of hate and when Hillary accepted the SoS nomination they couldn’t attack her anymore.

    Imagine if Hillary had stayed in the Senate and Sarah Palin was never nominated. Hillary would still be their primary object of hate.

    If she runs in 2016 she will be again.

  165. myiq — agreed. The same idiots are lying in wait in the tall grass.

  166. Hillary has been an outstanding SOS. I’d be shocked if she sought the nomination in 2016. Her time was 2008, and Ani’s book is the best documentation of what happened to her chance to be the first female president. I’ve been talking about “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” to all my professional acquaintances, and no one realized what happened to Hillary during the Democratic primary. I am passing the book around to anyone who is interested. I had one taker so far. I also ask people what they think of Sarah Palin to see if they were brainwashed. “She’s an idiot” is the giveaway clue!

  167. It’s still hard for me to accept that so many women tow the sexist line for men. Ani, I am, also, glad that you covered Sarah Palin in your book.

  168. My issue is that Democratic voters do not punish their ruling class. All Hillary supporters should have made their voices heard by not voting for Obama in the general election. That would have been a powerful statement.

  169. WLM – thanks for asking about the kitteh. I was going to post about it earlier but could nor remember where the original posts are and didn’t think Ani’s book discussion was the proper place, but since you ask…

    Upon observation I realized that the problem was urinary. Some google searching made me decide to give her some Vitamin C as a short term solution until I could get her to the vet. The amazing thing is it seems to have helped! Its all about ph. I also bought her some special cat food. I wish I could get her to eat wet food but she won’t touch it. The others eat dry cat food as well as Beneful Dog Food (they love that stuff). This one won’t touch wet dog or cat food. The only thing she will eat that is not dry food is Tuna Fish .

    In any case, Vitamin C seems to do wonders as long as the cat is not totally blocked. She is getting better and better and I have not seen her the litter box all weekend.

    Thanks again for asking

  170. “I will tell you that I am nothing short of in shock that a couple of organizations that should be embracing this have not even responded. Well, actually I am not in shock — that is the sad part”


  171. cats, please consider going to the vet ASAP. Do not assume vitamin C took care of her problem. These things toot along and then suddenly become dangerous. FUS is not to be tinkered with, please trust me on this.

    I’ll withhold comment on what I think of beneful. But right now, the most important thing is, if your cat had a bout with squatting and straining at th litter box too frequently, she has a real problem that can turn bad fast. In most quarters it is regarded as an emergency. Even ‘partial’ blockages are very very dangerous and can become painful beyond belief.

    Tuna is high in ash and that is probably why she has this problem. I can tell you more if you want. I NEVER feed my cats canned fish food, including people food for this very reason.

  172. Also dog food is not high enough in protein for cats. i hope I am not making you angry here but it’s the truth. If you want me to shoot you an email, let me know. You’re going to have to change that kitteh’s diet stat.

  173. Ani, I wish there was some way that us Uppities could get our books signed by you!

  174. Ani, if you are talking about organizations like Now national, emily and NARAL, forget it. They are an owned arm of the Obama party.

  175. Hi UW – she has a vet appt Monday. You can email your food recommendations if you like. I am very open minded 🙂 She doesn’t get tuna very often – only when I have it – I let them enjoy the oil. As for Beneful – they love it. They only get about 1/4 of a teaspoon each a day. Its a treat. Wet cat food – they lick the gravy off and leave the food – what a waste.

  176. Back to Ani’s book. Not to draw anyone away from the discussion here, but to help draw more attention to the book, I started a discussion on Amazon. Wondering if anyone would like to help get it going??? Hint hint.

  177. Oh good cats! Vet will give her antibiotics and probably give you a prescription diet which she will hate. lol. Most cats don’t like gravy cat food. Look for the ‘pate’ or ‘ground’. You might have better luck.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t have gravel or stones.

  178. Ani, I just read your book twice…. So much to live through again and never forget…. Believe me “I Will Never Forget” I left the Dem party the very next day after May 31st 2008…. I felt like my heart had fallen below the bottom of my feet….. I was soooo hurt at first then, the hurt turned into anger (even at that time, at Hillary for accepting the Secretary job…and not kicking that piece of shit BO to the curb)…. Then, when Puma and Uppity and many other wonderful sites came around I found a community of people who were going through the same outrage of May 31st and began to stay the course to do what i could to see that the Dem Party NEVER forgets what they had done to this Country and to the 18 million Hillary Supporters…. I am grateful to have had to chance to speak to Hillary… And, I worked day and night on her campaign. I had the chance to ask Hillary how she handles all of the hate, sexism and just cruel attacks on her? She said it just bounces off of her and she was staying focused on the course of “going to the end of the Primary”…… I know, she must have been deeply hurt with all of the vile hate be thrown at her …But, she kept her promise and finished…. 🙂 😉 On page 215 in your book a particular passage really stuck with me… “It appeared Mr. Milbank could not bear the thought of Hillary receiving praise from her colleagues. But considering that the source was someone who later issued an apology to Secretary Clinton for saying she should be drinking “Mad Bitch Beer”, his comment was understandable. The snark just made all of these guys, and the jealous gals who joined in with them, seem foolish. I wondered that they didn’t know that. By Hillary’s choice to kill’ em with kindness, put her shoes on and keep going, she made here detractors look tired and small. They could not defeat her. And for twenty years, many had tired. As Maya Angelou said: “Rise, Hillary, Rise.” That is in fact what I did…. I rose above the fray and can say I will do what I can in 2012 to see that that piece of shit BO IS NOT THE FRAUD IN CHIEF AGAIN!!!!

  179. Anyone watching the WH correspondent’s dinner?

  180. imusthavepie….NOPE!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😉

  181. Cats — yes!!!! Guilt is right — tail between the legs, hanging head in shame, pretending it did not happen, look the other way guilt!

  182. No i’m not watching, but I saw tapper on twitter forwarding Katie pics and crap like that and i thought, there has to be something really perverse about the people who control what people hear, see and think having a ‘garden’ party in the midst of the most horridly depressing economy in our lifetime. Just really sick

  183. Uppity — no — those orgs are lost. I know that. I was talking about WomenCountPAC.

  184. Media promoting media. Yeah, it’s a joy to watch.

  185. It should be named the White House Lap Dogs’ dinner.

  186. Got that right, craterlake.

  187. Cats, great idea!! Thank you — I will send this link to my friends and FB friends, too and see if they want to chime in! Thanks for educating me!

  188. I don’t know much about them Anita. Apparently then, only certain women count. Same deal as the rest.

  189. Lap Dogs’ Dinner! Oh no! No, Obama would think they are announcing the menu!

  190. Ani, do you have a mailing list? I would love to mail complimentary copies of your book to various organizations. Did Hillary receive a copy?

  191. Just looked at their website plastered with STOP SEXISM and they aren’t interested in your book. Red flag. Red Flag. An arm of the Obama party.

  192. Wow! Womencountpac hasn’t responded. That’s crazy.

  193. craterlakegirl — mail away! What do you mean by a mailing list? You mean people who have gotten it already vs. those who have not? Right now publicist is working on media interest and pitching, calling, sending Press Releases, and books, if requested — and yes some have gone out.

    You can reach me at my website by filling out the submission form (not the one to my publicists) — It will get to me, if you want to get more specific with questions.. and I so appreciate your wanting to reach out to more people.

    And thanks for reading twice!

  194. imust — I will send the email to everyone on their list again tomorrow just in case but I really do not know how active they are these days.

  195. Anita they have a twitter account and a facebook page that have been updated fairly recently. Also, check out their facebook cover…..buttons….one says, “Uppity Women Unite”. IKYN!

  196. Maybe we should all tweet them this post or your website address? Join their facebook page and make comments??? What do you think?

  197. Just a suggestion… could also look at womencountpac’s twitter followers and follow them too….at least the ones who look interesting and then see if they begin to follow you!

  198. Imust — actually, if you go over there and post a link to my website and and 2 minute video and talk up Dirty Words on Clean Skin briefly -that the book exposes the REAL war on women — that might help — certainly better if someone else does it than if I do it…


  199. Shoot — I was just trying to give you the link — didn’t know it would post again!!! Dagnabit, I am such a ham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. ROFLMAO!

  201. LOL! That’s okay, you’re a mod aren’t you? You can remove it if you’d like! I can get the link from youtube! What do you want me to say in the comment?

  202. We should all go to the womencount site and post the links.

  203. “Ani, do you have a mailing list? I would love to mail complimentary copies of your book to various organizations. Did Hillary receive a copy?”

    I think Bill needs a copy – to remind him before he goes campaigning for Obama!

  204. Cat, I posted on your Amazon link.

  205. WLM – I am appalled! I went to see what you wrote and your post was invisible as someone flagged it as not adding anything to the discussion – or something like that. I clicked on the show me anyway option and then replied back. Dropped the Michelle Obama word just so the damn obots might maybe realize that it is not an anti-Obama book but a book in defense of woman no matter who they may be 🙂

  206. Bill definitely needs a copy. I thought someone here (I won’t say who) was working on getting it to Hillary.

    Kirsten Gillibrand ? Martha Coakley ? Hillary die-hards….

  207. imust — i will email you…

  208. Regretting loaning my copy out. Would like to drop some quotes in the Amazon discussion. Might have to get another 🙂

  209. Jeez louise — that means there were six other people posting at Amazon “no it does not help discussion” — are you trying to tell me obots are lurking here? Gimme a break.

    Michelle Obama gets stellar coverage in this book!

    You’d think they would want that to be advertised!! Talk about contempt prior to investigation/

  210. hey cats, it’s your dime!! And it will raise my amazon ranking 🙂

  211. throw me a Michelle quote to post 🙂 I want to stifle them. There’s already a Bill Clinton joke.

  212. I’m thinkin’ Kirsten Gillibrand, Martha Coakley , Hillary die-hards, etc. know what happened. I’m wondering if it would help to inform independants and republicans?

  213. Mrs. Obama:

    A forthright, successful professional reduced to a fashion plate tilling a victory garden in designer jeans and Lanvin sneakers. What was wrong with Mrs. Obama before her transformation? Answer: nothing.

    Michelle Obama is an outspoken, educated woman over-managed with constant makeovers. Soon after the inauguration, she advertised new “softer” eyebrows and huge false eyelashes. For the record, gluing those whimpers to your eyelids is about as comfortable as wearing feather dusters on your face. She was also touted by the press as a fashion icon and the unofficial minister of culture. If Mrs. Obama liked that role, fine. But it would be unfortunate in this day and age if she felt hamstrung by her handlers.
    Ambitious, powerful women are still depicted as bad mother, sex object, out of control or, in Mrs. Obama’s case, 50s mom and fashion plate. Why do we still need to homogenize women, buffing away raw edges?

    Try that ,cats…

  214. Cats, I even mentioned Sarah Palin. I guess the Obots are cranked up for the election.

  215. Obots are lurking on amazon. I must confess that I skipped the chapter on Michelle Obama. I’ll mail a copy to the Clinton Library.

  216. Are you kidding — if this book defends Sarah Palin, that is all the obots need to get crazy — I have a couple that follow me on NQ along with a bunch of concern trolls. They spend the whole day cutting and pasting the same tired comments over and over.

  217. craterlakegirl – obots are everywhere. Everywhere. They are probably even lurking on Ebay

  218. DWPs — yeah — indies would help…or moderate men — ??

  219. It is exhausting that these people have nothing better to do than try to detract from the efforts of others.

    Here’s what I know: when you try to inject your poison into others, it always winds up poisoning you. It cannot be otherwise.

  220. I was thinking replublicans, to use as “ammunition”.

  221. It goes back to the unemployment problem. If these people had jobs they wouldn’t have time to sit around posting their drivel all over the place. Most of them can’t even write properly. Many can’t even spell. They don’t even bother to read – they just post their copy and paste’s all over the place.

    If Obama ever bothered trying to do something to help create jobs we wouldn’t have so many obots polluting the internet. And more people would be paying income tax so there wouldn’t be a need to try and tax the rich even more than they are already taxed.

  222. Republicans as ammunition – throw me a quote 🙂

  223. The Amazon Obot just illustrates the point of your book.

  224. Anita Finlay (“Ani”), on April 28, 2012 at 11:03 PM said:
    It is exhausting that these people have nothing better to do than try to detract from the efforts of others.
    They get that from their messiah, Teh Once

  225. cats, on April 28, 2012 at 11:11 PM said: Edit Comment

    Republicans as ammunition – throw me a quote

    Um — be specific – not sure what you are looking for here– how frightening that I have it all memorized!

  226. Go get em Cats, you are kicking *ss! Shame I can’t blog there under an alias!!!

  227. Why can’t you blog under an alias????

  228. Cats, try this–

    As Finlay covers in her book, when Hillary was running Pete Snyder of FOX News said “Someone needs to go there and take her out behind the barn,” just as Keith Olbermann of MSNBC said “A Super Delegate needs to take her into a room and only he comes out.”

    Both sides trash women.

  229. i have to register as someone else…don’t want to do that..

  230. Clarification (I hope). I was suggesting introducing Republicans and Independants to Ani’s book so they could use it as ammunition against Obama Inc.; and to possibly prepare them for the type of manipulative and lackwitted party they are up against.

  231. I have no idea in regard to a republican quote. But what quote can we throw in there that would really want to make people read the book? What is the best bait? Any ideas anyone?

  232. That’s the whole trick — how to pitch this to someone who was not nearly as involved in this debate as we were — since war on women is such a big deal right now, that is why my log line is”

    an expose about the REAL war on women…

    talk about how this exposes media brainwashing — since the media is not real popular right now — that is something most people can agree on…

  233. That Tea Party blogtalk radio host seemed to have been changed by your book.

  234. I know – its not easy – hopefully there will be enough posts to attract attention to the book and not just the commentary. For all the talk about creating FB pages, Twitter accts etc etc in order to promote a book, I doubt they really lead to many sales. I hope I am wrong, but its a hunch I have. Looking at some of the other political discussions in that forum – it doesn’t really look like book discussion at all 🙂

  235. “That Tea Party blogtalk radio host seemed to have been changed by your book”

    That’s the thing – if someone actually reads the book – or listens to the interview – it does seem to make them realize the truth. That is why we have to figure out how to get millions and billions of people to read this book 🙂

  236. imust — he was a very pleasant man to begin with. And he was also pleasantly surprised by my book. I think he was very pleased by the integrity of it. That I defended both sides. He was refreshed that I was not coming from a place of judging him.

  237. Obama at the WH correspondents dinner:

    During his speech, Obama took a jab at the now-infamous Summit of the Americas that sparked the Secret Service sex scandal earlier this month. “Four years ago, I was locked in a primary battle with Hillary Clinton,” Obama said. “Four years later, she won’t stop drunk-texting me from Cartagena.”

  238. Kimmel pointed to Sofia Vergara, one of a swarm of celebrities in attendance.
    “This is what women look like in Colombia,” Kimmel said. “What’s the Secret Service supposed to do?”
    He continued: “If this had happened on President Clinton’s watch, those Secret Service agents would’ve been disciplined with a very serious high-five. Palms would be beat-red.”

  239. Pathetic. Obama and his disciples are still running against the Clintons.Obama is such a small, small man.

  240. Yeah, at the same time they’re getting Big Dawg to help with their campaign.

  241. Dances, Barack Obama will always be running against the Clintons. They are his Betters and he knows it.

  242. Obama is to the Clintons as
    T-Ball is to Major League Baseball.

  243. Obama is to the Presidency as
    bumperstickers are to philosophy.

  244. Sorry. I actually made a couple of Nobama bumperstickers today… cafepress.

  245. When does he start running against himself? Never mind.

  246. And one of the most disrespectful things at the ’08 Convention, after Bill Clinton spoke, they played him off the stage with Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” — I’ll bet Axelrod, Plouffe, Gibbs and Favreau thought that was real amusing.

  247. He can never run against himself, Ani. Neither side would have a record to run on.

    You and I both know that the only people who compete with themselves are The Competents.

  248. Hey Dances, hang a link to your bumper stickers.

  249. Hey Uppity, click on my name.

  250. Let’s not kid ourselves about that tea party guy. If Hillary were runninng he’d be right in there gutting her. I learned one big thing from 2008. The Republicans used us and went right back to talking about us like we are dog shit. Think “Team Sarah”.

    It’s all softening up again for obvious reasons.

  251. That may very well be true, Uppity. But I can only comment to the current situation with him, and in the name of what I am attempting to do, I will take what I can get!

  252. Dances I know your name is lit up, sister. But tossing a link makes people click on reflex.

  253. Okay so what dumb shit does a search for
    “Romain lettus”
    Seriously. America’s future leader, of course.

  254. Great thread!

  255. The divisive one does it again – woman turning on women:

  256. Thank you for supporting DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN by Anita Finlay. Her book goes beyond politics to expose a problem that has gone unchecked for centuries: The oppresion of women.

  257. You’ve got that right, jasmin.

  258. I just gave the kindle version of “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” to a friend. It was so easy.

  259. Way to go, craterlake!!!

  260. Too bad Nook doesn’t have “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” available. I have also had difficutly getting the book through the local.B&N. I told them it is so much easier buying books through Amazon. I also said they might also go the way of Borders if they don’t start carrying the books their customers want to read. (I already ordered the books for my daughter and DIL). Next 2 books for the library and the lending library at the train station.

  261. I am not 100% positive about this Leslie, but you may be able to buy a Kindle version and convert it to Nook using Calibre.

  262. Never mind what I said – it involves stripping the DRM off and that is illegal 🙂

    There’s always the free Kindle for PC or for Mac – but that won’t help you read on a Nook 🙂

  263. Just as a reminder: Lorac still has plenty of books to give away, so if you need one sent to you, just contact me at Your information will be kept STRICTLY confidential.

  264. cats, thanks for your suggestions. I didn’t even know about kindle for PC. But you’re right, It doesn’t get me to my nook. It’s okay, I wouldn’t have been able to share it anyway. Nook has limited books for sharing.

    thanks too, to lorac AND Upps of course.

  265. leslie we can send you a few books for sharing.

    As for DNC mail, you just have to write EFF OFF YOU SEXIST PIGS and mail it back.

  266. thanks, Upps. As for EFF OFF, I’ll try it the next time they send me something. Geez with TehOne’s recent attack on pvt citizens that gave to Mittens, I could have me 15 seconds of fame when he points me out. 😎

  267. I just submitted a review on of the book.


  268. Ani, I am only 1/3 of the way through the book so I can’t offer a review of any kind. But I wanted to say that you are an excellent writer. I hope you write more than the blog posts you’ve been doing,….. a novel perhaps?

  269. Ani, I’m sorry I missed the book review, but I had an out-of-town guest over for the weekend. (Co-incidentally, the same person who went with me to the Elton John fundraiser concert for Hillary at Madison Square Garden 4 years ago!)

    First–thank you for documenting our story so well. This is really a well-written book. I can’t say that enough. I love how you wove the facts and feelings together and gave such a vivid picture of what it was like living through our shared experience.

    I still cannot get over the lengths they went to ensure that a person of this caliber could not be president. I felt like it wasn’t just Hillary that got brow-beaten–it was us. When they insulted her, they insulted me. When the media and Obama’s surrogates kept asking why she wouldn’t quit, it was like they were saying I should quit but I kept sending money and notes to the campaign, “Please don’t quit.” I never donated in this quantity before, but it was worth it and I have no regrets.

    It needed to be told that the #WarOnWomen is perpetrated from “our” side as well as “their” side. Women really need to take a few steps back and see the big picture.

    I have only one disagreement with you–I feel you are far to generous with Michelle Obama. Here’s a brilliant woman who could be a political player in her own right and for the sake of her husband, threw us all under the bus and in a despicable manner. I can’t feel sorry for her because she deliberately chose her role to prove she was the Non-Hillary; she absolutely ran for FLOTUS against Hillary’s FLOTUS. And she did so by playing Laura Bush meets Jackie O. She lost me at “her tone”
    and “I’ll have to think about it” and “she can’t even run her own house.” She was speaking about a former first lady and the Senator from NY with a kind of disrespect that I’m not willing to blame on “the system.”

    Your book made me wonder about something, in the context of the history you shared of your childhood with an authoritarian/abusive father…
    I’ve been a regular at a few PUMA-genre blogs (and a lurker or sometimer at most) and I have seen a number of comments from other women who also had oppressive histories. Also, when Meryl Streep introduced Hillary, she said that women in other countries regard Hillary as a protector against bullies. I was just wondering if “they” profiled the “average” Hillary supporter, would it reveal a predominance of oppression/suppression. I’m not suggesting that everyone who supported Hillary has a history of abuse, but I’m wondering if it’s a large number, perhaps even most.

    Anyway, thanks again for telling our story so completely and so well. I intend to buy copies for other people so that I don’t have to keep explaining things. I can just say RTFM.

  270. Just came back to this thread to catch the comments that I had missed. Thank you all so very much.

    And SophieCt, I had a very specific reason for writing as I did about Michelle. Just as I gave Sarah more than a fair shake, I chose to give her one, too.

    I so appreciate your support!

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