SOS Hillary Rodham Clinton’s full and magnificent Time 100 remarks

Sorry the video embed doesn’t appear here.  I spent an hour trying to embed this — and Lockerz, the glitzy kiddie-show site which WordPress wants us to use, is Simply Worthless in addition to being the most visually offensive place I have seen this year. And that’s being nice. It seems that Lockerz has also elminated the letter “s” and replaced it with “z” as well. You can get yourself some Decalz at Lockers, yessir. And although their video to WordPress system blows goats, I did get some Pointz for trying.

Now back to the woman our girls should be watching instead of Lady Gaga and the Kardoucheans.

“You actually can run the world in heels and pantsuits.”

I didn’t want you to miss Hillary’s most recent awesome speech.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked to speak at the Time 100 Most Influential People Gala, 2012.

Her funniest and most Ironic line, made to order for the USA’s disgusting, backwards patrarchy:

“Welcome to my announcement to run for the President of Malta”

Introduced as

“The Personification of smart power – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton”

……You can see her full, magnificent (again!) remarks here

You can read a transcript of her speech here.

And although youtube isn’t classy enough to have her full speech posted yet, here’s our Girl leaving the Gala via Hollywood TeeVee.


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  1. upps: they (WordPress) want you to spend that $59.00/yr so you can use videopress.

  2. She is the personification of Smart Power. THIS is what a Smart President Looks Like. The video of her leaving the event actually bothered me. She looks a little vulnerable. That guy shouting out her name and she looked over toward him, and she looked a little alarmed.

  3. I think that’s a plugin for self-hosted wordpress sites, Fredster. I am definitely not going that route. Too much work.

  4. screw the dead and injured, myiq. The kegs!!!!

  5. I’ve followed her career for thirty years. The attacks and shit that she has had to put up with would have broken a thousand men.

  6. Rookie’s first MLB hit was a moonshot:

  7. And I should add, being married to Bill would have broken a thousand women.

  8. SHV, right.
    Both times.

  9. I think that’s a plugin for self-hosted wordpress sites, Fredster. I am definitely not going that route. Too much work.

    Oh I didn’t know it was only for self-hosted. I know it’s almost impossible to try to get a vid to embed the way it is now. I’ve tried and other than youtube can’t get anything else to embed.

  10. SHV, so true!

  11. Kardoucheans.
    great typo! [I know]

    I’m glad you have HRC in the spotlight at this very moment. WIth Bill helping BO again and tee vee re-ramped to do WH bidding, we need the beauty of her reality & the reality of her beauty.

  12. I always enjoy listening to Hillary. She is just terrific!

  13. I honestly don’t even know what to think about this….it’s beyond the pale…..

    During his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington on Saturday, President Obama used Sarah Palin’s recent turn as a co-host on NBC’s “Today” show to simultaneously address the controversy stemming from the revelation that he ate dog meat as a child.

    “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?” Obama asked. “A pit bull is delicious.”

    I get that he was “getting back at her”, and I’m all for humor….but…but….he’s the President of the United States.

  14. He didn’t! Of course he did – no class at all

  15. SHV, on April 29, 2012 at 12:48 AM said:

    I’ve followed her career for thirty years. The attacks and shit that she has had to put up with would have broken a thousand men.

    true so true. 🙂

  16. What a fucking tool he is.

  17. By the way I checked out Dances’ cafe press stuff and she’s got some major clever stickers in just about every category you can think of.

  18. Amazon won’t allow me to post this url – it is a great example of how nothing has changed:

  19. Uppity:
    As always great post.
    Though no much of blogy-talky I read you everyday religiously and kitty Bill makes me smile.
    Have I ever told you that I adore you? and Bill of course…
    So there yo have it.
    By the by, happy be-lated Birthday.

  20. Being adored is always a good thing, Belle! May you always be adored by someone. But don’t expect Bill to do it. He’s a cat, so you know what I’m saying here. But if he makes you smile, that’s his job.

    Now don’t be a stranger to the comment box too long, because I will send someone out with the hook to get you back here to comment.

  21. Hillary’s 2008 campaign debt is down to less than a quarter million from 20 million when she quit:

    $245,000 is easy to erase. Obama asked his donors to give her checks so it should be wiped out toot-sweet. I thought it was still much higher. I guess her friends all made annual donations of the maximum amts and cleared it off.


  22. Obama stuck notes about her debt under their chairs and then forgot to tell them, Karen. He helped her with nothing. Scumball.

    Do you remember the “Oh! I forgot! Look under your chairs!”.

  23. He’s a small man, cats. A very small man.

  24. Uppity Woman, on April 29, 2012 at 1:16 PM said:
    Obama stuck notes about her debt under their chairs and then forgot to tell them, Karen. He helped her with nothing. Scumball.
    Do you remember the “Oh! I forgot! Look under your chairs!”.
    Vividly. He ended his remarks and walked halfway off stage before he remembered and then ran back to the microphone….”oh, and by the way…”

    The words I want to use haven’t been created yet.

  25. Btw, Uppity, thank you for the cafepress plug. Net profits support the puma pac blog and our occasional free bumpersticker giveaway. 🙂

  26. Anytime, Dances.

    And glad you remember how that bastard “helped” Hillary with her debt.

  27. I remember about Hillary’s debt. And Ani’s book reminded me of donating and donating – trying to get her to take it to the convention. After O got the nomination he inherited the names and addresses of all her donars and I got bombarded with emails, calls and snail mail from him. I was so mad. I decided never to donate to a political candidate again. I felt betrayed by the DNC as I figured they assummed that because I supported HRC I supported him. To this day I enjoy getting snail mail from him with a postage paid envelop (saying please use your own stamp to help him reduce costs) just so I can send it back empty. It took forever to stop the spam email.

    venting…memories, memories 🙂

  28. Cats,
    You send those mailings back empty?? I usually write a few succinct remarks on the enclosures, tape a few metal washers to same, and then mail them back on their dime. Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Yes. 🙂

  29. Well I started out stuffing the other junk mail in them to weigh them down but I got lazy – yes – satisfying.

    I always suspected he stole my donations as well as my name and address

  30. Let me tell you, the last ‘note’ I inserted in one of the DNC’s mailers was so caustic, I NEVER heard from them again. I am very proud of that.

  31. I guess they don’t believe me, cuz I get not only the DNC (one today from Debbie W-S) but alsofrom TehOne and his missus and mr biden his very self. Mebbe I’m not caustic enough

  32. Oh, upps, you should know me by now. I was just adding a bit of NY sarcasm. If you guys could here me talk it would sound a bit like Anita.

    But with lots more snark.

    I just read an article on my supper break saying Romney was the presumptive nominee and remembered that absolutely ridiculous but effectively persuasive to idiot obots, possum seal of approval. When it fell off the podium one time I was laughing my ass off.

    The whole “I got Bin Laden and Mitt wouldn’t have” bullshit irks me so much. Not only did he not order the raid so that he couldn’t be blamed if it went wrong – voted present as always – but he also just always comes across as a little boy with a whiny attitude. And way too much bravado.

    Romney would restore dignity to the office.

  33. Tie it to a brick and send it air mail.

  34. Thanks for including the transcript, Uppity. Such an amazing SOS, such an asshole we have as POTUS, Yes Karen, I’d get something out of the kitty litter box, seal the envelope and smack it flat.

  35. “You actually can run the world in heels and pantsuits.”

    And in a dress too!

  36. OMG! Piers Morgan is interviewing the Dali Lama on CNN. What a strange interview to say the least.

  37. Hahahaa, I sent so many of those solicitation mailers back with the words, “Eff Off”, I guess they got the message pretty quick.

  38. Imust at 1000

    “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?” Obama asked. “A pit bull is delicious.”

    People had to laugh. That nervous laugh. The emperor has no clothes. He’s the only one who doesn’t know though.

  39. I just got home from work and scrolled down through the comments to catch up on reading the thread. I cannot believe I wrote here instead of hear. I was in a hurry but that does not explain my brain freeze. I am exhausted- more than I realized.

  40. obama is a joke. A bad one.

  41. drudge has a really bad photo of TehOne from the dinner last night. (AFAIC, every photo of TehOne is a bad photo)

  42. kfc,
    The bad joke has been going on for too long.

  43. drudge thrives on unflattering images

  44. And, Hiilary’s adopted daughter, Huma Abedin, is right by her. Hill loves her her Pak women.

  45. A brilliant comment made by craterlake on the last thread.

    “My issue is that Democratic voters do not punish their ruling class. All Hillary supporters should have made their voices heard by not voting for Obama in the general election. That would have been a powerful statement.”

  46. Ok so I took the day off. That doesn’t mean the rest of you can! I did not give you permission! Get over here or I’m turning Bill loose.

  47. drudge thrives on unflattering images

    That’s his job. He thrives on unflattering EVERYTHING democratic. He’s the official “Pimp The Rumor Here First” goto guy for the Republican party. He burned me with bullshit once in 2008. Just once. That’s all it take for me to put the proverbial sign of the cross on you as a blogger.

  48. Bill wishes to thank Leslie for her contribution to his………medication.

  49. sadly they went to the Won instead. 😦

  50. Oh. My God. I just saw a TV ad. Are these people seriously considering a ‘series’ called “Seven days of sex”? What couple with any self-respect and respect for one another would participate in this show? This is the true confirmation that some freaks will do ANYTHING for money. This is disgusting! I am horrified that any couple would discuss their most intimate moments on national TV in front of a bunch of viewer trash. I am so disgusted.

    Reality tv is jumping one shark after another and people thrive on this shit?

  51. This is why our society is comfortable electing American Idol. We are not taught anything of value — certainly not on a television set. Reality tv has wrecked more than my business, believe me.

  52. Ok, Upps. Reporting for duty as ordered but only because you have Mom’s lunge whip in your hand. No rest, no peace. 🙂

    The story that has my attention the past two days has been the Panetta, Admiral McRaven, Bin Laden death revelations. The memo says something we long suspected and heard rumors about – obama had no control over the actual raid. In the picture it was obvious by his body language that he was just watching it happen and not engaged in any way.

    He is hyping the story and the memo comes out. Seems like every time he tries something it instantly explodes in his face for the past few months.

    KARMA or… perhaps, some big guns are pissed at the Fraud finally and are giving him retribution. Revenge is sweeeeeet.

  53. He is hyping the story and the memo comes out. Seems like every time he tries something it instantly explodes in his face for the past few months.



  54. Sharing info about Obama’s new campaign slogan (which I posted at John Smart’s blog):
    “And one deficiency Team Obama has is stealing others ideas. Case in point — guess which state’s motto is FORWARD? [hint: It will be in big play this May/June, and the results of its recall election will determine which way it will go in Nov.]

    Yes indeed, it’s


    I think they’re taking a gamble assuming that the recall election in WI will go Dem. Everyone here is saying it will determine the direction for POTUS in Nov. I tend to agree. However, despite what is being seen in the media, Walker has strong support in the rest of the state outside of Madison and WI. If Milwaukee Mayor Barrett is the Dem nominee, and its looking more the case, then Walker just has to focus on Barrett’s inability to get jobs to Milwaukee, which currently has one of the highest unemployment rates of all cities nationwide and an even growing number for AAs. Barrett has done nothing to address this and it was pointed out during his mayoral campaign that he has outsourced city contracts to out-of-state firms, even Chicago. Governor just start addressing these points this weekend. Ads will be forthcoming.”

  55. Ani, I guess I must be behind the times. You could put a gun in my mouth and I wouldn’t go on TV and discuss seven days of marital intimacy in detail for a couple of million strangers’ kicks. Jaysus, now far in the sewer can people go?

  56. Reality tv must be cheaper to produce. I miss true entertainment.

  57. Yeah Upps, I too snort at his bad luck. The web is rife with Republican sites asking why his campaign chose to call him Gutsy over it. Could it be that the opposite is so well known now that he has to hide his wimp factor with bull crap. He once again voted present. And he says Romney wouldn’t have done it. Pointing fingers at others when he gave away the real guts and glory to Admiral McRaven who does clearly have big balls.

  58. I am glad I don’t watch TV. I get enough now and then at work when it is on in a room I am in or through clips on the computer when something big happens. I saw the Kimmel clip from the WH dinner but refuse to watch the Bo part. Even seeing him and his wife on the dias made me divert my eyes back to Kimmel. Kimmel had good material, he just didn’t have good delivery. Too stiff and too caught up in reading it from the page. Not memorized enough. Funny mostly. Glad he reamed The Fraud.

    speaking of funny… an obot i know sent me some obama praising crap and earlier this week sent me some Romney put downs that were lame. I told him it wasn’t funny and then sent him tons of Obama ate a dog stuff in reply. Now that stuff is funny!

    I guess the obots are humor impaired.

    I also told him that McRaven would have been under the bus had it gone wrong. It reminds me of the left jumping all over Hillary for Bosnia. Maybe the right can jump all over bo till he tells the truth… not likely, but they should try at least.

    I also resent obama using Bob Dylan to help him get his cool back. I hope Bob says something utterly brilliant and memorable as he is getting the award. Something that insults the Fraud.

  59. The karma fairy is working overtime. You go karma fairy. Get ’em.

    Edwards – the drama! It is sooooo uplifting to read about the trial.


    On the call, Edwards emphasized the need to preserve his campaign and keep the affair from his wife, Elizabeth, Cheri Young said. It was a couple weeks before the 2008 Iowa caucuses, and two suspicious tabloid reporters had already tracked Hunter from a doctor’s appointment to the Youngs’ home.

    Edwards made the plan sound “as if it was for the good of the country,” Cheri Young said.

    Asked by a prosecutor why she went along with it, Young put her hands together, pressed them to her chin and bowed her head as if in prayer. As she began to weep, U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Eagles dismissed the jury to give her time to compose herself.

    About 25 feet away, Edwards sat back in his chair and put two fingers to his pursed lips. As Young dabbed her tears with a tissue, the former U.S. Senator glanced at his watch.

    Once the jury returned, Young answered the question.

    “I felt like everything had been dumped in my lap,” she said. “Everybody was on board but me. … I didn’t want the campaign to explode and for it to be my fault. I decided to live with a lie.”

    ohhhhh booo fucking hoooo. the Young’s admit to siphoning off a million from the shusssh money. She layed down with a dog and got fleas.

    Why did Edwards put two fingers to his pursed lips – didn’t he learn how to use his middle finger and scratch his cheek towards wimmenz. It was so funny back then when it was Hillary in the hot seat. That punk crook scam artist. Before Iowa he was being hounded by tabloids but didn’t back out.

    Bastard cut a deal with The Fraud. It seemed that way then and it still reeks of it now. Bastages, all.

  60. Too bad Elizabeth wasn’t a dentist. John would be saying, umfumbum ishala potagere all day. The mouth Bobbit wuz here:–abc-news-topstories.html

  61. Thucks tho be him.

  62. More ‘Karma In Action’.

    Stolen from Murphy’s FB page: That nutter, Bob Morris from Indiana, that tried to go after the Girl Scouts for ‘radicalizing’ girls has only received ONE campaign donation so far this year…… Booo hoooooo.

  63. Boo Effing Hoo, Bob.

  64. Thucks tho be him


  65. Lucky she left his tongue.

  66. Hey I see ads all over the interwebs. Barack and Michelle want to know,
    Are you In?

  67. Am I in?
    Yes, I’m in the voting booth voting him out.

  68. I just received an e-mail from the Clinton Library, and the library will accept my donation of Ani’s book!

  69. OMG! Awesome, crater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Wow! Craterlake that’s fantastic!

  71. I just got home and read crater’s great news. AWESOME !

  72. Yay! Ani’s book in the Clinton Libray!!! I still hope Bill reads it before going all out for Obama!

    I almost died today. Checking Google news at work – CBS reported that Adrianna Huffington called Obama’s ad dispicable!!!! Its beyond just CBS now so I am sure most of you may have read it or seen the youtube vid

  73. Even better than reading about it (Huffington) – watch it – look at the shock and awe of the others at the table. She is so right about this:

  74. Wow cats! You’re right. The body language of the rest of the “journalists” at the table was telling wasn’t it? If that doesn’t PROVE how IN THE TANK FOR OBAMA these people are and were…..I don’t know what will. As much as I can’t stand Ariana for her own worshiping of the Won…..the others actually make me sick to my stomach.

  75. Is that oprah’s girlfriend, Gayle?

  76. Uppity… YEP!!!! joined at the hip! 😯 😯 😆 😆 😆 they both feed on the same crap….BO…. 👿 👿 😡 😡

  77. Looks like Gayle, but I haven’t watched Oprah since 2008 🙂 At the beginning, when Adriana begins her answer, it sounds like the others gasped!

  78. Talk about media in the crapper. You no longer get a job because you have talent, you get it because you have A Friend.

  79. That criminal zbig, Taliban lover, his daughter is on CNN too.

  80. craterlakegirl, on April 30, 2012 at 6:51 PM said:
    I just received an e-mail from the Clinton Library, and the library will accept my donation of Ani’s book!

    OMG — I just saw this!!! Phenomenal!!

    Craterlakegirl — Thank you! You are the best army any one could have and I am proud to serve with you!!!!

  81. The closet jerkoff Rich Santorum caught snapping Lindsay Lohan’s pic at the correspondant’s dinner.

  82. I was in Little Rock for a short while and went to the library, parked and walked around the area and through the lobby and some exhibits but didn’t get to go through the place properly. If I am ever near there again I hope I have time to explore the place better.

    The Hillary in the Rain photo will catch a lot of eyes there and the Clinton book store should stock up on that one. The people visiting there, and there was a crowd that day from all over the country, love Bill and Hill. The visitors were gushing – I felt so at home there!

  83. Uppity, that should keep little Ricky busy for all of 30 seconds or so on a good day.

  84. Yeah well it will give his wife a break.

  85. I’m just reading a piece here on how shitbums steal the IDs of dead people and so should you lose a loved one, you should beware. I can attest to this is they stole my brother’s charge cards from the emergency room where he was dead….and ran it on the day of his funeral, including enjoying a lovely lunch at an exclusive restaurant. I tell you this to warn you that the pieces of shit in the USA are real and they are wherever an opportunity to steal is available, including in the pants of your dead loved one. So bear this in mind, also, if you have a sick person in a hospital. Take all jewelry and valuables out of the place. I am still looking for my mother’s gold piece she wore around her neck, if you get my drift. Beware. Shitbags are everywhere and they don’t give a fast F*ck if you are in grief. Means shit to them because they ARE shit themselves.

  86. You know Santorum is the kinkiest one of them all. The straighter the laces…

    Why does his wife always look terrified?

  87. yes, imust, it does show them as being in the tank. They are shocked that Arianna went off the reservation for two minutes. But She is nothing if not an opportunist who always likes to stay ahead of the wave. Whether she thinks she is doing that here is anyone’s guess. But of course, it also offered her two opportunities to take swipes at the Clintons.

  88. kfc ~ I went to Little Rock just over a year ago. I loved reliving all those Clinton years, too. While I found the architecture of the Museum to be horrific, I found the everything inside worth more than I could have hoped for. I stayed at the museum until it closed both days of that visit, so I never was able to visit the musem. It was at the gift shop a few blocks toward town where I found people simply gushing. It was rejuvenating. I hope they stock up on Ani’s book. The daily appointment books from the 8 Clinton years were so telling; his schedule was simply overwhelming. Bill never rested. My guess is that between golf, vacations and basketball w/friends, TehOne’s schedule for the past 3+ years wouldn’t equal one year of President Clinton’s schedule.

  89. Pigs like Santorum always kill off their wives with perpetual child birth, which destroys their bodies. Then pigs like Santorum find themselves another wife before they run out of clean shorts.

  90. Leslie thank you for your contribution to Bill’s addiction.

  91. Arianna never misses an opportunity to diss the Clintons. This time she squeezed in a two-fer. She’s been itching to go back to being a Republican anyway.

    Hi folks…sure missed you guys!

  92. You noticed that, too, SophieCT? Another vein in my neck popped while I watched that video. I know I’m not supposed to Ariana her a nasty name so I won’t. I’ll just think it.

  93. Upps, tell Bill I’ll be thinking of him and his meds, and smiling.

  94. okay, I’m tired from work and other stuff… I just read my comment about Arianna and noticed the crazy spelling and “Ariana her” grammar. I’m gong to bed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do better.

    ‘night all. . .

  95. UW at 924

    Talk about media in the crapper. You no longer get a job because you have talent, you get it because you have A Friend.

    Certainly is the truth.
    Look at the office the POTUS.

  96. UW at 1020

    they stole my brother’s charge cards from the emergency room where he was dead

    No remorse. No integrity. No respect.

  97. Talk about weird stuff in Sweden…
    “Woman’s fake breasts burst after knife attack”

  98. Uppity, I am so sorry to hear this. Honestly, I don’t know how people can live with themselves.

  99. kfc said I hope Bob says something utterly brilliant and memorable as he is getting the award

    Let’s not hope for too much. Let’s just hope he says something *understandable*. LOL!

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